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The Broken Down Structure
Repairs the Diseased Parts of the
s Celery
Human Body and Establishes
Health, Com tort, and
Can we rebuild our. pain-racked, ema
ciated and wasted bodies? Yes, the work
can be done even though the spark of life
dimmers but fitfully and feebly. This
work of rebuilding can only be effectually
Accomplished by the use of Paine's Celery
Compound, that marvelous medicine that
has saved so many lives In the past.
Paine's Celery Compound, nature's for
tifier and builder, acta directly on the
great nervous system, giving pure, vitaliz
ing blood, nerve force, digestive vigor, re
freshing sleep, and increased weight.
Begin the good work of health building
to-day. Take home a bottle of Paine's
Celery Compound, use it faithfully, and
you will have cause for rejoicing and
thanksgiving. Mrs. James Arthur, Spo
kane, Wash., a lady almost helpless from
cruel rheumatism, and terrible neuralgia,*
and cured by Paine's Cele ry Compound,
writes thus:
: "I have suffered for three years with
neuralgia and rheumatism, and tried
'many different remedies which would give
ime only temporary relief. From last
'January, and through the spring months,
11 suffer ed terribly. I could walk but
l a short distance, and some days not at all.
11 used Paine's Celery Compound and have
hot been troubled, since. Before using
jthe Compound my knees were so bad I
I could not get down or up, but now I can
'walk a mile or more every day, with no
stiffness or lameness in the joints."
JrVhy Cascarlne Is Now the Most Popular
There are thousands of people in all
parts of the country who suffer fr'oih dis
eases that the local practitioners are un
able to cure. If they knew of a prescrip
tion that they could get filled for a few
dollars, they would gladly do it. Doctors
advertise your favorite prescription, say
ijjust what you know it will do and what
it will cure. This was the way that the
newly celebrated treatment, Cascarine,
Jumped from a sale of a few bottles to
One Hundred Thousand in eight months,
End it has cured thousands of people.
The disease for which .Cascarine is rec
ommended are Liver, Kidney, Stomach
and Bowels.
| Cascarine is a formulated prescription
Bow being used by the Most noted special
ists throughout this said foreign coun
tries. I t is one of the most valuable and
truly scientific remedies of this advanced
iage. There is no medicine sold so valu
able, so reliable in effect and so certainly
sure In -its curative results. I t is pleas
ing in action, pleasant in taste and agrees
With the most delicate and sensitive stom
ac h. A n Interesting little pamphlet is
sued by Rea Bros. & Co., in which they
explain the causes, variety, treatment and
cure of the most prevalent diseases to
which the human body is heirnamely,
diseases of the stomach, intestinal ind i
gestion, constipation, appendicitis, dis
eases of the liv er and diseases of the kid
neys, in all of which Cascarine has proven
bf inesttnj&bie yaiu.~ This...littie pam-
let should be in every one's possession,
can be had free on application to Rea
Bros. & Co., Minneapolis, Louisville and
jtfew York.
Cascarine at Druggists, 50c.
Of Long Standing, Said to Be
Incurable, Completely
In Four Months by
Alderman Stubig Gratefully Tells
How this Wonderful Medicine
Cured Him of Bright's Disease.
"144 Boscoe Boulevard, Chicago.Gentlemen:
'About two years ago I had one foot in the grave,
M the saying goes, and life looked pretty black
to me. The doc-
tors called it
Bright's disease.
I would have giv-
en all I had to be
cured, but noth-
ing seemed to do
me much good un-
til a neighbor rec-
ommended War-
ner's Safe Cure. It
was but with lit
tle hope I tried it,
but within two
weeks my general
health was im-
proved and In
four months I
was completely
cured. I nardly
dared to believe
that such good fortune was mine, but I hare not
lost a meal nor had an ache or pain since.
Words seem.but poor to express my gratitude,
jours truly, H. U. STUBIG (Alderman 27th
TEST YOUR URINE. Put some morning
trine in a glass and let It stand 24 hours. If a
reddish sediment foims, or if the urine is cloudy,
or if particles float about in it, your kidneys are
diseased and you should lose no time, but get a
bottle of Warner's Safe Cure, as It is danger
ous to neglect your kidneys for even one day.
WARNER'S SAFE CURE is purely vegetable
fend contains no narcotic or harmful drugs. It
Is free from sediment and pleasant to take it
does not constipate it is now put up in two regu
lar sizes and ".B sold by all druggists, or direct,
- t 90 CENTS AND $1.00 A BOTTLE.
WARNER'S SAFE PILLS move the bowels
gently, and aid a speedy cure.
Refuse Substitutes and Imitations.
Ther is none "Just as good" as "Warner's."
t Is prescribed by all doctors and used in the
The manufacturers so firmly believe that WAR
NER'S SAFE CURE will absolutely and perma-
: nently cure any diseased condition of the kid
neys, liver, bladder or blood, that they will send
postpaid without any cost to you, a large trial
j bottle, If you will write Warner's Safe Cure
Company, Rochester, N. Y., and mention having
seen this liberal offer in The Minneapolis Jour
nal. The genuineness of this offer Is fully guar
anteed by the publishers. Write the medjcal
department for advice, medical booklet, diagnosis
and analysis, which will be sent 70a tree of
!*** .-
Great Interest Felt in Washington
OVer the Progress of the Work
in the Pacific.
The Little Strand Runs Along level
Plains of Soft Mud and Over
Steep Mountain Ranges.
From The Journal Bureau,
Building, Watltington.
Washington, Sep t. 16.^-Government of
ficials, especially in the war and navy de
partments, are must interested in the
progress of cable-laying in the Pacific.
Within a year, if all goes well, a little
strand an inch in diameter will bind the
continent with the Philippines and Ha
waii, lying in places over five miles in
depth. The return of Clarence Mackay
and the forthcoming arrival of the steam
er Silver Town with 3,000 miles of wire
at San Francisco will mean active work
on the line. Instead of being: of extra
thickness on account of the great depths
to be encountered, the cable will be only
one inch in diameter in the deep sea,
where it will lie in- the primeval silence
and peace of abysses undisturbed by
storms. Near the shores the cable will
be made of extra thickness to withstand
accidental shocks, grappling of anchors,
etc. I t wi ll be about 2V4 inches In thick
ness off each coast. -
The report of Lieutenant-Commander
Hodges, commanding the survey ship
Nero, In 1900, relative to the soundings
taken between Honolulu and Guam are
of great interest, as in this work he found
the deepest abyss in the ocean ever
reached by the sounding lead. I n one
spot, in fact, no bottom was found after
paying out 4,913 fathoms of the line.
Another line was procured, and a sound
ing of 5,269 fathoms was made, within 66
feet of six miles.
A n almost level pla in of soft mud, ide al
for cab le purposes, stretches from Hono
lulu to the Midway islands, at a general
depth of about 2,700 fathoms. The bed of
the ocean between Midway islands and
Guam, along the probable rout e, Is an
other level plain, of from 3,100 to 3,200
fathoms depth. I t is, however, broken
somewhat by submarine reefs and mounts
ain ranges. The first thousand miles
fr om Midway, with the exception of an
isolated peak not far from Ocean island,
rising to within 82 fathoms of the surface,
is entirely level. A short distance east of
the great mountain range that forms the
Ladrone group lies Nero Deep, the abyss
di: covered by the steamer Nero. A prac
ticab le cable route was found to the
northward of this deep. The southern
limits of the deep are unknown, and it
may present eVen greater depths than
those found by the Nero. The tempera
ture of the ocean at 5,070 fathoms wa
found to be 35.90 F., and at 5,101 fathoms
it was 36.0 F .
The cable to be laid is of English manu
facture. The India rubber covering was
made in Philadelphia. N o facilities exist
in the United States for the construction
of such a cable as was require d. The
weight of the copper wire In the Pacific
cab le will be 500 pounds per knot, as
against 200 pounds In old-fashioned
cables. The method of laying it is in
genious, machinery being provided to
give the proper bend to the cable and
prevent it from paying out too fast. The
tension of the cable is carefully meas
ured, and It is so laid that It does not
Kink or coll.
The distance from Washington to Ma
nila by telegraph and cable wi ll be about
10,250 miles, as follows:
Washington to San Francisco, 3,300 miles San
Francisco to Honolulu. 2,089 miles Honolulu to
Wake Island, 2,040 miles Wake Island to Guam,
1,200 miles Guam to Manila, 1,520 miles. The
distance at present, and the route followed Is
as follows: Washington to New York, by land
tiience to Yalentla, Ireland, by. cable/, to Brigh
Scot, Ens., by cable arid latid to Havre, Franco,
cable to Marseilles, land, to Alexandria, Egypt,
cable to Suez, Egypt, land to Aden, Arabia,
cable to Bombay, India, cable to Madras, In
dia, land to Singapore, Malayan Feninsula,
coble to Saigon, Cochin, China, cable to Hong
kong, cable to Bollnao, P. I., cable to Manila,
land total distance, 14,000 miles.
Neat Place to Lose Money.
The treasury Is now flooded with let
ters from persons who want the opportun
ity to run the cafe In the top of the build
ing, which has recently been close d. The
government gives its manager free of
charge his rent, heat, and furniture. Even
on these terms the business has not
proved profitable, but the announcement
of the terms in the newspapers the other
day has sufficed to bring In a flood of ap
plicants for the place. One man modestly
opened his communication by saying that
if there was a chance at the treasury for
a man from any state other than Iowa he
should like to have his name considered.
The way a simple announcement in the
newspapers will bring ont letters in such
a case as this Is very striking. If a boot
blackery In the treasury were to be an
nounced as vacant a score of applicants
would appear. One of the assistant sec
retaries who was glancing through the ap
plications for this restaurant privilege
which had come in from the somewhat
flatteri ng allusion of the newspaper to the
opportunities of the enterprise, recalled
an occurrence in Denver many years ago,
illustrative of the dangerous power of the
A n enterprising reporter prepared an
article one night on a newly established
infants' home, which he alleged was con
ducted on strictly scientific plans, every
thing going almost by clockworka t a
given moment all the cradles were rocked
from one power machine, and so on. H e
remarked that the managers were always
glad to see visitors, and then, thinking It
"smart," gave as an address an impossi
ble combination of street number. Rejoic
ing in 'hi s yellow Journalistic enterprise,
the reporter went homesomebod y in the
office whose identity was never disclosed,
erased the fradulent address and Inserted
the street and number of the reporter's
own house. His door bell began to ring at
9 the next morning and continued all day
long, until it had been thrown into the
junk heap.
The auditor for the navy department re
ports that the aggregate appropriated for
the new navy is $206,317,535. June 30
there was an unexpended balance to the
credit of the fund of $21,642,044. Includ
ing the appropriations of the last session
of congress, the amount now available for
the construction of new vessels is $44,600,-
The New Navy.
The Fu el Question Solved.
The commissioners of the District of
Columbia think they have solved the fuel
question, so far as the public school
buildings are concerned. I t is impossible
to buy any anthracite coal in this market,
and so the commissioners, after a num
ber of experiments, have decided to burn
a mixture of soft coal and coke, laid in
alternating layers in the furnaces. I t is
claimed that the results will be almost as
satisfactory as those secured from hard
Speci al Notice to Q. A . R.
The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul By.
has been selected by the Commander-in
Chief to car ry the official party to the
Washington Encampment In October.
The Official National Headquarters
Train will leave Minneapolis at 7:00 p. m .
and St. Paul at 7:30 p. m . Saturday even
ing, Oct . 4th , reaching Washington via
the Pennsylvania Line 9:00 Monday morn
The rate from the Twin Cities to Wash
ington and return via this most attractive
route wi ll be $23.90. Comrades and others
wishing full parltculars will please com
municate with W . B . Dixon, Northwestern
Passenger Agent, St . PauJ, Minn.
Bad your eyes seem to be, consult Hlr
scby, expert optician, 420 Nicollet, __
W. W . Jermane.
N o Matter How
.Room MS, JPo*\
"u,m|nu y*
How to Distinguish Between Them,
by Professor Washburn, State
The Seventeen-Year locust Has No
Liking for the Climate
of Minnesota. ,
The public seems to have a wrong im
pression as to the grasshoppers and lo
custs. Professor F . L . Washburn, state
entomologist, in order to remove the' con
fusion as to the insects has given The
Journal the following lucid interview
and illustrations:
There is apparently prevalent among our peo
ple a very wrong impression regarding the
seventeen-year locusts. They confound them
with the true locusts or so-called "grasshoppers"
which infest parts of Minnesota, Dakota and
Nebraska. As a matter of act, the periodical
Cicada is not a locust at all. It belongs to a
different order of iusects entirely, namely to the
The Chicago Combine Figures in the
Campaign for Election of
the Reichstag. .
Germany Proposes to Start a Meat
Industry of Her Own in South
western Africa.
New Tor Jo Sun Special Service
Berlin, Sept. 16.The national cam
paign for the election of the relchstag has
been formally opened. The social demo
crats have seized eagerly Upon the meat
famine and are making the most of it.
Petitions are being passed by city coun
cils In all the large cities where liberal
votes predominate protesting against the
exclusion of foreign cattle, beef, pork
and meat products.
The alleged Chicago meat trust re
ceives particular attention in the pending
agitation! Tabular statements are issued
showing that the price of pork in Chi
cago since 1900 has increased 32 per cent,
while, in Berlin it has increased 23 per
cent, in Paris 17 per cent and in Vienna
16 per cent.
Recent figures gathered by the United
States consular agencies in Germany at
the request of the state department in
Washington show that since the rigid
exclusion of American canned meats,
sausages, beef and lard, the consump
tion of cheap and unwholesome meats, as
well as of horse meat, has increased in
the German provinces.
There is a strong movement for the re
peal of the obnoxious agrarian anti
American meat laws. I t Is not unlikely
that a resolution recommending such ac
tion wi ll be presented at the coming ses
sion of the reichstag and fathered by one
of the liberal parties.
The German government is preparing to
fight the American meat trust. The
movement is on foot to organize a large
company with German capital for the
erection of slaughtering and cold storage
houses in the German Southwest African
colony. The governor of the colony, Col.
Iieutwein, said:
"Climate conditions are excellent in the
colony for raising cattle. The project is
to erect slaughter houses and cold
storage systems similar to those of
Armour and Swift in Chicago, and to
supply canned and other preserved meats,
not only to Germany, but to all European
countries. *
"The German government will support
the movement by contracts for the supply
of the German army."
- i v
Fig, A true loonst, wrongly called "grass
hopper. "
Thirteen Companies With a Capital
of $30,000,000. -
Belvldere. 111., Sept. 16. A large corpo
ration is in process of organization taking
in nearly all of the sewing machine manu
facturers of the United States. The last
meeting at the New York headquarters
came to a close Friday afternoon, at which
time all sewing machine manufacturers
who had been included in the proposed
corporation signed the necessary papers.
The capital wi ll be about $30,000,000. Bar
nabas Eldredge, president of the National
Sewing Machine company of this city, is
the president.
The sewing machine factories in tna
combination are:
The New Home, Orange, Mass., the Household
Providence, R. I., the Domestic, Newark, N. J.,
the Demorest, WilHamsport, Pa-, the Williams,
of Plattsburg, N. Y., the Standard and White
companies, Cleveland, the Davis, Dayton, O.,
the Foley and Williams, Chicago and Kanka
kee the Illinois, Rockford, 111., the Chicago, Chi
cago and the National of Belvldere, 111.
Detroit, Mich., St*t. 16.The biggest electric
railway deal ever undertaken in Michigan is
now ur-der way. It means the unification of all
the elctric lines in the lower peninsula except
the Detroit United railway and the Black and
Mulkey line from Toledo to Detroit. This uni
fication, if the plan Is carried out, will be ac
complished by a new company with a capital
stock of from $30,000,000 to $40,000,000.
Indianapolis, Sept. 16.The two-year-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Rlchey of this
city is Wead of spinal meningitis. Two months
ago a caller at the ious playfully picked up the
baby and tossed her Into the air. -JHe failed to
catch her as she descended and she fell to the.
cavtfd spinal meningitis
floor. Death was not Immediate*Jrat-#M shock! General i-sgran a xraiwi AgeniDI .
Paul, Minn,
A -
order called Hemlptera or bugs,. while the true
locusts which commit such ravages upon the
grain and crops belongs to an order called
Ortboptera. The striking, difference between the
two orders Is the fact that while the. Ortbop
tera bite, that is. eat the plants, the Hemlp
era suckfr the Juices, by means of a beak, from
beneath the surface.
Now we havo in Minnesota, three forms of
Cicadas, but wo do not have or have not had as
yet any information of. the .sev,enteen-year lo
cust or periodical Cicada, which' appears once
in seventeen years in certamv4sealitieB east and
south of us. * This Cicada is perhaps most
easily distinguished from other Cicadas by the
fact that its eyes are red. The injury caused by
this species lies for the most rar in the fact
that the female in egg-laying makes gashes in
the twigs of fruit trees and shade trees, -there
by weakening them and destroying their vital
ity. These twigs are easily broken off by the
rain and wind and fall to the ' ground, and
when the, Cicadas are present in enormous num
bers, the. amount of damage done In this way is
very marked. - ' :.
When the egg hatches, the larva bores Into
the ground find live^' ther as larva and pupa.
In the case of the seventeen-year Cicada for
sventeen years, or lass time in the case of the
other species of Cicada. It used to be be
lieved that the larval Cicada sucked the Juice
seventeen years, or less timeMn the case of the
seventeen-year Cicada, this point is doubtful.
I notice that one of the local papers some
time during the summer stated that I had gone
north "to combat the seventeen-year locust."
This of course was not true, for as I said before
this pest does not occur here as it does in
the eastern and southeastern states.
M. Pelletan, French Minister of Ma-
rine, Makes a Remarkable
Blzerta, Tunis, Sept. 16.M. Pelletan,
French minister of marine, made a re
markable speech at an entertainment of
the municipality yesterday evening which
it Is expected wi ll cause the French for
eign minister, I Delcasse, some trouble
to explain. After*'pointing out the Im
portance of Bizerta as a bulwark of
France, M. Pelletan proceeded:
"eW do not say we want to make the
Mediterranean a French lake. W e have
been cured of the dreams of the great man
who wished us to dominate the world.
But part of the Mediterranean is French
and will remain French. With this pow
erful rampart so
fense and also for/attack,, arid with Cor
sica and Toulon we can hold the open door
between the two halves of the Mediterra
nean in spite of Malta.and Gibraltar. Cer
tainly I do not desire a conflict of peoples
against England any more than against
Italy but as we do not know what others
are doing, it is part of our duty to prepare
for the holy war for the French fatherland
against its enemies whoever they may be.
I a m convinced, thanks to the fellow
workers with whom I am surrounded, that
we can face every eventuality.
"Security hardly exists any more for the
civilized world. A t the end of the nine
teenth century after the defeat of France
by the barbarism of old Germany, we saw
an offensive return of the law of brute
force. The whole world seemed to be
dominated by the maxim, 'Mjght before
right.' W e must then devote all our ef
forts to keeping intact that focus of just
ice and light French genius." *
M. Pelletan concluded with remarking
that he would not say more at present. H e
had not yet become accustomed to being
a minister and feared he might be carried
away into expressing his opinion of matr
ters which exclusively concerned the for
eign minister. , '/:.:, ::?- . . : ... . ^
France has at Blzerta a powerful military ami
naval stronghold. This with Toulon on the
north of the Mediterranean causes French mu
itarv arid naral men to assert that France's
naval power in the Mediterranean is unassailable
and all that is required to consolidate the posi
tion of France is the construction of the Canal,
which is to unite the Mediterranean with the
Bay of Biscay and thus render her Independent
of te straits of Gibraltar. r'""
One of the Stories of Man's Inhu
manity to Man.
New York, Sept. 1.Herbert L. Bridg
ma n, secretary of the Peary Arctic club,
has received a dispatch from "Lieutenant
It. 13. Peary, the Arctic" explorer, dated
Chateau bay, Labrador. Lieutenant Peary
aays that he is on his way home on
the relief ship Windward, and that all on
board are well.
Free Government Lands and Cheap Rates
to Montana and Washington, Via Great
Northern Railway.
Daily during September and October the
Great Northern Railway will sell cheap
Colonist Tickets to Montana, Idaho,
Washington, British Columbia and Oregon
points, also round trip homeseekerp' rates
on sale first and third Tuesdays in Sep
tember and October.
Write for full information regarding
rates and bulletins, giving description of
free government lands. F . I. Whitney,
I Art! VA
New York, Sept. 16.John Hendrlckson,
who assumed the name of Cox in seeking
work after having Been imprisoned, and
thereby violated a state law, has been
sentenced to sixty days in the county jail.
His arrest came about through thanking
the judge who had sentenced him lightly
in the first case. The judge related the
occurrence to a friend and the story
reached the ears of the police. Hendrlck
son pleaded that his wife and children
would have starved had he not changed
his name and secured a position, but the
court was obdurate and declared that he
had "said that before in other courts and
would say it again." The sentence was,
however, reduced to the minimum.
A Dispatch Received from Him Off
Coast of Labrador.
well situated for de-
pan J Ise MutBe B r and Ticket Asrent. S t
One word more about the
hoppers, which damage our crops to some fee
tent. As a matter of fact they are not
true grasshoppers but locusts. The true grass
hopper has long slender antennae for feelers'
projecting' from the heads. They are found
upon hazel bushes, various shrubs and grasses,
but are never in such large numbers as the
destructive locusts which cause such havoc.
While the grasshoppers are not locusts, strange
ly enough, the belong to a family called Locus
tldae. WhiH he true locust belongs to a fam
ily called ACrk dae. We have several species
of destructive locusts In Minnesota some of
them doing considerable damage. The one most
dreaded, however is the Rocky mountain locust
locust which has visited us hi the past upon
two or'three occasions.
Fig. 1 illustrates the Cicadas erroneously
called locusts. Fig. 2 Illustrates the true
locusts which cause so much damage in por
tions of this state and' other" western states.
Strange to Bity although these are the true
locusts they belong to the family Aerldidae.
while' the true grasshopper (specimens of which
are shown In Fig. 3,) belong to the family
Locustidae. ' The Katydids also belong here.
The family Cicadidae Is. one of a large order
of insects called Hemiptcra Including all the
bugs. The grasshoppers and true locusts be
long to the order of straight-winged insects,
drthoptern, which also includes the Gryllldae or
crickets the Blattidae, "cockroaches and Croton
bugs the Phnsmidae or so-called "Walking
Sticks" frequently fouud on bazle bushes and
Mnntidae or Montids, the latter family not be
ing represented in Minnesota. Some classifica
tions also include the order of so-called' ear
wigs or Forflculldae in the Orthoptera.
Fig. 3. True Grasshoppers.
A Company He Tried to Wreck Gets
. on Its Feet Again.
Kansas City, Sept 16.Judge Amos M.
Thayer of the circuit court granted the
petition of the stockholders representing
Arthur E . Stillwell to discharge the receiv
ers of the Guardian- Trust company,- ap-
pointed over a year ago at the instigation
of John W . Gates and his followers.
The efforts of Gates to secure control of
the company and oust Stillwell culminated
in Gates throwing the company into the
hands of a receiver. This was in Novem
ber, 1900.
I t is believed that Mr . Stillwell wi ll be
reinstated as president.
Mr. Newman, Agent for Jobann
Heft's Extract, London, E. C.
Please supply tbree dozen Hoffs
Extract, on account of H. R. H.
Prince of Wales. J. Cress.
By Goods Train to Abergeldle,
Baflater, Aberdeenshire. "
Ever since 1847 Johann Hoffs Ex
tract has been recognized as the great
strength andfleshbuilder. The greatest
physician*ia the world have recommen-
: so-called grass-
Abergeldie Castle,
Black, white, brown, navy.pompons,
3in a bunch, 50c value AC
at i em%B%*
Black, brown, navy, castor, red or natural beaver Flats,
plain or roll brim. Others ask 83.50, we get
White felt Flats, worth
to $1.25 .,.,. ..........
Boys' Golf Caps, plain and mixed cloths, worth 39c, for
After Spending All Their Substance
Fighting the Great Steel
New Ibrfc Sun Special Service'
Pittsburg, Sept. 16.-Every roller mill in
the United- States rolling ingots into
structural' shapes- is infringing on the
patents of John Brisbin, a janitor, and
Antonla Vi'nnac, a roller, according to the
decree of Judge Buffington in the United
States circuit court.
Brisbin arid Vinnac invented part of
the present system-of carrying the ingot
on a bed of rolls laterally and vertically,
for which they received a patent July 20,
iS'86. The plaintiffs brought suit against
the Garnegie steel company, limited, for
Infringements of patents May, 1897.
Judge Buffington heard the arguments
last spring. The Carnegie steel com
pany's reply was invalidity of the patent
and non-infringement.
The decision is of a character to com
pel every structural steel mill in the
country to make settlement with the poor
ded it people everywhere have used it.
Dr. Ww. N. Bradford, of Cam
bridge, Ohio, writes: "I find
Johann Hoffs Extract a certain
tonle and invigorator. it imparts
energy and vivacity Increases the
red blood corpuscles and thereby
supplies resistance to It
is all you claim for It.:'fatigue.
Johann Hoffs Extract takes hold of
weak people and builds them up. I t
does this b y helping nature. I f run
down, troubled with nervousness, if yon
231-253-255 JsrtcaJLtlsE&^AMG*
7 So
COMPLETE and notable
exposition of the most ad
vanced models in Trimmed
Millinery that the two contin
ents have produced.
Trimmed Hats
at $4.98
The greatest value in America.
As much style as in $26.00
Hats and as good material as in
$10 Hats. Every shape, with
colors. For
White Marabeau Pompons, soft
and fluffy, the $1 kind JL Aft
Ping Pong Caps, all
colors, worth 98c for ..
inventors, who have spent their entire
substance fighting the great corporation.
Governor Addresses Normal Students at
Winona and Receives a Round
of Applause.
Special to The Journal.
Winona, Minn., Sept. 16.Governor S .
R. Van Sant'will present the Winona Nor
mal school with a handsome twenty-foot
flag. The governor was here to-day to
vote at the primary election, and in re
sponse to an Invitation, addressed the
school. I n the course of his remarks he
took occasion to express regret that no
flag was shown in the assembly room.
Dr. Millspaugh Interrupted him to say
there was no money available for its pur
chase. The governor replied that, In that
case, he would be pleased to present the
school with a flag, an announcement that
drew great applause from the students.
Roanoke, Va., Sept. 16.The last one of
the seventeen miners killed by the explosion of
the Algoma mine was brought out Of the mine
at 11 o'clock last right. This disaster, corning
so closely after the end of the coal strike in
this field, will probably cause a suspension of
mining in this community, as the men have not
yet lost that spirit of discontent of which the'
strike was the result.
can't sleep nights, or have no appetite,'
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t ksJW IA. A,~l*

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