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. SATURDAY WESTRG. I7oV___3__; SO, T9uT>
MW m Cored m sDays to Stay Cured
l___C £__ No Cutting or Fain
____ ___VV •_jg__?^ *m 9
____B3H_____ /_____>. * want every man afflicted with VARICOCELE, STRIC
**-_s— vMSkaY^r< -ILITY or allied troubles to oome to my office, where I
nn «■ en. - ■ oni _ wlll '-Plain to him my method of curing these dtsaases. j I
uti. **•»■»«*■« L.UULt, invite in particular all men who have become dissatisfied
•Late Professor of Nervous with treatment elsewhere. I will explain to you why you
and Private Diseases. have not been cured and will demonstrate to your untiro
satisfaction why I can cure you safely, quickly and per
manently. My counsel will cost you nothing, and my charge for a perfect cure will be
reasonable and not more than you will be willing to pay tor the benefits conferred.
Certainty of Cure!
Is what you want. I give you a written LEGAL GUARANTEE to cure you or refund
your money. I can and will cite you, by permission, when satisfied that information is
desired by sincere people, to cases that I have cured to stay cured, which had been
abandoned by family physicians and so-called experts. What I have done for others
I can do for you. If you cannot call, write me a full and truthful statement of your
symptoms. One personal visit is preferred, but If it is impossible for you to call at
my office, write me a description of your case as you understand It, • plainly stating
your symptoms, your general physical condition, your occupation, etc., and you will
receive in plain envelop a scientific and honest opinion of your case free of charge.
My home treatment ls successful and strictly private. Address
City papers will prove longest established practice. See back numbers of The
Journal. Be convinced.
24 Washington Avenue 8., Minneapolis, Minn.
Office Hours—Pa. m. to sp. m. and 7to 8:30 p. m. Sundays—lo a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Furnishing a Home.
By Kate Greenleaf JLocke.
ON next Saturday The Journal will begin the
publication of a series of illustrated articles
. with original designs and complete color schemes
for the artistic furnishing of
Bed Rooms, Drawing Rooms,
Hallways, Dens, Etc.
Will be in photographs that are practioally WORK
ING DRAWINGS, as they are accompanied by
descriptions of colors and materials used.' These
photographs of ideally beautiful and artistic rooms
will be so closely and simply analyzed that the veriest
beginner can furnish by them.
Architectural Suggestions
For the improvement and beautifying of interiors.
Information as to the comparative cost and beauty of
the wood finish used in houses, together with a dis
cussion of the final and very important details of a
thoroughly artistic house, such as gas and electric
light fixtures, hardware, etc., will be given through
these letters.
Any questions raised by readers will receive • careful
*mmm CURED iN 30 to 90 BAYS
\La\ ____. Spec'flc Bleed Poison is the root of most of the maladies that
AWgk^aAWfffia oppress modern civilization. It ls a fetid stream that blights and
sMW^rAWL poisons everything it touches it is the plague of our own day and
__.._- ___-,____- t _ a curse of millions yet unborn. Scrofula is its child; Consump
tion. Catarrh, Syphilitic Heart Trouble, Rheumatism and other scourges are its descen
dants. It is not necessarily criminal to contract Blood Poison, but it is always criminal
to allow it to remain in the system when you know that you can be permanently cured
right in the privacy of your own home and at very small expense. READER* If you
are a victim of this loathsome disease, producing sore throat, mucous patches in the
mouth, copper-colored spots on the body, hair and eyebrows falling out, pains in
bones, pimples or sores on any part of body or limbs, then it is your duty to investi
gate this New Treatment. We positively cure every case we treat, or your treatment will
cost you nothing. THE GUARANTY DOCTORS are. the originators of this marvel
ous New Treatment, and our records will show more actual permanent cures than all
our followers and Imitators combined, and ln less time than any Hot Springs on earth.
WRITE for free symptom blank if you can't call.
by Our Combined Electro-Medical Treatment,
Varicocele in 5 to 30 Days.
(No knife. No operation. No pain. Our own original method a positive cure.)
Sexual Debility in 30 to 90 Days.
(Young, Middle-aged and old should consult our Master Specialist in Nervous Diseases.)
Stricture in 10 to 30 Days.
(No cutting. No dilating. No pain. Cured while you sleep.)
Gonorrhoea'and Gleet In 10 to 20 Days.
(By an entirely new method. No poisonous drugs to destroy your stomach.)
HOME TREATMENT We want every man or woman who is afflicted with any of the
■ wm.. ..._«•_•_-• above diseases to do us the justice to investigate this New
Treatment We charge you nothing for consultation and good, honest advice, and fur
nish each patient a legal contract to hold good for our promise. Do not delay, for a
friendly call or letter may direct you to health and happiness. Our system of HOME
TREATMENT is not equaled by any other medical institute in the U. S. You can be
cured at home. WRITE for FREE symptom blank.
One said I had chronic dyspepsia; others
claimed I was suffering with nervous
ness and kidney trouble. The last doc
tor told mother to take me away to the
country. I could not eat nor sleep. My
aunt, where I was staying, persuaded me
to try Ripans Tabules. The fifth 5-cent
box relieved me a little. I was so glad
I kept on taking them. In all I had taken
nine boxes. God bless Ripans Tabules!
May they be spread abroad to those that
are afflicted as I was. They have done
for me what doctors could not do.
"M At druggists.
>* * :-''^■.^y'-j_B^S@3ffl^_____r*___^
The five-cent packet is enough for an ordinary oc
casion. The family bottle, 60 cents, con- /
tains a supply for a year."
Lumber Shipping Season Coming to
a Successful End.
Minnesota Log- and Timber Company
Formed by Cook A Tourist.
Special to The Journal.
Duluth, Minn., Nov. 80.— lumber
shipping season is about at an end,
though there are a few boats yet to
load. There are now three loading ml
£he upper bay, four around Rices Point and
at : Superior, and one at Two Harbors.
Three or;four, more will clean up the docks
of all that can go forward this year. Ship
pers are wel ' pleased -at the season's
work though there are many millions of
feet that r might have • been sent east if
conditions as to vessels had been differ
ent, v Vessel rates have not been high
and there have been few-delays and
those not of a serious nature. There
have ■ been very ifew losses, to lumber
craft or 'cargoes during the year. The
shipment of boards has been larger than
in the past and that of shingles and west
coast „. special stuff has been good,
shingles especially having moved east
through here in an Immense volume.
Cook & Tourish Interests have formed
the Minnesota Log and Lumber company,
capital^sloo,ooo, to operate in logs and
lumber on the line of the new Duluth,
Virginia $ Rainy River road. The' com
pany expects to erect ultimately several
mills, perhaps will buy some, and will lo
cate them at points along the road and at
Duluth. The Intention of the company is
to build up the region through which the
road runs, and to this end will assist the
construction: of mills at suitable points
along the line. There are now some
400 men working on the grade of the road,
which runs out of Virginia from a connec
tion with the Great Northern road. It
ls not supposed, however, that the Great
Northern will form the link between the
new road and the head of the lakes at
The sawmill of the Schofleld Lumber
company has closed with a cut of 39,000,
--000 feet, the largest it has made. It will
be stocked'by the Hines Lumber company
for next year with about the same amount
of logs that were handled this season, the
Hines company doing its own logging and
sending the logs in by rail to the shore
near the mill. These logs will commence
to arrive at the mill within a few weeks
and will continue coming in all winter
and longer. Ther are about 9,000,000 feet
of unsold lumber on the Schofleld docks,
and during the season there have been
two fires on the locks that have burned
about 1,800,000 feet of lumber.
The log salvage association has closed
Its work for the year, after having saved
6,000,000 feet, the lumber from which has
all been sold and mostly all delivered.'
Great Day on. the Milwaukee Cham
ber of Commerce.
Special to The Journal.
■ Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. 30. — Milwau
kee Chamber of Commerce broke two
records yesterday. Its business of options,
traded in the pit, footed' up 10,500,000
jbushels. This is 520,000 more than Tues
day, Nov. 12, when the record was
smashed and 9,980,000 bushels of grain
were traded in. Prior to this the great
day on change was Friday, Aug. 14, which
did not prove an unlucky day, as 9,554,000
bushels changed' hands.
The other record broken was in the
actual sale of grain on floor. One hundred
•and sixty cars of cash wheat were sold to
dealers and thirty were sold to arrive.
This total of 190 cars breaks the record
toy at least forty cars. Whenever the
option business in the pit is. unusually
active, actual grain sales increase in sym
pathy and keep pace-with the business at
the other side of the room.
John. IV. Jochim of Ishpeming-, Mich.,
Is a Candidate.
Special to The Journal.
Ishpeming, Mich., Nov. 30. — John W.
Jochim, ex-secretary of state, is a candi
date for a nomination to congress in the
twelfth district. At a meeting of prom
inent Scandinavians in the district at
Menominee a short time ago Jochim was
urged by his countrymen present to do
so. He is one of the best known Scandi
navians in the northwest and is engaged
in the retail hardware business here.
Washington, D. C, Nov. 30.(Special.)
—The following patents were issued this
week to Minnesota and Dakota inventors,
as reported by Williamson & Merchant,
I Patent Attorneys, 929-935 Guaranty Bldg.,
I Minneapolis, Minn.; Delbert E. Barton,
: Minneapolis, Minn., sulky-plow; Sawan
! Bensgton, St. Paul,Minn., computing scale;
| John Caldwell, Minneapolis, Minn., leath
er-stretching device; T. C. Hargreaves &
Jos. Rothwell, Minneapolis, Minn., vari
able discharge nozzle; Charles G. Holm
berg, Woonsocket, S. D., engine; P. W.
Inden, Duluth, Minn., resophone for tele
graph instruments; W. C. Kammerer, St.
Paul, Minn., machine for applying varn
ish; W. G. Lenderson, St. Paul, Minn.,
portable seat for vehicles; C. L. Mont
fort, St. Paul, Minn., hat, coat and parcel
rack; J. L. Roerig, Lake Crystal, Minn.,
belt-guide and shifter; R. S. Stapleton,
Hannah, N. D., tripod.
New Former United States Senator
Roach, of North Dakota, who is ill at a pri
vate sanatorium is this city, is better.
Cleveland—Senator Hanna gave $5,000 as his
subscription to the Cleveland committee of i
the National McKinley Memorial Associa
Pittsburg— various sublodges of the
Amalgamated Association have voted on the
proposition to make the scale now running
extend over a period of three years, and have \
almost unanimously rejected the proposition. I
The scale will expire June SO, 1902.
New York— States Judge Thomas
has deeded in favor of the ruling of the
treasury department at Washington in the
case of Thomas Boden of Philadelphia, The
decision prohibits Boden, a supposed con
sumptive, from remaining in the country.
New York—A Roman bronze tablet, to the
memory of the late President McKinley, will
be sent to Washington in a few days as a
tribute from the Italian residents of the
United States. ". President Roosevelt will be
requested to give the tablet (a \ place in the
capitol. . }- ;"
Washington—The remains of Mrs. Mary
Byrd Dallas, widow of Commodore Alexander
Dallas, were interred in the Congressional
cemetery. Mrs. Dallas was the great grand
daughter of Betty Washington, George Wash
ington's sister, and the sister-in-law of Prince
Achilla Murat }„<£: <--;.
New York— Cooksey is attempting to
collect a claim against the estate of the late
Marcus Daly, the Montana millionaire. •. He
claims Mr. Daly agreed to subscribe $50,000
to the erection of a monument to the mem
ory of the confederate soldiers who died in
the civil war. ... •/.- _ ■'; j>: w-.: .•;,
St. Louis—Theodore Duddleston, confiden
tial clerk; at the National Stockyards Bank,
East St. Louis, confessed to C J. Knox, pres
ident of the bank, that his books showed a
shortage of between $11,000 and $12,000. The
money, he said, was lost in speculation, prin
cipally in cattle.
Buffalo—Winners of gold, silver and brome
medals at the Pan-American exposition must
pay the cost of manufacturing of the medals.
Birmingham, Ala.James B. King, a saw
mill owner, was arrested at Leeds on an in
dictment found by the grand Jury, charging
him with taking part in the lynching of
Charles Bennett,.a negro. .;* • ,-,.+
Cleveland—Senator Mark A. Hanna is great
ly annoyed over the reports sent out from
Washington that he is not on good terms at
the White House. When his attention; was
called to • this report again, he vehemently
denied it. "It's a lie," he exclaimed. "When
I go down to Washington, I'm going to cut
off communications with the papers which
publish such rot." V-V-v; v
Ottawa, Application will be made to
parliament next session for an act to in
corporate a company under the name of the
"St. Joseph and Lake • Huron Ship Canal
company,' with all necessary powers to con- I
struct,... operate and ■ maintain canals so . lo
cated as to make a navigable waterway from j
some point on the east shore of L___ Huron i
to point Lake Brie. ) : ; v> .• „, »■. WWH!
Supreme Court Cannot Keep Up With
the Work-Old Bill to Be
Pushed. .
Special to Tho Journal.
Dee Moines, lowa, Nov. 30.—-(Representa
tive M. IL. Temple of Clarke county, chair
man of the judiciary committee of the
house in the twenty-eighth general as
sembly, has announced his intention of
(bringing forward again the bill for the
establishment of an appellate court of the
state. He is convinced the supreme court
la overburdened and that it is impossi
ble for it to take care of the large and
rapidly increasing, business that come
before it.
" The appellate court would be intended
to have final jurisdiction in many cases
involving small sums of money and ques
tions of relatively little importance. A
measure of this kind was introduced at
the last session but failed. Mr. Temple,
who is one of the foremost attorneys of
the state, says he is convinced it will be
enacted this session. He will make some
revisions in the old bill, following largely
the Illinois law.
Mr. Temple is also furthering a move
ment to increase the salaries of the dis
trict Judges from $2,600 a year to $4,000
and to raise those of the supreme judges
from $4,000 to $6,000. ■-■; -..»---jy.
Hepburn of lowa Would Curtail the
Speaker _ Power.
New York Stan Special Service
Washington, Nov. 30.—There will be
only one point of disagreement in the re
publican house caucus to-day. That will
be over the proposition to amend the
rules. This will come from Representa
tive (Hepburn of lowa, who desires to
curtail the power of his colleague • from
lowa, Speaker Henderson. A good many
members don't anticipate much of a scrap
over this proposition, as they do not re
gard Mr. Hepburn as entirely serious.
It is an old hobby with him and he has
to be consistent and oppose the centering
of all power in Speaker Henderson as he
did when Thomas B. Reed was in the
chair. There are a good many republican
members who would Join Hepburn in his
fight to amend the rules if they thought
him in the fight to stay. But in the last
caucus he made the same proposition to
amend the rules, with the understanding
that there would be no vote. Mr. Hep
burn, however, says that he will make
an earnest effort In the caucus to have
the rules changed. His principal objec
tion to the old rules is against the one
which places the power of recognition
in the speaker, making him the autocrat
of the house. Hepburn will move to strike
out the words "and being recognized"
from the first rule on debate, leaving it so
that the speaker must recognize the first
member addressing the chair. This would
take from the speaker the autocratic
power of refusing to recognize a member
of the house and saying who should and
who should not have the floor for debate.
Hepburn says that this right of recogni
tion makes the speaker more powerful
that the president.
Rural Delivery Extension "Will Be
Delayed, Says Jenkins.
Special to The Journal.
New Richmond, Wis., Nov. 30.—Accord
ing to a letter from Congressman Jenkins
no more free rural delivery routes will be
established, nor will the "service be ex
tended, nor will any more routes inspect
ed and approved last summer be put in op
eration until congress makes another ap
propriation. The money set aside by Un
cle Sam for extending the service has been
exhausted. - Congressman Jenkins says:
"The trouble is we could not get any
body to make application when the field
was oj>en, but all at once they sprung up
from all parts of the nation, and every
body demands the service at once. The
people will now have to be patient. This
great revolution in the mail service can
not be established in a day. ; It takes
time. Somebody must be first and some
body must be last. There never has been
any favoritism shown in any place or
any section of the country. Ultimately,
this service will be solid all over the
Minister Slorer, at Madrid, Is to Be
New York Sun Special Servioe
Madrid, Nov. 30. —It is rumored here
that United States Minister Bellamy
Storer will shortly 1. transferred to
another post in Europe.
ManilaAn operation was performed on
Governor Taft yesterday morning. It was
successful and the governor expects to start
for Washington Dec. 10 to confer with Secre
tary Root and recuperate.
Vienna—Herr Wolf has been forced to retire
from parliament. His case is similar to that
of Charles Stewart Parnell. He will shortly
figure as co-respondent in a divorce case.
The injured husband is Professor Seidl.
Liverpool— shipping weekly, Fair Play,
hears that a gigantic scheme is in contempla
tion by which a United States syndicate would
acquire the whole of the Clyde shipyards,
either by purchasing them outright or by
effecting a combination on the lines of the
United States Steel Corporation.
St Petersburg— reports have
been received here from Irkutsk relative to
the wholesale operations of robbers on the
trans-Siberian railway. Many tourists are
said to have suffered heavily. The robbers
charge the air of night, coaches with nar
cotics and then rob the passengers while
they are asleep.
Rome—Much excitement has been caused in
Roman society over the presence' of Count
Camillo Pecci, a nephew of the pope, at the
Thanksgiving reception held by George yon L.
Meyer, United States ambassador to Italy.
This ls the first occasion when a relative of
the pontiff has been : present at any cere
mony given by the representative of a for
eign power. - ':'J'','M^-':\St
London—Seemingly fearing an alliance be
tween the Pro-Bullerites and the pro-Boers
during the demonstration to be held to-mor
row in Hyde Park in sympathy with General
Buller, the Standard this morning semioffi
cially warns General Buller that unless he
checks- the extravagance of his partizans the
government may be compelled to make fur
ther disclosures which will cause a revulsion
of feeling against the general.
Smart Weed and Belladonna, combined
with - the . other ingred/ients used in the
best porous plasters, make Carter's S.
W. & B. Backache Plasters the best in
the market. Price 25 cents.
Cured Itching and
Protruding Piles.
Mr. Phil Owens, of So. .Omaha, writes:
"After suffering two years from an aggra
vated case of Itching and* \ protruding
piles, I was cured by a single 50 cent
package of the Pyramid Pile Cure pur
chased from a local druggist."x For sale
by all druggists. -Little Book, "Piles,
, Causes. and Cure," mailed. free. .-„ Pyramid
' Drug . company, Marshall,> Mich.
4&aoP EST Sana \A# f^^i jpi-% §§
-—: : - =
..■•■■■. -r-- : ; ;
The following Is taken from a few of our endorsements. We
Invite you to call and see the originals. '•
i,.■:. - * . ' \
Los Angeles, Cal., Oct. 29, 1901. . Los Angeles, Cal., Oct. 31,1901.
Mr. R. D. Robinson, City. "We have sold the management of
"Dar §$ J?lir^ffthcpaSttW^V the Potomac Oil Company many
months the Oil Company in which _, _ __„ - . , .
you are interested, and.yourself per- thousands of dollars worth of casing
sonally, have deposited with this and other oil well supplies.
bank over a quarter of a million of "The Potomac property is recog
dollars. . .
"Your business with us has been nized as a fine one and its manage
entirely satisfactory, and everything ment is unquestionably a good one
has been conducted in a straight-f or- with much experience in the business."
ward and business-like manner." •■;•; ■
(From another bank.) Los Angeles, Cal., Oct. 31, 1901.
Los Angeles, Cal., Nov. 8,1901. "We have had many pleasant tran-
Yours of this date has been received. _. ,_, ■_. . - / _ „,
We take pleasure in saying that Po- pactions with the management of the
tomac Oil Company's account with Potomac Oil Company, having sold
this bank has been entirely satisfac- them several thousand dollars' worth
tory, and we hope the same pleasant .•-■ t ; v. „- . . .. , £
relations will continue. of machinery. We installed one of
The production of your Kernßiver our air compressor pumping plants
yelis. __?.. c, vidci. ccd by you,r c° .tr *ct for this company, their big wells be
ror 15,000 barrels per month with the : ncr _.«__ v. tv... if ,„ __ „-> «-..„.;-._ i .-,
Pacific Coast Oil Company,which has .5? SU^ tha * xt . sas5 as "ot P ractl? al *>
been exhibited to us,givcs great prom- pu ™£ them by the ordinary methods,
ise of the success of your company 'We can say, without hesitation,
with the increased development of that their property is first-class and
your proven territory." the management a very capable one."
The originals of the above letters were
written by some of the largest business houses
and bankers to be found on the Pacific Coast.
We have the originals together with many
others and shall be pleased to show them to
any one interested.

See the Facts I
_P_r MM IW Jf_y,_„ fit _7_tii/_? Mm _HL_-_-_r ___f _V_H ttttattßk BB fff
JpTaf ftttf Mm mhSbSt f_s_r XaffiSsy faff t^ mffjs 7 ggf g^p jyf Ago) H£g \m M \ m^m W
Makes no statement it CANNOT It has never had to abandon a well
PROVE. for an cause.
Owns Two Thousand Acres of Oil It broke the Kern River field record
Lands. in the drilling of its Twenty
f . •'"_.■" „ a.* - ... seventh well, having finished it
It has no debts of any kind. . •*?•-_. _-_
** in only Sixteen Days.
It has Twenty-Seven Wells. ¥ - -
It does no development by contract.
It is drilling the Twenty-eighth.
... iy. „ ... i. -,- '■ •;"- ... It owns four first class drilling
It is ready to drill the Twenty-ninth. outfit
It has ordered derricks for Nos. 30, __.'.-.. ■'". ' . ''.
. . > It is continually increasing its out
-6\ and 6*. # put and will soon be producing a
It has a production of ONE THOU- HALF MILLION BARRELS AN--
It has an annual production of It will pay Its present and future
THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY earnings to its stockholders in
It sells its oil under contract to the It will use funds derived from the
great Standard Oil Company. sale of its Treasury stock; to
.a. tea '-'. .. ••■■•■■■•■■■•■■■-■ v;-' . continue development.
It has spent a vast , amount of v ~
money in development. It has the written endorsement of
It has the most completely equip- numerous stockholders, who
ped oil plants in the entire Cali- have personally inspected the
* * properties,
fornia Oil Fields. " " : \ -#\
via . . , . It has the written endorsement of
It has a management of vast ex- r _ __. , _._: < Vv
. 6 some of the largest banks, man-*
. penence> ufacturers and merchants to
It has never drilled a "Dry Well." be found on the Pacific Coast.
— mm bm^m^_«__^-_■_—_———_~——____________»___—________—«__—___.
With the above endorsements Is It any wonder that our stock
Is being rapidly sold? This opportunity will soon pass.
Order before It Is too late. Stock now selling at
(Par Value $1.00. Full paid; -assessable.)
HOME OFFICES: Potomac Building, Los Angolos, Bal.
MINNEAPOLIS OFFICE: 523-624 Andrus Building, ""TAi?"*'
■'■'.X ..-_.*-■»

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