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Restored From a Nervous Affection
by Pe«ru-na.
uV*^ t _^*oo *^ Roser.
Captain . Henry H. Roser, of tha Na
tional Guard of Colorado, is well known
in Colorado. Ho is Secretary National
Executive Committee of the National Lib
erty Party, also General Secretary of the
U. S. Monetary. League, Secretary Direct
Legislative League of Colorado, and is
Grand Chief Templar, Independent Order
of Good Templars for Colorado, Wyoming
and New Mexico. v
In a recent letter to The Peruna Medi
cine Co., Columbus, 0., Mr. Roser speaks
of their remedy, Peruna, in the following
"Ab a public speaker I am a good
Judge of the merits of Peruna in cases of
nervous prostration. It was recommended
to me some two years ago when I was
Ui iiQiiiTiiMr: fjl
Electric I.iuhte<i— Ob- Lgava i Arrive
Serration Cars to Port-' „«_._„., ._
land,Ore.,viaßutte Missoula, * 10:10 * 1 :45
Spokane. Seattle, Tacoma am pin
Pacific Express
Fargo, Jamestown, Boze- _ , , ,-*•-
man, Helena, Butte. Spokane, *11 :1 5 * 7 :05
Seattle, Tacoma, Portland... pm am
Fargo and Leech Lake
St.Cloud,Little Falls. Brain- +905 t 5:10
era. Walker, Bemtdjl, Fargo.. am ' pm
Dakota & Manitoba
Fergus Falls, Wanton,
Moorhead, Fargo, Crook st on, _„ ,„ „ „ , n
Grand Forks, Grafton, Win- *8:40 * 6:4-0
ptpeg I pm I am
Leave T^TH «. I Arrive
•UToIS SUPERIORjt 3 7 ;^[;;»
•Dally. tKx. Sunday.
TICKET OFFICE—I 9 " 'col b l,Sck.
Minneapolis. St. Paul.
Office, 300 Nic. Phone, main 860. Union DepoT.
JLeave^i*Daily. fExTSun. jSun. only.| Arrive?
t 9:ooanj,St. Cloud/For. Falls, Fargo:f s:3spin
t 9:ooam ..Willmar via St. Cloud... t 6:35pm
* 9:soaniiFlyer to Mont, and Pac. Co. 2;oopm
t 9:43 am, Willmar, Su F.,Yan.,Su City s:o2pm i
t s:lopm Elk River, Milaca.Sandst'ne t &:36am
t 6:lopm ..Wayzata and Hutchinson.. t B:ssam
* 9:o3pm i..Minn, and Dak. Express.. • 7:ooam
* i:4opin|Fargo, Gd. Forks, Winnipeg • 7:l2am
t ...Duluth, West Superior...lt • <oopm
•11:50pm ...Duluth, West Superior... • 6;loam
Sleeper for 11:60 train ready at 9 p. m.
Steamship Miami leaves Duluth Wednes
days and Saturdays, connecting at Mackinac
island with steamships North West and North
Land for Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, Cleve
land, Buffalo and Pan-American exposition.
Leave Minneapolis— pm, *5:05 pm, t9:13
am, t*>:lo pm, $10 am, a 9:25 pm, blO:4O pm.
Returning, Leave Spring Park—*l:3o pm, "5 !
pm, f7:25 am, fS:I4 am, J9:20 am, c 9 pm,
010:45 pm. a except Saturday; b Saturday
only; c except Friday and Saturday; d Fri- ;
day and Saturday only. j
M*i t t* s»i liii rli Bit JPi 33
Office, 323 Nic. Phone 123. Milwaukee Depot.
Leave. ; *Daily. tßxcept Sunday, i Arrive.
• 7:soam Chicago.La Cros»e,Milw'kee|*lo:sopm
• 3:oopm Chicago.La Crosse.Milw'kee
• 6:25pm Chicago.La Crosse.Milw'kee • 3:2opm
*7:33pm Chicago-Pioneer Limited*B:2oani
• 3:45pm Chic'go, Faribault, Dub'que • 9:2oam
t 3:oopm .Red Wing and Rochester. t!2:3opm
t 7:soam LaCrosse, Dub., Rk. Island tlO :sopm
• 7:soam Northfleld, Faribo, Kan.Cy. * 6:lspm
t 9:ooam .... Ortonville, Milbank .... ♦ 5:45pm
• 7:35pm l Ortonville, Aberdeen, Fargo * 6:55 am
t .Northfleld, Faribo, Austin.Jill :o6am
t 4:4opm Hutchinson, Glencoe || 9:45 am
Trains for Hotel St. Louis, Minnetonka,
leave Milwaukee Station: f5 pm, t6 pm. Re
turning, leave Hotel St. Louis: t7:20 am, f8:20
IJULjrcr. St. p. m. a O. RY.lLlb^lJl
Ticket office, 418 Nlcollet Phone 240, main.
tKx. Suu. Others daily. Leave Arrive
Badger State Express— ? 7:50 10:45
Chi'(jo,Milw'kee, Madison ) am pm
Chicago— Express.. 10:40 pm 11:55 am
Chicago—Fast Mall 6:25 pm 9:00 am
North- Western Limited— 7:30 I 8:16
Chl'eo.Milw'kee, Madison J pin am
Wausau,F.duLac,Greenbay Ct2s pro 9;00 am
Duluth. Superior, Ashland .+8:10 am +5:20 pm
Twilight Limited— £ 4:00 i 10:30
Duluui, superior, Ashland ) pm pni
suCity, Omaha, Dead wood.. +7:10 am' 3:00 am
Elmore, Algona, DesMoines r7:lO am tS:OS pm
St. James, New Ulm, Tracy 9:30 am 8:05 pm
Omaha Express— ) 9:30 0:95
Su. City, Omaha, Kan,City $ am j>m
New Ulna, hlmore ; 4:20 pm 10:35 am
Fairmont, St. James ... 4:20 pm 10:35 am
Omaha Limited— ) 8:00 8:00
Su.City.Oiuaha. Kan. City ] pin am
Chicago Great Western Rv.
"The Maple Leaf Route."
City Ticket Office, sth & Nicollet, Minneapolis.
Depot: Washington & 10th Aye. S.
tEx. Sunday. Others Daily. ||j{fl|fl ppf | 8 ffljj
Kenyon, Dodge Center, .7:40 am 10:35 pm
' OBlwein, Dubuque, Free- 7:35 pm 8:25 am
port, Chicago and East.. 10:45 pm! 1:25 pm
Cedar Falls, Waterloo, Mar- 10:00 am 8:00 pm
shall to Dcs Moines, 7.35 pm! 8:25 am
St. Joseph, Kansas City. 10:45 pm 1:25 pm
Cannon Falls and Red I 7:40 am 10:35 pm
. Wing :.. t 6:30 pm tlO:2sam
Northfleld, Faribault, Wat 7:40 amjtlO:3s pm
terville, Mankato [5:30 pm| 10:25 am
Mmtorville Local SiSOpmj 10:25 am
Minneapolis & St. Louis R. R.
Office,Nie. House. Phone 225. St. Louis Depot.
t Ex. Sunday. Others Daily, f Leave. ~| Arrive.
Watertown & Storm Lake ■. :
Express jf 9:20 am t 5:21 pm
Omaha, Dcs Moines, Kan
sas City, Mason City and : . - J *•-■.-
Marshal t 9:35 am t 8:50 pm
Esthervllle Local 5:35 pm 9:4oam
St.Louis & Chic'go Limit'd 7:35 pm 8:05 am
Omaha and Dcs Moines
Limited | B:3spm 7:25 am
Office, 230 Nlcollet Phone 1936. Union Depot.
_ Leave. | All Trains Dally. ; Arrive.
7:25 ami..Chicago and Milwaukee..! 8:50 am
- 7:05 pm!..Chicago and Milwaukee..! 5:16 pm
suffering from nervous disorders, and I
found it very excellent. I do not travel
without a bottle of it now, and I find that
an occasional dose when I feel tired and
worn out rejuvenates the system and re
moves that tired feeling."—Henry H.
Roser 326 East Eighteenth avenue, Den
ver, Colo.
Mrs. Thomas J. Sharp, 320 N Second
street, Reading, Pa., writes:
"Your medicines have certainly done
a great deal for me in saving me from
nervous prostration and I sincerely wish
that all persons, whether sick or well —
since this medicine contains the qualities
of an efficient and invigorating tonic—
would give it a trial and be convinced of
its merits.
"Thanking you for all your medicine
has dove for me, and hoping it may do
the same for many other suffering peo
ple, I remain, yours respectfully,
Mrs. Thos. J. Sharp.
Congressman H. G. Worthington, from
Nevada, ex-Minister to Argentine Repub
lic, also at one time Collector of Port at
Charleston, was an intimate friend of
Genral Grant and is one of the two liv
ing pall-bearera of President Lincoln.
Congressman Worthington writes the fol
lowing letter:
"Allow me to exress my gratitude
for the benefit derived from your reme
dies. 1 have taken oae bottte of Peru
na, and it hat benefited Immensely a
case of catarrh of some months' stand
ing, and Icordially commend its use to
all similarly afficted."—H. G. Worth
Peruna never fails to prevent nervous
prostration if taken In time.
If you do not derive prompt and satis
factory results from the use of Peruna,
write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a
full statement of your case and he will
be pleased to give you his valuable advlco
Address Dr. Hartraan. President of The
Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus, Ohio.
Elevator A of the American .Malting
Company Damaged.
Special to The Journal.
Milwaukee, Sept. s.—Fire from an un
known origin broke out at the American
Malting company's elevator A, and dam
aged the building and contents to the ex
tent of about $33,500. The flames were
kept in the upper gallery and but one bin
was touched.
The elevator's capacity is about 250,000
bushels, and It was about half filled. The
loss will be about 25 per cent on the malt,
which was completely soaked.
There is a great deal of mystery con
nected with tbe origin of the fire, and the
police are inclined to suspect incendiar
On Hes 9 Foet
All day long and racking with pain from
her head to her heels. That is what
many a self-supporting girl must experi
ence. On those
days each month, *"/&
when in other cir- \sjr-^£i! §?
cumstances sh aC -^»^^
would go to bed, i» Sp"**
she must still be Swss
at the desk or
counter and Strug- jCf/mm &#&
gle through the wV,^^^
day as best she JfcL JmSBB
Backache, head- C^yC^mPz^
ache, and other Air i^A '
pains caused by --^'{iLr >
womanly diseases "~TjHyffif fa
are perfectly cured « '^^^^^Pai
by Dr. Pierce' Fa- f^^P^^S
vorite Prescrip- fg^ss^isEaJ
tion. It cures Js|j
the cause of these jl^^^pl^P
pains. It estab- jsS '
lislies regularity, ' |ft:^Ssl^^3l
dries enfeebling ■ 3S
drains, heals in- flak
flammation and jSplk
ulceration and H mk
cures female weak- H»I3 I^3^
ness. It makes ,Ji *^^ j««fcy /
weak women ** *$
strong and sick / '&
women well.
" I have taken your medicine with the greatest
satisfaction," writes Mrs. George Riehl, of Lock
port Station, Westmoreland Co., Penna. "Your
Favorite Prescription' has cured rae of uterine
trouble that I suffered from for fifteen years, and
painful monthly troubles. I can honestly say 1
can work a whole day and not get tired, and
before taking Dr. Pierces medicines I always
felt tired. My pain is all gone and I feel like a
new person. I suffered with headache all the
time, but have no headache now since taking
your medicine. I have been cured of troubles
that I suffered from for fifteen years, and the
best doctor in the state could not cure me."
Dr. Pierces Common Sense Medical
Adviser, in paper covers, is sent free on
receipt of 21 one-cent stamps to pay
expense of mailing only. Address Dr.
R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
1 Minneapolis, St. Paul & Saait Sic. Marie
Office, 119 Guaranty Building. Telephone 1341.
'■ Depot. 3d and Washington Ayes S.
' Leave. j »Dally. tExcept_Sunday~l~Arrlve.
• G:4opm|.... Pacific Coast Points.777 • 9:loam
; Atlantic Coast Points... • 9:3oam
Depot Bth and Washington N.
t 9:4oam| Dakota Express .....It 4:2opm
t 8:15am|.... Rhlnelander j^oca^^s:4spm
Burlingionßoute. &^ffif^ f
Loave for 1 Terminal Points. | Ar. from
7:Boam Chicago — Except Sunday.! i:2oSS
7:3oam St. Louis—Except Sunday p
i :20pm | Chic, and St. Louis—j B:2sam
//^jfi /) fj} \^l Established 1882
The Leading Outfitting Establishment in the West
Correct Dress for Men, Women and Children. ..." •
*$$? The Consumers' League
&|2E? of New York found that the
best of the ready-made \
I I clothing was manufactured
in clean, modern work
'^fxvit rooms, and the cheap trash
vvtjL was "made up" in reeking
L^^^S^/f^EJr^i tenements. So much for -S
P>^^M>Vlt Y» health. Now for style.
\^3B^\WJlJi 'fr\^ c kest "kmen and
88^7 mr art^st tailors have been cor- ■
*\ liilMA imm ralled by the best manufac
-1 -turers of read-to- cloth
-SB i!is3Frl Hill in 2' whose products are :
||||Kr^ 11 '11' handled by the Plymouth ~
j^SN^^ I 111 Clothing House to-day.
I |l§j Same story on Knox
• 'IS 111 Hats, Hanan Shoes, etc.
- "She Tlymottth Corner, Sijtth and JV ice tie f.
Sultan Has a Grievance Against;
Great Britain.
Action of Commander of a British
Warship "Incompatible With
Friendly Relations."
Constantinople, Sept. s.—The Turkish
ambassador in London, Costaki Anthopulo
Pacha, has been instructed to inform
Great Britain that the action of the com
mander of a British warship In the Per
sian gulf in preventing the Turkish cor
vette Sehob from entering Koweyt is in
compatible with friendly relations.
The British side of the controversy is
that the Sehob was trying to land Turkish
troops on the territory of a sheik who
is independent of Turkey. ■■.:;'
The Idea That Donlnaten the Sultan
of Turkey.
Vienna, Sept. s.—The French govern
ment's course in the dispute with Turkey
meets with the approval of a majority of
the powers and also of public opinion in
Europe. The sultan's overweening in
fatuation dates from the Pan Islam agita
tion following the Armenian massacres
five years ago. He then impressed upon
his Moslem subjects that the powers were
afraid to interfere. Pan-Islamism was
further encouraged by the visit of Em
peror William to Constantinople. The
idea of a Moslem mission to China pro
foundly impressed Mohammedans. The
sultan is said to be dominated by an ab
sorbing idea of Pan-Islamism. Powers
having Mohammedan subjects are pleased
with the vigorous course of France. They
believe that the rupture of diplomatic re
lations between France and Turkey will
serve as a warniag.
He Declines to Intervene in Franco- i
Turkish Quarrel.
Constantinople, Sept. 5. — The German !
ambassador on Monday communicated to
the porte the Kaiser's declination to-in
tervene, advising the porte to come to
an understanding with France.
M. Delcasse's letter requiring \ Munir
Bey to leave the country expressed "aston
ishment that Munir Bey should illuminate
the embassy and give a banquet on the an
niversary of the sultan's accession, in
view of the rupture in relations between
France and Turkey.
Eastern Section and Northern Idaho
Good for 35,000,000 Bu.
Special to The Journal.
Spokane, Wash., Sept. s.—"Estimates of
the wheat crop of eastern Washington
and northern Idaho are generally around
the 35,000,000 figure," said J. J. Humphrey,
the Farmington banker, yesterday. Mr.
Humphrey has traveled over much of the
Palouse country in the last three weeks.
He said "These estimates are made by
buyers; growers and men who are allied
with the grain business. Some put the
figure as high as 40,000,000 bushels.
"Threshing is seriously delayed around
Farmington. Machines are scarce and
labor is scarcer. The yield has proven
heavy in other sections, so that machines
have not been able to finish in the usual
time, and Farmington Is one of the last
sections to receive attention from thresh
; ers who work north."
tnrater Bill" Gates Overhauled
; v ; -in San Francisco. ■ j
San Francisco, Sept. s.—"Swiftwater
Bill" Gates, the Klondiker, who has made
several fortunes and has had a pictur
esque experience with three of the La
more sisters as wives, was arrested here
yesterday on the charge of eloping from
Tacoma with his 14-year-old niece, Ade
llna Lydia Boyle.
i Before his arrest he had spirited away
the girl, who could not be found. "Swift
water" will be prosecuted by the mother
of the girl. He locks very seedy and is
said to hav£ spent the remains of the big
fortune he made in the Klondike in the
boom days of placer mining. . ,~
Ed L. Peet of Grantsburs; Chosen
Special to The Journal.
Ashland, Wis., Sept. —At the final
business meeting of the North Wisconsin
Press association, the following officers
were elected: President, E. L. Peet,
Grentsburg; vice presidents, Capt. P. H.
Swift, Rice Lake Leader, and Joe Kookel,
West Superior; treasurer, George F.
Cooper, Black River Falls; secretary, C.
W. Semmes, Wausau; executive commit
tee, J. E. Jones, Washburn; John Chappie,
Ashland: and A. C. Chase, Colfax. The
place of meeting for next summer was
fixed at Wausau, but a winter business
meeting will be held at some place yet
to be determined. *
Cornwall Not.. to Be Bothered With
Petitions at Vancouver.
Special to The Journal.
Vancouver, B. C, Sept. Much to the
relief of theauthorities here, the Trades and
Labor council has by a narrow majority
decided not to attempt to present an anti-
Mongolian demonstration on the occasion
Mongolian petition, or make an anti
of the visit of the Duke of Cornwall. Ef
forts will now doubtless be made to se
cure like desistence on the part of Vic
toria's labor men on the occasion of the
royal visit to that city. '•
Five Hundred More Steel Strikers
Resume Work.
President Schwab Makes a Proposi
tion Demanding a Concession ■
'..: -.'-•": ■ of Certain Stills. \\\
Pittsburg, Sept. s.—Further breaks in
the ranks of the striking steel workers
occurred at McKeeeport to-day. Five
hundred men, or 100 more than yesterday,
went to work at the National Tube com
pany's plant and nearly 100 men reported
for duty at the Demmler tin plate works,
which was to resume this morning under
the protection of deputy sheriffs. A start
was not made during the early hours of
the day, however, but everything was in
readiness for resumption. The fires were
lighted in the furnaces and a start was
expected before the close of the day.
The mill property was surrounded by a
large force of deputies, but there was no
disorder, although quite a crowd of strik
ers were loitering in the vicinity of the
plant. The Boston rolling mill was the
scene of great activity this morning and
the strikers are closely watching it, as
they fear an attempt is to be .made soon
to resume operations. A force of man
were at work cleaning up and preparing
the plant for work.
Probable early peace is again being dis
cussed here as the reault of yesterday's
conference in New York between President
Schwab and members of the National Civ
ic Federation. Hope was revived yester
day anernoon that the meeting might re
sult in something tangible on which to
base a settlement proposition and disap
pointment was general over the failure.
The hooe was expressed on all sides that
the conferees not having left New York,
would get together again to-day and ar
range a settlement before final adjourn
Mr. Schwab'* Proposition.
The proposition from Mr. Schwab, said
to have been submitted to President
Shaffer through President Gompers, vir
tually demands a concession of the Clark,
Painter, Lindsay & McCutcheon and Mon
essen hoop mills. These plants were non
union when the strike started and all are
now running partially or in full. The
association would also lose by the ac
ceptance of the proposition the Crescent
tin plate plant at Cleveland, the Star tin
plate works in this city, and the Canal
Dover mills and the works at Demruler.
These have been union for a long timo.
The tube plants at McKeesport in this
city and at Benwood, W. Va., would also
be exempted. The acceptance of the
terms, it is said, would reduce the
strength of the Amalgamated association
nearly 50 per cent.
Counter Proposition Humored.
Five members of the advisory board of
the Amalgamated Association went into
session this morning at Amalgamated
headquarters for the purpose, it is said,
of discussing the proposition received
from New York regarding a settlement of
the strike. There were President Shaffer,
Secretary Williams, Business Agent Davis,
Assistant Secretary Tighe and Trustee
John Pierce. Trustee Pierce, when seen
in the morning, said that the officials
could not agree to the proposition.submit
ted by the corporation. It was reported
about headquarters that a counter prop
osition was in preparation which would be
referred to the corporation, but this could
not be confirmed. It was also said that
Trustees Morgan and Jenkins had been
sent for and might be here later in the
Manager Lauck of the Demmler plant
announced this afternoon that work would
not be resumed before to-morrow. The
strikers claim that the reason for the
delay in starting is that the management
was disappointed in the number of men re
porting for work.
Probability That Little I« Anything
"Was Accomplished.
New York, Sept. s.—Terms of peace in
the steel strike were discussed at length
yesterday at a secret conference in which
sat officials of the United States Steel cor
poration, leaders of union labor and rep
resentatives of th» civic organization*
which have intervened.
Unusual safeguards of secrecy were re
sorted to in order to preserve the privacy
of the proceedings, but it was evident
that no conclusion was reached and that
the decision either to terminate or con
tinue the strike must be made by the
strikers. The nature of the agency from
the amalgamated association held by the
labor leaders who participated in the dis
cussion is not known, but it is believed
they possessed an outline of terms from
President Shaffer, and that they will place
before him and his associates the terms
re-submitted by President Schawb of the
United States Steel corporation.
It was also apparent at the conclusion
of the discussion that if the conference
is to be resumed or any further action
toward peace taken the strikers must take
the initiative. The labor leaders were
in communication with Pittsburg during
| the day, and it was anticipated that they
would further discuss the subject with
the amalgamated men before they pro
ceeded any further with the peace plan.
The session lasted continuously for
more than six hours. No statement as
to the proceedings was made by any of the
Mills Will Be Rushed to Fill Ac-
"cumulated Order*.
New York, Sept. s.—The Iron Age says:
A good deal of tonnage has been cut off
by the strike. This means that the mills
now idle will be rushed for months to me«t
the delayed consumption and to restore stocks
to the normal volume. This -will be empha
sized, of course, in the case of those lines
most seriously affected, notably the tin plate,
merchant pipes, sheets, hoops and bars. Prom
Pittsburg comes the news that the United
States Steel corporation will furnish ship
ping directions this month for the bessemer
and basic iron which they did not take last
month. From all the leading markets comes
the report that consumption continues heavy
and that a good volume of new business is
being offered and taken. Everything points
to an abundance of work for the usually
critical winter months. In some branches,
notably in steel rails, deliveries promised
for this year will be dragged along well into
next year owin* to the inability of the mills
to meet their engagements.
Proposed Work involving an Outlay
ot Fifty Million Dollars.
Glasgow, Sept. s.—James Barton to-day
explained to the engineering congress,
now in session here, the proposed tunnel
between Scotland and Ireland. The com
mittee which considered the routes thought
that the best one was from a projecting
portion of Wigtonshire, where the Scotch
coast is within twenty-one to twenty-five
miles of the coast of County Antrim and
County Down, Ireland. The cost is esti
mated at £10,000,000.
Vice President Will Be Heard in
lowa's Campaign,
Dea Moines, lowa, Sept. 6.—Vice Presi
dent Roosevelt has written A. B. Cum
mins, republican nominee for governor,
that be will make two speeches in lowa
this campaign, one of them being in Dcs
Moines about Oct. 7.
Stetson's Mandolins
At Metropolitan Music Co., 41-43 6th st S.
Do you want a roof that will never
leak? See W. S. Nott Co. Telephone 376.
! ::-.! Northland lan
Is the ' place to ' spend your vacation at
Minnetonka. - / -
' " ■ • \§2^HF £SBSfi H9 Uh TJnHßfflßr . «Hl Bli 'ay ir'Sl GV GS3I ■
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:■ - -r!--'- . •'"' -:•■'■-.j.: O mdigo blue, turkey I%^ Wall Paper, great tflc for a box Writ
«_ ift for a good sized *ortab!^» £Z *> va ri ety of "l 0 c 1|) C in Paper, 25
$1.49 Hfarb * Arm Cob- check Bingh^s. '(Quan- values. IV sheets and en
*| S?rSe.tß.ct tity limited.) —— ■ velope.B.
fs'h/wif^h^y He Per Pound Fancy $1 JO Rugs^sizfToS /)r C P^ pz fat' Col
carved back; will compare §1 L Santos Roasted I \ffi- our rSu- /V gate's La
favorably with any .$2.75 If Coffee; value 17c * lar low price $125 — V France Rose
rocker- „ per pound. ■ each. ' Perfume.
lf^#%ir COMMISSION f^fO AI iy
l£&i QQ, (Incorporated) \3t W\ J*% I i^ll
I w ..'■'„ -„ " 1 COMMISSION AND
I We Have the Most Extensive Private I _ . __
E Wire System in the United States, I Q-f/i^tls' R|«A|/Aiif>
T / viuvK oruntsr&o
Leased Wires to Duluth, St. Louis, Chicago and New York.
- We have built and own exclusive wires to:
Lie Sueur \V '- Brookin^s, i
St. Peter, -- Huron, .
Sleepy Eye* Mellette,
NevvUlin. i KJKIHkiSbE Aberdeen, I £% «=%
sprite*, , MINN. Sa^e^ ■" 5. D.
Marshall, Madison,
Canby, • ' J V
Pipestone, J Where We Have Correspondents. "
We have contracted -with the Western Union Telegraph Co. to build lines for 09
from Minneapolis to— • •,■>'- t
Jamestown,) g&l ft , Miles City, Helena, ) ■MB^"tf&l iV
3KT [N-D- andto Kt'Fans^ 0011^ f MONT,
, and intermediate points on the Northern Pacific line, and on the Great Northern Rail
way from Minneapolis to—
St. Cloud, IWLMZw+n Fargo, lA] r\ WINNIPEG (|Ui-»--
Crookston, f l¥l 11111 ■ Grand Forks, (Kg Ui and other points \ IVI 311 ■
Wm buy and ßsil,tor cash or future delivery, any commodity or security dealt in on
the principal exchanges of the world. Our facilities for instantaneous execution of
orders are unexcelled and we guarantee satisfaction. Call or write for our new book
and daily market letter. Both publications free. '
135 and 137 Endtcott Bank of Commerce Side, 410 Second Aye. S.,
Arcade. Minneapolis, Minn. Minneapolis, Minn.
Use for Vermiform Appendix
Slew York Sun Spaoial Harviom
Denver, Col., Sept. s.—Dr. E. P. Her'schey of this city, at the meeting of the
Rocky Mountain Interstate Medical association, asserted that he had found a
function for the vermiform appendix. He claims that it is a secretory organ, the
function of which is the lubrication of the caecum, or the beginning of the large
intestine. The arguments the doctor advanced in support of this theory were in
teresting, but the other doctors claimed they are not conclusive.
The doctor's paper drew from the delegates a strong protest. Dr. Wright of
Salt Lake City said: • •
Dr. Her'schey's argument is a strong one, but It is not backed by
facts. I protest against such a theory going out from this meeting. It
will excite a great deal of comment, and if we are wrong it will do us
no good.
The doctors refused to consider the paper in its original form, and it was de
cided that Dr. Herschey be given a year in which to investigate the subject.
Crew of Forty Men Poisoned
Special to The Journal.
Marinette, Wis., Sept. 5.—A crew of forty men working on a new saw mill near
Fawnus, Mich., were poisoned in a peculiar manner yesterday and two of them are
not expected to recover. They boiled corn with husks on. The corn had been
grown in a place where there was a great deal of poisoned ivy. After eating the
corn all the men were taken deathly sick and work on the mill has been suspended
for the week.
Boy Swallowed by Sand
Special to The Journal.
Calumet, Mich., Sept. s.—William Nadeau, 12 years old, met a horrible death
yesterday afternoon at South Lake Linden. He was playing on the waste sands
near the Tamarack stamp mills when he suddenly began to sink, and before help
arrived was buried beneath several thousand tons of Band. Several men worked
hours trying to recover the body, but the waste sand ran in, like quicksand, as fast
as removed.
JhlPlP I If Ifflllllvlj BJ let us see.
M |& \ Thar© Is a pain In your back, blue rings under your ©yea, specks I
ii *■"£ -**•&. t|w \ before your eyes, sight blurs, headaches, bad taste in mouth sour I
x M^R^Bl sH? HaPI \ risings from the stomach, no appetite, can't sleep at night, bad I
V Wf^i \ dreams, losses in Bleep, fearful, expecting the worst to happen, I
I jr'Si^*^' fs£s'fj \ tlre(*« weak. nervous and trembly, poor memory, no ambition, hat* I
h *X iml WsrJ! ' I work ' nave dizzy spells on getting up in the morning, dislike of I
tH Jlliiiillk isM/ z? \ ladles' Society, prefer to be alone, sometimes seized with though* of 1
" \ ou:B TREATMENT \
il?\^i^!!ejraS o^.ll^- 1 WIII correct all the wrongs of your system, tone up your nervous 1
41^/ \s/lW!l&%k W^^~~ \ system» strengthen and iavigorat« your sexual system and fully 1
'Zfflf W^sk. \ restore to you the vigor of perfect manhood. Cause you to feel like 1
'* £9 S Kmm Wt?Zz^k^ \ a new man, with new hopes, something to live for, and the whole I
MASTER SPECiTITsT. \ """' "*" *" ">m "—' » ™ \
We do not treat all diseased, but we cure all we treat; we treat men only and cure them to stay cured.
We cure to stay cured Varicocele, Stricture, Syphilitic Blood Poison, Nervo-Sexual Debility, 'Rupture. Kidney,
'-: ■; , ;- Urinary Diseases.
■^S^H 1 nnSw™ t6eaßes and weakneßseaof men. We charge nothing for prirate counsel and give to each patient »
LEGAL CONTRACT to hold for our Promise*. I* it not worth your while to Investigate a cure Sat has made life an#ir
to multitudes of men? . • . , . . ■
EyA vRE °*\ IMITATORS! Let no one be deceived by ignorant imitators or false pretenders who seek to lmtt*t«
our methods by copying our medical announcements. None of them possess our new and original treatment for men.
which can only be obtained at our offices. It is our knowledge and skill born ot vast experience, together with scientific
equipments, that cures diseases of men and not our medical announcements and writings -which imitators com If vo»
cannot call at our office, write your symptoms fully. ;■.-. , , ■■■- . ** /«■
State Electro- Medical Institute
■.KSStiSZi'S'JgfT' 00M8ULTATI0H FREE JWD COHfIDtHTUL *Bs£slt £feKff,
a Have Yon
Been Treated
Fqr any form of Bl od Poison
and never cured? There It
hop* for yoii la mv Special
Treatment. It Is the result of
90 years' experience in ourln*
... t . „ . . blood and private diseases-'
with th highest success. If you come to m*
f»««»* Vf, certalntv of right treatment, for I
personally attend eaolt case myself. Old m nor
young men afflicted with any urinary trouble,
shouTd call a one-, as I cure aU diseases and
weaknesses of men. I Treat Ladies for dis
uses peculiar to their lex and permanently ret
store ftiem to health. Pre. Consultation. Cal
or write for Ist of questions. Office Hours, 9a.m*
to 8 p.m. Sundays, 10 a.m. to 12 m. 1
D tlti TOR WYATT. located 16 years Suite
S. 4 and 5, 230 He&nepln ay, Minneapolis.
■? fiM ES&I3 interested and should know
lES^M^fiaV2L Whirling Son*
tionondbuiHoh. bttt-^T.
N^P^£^^^^^__- h esW-Hptt Coorenlent.
It Ckißtei la»uuitly»
lik j*m innlil for !l """^^
If oannot iTippiy the SHlMPßw^'**""
tttABVKIi, accept no /.
oth«r. bat semd stamp for Wat. ffiiftSHfc-^'
tr»tedbook—m&loA. It gives full Wg Bt^
P«itie«Urs and directions Invt>l« uflS
able to ladle*. MARVKI. CO., <S&*mMM
Room 321 Times Bdff.,N. Y. \>4HsW
New York Rotterdam, via Boulogne-sur-Mer.
AMSTERDAM Saturday, Sept. 7,10 a. m.
Twin-Screw S. S. 10,500 tons •riTfiiinu
Saturday, Sept. 14, loa. m. •TATtifOAM
Twin-Screw ß. S. 12,500 tons nnren iv
Saturday. Sept. 21, 10 a. m. POTSD AM
Holland-American Line, 39 Broadway. N. V.,
86 La Sails St., Chicago. 111. Brecke & Ekiuan,
Gen. Nor.-West. Pass. Agts., 121 3d St., Minne
apolis, Minn.
Household goods a specialty. Un
equaled facilities and lowest rates.
Packing by experienced men.
BoyiTransfer & Fuel Co., 46 Sa.TMrflSt
Telephone Mala 656— both exchanges.
>||!|k NO CURE. NO PAY*
£&&*%*% MEN.—If you h*T« unoll, we*» \
gßf ' f organi, loit power or weatenln*
P^» **$ fiJ drsJm.onp Vacuum OrgnnDeT»lop«r
HEN.—It you hare uuall, weak
orgruu, loft power or weakening
cirainn, oar Vacuum Organ DeT«lop«r
will reitor* you without drug* or
l\* jl.j I electricity i Stricture and Varicooel*
r« permanently cured in 1 to i week*;
J $jjsp««a» 75,000 in use; not one failure) not
Jfgiv wf/ one returned; act immediate} no
7%* C.O.D. fraud; write for free parties-
iTMim law. feat seal*d la plain enreloupe. ,
locoi flppiionce Co., 204 Ttiofp Bin, liminnQnoiis, nil
HL-^SL OHatnel mud «nly 6«^alße.
R/.7%A\*AIX. Alw««»U»l.le tadie^Mkßnwrirt
fe*Nia»ygßvU REP aa« tt,id mUIKi bem*. —ltd
Ta. —?W« wUh bine ribbon. Take n* otkar. B«fiu«
7*l <•• Wl Vaxr«r«iu B»b.at«aon» aad talta. .
I / ffr tleve. Bar •(/oar Drvsgln, or Mad 4a, la
♦ sa iUflfi i-.ftr *l*i&<*mlal*' T*e»ie»let>
IW JCV •' Relief La4i«a," <* Maw, br
r*ZLZ-Jr tan Mall. lO,«««T«Umoi.lali. SA4by
all Prnniat*. Ckl«lie«t«r Ckenieal Cv»
Becan thto paper. MadUa* Ntw
North Star Dye Works
E.F. WKITZEL, Proprietor.
783 Hennepln Aye., Hluneap«U*.
Telephone C©S-»-

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