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Knoblauch's mJT*
1 J and 23 and 25
AICSOB Soutil Washington Avenue
Gents' Tan Lace, Goodyear welt,
were $8.00. Half <£4 Eft
price.. vliOU
Gents' Tan Lace, Russia calf
and vioi kid,, were fi^ 4 "9 WE
$3.10. Half price.. M> 1 ■ £ «f
Gents' Tan Russia and vici lace,
were $4.00. Half *£«£ flffe
price ............ 9""illy
Gents' $3.50 low cut Oxford ties,
black calf, vici kid and patent
leather. Sale feO OC
price 9«iOU
Gents' $3.00 patent leather Ox
ford Ties. Sale fl> O M_£[h
price M's&H^riJ
Gents' $1.50 Low AQ
Oxford Ties, cut to.V ■ ■*- «*
Gents' Tennis Oxfords. JR Q A
Sale price *•• v v
Boys' Satin Calf School Shoes,
worth $1.50. Sale Qftf*
price vOv
Boys' $1.75 Tan Lace. &{
Sale price ....... M* I
Youths' Tan and Black Bicycle
Shoes, were $1.50. "f Qp
Sale price •■ vv
We always look after the interests
of our customers. We have some
extraordinary bargains in pianos this
week, and we want you to know all
about it, so come in and see us, or
writ* for full description of our
«135, f l«o, f 185 and *225 pianos.
If you want to buy a piano at the
right pries, this will interest you.
N«w Gabler, Ludwig and Met
ropolitan Pianos sold for cash
or on monthly payments.
. Minn.
$10,000 CATTLE DEAL.
Special to The Journal.
Dickinson, N. D., Aug. 21.—The firm of
Tenney, Jones & Tenney of Wabasha, Minn.,
have sold its cattle interests at this place to
Banker W. L. Richards and W. B. Howe for
Danoinar at Spring- Park.
Saturday afternoon and evening Aug
14, Hotel del Otero will furnish full or
chestra and the best dancing floor on the
lake. All are cordially Invited.
See Great Northern time cards for in
formation as to train service.
BEWARE OF IMITATORS- Letno one be *******
*• .** »iilfc Wl IRII Ift I UIIO ■by ignorant imitators or
pretenders who seek to imitate my methods by copying my med
ical advertisements. None of them possess my new and original treat
ment for men, which can only be obtained at our offices. It is my
Knowledge and skill born of vast experience together with scientific
equipment that cures diseases of men and not my medical advertise
ments and writings which Imitators copy.
We do not treat all diseases, but cure all we treat We treat MEN ONLY
and cure them to stay cured. We have recently treated scores of stubborn
cases for some of the best citizens of this city and vicinity, and not a single
failure nor an unpleasant result has been reported. We have done for others
we can do for you. There is absolutely no case of NERVO-SEXUAL DE
DISEASES PECULIAR TO MEN, in any stage, that we cannot cure
safely, quickly and permanently. By our treatment we also cure completely
and forever men who have VITAL WEAKNESS, LAME BACK. IN
NERVOUSNESS, LOSB OF AMBITION or similar symptoms of physical
or mental weakness. Our counsel is free to patients. If you cannot call at
our offices today, write fully and we will give you an honest and scientific
opinion of your case free. A LEGAL OONTRAOT given to each patient
to hold for our promises. We refer to best banks and leadinir business
men of this city. CALL OR ADDRESS
State Electro-Medical Institute
301 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, Minn.
Office Hours—B a. m. to Bp. ra. Sundays—lo a. m. to 12 m.
Ladies' s2.oo black kid Oxford
Ties; hand turn soles. QQ A
Half price «IOC
Ladies' tan Oxford Ties, with
fancy vesting tops, f& 4 AA
worth $3, sale price. M? law"
Ladies' tan Oxford Ties with kid
tops, were $2.00. 4*4 4Q
Sale price .......... 9 I ■ Iv
Ladies 7 $5.00 tan vici kid and
tan .Russia calf lace boots, Laird,
Shober & Co. and. Harry Gray's
h. a.'!.r. e:...52.60
Ladies' $4.00 tan vici, lace and
button, half price, & <f& AsHl
pair ....iPmbW
Misses' $1-50 tan, lace and but
ton; half price, "TRasT*
pair m Oil
Children's $1.25 tan, lace and
button; sale price,, AAa
pair Uvv
Children's tan, buttom, with
brown patent tips, were AA A
$2, half price 9OC
Infants' tan shoes, sizes 3to 5;
worth 50c. Sale price, O fhg\
pair OUli
Copper Plants Near Duck Tovrn,
Term., May Start Again.
Knoxville, Term., Aug. 21.—Judge McCon
nell, sitting at Cleveland, Term., to-day dis
solved injunctions granted two weeks ago In
a case that Involves millions of dollars.
At Duck Town, Term., $5,000,000 have been
invested in the copper industry and two mam
moth smelting plants built. Abcut forty
farmers claim that their land .has been
ruined by the fumes from the plants destroy
ing all vegetation, sulphuric acid being used
in the process.
They filed suits for damages and cessation
of the alleged nuisance and were granted in
junctions two weeks ago, the observance of
which practically shut down the plants. Three
thousand men are employed in the industry,
and one feature of to-day's hearing was the
presentation of a monster petition, signed
by 3,000 people of Polk county, asking the
dissolution of the injunction.
The Tennessee Copper and Duck Town Sul
phur, Copper and Iron company are the com
panies involved. The first has spent $3,000,
--000 and employs 2,000 men; the later has spent
11,000,000, is ready to put in $4,000,000 more
and employes 1,000 men. Individual damage
suits will be heard at the September term of
The New York Press on the New
Show Places in Xevr York.
What are New York* show places? It
would be right hard to enumerate them
on short notice. Perhaps the following
question and answer may appeal to some:
Resident to New Arrival —"Now tell me
what you would especially lik« to see."
New Arrival —"Oh just show me New
York." I think that very good. But it
is no easy matter to show New York. To
our list of show places, whatever they
may be, we must add the new waiting
room at the Grand Central Station.
When strangers go there they cry "En
chanting!" "Grand!" "Palatial!" "Pur
tiest thing I ever saw!" "Finest thing
in the world!" "Ain't It splendid!" etc.
Mr. Daniels has reason for the new elas
ticity in his etep.—"On the Tip of th»
Tongue" in the New York Press.
If You want to Rent
Your house advertise it In the Journal.
You'll rent It.
Villianous Traffic in the Philippines
Being Broken Up.
Where Matters' Titles Are Not Clear
Slave* Are Given Free
dom Papers.
Mmw York Sun Spmoiml Smrvfam
"Washington, Aug. 21.—War department
officials are determined to interfere with
the traffic in children which has been go
ing on in certain parts of the Philippines,
constituting one of the gravest problems
with which army officers in that section
have to deal. Reports received at the war
department say the traffic is confined to
the natives ia the departments of Minda
noa and Jolo.
The traffic comes as a result of improvi- I
dence of the people, and families who are
bitten by famine do not hesitate to seek
relief by tie sale of their children. Major
J. S. Pettit, First infantry, formerly col
onel of the Thirly-flrst volunteers, the
commander of the second district in that |
department, says, however; that he has j
about broken up the traffic, which has j
been going on in children of the Tirenar
ya, a degenerate race south of Cattabado.
A kindred question which confronts the
military authorities in thia section of the
Philippines archipelago is the state of
slavery existing under the Moros, with
whom our pacific relationship can be
maintained only by the most adroit and
diplomatic negotiations. Col. Pettit Bays
that slavery can be abolished only in one
of two ways—by war or by purchase—and
he adds that the latter process might be
futile. In the third district of the depart
ment, where Major O. J. Sweet is in com
mand, the slavery question ia a constant
source of trouble on account of slaves es
caping from one master to another. That
officer says:
Whenever a question relating to slaves
comes before me I simply make the owners
prove their titles to their slaves beyond
doubt, in which case I have nothing to do
with them; but in case I can pick a flaw
in their title I give the alleged slaves free
dom papers. Thousands of Noroe are held as
•laves who are by right free people.
Student Subject of the Mikado Car
ries Off Mlmm Mary- Mcßae,
a Stenographer*
Special to The Journal.
Madison, Wis., Aug. 21.—•Qensamro S.
Ishikawa, a young high caste Japanese
who took his doctor's degree at the Wis
consin university last June, after spend
ing six years at the Institution, to-day
informed friends here by letter that he
was married at Alexandria, Ont., last
Thursday to Miss Mary C. Mcßae, a
handsome young woman, who for the
past four years has been a stenographer
in the state railroad commislsoner's of
fice here. The couple sailed for Japan
The groom, who came here to prepare
himself for consular service for hie na
tive land, distinguished himself in econo
mics under Dr. Richard T. Ely, and dur
the last two years of his cource was
instructor in gymnastics at the universi
ty. Miss Mcßae, who was a social favor
ite during her residence here, is a neice
of former Railroad Commissioner Duncan
McKenzie of Alma, Wis. She and Ish
ikawa roomed in the same house and were
greatly devoted to each other.
Ishikawa frequently told fellow students
that he could never marry an American
girl, because if he did he would lose caste
in his native country, together with all
■chance of getting a consulship from the
mikado. He was understood to be slated
for the position of Japanese consul to
Mexico. Miss Mcßae's parents live at
Alexandria, Ont She is twenty-eight and
he thirty years old.
Chicago Department to Be Given an
Special to The Journal.
Chicago, Aug. 21.—President Lindblom
of the civil service commission announces
that the merit board will make a thor
ough probing into police department af
faire. The inquiry started by the filing of
charges against Lieutenant Peter Joyce
and Detectives Tracy and Cramer will
not end there. The commissioners are
prepared to make c clear sweep of the en
tire department, now that the scandal in
the detective bureau has presented a con
venient opportunity. Red tape will be
brushed aside. The rules will be amended
to allow the commissioners to discharge
employes -without the filing of formal
charges by the heads of departments.
From all indications there will be un
limited material upon wnich to base such
an inquiry. It Is thought there will be
an airing of all the scandals which have
been afloat in years back about Captain
Colleran's office and the police department
in general. President Lindblom's state
ment removes the last hope that the chief
of detectives and other police officials will
escape the present scandal.
New York—Papers were filed In the county
is engaging American seamen here aa offi
cers lor her navy.
k,^l^6B^ 01"^ Tex ~Alf Wilder (colored) was
burned at the stake for the murder of Mrs.
Cold well, a farmer * wife.
Toledo, -Considerable bad blood has
of late .grown out of the .Arbuckle-Hav«
meyer coffee war controversy in the courts
here. Both sides charge bribery.
.i.FIIL K4v«r, Mass—A thorough -canvass of
the situation here indicates that the plan to
cut the wages of mill operatives in this print
cloth center 16 per cent Sept. 8 wfll fail
Seattle—Charles w- Nordstrom will, in all
probabilltr, be hanged in the garret of the
Kings county courthouse, next Friday : tor
the murder of Willie Mason, nearly ten years
ta£ haV£U PPWII for a Stay °f prOoeed-
Y^r KB a result of the Judicial In
quiry into the oonduot of the police depart
meiltf. Ward Glennon, Wardmaa Dwyer
and Sergeant Shields were arrested. All are
connected with the West Thirtieth street, or
. tenderloin," police station, and Shields was
acting captain. The warrants charge neg
lect of duty. Security was famished. . •
New . York— filed In : the county
clerk's office In a suit by Fred M. Pease of
Chicago against Charles R. Flint, Joseph S.
; Auerbach, George W. Young;, about thirty
plow companies and the American Plow com
pany, for an accounting of the profits aris
ing from the formation of the American
(Plow combination of plow Interests. .Mr
Pease claims he originated the idea of the
combination, which was formed-without con
sulting him. : _ . . ■-->'■ -
Glasgow—The Id tar national Law Associa
tion Is in session here. • ,>■-.■ ■; .;■•.'
Colon, Colombia—iKxebauge at Baranquilla
Is rising in leaps and bounds. An American
dollar la now equivalent to $41 in Colombian
paper.' | ■. ■■ : ■■^v-jJjjfi ■.-.-■- - , ■■ ; ,■■.. ..,:■■--...
St. Petersburg—Astronomers of Russia are
nonplussed at the repeated appearance in the !
clear sky of a constellation in the form of a I
vast serpent without head or tail. It -Is
thought that the phenomenon la due to the
falling stars from the Leonides.
. London — is.on the eve of the great
est crusade against Vice in its history. Mote
than a thousand t prominent ' persona, repre
senting every borough in the metropolis, have
associated themselves together for the pur
pose of repressing publio immorality, disorder
It houses, obscene language/ pernicious pic
tures, publications and plays. Among the
active supporters of the movement are Lord
Roberts «ad Lori Woleeley. - ..
14.82—Cleveland and Ret urn--? 14.82
'■A Via The Wisconsin Central Railway,
the official route for the Q. A. R. Tickets
on sale Sept. 7th, Bth, and 9th, good to re
turn by ; deposit until " Oct. Bth. Special
train on Sunday, Sept. 8 th. V. C. Russell,
C. P. & T. A., 230 Nicollet aveaoe. Miim«- j
,«poils, Minn.
STORE %lla ill *3 ARCADE
Our Great August Furniture Sale The New Housefurnishing Department
'^i^^f^^S^ A few offerings for Thursday. Many Mentions these for Thursday, but you'll find dozens
■naBM^mSS& others equally good. of other bargains.
P^HSBB Solid O»k Judtoier 89c Fl^^ f Tumblers, . pressed crystal 7v
i^J«iS)»^: jim™-fllH only •>"?.. 7> .. OVC ; : glass, full size; special, dozen ........ 23C
w • r/^'-:. *J j Solid Oak Sideboard, C© qc .: , . I White Granite, 7 inch plate, Thurs- j| Q >-r ■
[tan " ■'- \i&§Bl shaped bevel French ;. f"a I j day, per dozen •..»..•..... ."..'• .. . • TrOw
/■wfffcl vSHIS! plate. Thursday <?ta»#tfjfi t > t. -i, v ■'
|EL *-"33' l % -•■ itfffflS Large assortment fancy baskets, ifrntllßlk ,
B&i ' - ' iS^| r &olia Oak Chiffonniers, £ A Q«> '^AXA^ choice of 4f\ ' „— " ■ ■ /• '•• g *l*^
\JB?*i\ ggm *%***»> Thursday *^.*O 4.shaes, each .. IUC g
P^-^^LL^^ Golden Birch Dressers, $^7.95 Tin Sauce pan quart wßSJjgM[ffl
gS^^^^^g % bevel French plate, *P /.VO Size, Special for | g"_ 1 I^VV
"■ Thursday Thursday 1 Jt W
Wash Goods Remnants In Three Great Lot*— High Grade Wash Waists—Some of Imported Silk Poulards— 24-inch wide extra heavy and
Lot 1-Dimities Batiste, fancy figured ~ Linen, Dimity, Lawn or Madras, n q pur 9 B ilk in a great many^styles and de^iSa
Lawns, value 15c; while they last, *%£ former prices up to $3.50. Special V&C, This is without a doubt one of thr^VC
yard....... :...'..................,. Thursday, ch0ice.............. .... ' v-^^ greatest bargains of the season- /Or
Lot 2-Best Dimities, Madras, Pique, | .r* Umbrella Shawls of soft, Shetland e+-» S Ulai" PrlC6 75c per yard.......:-...: ** *~
?i^A laLawlVal' I UC' floss, white and colors or bordered; 4) 1 .25 Colored Dress Goods-All wool Suitings in
-ue to 35c, Thursday special, yard.... *w w on sale Thursday at, each * ! plaids, checks, novelty mixtures; Brandenburg
- Lot B—Satin Striped Ginghams, Silk Tissues, -.. n+c , , c ■■■■'■■ „'- c . Tweeds, 42-inch Henrietta, in all the *> f\
Imported Scotch Ginghams, plain 4 pp» Closing Out Sale of Summer Dresses-Sizes new colors, also heavy skirting that .4 VC
Chambray, value to 45c; Thursday ISC i?.™^ 85, made.°»« flne Madras or d Q requires no lining; Thursday, yd.... ;V.^V
SDecial yard ...........;......^ -'.f^V.; Dimity; sold up to $2.50, while they WrSIT Black Dress Goods in Crispines 46 in. wide, in
special, yara last each vv Black Dress Goods in Cnspines 46 in. wide, in
7Scfor Si 25 and si c A Pine Wrannew a : «/' *"""* '"T ! stripes and neat small figures, very desirable for
'h*,J«n™! lrft ?? ™i«? SfL, WP^^ Women's Fine Muslin Drawers and Corset skirts and entire dresses. TheY 'A r\
SrStvSemVchifcoloH Resigns, Covers-Neatly trimmed in Ham burg p- -■ cloths are fall and winter weight and AQC
ES^Stu^^braid 75C saoftm:r c Se dtUCking>aniCe^ 25C -llregularlyatß5 C ,Thursdayg yd...,^M
trimmed.........;. **^ W sortment, ch0ice....'................ , Lining Taffeta-Silk finish, 36 in. wide, t/v
$1.00 for $1.50 to $2.00 Wrappers-this assort- Black and Colored Skirts-Made with a deep itw^hSJSSvll^ aU C°lorS; 20cqua1' IUC
is very large, many dainty styles, made accordion plaited flounce, : edged /\Q _ lty • lh*Tß(t& ?> yd... v ...............
!, from lawns and percales, with full flaring with small ruffle; a splendid bargain yQ^ Simpson'* Tickings— price 4 • g?: "
flounce skirts, the price will close it -4 i\f\ at...... ' ..,. 30c, our regular low price 25c, Thurs- | i^iV
them out in a hurry, so don't de- 4) 1 ."UU P. D. Corset-Style 248, in the long fl? 4 E /\ day urchoiceof 2Opieoes, yard... * ** +*. ■,■
lay. i.n0ice....... , length only, sell regularly at $2.75, 4) I .*>U | All White Lace Striped Lawns—Checks e»
$1.25 and $1.50f0r52.00 to $3.00 Fine Sum- while they last, choice, only „, * „; anu striped nainsook, a tine sheer grade, jfT
mer Wrappers—ln dimities, lawns,percales and ».,« *;„.,,. n ,^. -,■ worth up to 15c, Thursday special .... *^%* v
other thin light fabrics in dozens of dainty No. 1 Satin Back Velvet Ribbons-Best t-f| r Rogers Bros.' 1847 Hand Burnish- * 4 mg\
styles, beautifully trimmed with lace insertion, quahty, 10 yards in piece, for .......... OVC ■- ed knives or Forks, plain or I .50
S^^rSllwJliiSlvSl^ $1.50 Women's Imported Fine Black Cotton Hose- Batln, set of 6 pieces .......,;.;.* l;
feredfo? g f 9125 and * * Fronts embroidered with blue, white vj - Sterling Triple Plated Knives or jr -*:
An*u!" r'"V V I,* r. and red Bilk, 3 pairs for $1.00; or A C\ Forks. Per set of six f%!>C*
All that remains of Summer Suits, Dresses per pair. . -' l/l/v only • ,\J%Jr%$;
. and Costumes—ln lawn, dimitiy, organdie, taf- _ , . "I". 'n,VS"'-~"'■''"'■"-"■■■■■ hi i»V""u'ii' ""'■'"'''''"','",
feta, percale, etc., sorted up in three lots to close Boys'lronclad Ribbed Tan Cotton + 4 Hair Pins, shell or amber, three inches « _
regardless of cost; values to 86.75 choiceß2.sO: Stockings—With double knees and 1 11* long; elegant finish; straight or crimped: JC.
values to $18.50, choice $6.00; $-i ~/Y (\f\ soles, good values at 19c» special, pair. ** w per dozen -• w
values to $25.00, / 4> I iJ.Uv Gold Drapery—Over 50 styles to choose s 1 ■ Full Circle^ Pompadour Combs, fine 4r\
choice from, would be cheap at 12c, for one f) *(\ finish; regular 20c quality. For, llfC
Brussels Stair Carpets—27-inch, choice styles; day, per yard ...........;. v^4 %^ each *v **
sffi'Kx£r'39c 3=S!BSsS^irK^Ssr Br*T;
value, per yard... ....... ••;••-•-. ers-Exquisite designs, were bought 2QC (*®lt f§^f" S^!?V 1" pl?^* i V*
Standard Smyrna Rugs—Size 36x72 inch, with to sell at 39c each- Thursday only 4* >r W. ■ v^Tic^f *v^«n^/ have the latest appliances for
heavy all wool fringe, usually '£• 4 >7fi-- . ,_, -- ' /*".": . thorough and scientific ex
sold at $2.50, Thursday, 4?§./O Another lot of Fine Tooth Brushes, -4 g\^ animation of the eyes, and when we say that
each .^....;........ . value to 25c; special Thursday, I IfC our work is guaranteed we mean that if specta-
AHover Laces-In lengths, <•)&„ each............ cles we sell prove not .entirely satisfactory we
worth 75c to 81,50 a yard, at pie V..... 25C Wells' Antiseptine Tooth Powder, ■ ii\- U make..J hem 1 'm ß!i Jor / cfuad your money-
Women^ Embroidered Edge Handker- ? special Thur5day.......... _....../ IOC ; . *jg .SfSS^ffiSra?" 1- $1.50
chiefs—Worth 15c,f0r.................... it Large Bottle Perfume ....,....,;....,10c eyes ...,..' ................'.. ■
Cree Indiana North of Winnipeg
Are Again in Extreme
Special to The Journal.
Ottawa, Ont., Aug. 21.—Much interest
has been created here by a dispatch to
the government from Rev. B. F. Stevens,
Methodist missionary, stating that the
Indians of the Cree nation, 400 miles north
of Winnipeg, on the border of the barren
lands, are starving.
It was Mr. Stevens who last year made
a similar statement concerning the
Salteaux Indians, which formed the sub
ject of a parliamentary inquiry. Of the
Crees only 1,400 remain, and Mr. Stevens
says he saw the bodies of forty who had
died from starvation.
The government agent is 200 mile*
north of Winnipeg, and ha« not in
structed to look after the band. In addi
tion the officers for the Hudson Bay com
pany, whose chief post in that country is
Norway house, have instructions to re
lieve any distress among Indians in the
Mars, J«plt«r and Saturn Inwont
edly Close to the Moon.
Special to The Journal.
Chicago, Aug. 21.—Professor George W.
Hough, director of the Dearborn observatory
at the Northwestern University, made a
thorough observation of the planet Mars
through the strong telescope at the observa
tory early yesterday morning and announced
that that planet is at present nearer the moon
than It has been for several years. At 1 o'clock
Mars was in conjunction with the moon, and
was only two degrees three minutes north dis
tant from the satellite. The planet gradually
Increased the distance between Itself and the
moon after that time, and when it sank
beyond the horizon shortly afterward it was
rapidly drawing away from the satellite.
Next Saturday night at midnight Professor
Hough asserts that Jupiter will draw near
to the moon. At that time the planet will be
only three degress forty-five minutes, south
distant from the moon. On the following
night Saturn will tallow the example of Mars
and Jupiter and also come near to the satel
Steel Strike Elevat«« the Prices of
Special to The Journal. ) ; • ' > "•;
Chicago, Aug. 21.—Stoves are raising Ini;
price and the man who must make a pur
chase in that line this fall will be obliged;.
to pay more than he has for some years.
This is a direct result of the steel!
strike. Steel plate ranges, oil heaters and j
the heating stove usually known as ' Oak:
stoves will lead in the high prices on ac-.
count of the large amount of steel used in .
their manufacture. ~""
■ ■ J.:' Adam B«de Will 'Talk.", :,:^l
Saturday afternoon " and - evening, Aug. -
24, there will be a dancing party at Hotel !
del Otero, Spring Park, Lake Mlnnetonka.
During an intermission. J. Adam Bede
'Will speak on "The Gospel of Recreation." -
■ See i Great Northern time cards lor in- \
formation as to train service. :.
#18.50 I.onlnvllle, K.y., awl He
'-. -turn. , »18.50. j
: Aug. 24th, . 25th, and 26th the Wisconsin J
Central railway will cell round trip tickets
to Louisville : at rate of $19.50 ; account j
Knights Templer* Conclave. Good to re- ]
turn by deposit until Sept. . 16th. ' Special!
train to ■ leave Minneapolis on the 25th.,
For tickets, berths, etc., call on or ad
dress V. C. Russell. C. P. & T. A., •W. C. i
R. R.» 230 Nioollet Ay«., Minneapolis,
Minn. _„,-,_/.;.,;,■;. j^-,. iy,';->
--i 1 Does your buildup require a new roof? |
ISMW. 8. Co. Telephone 376. ' j
Friends of Jacobion Are Waiting?
for Him to Speak.
Special to The Journal.
Madison, Minn., Aug. 21. —The friends of
J. F. Jacobson who reside in the seventh
district have begun making manifest their
desire that he enter the congressional con
test from this district and he has assur
ances of hearty support from many locali
ties if he will but say the word. Hie
friends throughout the state are also cle
sirlous of his political advancement and
would be glad to see him succeed K. C.
Dunn as state auditor. But what Mr. Jac
obson will consent to do is uncertain,
as he has made no announcements.
Whether he will favor or oppose the extra
session depends entirely on the report
of the tax commisison.
Shrewd Chinese Expert to Get It for
Almost Nothing 1. -
Special to The Journal.
Tacoma, Wash., Aug. 21.—The Evepett
flour mill has just received advices from
its representative, F. W. Brooks, at Yoko
hama, stating that the shipments of flour
consigned to Oriental ports during the
Chinese war are becoming caked and spoil-
Ing from the excessive heat. These ship
ments are mainly from the Pacific coaet.
The Chinese, it is stated, will not buy
the flour at the present time and are wait
lag until they can get it for practically
nothing. The merchants in China will
purchase now only from late consign
Average Pack Already ; In Excess of :
• .■-..'. Lttst Year's. .'■
Special to The Journal.
Tacema, Wash., Aug. 21.—Many of the ,
Puget Sound canneries have already packed .
more cases of salmon than during all of
last season. \ The cannery -at Friday Har- s
bor in twenty-one days has packed 23,000
eases of cockeyes or about 5,000 cases more j
than the total cockeye pack of last season.
The value of the daily pack there is about :i
$6,000. i - i ■ - r - : v ,- ••:;,«;:■;•"■'•• >A'i£;--'H
c Up about Point Roberts and . Boundary
bay there are said to be tens of thousands
of dead : fish in the bottoms of the traps,
which have not been fully emptied since
the big run began. :'\
Besatiivl Lake Mtnnetonk«, Round
[•■*'::t: ~'' •': Trip Only- BOc. ;■='■ ;
You can leave Minneapolis via Chicago
Milwaukee & St. Paul railway at 9:30 a.
m. Xdaily),; 1:30 p. m. # (daily), 6 p. 'm. :
(daily), and connect with steamers of
Lake Minnetonka . Navigation company j
tor tour of the lake. "~ ',';.; l J
: Trains leave the * laics returning at 1
p. m. ; (daily except Sunday), 4 p. a. i
(dally). 6 p. m. (daily), and 10:45 p. m.
<daily). ■■?■■'■■■ - ;:■■■: ;; "W:.";, ■. ■-■ :\ }
Tickets, including tour of the lakes, 90c
each. Apply at "The Milwaukee" offices. '
You can leave Minneapolis on afternoon
trains, take evening, dinner . and attend
hop at Hotel St. Louis and return home
at 10:46 d. m. (daily). - Minneapolis to
Hotel St. Ixmia (Minaetonka) and re
turn, 50c. ".--■'■■■■c-.'''■■'■.'■■' '■' :.-■■■•,'■•: .-j
"Cottagers" can reach Minneapolis on
afternoon and evening trains, spend the
evening and return to the lake at 11:46
p. m. (daily). ;; v\':y:,, ■-■ ■;:; ■;;■. ;■ ;:. - .*,
■ For . full Minnetonka train schedule see
time table in this paper.* •' : : ?
I ST Per Weeit at LaJte Fork Hotel
Far board and room., Cheaper And better
than staying at home. Fine train service
on Minneapolis & St. Lk-uls railroad. v
If you had taken two of Carter's Little
Liver PlHs before retiring you would not
have had Chat coated tongue or bad taste
hi your mouth this morning. K«ep a rial
-with you for occasional use.
Caacarine At All Drag-fflats.
: Cures bilioasn«3«, constipation, dyspepsia.
Prlo« 50. Sample and book oa diet and cur*
mailed Jrea. Bea. Bros. & Ca« MinnaajflH*.
Methods of the Council to Be In
vestigated—< it Father*
Retaliate. .
Special to The Journal.
Omaha, Neb., Aug. 21.—The members of
the board of education, each in the cus
tody of a policeman, appeared before the
city council yesterday afternoon to ex
plan recent action taken in the warfare
between the two bodies.
The school board had called a grand
jury to investigate the methods of the
During the two hours of the noon re
cess, while the city fathers enjoyed their
luncheon, several of the directors of the
schools were detained forcibly \ in the
council chamber.
Members of the board are accused of
unwarranted criticism of the councilmen.
They had complained of the decrease in
police court fines, the revenue from which
goes to the support of the schools. The
call for the grand J-ury followed, and the
council started an investigation of its
Harsh purgative rera^flies are fast giv
ing way to the gentle action and mild ef
fects of Carter's Little Liver Pills. If
you try them, they will certainly please
Telephone your want ads to No. 9. either
line. You will he told the price and you
can send tbe money la.
To Soften and Whiten toe j>_J> ">» "N>^
HANDS J%j&^)
HAIR am^im^^P^x
To Beautify the jMI Jy7^J| W /
Ebl TICURA«OAP,««taUd J&ffi|^l&
t^o^j .. itopplngof lalttn^lutfr, forioften- ifcjFixv&rf'C
8& •«&%»» \^^ ing»ndwbltaai!3isred,rongh,*nd»ora fSyK*j:V>»!
r-^-S&C sdr hand*, tor baby aad chaflngs, aad,for C-.*C«KV;'..'.»*'.
& a ":/&P the urn of the toilet, toth,*nd ntiwery. MlUloo^ of women mm
tSxJZ^&iSS&Xf «aartYe«ntl«epticimrpo^< Which teadilj«uiKe«tttoetnMlw*. TLM
' l^gs~vrgife^r • CnnoDBA Soap eomblnea to Crsz Soap at Oms Pbicb, the b*«t «Wa
t '^tC«iwßft>*. '^ and eompleadoa »o«p, the be* toilet »nd baby «oap in the woa*.
CUSi2£3K&£K3L SoW thnraihoot th« world. Bittb « 1>V»O «" N.w.e.t • *>«•.«. Ch«t««
Nine . Sew Ones, Nearly All With
Americau Biahop*.
Manila, Aug. 21.—Influential Catholics
here say they have reliable information
from Rome that the Philippines will have
nine new bishoprics, seven of which will
be presided over by Americans, giving th«
islands an archbishop and twelve bishops.
Carey roofing sheds water like a duck.
See W. S. Nott Co. Telephone 876.
And I
Will Speak
To You.
If You Have a Telephone
If you haven't one, call on or |
address the Local Manager \
and he will explain the var
ious forms of service. .

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