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The Minneapolis journal. [volume] (Minneapolis, Minn.) 1888-1939, November 21, 1901, Image 9

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fllir lltlfAlftA f^llAUtie TI«aI 119a Awa AuavalaaLa4 in many llnes of »ooas which are not properly listed in our present
UUI lIfOICS &EIOWS H3l W8 AFB UV6rSIOCKB(I We have decided close out all such goods at greltly
; — __ - . . . —:'.. ■— reduced prices in order to make room for new goods to be listed in
pnr spring catalogue. We have converted the second floor of our building into a salesroom, which increases our facilities for handling city trade.
i WTlL nights.' SATUBPAY I Below We dive You Prices on a Pew of Our liines. Come and See Us. I SAL stock ,son inue until
hl l Ills HUDdI I v vlli I LI IfllUwE Minneap°iis >M'nn-
■ ) - o _ nj - t _ n _ n _ f - u^JXJ T_ rx ---^^ nnnnnn nnuvwjwu'mjvnnnnnn nn«nnAfyMWn««« - - " -.•'■'■ ' 'u • "■ : ■■ ■ ' '■ "" *" " I ■ *• L- '»Jf rai and John R. /lann.
Shoe Department Second r §< /s >v *k jl A
OIIOG ÜBPaiinldlil Floor. #v /< yf^ *K JL fK
One Lot Boys' School Shoes— All sizes, *, Jfv f ■ \Ap fsfy \V» \ ti^k /n\
good all solid substantial, chrome or >r\^^i^^[^^^y^ir^^/^lT'^Q/^\ .■ ViA*l
satin calf lace shoes, never Bold less h^l©y'» 4k\jiT/\la**^4 iX I** $/ ilk 7#*«
than $1.85; until lot sold. g|g|g£ IS | Vy/fff lyj OWf 51(fH tm( Si
Overstock Sale price is... CPO© '^Jfl T|L^ Wtf / /^ IIL^
Men's Ail Solid, lace or congress shoes, HH O^ < vMWk »W jra fj N
regular $1.75 values, sizes 10, 10| W fU^Ui7^—' iW- L/'}{/5S=- fWU w -
and 11 only. Overstock A"Jf^ j^^^=^(^^^=|^^^^l^^^[V[gV^Jgtj^
Sale price ■ v , ~~—
One Lot Ladies' Button Shoes—Made from 100 pairs Ladies' Fancy Vesting Top vici kid
vici kid, all solid stock, regular $2.00 values, shoes, regular $L3i values. Over.'j|^n
broken sizes. Overstook Sale {£ 43 |Q stock Sale price ... i?f*S
price K* hbbw One Lot Men's 3 buckle Arctics—All sizes and
One Lot Ladies'Goodyear Welt— inrisi- widths, regular $2.25 values. g»«j EflJ
ble cork sole, button shoes, «fc"J Q"7 Overstock Sale price........ B B^^i
Overstock Sale price vlivi Jersey Leggings—Overstock Sale price—
One Lot Ladies' Lace Dongola— solid shoes, Children's 39c
from our $2.»0 line, new styles. fi*-f Q"T Misses' ••• • 490
Cverstock Sale price H* Bnwfl Ladies' 59c
One Lot Infants' Vici Kid Shoes 9c
Bry Goods Department SS
_ *s^_ Black Homespun Cheviots,
B ,J|l||^. all wool, i36 inches wide,
p <^^© bought to sell at 60c.
S V?fe<; t^3^ Overstocked is the story;
«S /sfy and Overstock HjOjt
c /A4 r Sale price is B^w
q /1 p Fancy Black Grenadines, 36
Q /A inches wide, never sold less
|3 // \\ than 600 until this sale.
■r* U ij " Cannot afford to keep them
■--' &1 w. until spring. IKf*
Overstock Sale price B*P^
Gray Mixed Suitings, 52 inches wide; regular
$1.00 values; not in our catalogue f5 *9§ +%
our Overstock Sale price is **Uv
Black French Novelty Suitings, 54 inches vfide;
extra good values; never sold ltss than $1.45
per yd. 100 pcs more than we need. EZOgp
Overstock Sale price SjPSOpU
Bright, Pretty Plaids, 33 inches wide, for
children's dresses, 40c values, broken and
odd lots, but all clean and bright. fl™7^>
Overstock Sale price ■ M O
Silk Stripe Black Novelty Dress Goods, 8G in.
wide; would be a bargain at 55c. g%
Overstock Sale price m m \M
Fancy Check Dress Goods, mostly tan or gray
effects, 36 inches wide; always sold <| Qp
at 35c a yard. Overstock Sale price ■OU
AH Wool Red Flannels, 35 pieces left of that
famous 27-inch, all wool red twill flannel;
our sales of Monday exceeded our expecta
tions on the line; at the rate they sold Mon
day 25 pieces won't last after 12 o'clock
tomorrow. . Come early. Over- 4™y g^
stock Sale price lav
Infants' Crib Blankets, all wool, extra fine
quality, in three lots, $3.00 &4 lli^l
$2.25 and 91-BU
Couch or Steamer Blankets, in handsome bro
cade, stripe or plaid effects $4.25 **f O
to fI«W
One Lot Changeable Lining Satins, 18 inches
wide, all colors. Overstock Sale £p| |Tfc
price BPv
■rapery Department Third Floor
Qmu * i V*i OvP'Ptf flf (■£ Si riff*
k/W^>Av A of Lace Curtains.
s^fr.^ \ v&ks>Jm U\**«^lr new casalogue.
■yjjjL^Mf L^*tjl^^ new sale room
•ssf* 1 sssr^ \i2»a«' • plenty of room
and lots of elerks. New ideas, new patterns;
some never before shown in the Northwest.
Special jobs in Bru&sels Nets $3.50 to 39c
Bonnie Femme Curtains, same l& Jj *^f E
style as cut s&*tTm / n3
Bobbinet and Ruffle Muslins $3.00 to 99c
Silkolines, plain or fancy............... 8c
Caledonia Nets, Bobbinets. Cable N«ts, -Sh
Swisses and Lappets, 28c to ...... ww
Toys and Games fSooV
Toy Wash Sets, value 25c, Overstock Sale 4 E-*
price 89G
Toy Doll Washers, value 25c, Overstock 4 E A
Sale price I O O
Furniture Sets, value 25c, Overstock 4 C-^
Sale price, ; | O C
Iron Toys, assorted, value 25c, Overstock •a£%
Sale price I \9 C
Iron Toys, assorted, value 50c, Overstock A iffc
Sale price .......;....... 4UC
Friction Toys, latest, value 81.25, Over- 0%
stock Sale price f Uu
Japanese Lanterns, value 20c to 30c, £\ trt .
Overstock Sale price. lUQ
Large assortment of toys at special sale prices.
Come in and see the bargains.
Washington—lt cost $3,504,959.49 to conduct
the census bureau during the past. year.
Boston —General Patrick A. Collins was
nominated for mayor by the democratic mu
nicipal convention.
Los Angeles, Cal.—Two limited passenger
/ trains on the Santa Fe collided near Needles,
I CaL Seven trainmen were killed and a
Henty Series, value 50c, Overstock Sale <M WE £%
price lOU
Handy vol. series, value 25c, Overstock &\*%
Bale price „. I If If
Dillingham's Popular Library, value 75c, OK**
Overstock Sale price fiiub
Swiss Family Kobinson, value $1.50, gE^K**
Overstock Bale price 05f0
Webster's Dictionary, value $3.00, t£& gT
Overstock Sale price *9 I ■ %9
Webster's Ency. Dictionary, value fi* tfj WEO%
$6.00, Overstock Sale price ........ *JJ Sm m93 %jt
Beautiful edition Spanish-AmericanWar, "T Iff'W
value $5.00, Overstock Sale price M %9%r
Chicago Record Cook Book, value $LOO, OR a
Overstock Sale price £OU
Children's Story Books, value 50c to $1, OC«
Overstock Sale price. dm&KM
Bibles, value $1 to 83.50, Overstock Sale "f E" 0%
price M Ob
You cannot afford to miss this sale. Attend
early. Do not wait
Music Department n£.
Violin, value $5.00. Overstock Sale <£A ||A
price....... 92ivU
Violin, value $7.00. Overstock Sale OvQ |g A
price OOaOU
Violins, value $15.00 to $25. Over- & «fl <ffe AA
stock Sale price aP IUiUU
Guitars, value $3.00. Overstock Sale «£ •£ 71;
price „ 9lilw
Guitars, value $6.00. Overstock 0*«b» OR
Sale price 9Oi£U
Guitars, value $10.00. Overstock fl* WE g%M\
Sale price «p«!)aljrli?
Madolins, value $3.00. , Overstock o*4 RA
Sale price........
Mandolins, value $6.00. Overstock ®*^3| ffetffe
Sale price
Mandolins, value $10.00 to $15.00. AQ AA
Overstock Sale price is|sj>aW^u?
Banjos, value $5.00. Overstock Sale <j& ££ ■ Iff fih
price %$? £5m u x3 Vj?
Banjos, value $10.00. Overstock fljE? tf&A
Sale price «p€Pat^^F
Kohler's Piano Methods, value 60c. Over- AA
stock Sale price J6,*J?O
Guckert Chord Books, value 50c. Over- JA.
stock Sale price Ivu
Imperial Organ Methods, value $1.50. fE? *~
Overstock Sale price lUlif®
White's Excelsior Methods, value 75c. AA A
Overstock Sale price <bUG
For complete line of musical Instruments send 5c
and we will send you our musical catalogue free.
Jewelry Bepartment K.
Buy your Xmas presents now, you can save dol
lars. Come in and see for yourself.
Pearl-handled Gold Pens, value $1.50. aij a
Overstock Sale price OuG
Stick Ping, large variety, values $1..00 to BR fftk _
$1.50. Overstock Sale price .......© UP ©
Silk 'Fobs, latest fad, value $1.00 to $1.50. O|fffc iOi
Overstock Sale price OUC
Gents' assorted Vest Chains, values ftj A A
$1.50 to 82.50. Overstock Sale price H m%9 W
Ladies' Lorgnette Chains, values 0•* g% Bg
81.75 to 82.50. Overstock Sale price Sa&• £3
Beautiful assortment of Brooches, values A EJ A
75c to $1.50. Overstock Sale price &OG
Latest styles in Belt Buckles, values 75c AJT-^
to $1.50. Overstock Sale price JEa&O
Stylish Hat Pins, assorted, values 50c to A g™ '^
$I*oo. Overstock Sale price . &OU
Links and Buttons, values $1.00 to $1.50. E g%^
Overstock Sale price .©VLrC
Alarm Clocks, value 75c. Overstock |f C*»,
Sale price UUU
Complete line of Watches, Rings for ladies, gents'
and children at special sale prices.
Large assortment, Readers, Compasses and Mag
nifiers at Special Sale prices.
12-ligne Spy Glass, value $2.50, Over- (^4 OQ
stock Sale price *P IbO
Opera Glasses, value $5.00, Over- C^O AA
stock Sale price v«*ivU
Field Glasses, value 87.00, Over- tf**B OK
stock Sale price
Compassefc, jeweled, value 82.00, Over- AA^
stock Sale price ©OfiJ
Microscopes, value $1.00, Overstock Sale 41 BE? A
price . ... .* ......BOG
Electrical Battery, value $10.00, g**ftgfeem
Overstock Sale price .' .. 9UivO
Mesco Dry Cells, value 3 25c, Overstock |AI A
Sale price II&2G
Telegraph sets, value 83.00, Over- fl^«fi |E*ffß
stock Sale price.... N» EbIL9«9
number of passengers and fourteen trainmen
were injured.
Lewiston, Me.—George W. Baird, of Minne
sota, was elected gatekeeper of the National
Grange, in session here.
New York—Mrß. Mary Crowtfier is said |to
have been married seven > times and is now
suing for a fourth oivorce. -
South Bend, —Clem Studebaker, presi
dent .of the Studebaker Manufacturing ■ com
pany - and one of tbe - best-known » vehicle
Optical Goods SS
manufacturers in America, is in a dying con
Ottawa, Ont. —At a meeting the the Domin
ion cabinet, it was decided to rain a corps of
600 mounted men for service in S iuth Africa.
St. Louis— Captain John Lawson, who built
the first locomotive engine in England, and
the oldest engineer in the United States, died
here, aged 96.
Marquette—George Miller, who killed Matt
Britz in mistake for a deex, was found en a
Underwear and Hosiery Departments
Second Floor.
Women's Hose.
Women's heavy all-wool black hose, 4A^
fashioned leg, per pair I «pC
One lot Women's Oxford gray or blue all-wool
hose, "old fashioned knit," heavy ribbed leg,
regular 50c value. Overstock Bale O*J *m
price «9«lßip
Women's fine gray mixed all-wool Casismere
Hose, fashioned leg, double heel and toe,
i never sold for less than 35e per && 02&g\
! pair. Overstock Sale price ;..... dm^3
!; Men's Heavy Cotton Black Half Hose—extra
! strong, regular 12c value. Overstock *7g%
\ Sale price... m \0
! Men's Fancy Mottled Half Hose, silk heel and
! toe, regular 19c values, 500 dozen *&£hg\
\in the lot. Overstock Sale price... Ivv
. Men's Extra Fine Gauge all Cotton <fi Of*
! Tan Hose. Overstock Sale price.... Ivv
I Men's Brown or Black Half Hose, silk heel
! and foes, regular 250 values. Over- «« J&g*
I stock Sale price l^fr©
| Boys' Heavy All Wool Natural or Indigo Gray
j Sox, ribbed tops. Overstock Sale <fj4s£*
! *^fc price a &n%3
>A j^W Every Fleece Lined Undershirt in
[W JliPill Our Stock—No drawers to match,
'f^pillli So extra good values, sold at $1,
l^^iMl 95c, 76e and 650 the entire stock
' « fii&ii placed under one number *% «fl *%
■ JB||§f and the Overstock price Olv
I jPIP 9 Men's Extra Grade All Wool Shirts
' fiF Wf (I and Drawers—ln natural gray or
' ra \ I U camel's hair, bought to sell at
! If' If $1.25;f1at knit and silk faced, made
'Jf f from best grade Australian yarns,
\ s^> K while they last the ™7Qgn
[' Overstock Sale price is Bmr%&
' Men's Extra Heavy Cotton Ribbed Undershirts
! or Drawers—ln ecra and natural gray color,
! made with double chain stitch, reinforced,
| and guaranteed to give satisfaction, regular
; 48c value. Overstock Sale price, 4%|o|<gft
only d&€s!s
oniy. ......••• ...«• •.;» _. •«»««•••••
Men's Cadet Blue Ribbed Underwear—Shirts
■ and Drawers, •well made garments and extra
! good val»e at $1.15, we are overstocked and
; must reduce the quantity. Over- TP^£»
; stock Sale price ..... .. . ■ Wll
; Men's Double Breasted Red Flannel Shirts,with
; drawers to match, mostly large sizes; never
' sold less than $1.25. Overstock O^ltf*
; Sale price m9%8%0
; Special Bargains in Ladies' Underwear.
; Ladies' White Worsted Pants, Jersey knit, ex
; tra good value, regular price $1. ij&Offc
! Overstock Sale prica «P©V
i Ladies' Melba Union Suits, ecru color, heavy
! cotton fleeced, regular 85c value. HH^f*
I Overstock Sale price .*4*J^®V
\ Ladies' extra fine quality all wool Melba Union
| Suits, never sold for less than < £|*4j Jitlj|
j $2.10. Overstock Sale price. V H b*!T
| Ladies's Jersey Knit Worsted Vests or Pants,
good length, fashioned waists, silk flossed,
regular 98c value. Overstock sale £&ifl[
Ladies' fine all wool, extra fine quality, natural
! Gray Pants, no vests to match, our price was
I $1.25 per garment. Overstock |fa^ij*ak
; Sale price.... WOU
I Sporting Goods lepi i*£:
A big snap in a few of our leaders.
Boys' Flobert Rifle, value $2. gfc M.'T
Overstock Sale price ....... .H$ « m'V a
Boys' and Girls' Air Rifle, value ■y g%
$1. Overstock Sale price ...^ M%*
New Model, top snap, speeial, single br.eech
loading Shot Gun, genuine nitro blue rolled
steel barrel and case hardened frame and
mounting, 12-gauge only. value CUJi M^T
$7.50, Overstock sale price .. . %P*irn'iß' £
Our new 1901 high grade American double
barrel Shot Gun, bored for nitro powder,
value $15.67. Overstock -ffl g% 77
Sale price....... *P IWfi M i
Our special leader in imported double barrel
breech loading Shot Gun. Value $14.75.
Overstock Sale Cf^ i| jf& ££T
**Sl RMB Hhl m
price *** ■ ■ ■
Skate Sharpener, value 17c. ' Over- ' j||^
stock Sale price wP.Si*l
Skate Straps, black grain leather, |P|iru
value 10c. Overstock Sale price, pair *S'v
Girls' and boys' club ice skates, Ek^fg%
value 67c, Overstock Sale price. £ %*
Revolvers—As a home protector we will offer
a regular Smith & Wesson pattern revolvers,
either 32 or 38 calibre, genuine Smith &
Wesson cartridge, as long as they last, value
$7.60, Overstock Sale price, tfj BS
only ......... :.'....... %PtUPH *£■€!*
Xmas Toys,
Now is the time to buy Christmas
Toys and Presents.
farm twenty miles from the scene of the
shooting, with his reason gone.
Tacoma—A warrant for the arrest of Willis
Sweet, former congressman from Idaho, was
issued at Lewiston on complaint of Mrs. K.
W. Baughman, who alleges embezzlement.
Washington—The secretary of war has or
dered that the order granting free admission
of Christmas presents to the Philippines and
Cuba Bhall extend to the officers and men
and civilian employes of the army and navy,
Ladies' Jackets, Children's Cloaks
For Quick Selling --Five lots, comprising every
garment left in our cloak stock at prices far
below the original manufacturer's cost; most
black kerseys, a few beavers and some bou
cles, fur or cloth collars. Over- $42 tffe "y
stock Sale price $6.59 to ■■*F /
Balance of Children's Long Cloaks left from
Monday's sale, ages 4 to 12 years, all good
substantial cloaks, perfect condition and
market at less than 60c on the dollar. Over
stock Sale price g|* 4 JB Bg
$3.68 to $li4O
Small Lot of Infants' and Children's Broad
cloth, Eiderdown or Boucle Coats, trimmed
with soutache braid and white or black an
gora fur. Overstock Sale T7fi|j^
price .............-.. .$2.10 to i O(*
Special Tam O'Shanter Bargains—Sample and
odd lots, broken stock, some 60c val- "S ff%
ues. Overstock Sale price 43c to B IU
llothing Department Third Floor
°"e lot of Men's B!ack Duck
M Wsk .^'sters» made with detach
rl^^H able waterproof capes and
mlNfv^Xx^' all wool flannel lined; reg-
SP^W^S " ular T>s° value. ' 'Over"
W stock Sale otffl
pi|||WS}|'S^^ One lot men's Waterproof
||ll^l^a| Irish Frieze Übters or Pea
«lSi|^fp^^^ Jackets, guaranteed water
iSl^-^^S^^Sl proof and wind proof,
Pf^fvT'^V^l dressy, neat in appearance,
pji ■ $5.95 £3 AO
**^ w^Hßßiy^ and.... '^p'^j^H %£f
Duck or Sheepskin-lined Pants and Vests for
teamsters and truck men, broken lots sold
at 50c on the dollar, $3.50 £l£ll4*
to W%&%3
lardware Department
We have a nice 3-blade stag handle brass
lined Pocket Knife, worth 65c. &&Wjkg%
Overstock Sale price mm \j
A good Boys' Knife, worth 10c. Over- jEEf*
stock sale price © %J>
We sold lots of the Gem Food Cutter that
cuts anything in the way of food. But we
have an overstock left, worth 51.76, so we
will continue to sell at the Over- ||*fp
stock Sale price *r a \m
We will continue to sell our celebrated seven
day carpenter tool set, consisting of 18 good
tools, worth at retail $4.75. (g> g£ dj) 85
Overstock Sale pric* i^mmtM<^ai%s^
Wood Indian Clubs, worth 25c. *fi^/y%
Overstock Sale price, per pair .... 15^v
We have a large overstock of Manning &
Bowman's celebrated pearl agate Tea and
Coffee Pots that we will sell almost as cheap
as common granite ware.
A good plated Nut Cracker, worth «fl 85 <%
35c. Overstock Sale price ■SP v
Carpet Tacks, any size, sold ev«ry- <&
where at sc. Overstock Sale price M%M
Steve Department
We have about 100 slightly damaged Air-
Tight Heating Stoves, usually sold from $2
up y to $6. Overstock Sale {§&"# £&£&
price, choice for >[r i a%JHJP
We also have a few of our very best Coal
Stoves, both self-feed and surface burners,
that are slightly damaged, that we will give
a big reduction on to close out at this sale.
We are overstocked on a fine 6-hole Steel
Range with reservoir and large 20x21 oven,
it usually sells for $42.00. |& o}| "f ■ TF|S
Overstock Sale price .... £ m £ O
We will sell a good heavy Stove Pipe, worth
15c. Overstock Sale .4 fffogfo
price IV©
If you prefer the best pipe made we will sell
you the best grade of Russia pipe, QB^
usually sold at 50c. Overstock Sale liUV
Stationery Dept. r»m*«>
Fountain Pens, value $1.50. Overstock Ag-
Sale price *V OOG
1-lb. Commercial Note Paper, value 20c. •€j/fll, tf
Overstock Sale price... IUO
1-lb. Paper and Envelopes, value <m g\ (rfc
Overstock Sale price I vv
100 Envelopes in box, value 20c. Over- dSrffSi-k
stock Sale price. B^C
Blank Books, 100 pages, assorted, value 4£& A
25c. Overstock Sale price... IUO
Student's Note Books; a value 10c. Over- O^
stock Sale price.. .......1... «iSBJ
Red, Black and Violet Inks, value sc. Al n
Overstock Sale price...................... £2v
Lead Pencils and I Penholders, value 5c to s|-^
10c. Overstock Sale price Ou
Composition Books, value 15c. Overstock C-^
Sale price :.............. vu
Memorandums, values 5c to 10c. Overstock. ij| i -
Sale price .... ma®
Stenographers' Note Books, value 10c. Over- O-^
stock Sale price ;. „ Ov
Letter Files, "Best Made" value 25c. -i R-^
Overstock Sale price lOu
Quart Wilting Fluid, while it lasts, value 4i KT -».
50c, Overstock Sale price 100
Come early and avoid the rush.
but not to the civilian employes of the civil
Chicago—The contest between union and
non-union men at the Allis-Cbalniers shops
resulted in the killing of a union man sup
posed to be George Trapp, who was patrolling
the factory district.
Washington—Developments are expected to
follow as- a result of the recent abrogation
by Secretary Hitchcock of the Browning rul
ing. It is stated that the bureau of the
i Catholic Indian mission will soon urge a
Fancy 6oods Department
from. Prices range from 37c to «C
Stamped Doilies and Centerpieces, all do
signs aud sizes; 22 to 6 inches. 41
Each..............._ u.... 29c t0 B2C
Stamped Duck Doiliei, squares, ovals and tray
cloths.fringed and stamped for outline Ap
or filled-in work;choice patterns, 13c to«
Embroidery Silks, Grecian, Filo,rope, A1 A
wash or Sicilian, per skein < •■2
Colored Crochet Cotton, per ball. 3c
Zephyr Yarn, per lap 2o
Knitting Cotton, per ball ..... ...... 3&c
Fancy Hat Pins, 15c value, each 4c
Shawl, Hat or Belt Pins, per dozen ... 3c
Hair Pins, straight or crimped, best. 1c
Genuine Aluminum Thimbles, per dozen
I©C, each .... 1c
Kushford Hair Curlers, per box 6c
J. O. K. 500 yard Machine Thread, spool.4c
Giant Sewing Thread, better than linen,
per spool ... .. ..-......... .3c
Linen Thread, per spool . 7c
Entire stock of Embroideries and Inser
tions, 20c values down; choice, IX**
Millard's Gold Eye Needles, per pack . 2c
Pearl Buttons, all sizes, per dozen ..... -2c
Mineral Ivory Buttons, all colors, per O#%
card of 2 dozen . OO
Dress Stays, per dozen 4c
Camera Separfment Floor.
§G Eastman Focusing Box Cameras, size
4x5 inches. Overstock' 4&1O AC
sale price vUiaU
$5 Dandy Box Cameras—Size 4x5 inches;
overstock. OC
Sale Price 9miAo
$5 Rex Magazine Cameras; AA OK
overstook sale price 9« ■SP O
Gloves and Hiitens
Third Floor.
One lot Men's Muleskin Lined Mittens,
with knit tops, regular 30c values. 4 Q#*
Overstock sale price I SPC
Boys' Scotch Golf Gloves, 500 Iftf*
values, overstock sale price I€fC
Boys' Mottled Yarn Mittens, broken Qtf>
lots, overstock sale price .......... *J w
Men's Unlined Caff Skin Gloves—never sold
less than 36c. Overstock £%g%
sale price .•«.. .^. Mvv
Furniture Department
4 ft. 6 in. Roll Top Desks, retail value
$24.00, overstock sale |f* -S *f "TV
price ...y _. *P Him £O
5-ft. Rolled Top Desks, retail value $27.00.
Overstock Bale ft4A "7 K
Price...... *> Ilia/9
Hardwood Dining-Room Chairs, Qgp
regular $1.25 value. Overstock pricevVV
We have a few slightly damaged, but
serviceable springs, at Half Price.
Irug Bopartment
Ideal Ladies' Syringes, pure white rubber,
retail price $2.25. Overstock Sale QC«
price wvy
Water Bottles, 2-quart reinforced top and
bottom, -warranted, retail price AAa
$1.25. Overstock Sale price.., OwO
3quart of same, at. 80c
Dr. Warner's Diabetes Cure, retail QH
price $1.25. Overstock Sale price, •ww
The Magic Atomizer, hard rubber, for throti
and nasal application; continuous spray,retail
price 75. Orerstock Sale QR"^
price........................... OuO
Toilet Mirrors, heavy plate glass, "with artis
tic white metal base, retail price '££l&|gf&
65c. Overstock Sale price •■■ %9 W
Toilet Mirror, French bevel glass, silver
plated frame 5x7, a beautiful Christmas
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proposition which will involve the payment
of mouey from Indian trust funds to incur
the expense of educating Indian children in
sectarian schools.
Washington—The announcement is made
that the delegation of Cuban business men
now In New York are on their way to Wash
ington for the avowed purpose of securing
freer trade relations with the United States,
which means a reduction In the duties on
sugar and tobacco, but it is suspected here
that these Cubans axe really coming to pro
mote Cuban annexation, Vhtch would slv*
them the free trade . that they desire.
Washington-*#The Danish minister, Mr.
Brun. is working with the state department
officials in giving the finishing touches to the
treaty which provides for the acquisition of
the Danish West Indies Islands by tha United
States. ;.: f;; _../.;; i .'.■■.-• r-.•---;■ : .,y.;t .'
CatalogiSie Free, Sent Anyntiere
At Metropglltaa Muslo 00^,41-*8 6U it i.

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