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Goods that we wish to move before stock taking—CHAlßS,
1 Mahogany Sewing Table $15.00 Sale Price $10.00
1 Mahogany Sewing Table $18.00 Sale Price $ 1 0.00
1 Mahogany Sewing Table §30.00 Sale Price $18.00
1 Ladies' Writing Desk $18.00 Sale Price $12.50
1 Ladies' Writing Desk $15.00 Sale Price $ 1 0.00
1 Ladies' Writing Desk $28.00 Sale Price $20.00
1 Weathered Oak Shaving Stand... $15.00 Sale Price $ 9.50
1 Large Rattan Chair $22.00 Sale Price $14.00
1 Rattan Chair.pockets, reading shelf $20.00 Sale Price $13.50
1 Weathered Oak Cellarette $18.00 Sale Price $14.00
1 Weathered Oak Smokers' Cabinet $10.00 Sale Price $ 8.50
1 Large Brass Jardiniere $18.00 Sale Price $12.00
20% Discount on all Christmas Goods
-■..'•■ „ ■•■■■•.■■
A grand opportunity at the last moment to supply your CHRIST
1 Davenport, covered in .Bokhara cloth, value Ifrflih^HY tf&dV
880.00. Price to-morrow 9OUiVU
These are a few of our many bargains:
IIAASkC V £>/>VfeSV tTßfe. open* evenings.
You hardly know what will be the
most acceptable?
'-a^i^3fc-*^ Jl I %a/ H!'U 1W •
Useful, beautiful—a permanent memento.
The Beard Art Co.
Will not be complete with
out some of the
delicious Frozen Dainties
for dessert.
Great care will be taken that
all Cream are very nice, only the
heavy double cream and finest of
fruit flavors are used in our
Creams and Ices. Extra pains
will be given both to the making
and promptness of delivery of
our Xmas Special
Nesseipode Pudding
Regular price 60c per quart. Special
price Christmas,
1qt..,40c 2qt5...75c
This Is our largest Ice Cream day and
we must insist that all orders be in
Tuesday. Positively no orders taken
"We are large shippers of Baltimore
Oysters—received daily by express. The
largest and finest Oysters in the city.
Standards, solid &!&&%*-.
meats, qt %3 If G
Selects, extra El d£l _
large, qt 4iG
The Crescent Creamery Co.,
618-620 HENNEPIN.
Genuine Jtendi fi»oaij j
lionet, sets.*.....
I Brush and Combs, Sterling silver
I trimmings, put up in fj* d| Aa?
I silk-lined box, at <& ta£ %$
I Bonnet Brush, extra fl*-f g&glk
I large size 9 I alllP
I Large sizes Clothes Brush. ..$ .38
§ Set of Military Brushes $1.55
1 All with Sterling silver trimmings and will
g engrave same free of charge.
Cranberries, fancy, per quart, 9c.
Lemons, thin-skinned, per dozen, 15c.
Choice Florida Russet Oranges, per
dozen, 25c.
Grape iFruit, each 10c.
Fancy Bananas, per dozen, 20c.
New Dates, per Ib, 7c.
Thin-skinned California Figs, per lb, Be.
Shelled Almonds, per lb, 28c.
Sweet Cider, per gallon, 25c.
Heinz Mince Meat, per lb, 12c.
G. & D. Plum Pudding, per can, 23c.
Asparagus Tips, per can, 210.
Pate de J*ole, per jar, 75c.
Maraschino Cherries, large bottles,
Imported Orange Marmalade, per jar
Quava Jelly, large Jars, 30c.
Bar le Due Jelly, per jar, 35c.
Grape Fruit Marmalade, per jar, 45c.
' Brie Cheese, rich and creamy, per lb,
Genuine Imported Camembert, each 40c.
2 for 25c size; per box of 50, $4.00.
Calhoun, a large 10c cigar, per box of
I- 50, $3.70. I .
Rasasoa, clear Havana, small, per box
of R $1.84. .. .'. *
624 Nicollet Aye.
Don't forget to order your Christinas Al
legrettis tomorrow—Christmas would not
be complete without this most delicious
candy. We have just received a large
fresh supply for your needs.
6 pounds $300
3 pounds $1.80
1 pounds $1.20
1 pound 60c
% pound 30c
C. H. Cirkler,
Druggist. 602 Nicollet.
Art Novelties.
Prices Reduced on All Lines from
25%™ 50%
- The 25c Sunbonnet
'rS \ \ Pictures at
%g|ki IIC
Qeo. W. Parker
SpecisaS For Xmas Dinner
IS X a*i 0m m a /» the most delicious
iSDy© Ice Cream served.
™ It consists of the
finest pastry, such as lady fingers,
niaccaroons, vanilla wafers, pulver
ized, mixed and frozen with tho
heaviest whipping Cream and flav
ored with the finest Extracts procur
able. Regular price per quart, 50c.
For Xmas, *J| 4f> _ 2 ■» a
1 quart, O*JPC qts., f^iPO
No Orders Taken Xtnas Morning.
309 Hennepin Aye.
Telephone 914 (both lines.)
Whiskey, 20 years old, 1881 W. A.
Games & Co. Old Crow, full
quart bottles, $2.50.
Old Crow, 1890, per quart, $1.50
Old Crow, 1898, full quarts, 80c.
Chateau Yquem, per bottle, $1.25.
White Tokay, per bottle, 75c.
White Top Champagne, equal to
the French, per quart, $1.25.
Burgundy, quart bottles, 50c.
Usher's Scotch Whiskey, per bottla
Genuine French Brandy, per bottle
Creme de Menthe, large bottles, &L 75.
Creme de Menthe, Domestic, per bot
tle, $1.25.
A. B. C. Beer, per case, 2 dozen auart3
Grape Juice, large bottles, 38c.
Fancy Turkeys, lie to 12% c per lb.
Geese and Ducks, lie to 12%0 per lb.
Legs of Milk Lamb, 12% a per Ib.
. Bacon, sugar-cured, per lb, 10c. •
Pork Loin, whole, 9%c per lb.
Beef Tender Loin, 22c per lb.
In Social Circles
The date for the junior ball has been set for
Jan. 31, and the •committees in charge are
planning any number of novel features. The
different fraternities will toe ask*>d to decorate
the boxes, each in a fraternity <olor, to be
used as small reception-rooms for the frater
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Merrill announce
the engagement of their daughter May to
CUtrecce Day Shepard o£ Duluth.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Calhoun will give an in
formal dancing party at thplr horn©, 1900 Du
pont avenue S, next Monday evening, for
their son, John Oalhaun.jwho has come fro"m
Dakota for the holidays.
Miss Katherlne (Harris and Stuart Harris
will entertain ninety of the school and cel
lega set Monday evening at a dancing party
at their home on Vine place.
Monday afternoon Mrs. R. H. Passmore will
entertain a group of children at her home on
Clifton avenue for her daughter Charlotte.
Mrs. John Shull will give v theater party
Saturday for her daughter, Miss Edna Shull,
and Miss Laura Harrington, who are home
from Ogont's. Tuesday, Dec. 31, Miss Har
rington will give a luncheon for the college
Miss Conklin will give a luncheon for the
college girls Saturday.
The Neighborhood Dancing Club will have
a holiday party New Year's night in Mrs.
Noble's hall.
The holiday affairs at the Town tnd Coun
try Club -will include a table d'hote dinner
and dance Saturday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Smith celebrated the
thirty-third anniversary of their marriage
Saturday evening at their home on the East
Sida by giving a dinner of sixteen covers.
Miss Alice Hunt, Miss Annette Rollins and
Harry Andrews gave a program of music and
recitations. Mr. and Mrs. George M. Hunt
were the guests of honor. Mrs. Hunt Is a
sister of Mrs. Smith, and were tooth married
by Dr. Tuttle on the same evening.
Saturday evening Miss Mabel Moore gave
a hose shower for Miss May Robertson, a
January bride. The decorations were in red
and green and holly was used in profusion.
Covers were laid for fourteen and a cluster of
red roses marked the bride's place.
Miss Ethel Hulett of E Nineteenth street,
entertained Informally Saturda^ evening for
Miss Lulu Mabey and Lieutenant James
Munro, whese marriage takes place next
month. Music and games were the diversions
and a light supper was served.
Mrs. Royal B. Shute of Crookston is spend
ing the holidays in the city with her parents
and Friday afternoon Miss Jessie Queal gave
a luncheon in her honor. Pink roses were
the table decorations. The guests were Mines,
Shute, McLean, Misses Maud Marshall, Jes
sica Morgan, Jess Mctvor, Grace Slocum.
Meed, Corinne Webster, Nell Brackett and
Margaret Evans.
lienry G. Foote of Boston arrived yesterday
and is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Queal
of Park avenue. Miss Queal and Mr. Foote
will be married Jan. 8.
! Friday evening Miss Rose Whitten enter
tained for Miss Marguerite ohotwell, who is
her guest for the holidays, and for Miss Alice
Fisher. Evergreens and holly decked the
rooms. A contest in which the men dressed
j tiny dolls furnished much amusement. Misses
! Fisher, Courtney ar.d Shotwell sang and a
phonograph and parlor games were other
diversions. A light supper was served. The
guests were Misses Alice Fisher, Marguerite
Shotwell, Daisy Davis, Mac Courtney, Vietz,
Mattie Christienson, Messrs. Ernest Peterson,
Daniel Shotwell, Ralph McKenzie, S. Hang,
Frank Hitchcock, Stone and Dr. Benson.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Worrell of 2039 Stevens
avenue gave an informal party Friday even
ing for Miss Emma Mcßeath of Elk River.
Misses Daisy and Martha Cook gave a musical
program and a supper was served. Thero
were twenty guests.
D. H. Painter, principal of the Adams
{ school, ' and Miss Painter, entertained the
I senior class and its teacher, Miss Anna W.
| Wright, Friday evening at their home on
! Aldrich avenue. Each guest found on a card
I directions for entertaining soin^ p->«»nibpr^ of
the company. Miss Laura Wright, Mi^s Graft
, Tilton and P. H. Forssell gave a mu-i al
i program. The favors were in the class
| schools, cardinal and old gold.
Miss Louise Schrader of Minneapolis and
! Louis Lepper were married Saturday. Dec.
■ 14, in Leadville, Col., at the home of Mr. and
I Mrs. Hicks. D. L. Fleming read the service
j and Mrs. Hicks was matron of honor. The
I brido wore a gown of ashes of roses silk with
! collar of honiton lace and carried pink and
! white roses. The service was followed by a
1 supper. Mr. r.nd M^s. Lepper are at home at
i 211 E Eighth street, Leadville. Mr. Lepper
i is the physical instructor in the public schools
j and for the Leadville Turnvereiu, and the
! Turners will give a reception this week for
I the bridal couple.
The marriage of Miss Margaret Lewis Cas
sidy and William Warvelle Nelson, Christmas
night, will be followed by a large reception
from 9 to 11 -o'clock at the home of the
bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James P. Cas
sldy, 2637 Portland avenue.
! Mrs. Noble's Saturday night dancing class
i had a very pretty Christmas party. All of
the appointments suggested the holiday sea
son. The conventional Christmas tree was
j replaced by a canopy of green and tinsel in
j the center of the hall. This was lighted by
i candles and hung with bright ornaments and
J little sifts which were used as favors. One
I sot was inclosed in white stockings with red
I heels and toes, tipped with bolls. The pro
t grams "were imitations of these stockings.
The other favors were Christmas tree orna
The children's dancing class will have its
holiday party on Saturday afternoon.
Th« Central high school dancing club "will
have a holiday party Friday night at the
Johnson hall.
The Monday Night dancing club has its reg
' ular dancing party to-night at Mrs. Noble's
i hall, and on New Year's eve -will have an ex
tra holiday party.
Personal and Social.
Charles E. Aldrkvh has gone east.
Dr. R. E. iParr is home from Chicago.
Mr. end Mrs. W. A. Hignberger will spend
the holidays in IPittaburg, Pa., where Mr.
Embroidered Handkerchiefs,
Cloisonne Ware Screens. Fancy
Chinese Toys, Ebony Stands,
Fine Canton Ware, Ivory, Bamboo,
Beautiful Porcelain and Pottery.
Thousands of articles selected es
pecially for the Holidays.
TBt CfiINKE STORI, man s; m .
Next to Westminster Church, Open Even'gs
This monogram is on the
bottom of each piece of
Rookwood Pottery, and there
is no Rookwood without it.
Rookwood is imitated.
Rookwood ware is for sale by a dealer
in each of the larger cities and at
Rookwood Pottery, Cincinnati.
Hignberger goes to attend the fourteenth an
nual convention of managers and salesmen
of H. J. Iteinz Co. There will be about 400
assembled from all parts of the globe and
will be iv session ten days, oominencing
.lav. I.
Walter H. Thorp has gone to Detroit, Mich.
Mrs. Florewe Hedding is home from Wi
Miss Alice Fisher is home from Oberlin
Miss Maude Egertou will spend the Christ
mas holidays iv Chicago.
Miss Esther Friedlander oas come from
Mankato fur the holiday*
Charles McMurdy of Grand Forks, N. D.,
is in Minneapolis for the winter.
Mrs. Marie Weber is 'home from the St.
(loud normal school for the vacation.
Mm. F. L. Thompson, Miss Clara Thomp
son and Clyde Duubar are in Durand, Wib.
The Flambeau Club will give a ball New
Year's night in the Fourth ward wigwam.
Mis. Byron A. Morgan was called to Fari
bault last week by the serious illness of her
George A. .MeMullen of Duluth is visiting
Mr. and Mrs. F. Samuelson of 51 Royalston
Mitss Lucy Boardman of 1903 Mount Curve
avenue is home from a two months' visit in
the east.
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Crosss left last
week for New York to spend the Christinas
Minneapolis Lodge, No. 12, A. O. U. W.,
will give ia smoke social iv the new hall
Thursday evening.
Mrs. J. M. Anderson and daughter Grace
of Chicago will spend the holidays with Mrs.
Hunter of Third avenue.
Mrs. Byron H. Kent of Hotel Angelo suf
fered a serious fall on Nk'ollet avenue and is
laid up with a broken arm.
Lincoln camp degree team, 1656, M. W. A.,
will give a ball New Year's eve in the hall,
Sixth and Lyndale avenuea X.
C. B. Adams of Duluth will be the guest
Christmas of his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
\V. H. M. Adams, 923 Eighth street SB.
The ladies of the Cipher Card club will
entertain their husbands Friday evening at
the home of Mrs. Peterson, 2424 Grand avenue.
Mrs. Thomas Lyms of 1321 Fourth avenue
S, will leave this evening to spend two months
in New York with her father, Philip Franklin.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Perry left last night
for Chicago to join their daughters. LuTer
they will go to Elgin to attend a family re
Mr. and Mrs. George Hughes and Marie
Hughes came from Duluth yesterday to
spend the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. Alex
ander Hughes.
Miss Alice E. Sutherland at Chippewa Falls,
Wis., and Misa Florence Winton of Milwau
kee are visiting Mrs. K. M. Sutherland of
the Laurel flats.
Mrs. E. K. Wesner and grandson, E. Ken
neth Wesner of Maquoketa, lowa, are spend
ing the holidays at the home of her son, Mr.
and Mrs. F. W. Weener.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Kleinsorg left for the
east Saturday evening to spend the holidays
with Mr. Kleinborg's family at Fort Wayue,
led. They expect to return about Jan. 10.
Mra George Crocker and children expect to
leave for southern California Thursday mor
ning to spend the remainder of the winter.
Before their return they will visit New Mex
Dr. Charles L. Edwards, professor of nat
ural history in Trinity college, Hartford,
Conn., is spending the holidays with his
mother. Mrs. N. S. Edwards, 500 Eighth
street S.
Mre. James Braekett and little daughter
Louise are visiting Mrs. Brackett's parents,
Jlr. and Mrs. J. E. Gould. Mr. Braekett will
join his wife in February and, after a short
visit, they ■will go to Oregon to reside.
St Paul people at New York hotels to-day
are: J. C. Powers, Park Avenue;. E. O.
Brooks, A. Drezmal, Imperial; Miss I. Kolb,
Murray Hill; A. W. Merriam, Holland; Mr.
and Mrs. C. P. Noyes, L. G. Noyes, Murray
Hill; P. M. Hirsch, L. Rothschild, Criterion.
Duluth: O. D. Klnney, Broadway Central.
X prize masquerade ball will be given
Sunday evening, Dec. 29, in Century hall for
the benefit of the New Congregation Mikro
Kodesh The members of the ohuroh i. sk
for the assistance of the citizens of Minneapo
lis in assusing the success of this event. R.
Brooks is president of the society and J.
Ermanekl vice-president.
Club Calendar.
Authors' Club, 017 Fifth avenue S, evening.
Call for Holiday Donations.
The need for holiday contributions at the
Home for' Children and Aged Women ts un
usually great this year, as the .demands upon
Ihe home have made it necessary to turn the
third story into dormitories. The diphtheria
epidemic has also made Inroads into the re
sources of the home.
Although the custom of sending out Christ
mas bags was started by the home, it will not
be followed this year. Instead, those inter
ested in the home are requested to send toys,
groceries, clothing or other articles directly
to the home, or to notify 'Mrs. J. K. Hosmer,
910 Second avenue S, and a wagon will call
for the donatio»3.
Husbands Give v Program.
The last meeting of the year of the Sunny
sWe Literary Cluto was held at the home of
Mrs. L. F. Thian, 2234 Bryant avenue S, Fri
day evening. The husbands of the members
were the guests of honor, and they furnished
the program. Mr. Strong gave a vocal num
ber, "Woman, Lovely Woman." Mr. Thian
recited "Experiences at a Dog Fight." Mr.
Chamberlain san? "Friends We Never For
get." Mr. Wadsworth gave "The Colored
Servant." Mr. Percival sang "Texas Cow
boy," 'and Mr. Wvman of St. Paul cave a
short talk on "Where St. Paul Stands Vp—ln
the Minneapolis Street Cars."
The following officers for the Congrega
tional church have been elected for the fol
lowing year: R. B. McGrath and R. H.
DeGroodt, trustees for three years. A. A.
Bost, trustee for two years. J. I. Wyer and
R. B. McGrath, deacons. Mrs. Amy Lyman,
treasurer. Miss Ella M. Stratton, clerk.
Herbert Aspden, Sunday School superintend
ent. MiBS Mabel Wyer, chorister. Harry
Clark and Elmer Bardwell, ushers.
"Santa's Surprise," the Christmas cantata
given at the town hall Friday evening un
der the auspices of the ladies of Trinity
chapel, was an unqualified success. The can
tata was an entirely new production and
many catchy features were Introduced.
Excelsior Chapter, No. 20, O. E. S., elected
officers for the ensuing year as follows:
Mrs. Hattie Brisbin, W. M.; L. F. Sampson,
W P.; Mrs. Minnie Elliott. A. M.; W. B.
Mason, secretary; H. E Apgar, treasurer;
Mrs. Lillie E. Mason, C.; Mrs. Clara B.
Shrodes, A. C: Mre. Alice Willard, Adah;
Miss Delia Bddy, Ruth; Mrs. Anna Apgar,
Esther; Mrs. Keith Davidson, Martha; Mrs.
J. McDonald, Electra; Mrs. Dora Miller,
chaplain; Lou Eddy, marshal; Mrs. L. F.
Sampson, warder; J F. Miller, sentinel. The
officers will be installed Jan. 6, 1902, when a
8 o'clock dinner will be served to all Eastern
Stars and their families.
A whist club has been organized, which
will meet each week during the remainder
of the winter. The following officers have
been elected: James I. Wyer, president;
Dr. G. F. Laraul, vice president; George P.
Dickinson, treasurer; Clarence E. Prince, sec
retary. Messrs. J. I. "Wyer, C. E. Prince,
and A. H. Lyinan were selected as a com
mittee to draft a constitution and by-laws.
The club will meet with Dr. E. R. Perkins
next Friday evening.
Excelsior ledge, N0.113, A. F. & A. M., has
eleoted the following officers: George D.
Dickinson, W. M.; K. L. Davidson. S. W.;
W. S. McWade, J. W.; H. S. Serrell, secre
tary; A. H. Lyman, treasurer; O. C. Wood
ruff, chaplain; L. F. Sampson, S. S.; M. M.
Maynard, J. S.; E. E. Walworth, tyler. The
newly-elected officers will be Installed Dec.
28 by O. C. Meaker, past t master.
A. W. Latham, of Minneapolis, has sold his
fruit farm half a mile south of Excelsior, to
F. W. Strong, of Minneapolis. The place
contains ten acres set out to small fruit.
Mr. Strong will build in the spring and will
msfke this his future home.
The Excelsior schools will enjoy a two
weeks' vacation.
Special to The Journal.
Fort Meade, S. D., Dec. 23.—Captain C. M.
Fenton, senior captain of the Thirteenth
United States cavalry and squadron com
mander, left to-day for Washington, D. C,
where he will marry Miss Alice Rochester on
Jan. 7.
Warranted Pocket-knives, 25c up, at
Gardner Hardware Co., 304 Hennepin.
As usual, you will find a fine line of
holiday domestic and imported perfumes
at the Eureka Drug Store, 1718 4th
Aye. 8.
g&li tß&k fl&fk. j^Jwl •*,% Sfei ' ; j^jS3ty 9B Jll JB I j&B^^l
B^bZ P^TotS BJt^i fcjijßH Ijffwffl ESsB mQm 9HSm utSo^^^^ ' 7S^^^^^ ■■ wS(Su r j^j ffr^vj F'jSfal y*_^^if^^ky^-'rftyff 'it■ I«^W
Christmas Sale, Tuesday.
In a sale of this sort nothing is reserved. The one
object being to turn every item of Christmas
Goods into cash.
It's distributing Holiday Happiness—saving
your good money by buying here.
Slaughter Sale on all Christinas handkerchiefs, prices
that will sweep our shelves clean. If you don't need
handkerchiefs for Christmas gifts, lay'ina supply for
your own use, it will pay you.
Embroidered Handkerchiefs
Ladies' fine pure linen embroidered
handkerchief s at half price
All our embroidered handkerchiefs that 4A A
sold up to 20c for IvU
All our embroidered Handkerchiefs that dA.
sold up to 35c, for. 1 «y G
All our embroidered Handkerchiefs that fi3 C—.
sold up to 50c, or '..... &OG
All our embroidered Handkerchiefs that 'gr'tfJl^
•sold up to 81.00, for © W G
All our embroidered Handkerchiefs that sold fl* M
' up to $2 00 for. Dl
Hemstitched Handkerchiefs
Men's and Women's pure Irish Linen plain Hem
stitched Handkerchiefs at prices to clean them up in
a hurry. Don't miss these.
"Men's and Women's 15c Handkerchiefs *fl^«%
for , lUG
: Men's and Women's 20c Handkerchiefs 4 JB _
f0r....... „... 140
Men's and Women's 25c Handkerchiefs M Q ft
Men's and Women's 35c Handkerchiefs fkA
for <&«$©
Men's and Women's 50c Handkerchiefs aai_
for OO3C
Same prices by the dozen.
Initialed Handkerchiefs.
Ladies' fine sheer Irish linen initialed handkerchiefs,
X 4 dozen in a handsome fancy box, worth 35c each;
to close them out, per box g^d g% ■?
of 6 f0r.... ... 9 lifiQ
Men's fine Irish linen initialed handkerchiefs, % dozen
in a handsome fancy box, our regular 35c goods; to
close them out, per ' $> m g-« a
box of 6 for. <23 U n£H W
Fancy Boxes, six ladies' embroidered handkerchiefs,
worth 35c each, in pretty fancy box, &4 PA
special, per box, only ..." . v) I■O %$
Other bargains too numerous to mention.
M|£AU,||g| 251, 253, 255 MSCAIL'S^I
flftf^SlSrllP Nicollet Avenue. MACAIINEw
A Substantial Structure Will Be
Erected on Second Street
Xear First Aye It.
Te Sherwin-Williams company will es
tablish a northwestern distributing ware
house in Minneapolis. Charles H. Higgs
of the Creamery Package Manufacturing
company will erect a building, three floors
of which will be used as a depot for
paints and painters' supplies. Lowell A.
Lamoreaux. the architect, has drawn the
plans for the Avarehouse, to be erected at
119-121 Second street N, a site which Mr.
Hlggs already owns.
The warehouse will be 42 by 100 feet,
three stories in height. Weather being
favorable possession will be given within
ninety days. The unique feature of the
building is the fact that it will be the
heaviest warehouse in the city. The floor
loads will be about 460 pounds to the
square foot. Washington fir will be used
in all the floor joists. The front will be
of gray or Roman pressed brick. The
building will be of slow burning construc
tion. An electric elevator of nearly 4,000
pounds lifting capacity will be put in.
The plans also call for steam heat and
The Sherwin-Williams goods have been
sold in Minneapolis for years and are
well known to the trade. The present
plan Is to distribute the goods handled by
the concern from thi9 city to the north
western states.
At night massage wrinkles with Satin-
Skin Cream. Nourishes them away. 25c.
Tour of All Mexico.
"The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul rail
way will start from Minneapolis and St.
Paul Monday, January 27, 1902, a stand
ard high-class drawing-room sleeping car
for an extended tour of Mexico.
This car will be attached to a vestl
buled train of Pullman cars (consisting of
baggage and commissary car, open top
observation car, buffet and barber shop)
which will run through solid from and
"back to Chicago. All of Mexico will b«
covered, including the tropics.
The train will leave Chicago 10 a. m.,
January 28, (the through car from Twin
Cities will arrive Chicago 7 a. m. and
will be immediately attached) and will
reach Chicago on return trip Wednesday,
?, p. m., March s—St.5 —St. Paul-Minneapolis
following morning—making 37 days.
Rate for entire trip from St. Paul and
Minneapolis $385. This includes every
possible expense—sleeping cars, meals,
hotel expenses, guides, carriages, street
cars, etc.
The tour is one of a lifetime and the
best ever arranged for Mexico.
The train and party will be under the
personal direction of Mr. Reau Campbell,
General Manager American Tourist As
Write to J. T. Conley, Asst. Gen. Pass.
Agent, C, M. & St. Pa. Ry., St. Paul, for
detailed itinerary, maps, pamphlets, and
complete information.
Japan* Feast of Dolls.
On the third day of the third month Jap
an celebrates a doll festival, which exceeds
our Christmas in show and excitement.
DOII9 hundreds of years old are brought
out; little dolls and big dolls; som^
dressed like the Mikado and his wife,
others in clothes of another century,
with furniture and dishes In keeping. A
regular feast is served on doll-sized
china, and everything good to eat and
drink known to the Japanese, is spread
before their doll party. Needless to say
"Golden Grain Belt" beer is not the lead
ing beverage at the dolls' feast in Japan
but no doll or man's feast in America is
complete without this delicious beer. If
you haven't a case at home, be sure to get
one for Christmas. It is pure and nour
ishing and will make you healthy and
A $3,2G0 L,oss at 41G-422 First Ave
nue Vorth.
Fire broke out this morning in the
three-story frame building at 416-422
First avenue N, causing a damage of
$3,200. The building is owned by C. B.
Heffelfinger and is insured for $7,500. The
structure was used for lodging purposes
by Mrs. Mary Peterson, Mrs. S. Blackhorn,
Catherine Golden and Mary O'Brien. The
blaze originated in the basement of 418
and spread over the building. Mrs. Peter
son and Mrs. Blackhorn are the heaviest
losers. The contents of their apartments
were almost completely destroyed, with
no insurance.
Made Up of Nine HaKsnue Car* and
Three Sleepers.
Sir Henry Irving, Miss Terry and the
London Lyceum Theater company made
the trip from Chicago to St. Paul yester
day over the North-Western, leaving Chi
cago early in the morning and reaching
St. Paul in the afternoon. The "Sir Henry
Irving special" comprised no less than
nine baggage cars loaded with trunks
and scenery,- and three sleepers, accom
modating the seventy-six members of the
company. A dining car also was attached
from Elroy to St. Paul. In this connec
tion it is Interesting to know that in Sir
Henry's company there are no "sit-ups"
who use day coaches at night, all the
members patronizingflrst-olaBS sleepers. It
Christmas Slippers
One more day to make your choice
Xmas gifts.
We can help you to make that choice. Our assortment of
Men's and Women's Holiday Slippers is still complete.
Four Flyers J-or Tuesday:
Men's leather slippers and women's Men's opera slippers, black and tan,
felt nullifies, $1.00. and women '• felt nullifies, $1.30.
Men's tan goat Everett slippers,"* Men's tan or black opera slippers,
$1-25. white kid lined, $2.00.
Uhe Plymouth Clothing House. Sixth and JVicollet.
Including Trip to Havana.
Regular Passenger and Freight Service.
For full information, illustrated booklet, rates, eta,
Address RAYMOND & WHITCOMB CO., 311 Nic. Ay., ninn.
C. P. Wenham, Agent, or Munson Steamship Line, 27 William St., N. Y.
A. L. Ruland, Gen. Pass. Agent
Leather Qoods
Chatelaine Bags—Walrus leather, brown and tan
safety attachment for holding to belt. 81.00 gl> §■ **
quality.>. 6 tf O G
Children's Chatelains—Walrus and seal £££%**.
leather, fancy metal frame, 75c quality, each DUG
Traveling Cases—Gents' traveling cases, seal leather,
genuine ebony fitting of the best grade, comb, brush,
soap box and manacure knife, special, fl^Q jet /IT*
each..... .......! )ui9 O
Ladles' Combination Pocketbooks— Genuine Seal,
Alligator, Walrus and Sea Lion leather; black, brown,
tans and gray; actual value $1.50. (£ ■# e% C
Special, each *p B ■<£ *?
Toilet Articles and Ebony Goods
nilitary Brushes— Men's military brushes, real ebony
solid back, very best English bristles, Sterling Silver
mounted, $3.00 quality, per f£ gb *3l|*
pair... "
Hair Brushes— Ladies' solid back hair brushes, in
rose wood, olive wood and ebony, also mirrors to
match, up-to-date styles at lowest prices.
Hand Mirrors—German Silver, engrav- 4OR
ed or decorated porcelain back I ■mm O
Perfumes—Colgate & Co.'s best extracts, all odors,
each bottle in fancy decorated box, per ft X?
bottle ZOG
Men's Furnishings
New colored dress shirts. They came a little late but
you can get the newest things at a &4 (ClMfr
very low price, each 9 BBsHJrH#
Neckwear—Our 75c lines go at 50c, and our fine line
of imperials and aacots, worth 91.00, $1.25, OA ~«
$1.50, go at OOU
Mufflers—All our lines at big reductions from regu
lar prices.
Suspenders—Both plain and fancy silks and satins
at special prices to close.
Night Shirts—New, fancy trimmed night Ktfll^
shirts, a special lot, at, each £9 UG
Fancy Hosiery—ln fancy silk, lisle and cashmere re
duced to $1.25 pair; fancy hosiery, at, ETA**
pair, 25c and....../. .-.". OtfC
Women's Hosiery—Women's fancy hosiery in a great
variety, both in silk lisle and cash- &£* ETA
mere, at 75c, $1.00, $1.25 up to, pair.. 9viuV
is probably the most expensive company
to transport on the road.
The Two Best Ways to California
in Throngh Cars.
On Tuesdays leave Minneapolis 9:30 a.
m., St. Paul 10:00 a. m.. via North-
Western Line to Omaha, thence via Union
Pacific and Ogden to San Francisco and
Los Angeles, with no travel on Sunday.
On Saturdays leave Minneapolis 9:30 a.
m., St. Paul 10:00 a. m., via North-West
ern Line to Kansas City, thence via Santa
Fe Route, through New Mexico to Los
Sleeping car berth $6.00. Each berth
large enough to accommodate two per
These are the two most popular routes
for California travel, and if you contem
plate visiting there, maps, rates and in
formation will be furnished free at No.
382 Robert street, St. Paul; No. 413 Nic
ollet avenue, Minneapolis, or address T.
W. TeasdaJe, general passenger agent
St. Paul.
Effective Sunday, Deeeniher22d.
"The Milwaukee's" Pioneer Limited
will leave Minneapolis 7:55 p. m., arrive
Milwaukee 7:00 a. m.; Chicago, 9:30 a. m.
Early evening train (No. 2) will leave
Minneapolis 5:25 p. m., arrive Chicago
7:00 a. m.
Day train to Chicago (No. 6) will leaw
Minneapolis 7:50 a. m., arrive Milwaukee
7:05 p. m.; Chicago, 9:45 p. m. (No change
in time of this train.)
Afternoon Fast Mail (No. 58) will leave
Minneapolis 2:25 p. m., and will carry
passengers as far as La Cross© only.
By the Munson Line.

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