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l.tirite Tract of Timber Landu Hoiißlit
(v Arkansas.
Little Rock, Ark., Oct. 29.—One of the
largest land sales ever recorded.in the
south has been made by Tom F. Doyle,
representing the Hayward Lumber com
pany of Davenport, lowa. The deal In
volved 81,000 acres of timber lands situ
ated in Grant, Hot Springs and Dallas
counties, this state, the purchasers being
the Gilkey Anson company of Merrill,
Wla., Stewart Alexander Timber company
of Warsaw, Wis., and the Merrill Lumber
company of Merrill, Wis. The price paid
is $1,125,000.
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His Tour In Not Retarded a Glitter-
Ing Socceit.
London, Oct. 29.—Most elaborate plans
have been made for the reception of the
Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York
at Portsmouth and London. It is not gen
erally felt that the tour of the duke
and duchess has been a success, as on the
whole comparatively little Interest has
been taken In It, the war and other
events having completely overshadowed
the royal Journey. The officials, however
are determined that It shall end in a
blaze of glory. There wiU be naval and
military demonstrations. Newspaper cor
respondents who were with the Duke and
Duchess of Cornwall and York, party
contribute some remarkable letters to
their papers here, highly appreciative of
Canada, but they do not like the glimpse
they got of the United States. Thus the
Morning Post correspondent writes:
Some of us crossed to Buffalo to see the
exposition, which was disappointing. Buf
laAo is a slovenly looking, if prosperous city,
in contrast with the handsome Canadian
rities we had recently visited.
Senaatlonal Deed of the Brother of
Venezuela* President.
Caracas, Oct. 29.—Carmello Castro, a
brother of the president of Venezuela, has
shot his mistress. The latter was in a
carriage with a rival. Castro followed the
carriage and in a dark street stopped
the vehicle, mounted the box and fired
until the revolver was empty. His rival
returned the fire, wounding Castro slight
ly. The woman was shot in the neck and
breast. She will probably die. The man
who accompanied the woman received a
bullet in one of his legs. Castro was ar
rested. To bis Jailor he threatened to
commit suicide. ,
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Sanguinary Conflict Takes Place in
Some Two lUoii.huJ Shots Are Ex
ilmu«ril and Several on Both
Sides Killed.
Columbia, La.. Oct. 29.—The town of
Columbia and Its vicinity was tbrown Into
great excitement yesterday, by several
messengers from the vicinity of Ball
Town, La., about twenty-five miles below
here, who brought the news that a .race
riot had been precipitated between the
whites and blacks of that section by the
shooting and burning of the negro Bill
Morris, who criminally asaulted and al
most murdered Mrs. John Ball a tew days
ago. Several runners brought the news
that numerous white men were killed and
that the neeroes were arming themselves
for the fray. This information created
the wildest excitement and a number of
men, headed by Deputy Sheriff Branton,
of this county, and Marshal T. T. Ford,
of Columbia, all fully armed, left for the
scene of the trouble. Telegrams were
sent to Governor Heard, of Louisiana by
citizens of Washington Parish who were
In Columbia informing him of the situa
tion and an attempt was also made by
Sheriff Ball of Marlon county to reach
Governor Longino of Mississippi. An
swers were received Instructing the sher
iffs to call out the nearest troops if needed.
It seems a negro named Crea Lott was
really at the bottom of the trouble. It
was reported to the officers of Waking
ton Parish that Lott, who lived near
Booth, La., was running a restaurant
without license at a camp meeting at Live
Oak church where a negro revival was in
progress. The constables of the district
gathered a Dosse and started to investi
gate. Lott was apprised of their approach
in advance and was ready for trouble when
It reached Live Oak church.
The posse was about one hundred yards
from the church house when ambushed
and the negroes opened fire from two or
three directions. The constable bade his
men pay no attention to the firing, as it
was from a distance. He said all he
warned to do was to capture Lott.
Wlien the restaurant where Lott had bis I
goods was reached the posse was fired on
by Lott and negroes who were concealed
behind the counters on the inside. The
tight became general between the posse
and the restaurant crowd and also between
whites and negroes all over the ground.
At this Juncture the posse deemed it
necessary to fire the Lott restaurant, in
order to dislodge his gang. Lett rushed
out when the torch was applied and dis
charged a double-barreled shotgun into
the crowd of whites. Twenty-two buck
shot took effect in the side of Joe Seals,
one of the posse, from the effects of which
he died. A negro who followed Lott shot
a man named Elliott, one of the posse,
in the stomach with a pistol. The negroes
then tried to escape, but others or the
posse had their guns leveled and com
pletely riddled their bodies with bullets.
Lott's head was almost shot from his
shoulders. He was a shapeless mass of
blood and brains before his body hit the
ground . During the fight a negro preacher
came out of the church armed with a mus
ket. He was shot and killed before he
could use it.
After the smoke of battle had cleared
away, there were five negroes dead, in
cluding three women, two burned beyond
recognition who perished in Lott's restau
rant, and one child who was with its
mother in the restaurant and perished
with her. The fences, trees, church house
and camps were thoroughly riddled with
bullets. Fully two thousand shots must
have been fired. It is rumored that since
the fight one negro has been found dead
in the swamps and several wounded have
applied for assistance at neighboring
houses. The negroes took to the woods
like scared rabbits after and during the
shooting and no one can be found in the
The sheriff of Washington Parish and
posse, assisted by the sheriff and posse
of Marlon county, were on the ground
early this morning and assisted in bury
ing the dead and taking care of the
wounded. According to the latest from
Ball Town all Is quiet, but further trouble
is not at all unlikely.
Talk o* a Netv Steel Tr«*t With
f2,000,000,000 Capital.
• Youngstown, Ohio, Oct. 29. — With
the opening of the new year will
be organised one of the greatest steel
corporations in the world. Capitalists in
this city and throughout the Mahoning
valley who are experienced in the steel
business will be largely interested as
stockholders in the new corporation.
The men who were largely responsible
for the great success of th« underlying
steel companies constituting the United
States Steel corporation, and who disposed
of their holdings, will be prominently
identified with the new company.
Independent steel corporations which
have refused large otters to turn their
business and plants over to the United
States Steel corporation will be large
stockholders in the new organisation.
H. C. Frick of Pittsburg will, it is said,
be president of the new corporation and
the capital stock will be $2,000,000,000.
AmerU-Hu and Briton Are Maltreated
In China.
Washington, Oct. 29.— Incoming mail
from the east has brought to the navy
department a number of Chinese news
papers which contain the news of what
is termed an "outrage" upon an American
citizen and also a British citizen, em
ployed by the British firm of Bush Bros.,
! at Niuchwang.
It is stated that these two men, whose
• names are not given, were arrested ille
gally and threatened with loaded rifles
I and bayonets by a party of Cossacks out
side the Russian lines at Niuchwang, on
Aug. 12 lest, and that both the British
and the Amerlca-n consuls at Niuchwang
have been making vigorous representa
tions on the subject.
Special to The Journal.
Wabasha, Minn., Oct. 29.—District court,
Judge Snow ot Winona presiding, opens here
Nor. 13. The criminal calendar will be a
long one.—Michael Carey, one of the oldest
citizens of the county, was struck by a pas
senger train and received Injuries from whloh
he died In St. Elizabeth's hospital last eve
ning.—Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Hlrschy and Mr.
and Mrs. A. O. Carrier entertained a large
company of frienda at a dancing party in the
opera house. The hall was beautifully dec
orated and refreshments were served upon
the stage. Mrs. Prank Carrier of Farlbault
and Mr. and Mrs. Benson of L*ke City helped
to receive the guests.
* nllfornla— via The •Sunshine Route.'
If you contemplate a trip to California
this fall or winter consult the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry.
Beginning Tuesday, Oct. 15th, and evary
Tuesday thereafter during the season, a
high-class Pullman tourist sleeping car
will leave St. Paul and Minneapolis, run
ning through to L<os Angeles without
change—arriving l^os Angeles Saturday
morning, tour days.
The line is via the celebrated C, M. 4b
Bt. P. "Hedrick Route" to Kansas City,
thence over the A., T. * S. F. Ry., mak
ing the most popular and interesting
route to toe South Pacific Coast.
This service includes the "personally
conducted" feature west ot Missouri river
a special conductor acompanies each
car, whose duty it is to carefully look
after the wants of each individual pas-
Write for the cheapest rates and for
copy of the "Sunshine" folder, containing
full particulars of this famous route.
—J T Conley, Asst. Gen. Past. Agent.
5., it. & St. P. Ry., St. Paul.
There's a Strong General Sentiment,
■ He Smym, for Ilia Revision
Dubuque, lowa, Oct. 29. —Congressman
J. W. Babcock of Wisconsin was here yes
terday to visit the grave of his old friend,
the late George B. Burch, and laid upou
It a Moral tribute.-
Speaking of the tariff revision bill which
he proposes to Introduce he said:
"We mean to abolish the tariff that is
sheltering the steel monopoly."
Asked if he meant to abolish it alto
gether, he said:
"Yes, then the United States Steel com
pany will have to lower prices in order
to meet foreign competition."
"But won't that result harmfully to the
smaller concerns?"
"No; you see the United States Steel
company has a lot of fictitious capital and
in order to pay its guaranteed dividends
on this it must get a large profit on the
"The smaller companies have no such
stock and are not confronted with diffi
culties of this kind."
"Do you think your bill will go through
all right? Are you receiving much en
"I am constantly receiving letters from
concerns throughout the country that use
the company's product upholding the new
bill, and asking that I introduce it. Gen
eral sentiment is in favor of it."
Manager of the Leaveaworth Cream
ery and Three Karmen
Are Fined.
Special to The Journal.
New Ulm, Minn., Oct. 29.—Inspection of
the creameries of the county is still car
ried on with interesting results. At the
Leavenworth creamery the inspector was
on hand when the first can of milk was
delivered and found in the bottom of one
an infant's shoe. Three farmers were ar
rested and fined, and upon making an in
spection of the creamery the manager
was fined $30.
The inspector also made trouble for
the Stark creamery. These arrests are
putting the other creameries and the
farmers on their guard.
The supreme court has reversed the
decision of Judge Webber in the case of
Herman Lieber vs. the Chicago & North-
Western Railway company, involving the
condemnation of certain land within the
city limits.
Novel Question Arises at Port Town-
Send ( iiNtom Houte.
Port Townsend, Wash., Oct. 29.—A new
and novel question has arisen at the cus
tom-house Over the admission of two
minor sons of a Chinese merchant, and it
will probably be referred to the treasury
department. Eng Go, a Chinese mer
chant of Walla Walla, Wash., with his
two minor sons, sailed from the Orient
on the steamship Olympia, which arrived
here Sunday. Two days before the vessel
arrived Eng Go died and the
two sons male application for ad
mission as minor sons of a mer
chant. The law Bays that minor
children of resident Chinese merchants
can be admitted under the exempt class,
but as the father of these two children
died while returning, Collector Heustis is
at a loss as to the status of the deceased
Liquor From Other State* May Be
Sold In lowu.
Clarinda, lowa, Oct. 29.—Judge Wheel
er, in the district court to-day, declared
unconstitutional the law passed by the
twenty-eighth general assembly prohib
iting the sale of liquor shipped into lowa
from other states in original packages.
Under this law liquor agents from Oma
ha who covered southwestern lowa, were
arrested and fined in several cases. The
Law and Order league of lowa has pushed
the prosecution of the alleged offenders.
The agents combined to secure a ruling
on the constitutionality of the law, set-
ting up as grounds of unconstitutionality
that it interfered with interstate com
merce. The case probably will be ap
Money Lender* Charge Duke of Mnn-
cheater That Amount.
London, Oct. 29. —During the course
of the hearing of the claims against
the Duke of Manchester, it transpired
that in order to secure £200 cash the
duke was obliged to take a Bible which
the money lenders valued at £75.
For the cash and Bible the duke gave
a promissory note for £450. As the duke
said he did sot immediately require the
Bible, it was left keihind and was never
Those who ere trying to settle up the
Duke of Manchester's affairs objected
paying for it, and the judge in the bank
ruptcy case reduced the bill by £40.
International Live Stock Exposition
(bicßgo, Deo. 3-0, 1901.
For this event, which includes also the
annual convention of the National Live
stock association, the Chicago Great
Western railway will, on Dec. 2-4, sell ex
cursion tickets to Chicago, good to re
turn December Bth, at one fare plus $2 for
the round trip. For further Information
apply to A. J. Aicher, City Ticket Agent,
corner Nicollet avenue and Fifth tt, Min
Music at Cut Price*
At Metropolitan Music Co., 41-43 6th st S.
mm W ou onl^ tanta^ze t^ie
ǤpM My appetite when you serve
J|X X Mr . your soup or oysters without iIW
An oyster cracker with a taste to it. t«lr*fcn^'*2^l ¥m '- ' i
Bf VL Small, crisp and flaky, with just a pßir>j«3| IfflS
H savor of salt. " . ■ J W
MMfe 5 ewU a package,
1 f^^
Mrs. H. S. Wagstaff, President Kansas
City, Mo., Blue Ribbon Club, Tells How
She was Cured of Severe Bearing-Down
Pains, Backache, etc., by Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound.
" Dear Mrs. Pinkham : — After suffering for months with a
complication of female troubles, causing severe bearing-down pains
and backache, feeling constantly fatigued and unable to stand up
without great weariness, great relief came to me when a friend
advised me to use Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound,
which I did. It was worth more to me than all other medicines I ever
tried, which only seemed to poison my system, while your Compound
healed me. I took your pills in connection, and they seemed to help
cast the poison and waste matter .out of the system. I used the
Compound for six weeks and was then completely cured, and while
this was eighteen months ago I have had no relapse, but have en
joyed the best of health ever since. I wish that every poor dragged
down, suffering woman might know that it would bring them health
to consult you and use Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound,
and I always do what I can to tell them of it." — Mrs. H. S. Wag
staff,' 1880 MbGee St., Kansas City, Mo.
Mrs. Pinkham, whose address is Lynn, Mass., will answer
cheerfully and without cost all letters sent to her-by sick women..
Dover, Del—The Great Northern Coal
company, of Fargo, N. D.. capital $100,000,
filed articles of incorporation here.
Worcester, Mass.—Senator Hoar refused to
deliver a eulogy on President McKlnley be
cause he did not agree with his views on the
Philippine question.
Washington—Rt. Rev. James Conaty, rector
of the Catholic university, has received the
brief from Rome conferring upon him the
honorary appointment of titular bishop of
Washington—Mrs. Julia Dent Grant, widow
of U. S. Grant, is 111. She has been con
fined to her house since her return from
Canada, about ten days ago. At present her
illness Is not regarded as critical.
Leavenworth, Kan.—By an explosion of a
Colt's automatic firing gun, at Fort Leaven
worth, Captain Charles T. Menoher and five
men of the Twenty-eighth battery of field ar
tillery were wounded, three severely.
Washington—Secretary Root has determined
upon 36,000 men as the number that will com
prise the force which will maintain American
sovereignty over the Philippines. This was
done despite the fact that General Chaffee
had suggested a larger number.
Washington—Considerable Interest is man
ifested by letter carriers in the western and
northwestern state* In the bill to be offered
in congress at its coming session providing for
the retirement of carriers on a pension when
they have served a certain period or become
incapacitated for further duty.
New York—Wild rumors are circulated that
the object of the visit to this country of
Charles Dechun and Jules Qernaert, repre
sentatives of the Houx and Russian plate
glass concerns, of Belgium, Is to try to bring
about a $2,000,000,000 consolidation of their
business with the glass business or this coun
Washington—The Minnesota school land
case did not come up for argument in the
supreme court yesterday. H. W. Chllds,
principal counsel for the state, and F. B.
Kellogg, who will also make an argument,
were present and secured consideration or
the Minnesota case for Wednesday and Thurs
BUFFALO—Burglars entered the store of
Louis Gilbert and took over $2W worth of
KASSON—D. P. Appleton dropped dead
while waiting on a customer. Heart failure
was the cause.
DELANO—For the first time in twenty
years, by action of the village council, the
saloons in Delano were closed on Sunday and
curtains drawn.
WlNONA—Morrlll Burnhem, who says that
his home is in Wisconsin, was arrested,
charged with the robbery of J. D. Budd in the
Windsor House of $20.
NORTHFlELD—Preparations are being
made at St. Olaf college for the observance
of "foundation day," Nov. 1, in accordance
with the annual custom.
DULUTH—Congressman Morris and family
leave for Washington Thursday. He says
he does not believe the ship subsidy bill will
pass in its present form, but may be modi
FERGUS FALLS—The movement in real
estate in this county this fall is astonishing
the oldest inhabitants. The best feature of
the situation is that the purchasers are nearly
all well-to-do farmers who are coming here
to reside, and who are paying cash.
PRESCOTT—W. H. Marshall, an old resi
dent, who lived alone on a farm, committed
suicide by hanging himself in hi* barn.
ASHLAND—WhiIe being taken to Waupun
to serve a seven years' sentence for forgery,
James Gee of Washburn escaped from Sheriff
Lien of Bayfleld county, near Marengo, and
fled to the woods.
WEST SUPERIOR—The Vermont Savings
bank, which recently made a demand for tie
and all affections of the skin and
restore to the complexion a healthy, roseate
glow, at your home. Book and full in
formation free. Call or write John H.
Woodbury D. 1., 163 Slate St.. Chicago.
payment of $9,000 worth of special improve
ment bonds, has as yei made no furthe*
move, , but it is expected an action will l>4
begun by the bondholders.
MADlSON—Prairie Queen postoffice, twelve
miles northeast, was robbed of f8 in money
and a large quantity.of postage stamps. Th«
office being in Postmaster Kittleson's &tor«»
over $100 worth of caps, mittens and over
coats were also stolen. Most of the gooda
were found hidden near the town, and .lack
Doe has been arrested.
Caracas, Venezuela—President Castro, who
has been provisional president for one year,
has been elected president.
Berlin—The German press is discussing in
lively - fashion the following utterance at
tributed to Emperor William: "If no com«
mercial treaties are negotiated, I shall smash,
everything to pieces." .
mm' ™ ll\if/i^n ' "~\*s
Makes taJßm
"I suffered from female weakness for fiv»
months," writes Miss Belle Hedrick, of
Nye, Putnam Co., W. Va. "I was treated
by a good physician but he did me no good.
I wrote to Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo,
N. V., for advice, which I received, tellinr
me to take his 'FAVORITE PRESCRIP
TION.' When I had used the medicine a
month my health was muoh improved. It
has continued to improve until now I can
work at almost all kinds of house-work. 1
had scarcely any appetite, but it is all
right now. Have gained several pounds in
weight. I would advise all who suffer from
chronic diseases to write to Dr. Pierce."
<^k It Makes
II Worn en

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