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But Young Corbett's Friends Cover
All Money Offered.
Corbett- Build Ia Mucb Like Mc-
Governs and His Style Is
Hartford, Conn., Nov, 28.—This place
was crowded to-day with sporting men
from all parts of the country who had
come to. see the McGovern-Corbett fight
this afternoon.
Both lads met this morning in the din
ing-room of their hotel. Corbett was the
first to get into the room and as soon as
the champion entered he walked over and
shook hands with the western boy. They
parted after an exohange of courtesies
and ate breakfast as if they were looking
forward to an agreeable outing rather
than a battle for championship honors.
There was very little betting on the con
test during the early hours of the day.
MoGovern always backs himself when he
fights, and in this mill he will not make
an exception. He said yesterday that he
Intended to place $3,000 on his chances
and will put the money down at prevail
ing figures. Sam Harris will invest about
Opinions as to the outoome were at
variance to-day despite the fact that Mo-
Govern is generally picked to win. All
those who have seen Corbett fight state
that he is a counterfeit in style and build
of McGovern. He is credited with being
able to deliver a hard blow, is said to
be clever, and, what is more, is game.
Most of McGovern*s opponents in the past,
"with a few exceptions, have been scien
tific boxers and not fighters on the rush
ing order. .Corbett is said to be both ag
gressive and scientific, strong, healthy
and best at ln-flghtlng,' at which style
McGovern has the reputation of excell
ing any fighter of his weight in the world.
If Corbett does not get scared and fights
as he has fought at his rivals in the past,
It is figured that he has a good chance.
George Dixon, who has met both Cor
bett and McGovern, and who ought to be
able to judge, says that Corbett is quite
a factor in jthe fight.
Betting was livelier to-day than It has
been since the mill was first arranged.
Corbett's adherents are springing up on
all sides, and it will not be at all sur
prising if the odds undergo a decided
change. The ruling price- to-day
was 2 and in some instances
2*_ to 1 on McGovern. Corbett's friends
quickly gobbled up bets at these figures.
More money has been wagered on the
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duration in this fight than on the ulti
mate outcome. Everybody predicts a
short contest. Of course, most of the
westerners in town are taking Corbett's
Defeat the Acmes by Steady and Con
sistent Work.
.The Acmes lost to the Tasmos at the
K. C. alleys last night in three straight
The score:
Fowler 146 198 174
Crotty 136 161. 167
Farr 167 164 174
Olness 158 185 192
Metzger 186 175 156
Totals 793 SS3 864
Elliott ... 132 155 123
Ebel 167 140 130
Swift" 137 154 197
Neblett 113 164 186
Bates 119
Koppell ... 167 184
Totals .. '.. 664 780 814
Local Council Wins a Game in tbe
St. A. League.
The Cataract Bowling team of Minne
apolis won two games from the Ramsey
County bowlers of St. Paul in a Royal'
Ajcanum league match at Spears'
alleys last night.
The score:
Mueller 150 132 143
Johnson 154 105 180
Lippant 124 133 152
Hall 176 132 175
Labatt 184 203 157
Totals 788 725 807
Pierce 137 155 141
Warvick 160 137 158
Hauser 112 162 115
Rothen 108 131 113
Fabel 118 157 178
Totals 635 742 705
Plenty of Material for a Team at tbe
As the football season at the university
draws to a close, lovers of athletics are
casting about to discover the material
with which to turn out a winning basket
ball team. Last year there was an abun
dance of material and the team which
was finally evolved was a swift one and
made an excellent showing with such
members as Deering, O'Keife, Keifer and
Ireland. All of the members of last year's
team, with the possible exception of
O'Keife, will play again this year. There
is, in addition, an abnudance of new ma
terial. The team is coached, as before,
by Dr. Cooke, the gymnasium director.
The management has scheduled a num
ber of games for the season, of which the
principal one is that with Yale on Jan.
2. Other games are with Duluth, St.
Cloud, Fargo and Winona? Next Saturday
afternoon a practice game will be played
with the alumni.
Harry D. Union and Charles Havenor
In. Hiclcey's Xew League,
Special to The Journal.
Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. 28.Milwaukee
"will be represented in the newly organized
American association (formerly the West
ern league) next season. The present
team of brewers in the American league
will ibe transferred to St. Louis—that is
those of the members who reach an agree
ment with the new owners to go there.
That means the retirement of Messrs.
Killilea and Gross as far as Milwaukee is
concerned. Messrs. Quin and Havenor
will have charge of the Milwaukee club
in the new association.
The above information comes from an
official source and will settle for all time
the much disputed question as to whether
Two Stars of North Dakota "U."
0.-^^^ f f^__^€^___^ § QUft^^ftC#ifi£^
or not the brewers would be transferred
to St. Louis.
To Play at Red Wing.
The Victor basket ball team left this af
ternoon for Red Wing, where they will play
the Foresters this evening.
Order Affecting; Rural Carriers and
Indian Agents.
Washington, Nov. 28.—The president has
signed an order bringing the rural
free delivery service into the classified
civil service. The order becomes effective
immediately, so far as the 250 clerks,
special agents and route inspectors of that
service are concerned, but provides that
until regulations are formulated for the
appointment of rural carriers, such em
ployes shall not be treated as- within the
classified service. •
These carriers number 6,000 and are
steadily increasing. Vacancies other than i
those of carriers will he filled by appoint
ments from eligible registers of the com- |
Rural carriers will not have to undergo
a scholastic examination. Appointments
of them will be made from persons resi
dent of the neighborhood, wholly for fit
ness, and irrespective of political or per
sonal considerations. - ,
Transfer will not be allowed from the
position of rural free delivery carrier to j
any other position in the classified service.
The president has amended the civil
service rules to provide that whenever
the position of an agent at any Indian
agency is discontinued and its duties de
volve upon the superintendent of the In
dian training school located at the agency,
the agent may be made a classified em
ploye at the agency. The intention is to
retain in the classified service such agents
as prove their efficiency and ability.
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Vile Staff Peddled by Bootleggers
Causes Many -gilts and
General Sickness.
Duluth, Minn., Nov. 28.—Two Duluth
men introduced a lot of the stuff that
masquerades on the Bowery as whisky
into camp No. 5 on the Minnesota & North
Wisconsin logging road and the result
may be serious.
There were '-. seventy-five . men in the
camp and most of them joined in the
orgies.. The men from Duluth were boot
leggers on a big scale, driving out to the
camp with gallons of the deadly fluid in
jugs and hottles. L. J. Daly says he ex
amined the alleged whisky and when the
cork was pulled from a jug containing it
the stuff would foam and act yeasty. The
men bought freely, of the liquor and then
ensued a scene that is said to have beg
gared description. The men "were not
merely drunk, hut crazed by the fiery fluid
and a dozen or more fights took place.*
A .man named % Edward Phelps was
wounded by a: bullet. Several who drank
more deeply, than the others are in the
care of a physician and all of them were
deadly sick. Twenty-five ere discharged
by the camp foreman. "*'■
"Northern Pacific Service
■' Always means the best that can he con
structed by car builders. The "Duluth
Short Line" is now equipped with such
service. Every one of the old St. Paul &
Duluth coaches and sleeping cars have
now disappeared. The morning, afternoon
and evening trains are now provided with
the J newest style coaches, magnificent ob
servation-buffet cars and parlor cars and
Pullman 'sleeping cars. Try the "Duluth
Short, Line" once; thereafter nothing else
will,satisfy you.' . A -*-,- ff
Long: Overdue Schooner Ralph J.
Long at L'nnlaska— Xo Food
or Fund*.
Seattle, Wash., Nov. 28.—'Advices from
the north bring news that the long over
due schooner Ralph J. Long, from Nome,
lies stranded at Unalaska, with 115 pas
sengers. The vessel is out of food, the
passengers have spent all their money to
obtain the absolute necessities of life, and
they now appeal for help to the war de
partment. ;
L. Frank Brown of this city to-day pre
sented a resolution to the Seattle Cham
ber of Commerce reciting the facts. The
members were unanimous in favor of act
ing upon the matter at once, and a re- |
quest will be made to the authorities at
Washington to send a government vessel
to bring down the starving people.
Special to The Journal.
-Princeton, Minn., Nov. 28.William Par
ker, a farmer living near Tiffany, N. D.,
who was operated on at . the Northwestern
hospital here for appendicitis a short time
ago, is improving fast and will be able to
j leave for home in a short time. Parker was
; on his way to the twin cities when he be
j came ill and was obliged to leave the train
I at Elk River. He was bought here for the
. operation.
Special to The Journal.
Dennlaon, Minn., Nov. 2S. —The farmers of
this section held a mass meeting this week
to- determine whether they would submit to
an ordinance passed by the citltes of St. Paul
and Minneapolis forcing them to have their
cows tested for tuberculosis or stop shipping
their milk, and passed a resolution to stop
shipping milk to the twin cities rather than
have cows tested at their own loss and ex
I wish .to make the following announce
ment. Do not come to me any more to be
treated. It shall be explained to you
later. Joseph Lachance, Divine Healer.
I or any . lipi' _«_s^_k
__ __ Jlk f^ __■ ' /W-trx / _H_BI
NOVEMBEE 28, : 1901.
Man's Mission on Earth
As Bet forth In THE GOLD MEDAL
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Work of this or any age, entitled
The Science of Life, or Self-Preservation!
Treating on Physiology of Marriage, Premature \
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ior abridged edition, 15 cents. Get the best.
"Write for it to-day. The Key to Health and Hap
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The Peabody Medical Institute,
No.. 4 Bulflnoh St. (opposite Revere House, Bos
ton. Mass.). the oldest and best ln this country)
established la 1860. Consultation by letter or in
person, «to 6. Sunday 10 to 1. Skill and experi
ence. Expert Treatment.
Manual, a Vade Mecum FREE, sealed, to men
only, mentioning this paper, 6 cents postage.
EDITOR'S NOTE r4O years the has"been
till lUn O RU 11 Medical Institute has been
a Axed fact, and It will remain so. It is as stand
ard as American Gold.
-^sj—The Peabody Medical Institute has many
J_!. Imitators, but no equals.—Boston Herald.
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KMMtMtt-paper. aa a are. P_l_A»
North Star Dye Works
E F. WEITZEL, Proprietor.
7353 Hennepin Aye., Minneapolis.
Telephone OSM.SL
■ ■ —i
j ff=ag» AND CUTLERY. '
f_i__riii Sheer*, Razor* and Clipper*
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fMsaf R. H. HEQENER.
vwat Mye
Served for davttieinefi to I
ate beat places. 1
' __—H__—_s_s__S_S__.
/ijjl -rir -y.y t~ v j^k
ffr.^aW I
10. Each \m
United States Fuel Oil 60.
144-146 Endlcott Bldg, St. Paul, .-Inn.
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m_»to»dAir_ ioo«aea£oo_FaHMk •

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