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Our Fall
fjff COLLET AISE m JaS^^
k^ firm smzai A&^t^W
We place on sale about 2,000 yards of Silk of the
finest qualities. No. hap-hazard purchase, but
selections from our regular stock, newest weaves
and colorings, and the best of values. These are
choice Silks, suitable for waists, skirts aad gowns.
Taffetas-^at and stripe), plain iP A fie
iailClttb Surahs and Poplins, Hll US
G5 cent, 76 cent and 85 cent I *^kl H Pgr
qualities. Special prioe for f Al| H
this sale, %J \J Yd
only J
RpfKTnlinPC—Plain colors, hem- "1 ymm ff e
Bengalines-Sti he Tcu. 9he ] / P us
fetas, plaid surahs, foulards, striped, i M% 1^ Ppi*
figured and colored taffetas; 90 cent f 1i A i „
and $1.00 qualities. Special sale \f\J Yd
price J
Figured Paillette de Soie ]Q F* cts
Stripe and corded taffetas, printed jbL J^ nap
warp, brocades and broche effects; f I fA f
$1.25, $1.35 and $1.50 qualities. Sale kJ\J yd.
price J J
Movement for Organization of Van
couver Fishermen Collapses.
Special to The Journal.
Vancouver, B. C, Xov. 20.—A movement
aiming at the foundation of a Brit
ish naval reserve out of the salmon and
other fishermen of Vancouver and district
has collapsed. The fishermen decline to
7« p I 6201
PlUfiH Pi i*C£ wicollet aye.
Best Alaska Seal Jackets $250.00 up
Best Persian Lamb Jackets $ 1 25.00 up
Best Plucked Otter Jaokets 135.00 up
Best Gray Krimmer Jackets $55.00 up
Vetter's Don't Kip Astrakhan Jacket $30.00 up
A fine line of Neck Scarfs and long Double Boas to select from at prices
that are right for FINE GOODS.
FINE FURS Made to Order a Specialty.
Its Standard of Quality is as fixed
as the rocks. Remember this!
What „
was 3*iars ago it is to-day and will
be years hence. Remember this!
Uniformity is its watchword.
The Finest Type M &wk R'ch
of the Ripe
Purest Whiskey j^y i "flfSffl Mellow
Sold at all first-class cafes and by jobbers.
WM. LANAHAN & SON. Baltimore!, Md
aid any such endeavor, bo long as the im
perial and dominion authorities permit
thousands of Japanese to come in, year by
year, and rob them, of their living. "Let
the British government form the Japs, if
they can, into a naval reserve, and don't
talk to us of the matter until our natural
rights as British citizens are tetter re
garded." Such is in effect the reply of
the fishermen of British Columbia, many
of whom might otherwise become British
naval reserve men.
George H. Wright Run to Earth in
Notorious Criminal With a Record
in Many States of tho
Special to The Journal.
Owatonna, Minn., Nov. 20.—George H.
Wright, sought by the arm of the law for
six years, has been captured in far-away
Hawaii. The story ol his crimes, his suc
cess in eluding a vigorous police pursuit
and his final capture is one which will go
down In police records.
Wright is charged with several murders,
forgery, horse stealing and minor of
fenses. Lt is on the specific charge of
murdering three boys on the shore of
Utah Lake, in Utah, about Feb. 16, 1895,
that he will be tried.
Captain Grannan of the Grannan De
tective agency of, Cincinnati was perhaps
moat responsible for the arrest of Wright
in Hawaii. Circulars containing Wright's
description and picture were sent broad
cast over the world, and one was turned
over to United States Deputy Marshal
Lorrln Andrews, in Hilo, Honolulu.
Andrews recognized in the picture a
man who was then in Cahn jail in Hawaii.
The man had been arrested and convicted
as a "gross cheat," his arrest taking place
as he boarded a steamer bound for Aus
tralia. Marshal Andrews has written to
Captain Grannan identifying th* prisoner
in Hawaii as Wright. Andrews requests
Grannan to forward at once the papers
for Wright's arrest on the murder charge,
and he will be brought back to Utah for
Wright is a native of Medford, Bteele
county, Minn., where he was born in
1866. He has relatives, all eminently re
spectable people, still living there. He
left Medford with his parents when a
young man and settled at Cannon City,
where he worked on a farm for several
years. Later on in life he went to Fargo,
where he remained for some time and it
was there that he fell in with another
young man who Induced him to go to Ann
Arbor and enter the law department of
the University of Michigan. It was while
in Ann Arbor that he met a daughter of
a widowed milliner with whom he became
fascinated, and a few years later married.
After leaving school he again returned to
Fargo, but soon removed to Utah, where
the scene of his worst crime 1b laid. He
has always borne an unsavory reputation
with those who knew him intimately, and
is a professional gambler, to which fact,
no doubt, may be partly attributed his
George H. Wright, alias Jamea G.
Weeks, alias C. T. Case, alias Mr. Stev
ens, is wanted for the murder of the three
boys on the west shore of Utah Lake, on
or about Feb. 16, 1895. After murdering
the boys Wright hauled them in a wagon
upon the ice of the lake, cut a hole and
buried them. After the ice had thawed
and broken up the bodies of the boys
floated to the shore and were found.
Besides this, it is charged that Wright,
then known as Charles T. Case, killed a
man named Crampton, near Guffy, Col.,
in January, 1897, and that he embezzled
sums from mining companies of which he
was president, all located at Cripple Park,
near Guffy.
A feature of the Utah Lake murders was
the fact that the stepfather of the boys
was tried for murder, convicted and sen
tenced to be hanged. A short time be
fore he was to be executed knowledge
came to his attorney that evidence Impli
cating Wright had been found. This sug
gestion of Wright's guilt soon grew to
belief, from the fact that the young men
were shot down by some one who was an
expert In handling a rifle, for Wright had
been known as a crack shot.
His wife some years ago obtained a di
vorce, and it was her voluntary confes
sion to Utah authorities which brought
the release of the father of the murdered
It was believed last May that Wright
had been caught at Ashton, W. Va., in the
person of one William Tryon, a profes
sional evangelist, who answered Wright's
description, and who was also guilty of
bigamy and embezzlement. He proved,
however, not to be the desired man.
Endeavor to Learn Whether Vaccine
Virus Communicates Te
tanus Germs.
Camden, N. J., Nov. 20.—Experiments
on white rats designed to gather informa
tion bearing upon the recent fatalities
from lockjaw at Camden, are in progress
at Cooper's hospital. Drs. Alexander,
Scanlon, Ross and Edward Fretz ar« en
deavoring to learn if the vaccine virus is
the medium of communicating tetanus
germs. In explaining their work they
On the evening of the 17th we visited fifteen
drug stores and purchased specimens of lymph
I from each. Twenty-one white rats wore ob
i tamed because of their marked susceptibility
:to the virus tetanus. On the morning of the
i 18th the rats were inoculated. The animals
! were isolated in separate cages especially
I prepared for the purpose in order to prevent
I contamination. The box was labelled with the
; name of the druggist who sold the specimen,
I the producer and the time at which the mi
i ooulation was performed. After each inocula-
I tlon instruments and the hands of the expori
j menters were again thoroughly sterilized and
; all apparatus made aseeptic. The Inoculated
; animals are fed at regular intervals, visited
j every three or four hours and watched for
: symptoms. Records will be made and the
j results will be given the board of health.
jMeuj York Sun Special Servie*
Atlantic City, N. J., Nov. 20.—Miss
Helen Kessler, 9 years old, died late last <
night of lockjaw, superinduced by vac
cination. Lockjaw set in Saturday and
physicians in attendance used antitoxin,
but to n# avail. This is the third death
from lockjaw resulting from vaccination.
Missionary Committee of the M. E.
Church Makes Appropriations.
Pittsburg, Nov. 20. —The annual meeting
of the general missionary committee of
tho Methodist Epicopal church adjourned
finally to meet in Albany, N. V., next
The delegates have been diligent during
the sessions and much valuable work has
been accomplished.
At the morning session numerous ap
peals were made to have the 8 per cent
out in appropriations abated, but all
The balance of the time was passed in
making appropriations on the 8 per cent
basis. The most interesting were for
work in the cities. Some of the appropria
tions passed are: Dcs Moines, $300; Min
nesota, $240; northern Minnesota, $322;
Sioux City, lowa, $500; Rock River, $1,472,
and St. Louis, $690. *
Only 3 Days to Lor Angeles
Via the Minneapolis & St. Louis Railroad.
Leave Minneapolis 9:35 a. m., arrive at
Los Angeles 2 p. m. of the third day.
This is the quickest and best way.
Through Pullman palace car service. The
best tourist car line leaves on same road
every Thursday.
Catalogue F>ee, Sent Anywhere
At Metropolitan Music Co.. 41-43 6th st S.
Do not despair of curing your sick
headache when you can so easily obtain
Carter's Little Liver Pills. They will
effect a prompt and permanent cure. Their
action is nillJ and natural.
Silks! Silks! Silks!
On Thursday we will inaugurate the greatest Silk Sale ever attempted
by this famous store. Special purchases by our New York buyers who
are always posted on the turns of the silk market, and are ever alert
to take advantage of any extraordinary sale made by the leading manu
facturers, have resulted in our obtaining an immense assortment of new
silks that are of the most desirable kind.
AP||f| If J of this season's latest A „ . L PAILLETTE DESOIE.
11 hHIII ¥ Hlffi© creations in Figured Another item of interest is the assortment of our
HPUJIHJIfyi i fi§ ||@ Louisines small neat Paillette de Soie, that is the best jpy
designs; Black and White Striped Novelties, in plain silk weave selling: today at ■■ M^ g/m.
a variety of stripes; Black Taffetas, in corded a dollar a yard. For this special || vl|l
and tucked effects; Gros de Londre, and 1000 sale we will place our entire line | 1 «JH Mm
yards plain colored Taffetas, that for finish, before you at yard HHF W
weight and strength are not to be outdone by PEAU DE SO IE.
the quality retailed at 79c. In these Silks, Nov=- In addition to the foregoing, we offer the following
elties and Taffetas, every new and staple color equally low priced reliable Black Silks 21-in Black
and shade is represented, White, black, several Peau de Soie, a very fine quality, J% jjjfek
shades in castor, old rose, browns and grays, splendid heavy, firm body and 111 I
reseda green, sans gene, marine, navy, red, car- soft kid finish, found only in the X HLH^H
dinal, wine, mais, pink and light blue. None best goods; a genuine $1.25 ar- I HbHli^
of these Novelty Silks were ever intended to be tide. For Thursday, yard.... iffS S^^ *JbP
sold for less **.<. ««ir '■ *
than $1 a yard; BB& w i, " 3*''"™ BLACK TAFFETA.
this accident of m^ mm^ SB wk tfm We have recently received an importatlou of 36
--merchandising fi^JSfjtaiw A Jl H lT} C^ Black Taffeta, very brilliant and strong. A
permits us to IP 1 lWk %§ silk that ,we can con" tffa & J tffe
sacrifice them W *mT^ B scientiously re com- | I|
Thursday, for A MW JSP ?^ d > % £r°°d 1 Vr alue.u^ JP
per yard $ Special for this ml & j m\\d
Special Thursday Bargains.
Some wonderful bargains await you Thursday in Tlill1*Gfl«)I7 HlfiS^ 51^ IW IPFiiIQ'IFQ
this department. Pressure on the space de- I llllfl »Uttj« |w|>tl& ff AID IMi
voted to colored dress goods makes it impera- «?nniflOY/.oHoii//i»i. MSsrmsb Handsome Flannel Waist,
.. . , t. . . „, „ aomßßXCGiiQninar- |^pSW the entire waist and sleeves
tive that stock be reduced at once. We offer ~«/*i« # M tut- n*>* * cf >' are tucked, vest of tucked
the following: gains tn mis uoptm <t^r * l> taffeta silk, laced across
' for Thursday* with silk cord, new stock,
54-inch heavy oxford gray Skirtings a^^ job*. Jllliilill made in a beautiful line
—need no lining, regular price $1.25 SMra HJB oa*. If you want tbe nnest hat > T° _-»<<*ff^!li|sh>>^. of colors ' nnely tailored
and $1.39. Special for vHBnP' ever saw for 83.98, just come //^SP\ \ il\\\\^. throughout, very dressy;
Thursday, only per. ftIDL to our millinery department MA\\M|ll ThSdaf "^
3 ■"I'jor"'"""."""/' ;T;- .■ on Thursday, for that is the ////\\\\\\Mu\\vVi i
54-inch heavy* chalk line kerseys jsS|k M US £& day we are going to place on // //A X\\ \ \ \&m \Vi\ AH Tf H^
-also fancy mixed striped Mm ■ MT (TB sale just 150 of these excep- /////A\\\\ M il M f"I
cloths, regular price $2.00 and VAI „ „ „ . . . , Ml m\ \\ \ \ v\m mm mW mhß
52.50-Special for Thursday, all 1.53 BJ tlonally fine hats for ' each /&^l\\\l iH W - Vfc■ ■If
only, per yard j#Bfc jjjglti. jSffili I \T vA\\\| \lll\JiwM tfi~*
36-inch corded prunella cloth, 38-inch cashmere in all Iffll fUS jk&i \' II; 11 iJai'arW Wi
the leading shades—also James- iwffi wßaLAßtt^B^ S \^*^mitiMwat)l W^k Wk^
town fancy mixtures—regular val- ■v| § j1 ;• L^ T"^k! oZw •
ues 35c and 39c —choice of this lot. WF^k BP" \ \fy vr v "^« \Bm
Thursday—only, per ' «_!• Syi H— Many of these would be bar- w§V*r / X ??B M^
1 for $2.98 we will let you take /]' isr??^
mgf k «|n gSf\£\Ykf* AlinilVlf « your choice of any handsome Man-tailored Flannel JS^m§F/ffT>».
WASH GOODS SPECIALS OutlngHat in our stock on Waist, made in vest ef- ■ (4^ilM///S\
tw ****** vi war ■* m* : uviuum Thursday feet, entire waist tucked, mMmmSf/fF\^
FOR THURSDAY. -^ bishop sleeve and new IUmTI /1 L \l
300 pieces Indigo Blue Prints in fancy m 4 © Cli O stock ' made in this sea" ilB 11! IHk \U
figures, stripes and dots; regular M | *H& M? son'B most P°P ular muffl 11 EI§W\ W
value 7c, and a good bargain at that. i^SL„-. ■• Vfif $ggm I%P W shades; a chic waist; we i|}f|/ / / hi £// *A^A|«
Special for Thursday only, per ™P3>|- '„ Tl "~ " . offer you a garment lif WtUffl P^}}
y ard—-.-...: ■•SW For 98c you can buy a neat that is worth4 .oo, but If DLjJK ¥ 11
50 cases White Cotton Batting on sale «1 and stylish Street Hat, trim- for Thursday the special lB M^^>J IM
Thursday at per roll *S l2(*3 mcd in black M^ j^m^ :„ , " mJ^iSP^^W i?*//
Black Satpon-100 pieces fast black 4*. satin and lilf A ,**^ i©i i®^ *©* lIT 1)
Sateen, 30 inches wide; regular price Q A satin ana fan £% $& LM
UHc, and a rare bargain at that price. HiQ VyS? M MU W'' ffH
Cut special for Thursday only, per S9l. -ihursday.. Mfc O2 IV X *l
yard Violets, per bunch 1 Oo ™" "■ in^ "
' ■■■■nil " -■ ■ " _■ ■ ■ r^ ; ■ T«t- •'■ ■ » 1 r t '' ' ' j
jgl jSg^ ff_n_ —^ Ml j. jf S-ontL. s season's accumulations of samples and
>C BuEm^BmBB&sHSW nL%£mߣ£— odds and ends of one of the largest mills in
*"■ iy^o®M§Mfl^fi +&mMMm>Mm the land; slightly soiled from handling:; in
grays, red, white and tan mixed; in 10-4, 11-4 and 12-4 sizes; M MB . A M o^k /f% &%,
some part cotton, some all cotton, some all wool; on MM «nl|!^| |f/f| 2s ffl W 181
special tables for quick selling Thursday, at one-quarter in ■ ||| ™ JF .fill
and one-third less than regular price Ji^|^p' Qj? m warn I %J %J
Patient* Live Out of Doors and the
Patients Are Gaining;
Denver, Nov. 20. —The Rocky Mountain
Industrial Sanatorium, organized by Den
ver professional and business men, is in
successful operation. On a ten-acre tract
five miles from Denver, fifteen or twenty
patients in the early stages of consump
tion are, under the plans of the promoters,
virtually taking care of themselves. The
rules of the institution compel a continu
ous outdoor life to be maintained summer
and winter. Each patient is provided
with a roomy tent, plenty of warm cloth
ing and blankets and a small stove to be
used only in extremely cold weather. Ex
perience has proved that with proper food
and clothing and a life in the open air and
sunshine artificial heat Is unecessary and
becomes absolutely unbearable to the pa
tients, who, without exception, are gain-
Ing rapidly. The hope of the physicians
and others back of the enterprise is to
form a great colony of all consumptives
who come to Denver and thus take them
off the streets of the city and out of the
hotels and boarding houses, where they
could never recover and where they are a
constant menace to the public health.
The sanatorium auxiliary, composed of
young women has established branches in
many eastern cities where money is be
ing raised for the equipment of tents and
the building of airy cottages.
Bomeaeeken' Excursion*.
The Chicago Great Western railway will
sell tickets to various points In the west,
on Oct. 15, Nov. 5, and 19, and Dec. 3, at
one fare plus $2 for the round trip. For
Information apply to A. J. Aicher, City
Ticket Agent, corner Nicollet avenue and
Fifth street, Minneapolis.
Overcome In a Revival Meeting and
Arrested Promptly.
Aaw York Sun Special Seirclee
Thorntown, Ind.. Nov. 20.—1n the
Methodist church here Edward Clark, a
stranger, attended a revival meeting.
Folowlng an appeal by one of the mem
bers. M the congregation, he created ((
sensation by confessing that lie was a
forger and a fugitive.
He said he was a telegraph operator lor
the Illinois Central at Dv Quoin and two
months ago forged the necessary signa
tures to a $50 money order, cashed It at
a bank and fled. The congregation was
impressed with the confession, and, turn
ing the meeting into a love feast, it raised
the cash to pay the forgery. A telegram
was sent to the bank offering to pay the
money order.
Yesterday the sheriff of Dv Quoin
county, 111., arrived here and arrested Mr.
Clark, returning with Ills prisoner to Dv
Quoin. The church is greatly stirred up
and will supply Clark with an attorney for
his defense.
111 i ¥*$% Positively cured by these Little Pills*
sjSM I L_im They also relieve distress from Dyspepsia, Indigestion and Too
gpll Ft 11 I C* Hearty Eating. A perfect remedy for Dizziness, Nausea, Drowsiness,
B^ PILLS Ba& Taste in the Mouth, Coated Tongue, Pain in the Side, TORPID
&a»Mgi LIVER. They regulate the Bowels. Purely Vegetable.
I Small PilL Pmfvll Dose. frraftP prica.
On Monday We Offered 4
■ - f ■• ■ - ■
' ■ "■ _ ■■ ' ■■ . ■ - ■ ;
pianos - §0c
k^w '' ISm ■ SB BB > |9 ■ bbsm wpß BS9 *- -
fc^tK KSL Js&M Rto mhl Bwß B^bl
*ff^3 - BC!T!^!.— --'jJ*u^*.^!?ii>..^,Jsl'•- ;-*. .. I?-f"T-'.^-jS ' ■ HranPßv Hhhml
a week each. These were snapped up almost before the
ink was dry. Many inquiries have reached us since, and
we hare decided to offer QSarfr' r 43 So
five more at the same JrClSPSfa* Sixth
rate. . r o^s© Street

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