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The Minneapolis journal. [volume] (Minneapolis, Minn.) 1888-1939, October 18, 1901, Image 9

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I THE D !?£ JL ¥ IS thet'owiyshoe |
jg a araa-r B^M^«.#^L# sold at $350 DIRECT FROM |
* T^JIJNERY to CONSUMER in its own stores &
\^fV-^- FPtflM the ATLANTIC to the PACIFIC /pf
Stores in all s*t^— ¥f\ Principal Cities. &
M A Strong Guarantee of tie Quality of Our Enameleft Leather. |' t h^m e totthe vtrad ee ar whkh ITt™ntas\ he Od"hemVo o ng I ™ SOLE ™HER AS USED BY CUSTOM BOOTMAKERS. &£
«*^f fTx/7s/Js^~~/9/7 ' !>'! to the wearer at '£^ Oft m*BOH a Wair !>'> ft* . vr* »* . /«t F^ST
j| J@^£^W ■ I Ten years ago 8 <Mu^^ |g*
1^ p.0.b0x.2737: ?*O£, C# y> \\ maker to wearer. Then it was "from factory to <;!;. 6eu >ng otMRTMi^ JSlf
JM M-^U«ec£&Uv# |j| feet." #In 1895 we got a tannery. Then we had 10 j; ' . «>♦ essrx str «t j®«f
$5Pf <-«»»— a/^st), J? Is stores in 8 cities. Now we have 42 stores in 29 cities. {< *°*ESSCX STRCCT" f,ar
r*g w™._.... _*4^^u4k-iJ*&*x**^fa.\! Do you think we could have got this increase if .'j! —^10..^. " &}~aS^* «. ™ rafl . IC
JM we had lied in our ads? Not a bit of it. You know iooust a0..i90i. >a^
/s|p Messrs. l. c. Bliss & Co. . !jj as well as we do that we must tell. the truth or quit. 1 ]s||7
■ «,«♦».«„ «,„ «!!■ We say Regal Shoes are the best in style, fit, wear !; Messrs. i. c. bliss & co», *2r
« ' >!; ana comfort that money will produce. We || Manufacturing Dep't. :: IE £
p^ay Gentlemen-.- ;,<, proven our claim to some^millionsof men who now < -'• J^P
jj^jjf I herewith acknowledge receipt of order for your season's !| Wear and SWCar by Regal Shoes. We've had hard ;!|J WHITMAN, MASS. &**!
Im® supply as usual of our best imported Imperial Enameled Hides. We will \ WOrk to keep OUr factory facilities great enough tO j! OENTLESIEN:- fe ML
«Jsi V ■, v, , „* 4-.iv * ;; Supply the demand. AH this Couldn't have been 5 We are making you to-day your weekly shinment of the selected C**
J|jj ma regular shipments, and guarantee that the quality will be up to done simply with talk-had tO be done with shoes. h • ' Ing you t<^day, your weekly shipment of the selected Q>
$1$ our' regular standard. We've had to back every statement With leather hoavy Texas oak sole leather which you are using exclusively. $Mf
ltd „: Yours truly. \I; and money. And We're perfectly willing and able !; This haa usually been sold only in a limited way, to makers of th»
-..'■■ i 1 i._ j_ *i. .. <; £srW
D. walierstein ''> ir, 0 ll> : > highest cost shoes, and for custom work, and as you well know is in vary RJ Wj
r*gr Diet. h. w. <!«; The man who will pay £6.00 or $7.00 for a thing < mall BUpply t . JJSP
J&& /if yl * , . v> which he can get for $3.50 must have either more j! „«„, -' „ • /D^
IPI TtU 9f^x!¥]&a&^ &<Jy^<Zf£> money or less sense than is good for him. With our large capacity, and your u«ual orders ahead, re can how™., I|||,
;- / <;<; : The only reason we can. see for a man wearing j! assure you that we shall be able to fin them promptly. P^T
J^[ i v, any shoe but a Regal is that he really does not \ Yours very truly, ....".. {f&L
V«» ■ ■■■:-.-_ ... i know, or does not believe the Regal story. The j }|fIF
jX Proof of Hie - Popularity and Quality of the -Reial Patent. $ story, of the , best shoe money-can produce, sold ;
/gS JOKAuicMssau direct from tannery to consumer for $3.50, is per- jj ,->^-^ "^^ r^~~^k^-^' W&
r*® wi«su Vi s E «L . . - : cHARi£SH.cDKv«r; !;;| haps a hard story to believe, but it is true, and any .<! - • '^) -^-*-^o^. J^^
3&k II FV^^FItR Rl?A^ X» -iT^ ';!' one °^ the hundreds of thousands of Regal wearers ■;! ===============^^ ■ ■ /BL^i
4j» fei^lSlMWl^«%iv » will vouch for it You can tell for yourself about ;! ' aX
3 '"liuMHSfflßr ?Sil^iiiiiiiiS@lii^iiSiii GILT-EDGE MACHINE TWIST USED EXCLUSIVELY. W.
$?%& long distancemfpHONt IMl^^JLflislm <? iou must be sometning or a judge ot learner ana ;• £§&£*
V^Sf *—. """"^-^L-: ■"" ' > ■■■ j!j! workmanship—we ; couldn't fool you much if we lj BA Armstrong.«.«»t«* 'cstaiusheb lesr^. ,_
J» 157^oul^tre t , chsf ' ■ | *'So when we say Regal Shoes at $3.50 are as | "^T^^fcfflfeSlife. /»i *^SSI fe
(^ yoodZdn/ t 4fcu.ta*. t, 190 X.. j; : grqod in all ways as any shoe sold anywhere at any !|| <4>a^^ mßM^^^^fM^mhOim^ M^ WT
JBjf •„ , fe P ricc > we've got to be mighty near the truth. It O f/ «««E> 3»!^^^PrM^^^^r^ 4litL.c yg.
j|pM Messrs. L . c. Bliss & co., „,; what we say is true you . are paying too much for \ f«ISC. ' wrACTme&r €ym^ W&
C/ whitman, Mass. !;< your shoes— you are throwing away from $2.50 to ;! - ' i^^ I IMw~~' >■%
oentiemen:- - Jj $3.50 on every pair you buy at $6.00 and $7.00, and 5 'q^.W? o+tssEX^T.. 4Jjg^ tib.
n& we are pleased to note that our ship.ents to you of ij lt Will P a Y Y OU tO "get wise" Onßegals. || ( G^^/^ugust 16, 1901
. Jk iJ . Messrs. L. C. Bliss &Co., ' /^ »
<A^ ' Heyl's Imported Patent Leather, which you use exclusively, are th» ,» ' < UTiitman. Mass. (s&$L
largest we ever made you since we have done business with you. . • jjj; QomO in to-day and See the fIGW fall shapes. IJJ! """S^'pl..^ to receive your continued and very largely increase* W^ '
,^»1 ■,-. Thanking you for your patronage of the past and < . ,: .. : . i 5 orders for our Gilt Edge Machine Twist Silk, which you are using ex- ffl**/
/^^a ji YOU Will be Sure to find in RegalS What you Want, 6 clusively in the R«gal shoes. You are one of the largest consumers fh m.
f**f§7 trusting we may merit a continuance of the same we remain, i! ',? oT this brand on our books. Apr'
M • • V.«r. ».rv M. 'i 1 All Sizes-All wMths-AIHho good Sbapos. " Thanking you for your continued patronage, we are W^^
ig^ S\ \ O The Brainerd & Armstrong Co* ah W.
r%£s &rr'es,iA. /&*?. y&-. j You are suro of complete shoe satisfaction. W Id.^.mS^^jcL, yiec ' SS^
rw*****M a**-w-w**"M~*''w** jw-w*M~w~M~M~^-M-M'vj"O-%JX>^^ — fS .^..^■». —~ —— ———— —— — ————— —— — — —'— —— — — ' l' ——— —— — ■-• «>_f>ffc_rLJXJ>-r^ri^xjnj/x.r^xv/vri^ ** /5>
ig 526 Nicollet Avenue.^W^Cor.Wabasha&6thsts p

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