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lowa-Cleveland Marriage to Com
bine Them.
Widow Will Establish lu»tituH..i««
for to lUtform Sinners and
Care CuajumptlveH.
Special to The Journal.
Cleveland, Ohio, Nov. 20. — The an
nouncement was made by a dispatch from
Minneapolis last night that Mrs. Clara
Alice Bissell,tn© wealthy Cleveland widow
whose interest in the murderer, Nicholas
Heeney, attracted bo much attention some
months ago. would be married Thanks
giving day to Dr. D. L. Kincaid, dean of
the Ottumwa (Iowa) college and infirmary
of osteopathy, of which his son is presi
dent. Mrs. Blssell was seen at her apart
ments In the Belgrade, and said that the
announcement was correct and that the
wedding would occur at her home. She
said that Dr. Klncaid would arrive in
Cleveland the Monday before the wed
ding and that they would remain in this
city for some time afterward, later going
to lowa.
During the trial of Nicholas Heeney for
beating a railroad gateman's brains out
with a coupling pin, for which Heeney is
serving a life sentence at Columbus, Mrs.
Blßsell*B attempt to defend him and her
intense interest, said to have resulted
in : Heeney's conversion, attracted a ;
great deal of attention, as did also her
announced project of establishing an in
stitution for the reform of such young
men as Heeney. Mrs. Bissell said to a
reporter last night:
The St. Paul, and In fact, all the Minnesota
newspaper printed a «Teat deal about my
■work In the He«ney case, end Dr. Klncaid
•wrote to me, h« having been in St. Paul at
the time and becoming interested in my work.
In Shis tetters he eald that he admired my
■work and ask«d me ■what I thought of the
project of establishing an institution for the
cur© of poor people suffering from diseases.
I answered that I was going to establish an
Institution for the cure of prisoners suffering
from consumption, the disease that rages so
terribly in the Jails and prisons. Dr. Kincaid
came here to Cleveland to see me about six
months ago, and he grew to think a great
deal of me.
He became very much interested in my plan
to establish a sanatorium for the cure of
prisoners suffering from that deadly disease.
H» said that he would do anything for me.
We became engaged, and the wedding is to
occur Thanksgiving Day. Dr. Kincaid is one
of the most distinguished physicians in the
west and has a high standing as a doctor
wherever he is known. He ■was In Cleveland
for about a week end would have remained j
here longer, but I went to Columbus to en- |
deavor to get a prisoner pardoned, and he j
went took west. He has promised to start a |
sanatorium for me and that he would treat
ail the consumptive prisoners I could get.
He has been practicing medicine for twenty
two years and is about 65 years old. The
homes about which so much has been said
. will be established, probably the first one at
Columbus, and later there will be a chain of
them all over tie country. Dr. Klncaid says
Chat I have the idea, that he is going to be j
the great thing of tha century, and he wants .;
to help me with the work. The institutions j
•will be called "The Homes of the Army of I
the Prince of Peace." The benefits of the
Institutions will not be limited to prisoners,
but will be open to all poor people.
It Is said that as soon as a minor heir
la of a«e. Mrs. Bissell will inherit half
of an immense estate. She lives in a
handsome suite of apartments in the Bel
grade. Last evening the rooms were
littered with delicate finery such as might
form part of trousseau. The dispatches
from Minneapolis announcing the com
ing marriage spoke of Mrs. Bissell as a
millionairess. She is the widow of Dr.
A. G. Bissell, who has been dead five
years. The prospective bridegroom has
been a widower twenty years.
$50,000 FOB ST. LOUIS
Moat of Tbte Will Be Raised by Sub
scription—Clark Will Give
Special to The Journal.
Helena, Mont., Nov. 20.—The honorary
commission of the Louisiana purchase ex
position which was appointed by Gov
ernor Toole to devise a means for raising
funds for a Montana exhibit at the St.
Louis fair, will hold its first meeting this
■week. The commission was the result of
the failure of the last legislature to make
an appropriation for the fair. As the
next legislature does not meet until
1908, it became necessary to resort to
this method of raising funds.
The commission is composed of well
known citizens, who are expected to I
take an active interest in the enterprise.
It is likely that they will draft an ap
peal to the liberally disposed people of
Montana to subscribe towards the fund.
A large sum can be raised' In that manner
if citizens respond) as liberally as ex
Senator W. A. Clark has promised to
head the list with 110,000. If not enough
is raised by subscription, resort will be
had to selling state medals or souvenirs
to make up the remainder. The state will
spend about $50,000 on Its exhibit if pres
ent plans are followed.
For School Teacher* New Wall Map,
The Louisville & Nashville R. R. has
just issued a most complete Wall Map of
the United States, Mexico, and the West
Indies. This map is printed in colors,
mounted on linen, with rollers at top and
bottom, ready to hang on wall. Size is
86x36 inches. We will be pleased to send
a copy free to every teacher who will send
name and address to C. L. Stone, General
Passenger Agent, Louisville, Ky.
Low round-trip rates west during No
vember and December. Call at ticket of
fice. 119 Ed at S. ,
of People
have been cured by the Carls
bad Springs. The Carlsbad
Spnidel Salt is the world's
greatest remedy for all ail
ments of the liver, catarrhal
affections of the stomach,
bile, rheumatism, gout and
all forms of constipation.
Sprudel Salt
is obtained by evaporation
from the waters of the Springs
at Carlsbad, and contains the
same curative properties that
have made the Carlsbad
Springs famous for five
Every bottle bear* the •lirn»
CO., Sole Agent*, jfvw York. Be
ware of Imitation*.
--in now is liable to bring the need for them. j! *ccc~ccc=e=<*c=cccc=o^^ The kind of dress goods you're looking for is
• * \< j, the kind you'll find here—because we had your
12& c &tt,SffX^S3 dt£r' ij The Principle of a Good Business; .' Hg&ZZ™ •*hen we builded tbi3 dre9B
25 C 2S££ 'MJS'&W SSSi |i | : And Its Relation to Public Confidence. l*9'%Sl?&&s<sZ£ ESS?&SS£
he.Uandto^. n■ f rh-,H • , „ kk ,'< The fundamental principle of a good business is its ability to supply worthy merchandise at the ;i Z'L erable *" taUorm.de drew., etc Black only.
ton «,,.„.! .• • . _i _„.. , .!; efforts to tell the truth.as well as diligent & faithful energy in attracting customers & keeping them. ![ ent demand is very large. In black only
I8 C SSffl'bS b S,SSe sd°ci.?o^S r EaTeaT y d a^X^^^^T?^ "Vh" T^Si "i* *"*% "° S'°ne UDtUrn'd *° «" 59' «» I«* '« an «,.!.... assortment of Ilk
very elastic; double knees, heels and toes. |' closer to that ldea of merchandizing. There is a well defined cause that must govern every act— >°V and wool Plaids, for children's dresses; the
_„ .- i] we work in the ooen for your interest and ours. Your confidence means our success. (! regular 75 cent kind.
12& C half i™ e f^th Medoubl be lasoles ee andd rolled '') "T 13m? st 4 eycry line ° merchandise that product and science and genius has wrought_a full 1 .00 the yard for an exquisite quality of 56-inch
heels and toes. and spliced !' complement of stocks, largely augmented at times, as season's needs may demand. But always !' * Venetian Cloth in a handsome line of color
.' " * '! complete and worth looking at. Your best proof in the worth of the store is in letting us serve you ( ' in £3-Just the thing for fine tailored costumes.
■ 2!™™ L - shall prove its worth by serving you best * \ Bjih Street
SfiH.-S.HS | Women's $f.50 and $1 Gloves at 50c Pair. ISaSSSSS
SSiiSSsi! m Ready k Thursday Morning at 9 o'clock. j&£s==^JS
on Thursday at \\ fgfcW >v Gloves taken from our regular stock.' Gloves German lambskin, mocha and real French |: [wit?; Up£ bytA°io7m^
12 l-2c Yard. \ j4 Ji&/ t{J at are sllhtlv soiled or damaged—none of kid; two and three clasp and a few in but- i Thursday AdZ
Hardly a yard In the lot is worth less \\ TOM-W>l them hurt enough to Warrant the reduction ton Style. All Shades ' ,; a 10-4 Cotton Blankets, heavy soft
aodV5 8c 0-thegreatMportlonof ie2o° !i W«OT! we have made for Thursday. Some of them we've mended-but our jSaS*"!:^:.. 59 C
Enough to last the day out. !j % /***%& Women s Gloves, all of them, and a fit for telling you is the only Way you WOuld '' Figured cambric Comfortables—
cotton Bats, full 14 ounce, pure ;, *&»-^Z&Br every hand, no matter what the size* but the know if '■! made with plain lining; full double bed
snow white bleach; the regular i| C ; <L2^^ar K^+~l™, > T „ ". IZC ' UUL vie Kn°w ll- « size, zephyr tied and filled with good
15c kind. Thursday for..'.. 1 1 <| DeSt §loves are in the Smaller Sizes. Ready at 9 O'clock— for 50c I 1 clean white batting; a big bar- i 25
,_ J ,,^,.^.«^ 1..:.... __ ___^^^^^^^^^^ ' i sainforThursSi;r ly---- 1"
i^*i^»'^*i^~»'%«*i^^«^^-m-^-»<-w^.w^'v iv iv><-w'v-v*w*^'w*w iv:^w*m-u-\j'w><-o-»j^^ i casement.
Underpriced Linens for 'i Women's Outing Flannel Night Some Rich Fur Muffs
the Thanksgiving Table. GoiDg to do .tT^^^^^^! ' and Fine Neck Scarfs.
Long sermons are often tedious; so here's a mere text. Buy !| J UB as these prices indicate. Come as early in the day as you j! Thursday is a pretty good day for Furs here —because we go
good linens while you're about it; buy them here to make sure ![ can ' so as to ma sure of getting your share. <[ through our stock very carefully each Wednesday, pick out the
they're good. Two very special bargains: . \> . n" while here you can can spend some interesting moments !| 31°W sellers and get down to where you can reach them.
AQC yard for full 68 and 72 inch | .00 the yard for full 72-inch J lookin« over the array of low-priced silk skirts. J; This week in particular the choosing is exceptionally good.
v ~ Bleached Irish and Sootch * . Bleached Satin Finished S 4. QC for Women's Outing Flan" CQC for Outing Flannel Skirts < Mutts and "carts m Marten, bable Fox, Sable Possum, Krimmer
Damask (no napkins to match)— Double Damasks — extra good !• "^ ael Gowns, Mother Hub* &^ made with six-inch ruffle' Astrakhan, Nutria, American irftone Marten and Electric Seal,
our regular price has been $1 the quality that has always sold here •<[ bard style; square yoke, finished and edged with torchon lace- fancy Thursday "specials-"
yard. for $1.50 the yard. |i with turn-over collars. • stripes- and very pretty ' C ,, _« / * . ' c . %f „„' '
• « -- .. ',_ *■ «r i v™ 1- pretty. Scarfs, of American Stone Mar- Muffs of the same material, in
BieCOratlVe Linens. ) nOCror Women's Outing Flan- .25 for Skirts of Black Sateen, ten, with cluster of tails; -> 50 perfect match. <-> oc
1.50 the dozen for fine Hem- 7-28 dozen for fine Hem } and ch^s G°™re 'dSiWSE! L fln umbreli* style; made with very pretty style; each «*' for 2*°
* stitched German Linen * stitched Bleached Nap- « |Sd roll collar extra wide 7 and StS «l?l«n 5 three narrow ruffles Muffs of same material, per- Children's Sets-These come in a
Napkins, 15x15-worth 82.00. kins, full 17x17-worth $3 dozen . f on£r ° COllar ' extra wide and have strap cord beading; all lined feet in match, for \ Aft big assortment of kinds and styles,
Tart/inn ri^thc ' <~k* through with flannelette. only ] J-"^ including muff and collars; here's
carving VlJin-». „ 0.00 for fine black Coutil Skirts. Deep flounce with two narrow s rßPf<! n * in^i illi ,m a special for Thursday:
Full 18x27 inches in size, of pure linen damask, of pure linen 1 c(l ■*" ruffles pinked on edge and finished with four rows of strap , ,'. 01 /; ec[nc °eai, witn Sets of fine white lamb, including
Hemstitched Damask; always 25c— Thursday's sale at.. 1 It* <! cording; also yoke top. . . F cluster or six tails, 0.75 flat muff, with head and ribbon bow,
sth Street !' Second Floor. or* ....*' and full scarf to match. OCC
< vaaawaa^a^ws^^^ ir rr^JVWWV i Near Entrmce- _ The set complete for 0n1y.... VO
bother "Iderwear Event All Linen Handkerchief s Half Price j w»me»'s «-«* Little
x, ..*n i^n w , An Extraordinary Sale Beginning Thursday. > lor ye L»*«e.
Humanity's intelligence 13 wondipfuU. We're • .» . » y • ,| And still the pretty things continue to come
wi^^^V nderT ea/, tlllß by a half than pkjk If the lots last (and we think they will) we shall continue the j! quite a few of them very little in price. In so
we ever did before—just because more people know ,4rK\^ SL, selling right up to Saturday night That derjends on how nil ;,,i 1 I 1 , v \\.t '" . piiuo< • lUBU
the worth of this store as a source of supply. %M Wk you take them away from here ae P ends on how quickly j, l arge a stock aS this one, you cannot refrain from
For Thursday: F*\* JTJ $£• Genuine hemstitched linen Handkerchiefs, women's and men's, J bej? g 6Uited ' if yOU WOuld
Women's ecru jersey rib- Women's jersey, ribbed < $ \| J^T Y% which came to us from Henry Matier & Co. of Belfast. They call j! For Thursday:
bed fleece lined Vests and worsted plaited Oneita !» \T ' \ll Jh /■ %i them "seconds," for the reason that occasional threads are imperfect <; Box Coats» 27 inches long, Automobile Coats, 42
Pants; neatly trimmed; the Combination Suits ; glove <[ V Vi -■■*/ / of There're too good. a firm to sell them as regular eoods ro wp v,' > ™d« of black kersey; half inches long, castor or black,
regular 39c kind ">b; c fitting. Warranted not to \WU if / %, them for about half nnVp to ««ll vnn f«, 3 rffi ' DU7 . fitted backs; lined with Fine kersey; stitched and
f0r.... Z&^ shrink. Special 100 \fflfcJf / in^ tor SS, J price, to sei you for just as littl.. , nearsilk; double breasted strapped all around; high
• the suit f0r........ i* v" VrfifflL^JL /*- Kead y Thursday Morning early.— Center of Store. Sand high storm collars; ; storm flaring collar- lined
■nakSi™iSSdv2S Women's extra heavy / Lot 1 160 dozen Women's Hem- Lot 2. 75 dozen Women's Hemstitched j! JXl!? ' 5° 4-98 wlthsatin..Spec'l 79-50
rri«lS ribbed camel's hair Vests; double XSfV^ S .; stitched Linen, all width f f^ c Linen, all width hems; 4 r\\/r > yalue for .......;., for Thursday... . jLA
wn™t«d niJSrt PA?t« ?« sewn with silk; also silk VS^-^-^ ;' hems; regular price 20c- lif regular price 25c-the lA* c,; Raglans, in fine quality Ox- Long Coats, 56-inch cas
mXh value »/\ bound. Pants to match. v^^,^," .f l' the sale price MV sale price *~: J, ford; very swell styles; the tor kersey; lined to waist;
at....'... g 50 C S£» 1-50 Lot 3. 60 dozen Women's Hemstitched !- c Lot 6. 150 dozen Men's Hemstitched, extra c \ Ssd "0f"... 12* 50 I JJh kind" 19' 75
Women's sanitary natu- Child^sV ' Giris' and j !S». 1!?!?&^^!!: * 5 fi-Hnen^l width hems; regular price 40c 20° Wa.king Skirts, in Oxford Sll Waist,; fine pTaude
ral wool Vests, silk bound, Boys' ribbed and plain Ji Lot 4. 80 dozen Women's Hemstitched *r\ ~ Int 7 ion 7on "mI«'» d " 'a'" \'-l'i'\ 1'" 1 1 or black; heavy suiting; Soie, worth 56.50. Colors
pearl buttons; also in cam- fleece-lined Underwear; Se ft, all wWth hSSgS -t^ ceptionanyd fine atl widtf Tern ' r^uS 9 CI 1 de6p ? oane *' SttC£ ed a [l of rose, light blue, cardinal,
el's hair; pants to 7 g c size 18 for 15c; 3 cents rise j| . lar price 39c-sale price 1O nrice 50c- sale nrinfi wldth hems ' re«^ £O J. around top and bottom, dark red, gray or white;
matCh " JT> |oneachsize. Lot 5. 60 dozen Men's" Hemstitched* .- c T * , 7 t vVP T i Q^alftviof 5' 00 anTfin^h?/^ 4' 39
RlsrUAiKl . !l Linen; all width hems; regular price ] J? C « doesn't take long to lose a dozen handkerchiefs- ,; quality for O and finished **
Klgm As" I 80c—sale price *.... M** and wise buyers will lay in a goodly supply of these. « 1 Second Hook
Kitchen Necessities | Notions... Cheap. li act* Ctirfaiii^ f*ir
- A II i rfc • i 1 Pins Royal English, warranted brass wire; needle s*-^^'^-' V»MI «Ltlill^3^ CIL*.
Away. Under Price ji^*; i4^!f.-ft! oh<:.?™ 5 c ~+ p; p^j +•
If you want beans to have the Boston flavor, never use anything but a?, *al ety n pins ' nickel plated, open both sides; sizes'! OL DSQ I%©Q BJC l( Ofl S»
bean pot. If you want to save money on your kitchen necessities, get themjlt Vice °U Card" 2^ C(' A «.,'* n , f^. rt # - x^a ww nA- i -n v i
here, bean pots a»d all. Good advice, which costs you nothing. J!^ P *'* ;, A pair or two of a kind What we sell this week will help us get clean
Chopping Bowls made of hardwood, Bean^Pots.e'arthen covert and at a very steT"i^ *>» «" see our purpose in mak
waxed; worth up to 3oc each: low price: J» two dozen on card for X ! ing me prices so ridiculously little.
,_tTffllfffgSP^sgggßrmr The 13 inch 1 qt. 15c kind for 10c '! /I' ;,■•••••••••"••• $ Lace Curtains, about 20 patterns, all 3^ Screens, solid oak, filled with pretty
<Sfip?C?f:«?a HSVvvr 7c 2 qt. 19c kind for ...15c S Left Aisle. .yards long; 50 and 60 inches wide. Not silkoline; the $1.50 kind (\Qc
iS Sr The*"*ls "inch 4 qt. 25c kind for 19c ? t^r, <>•«« <• ;, a pair m the lot worth less than -i 95 for VO
W for 17c Shelf Paper, in fancy colors, with lacej! 12/^C bilkolme. 6?4C. l^ 275 Choose at l' Table Covers, exquisite tapes- ', 49
The 17 inch edge; any color you want; 3 |«C(! „, . t x o t> j.l ± ('Odd Curtains, one or two of a 1 f\r tries, richly fringed; 0-4 size, at.... 1 *
for 25c packages for only DJ, taking comforts i- Better get acquainted kind; to go in a hurry at, each... 1 V Tapestry, for drapery purposes, at <"» -» c
Hop Sticks, made with patent spring; . Nut Crackers, the very best kind, right<wlth thlß lot of bilkoline before it'sgone. Fine,; Chlna silks for m coverings and half rice for Thursday; yard.... 2o
3 styles; worth up to 15c, 8 C J n t^ a a B t on for them 5 a biß „.. IQC si^' Ilio^y^d-fS worth 9c, 6^4ci|?S§!!r:.^i d. ™ 49' Down Cushions; 75c quality, 44c
at O iot to go at i\j QOe and 12£o a yard—for Thursday Uv 2l Vl'!!yard s for 44
Sa5^CK/- I Basement. \ Second Floor.
-. ' '■ • ■■■■■■ • . ' - - ■ » - t ' na 'toor.
See Mo Came for Uneasiness in Ex
ports of Gold.
Washington, Nov. 20.—Treasury of
ficials feel no apprehension on account of
exportations of gold. Secretary Gage to
day said that he would not make, at this
time, any statement in regard to the
matter, but it is known that h© regards
the shipments as a natural movement in
view of the quite general demand for
money in Europe and that he believes
there is nothing in the situation to cause
the least uneasiness.
On the contrary, treasury officials say
that the business affairs of Europe within
the last few years have become so in
timately connected -with our own that a
monetary stringency or disturbance of any
character there would be deplored and, if
possible, relieved for the common good.
British Government Anxious to Over
come Obstruction.
London, Nov. 20. —It is understood that
the British government intends to pro
pose a reform of the procedure of parlia
ment to overcome obstruction.
The scheme will suggest that the house
assemble at 2:30 p. m., instead of 4, that
government business be taken first, that
an adjournement from 7:30 until 9 be
taken for dinner, that questions then be
taken up, and ordinary business be car
ried on until midnight.
Under the new scheme, disorderly mem
bers would be more sternly punished for
the first offense and suspended for a
month, with Increasing punishments for
renewed offenses, and offenders would be
compelled to apologise before being per
mitted to return to parliament.
Southern Excursions
Via the Monon Route. Leave every first
and third Tuesdays of the month. Low
rates to nearly all southern points. Round
trip and one way tickets. Write L. B
Sessions, Monon Route, 541 Andrus build-
Ing, Minneapolis, for rates, folders and
other information.
Have no equal. Exclusive agency, 4 N 4th
street, Kasota block.
They Want an Annual Census and
Another Secretary 4
Special to The Journal.
Pierre, S. D., Nov. 20.—The National
Live Stock association, to which Governor
Herreld has just appointed Alfred New
ton, J. Q. Anderson and Eugene Holcomb
as delegates, is one of growing interest to
the range country of the northwest.
Among the questions discussed will be
I \ /^Spjr^f Omans Debt to CaxcKii I
J Vj» j^ *wV\ R Wharton, Texas, January 31, J9OJ.
H V / yV\f>tt\ \ 0 c Ofe f **$** tafcin« T 10* of £***«* and Thedford's Black-Draught I had almost given ft
B <T-\\ /r^ /I^H \ 1 tip the idea of trying to get relief from my trouble. My menses did not last more than two days la
S / W^*^^"^ JftSWl II and I had cramps in the lower part of my stomach and my limbs ached. My eyes and nos- Jf
Eg <\S^y~^>lr 1 <^>*a!\^K\l**-J 1 tote- became sore. But now since taking Wine of Cardui and Thedford's Black-Draught I passed H
if s^/Y Av\ VAll/ 0 '.}. « month without a pain and ran the whole time. I feel like a new woman. I advise all P\
|| <^/ J>J Y\\\ If i suffering women to take Wine of Cardui. I owe my health to your wonderful "Woman's Relief". Jg
B / &rv/**&J AI — Mra* D*PAIGE-
H v \f 1 > I Why Wlll any woman hcs[tatc *°take Wine of Cardui with Mrs. Paige's plain, honest story before her? I
I j^K /j^l WINE or f ARIMII I
m W^! /rll U? A I regulates the menses perfectly and cures all the distressing ills that are caused by the irregular flow. 9
H C^Fg^A * Hl3r^^ 1 There 'S no excuse for any reader of this paper submitting to days of suffering every month. Do Iff
H r^V^k^. \J!t B y°U th ' nk M"' Pa'^e WoU' d let hw trouble ron another daY asain now that she knows what it is to f|
ffl\ Iw J'l/i^iSL lr\\A\ m ■ '"'** We" and Stro"s ? You will be like another woman in a short time if you secure a bottle of Wine B
H C^C; J///^r^^^y ■ >Of CardUl from your dru 'st today and take H according to directions. Mrs. Paige is only one II
B /// I I \}\V « among thousands of women who have secured relief from Wine of CarduL It cures leucorrhoea, S
m '■''•/^^^^&/ \^ B falling of the womb, and every kind of *• female trouble." Try it! ' ".. ~ : B
ta. "f * T^^^SS^^^ M " For advice and literature, address, giving symptoms, "The Ladies' Advisory fe|
"tjM ' - ' Department," The Chattanooga Medicine Company, Chattanooga, Term. J$W
a demand for second assistant secretary
of agriculture to look after live stock in
terests alone; provision for an annual
classified census of live stock, the figures
to be published within ninety days from
the time the census is taken; and
measures for classified assessment of live
At the last meeting of the board of
county commissioners of Hughes county,
a resolution was passed, providing for the
refunding of $60,000 of county bonds, re
ducing the interest from 7 per cent to 4.
—Navigation on the Missouri is practically
at an end. Shore ice is heavy enough to
give the boats trouble in making landings
in the mornings. The Jim Leighton has
been pulled out of the water for the sea
son, but. the gasolene boats are yet
Looking: for a Hume?
Call at Soo Line ticket office, 119 3d st
8, to secure homeseekers' tickets to all
points west.
Special to The Journal.
De Smet, S. D., Nov. 20.—Richard Hughe3,
living near Artesian, disinterred the remains
of his father for the purpose of removing
them to the oemetery. He was greatly sur
prised to find the casket in an excellent state
of preservation, also the body. It was found
that the face, which was smoothly shaved at
the time of Interment, was covered with a
beard several inches in length. So far as
could be ascertained, the weight of the body
had decreased bait little during the sixteen
yearn since tho burial.
I Fruit 1
\ 46% J
\G rains/
APerfect^food Drinfc
The beverage made from FigpFUIlS
Cereal te smooth, palatable and
nutritious. Because of the largo
percentage of natural saccharine mat
ter In figs and prunes, Plgprune
requires less sugar than any other
cereal coffee, fcgr All Grocers Sell It.
General Dry Cleaners and Dyers.
/R£f|jg&2^Sk MEN.— Stop taking medicine. If you
Et&in \ have small, weak organs, lost powef
'y- * j or weakening drains, our Vacuum
HT <=& ffj Organ Developer will restore yon. No
Fw **«< ¥B drugs. Stricture and Varicooeie per
>3& { _\ I manently cured in Ito 4 w»ek»;
>& - mL) 75,000 in use: . not one failure; not
J^fc«H Sir one returned: effect immediate: no
M C. O. V. fraud . writ* for free partlcu
ffiA Tttai&ca lan, sent sealed in plain envelope.
LOCAL APPLIANCE Co. 204ThorpBlk,lndlBn«pe!i*,ls*

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