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HsSnv J9nQ tarSm wSK OSS jfi&» ,' jfis EBm ' SBV mßF*"^ E&m JSi^r^
dSSf JKymftjl gfw ' aßm Mam wSßbm^mEw Bui lEf |^^L_ _jßm - BB—^L_l fflwff " alqV
Bißv tE3m lu3 CeSbT ' ESa O3a "." " JWjMBHBW jRttH^BS tfftßWM
mniCCHCC —An enlargement of the veins of the scrotum, causing a
I Ilk UiwChvC knotted or swollen appearance of the scrotum most frequently.
ITC PAIICC Often indiscretion, but sometimes blows, falls, strains, exces-
II V UMUwC sive horseback or bicycle riding or excessive dissipation.
ITS CCCCf*T A dull heavy, dragging pain in small of back, extending down
II w hrrCUl through loins, low spirits, weakness of body and brain, ner
vous debility, partial or complete loss of vigor, and often failure of general health.
ITC PIIBE ~~lf >'ou are a victim of * aricocele, come to our office and let me ex
llv UUnC plain to you my process of curing it. You will then not wonder
that I have cured to,stay cured hundreds of cases of varicocele
during the past twelve months. Under my treatment. the patient improves from the
very beginning. All pain instantly ceases. Soreness and swelling quickly subside..
The pools of stagnant blood are forced from the dilated veins, which rapidly as
sume their normal size, strength and soundness. All indications of the disease and
weakness vanish completely and forever, and in their stead comes the pride, the
power and the pleasure, of perfect health and restored manhood.
We also oura to stay cured by our combined Electro-Medical Treatment,
Varicoeele, Stricture, Syphilitic Blood Poison, Nervo-
Sexual Debility, Rupture, Kidney and Urinary Diseases
and all associate diseases and weaknesses of men. We charge nothing for
private counsel, and give to each patient a Legal Contract to hold for our
promises. Is it not worth your while to investigate a cure that has made
life anew to multitudes of men?
If you cannot call at our office write your symptoms fully.
Reference*: Bent Banks and Leading Business Men of the City.
State-Electro Medical institute
301 Hennepin Aye., Minneapolis, Minn.
Consultation in person or by letter. Free. Office Hoars—S to 8.
Sundays, 1O to 12.
North Dakota Soldier May Never Re
cover Them.
Special to The Journal.
Fargo. N. D., June s.—The failure of the
United States supreme court to decide the
diamond case of Emil J. Pepke has die
rouraged that young man and he has
practically abandoned hope of re
covering his gems. Less than 30 years
of age, Pepke enjoys the distinction of be
ing before the United States supreme
court in two different actions. Some years
ago certain Minnesota and eastern whisky
interests wished to test the validity of
the North Dakota, prohibitory law and in
duced young Pepke to act as their repre
sentative in opening a blind pig at Graf
ton. He was arrested and the case car
ried to the highest court of the land,
where It was decided on a technicality.
When the war was begun with Spain,
Pepke went to the Philippines and ac
cumulated some money which he invested
in diamonds. On his return his big dis
play of "sparks" in Chicago led to his
arrest as a suspected diamond thief and in
establishing his innocence on that charge
the fact was developed that he had paid
no duty on the gems he brought from Ma
nila. The present suit in the United
States supreme court is the result of his
efforts to prevent the confiscation of the
Twelve Blocks of New Mains to Be
Laid at Cass Lake.
Special to The Journal.
Cass Lake, Minn.. June 5. —The Cass
"Water, Light and Power company, owners
of the Cass Lake waterworks and elec
tr'.? light systems, has let the contract for
an extension of the system. New mains
will be laid in twelve blocks on the north
side of the railroad track. New fire
hydrants will be put in.—Word was re
ceived that Nick Wiltzen, a former resi
dent of Cass Lake, died at the Superior
hospital. Two years ago, Wiltzen's left
hip was badly crushed. He was taken to
the hospital at Superior, and several op
erations were performed. It was finally
decided to amputate his left leg. This
was attempted on Monday, but Wiltzen
<!id not survive the surgeon's knife.
Factions at West Superior Fight for
Office of Constable.
Special to The Journal.
West Superior, Wis., June 5. —
The political fight over the possession
of the office of constable is to be settled
in the courts. The fight is between Mayor
Parker and hte Dietrich crowd. The
mayor thought that Constable Riches,
who was also acting as deputy sheriff,
should not have the office, as he had not
There are good solid reasons why
you ought to trade with us. We
have the largest assortment of Pi
anos In the city; we have the best
assortment. This enables you to
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Here you can see and hear the
$250, $300, $350, $400,
$450, $500 and $600
Piano, side by side, and judge of
their comparative merits. Bring
your teacher and friends to ccc
the standard pianos of the world,
Including the
Steinway, Knabe, Ivers & j
Pond, Kranich & Bach, i
Ludwig, Gabier and Smith
& Barnes Pianos.
These pianos are sold on easy ,
If you want a piano, our prices,
will interest you.
Stetson Mandolin given away. j
See our window.
41 and 43 So. Sixth Street,
Minneapolis. Minn.
filed his official bond in the time re
quired by law. Acting on this belief, An
gus Buchanan was named as constable
and has entered u^on his duties. The
Riches following objects and the matter
will be taken into court.
It is practically decided that four new
schools will be built the coming year.
One will be the Nelson Dewey High school
upon which work has been started. The
William Kimball will be rebuilt and it is
practically decided that this will be done
with the old walls and the old foundation,
according to the first plans for the build
ing. The Peter Cooper graded school at
the steel plant will probably have an
eight-room addition, owing to the fact
that it has the most pupils and most out
side rooms of any school in the city. The
trans-Nemadji residents want a school- i
house and there is a probability it will be
Forty-ninth's Reunion.
Special to The Journal.
Charles City, lowa, June s.—The Forty
ninth lowa, formerly the First regiment of
the national guard, will hold its annual en
campment at Dubuque the week of July 21-27,
p.t which time there will also be a reunion of
the veterans of the Spanish war who served
in the Firty-ninth lowa volunteers.—Captain
Cyril King, recently convicted of receiving
money to influence his acceptance of bids in
[the quartermaster's department, United
j States army, was formerly assistant adjutant
genral of the second brigade, lowa national
guard, and lived at Fort Dodge. Before en
tering the service he was a cigar salesman.
They're Proud of Jensen.
Special to The Journal.
Fargo, N. D., June s.—The clever manner
in which J. F. Jensen of the North Dakota
agricultural college won the interstate ora
torical honors has greatly elated the students
of the college and Fargoans generally.
The Scottish Rite of the state is in session
during the fire festival with a large attend-
I ance. The meeting will conclude Friday
night with the initiation of a large class in
the shrine. Prominent nobles are expected
here from the twin cities.
Heavy Calendar for Crookston.
Special to The Journal.
Crookston, Minn., June 5.— Judge Watts
convened court yesterday for the regula--
June term. The calendar is an unusually
long one, containing ninety-five cases, sixty
of which will be tried by jury. The work of
the grand jury will be lighter than that of
any similar body during recent years. Among
the important cases are several brought by
the Northern Pacific to eject settlers from
land claimed to be within the indemnity
Lake Business Fell Off.
Special to The Journal.
West Superior, Wis., June s.—The port re
port made "by Deputy Collector Thomas B
Mills shows a falling off for the month of
May. This was due to the strike among
the tugmen and the blockade in the St. Clair
river. Wheat was the heaviest mover, 2,718.
--804 bushels going out. Something over 200,000
tons of coal were brought here during the
Horse and Rider Killed.
Special to The Journal.
Bottineau, N. D., June s.—John Hanson of
this county was killed by lightning at Willow
City last night. He was on horseback with
a drove of cattle and his horse was also
Ca«s County Land Sale.
Special to The Journal.
; Walker, Minn., June 6.—County Auditor
! Griffith offered the state lands in Cass county
iat public sale here yesterday. All the delin
j quent lands were redeemed and 400 acres of
\ school land were sold at $5 and $6 an acre,
j the purchasers being John Kelly and M. J.
Township \nmed for Hill.
Special to The Journal.
I St. Vincent, Minn., June s.—The town ad
! adjoining St. Vincent on the south was or
: ganized and named Hill, in honor of the pres-
I ident of the Great Northern. Many quarter
■ sections are being grubbed up and plowed this
] season.
Wholesale Coffee House.
Special to The Journal.
Fargo, N. D., June s.—Fargo is to have
a new wholesale coffee-house, to be estab
lished by T. Erdel, of Moorhead. Mr. Erdtl
has been in the saloon business until some
j months ago, when he retired and has a
large capital to establish the new enterprise.
I He will import direct from South America,
through a well-known New York firm of
Telephone your wants to No. 9, either
line. You v.ill be told the price and you
can send the money.
' . For Infants and Children.;
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Signature of Cdva<^y\hGcZc&/t4
■ •
The Badger State Has 210 Estab
A List by Congressional Districts of
Routes Established and Ay
plioutiuiiM IVudliiy.
Special to The Journal.
Washington, June 6.—Wisconsin, with
ten congressional districts, has had 210
rural free delivery routes established and
applications are pending for 306 more, a
total of 516. It is noteworthy that no.
routes have yet been established from
Milwaukee. Applications are pending, how
ever, for five from that city. The district
which has fared best is the second, which
includes Madison, the capital. ' The third,
in the southwest corner, is close £o -the
second, and the seventh, bounded on the
south by La Crosse and on the north by
Eau Claire, is next. The ninth district has
received least attention, but it is In the
northeast section, where the population is
I not dense and the roads poor. The figures
which follow give the number and location
of every route in the state, already es
tablished, ' and for which an application is
pending, by congressional districts.
Estab- Applied
. Districts— I lished. For.
First: ...19 ' 37
Second 47 ' 63
Third 43 31
Fourth .. .. 5
Fifth .......... 16 31
Sixth .. ...._'; 19 -~ 30
Seventh ..«.. 34 43
Eighth „...—. „ 11 24
Ninth „ 2 11
Tenth „ 19 41
Total M ;...... 210 - 306
First District.
Routes Established—
Postoffice, county, when established. No. Car.
Beloit, Rock, July 16, 1900 :
Feb. 1, 1901 3
Brodhead, Green, July 16, 1900 .« '-.?>.
May 15, 1901 i 4
Edgerton, Rock, Sept. 1, 1900
Nov. 1, 1900..... 2
Evansvllle, Rock, April 15, 1901 1
Juda, Green. May 13, 1901 1
Milton, Rock, Sept. 1, 1900 .., 1
Milton Junction, Rock, April 2, 1900........ 1
Monroe, Green, Aug. 15, 1900
; May 15, 1901 5
Whitewater, Wai worth. March 15 t 1900.... 1
Applications Pending—
Albany.....: 2 Argyle 1
Beloit ..« 2 Blancbardville 1
Brodhead 1 Brooklyn 2 i
Clinton 1 Darlington 1
Delavan 2 Edgerton 1
Elkhorn 2 Evansville 2
Foothill 1 Franksville :.. 1
Fulton 1 Hanover '. 1
Janesville 3 Lime Center -. 1
Mi1t0n..:.....-...... 1 Milton Junction .... 1
Oxfordville... 2 Racine " 2
Sharon 1 Union Grove 1
Walworth 1 White Water ...... 1
Woodford 1 \ .
Second District.
Postoffloe, County and When Es- No.
tablished — Carriers.
-Beaver Dam, Dodge, Aug. 15, 1900 2 |
Belleville, Dane, additional, Aug. 1, 1900... 1 i
Cambria, Columbia, Nov. 15, 1900,
Additional Dec. 1, 1900 3
Cambridge, Dane, Nov. 1, 1900 l|
Columbus-Hampden, Columbia, Aug. 15,
18S9, additional Sept. 1, 1900.. 3
Deerfield, Dane, Nov. 1, 1900
De Forest, Dane, Sept. 15, 1900 1
Fall River, Columbia, Nov. 15, 1900 1
Fort Atkinson, Jefferson, Sept. 18, 1899 1
Fox Lake, Dodge, Aug. 15, 1900 1
Juneau, Dodge, Nov. 15, 1900 1 j
Lodi, Columbia, June 4, 1900 2|
Additional Nov. 1, 1900.
Madison, Dane. March 15, 1900 4
First additional Dec. 16, 1900.
Second additional, Feb. 1, 1901.
Marshall, Dane, Sept. 5, 1899 4
Additional, Jan. 15, 1901.
Middleton, Dane, Aug. 1, 1900 1
Morrisonville, Dane, Nov. 1, 1900 1
Mt. Horeb, Dane, July 23, 1900 2
Additional, Nov. 1, 1900.
Oregon, Dane, June 1, 1901 1
Portage, Columbia, Feb. 15, 1901 2
Poynette, Columbia, Oct. 15, 1900 2
Randolph, Dodge, Oct. 15, 1900 2
Poynette, Columbia, additional, Nov. 1, 1900.
Randolph, Dodge, additional, Dec. 15, 1900.
Rio, Columbia, Nov. 1, 1900 1 |
Rubicon, Dodge, Oct. 15, 1900 lj
Stoughton, Dane, Dec. 15, 1900 1;
Sun Prairie, Dane, Nov. 15, 1896 4
Verona, Dane, Nov. 1, 1900 1
! Watertown, Jefferson, Aug. 1, 1900 2
Additional, Nov. IS, 1900.
I Wyocena, Columbia, Oct. 1, 1900 1
| Applications Pending—
Arlington 1 Basco 1
Beaver Dam 2 Bernhard 1
; Cambridge 1 Columbus 1
; Cottage Grove 1 Dane 2
: Doyleston 2 Fall River 1
; Fort Atkinson 3 Fox Lake 1!
j Ixonia 2 Jefferson l!
Juneau 2 Kilbourn .2
I Lake Mill 2 Lodi 2i
I Lowell 1 Mayville lj
'Mazomanie 1 Mount Horeb 2 j
Oakland 1 Portage 1
Poynette 2 Reeseville- 1
I Rio 1 Stoughton 2
Sun Prairie 1 Theresa 1
; Waterloo 1 Watertown 5
Waunakee 1 Windsor 1
Woodland 1 Wyocena 1
Third District.
Routes Established-
Postoffice. County. Established. Car.
Baraboo, Sauk, Sept, 1, 1900 2
Barneveld, lowa, Aug. 1, 1900 1
Boscobel, Grant, May 1, 1900.
Ad. Oct. 15, 1900 3
Elroy, Juneau, May 1, 1900
Ad. Feb. 15, 1901..... 3
j Fennimore, Grant, Feb. 5, 1900 2
: Glen Haven, Grant, Nov. 15, 1900..... 1
! Lancaster, Grant, May 1, 1900
Ad. June 4, 1900 4
Livingston, Grant, March 15, 1900
Ad. Feb. 1, 1901 2
Mauston, Juneau, Sept, 5, 1899
Ad. April 2, 1900 2
Merrimae, Sauk, May 15, 1901 1
Muscoda, Grant, Dec. 15, 1900 2
Platteville, Grant, Oct. 16, 1899
Ad. May 14, 1900 3
Prairie dv Sac, Sauk, April 2, 1900
Ad. Nov. 15, 1900 2
Reedsburg, Sauk, Feb. 1, 1901 l
'■ Richland Center, Richland, Aug. 15, 1900.. 1
'Sauk City, Sauk, Feb. 15, 1901 2
Spring Green, Sauk, May 14, 1900
Ad. March 1, 1901 3
Stitzer, Grant, Dec. 1, 1900 2
Viola, Richland, Oct. 1, 1900 1
Viroqua, Vernon, Aug. 1, 1899 3
Westby, Vernon, Aug. 15, 1900 2
Applications Pending—
Avoca 1 Bagley 1
! Baraboo 2 Bridgeport 1
i Cassville 1 Camp Douglas .... 1
I Cobb 1 De Soto 1
Genoa 1 Lafarge 1
Linden 1 Lone Rock 1
Montfort 1 Mineral Point .... 2
Potosi 1 Preston 1
Readstown 1 Reedsburg 2
j Richland 3 Ridgeway 1
i Stoddard 1 Union Center 1
Viola 2 Viroqua 1
Werley 1
Fourth District.
Applications pending:
Milwaukee 3 Milwaukee, S. Side.l
South Milwaukee I
Fifth District.
Routes established:
Postoffice. County. When est. No. cr
Barton, Washinton, June 18, 1900 1
Cedar Grove, Sheboygan, Nov. 15, 1900 1
Dousman, Waukesha, Nov. 15, 1900 1
Milwaukee, St. B, Milwaukee, Oct. 16, '99, 2
Oconomowoc, Waukesha, April 2, 1900 2
May 1, 1901
Oostburg, Sheboygan, Nov. 1, 1900
Plymouth, Sheboygan, April 16. 1900 2
Oct. 15, 1900
Sheboygan, Sheboygan, June 4. 1900 2
June 18, 1900
Sheboygan Falls. Sheboygan. Dec. 4, 1899.. 2
Waukesha, Waukesha, March 1, 1900 1
West Bend, Washington. June 18. 1900 2
June 4, 1900
April 1, 1901
May 1, 1901
Applications pending:
Allenton 1 Barton 2
Belgium 1 Cedarburg 2
Eagle 1 Elkhart 1
Fredonia I Grafton 1
Hartford 1 Jackson 1
Kewaskum 2 Menomonee Falls..l
Milwaukee (Station E) 2 Mukwonago 1
Oeonomowoe..».. 3 Plymouth 1
Port Washington 1 Random Lake 1
Kichfleld 1 Saukville 1
Sheboygan 1 South Germantown.l
Sussex 1 ThiensviUe 1
Waukesha 1
Sixth District.
Routes Established—
P. O. County. When Est. No. Car.
Berlin, Green Lake, June 11, 1900,
Nov. 1, 1900 2
[ Brandon, Fond dm Lac. Auz. 1. 1900 1
m '■ big store
Annual Jane Clearance Sale of Muslin Undergarments Continues.
R Beautiful, dainty undermuslins at tempting prices, made in the best possible manner, and trimmed with lace and
c - embroidery. 01 generous proportions and cut to fit. <>
i> Corset Covers. Gowns. Chemise
Pood mSSS r£2£t Cnlt TS a £$' £ 6od Muslin Gowns at 49c. - Good Muslin Chemises at 23c.
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Ginghams, in stripes only, mm Pretty new Lawns and Dimities, mm 50-inch-wide Bleached -4 z~ 2}£-yard-wide Bleached /^/x
value 8c and 10c, sale price,; §£ SSrSM^XgS^Sioifrig 5C Pillow Casing ' the 20c IOC Sheeting, the 27c grade, JJ\\ Q
yard — — w yard grade, sale price, yard .... w^-?:- sale price, yard .^vw
mii£SL Wofflen's Neckwear, Handkerchiefs and Ribbons SS^Xt.
f S 6^!^ ■"■■■!*■ I^WilWl^l"'PMmiHi|H'WlHWfcMllll II lllHll———■■hill lI'IIMffWUMIIII IPIM^WffMM|^'IPTWIJPHM-|l^UlJl.^jlaLMjlllll .IJ Specials for Thursday.
wSghtforS^'mSer 1^ Arbuckle's Ari 0s a
wear any P^ag?" 12% C
Black French Perca- ■ Per can«,...... Ov
liTiR moirfi finish fast 50 dozen Lawn Twice-around Ties, all new *^ c?/-» ■ Fine Swiss Embroidered Handkerchiefs; j-- p ar i v Tnno 'mm
•bSSk?StrS'Sj Patterns, at only, each ................ 25C value 10c and 12^c each. 5pecia1........... SC ;J^ p pcJ c ? n ca n .. ?C
quality. For {*— 500 dozen Point Venice Lace Collars, like -g/>- Gauze and Taffeta Ribbon Hair Bows; \f\~ String Beans, /i*
Thursday spe- \/^ cuts; value 25c. Each f0r.... lUC worth 35c. Special, each IVC per caa OC
cial, per yard. ■. '..■-.., , ;
Jewelry and Silverware *•«■•. Hosiery «n Unto™r- What Ails Your Hair? SK^rfiSK HH|
ft .i w..i. PiiioH r^iri w o fA Women's black and fancy colored We have by special request, again engaged Prof.J. H. I^SBBWaHlffi
lleptS. chains aid" omen's Gold Cotton Hose, full seamless, O^ Austin, the eminent dermatologist and scalp specialist of Bsf*S3
filled Lorgnette Chains^ war \t^ worth up to 15c pair. Choice VC Chicago, who has had twenty years' practice exclusively R|§=^M
niiea Lor o neue tnams war C| v f in diseases of the hair and scalp, to visit Minneapolis and K«'C-5*5»8
vaSeSl7?to $2 Thursday * 3 pair 3 for 25°* give free microscopic examination of the hair and scalp KCsSI
vdiue spi. (O 10 ??ii, -Liiursuay.. iir 1 v_-i jji 1 at our store , ~ ' . SmKfeJ»SHJa
"Rogers A 1" hand burnished berry omen 's white-ecru and fancy co 1" We have arranged a private office where you can consult him at §g^^H
KogersA-1 nana-uurmsnea oerry ored jersey-ribbed Summer vests, our expense. Hours 10 to 12 a. m. and2to 5 p.m. B&fe&Hl :
spoons, gravy ladles and cold meat 1 nontQ V ro()lr( , qlppvp ■* •-% Prof. Austin needs no introduction, as he has a national reputation fe!§3^TSflißßS§|
forks with cold Dlated mt *%> low necKS, v necKS, sjeeve- ■ -^_ as a scalp specialist, and spent two months at our store one year ago I mAB
iurK.3, wiLii .«i ptdicu Efll/T less and Short Sleeves. Thurs. IOC last season, since which time we have sold thousands of bottles of mgMnffrvffl
tines, regular ?pl goods. VFw _ , his remedies, and have had them praised highly by all who have wWIIIHBMaBMM
Thursday w 2 for 25c. used them as directed. Everybody Invited all this week. . . Dandruff Microbe.
. . , ■-.':' ' -. . .■ • .■. ■ .. ■ Magnified 8,600 times.
Campbellsport, Fond dv Lac, May, 1, 1900. 1
Eldorado, Fond dv Lac, June 1, 1901 1
Fond dv Lac, Fond dv Lac, May 1, 1901....
Oct. 15, 1900..,. 3
Hayton, Calumet, Maroh 15, 1900 1
Hilbert, Calumeit, March 15, 1900 1
Kipon, Fond dv Lac, Oct. 23, 1899 2
Manitowoc, Manitcwoc. March 15, 1900 1
Markesan, Qreen Lake. May 14, 1900 1
Xeenah, Winnebago, June 18, 1900 1
Oshkosh, Winnebago, Dec. 4, 1899 2
Waupun, Fond dv Lac, Aug. 1, 1900
Nov. 15, 1900 2
Applications Pending—
Campbellsport 3 Oakfield 1
ChHton 1 Omro 2
Cleveland 1 Oshkosh 1
Fond dv Lac. 2 Plainfleld 1
Forest Junction 1 Princeton 1
Hilbert 1 Ripon 1
Kasson 1 Rosendale 1
Kiel 1 Valdera 1
Manitowoc 1 Van Dyne 1
Markesan 4 West Fall 1
Montello 1 Wild Rose 1
Neenah , 1
Seventh District.
Routes Established—
Postofflce, County, Whep Estab- Number
lished — Carriers.
Alma Center, Jackson, Aug. 15, 1899.
Additional, Aug. 15, 1900 2
Augusta, Eau Claire, April 2, 1900 1
Bangor, La Crosse iSept. 1, 1900 2
Black River Falls, Jackson, Aug. 15, 1900.. 2
Durand, Pepin, May 14, 1900 1
Eau Claire, Eau Claire, April 16, 1900,
Additional, Sept. 3, 1900 3
Kendall. Monroe, Oct. 15, 1900... 1
La Crosse, La Crosse, Sept. 1, 1900 3
Leon, Monroe. May 14, 1900 1
Mondovi, Buffalo. Oct. 1, 1900 4
Norwalk, Monroe, Sept. 5, 1899 1
Onalaska, La Crosse, Aug. 15, 1900 1
Osseo, Trempealeau, Sept. 5, 1899 1
Sparta, Monroe, Sept. 5, 1899 3
Additonal, June 4, 1900.
Taylor, Jackson, Dec. 1, 1900 1
Tomah, Monroe, Sept. 5, 1899 3
Additional Aug. 15, 1900.
West Salem, La Crosse, Aug. 1, 1899 2
Additional Aug. 15, 1900.
Wilton, Monroe, Aug. 15, 1900. 2
Applications Pending—
Arcadia 1 Augusta 1
Alma Center 1 Arkansaw 1
Blair #-.... 1 Campbellport 3
Cashton 2 Durand 1
Eau Claire 3 Elva 1
Fairchild 1 Fallcreek 3
Fountain City 2 Galesville 1
Holman 1 Kendall 1
Lone Pine 1 Melvina 1
Merrillan 1 Midway 1
Oakdale 1 Osseo 1
Pepin 1 Preston 1
Rockland... 1 Sechlerville 1
Sparta 3 Taylor 1
Trenipealeau 1 Warrens 2
UiK'litk District.
Routes Established—
Pcstoffice, County, When Estab- No.
lished— Carriers.
Appleton, Outagamie, March 15, 1900
Ad. Aug. 15, 1900 2
Green Bay, Brown. May 14, 1900
Ad. Oct. 1, 1900 3
Hortonville, Outagamie, Nov 1, 1900 1
Marshfield, Wood, June 4, 1900 1
Plover, Portage, Jan. 2, 1901 1
Seymour, Outagamie, Nov. 1, 1900 1
Waupaca, Waupaca, Dec. 15, 1900 1
Weyauwega, Waupaca, Nov. l, 1900 1
Applications Pending—
Almond 1 Appleton 2
Arnott 1 Black Creek 1
Custer 1 De Pere 1
Kaukanna 1 Grand Rapids .... 1
Marion 1 Mount Ida 1
plover 2 New London 1
Scandinavia 1 Seymour 1
Shiocton 1 Waupaca 4
Weyauwega 1 West De Pere 1
Kawaunee 1
Ninth District.
Routes Established!—
P. O. County. When Est. No. Car.
Wausaw, Marathon, Feb. .1, 1900 ."..>• 1
Ptishti-go. Marinetta, May 1, 1901.... 1
Applications Pending—
Grantoo. ....•........'.. 1 Rhinedander 1
Greenwood ;.....:... 3 Thorp 1
Marathon. ........... 1 Wausau ............. 1
Neillsville ....;...... 1 Woodville ........... 1
Oconto 1
Tenth District.
Routes Established—
Postofflce, County, When Estab- . No.
. lished— Carriers.
Bloomer, Chippewa, Oct. 1, 1900
Ad. April 1, 1901............ 3
Cadott, Chippewa, Sept, 1, 1900 ,
Chippewa Falls, Chippewa, Sept. 1, 1900 ;
. Ad. Feb. 1, 1901
- . . Ad. Feb. 1, 1901
Ad. March 1, 1901.. 5
Colfax, Dunn, May 1, 1901 2
Cumberland, Barren, May 1, 1901 1
Downing, Dunn, Feb. 1,-1901 1
Glenwood, St. Croix, Feb. 18, 1901 ........ 1
Hudson, 1 St. Croix, Sept, 15, 1900 ........ 1
Menominee, Dunn, April ■2, 1900
. .»■ Ad. Oct. 15, 1900... 3
River Falls, Pierce, Sept. 15, 1900 ........ 1 j
Stanley,, Chippewa, - Feb.. 1, 1901............ 11
Applications pending-
Baldwin 4 Beldenville 1
Boyceville 1 Cadott 2
Chetek 2 Chippewa Falls ... 3
Colfax 1 Cylon 1
Downing 1 Deer Park 1
Edson 1 Eau Galle 2
Ellsworth 3 Elk Mound 1
Glenwood 2 Hammond 2
Hersey 1 Knapp 1
Menomonie 2 Maiden Rock 1
New Richmond.... 2 Rice Lake 1
Ridgeland 1 River Falls 1
Somerset 1 Spring Valley .... 1
Stanley. 1
—W. W. Jermane.
Bowdle Bit*.
Special to The Journal.
Bowdle, S. D., June s.—The Bowdle cream
ery closed last week on account of lack of
patronage on the part of farmers, who assert
they can make more by making and market
ing their own butter and cream.—Bowdle will
celebrate the Fourth of July in the old
fashioned way.—The new station at Java is
well under way, and will soon be ready.
Glenham is also to have a new station at no
distant day.
Leaves Dnlutlt Union Depot
At 7 o'clock p. m., every day in the
year, Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic
Ry., limited train No. 8. for Detroit, Buf
falo, New York, Boston and all points
east. Local train No. 6 for Mdrquette
and Copper Country points leaves Duluth
at 8:15 a. m., daily, except Sunday. Din
ing car service a la carte on all trains.
. —M. Adson,
General Agent, Duluth, Minn.
**gSjflfe^ 24 Washington Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minn.
J^lflpk Hours: ©a.m.tos p. m. and 7to 8:3O p. m. Sunday 8, 1O a. m- '
/ 388 ■•■-:': to 18 :S© p. m. City papers will prove longest established practice.
itfVjaofc vli!nJ See back numbers of The Journal; be convinced.
T*^ T_, HRRVOIJ* DEBILITY. LOST ! MANHOOD, nervous.de- \
fj Sift! /W^Ht spondent or unfit for business or marrage, result of errors, lost manhood.
»Jj\ /\M^s£&i milky urine, organic weakness, aversions, etc., power restored, a, radical
WxWf&ti. JL/^BSst v cure. Ms,OOi> FOIKoX, all stages, cured for life, by safe means,
iS-' S»T^^mP*« I'BtSAHY and BLADOCB ailments Quickly cured. Painful, Dif
tPl Sffik ' Wm't ' flcult. Too Frequent or Bloody Urine; also, private urinary matters.
fWiip\ 'M/ FIliEJ* and JtifclCTAli diseases cured. Easy means; no cutting. Sen*
»R. ALFB£DL. COL.E cocs£ 1# tPMirtiioiA«« k
Northwest Pensions.
Washington, June 5. —Pensions granted:
Minnesota —Minor of Albert Garnot, Buf
falo, $10; Caroline McMillan, Lake City, $12*.
lowa—Jerome Tillotson, Sioux City, $6;
Isaac Cook, Ottumwa, $8; Andrew Yerty,
Zero, $8; Joseph Blunk, Ottumwa, $24; Mary
Wells, Clemont, $12.
Wisconsin —Adolph Cook, Stevens Point,
$10; Edward O. Deal, Athelsten, $8; John
Dieterle, Denxer, $6; Johnson Hancock, Ap
pleton, $6; John N. Hager, Maiden Rock, $12;
Jacob Pequach Enah (new), Keshen, $12;
Eric Johnson, Wheeler, $12; August Detert,
Xeshkora, $12; Francis Miller, Milwaukee,
$10; Jesse Fox, Northland, $12; Ward Van
derhoff. Loyal, $8; Leanna M. Ginder, Rice
Lake, $8; Harriet A. Stedman, Ontario, $12;
Ole Larson (war with Spain, original,),
Unity, $6; Charles Brose (war with Spain,
original,). Beaver Dam, $6.
Death of An Ki-LeKUltitor.
Special to The Journal.
Park Rapids, Minn., June s.—The funeral
of H. F. Tucker took place Sunday after
noon, at the Baptist church, and was con
ducted by Rev. W. T. S. Spriggs. Mr.
Tucker came here from Wlndom, two yeara
ago. He was a prominent citizen there, rep
resenting Cottonwood county in the state leg
islature two successive terms.
Electric Road Survey.
Special to The Journal.
Baraboo. Wis., June s.—Surveyors began
work this morning on a route for the elec
tric line between Portage and Baraboo. The
work is done at the instance of the company
recently formed in Milwaukee.

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