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•«/ Qive Peruaa My Highest En
dorsement, it is Well De
(TV> the Peruna Medicine company, of Co
lumbus, Ohio.)
President Jacksonville Art Club.
Miss Sophie B. Smith, president of the
Jacksonville Art Club, writes from 17 W.
Adams street, Jacksonville, Fla., as fol
lows: . .\v-:.
"From bad ta worse is the story of a
bard cold when it settles on the lungs
and spreads catarrh through the sys
tem. Front sick to well is the story
when you use Peruna. I have tried it
twice and each time 1 had a hard cold,
and altheagh one was In midsummer
and the other in mld-wimter Peruna
cured me each time. I give it my
highest endorsement — it is weil de
served. "Sophie B. Smith.
A lititcd State Senator's Wife
Praise* Peruna.
Mrs. F. E. Warren, wife of the late Gov
ernor and now United States Senator F.
E. Warren, of Wyoming, writes the fol
lowing voluntary testimonial to the value
of Peruna. She says:
"1 am naver without Peruna either
in my ha me or In my travels. It is
truly a great triumph of selentltic
medicine. lam constantly troubled
with caught, cmlds, etc., but thanks to
yur good medicine Peruaa, I always
find a prompt cure. I believe no med
icine ever brought before the public
has effected so mamy permanentcures
as Peruna — Mrs. F. E. Warren, 1848
Wyoming St., Washington, D. C.
Catching cold in the summer is a more
frequent occurrence than is most generally
Bupposed. Winter is generally supposed to
be the time for colds. But cool nights,
alternating with hot days, sudden show
ers following sultry heat, profuse perspira
tion and cooling draughts, are all peculiar
to summer, which causes a multitude of
people to catch cold.
Summer colds require prompt treat
meat. They are always grave, and
sometimes dangerous. The- prompt
mess and surety with which Peruna
acts in these cases has saved mamy
I fc^Pr^j | TftimSfflllfM
I USTTt&i 9 1 Si • I i^l
*JWJ*llw"H il'-l lJiFl^yVfi*w*JVHl%|Liuawi^.
tSUiT 3, 4 and 5,
SUIT 3, 4 and 6,
230 Hennepln Ay., Mpls.
The Oldest and Most Reliable
Specialist in the Northwest
for the cure of
When a man or woman, suffering -with
■weakness and disease, comes to me for treat
ment. I waste no time in useless experiment
ing. My wide knowledge of Nervous, Blood,
Skin and private diseases acquired by thirty
years' experience, enable me to give the
proper remedies at once to cure these dis
eases. I attend all patients personally and
have been located In by present offices six
teen years. My home treatment Is safe
and sure. Call or write for question blank.
Hours. 9a. m. to Bp. m. Sundays, 10 a.
m. to 12 m.
s^hkEvery Woman
c m Ba,U interested and should know
fiIiIHBBIMARVEL Whirling Spray
9 Tbe new Vmljuj tyrW. Jnj, c .
tior. and Xuritoh. lJwt-Snf
>@N!SJWUgyV»»»ruA^egl^- Convenient.
lit year irmwf 1■ t for It, >Slfffi|fliL ""'s^,
JfhecJinnpt supply the
>I%hVtX, accept no V^B^BP / :
ether, bat tend ttamp for illn»- XfPaiKcaaiCT"" *
trntea book— It sires full W^/fifiSlM*
particulars and dlrwctiom lnvaln RfflSaajiSf
able to lftdt**. MARVEL CO., CJBKfe Wf
Room 331 Times BU«.,X. V, Ti*imfir
WHITE DOVE CURE never falls to destroy crav
ing for strong drink, the appetite for which cannot
exist after using this remedy. Given in any liquid
*rltta or without knowledge of patient; tasteless; flat
Voegell Bros, and Gamble & Ludwlg, druggists.
M jip!|wlii§§§lP^^' hard one* Pre P*re for il- If your Z^S* |j
S fc/t Sgyj^^. constitution is good, preserve it. If it Is weak, | a
*3 reiSS^^l^^T*** build !t up- " your Liver and Kidneys are sound, Veep I g
p3^M^^^M^ them so. You'll need them in the daily struggle- If they art t9Es|j!.
ftKfcSfeSgftJ^^ weak, watch them every hour of the day. KEEssi
Bpsjy>g|£^CT. To succeed in theso troublesome times, you must have a sound I
a^^^^^^^M Liver •nd safe Kidneys; otherwise your blood will be poisoned I
K%4^&^%^tf^ "d your nerves ruined. Diabetes must be unknown. Bright* I
JEl^^^lSiif Disease must bs impossible. Your success would be threatened, 1
F%l #S^ffl your heiltn shattered, so you need a safeguard against physical de- I
iy'Jm MB M cay- You ne*d 2° od re» ■' n'Sht—steady, quiet nerves during the 1
Bntffl 9»3 fm <*ly- J^t''" first *'gn °' weiknesß> b« warned. 1
K^^m McLean's Liver 1
ik and Kidney Balm \
R^il^^^y^'T iWill brin 2 speedy relief from pain and decay. And if you have atg- 1
frS^^t'li^^^ lected these organs most essential to your success, or if other remedies 1
JmBBUBmB c failed, it will help you, and restart the dormant organs back to safe 1
'^^^^^^i^f * U sure action. '**»' by raae'e, the dull, heavy ache in your back, that 1
MS . lt wi" re:nove. «* »' by magic, the dull, heavy ache in your back, that 1
>i>£sv*^vr'-*2 hurts you when you stand, sit, walk, or lie down. A bottle at $1.00 will 1
xii :4S^'^3g raslte you • new we" being. Buy it of your druggist. Made by I
The Dr. J. H. McLean Medicine Co. .1
lives. A large dose of Peruna should
be taken at the first appearance of a cold
in summer, followed by small and oft
repeated doses. There is no other rem
edy that medical science can furnish, so
reliable and quick in its actdon. as Peruna.
If you do not derive prompt and satis
factory results from the use of Peruna,
write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a
full statement of your case and he will
be pleased to give you his valuable advice
Address Dr. Hartman, president of The
Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus, Ohdo.
SIOUX ClTY—Sioux City may secure the
cpming encampment of the Fifty-first and
Fifty-second regiments of the lowa national
ELMA—A small tornado visited this city,
breaking limbs from trees, tearing awnings
loose from their moorings, overturning out
buildings and doing much minor damage.
CEDAR FALLS—Two cannon, over 300
years old, which have for some weeks adorned
the state normal campus, were formally pre
sented to the school by the James Brownell
Post, G. A. R.
WATERLOO—Sheriff William M. Law, of
Blackhawk county, and Special Detective
George Jeannin unearthed a gang of five
counterfeiters and placed them under arrest.
Their names are Will English, Will and
Frank Fenstermaker, Frank Rapheal and
Mike Hubbard.
BURLINGTON—The lowa conference of the
German Lutheran synod of North America
adopted resolutions declaring that divorced
people cannot remarry except in cases of
adultery, when only the innocent party may
remarry. Ministers are forbidden to perform
such ceremonies.
CEDAR RAPIDS—Louis M. Martenek
brother of Frank Martenek, of Minneapolis
was instantly killed by a shock from an
electric lamp.—A majority of the carpenters
of this city struck for a nine-hour day and
ten-hour wage scale. Brick masons refused
to work on jobs where non-union men are
GRINXELL—The trustees of lowa college
have selected H. W. Matlack, of Oberlin to
succeed Professor R. G. Cole, the head of
the conservatory of music. Professor J. E.
Boodin, of the chair of philosophy and Pra
fessor Charles G. Conner, principal of the
academy, who were serving temporarily, have
been re-elected.
GRAND FORKS—John Bannon, proprietor
of the linseed oil mill destroyed by fire, has
effected a settlement with the insurance com
panies. He received $13,000 on the building
and machinery and $6,000 on stock.
FARGO—A state dental association has been
organized. The officers are: President, Dr.
R. S. Ramsey, Grand Forks; vice-president,
Dr. Smith, Langdon; secretary, Dr. Herrick'
Fargo; treasurer, Dr. Hollenberg, Fargo.
Eight Trains to Buffalo
From Chicago daily via Lake Shore &
Michigan Southern railway, including two
new ones Just placed in service leaving
Chicago 3 and 8:30 p. m., and reaching
Buffalo the next morning at 6:50 and 10:30
respectively. New iPttsburg service — I
through sleeper from Chicago at 10:35 p.
m., reaching Pitts burg 11:15 the next
morning. Low rate Pan-American and
tourist tickets now on sale. Send four
cents in stamps for interesting printed
matter. W. B. Hunter, N. W. P. A., 122
Endicott arcade, St. Paul. F. M. Byron
G. W. A., Chicago.
Half Rate Excursions to Duluth and
Superior via Eastern Minnesota
For the accommodation of the visiting
Woodmen and their friends, the Eastern
Minnesota railway will sell half-rate ex
cursion tickets June 14 to D.uhith and Su
perior. Tickets good returning until June
17. A grand opportunity to visit the head
of the lakes
Senator Kyle Hasn't a Ghost of a
Show for Re-election.
Former a Logical Candidate—Re
publicans Certain to Control
the l,eg-i«ilMture.
Special to The Journal.
Sioux City, lowa, June 11.—Ex-Senator
Pettigrew of South Dakota, was In the city
last evening on his way home from an
eastern trip. He had been greatly sur
prised at the announcement of the engage
ment of his daughter, but said he was
growing used to hearing startling state
ments concerning himself and no longer
paid any attention to them.
"In regard to myself," he said, "I have
secured control of over 4,000 acres of Wy
oming land which is likely to b© rich in
oil, as it is situated in the regions wtiere
oil is found. I have placed it all in the
hands of A. B. Coates of Sioux Falls, but
formerly form the oil region of Ohio, who
ie an expert in oil affairs."
In regard to Dakota politics Senator Pet
tigrew had opinions to express. "I don't
belieVe Seator Kyle will get a single vote
in the South Dakota legislature for United
States senator," he said. "He Isn't even
a candidate except In the way that any
body can be candidate. The republicans
will have control of the legislature, and
they will not consent to the re-election of
a man who has already served twelve
years by hook and crook.
"I think the choice will fall on either
Congressman Burke or Congressman Mar
tin. Congressman Burke has a splendid
record at Washington and to this his elec
tion will be due. Congressman Martin
is a brilliant, dignified man, who would
do credit to any state in the senate. Con
gressman Burkes longer service will make
him the logical candidate."
New York—Herny Wick, president of the
National Steel company, has resigned.
Chicago—Melville Chester, Jr., is under ar
rest on a charge of forgery. Twenty-live
charges are said to have been made against
Butte— Captain J. Neall, the ex-army officer
•who was arrested on a charge of forgery,
offered no defense and was bound over in
$2,000 bonds.
Augusta, Me.—Joseph H. Manley has an
nounced that he is a candidate for the nom
ination for governor at the conclusion, of
Governor Hill's term.
Chicago—Negotiations whereby twenty or
more of the leading plow manufacturing
firms of the middle west will form a trust,
with a capital of $70,000,000, are practically
Washington—Owing to the fear of fresh,
trouble in Korea for Americans, the pro
tected cruiser New Orleans has been Bent
to look after the interests of citizens of the
United States in the hermit kingdom.
Mexico City—At San Geronimo, near the
village of Atuiba, Senora Villavicencio, madly
Jealous of a Spanish priest named Marcio,
on account of another woman, entered the
priest's church during the hour of confession
and shot him dead.
Chicago—Louis Hartman, of New York,
killed Miss Rose Lefebre in their room in the
Great Northern Hotel and committed suicide.
The motive probably was jealousy. They
eloped from New York city three weeks ago.
Hartman was married.
Omaha —Judge Baker decided that the
statute known as the female labor law, pro
hibiting owners of manufacturing and me
chanical concerns, stores and shops, from
working female employes for more than sixty
hours a week, is constitutional.
New York—The police are searching for a
woman in trousers, giving the name of Joseph
Corder, who courted and married another
woman in a week's time, and took $30 of her
money and disappeared. The bride was Miss
Annie Schultz, 22 years of age, of Jersey
Toronto, Ont.—The International Machin
ists' Association almost unanimously voted
down a resolution pledging the association
to socialism. It was also decided that a
certificate of death from a Christian Science
doctor would not be recognized in a claim
for death benefits.
St. Joseph, Mo. —Enraged at the action of
two young men who persisted in keeping
company with the youngest daughter against
the family wishes, W. B. Harman, one of
the most influential farmers in Benton town
ship, gave Harry Martin, a St. Joseph youth,
a sound thrashing and chased Edward Robb,
a Benton Harbor boy, for two miles.
Kansas City, Mo.—"l would rather vote for
Mark Hanna than for David B. Hill for pres
ident," said ex-Senator Pettigre-w, in an in
terview here. "Silver republicans through
out the country feel that way. I have no
objection to a man sailing under a flag he
fights under, but I don't like to ccc repub
licans like Hill making trouble in democratic
and populist ranks."
New York—Some significant changes were
made in the board of directors of the Ameri
can Linseed company when the following
members were elected: John D. Rockefeller,
Jr.; E. Prentiss, his brother-in-law; F. F.
Gates, George E. Murray, L. H. Bowers, J.
A. McGean, John D. Rodgers, E. M. Gary,
F. J. Lovatt and W. A. Jones. It is gen
erally believed that the linseed company has
completed arrangements to consolidate With
the Union Lead and Oil company.
London—To-morrow morning, on the Horse
Guards' parade, King Edward, accompanied
by the queen, will distribute the South Afri
can medals amid imposing and elaborate
Tsln Kiang Po. China—High authorities
have received a dispatch from Viceroy Liv
Kun Wei to the effect that secret societies
have arranged to raise a rebellion this month
along the Yang Tse valley.
St Petersburg—The Russian submarine
boat, which Is being constructed In the most
secret manner at a French port, will be ready
for trial in August. It is claimed that the
boat will be able to cross the Atlantic in
two days and a half.
San Juan, Porto Rico—Since Governor Al
len has returned here, he has given the free
trade problem earnest consideration. Treas
urer Hollander has presented to him a re
port showing that when the law shall have
gone Into full force, July 1, the Island's
revenues will be sufficient for the Island's
maintenance without the customs duties on
trade between Porto Rico and the United
London—Robert P. Porter, speaking before
the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce, said:
"It is extremely doubtful whether the United
States is prepared to compete in the markets
of the world in manufacture except in iron
and steel machinery and the coarser grades
of cotton goods. The tariff indicates that
American statesmen do not believe the United
States is yet able to take an industrial posi
tion by the side of Great Britain."
HASTINGS—John Hoheizel, of Farmington,
has been sentenced to four months in the
county jail for assaulting his wife.
PRESTON—Abraham Bates and John Pol
lak were taken to the asylum at Rochester.—
Owing to the prevalence of smallpox, the
contemplated Fourth of July celebration hits
been abandoned.
ST. CLOUD—Sheriff Schilplin took into cus
tody a gipsy woman who, it is claimed, vic
timized Mrs. Michael Atkinson out of $1,000.
The gipsy pretended to treat Mrs. Atkinson's
little girl for a serious illness.
LUVERNE—The annual picnic of thfi_QJd
Settlers' Association of Rock county was held
at this place Saturday. The following offi
cers were elected: E. A. Brown, president;
J. H. Adams, secretary, and A. Jaybox, treas
FARIBAULT—Judge Buckham has decided
that officers and justices were not entitled
to fees for the arrest of vagrants under the
state vagrancy act. —Alexander Grant 66 years
old, is dead. He is survived by a wife and
two children.
ALEXANDRIA—A new bank will open for
business July 1, with a capital of $25,000.
Toller Jackson & Co. are the promoters and
it will be called the Farmers' National Bank.
—The village will be bonded for $6,000 for
drainage purposes.
DULUTH—There are funds amounting to
more than $316,000 on hand in city balances.
—Double-track street car service has been
inaugurated on the interstate lines.—Fire ia
the feed store of D. S. McKay was extin
guished before great loss was inflicted. Dam
age about $4,000.
Modern Woodmen Excursion*
To Sault Ste. Marie and Mackinac and re
turn, only $13.50, June 14 and 15, good
fliteen days. Ticket office, 119 3d at S.
01 OnH'C TO STORE .., L ......
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■: - Ifi^ WBr El Huff *** a ifeWJl»JLgJai | I ADVERTISEMENT. |
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\f\,^ r)<?^rW? *jr onverwdre uepu gQK^^ ciosinK out vc J^AJJU'ijjtii^^flt^^L
k:°*Ss^»3&2^&^ f*^ Basement. d^^Ji P^^^SB regular sc. Closlug 0ut..... ~^\J
'in dark flowhiup-rpjr $i<? f>io«incront 159.75 "ig^^Sa&- ' | B^^^t^^SjS finger board, pearl
1 m usiin. now Dive, reg. no, closing out 'r a ■ ■■niiiii|P » A S?l^' HHt^// position dots* regular S3 60 <CO '22
100-piece Dinner Set, English porce- • <CQ "\(\ %Bt&JxL W^Aj^A Clothes "Wringers, the high- |f ';^^*aHMS^^|// closing out ' " '...' $2.33
lain, light gray flowers; reg. $12.43.... >P yti;u &' HW»P!&SSfclXllr grade Kingston; leg. CO fti JS ' \ , »""^i'/L «12 98 Washhurn Mandoilna "cq XC
100-plece Dinner Set. fancy shape, <t 7 QQ f &&M&M W£X> l) $3.76. Closing .3>^-Ol M ■ ,'mi^t^tJff $12-93 Washburn Mandolins $§^5
green flowers; reg. price $10.60,closlng»P'«00 A flWUwglg // Clothes Wringers, the Rival t-Hj jr3^ —~ .^g- « 15 Washburn GuiVa-Vfor"*"*C«n AA
All H.vll.nd Chin., decorated or plain white. MW^WKmS& afirßcßVr rl? ger: $2 17 $U, ashburQ Guita'B for $10,00
will be closed out at OncThird Off. ;, .; m reg. $2"°Sing"- |SL ' '^"'g^ LVmusVc Strings at On.:Thlrd Off.
in white and gold- China Dinner '»P^iO»^o <S BSga fS«t»^lia%^P inT^^TrMfi ißiffl^ft E^&t P«per Napkins—ln assorted patterrrs;
in whlteand gold; reg $37^89, at.... *f s'^ wHlifa^ ' I*l^L_ Sar^nunlred SSctoSnT* 'f %
115-piece Haviland China Dinner Set. decorated XS&^»"fiSo^& -*^^^^^*S» <^^^^»^^&-^j;y^ out l^C
in pink carnations; regular price COO 3"? gBBBk ®SJBmnv^JZZZ^ Six»fii!«"*ii'.si6.67
$4i, closing 0ut...!.. .... .^V-^ |»iM|i|» SHKfeaS^Stean.eri-N0.9; regular 300.23 c oSShTSr'fS? .!??^.516.67.
Salts and Peppers, imitation g c i^Bli^^if^ Closhig 0ut.... .fil)l' Wood RimCement-The 50 cans 2c
■ Salts and Peppers, imitation e c Closing Out AH Hollow Ware at »f-SislHi Wt Closing out ow Wood Rim dolls at Third Offiregular
cut glass; reg. Be, closing out •■'*' *^S U«*^B^ Ml±J^^'^B f°r
reg°7^. eat..^'C I ffljjW Closing; Out All Hollow Ware at *^k W§^m #^% dolls at One Third Off regular
MS iiT Pots Jat>an Lil^iß^ One-Third to One-Half Off. GRANITE STEEL >|& KM &M M /\><#\ price. Dolls like cut, 14 in.
IS^f eie^nicely decorat- W& Combination Sugar Bowl and ENAIIEL WARE M 119 Hi M II A \ tall, china limbs; reg- in r
*^^** ed.goodsize9r f« Wa Spoon Holder, quadruple plate. Tea pots, like cut- regu- §«i illi^Ml li W/ ular 15c, closing out lw"
regular 38C, closing out '*^^£& sa to finish, regular $1.99 lar price, l-qt. 30c. ' 2 | C Hi il'ISJp VL Au All Baby
' Open Vegetable Dish. Price *2.98. closing out,**. Closing out C \jdß|« |! p||iil^^ Nr^i Carriages
English porcelain dark Butter Dish quadruple §4c 1%-qt.; regular 35c. O7r- 'f^fflß • bT -J will be >,- Kfc
>^t^^^ royal blue; medium Plate. re». $1.25; closing.. ©4C o^ r o e^ ular 3jC-27C ''Rw'plHHn' I f Closed 35
>4%°^jPk-?stSt size, reg. 25c; IQ C Pickle Jars, with red glass jar, 2at • regular 3 9 C " n^ MlSll^^l V / °^ tat m*~>*.
/hß^^^^S, closlngout regular price $1.90; clos- pej^ closing o^t.!..^OC Osr" to H V fS&SSfIr
Wt^ anSSndr^Jfc regf 30c?at23C Glass Suprar Bowl, with silver top P r 7oc S 'Clo^ln/out'" §C «^^^B if pp r /^^fflH (^/
-^ln Dinner and fe Salad Bowls. and handle, with spoon; regular UrlOc. Closing out... t,,™!;!^^^^ »0 clnt/^ H?x
>$&> Breakfast Wr* thin chlna.nicely $3.70, closing out at $188 Dippers.: regular price 25c; lOr* «^^L Dis- r^gSSgESg^
-W Plates, worth i%;:. decorated' with one-half price .pi. 00 closing out.? .....C count. "<^^P^F:
$£*. up to 19c, if flowers & pictures A large line of "Roger Bros. 1847" nhi nn ir Handled Pan* ™ .. .. , x?YF^sy X//,\ '>■'
-\\* 10c ■ ■ UjM. of beautiful ladles; Berry Spoons. Cream Ladles, sj& Oblong Handled Pans We have about 60 V/b^ .XJi«-
H l'^! V?3£S/ regular 25c. IB r Sugar Spoons, Butter Knives, etc - M 1 1,.,,,, gi^^ ?, m 51; re«- price 35c, closing out 270 different patterns . - .
x<^§tSsi&£'^> 5^ closing 0ut..10 Closing out at one-fourth off. €fl| S^^^ Medium; reg. 45c, closing out.. 340 on hand to close out at once. C 7 Qfl
Closing Out all Brie- Berry Spoons, Roger 8r05.'1847. ISlf J" ge; re 490. closing out 37°. $14 M Carriages for. '.VU
a-Brao s^^SgP g- < and Cut Glass at ONE- fancy patterns; regular Ci 10 ngß Blg as N r.* m"t,?4 T Pj Knlves at .sl2>9 Car" "$9 00 c«- $15
THIRD OFF our regular prices. $1.49; closing 0ut........ «P.M^ NJfflpp ONE-FOURTH OFF. ; iagefor *»f.yv | rlagefor ..^li7
FAIRCHILD—Chris Kogen was accidental
ly thrown under the wheels oj the work train,
several cars passing over his body, causing
instant death. He leaves a wife and five
children at St. Paul.
WEST SUPERIOR—The large dam at the
mouth of the Brule river broke away, and it
will be over a month before it can be re
placed. The dam was owned by the Brule
River Improvement company.
KBNOSHA—The prizes at Kemper Hall
were awarded as follows: St. Mary's cross,
the highest honor of the year, to Miss Mar
garet Merrick, of St. Paul; competetive prizes
in studentship to Misses Mary McKim, of
Chicago; Elizabeth Graves, of St. Louis, and
Winnifred Holbert, of St. Paul.
LA CROSSE—A. S. Swaim. who was once
a prominent traveling salesman for J. J.
Hogan, of this city, died In the poorhouse
after a brief illness. He was at one time
worth $20,000.— W. H. Paine, aged 42, died
of blood poisoning.—Captain Parks and Pa
trolman Larry Dugan, against whom charges
■were made by Coroner Mannstedt, alleging
that they misused and injured him, have been
exonerated by the police and fire commis
Modern Woodmen
This is your chance to visit the park re
gion of Minnesota and the vast wheat
fields of North Dakota. Very low round
trip rates to all points on the Soo Line.
Particulars at ticket office. 119 3d st S.
ABERDEEN—H. E. McNutt has handed in
his resignation as superintendent of the
Brown county board of health.
YANKTON—Bon Homme county farmers
suffered seriously from the lightning of the
recent thunder storm. Over thirty head of
cattle were killed.
DEADWOOD—W. G. Porter, assistant
United States attorney, has filed a suit in the
federal court against Odo Reder, a prominent
Black Hills man, and the Black Hills Lum
t» BWXvup a bßSLmt\b^mJß^jJLJa \ -^ g=»
§ A Book for* Girls SENT FREE VZT^?^ . &
55 and Women "''^ /^" "ii "s *t>
*^5 iMTgj T tells plain facts that everyone of the gentler sex Ys^LU\^r ' ' Si
•25 19 hi ou^' *° know.7. Its common sense advice saves '^'TT^r* S^
32 KJH pam: trouble and anxiety. : One or more copies fftr^ 2F
<52 sent upon request, to one person or to different ad- Jj jC
*^i dresses. If the readers of this announcement know of v. v£s»
3J expectant mothers, they will do them a great favor by SrF? d Xhe "' 5^
i 5»; having this book sent to them. Address the publishers, Tidiws. 3^
ber company, of which he is the president,
for the recovery of $3,366.43, the amount
claimed to be due the government for timber
unlawfully cut.
SIOUX FALLS—A unique family reunion
was held at the residence of O. C. Potter, in
West Sioux Falls. The ages of the six per
sons who participated in the union aggregate
423 years.—Fred Gebhard, the prominent New
Yorker who took up his residence in Sioux
Falls about two months ago, has decided to
erect a $15,000 residence.
If you need a servant use Journal
Household goods a speettlbr. Un
eqnoied laoiytles and lowest rates.
Packing: by experienced men.
Boyfl Transfer MM Co., 48 So.TMSt
Xalesboae Mate 650—both exchanc** '
Safety - Speed - Comfort '
wp« - la with the best people. The elite of j
1 116 Europe and America prefer the cuisine,
. • and courteous and considerate treaf .
r> _ 4. inent of the
17 Br*«kf art la Hew T»rk Thor.d»v.
Voyage Di"er "*•*•■«* _ " -
* ' thins yon want to know answered b".
Brecke & Ekman, 127 3d st 3; A. E. John
ston & Co., 14 Washington ayS; C. H. Both
man & Co., 300 Ist ay.' -:f3fiHHMBHHBB!
I*l Sill! il till kfil^l
Have 70a Sore Throat, Pimple*. Copper Colored
Spots, Aches, Old Sana, Ulcer* In Mouth. Hair
Fawn*? Write oopk BEMEDY 00.. 2*»
Masonic ■ Temple, Cnleaaft,_w<. for proofs of i
cures. Capital tooo.tm. We sollolt the most
obstinate eases. We hare eared the worst cased
la is to 33 dura. Mtt-joaze Book Fre*. *

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