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The Minneapolis journal. (Minneapolis, Minn.) 1888-1939, June 28, 1901, Image 16

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* uHr __r _fifl lfl___ftvi__^^* Nlcollet A.V6UU4* __o^__fl^i ■ Seventh And Robert Street** ___H
\ \^'\S/^A*>/v\^ \ XnLl:*/^ black summer coat made; hand-fin-_T)^_^i f with permanent turn-up; usually Hi I_lßl I **"~ 7/7///;//7?77 HH ffiHTil TT film m
1P1 51 in tn oi" A cti*^iw Hflf csila lished and worth 84.00. Onaalefor.^-^**^ 5^ sold for $1.60. <On sale i**c<- than * •V/WJ - f*^ tl "' 'J (//I ///IlUiistftl II ' I '™f
I X icllil flfllULll dLl.d.'-TV licit . Famous Calumet custom golf shirts less man cost or Celebrate I
6,300 hats that are perfect and strict*new Represent , rdlllOllS taiUfflet CUSipffl pil SUMS Baking. i^filGOFflTC
ing the last of the season's run, from one of the biggest and . ■ ■/•a^:-:^ ; " H. W^^ M. *&***« w^«r M
best factories in the land. This large purchase contains fine &-?° and .■ *uso Calumet Matchless Shirts for $I.oo—Cool, yet dressy. . SJ
English and Swiss split straw yacht hats, triple and single Knox ' Strictly custom made and perfect fitting. In madras, white and colors; in l_ -a t ': • ' AJ "i FI
braids, Mackinaws in rough straws, Shinki soft brim straw hats, | /<*£l2L ' chambray, plaited and plain fronts; in cheviots, stripes and solid colors; I *f- B*% _Qa $~_r* I dT\ t _T_ f% C. __■_ ■ ft%
new telescope and fedora shapes, straws in splits, Shansishinki !! wlpar white pique in plaited and plain fronts; wool and silk zephyr in 50 different L IIV laL !VrM.A *J Uu iT (L I £ 1
and Mackinaw braids. The entire lot is divided into three styles. These shirts have shaped shoulders, solid linen neck bands,, <2> fl
assortments. J^*W extra cuffs, golf style. There are 116 different sorts, about /h> -4 £\f\ • ITV~ "rt ' 1 a _ II
I r_+ 1 v- 4- a* : i-i .\#inn /^si/^ '"•• : •'" 6,000 shirts. Giving you shirts worth $1.50 and $2.00 to- 2n I lit I Ifl $-*€& 1 HP* C\iXTX\C±^ (1
LOt 1. Hats made to retail at $1.00... 45C jo^\W^fv . morrow at choice f0r.:.:........ .......... f ........*** * iVY 111 rdldtC WlULliCo* |
Lot 2. Hats made to retail at $2.00. .. $1.00 /fß\\^i^Wt $1.00 Underwear 50c—Real balbriggan. In solid colors, silk stripes and .: H
I '4. 1 tt , j 4. 4. -1 i. dfo ™CiCA ! rJ}]^A M: unbleached. In mesh ; knit, flat knit and ribbed. Sizes from f\ I Tnr*<i fa 11^1^/1 nnnAffiinifloc * r'rki- ll
LOt 6. Hats made tO retail up tO $3 ; 00..3>i. [l&y&\ \^sM/<i 34 to 50. Most attractive values and they are worth double. -Si fC unparaiieiea opportunities, -.yoi^y
Tl7 , t> t -D- -d t ?i: V i O onn V'-'^^^uE^H^^^'lf At choice for. .......... v*r \Jr^* - g • ■ • . ..... f|
We have Porto Rico Panama straw hats as low as $3.00 @ \i^^^^t^^J^M^ • v,; - ', " • , _ O ncC^SI cVtfllCf* itTIITIPnCP Hstff"O*slf tIC If
which you pay elsewhere $6.00 for. ,We have /f»^J AA 500 dozen Cotton Underwear—Unbleached or colors. Sea island -d P» u^ai UIUiWC, lIiHHCU&C Uai^dlH& I
Young's: straw hats, famous and stylish at 2n^£-.l fI w ;*^ * Cotton. Colors strictly fast. Worth 50c. .' i. V- . 1 Jr^£T V a. •ii j i • i_ jj i 11
$2.soand .....:.: : v.^^ #vvr on S ai e for f :.-h..:.... ::./:./ v rr:.!//^-^ ? ::::.:.. • * v*"' that will delight and dazzle you. I
1^ f
I m^2 i Suits at $10 as good and better than foreign materials that cost you $25 or more At $10, choice _,'■-■:___ ÜBIW , I
I mM WwsW^3g£^*K °* 6,000 suits; most extensive variety; made in most perfect and fashionable way. $10 for most ■'■'^SSBBSHHI fc^ '
1 P^^^^^^%^ excellent American worsteds in fancy weaves and solid c010r5..... $10 for highest grade flan- - lB Hi J^SS^^mSlL'-'
I ne* suits in plaids and stripes .. $10 for American famous serges in blue and black |J |M HI JfrmM M^SPBI
I J^^^^^^^^^^^^%~^^i $10 for best mixed cheviots that are made in America..... .$lO for fine, firm cassimeres that beat the world dmk* it??./']£s§&& /j^fflHroßßi^liffiß^^
II ;^^^^^N*-^ ••• • . .$lO for best American unfinished worsteds; richest material made; in plain colors and fancies $10 for fiTi! 11-^'-^^ffl Mwk, lPs^w »\
1 beautiful suits that combine durability, dressiness and best values $10 for suits lined with silk, serge or mer- li|k B Smt ma in -'W\
l^^^^^^^^^^s These $10.00 suits head the procession in general elegance %w Wsom I^^hl E^^nl
I °^ sty'e * durability and appearance. I
111 H These $10.00 suits will give supreme satisfaction to the ll H^9 '11 11 [1 Ml
m wearer and are the very best ready-to-wear clothing. I^^H I• l! Mi W !
i Three-fourths of so=called''Custom" garments are inferior to these, and again we emphasize these $10.00 suits, * |j
i Mall Orders £3 ==r^ <f%^ made from best materials that are woven; in America; are as good, and in many cases superior to $25 and $30 im- ;^ 11
g Promptly Filled. SiT;svVl §! J ported material garments. great $10.00 suit demonstration. It's a mighty clothing event utmost M^^^^^^^y^ W® fff ||
Mailorders "^%^ made from best materials that are woven in America; are as good, and in many cases superior to $25and $30 im- WM
Promptly Filled. ■=SBa*^^^ ported material garments. It's a great $10.00 suit demonstration. It's a mighty clothing event of utmost M&Mt W^^k %r
U importance. It's a rousing sale that gives you the most immense values ever placed on sale for * '■'''■wi»nn f nn ri -nmnT fi .
Boys' store bargains 1 Best men's suits made, $15.00 111 and $4.06
We will offer the extraordinary tomorrow, I Produced from the very latest and richest mate rials. $15.00 suits that embody /«V 5?° e5 #\ I' 95/
Choice at 48C. strictly and only the best hand wQrk Suits that have full hair cloth inter /#- 2000 pairs of bench made .
175 c Boys' Night Robes, $1 Boys' Straw Hats, $1 Silk | lining, which will retain shape. Welt seams, hand padded collars, extcn- / : M:. \\ ioot HiTß^
Front Shirts, 75c Patent Band Shirt Waists, 69c White | sion shaped . shoulders, corset shaped coats. i+V 4 m^r "iTW /»V M tor only »i. jo zuuu pairs
Duck Yacht Caps, 89c Fancy Golf Shirts, 75c Real The best clothes that have ever been produced %L* MHI §%M m %Jr%Jp ''\ of tans lor . black in - ma- 1
Seal Belts, $1 Fancy Jersey Sweaters, • m 1 and show an unparalled progress of tailors'art. .1% I ■ 111 1 % W \\ . patentlea her or calf ,m |
75c Sailor Straw Hats, 69c Washable' M%J>* I Over 100 different styles of these superlative V J'-1 \JP o\J\J? '' Tots : 1 M -°x^ d low shoes--ljace 1
Tarns, $1 Mexican Sombreros, $1.25 ZjL/^f* I clothes. At choice for f*h •M or button high shoes-at |
t- ,i -v-ir • , o~ \\t v c -i. [email protected] S»Bii ""••-'" "• -■-■-'■y •■■•. <;. V l--.-^- . - r'A . ttHaSi" (raw actually A price and«price ii
hauiltieroy Waists, hoc Wash bUItS. g \J?V 7-50 Jamestown Worsted Suits—We see 500 Oxford Cheviot Suits.—Standard blue worsted £9K^ I W —It's a terriffic deep cut- 8
All at Choice for | them displayed elsewhere at $14.00 We have suits and check cassimeres that are $5 QQ f^ 6} I; V Shoes of standard quality 1
Boys' Heavy B.ue Denim Overalls, Vacation Knee Pants - f l gra de- %^™M^^ So^SSL^^^^^ kM I I silk ntted-Goodyea" welts L
.: elastic suspenders rivet- K r T-d to 17, m all-wool 4-^C | and round cut. Novel.new color- .SI 1 cheviots and flannels. Permanent turn- C 00 ■ I^M^^l: \ -rock oak bottom-not- j
ed buttons, sizes 4to 14 matenal-at .......... | ings . Any size you may want,^^ #tJrV/ up. Worth $4.50. On sale for W.UU (OP®V / \ withstanding the ridicu- |
Boys' Balbriggan Underwear— Ideal Skeleton Underwaists— Sizes i' v •' ': ■ '•''-"• ':: ;'■ ■ ■■■■•.■■.' J WSwJH)'j^ FB lous price, we guarantee i
Sizes 24 to knee or ry gj r 3to 10— tomorrow, only jlg^L:-' --- ' V —"; \-} 1'- \:^JC ■ :■" -4 -;■-.'•• - r , -.-■-> <„.-. , ■'. ■ \ „. . , ■■ i. .^- v P^E^T';■• H every pair to give full sat
ankle length, worth 50c iVt/V —at* . IJt '—Btaa«BaBBgBsgBMMMgBaWBBBBBMa»IW^^ -I . ■ ( *--■■■-■■ *.- fS . . " . ° ... , il
|i : ■ Young Men's High Suits Stylish, up-to-the-minute _ corset shape coats, SS£2£2S£S Sf»s S^^T^SSST 1 £S!5 P^tJ^f 1 II 'rf«ndedeven ifTou.have |
broad shoulder effects, military fashion; peg top trousers, permanent turn up that money can buy—sizes 3to serges and worsteds that we sold Medium and light colors—in cas- I Iff worn ..them —lney are ||
. 1 bottom: 23 distinct styles;'meritorious fabrics, such as flannels, f\£\ I^—most fashionable colors and ;up to SO.oo—to quick clear- simeres and worsteds— good ' 1_- jij il i _ £& worth $3.00 —$3.50 and. (1 b
Thibets- and worsteds; they are worth $12. On sale for JO«l/U sold up to $6.50. rfj-/^ PA ance we cause this terrific sacri- wearing garments as are made— Y^^^2S^^StM $4.00 and we give you un- i|
• We Placo them *O_d. •jIF lice and give you /_• /*fc _» v\ sizes 7to 17—on _fr _ » _-\ p" T '*S_3«f limiforl r-limVA nf 11
■, • - $10 Young Hen's Suits, $5.00— are unmatchable values; they are strong, stylish, on sale tomorrowTr-^r-'^V. choice of sizes 4_K >_, _^ 11 sale tomorrow— _h I 3|l H I - ""'■■'■'*■■-" JEST umiiea cnoice at :^ - -'■'.
wear-resisting and superb all-wool, garment!, serge lined, tastily gotten £_- -/\/\ R-» o«,c| a « ;^c«i#ir* :^ to 17—at ....... %|/__<»«_#"^ at ...............••'• H I : yK^ v AT* * f\ r" 1 H
X™w tSai iSh Patt6mS' "ghtl " mcdi"m CO!WS- Your C"°iCe 3>0.1)t) frworSo^Soth-cLI In dia Linen Su.t S -Ju s t the thing Golf Ita_-Ex«t copies of Stet-. I :/£ % 1 U.S J
„ can be worn for overcoat—suits:; you want for outdoor purposes— son's— hue fur in beautiful light- V J>ffl '• --^ M
Boys' Dress Suits—Superlative Suits; high-grade tailoring; cost ignored; _h» -% f\ _» that are worth /ti /-% mm >x r seaside folks /t* -a /-v_r_ ish pearl tints—worth aO ¥_ j£m tt , t. i. i
sizes? to 17; as good as you can get elsewhere at $6.50; these are the Jfi^y _V«^ 86.50 —on sale J^^'^lF' won't be without *« I Vll «-00—on sale— K/C^C TNmnig'rfStr " = lou know our shoe rushes fi
finest productions and we offer them to you tomorrow at %y^ • *^ for _ %ir "■>*■.., them—at **^ * * w or . -^ V-/V —consequently come early. m
Buffalo, N. V.—The saengerfest of the
Korth American Saengerbund closed with a
Washington—Mr. Rockhill, United States
commissioner to China, will sail for this
country in August.
San Francisco—The Forty-third regiment,
. the last of the volunteers to leave the Phil
ippines, has arived here.
New York —As the result of the explosion of
a cigarette mysteriously loaded with ball and
powder, Edward Weinshreiber lies dying.
Seattle —The coroner's jury entered a ver
dict that William L. Meredith was murdered
by John Considine, assisted by Tom Consi-
Astoria, Oregon—Residents of Ashland,
Wis., have purchased between 5,000 and 6,000
acres of choice timber twelve miles south of
this city.
Vancouver —The biggest gold brick on rec
ord is to be sent from British Columbia to
Glasgow for exhibition. It weighs 100 pounds
and is valued at $2,000,000.
Topeka, Kan. —Blackmailers who demanded
$5 000 from W. C. Carson, a wealthy farmer,
Chicago—The Interstate Sheriffs' Assoeia-
tlon elected these officers: President, J. M.
Fox, Freeporc, 111.; first vice president, John
Powers, Omaha; secretary-treasurer, Phil T.
Megaarden, Minneapolis.
Buffalo —As a result of the breaking of a
temporary platform built on a scaffolding in
side arid bridging the top of a monstrous tank
in the Eastern elevator, six men fell eight
feet. Four were killed and another fatally
Brunswick, Me.—At Bowdoin commence
ment the honorary degree of doctor of laws
was conferred upon United States Senator
Paris Gibson of Great Falls, Mont., and
Former Senator W. D. Washburu of Minne
Minden, Neb.—Alfred Norlin, the county
treasurer of Kearney county, says that while
he was working on his books, some one en
tered, struck him, knocking him senseless,
and after rifling his pockets and the money
drawer, set fire to the building.
Buffalo, N. V.—Count Franz Josef yon La
risch Moenich, a nephew of the late Empress
of Austria, and Miss Marie Satterfiald, daugh
ter of the late John Satterfield of the Stand
ard Oil company, were married here last
Eldorado, Kan.—Jessie Morrison was found
guilty of manslaughter in the second de
gree for the murder of Mrs. Olin Castle. Tbe
penalty is not more than five years or leas
i than three years ia the penitentiary. One of
Miss Morrison's lawyers filed a notice of
Cincinnati—The striking machinists are pre
paring an application to be presented to
Judge Smith of the common pleat court, for
an injunction to restrain the manufacturers
from interfering with their pickets stationed
in the vicinity of shops to persuade work
men from going to work.
New York—lt is reported the grand jury
will return three indictments as a result of
the investigation of the purchase of supplies
in the fire department. It is said those to be
indicted are a very high official of the fire
department, a prominent Tammany politician
and the head of a supply company.
Tired Mothers. It's hard work to take
care of children and to cook, sweep, wash,
sew and mend besides. Tired mothers
should take Hood's Sarsaparilla—it re
freshes the blood, improves the appetite,
assures restful sleep, and helps in many
This Ia Your Chance
To visit the Pan-American exposition.
Many attractive routes to choose from,,
rates are the lowest. Particulars at Soo
line ticket office. 119 S Third street.
■;-;.'_ . BE ; SURE :; TO SEE THE : ' ....■•■
WFire work Display
at Walton Park~^
First Regiment Band will Play Military Music All Evening

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