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Mortgagee Sued lor Being 1 (he Whole
•Special to The Journal.
Webster City, lowa, Dec. 17. —A pecu
liar damage case, C. F. McCoy via. John
Robinson, was tried in district court.
Robinson held two notes against McCoy,
amounting to $650, secured by a mortgage
upon farm implements and a team of
horses. McCoy lived upon a farm belong
ing to Robinson. He moved off before
the season was over and Robinson fore
closed the mortgage. He hold a sale, at
which, only eight persons were present,
three of whom were his farm hands,
Auctioned .the stuff off himself and bought
It all, paying $414, which he applied upon
the notes he held. McCoy brought suit
against him, alleging that the property
thus sold was worth $950, and asking $1,000
damages besides. The Jurors disagreed,
though all were in favor of granting some
thing to McCoy. They were, however,
unable to agree upon .the sum to be al
Charles O. Hoi man Met III* Death at
Xorth McGregor.
Special to The Journal.
Mason City, lowa, Dec. Charles O.
Holman, an engineer on the Milwaukee,
was killed by his engine in the North
McGregor yards this morning.
Special to The Journal.
Webster City, lowa, Dec. 17.—The tax fer
ret system of collecting delinquent taxes has
been neither successful nor popular with .the
people of this city and county. Six tax cases
have been decided adversely to the ferrets.
Three were against banks In different parts
of the county and three against individuals.
In every ease brought by the -ferrets they
have been defeated. Of course they found
some who knew themselves to be delinquent
and who settled out of court to avoid pub
licity. On the whole, however, the work of
the torrets In this city has been unsuccessful.
Special to The Journal.
Chaeka, Minn., Dec. 17.— Mrs. Teske, wife
of Alderman Teske, died of smallpox. She
v as one of the best known -women of Carver
county, being the daughter of Rev. Mr.
Raedeke of Carver and a sister of Rev. H. .1
Raedeke of this city.— council and school
board have decided to open the schools again
Monday, Jan. 6.—Henry and Louis Kloos
have gone Into bankruptcy, much to the as
tonishment of Chaska people.—The Moravian
and German Lutheran churches will hold no
Christmas services this year, they having
been closed on account of smallpox.
AH Novoifies.
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Lower Court Gave a Wrong Defini
tion oi ''Larceny"—Other
Cane* at Madison.
Special to The Journal.
Madison, Wls., Dec. 17.—A new trial was
granted by the supremo court .to-day to
H. \Y. McAllister, who is serving in
prison for an assault upon a young woman
at Superior. McAdister is remanded to
the custody of the sheriff of Douglas
county pending a retrial. The reversal
is mainly on the course of instructions to
the jury in the finding of a reasonable
William Fetkenhaur, who wa» convicted
of stealing a bushel and a half of buck
wheat from Mrs. P. D. Armour's farm near
Waukesha, was also granted a new trial,
the reversal being uue to an error of the
lower court In denning larceny to the
Arguments were heard by the supreme
court to-day on the writ of habeas corpus
by which It is sought to secure the release
from prison of George Linden, serving a
term for burglary at Fond dv Lac. Linden
was sent to the state reformatory, but
was transferred to the prison by the board
of control. The contention of his at
torneys is that this was the exercise of a
judicial function by that body. Linden
was in court, having been brought here
by Warden McClaughery.
Old Stillwater Renident Pavaei Array
in a City Hospital.
Special to The Journal.
Stillwater, Minn., Dec. 17.—Captain A.
R. Young, a former resident of Stillwater,
died last night at St. Barnabas hospital In
Minneapolis from the bursting of a blood
vessel. He was a member of St. John's
Lodge, A. F. & A. M., of Stillwater, and
the remains will be buried here under the
auspices of that order. He was about 75
years of a.ge. The funeral will be held
from the First Presbyterian churoh to
morrow afternoon^
St. John's Lodge, A. F. & A. M., naß
elected the following officers: H. W.
Davis, W. M.; H. F. Smith, S. W.; Roy G.
Staptes, J. W.; T. H. Warren, treasurer;
F. A. Lenox, secretary; Williem Smith
son, trustee
The poor farm hearing is still under
way. The scene shifted to-day to the
poor farm itself, and inmates are having
an opportunity to state their grievances.
One of the charges against Jarchow Is
that the fodo has been poor and insuffi
Thef uneral of Martin Beeska, who dded
Saturday morning in the hospital, was
held this afternoon from the German
Catholic church. The interment was in
the South Stillwater cemetery.
At the Bon Amis Bowling Club meeting
last night, Hoyt Kenyon made the high
score and high average—l 94 and 181 re
Company X's first basket ball team will
go to Minneapolis to-night to meet a team
of Company B men.
John Ogren last night shipped three car
loads of horses to his lumber camps on
the Snake and Tamarack and will begin
log hauling at once.
Troublesome Prisoner Given a Four-
Hour Shower Bath.
Special to The Journal.
Marshalltown, lowa, Dec. 17. —Sheriff
Binegar of Poweshiek county was attacked
by a prisoner in the jail at Montezuma
and found it necessary to discharge a
shotgun in the direction of his assailant
to save his life. He did not aim at the
prisoner, but came uncomfortable close.
This, however, did not seem to deter his
The sheriff and his deputy attached a
hose to the hydrant and for four hours
played it upon the obstreperous prisoner
before he would obey. The man 1b being
held for attempted murder of a neighbor
during a quarrel over $2. He is a farmer
named Gashe and will no doubt get a
long term.
Special to The Journal.
Marshalltown, lowa, Dec. 17.— J. P. Hesson,
I a wealthy stockman of Story counts, died
I suddenly. He was buried at Xevada. He was
| well known in this section of the state.
Senator Nelson on Four Com
mittees and Chairman
of One.
Clapp Has Seven Places and
Dakotans Well Pro
vided For.
o . .0
: Nelson, Improvement :
: of the Mississippi river and trib- :
: utaries (chairman), judiciary, pub- :
: lie lands, territories, railroads. :
: ' Clapp, Minnesotalnterstate com- :
: merce, Indian affairs, claims, edu- :
: cation and labor, engrossed bills, :
: examination of branches of the civil :
: service (chairman), transportation :
: and sale of meat products. :
: Hansbrough, North Dakota— :
: Finance, public lands, agriculture :
: and forestry, District of Columbia, :
: library. :'
: McCumber, North Dakota— lndian :
:.. affairs, public buildings and grounds, :
: claims, manufactures, pensions, :
: transportation and sale of meat :
: products. :
: Kittredge, South Dakota— :
: oceanic canals, claims, establish :
: ment of University of the United :
: States, patents, five civilized tribe's :
: of Indian territory, standards, :
: weights and measures. :
:- Gamble, South Dakota—lndian :
: depredations (chairman), public :
: lands, census, private land claims, :
: transportation routes to the sea- :
: board. - :j
o 0
From The Journal Bureau, Boom 4,5, Pott
Building, Washington.
Washington, Dec. 17. —Senator Nelson,
who was a member of the committee
which selected the standing senate com
mittees announced to-day, probably feels
well satisfied with his assignments.
He retains his old chairmanship of inr=~
provements of the Mississippi river with
its splendid new room in the old library
wing of the capitol and goes on to com
mittees on judiciary and territories, two
imoprtant places. He drops the commit
tee on university of the United States.
Senator Clapp's chairmanship of the
civil service committee carries commit
tee-room in the terrace of the capitol,
which Nelson ooucpled for years. His
Indian affairs committee place is impor
tant to the Northwest.
As member of the committee on edu
cation and labor he will help draft legisla
tion growing out of the voluminous report
of the industrial commission. Senator
Hansbrough holds the same places he had
in the last congress.
Nelson goes on the Philippine affairs
committee, which will probably have very
little to do next year.
McCumber goes on committee on public
buildings and grounds and goes off the
committee to investigate -trespasses on
public lands. His chairmanship is new.
Otherwise his assignments are un
changed. . ,
Senator Kittredge is chairman of a
j newly created committee on standards,
weights and measures. All the senators
from the northwest felt satisfied with
their committee places.
... . .'.. —W. W. Jermane.
Washington, Dec. 17.— The republican
senators met in caucus to-day to hear the
report of the committee which had com
pleted the republican asignments. The
report was made by Senator Platt of Con
necticut, chairman of the committee. The
report of the committee was adopted and
the republican membership of the senate
committees will be as follows:
Appropriations—AlMson, Hale Cullom, Per
kins, Sewell, Warren, Wetmore, Quay.
Finance—Aldrich, Allison, Platt (Connecti
cut), Burrows, Platt (New York), Hans
brough, Spooner, Jones (Nevada).
Foreign Relations—Cullom, Frye, Lodge,
Clark (Wyoming), Foraker, Spooner, Fair
banks and Kean.
Commerce—Frye, McMillan, Elklns, Nelson,
Gallinger, Penrose, Hanna, Mason, Depew,
Jones (Nevada), Perkins.
Judiciary—Hoar, Platt (Connecticut), Clark
(Wyoming), Fairbanks, Simon, Nelson, Mc-
Comas, Depew. '
Interstate Commerce —Elkins, Cullom, Aid
rich, Kean, Dolliver, Foraker, Clapp, Mil
luteroceanic Canals'—Hawley, Platt (New
York), Hanna, Pritchard, Mitchell, Millard,
Naval Affairs—Hale, Perkins, McMillan,
Platt (New York), Hanna, Penrose, Gal
Philippines—Lodge, Allison, Hale, Proctor,
Beverldge, Burrows, McComas, Dietrich.
Military Affairs—Hawley, Proctor, Sewell,
Warren, Burrows, Quarles, Scott.
Postoffices and Post Roads—Mason, Pen
rose, Elkins', Dolliver, Lodge, Deboe, Bever
idge, Dillingham, Mitchell.
Privileges and Elections—Burrows, Hoar,
Pritchard, McComas, Foraker, Depew, Bever
ldge, Dillingham.
Relations with Cuba—Platt (Connecticut),
Aldrich, Cullom, McMillan, Spooner, Deboe,'
Pacific Islands and Porto Rico—Foraker,De
pew, Wetmore, Foster (Washington), Mitchell,
Kearns, Burton.
Public Lands—Hansbrough, Nelson, Clark
(Wyoming), Bard, Kearns, Gamble, Burton,
Indian Affairs—Stewart, Platt (Connecticut),
Quarles', McCumber, Bard, Quay, Clapp, Gam
ble, McLaurin (South Carolina.
Agriculture and Forestry—Proctor, Hane
brough, Warren, Foster (Washington), Dol
liver, Quarles, Quay.
District of Columbia—McMillan, Gallinger,
Hansbrough, Pritchard, Stewart, Dillingham]
Foster (Washington), Wellington.
Public Buildings and Grounds—Fairbanks,
Warren, Simon, Scott, Quales, McCumber]
Territories—Beverldge, Sewell, Dillingham,
Nelson, Bard, Quay, Burnham.
Rules—Spooner, Aldrich, Hoar, Elkins.
Census—Quarles, Hale, Platt (N. V.), Mc-
Cumber, MoComas, Buhton, Gamble.
Claims—Warren, Mason, Stewart, McCum
ber, Kean, Clapp, Burnham, Kittredge Mc-
Laurin (S. C).
Printing—Platt (N. V.),' Elkins.
Immigration—Penrose, Fairbanks, Lodge,
Mason, Sewell, Proctor.
Coast and Insular. Survey—Foster (Wash.),
Hawley, McMillan, Fairbanks. Wellington.
Audit and Control of Contingent Expenses
of the Senate—Jones (Nevada), Gallinger,
Civil Service and Retrenchment—Perkirus,
Lodge, Elkins, Platt (N. V.), Millard.
Coast Defenses—Mitchell, Hawley, Bur
rows, Penrose, Dietrich, Wellington.
Corporations Organized in the District of
Columbia—Aldrich, MoMillan, Wellington.
Education and Labor—McComas, Penro6e,
Doiliver, Clapp, Burnham.
Engrossed Bills—Hoar, Clapp.
Enrolled Bills—Sewell and Hanna. t
Establish the University of the United
States—Deboe, Frye, Foraker, Wetmore
Burnham, Kittredge, Wellington.
Examine tin; Several Branches of the Civil
Service—Clapp, Foraker, Hoar, Deboe.
Fisheries—Bard, Proctor, Frye, Mason.
Forest Reservation end the Protection of
Game—'Burton, Depew, Perkins, Claxk (Wyo )
Priteherd, Kearns, Kittredge.
Geological Survey—Kean, Elkin«, Allison
Improvement Mississippi River and "ts
Tributaries—Nelson, Dolliver, Millard and
MciLaurin (S. C).
Indian Depredations—Gamble, Deboe, Bev
eridge, Dillingham, Kearns, Dietrich.
Irrigation and Reclamation of Arid Lands
—Simon, Warren, Stewart, Quarles, Bard,
Quay, Kearns, Detrich.
Library—Wetmore and Hansbrough. "
Manufactures—McCumber, Mason, Foster
(Washington), McLaurin (South Carolina).
Mines and Mining—Scott, Stewart, Hanna,
, Clark (Wyoming), Kearnß.
Orgaaization, Conduct and Expenses of the '
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Executive Department—Quay,' Wetmore, Ma
son, Beveridge, McLaurin (South Carolina).
Pacific Railroads—Dolliver, Frye, Foraker,
Stewart, Millard.
Patentß—Pritchard, Platt (Connecticut), Mc-
Comas, Kittredge.
Pensions—Galllnger, Pritchard, Deboe, Mc-
Cumber, Scott, Foster, Burton, Simon.
Private Land Claims—Hale, Kean, Gamble,
Public Health and National Quarantine — (
Jones (Nevada), Gallinger, Spooner, Deboe,
Railroads —Clark (Wyoming), Nelson, Lodge,
Hawley, Wetmore, Scott, Bard.
Relations with Canada—Hanna, Hoar, Hale,
Fairbanks, Cullom.
Revision of the Laws of the United States
—Depew, Burrows, Pritchard, Mitchell^ Burn
Revolutionary Claims—Simon, Gallinger,
Transportation Routes to the Seaboard—
Dillingham, Clark (Wyoming), Perkins, Gam
ble, McLaurin.
Select CommitteeH.
Investigate the Condition of Potomac River
Front at Washington—Millard, Frye, Scott,
Woman Suffrage—Wetmore, Bard, Mitchell.
Additional Accommodations for the Library
of Congress—Cullom, Allison, Mitchell.
Five Civilized Tribes of Indians—Burton,
Dietrich, Kittredge.
Transportation and Sale of Meat Products—
McCumber, McComas, Clapp.
Industrial Expositions—Burnham, Hawley,
Hansbrough, Lodge, Scott, Wellington, Mc-
National Banks—Kearns, Burrows, Penrose.
Investigate Tiespassers Upon Indian Lands
—Dietrich, Simon.
Standards, Weights and Measures—Kitt
redge, Simon and Dolliver.
Special to The Journal.
Blooming Prairie, Minn., Dec. 17.—The
Veblen-Hagna Lumber company, which has
been doing business for two years as a co
partnership, haß filed articles of incorpora
tion with a capital stock of $50,000. The offi
cers are O. A. Veblen, president; N. N. Hag
na, vice-president; J. E. Voblen, secretary
and treasurer. —At a resent meeting of the
directors of the Steele County Telephone
company, it was decided to make extensive
additions, including lines to Waltbain, Gene
va and Ellendate.
Springfield, Ohio, Dee. 17.—Miss Eleanor
Ludlow, niece of ex-Governor Bushnell, said
to-day: 'There Ib positively no truth in the I
repcrt of the engagement of Captain I
inond P. Hebaon and myself."
Winter Tourist Rate*.
Great reduction In rates to all winter
resorts. Call on Minneapolis & St. Louis
Afternoon Train for Hnioblmon.
Train leaves Minneapolis for Hutchin
*on, via Great Northern Railw*-*- «.t 6;05
' d. m. daily except Sunday
Philadelphia Record.
Professor Galton's theory that the human
breed might be easily improved by the spe
cial training of the offspring of efficient per
sons is constantly receiving hard knocks
when one notes how uncertain is the descent
of efficiency in given cases. One of the Pull
man boys, for instance, is dead, and neither
he nor his brother ever exhibited any of the
*^^^^E °2SS£ ~ Observation Cafe Car
J. "^ifl Northwestern
THtTRAIN/ >^^\ A Leaves either end of the line after the
:inL Iff mil # *ra \ • "
tor \ozlmW \popular business day is over and arrives destina=
the, i^^^ 1 train tion at early bed time.
BUSY 1 '@3j£3h I WITH
MAN N^^^|^ LADIES* 4 13 Nicollet Ay., Minneapolis.
V ' XrSjffi;, 382 Robert St., St. Paul, Minn.
DECEMBER 17, 1901.
parental traits. Perhaps if both boys had
been specially trained with high purposes in
view, they might have stood for more than
they did; but it is to be feared that any
selection of youths likely to possess sup
posed mental and moral and physical gifts
would be anything but successful, even were
the experiment practicable. There is niany
a slip between infancy and manhood, and
even training will not accomplish everything;
nor opportunity. <
Brooklyn Eagle.
Vermilye—l fear poor Dolittle is in
for a hen-pecked existence.
Brinkerhoff —You are jealous.
Vermilye—Hardly! He says the other
day. Miss Naggs told him she didn't
think that engaged people should have
any secrets from each other.

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