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Dress Goods the ¥>^ I — "J^ W*% • CIT Corset Dept.
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city at popular prices. H^k, ■ B^^^ B ljl^ SeC°nd Roor ~Takc El#v*tor
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finest double-faced English Coat- ~ ~ T~
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Jji.lo and ol.^o qualities: o£^ f,.^»w, *t*t:i\~ n i,. n .Zr _>. . *^. i '
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wo^^SsSfiaiityim. Comforts and Blankets H .— — —
ported Kid Gloves, values up to Good heavy Comforts, cambric nailClKerCllieiS £T^ i-a. _-_ •^ •-•
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lot for Thursday, a pair... lar 81.25 kind; OOw each i «-*V
Mocha and Kid Mit- F*/\ Thursday _. * " "f I.*""" r T " - Snecial fnr Thni«cHa-»r
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All wool golf and fleece /-% p» Blankets on the /1»/-% V/rw and plain, narrow hem- sy - Slippers, large assortment _^/-_
Late flexican Hinister at Washington
says Rubber Plantations are Equal
to Rich Gold Mines.
"Anyone in a situation to enable him
to make a rubber plantation of greater |
or less extent, may undertake .it at once j
with the full conviction that it is the'
safest and most lucrative industry; neith- i
er cacao, tea, coffee, sugar, nor any other !
tropical product would give the same |
profits as rubber, and the returns from j
each of these enterprises are in reality
equal 10 those obtained from a rich gold
mine," says Senor don Matias Romero,
late Mexican minister at Washington, in
hU most'complete work on Mexican agri
culture. The Tabasco Plantation com
pany has 8,000 acres of land in the state
of Tabasco; part of the land is now under
cultivation and the company is now pay
ing dividends derived from cattle, cacao,
sugar cane, coffee and rubber. The bulk
of the laud will be planted in rubber. The }
Tabasco Plantation company offers every
one an opportunity to invest their money
in this company, where it will be safe and
the returns will be large. By investing a I
small amount each month or each year, i
you will obtain an interest which will
pay you in a few years an income suffi
cient to live upon. If you will post your
self carefully as to the true value of this
proposition you will surely realize that
your money will earn large dividends.
This in not a speculation. The men back
of, the Tabasco Plantation company are
not speculators. They want every con
servative man and woman fully to In
vestigate Ibis proposition. Look them
up carefully and you will find them en
tirely responsible and men of high stand
ing. Call at their offices, 918 Lumber Ex
change building, or write them for full
particulars. Some of the men interested
in the Tabasco Plantation company are:
Mr. S. H. Powman of the S. H. Bowman
Lumber Co.; Mr. George P, Lyman, as
sistant general passenger agent, C, B. &
Q. R. R.; Mr. J. C. Fifield of Fifield,
Fletcher & Fifield; Mr. F. E. Holton,
cashier Metropolitan bank; Mr. W. S.
Jones of the Commercial Bulletin; H. W.
Wiecking, wholesale tobacco dealer, and
W. F. Dieterichs.
jJlJaix Shear*, Ruon and Clipper*
•"VjwSJM ground. i
fj&J* R. H. HEQENER.
Diamond Crude Gusher
ARRANGING =====================IZ========Z^ OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS:
ta APi I Ail Following Telegram from Hamiil Bros., the pre.ident.
TO \P_i_ ftllL .... ii „ ... C- w- RANSOM, of Albert Lea, Minn.,
■ V **•■■■■■ WHO- drillers who have made a record, will explain president of the consolidated Fire and Marine
. . . ...■•'-..■■:■. * ; ■-«.r»»»«»m insurance company, of Albert Lea, director
As stated in Sunday papers. the delay: in the Albert Lea National Bank, etc.
Negotiations are now under way '■'■"- ■ ' '" \ pir.t vice President.
... , ...•«-• ~~ ~~"H FRANK V. LOCKE, of Slbley, lowa, rash-
Wltn a large Corporation in lor- „ m ****.* ier Sibley State Bank; president Bank of
ida, headed by hon. henry Beaumont, Texas, Nov. 19th. giffl'-BSTft Si n> pio w s a dent First Na"
CHUBB, chairman of the National Diamond Crude Oil CO,, I second vice President.
>_. x ... _ . - »«. - '■ .. «.. ! HON. M. R. EVERETT, of Waterville,
Republican Committee, and one Minneapolis, Minn. Minn., state senator and president of the
7T. llulluvul' w"i') iTiiiiii. Everett City Bank, of Waterville, Minn.
of the most prominent financiers Slight; break in machinery will cause secretary.
in the state, to handle part of our !.»-, A .. . • a. w. Harris, or sibiey. lowa, secretary
. . _.. . , delay. fcxDect to comniete CUSher. Friday and treaur of the a. W. Hams Grain
OUtpUt. This Corporation has ap- "^*«*J- UA6WIr w wui^icic 6 U3licl I nuttJ company, of Sibley, and president of the
. nt . CafurHflv A. W. Harris Gas Light company, of Sibley,
plied for franchises to supply oil or oaiuraay | i owa . .
to several Atlantic coast cities in # Ham •11 Bros. A H GALE Treasurer. iowa. cashier
to several Atlantic coast cities in # Hamili Bros. A H GALE of Mason City lowa caanier
Florida and Georgia. %wkm\m\\\w^^'"'--~--^^^«^^^wmSMaiS^^ — ...jl— im^^»---J ? f the Clty National Bank of Mason city,
Land Already Purchased for Terminal Facilities. We Mean to Have Our Owb Tanks, Side Tracks, Loading Racks, Etc
fill OLi«i»ii«*i "During the first fifteen days in November, 1,168 cars of oil were shipped from Beaumont • breaking all previous records"—
faS9 uEISuEISSISr BEAUMONT ENTERPRISE. This number of cars would make a solid train eight miles long, representing $54,497.10 worth of oil.
w»»»|»|»a«B^ Stockholders who purchased stock In the companies now shipping oil are reaping the benefit.already. Stock in several of the Beau-
Qaaamilm m Ir mim mont companies has advanced to .ten times its original cost within the last few months. Those who are asking "What will be done
nflCDluS BrOKeSlla with a" the oil'" are answered. The market is away head of the supply—all that is lacking is cars and oil steamers, and they are
■www« ••*»». »i whwiii building.
Diamond Crude OH Stock Still Selling for 25 Cents (Par $1)
. Incorporated under the laws of the State of Texas, with a Capital of $1,000,000.00 divided into Shares of $1.00 each, full paid and non-assessable.
727 %='bW DIAMOND CRUDE oil co.^s?&«ar
Coroner's Jury at ( iish Lake Conies
to i Inn < ou.-l usion.
Special to The Journal.
Cass Lake. Minn., Nov. 20. —The cor
oner's jury in the Ira Reynolds case re
Advertisers Prove Circulation.
Classified advertising in The Minneapolis Journal is
Last week The Journal ran 248 more paid want ads In six days than any of
its contemporaries did in seven. More advertisers use The Journal Want
Page because they riud that it
One cent a word. Nothing less than twenty cents, cash with order.
If you can't bring your ad in, telephone No. 9, either line.
i£St MM Who think they are afflicted with ,^«. .
>Ba^. —M^. NERVOUS DKBIi.n V, or Falling
H^HwHtlbS mB 3ft iW^^B Vital Strength, commonly called / 'j' ,\.
iJPriffiyjimL JErS I "LOST MAN-HOOD, ' Exhausting J A^
■jl B^^^Baß^M Drains, Pimples, Lame Back, In- *33?^&. *vy
™r'" r ■"■■■■■■ flammatlon of the Bladder and Kid- r*t 7 "SP^ *j5
neys, Highly Colored Urine, Inipotency, Despondency. Falling Memory, y«\ i/
Lous of Ambition, Mental Worry, results of excess and overwork; Piles, JE&Si Cr.*&
Fistula and Hydrocele. or signs of physical, mental or other weakness, jtfc*l^ , 7 '£&
which absolutely unlit them for Study, Business, Pleasure or Marriagre;who fSa\fc«*^>^i^r
are afflicted with Weak Back. Painful. Difficult. Too Frequent, Blood vor sgkM&'jKm
§jjs£?g|B Milky Urine, Irritation of the Bladder, with Functional Din- *BgUfflj&!&W&&l
fsra fi" 51 eases 01 the Heart, Lungs. Liver. Stomach aud Kidneys, are JH tffpSß
"81W" Invited to call at the HINZ MEDICAL INSTITUTE, at once. WriK&Wr
TD CftT CSS There may not be much the matter with them. Dr, vr** m*3i^'
IWE A I Cii fariisworth will examine you and render an honest Doctor Farnsworth
iiiuieiSgul opinion, which may save you a great deal of worry "octor Jarnswo»n
fi §tB flIESQEffti and your money for unnecessary medicines besides. Hunt me A
AfIKJ ujlol^Bfi \ns treated by a safe method, vo Cure, So **ay. Blood M
■ntjmav ww^'uv Poison, Contracted or Hereditary, in all its stages. »kl» I
Diseases. Rheumatism, Sore* Kweiii-;^;, Discharges, Gonorrhoea, «leet. I
Stricture, Enlarged Prostate aud ydrocele. Honest l>ealinjrs. Successful 8
and Conscientious Service, Reasonable Charges. Incurable cases not promised to our«. All I
. Modern Apparatus and Appliances Used. Long and Permanently £»tab- 1
llshed. fc-verytiiiog strictly Confidential; no names exposed; no testi- I
menials published. Call or Write. Wl
HINZ MEDICAL INSTITUTE 47 1R n Y. aa' D ho.ftr 6- 1
OFFICE HOURS-9 to 12, lto 5 and 7to 8:30 p. m. Sundays and Holidays 16 to 12:80. m
turned a verdict late last night that 'he
came to his death by two bullet wounds
from a firearm in the hands of someone
unknown. Several witnesses were ex
amined but nothing new was learned.
There is no clue as to who did the shoot
ing. Reynolds was buried last evening.
It is not known whether the matter will
be further investigated.
Keystone Company Losei a Boat an
Stock Valued at Fully
Ashland, Wis., Nov. 20.—The east tram
way of the Keystone Lumber company
caught fire at 7 o'clock last night from a
burning tug.
The steel tug Keystone, by far the fin
est tug at the head of the lakes, was
burned and the loss to the tramway and
lumber, together with that of the tug, will
probably amount to*. fT5,000.
One million feet of lath and 3,500,000
feet of lumber were destroyed, including
500 feet of tramway and a $2,000 tug.
Some of the lumber was choice stuff,
worth $35 per 1,000.
The fire lit up the bay for miles and
thousands of people lived the banks
watching it.
and every day, the
furnishes the quick and perfect way for
communication on all commercial and
social matters at very reasonable ra es.
Special Night Rates 6 pm. to 6 am.
Try It Today or Tonight.
Ml Till
jSpfi Northwestern
j||||||| Telephone
«ratiy§& Exchange
J Company
"Goodby Backache."
••I'm wearing O'Sullivan's rubber
heels to save my back, to save my
nerves, to save my money.
Butter Men Would Like a Small
Appropriation Annually.
Point* From Pre»identSondergaard'a
Address—City in Its Best
Special to The Journal.
St. Cloud, Minn., Nov. 20.—The eighth
. annual convention of the state associa
tion of butter and cheesemakers was
opened at the courthouse at 2 o'clock this
afternoon with an attendance of between
150 and 200. President H. T. Sonder
gaard of Litchfleld delivered his annual
address. After expressing his thanks
to the local people for the arrangements
for their comfort and financial assistance
in the way of offering prizes for the best
butter exhibits, he said:
Is this convention, to fall back on its friends
every year before our annual stato conven
tion? Shall we keep on passing the hat
around and depend entirely on what we re
ceive, or shall we practically drop the pre
mium, fund and let the entrance fees cover
the expenses? I have been for some time in
favor of a self-supporting state butter and
cheesemakers' association. The state ought
to appropriate about $1,000 annually to our
It has been said that the changing of the
national association's meeting from February
to October will kill off many of the smaller
conventions. If this move should have any
effect on our association, it ought not to have
so .much to say to those not directly interested
In buttermaking. We are too busy studying
progressive dairying and buttermaking at
home. How could we put our heads together
and plan for the •welfare of the Minnesota
dairy product when we had only one conven
tion, and that might be over 300 miles from
our border? We do not deny that other states
have just as good creameries and just as good
machinery as Minnesota, but if there is to
be any other state or country better than
Minnesota in our line of endeavor, we should
seee that they have to work fcr it, and work
hard. The educational contest is a great help
to the buttermakers of the state and the orig
inators of it deserve much credit for It.
President Sondergaard complimented the
association's organ, the Dairy Record, in
Senator R. R. Brower extended the wel
come to the convention on behalf of the
At the session that followed there were
reports from Secretary Bennett, the treas
urer, and other officers. F. M. Whitman
of Avon read an interesting paper on
"Tempering, Separating and Care of
Separators," while "Churning and Wash
ing Butter" was the subject of a discus
sion led by M. P. Mortenson of Stock
Governor 'Van Sant will address the
convention at a meeting at the Davidson
opera-house to-night, and W. P. P. Mc-
Connell, state dairy and food commis
sioner; George P. Grout of Luverne and
W. I. Noyes of Moland are on the pro
gram. An orchestra end several local
singers will vary the exercises. The city
is handsomely decorated, and local com
mittees are looking after the comfort and
pleasure of delegates.
Two Young Men and a Yonng Lady—
Nothing Could Be Done to
Save Them,
Duluth, Mitin., Nov. 20.—Belle Woods,
aged 25, Charles P. Vallencey, aged 2G.
and Stanley McLeod, aged 24, last night
skated into an airhole in St. Louis bay
and were drowned.
The three were friends and were skat
ing together and did not see the hole uu
til too late. Efforts were made to save
them by the few persons in the vicinity,
but they sank from sight in a few
Vallencey was a clerk in the Marshall,
Wells Hardware company, the young wom
an worked for the same concern, and Mc-
Leod was a clerk. It is said he and Miss
Woods were engaged to be married. The
bodies have not yet been recovered.
■Miss Wood's parents reside at Bayfleld,
Wis., and Vallancey's at Graceville, Minn.
Another Drowned \ear Jordan.
Special to The Journal.
Jordan, Minn., Nov. 'M. —Thomas Kubes, a
middle-aged farmer of Helena township, was
drowned in Cedar Lake, while in quest of
waterfowl. He and his son-in-law were hunt
ing ducks along the shores, and in going
after some of the birds the older man went
on treacherous ice and sank. He shouted for
help, but his son-in-law was unable to rescue
him single handed, and by the time he had
obtained assistance from a neighboring house
.Mr. Kubes had sunk for the last time. He
left a large family. The body was recov
Why the Contract Did Not Go to an
American Company.
New York, Nov. 20.—George G. Ward,
first vice president of the Commercial
Cable company, said when asked why the
contract for a Pacific cable had not been
awarded to an American company:
There is no company In the United States |
that could, we felt, perform the work. . The |
I Silvertowu company has laid most of the deep |
ocean cables throughout the world. The com- I
pany has assured us that it -will complete the |
cable and have it here In seven months. Just I
\as soon as this section, extending to the
' Sandwich islands, is complete, we shall com
mence work on another sfttion that will con
nect the Hawaiian islands with the Philip
pines. We expect to have the work com- I
pleted in two or three years. The estimated !
cost is about $15,000,000. It is expected that
the new cable will allow of the transmission
of messages in nearly four hours less time
than required at present.
Commisoiouer Jones Answers Chief
Fire Warden Andrews.
Washington, Nov. 20.—Indian Commis- ,
sioner Jones has prepared a reply to the j
recent letter of Fire Warden Andrews of!
Minnesota, concerning the preservation of i
the Indian forests in the state. No ref-1
erence is made to the proposition to es- i
tabllsh a national park on the Minnesota!
lands. Approval is expressed of that por- !
tion of General Andrews letter concern-)
ing the necessity for an adequate patrol |
to prevent forest fires, and to the recom- j
mendation that the cutting of timber be i
done on the progressive end scientific i
plans forwarded in Germany and other i
foreign countries. Such a policy is fa-:
vored by the interior department officials j
and will be adopted in future operation* [
in Minnesota under the legislation which j
congress is expected to enact at the com- j
ing session.
Cnllfornla—t ia The 'Soitaltine Route. 1
If you contemplate a trip to California
this fall or winter consult the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry.
Beginning Tuesday, Oct. 16th, and every j
Tuesday thereafter during the season, a '
high-class Pullman tourist sleeping car
will leave St. Paul and Minneapolis, run
ning through to Los Angeles without
change—arriving Los Angeles Saturday
morning, four days.
The line is via the celebrated C, M. A
Bt. P. "Hedrick Route" to Kansas City,
thence over the A., T. & S. P. Ry., mak
ing the most popular and interesting
route to the South Pacific Coast.
This service includes the "personally
conducted" feature west of Missouri river
—a special conductor acompanies each
car, whose duty it is to carefully look
after the wants of eaoh individual pas
Write for the cheapest rates and for
copy of the "Sunshine" folder, containing
full particulars of this famous route.
—J. T. Conley, Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent.
C. M. ft St. P. Ry.. St. PauL
_, _ . . .7-— —
For Catarrh," Says Dr. George C.
Havener, of Washington, D. C.
lUlTinnnl f iftJpvN£-*' ' George .C. Havener, M. D., of Anacostia,
ill I lllwlll I^l jf-'^'*'' Th* Peruna Medicine Co. Columbus,O.:
11111 US 111 Gentlemen—"la my practice I have
if ll^H 0 had 9ccasion to frequently prescribe
ifllfeE M^ -j vHT^ y° ur viable medicine, and have found
'! 111 liS <* i \ "^ *ts use beneficial, especially in cases of
<:HiV' ' vO' C*tarrh'"-GEORGE c HAVENER.
II l/rtPrff M c.v • Many doctors and nurses prescribe Peruna
HJ /// i''iv^ / p. in all catarrhal derangements. From the pri
* #er - '" J-ISIHv 7 ac Prescription of the famous catarrh spec
*" <!*=^s%»r-w.. ialist, Dr. S. B. Hartmau, Peruna has become
! , ___ 1 *" of world,-wide fame. As a specific for all dis
\ *C^_j c7°*^> eases of the mucous membranes it cures many
diseases not commonly recognized as catarrh.
Thousands of Chronic Catarrh Pa
tients Under Free Treatment.
Wherever Dr. Hartman is known the
name of Peruna has become a household
word. It is safe to say that, no medicine
intexistence is used by so many families
as Peruna. This is especially true of
this time of the year when the people
are liable to catarrhal affections, coughs,
colds, la grippe, etc.
Peruua has cured more c&ses of chronic
catarrh than all other medicines com
bined. ' The great majority of those who
use it 'buy the remedy themselves, use it
according to directions, not even report
ing their case to Dr. Hartman until after
they are entirely cured.
But now that a limited number of
cases can secure the personal attention
of Dr. Hartman free of charge, it is not
to be wondered at that many prefer to
do so. Peruna never fails to cure catarrh
when properly used.
iMr. George A. Gauvin, 18 Spring Gar-
System to Be In Operation In Three
Years—Whole Metropolitan
Area. Covered.
London, Nov. 20.—Charles T. Yerkes,
who is sailing for New York for an Amer
ican visit of six weeks, makes ihe fol
lowing statement in regard to his electric
traction plans for London. His plan is
to form a combination of all the intramu
ral lines beneath London in order to give
good facilities for reaching different parts
of the metropolis. His acquisition of a
controlling interest in the District under
ground railway was but the beginning of
his work. These different roads he will
connect with the District railway and
with all the large railroad stations be
sides extending some of them into the
country, thus constituting a complete net
work of electrical traction lines cover
ing the whole metropolitan area. He will
place before parliament this session sev
eral bills enabling his syndicate to build
suburban trolley lines connecting with
all these roads and, so eventually, the
people will be brought from the suburbs
Into the heart of the city.
Yerkes' Idea is to have a uniform fare
and only one class of carriages for the
entire system, the same as on the Cen
tral London —that is four cents for a dis
tance of five miles. He favors a liberal
discount for passengers traveling a con
siderable distance. Yerkes' expects that
his system will be in operation within
three years.
Special to The Journal.
La Crosse, Wis., Nov. 20.—A state confer
ence of high school teachers will be held In
this city Friday and Saturday, under the au
spices of L. D. Harvey, state superintendent
i of schools.
T 0 THE MAN whose manhood is impaired by mental strain, business
■. cares, anxiety, sorrow, loss of wife or family—to the man whose man
hood ie impaired by vices, dissipations, indiscretions or excesses;— to the
man whose vitality is assailed as a result of worry and hard work;—to the
man of means, with brilliant prospects, throwing away his birthright and
impairing his health by corrupt practices, dissipations and excesses;—to
the poor man who never had Christian advice; to the man whose blood is
tainted with disease of any kind— all unfortunate men— heart goes
out in sympathy.
THIMkT I I BRAIN AND NERVES A °^tv • ».•»■«»,
THINK, TELLS the SAD STORY Anxiety, Sorrow,
REFORM. —MEN, God gave you a brain Dissipations,
BE A MAN to. develop thoughts. Why Excesses.
ASK FOR HELP. *&*, y WhHJ yofg" Uof.rtumrte.
SEE OLD dating the laws of nature, Discouraged
DR. COLE* keeping bad company, fre- v Men*
- quenting vile resorts, prac- |
ticing vicious habits, when you know these things injure your health and
shorten your lives? You ought to have common sense, you ought to know
better. Look at the signboards erected by pollution. Bead, you who have
abused the precious life God gave you— the epitaph of your impending
doom— it is clearly stamped upon your withering brain and atrophied body.
VICTIMS of abuses and excesses reclaim your manhood. Sufferers from folly, overwork.
' dissipation regain your vigor. Think of the mental anguish, gloomy forebodings,
shame and sorrow la store for you If you do not heed my t inely warning. Do not juggle with
nature. Do not put your soul to shame. Do not cripple the Intelligence by Injuring the brain.
THE BRAIN Is the organ of the mind, the mainspring of life which enlightens the uni
verse; Impair It and your changes for success In this world and the world to come are
greatly diminished. Derange It and life Is but a shadowy existence. Will you quit? Will
you abandon evil habits and shun proflgate associates? Will you exert will power to be a
man? To repair the Injury already done seek the advice and counsel of this Kind, old,
fatherly physician who offers you his helping hand. He will aid you to rise above your
wrong doing, make a man of you, and life will then be on« recurring day of joy. He offers
you honest, faithful service. New advanced treatment, expert skill. You are Invited to call
or write. Our sacred confidence is pledged. Free consultation. Plain envelopes. No C. O. D.
24 Washington Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minn.
%3ff- Office Hours— a. m. to sp. m. and 7to 6:80 p. m. Sunday a. m. to 12|M p. m-
den, Halifax, N. S., is vice president of
the Halifax Camera club, lieutenant of
Ramblers' Cycle club, of Halifax. He
"I feel it a duty as well as a pleasure
to speak in high praise of Peruna,
especially valuable in cases of catarrh,
so frequent during the winter seson in
this country. I have used it myself wi:n
flue results; also in my family and
found that it has saved me many times
its cost in doctor bills.
4 'Peruna is not only a cure for cold,
but a splendid prevtntatfve. I know
of no medicime, patent or otherwise,
which is so powerful to remove disease
from the system." — Qeo. A. Qauvin.
If you do not receive prompt and satis
factory results from the use of Peruna,
write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a
full statement of your case, and he will
be pleased to give you his valuable ad
vice gratis:
Address Dr. Hartman, President of
The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus, O.
Address Dr. Hartman, President of
The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus, O.
And Wind
Can do no harm to face or
hands protected bj using
'£*k WoodburyY
%Jr Facial Soap
and Woodbury's Facial Cream.
Use the cream before, and the
soap after, exposure to prevent
freckles, sunburn and tan and ,
secure a beautiful complexion.
Woedbury's Facial Cream
eons chapped facts »nd hands.
Sold by dealers everywhere, 25 cts.
each. Booklet free, or with sample
cake of soap and tube of cream
mailed for 5c stamps or cola.
Mrew Jer«ess i C»., Sole Aits., Brit. 33 Otdiaati.*
Clinton Cathollea to Build.
Special to The Journal.
Clinton, lowa, Nov. 20.—St. Patrick's par
ish, of this city, has accepted plans for a
new church to be erected at a cost vi $^,OuU,
with a seating capacity of 800. Father J. 5.
Murray has been holding services in a wood
en structure for years. He is an earnest
worker and has organized one of the strong
est societies in the diocese.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the /jj? yls%^-t^-""
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