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The Supreme Court Makes an Im
portant Decision Bearing on
Civil Aotions.
A liquor Salesman Finds That It
Is Illegal to Give Away -
- -Hfc. t
Another 1901 law was knocked out by
the supreme court this morning, in de
tiding a case appealed from the St. Paul
municipal court. Julius Cabanne se
cured a judgment against WiUiam Gi-af
through the latter's St. Paul agent,
without attaching any of his property.
This was under the provisions of chapter
278 of the 1901 laws. On an appeal, the
court holds this law to be in conflict with
the doctrine of property rights as laid
down in the federal constitution. The
defendant was entitled to personal service
before a judgment could be secured
against him, unless judgment was en
forced on his property by process of law.
The syllabus says:.
Julius Cabanne, respondent, v. William Graf.
appellant. So,much of Laws 1001. chapter. 278. as pro
vides for the service of the summons In a per
sonal action against a natural person who Is a
citizen of another state, but carries on business
In this state, on his agent in charge of the busi
ness, without a seizure of his property by the
process of the court, Is unconstitutional.
Order reversed. Start, G. J.
Must Not Give It Away.
Henry Krebs, a salesman for a St. Paul
Uquor house, gave a drink of liquor to
Mike Fiedler of Perham, to induce him to
buy some whisky. . The village marshal
arrested Krebe and was fined, but got
a writ of habeas corpus. -The supreme
court holds that although Kiebs" employ
ers had a license, that did not give him
the right to give away liquor in all parts
of the state as an inducement to trade.
He is held to the grand jury. The syl
labus says:
State ex rel. Henry Krebe. relator, TS. Frank
Jones, village marshal of Perham, respondent.
" "ere the trevallng agent of a licensed retail
liquor dealer, traveling through the country so
liciting customers to be supplied at the home
*lac makes a gift of a quantity of whisky to
e there consumed by a prospective purchaser,
such act is in violation of section 2020. General
bUtutes 1894, which prohibits the giving away
of intoxicating liquors without a license.
Relator remanded. Lovely, J.
Contract Included Insurance.
Earl D W.Beardsley must stand a fine
for soliciting unauthorized insurance. He
wag agent in St. Paul for a home build
ing association, which had in its contract
a clause giving certain benefits in case of
death. He was prosecuted by the insur
ance commissioner, and fined $50, but ap
pealed. The syllabus says:
fctate of Minnesota, respondent, vs. Earl D
Beardsley. appellant.
certain contract construed. and held.
&.,? /
o o
round In GenerabalLawsB 1895, chapter 175.
.*? ~J
53L ST
?-I i J*C,h
tnat9,lysuch a contractU does not on Its face ex-
^wacter of suchta contract
0 Performe d under I cannot be
within the definitions
M .- - or absence o
^ntracfc "self I t I s immateriaf l
cha n&e
e o
C 02s
court below should have ordered-judgment for.
the defendant,, the fee owner of the land in
controversy, notwithstanding the verdict of the
Jury, In.effect, that plalriflff and his grantors
had been -in adverse possession for more than
nrteen years prior to the commencement of this
Order reversed. _Collins, 3.
Recovers Damages.
Peter M. Lauritsen is secured in a ver
dict of $1,066 against the American Bridge
company, for tho negligence of the com
pany's employes in not providing a safe
scaffolding. It was being used for work
on the Electric Steel Elevator company's
building in Minneapolis, but the ropes
were loosened and Lauritsen fell. The
syllabus says:
I'eter M. Lauritsen, respondent, vs. American
Bridge company, appellant.
FirstWhere the owner of a movable scaf
fold erected for the use of its employes in a
building of a third party, permits the same
to be used by others, snch owner may not
actively Interfere with or change its structural
conditions so as to endanger the safety of
one who is occupying lt by Its permission.
SecondThe duty imposed upon the owner
of such structure to a person permitted and
licensed to use the same is properly defined
as ordinary care, and should be commensurate
with the risk of the situation, or such rare
as persons of ordinary prudence would dlsplav
to others under the same or similar circum
ThirdEvidence in this case considered and
lield that it was. a question of fact for the
Jury to determine whether an owner of a scaf
fold permitting employes of another to use the
same for their own necessary and convenient
mrposes had been guilty of negligence in
the rotes by means of which It ^as
suspended whereby a licensee thereon fell and
was Injured. Order affirmed. :Lovely, J.
Gets a Large Verdict.
TVm. Chittick, a Soo brakeman injured
In coupling cars in the Minneapolis yards,
secures a verdict of $6,750. which is sus
tained by the supreme court. Negligence
was proved against the railroad company,
consisting of leaving a pile of cinders and
ashes on the track, causing Chittick to
stumble and fall, losing his hand. The
verdict was secured in Ramsey county.
The syllabus: -
William Chittick. respondent, vs. Minneapolis
St. Paul & Sanlt Ste. Marie Railway Company!
Ijt this action, to recover damages for the
loss of his hand sustained by the plnlntiT In
a ftempting to adjust the coupler on a moving
car. it is held, that the evidence is sufficient
to tustain the fluding of the jury to the effect
that the defendant was guilty of negligence In
the.preralses and that the plaintiff was not. Or
der "-affirmed. Start, r. J.
Other decisions were handed down to
day as follows:
Clay County.
Cl.iv County Land Company, plaintiff, vs. Henry
C. Alcox et al., defendants, and Henry C.
nap'Jer 175. supra, and, -with tbelrtrial aeents must
jomply with the law requirintg them to procure
licenses to transact
-n^Tn !r5 l-.T'JV*8
ere d and disposed of.
Judgment affirmed. Collins, J.
R. Sage Gets a Farm.
Russell Sage wins back one eighty-acre
tract, in Swift county, in a case in which
the lower court is reversed. The plaintiff,
a settler, claimed adverse possession, but
the supreme court holds that he did not
claim the tract in question, and ditd not
establish adverse possession. Thel sylla
bus says:GIo,Ter
l dr
associations, copart-
do,n *
" "
..? '
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The Plymouth Clothing House
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Aloox, respondent, vs. Samuel A. Hoyt, appel
FirstSection .".ITS, general statutes 1894, as
amended by laws of 1S95. chapter 20, relating
to bringing In of additional parties plaintiff or
defendant, contitrtic-r-d and held, that the court
Is only authorized to make Its order bringing In
such parties when it is necessary to do so In or
der to secure a full determination of the contro
versy between the original parties, tendered
by the complaint, answer or counterclaim.
SecondHeld further, that the trial court,,
ered in making its order that the appellant be
made a party plaintiff to this action and reply
to the defendants' answer.
Judgment reversed. Start, C. J.
Steee County.
State of Minnesota ex rel. AY. I'.. Douglas, at
torney general, respondent, vs. Charles Grabar
kiewicz, appellant.
Certain provisions of the charter of the city
of Owntonrm considered and held, that nn ordi
nance providing for the appointment of night po
licemen by the mayor subject- to the approval of
the common council is vuliti:
Order affirmed. Start, C. J. -
Otter Tall County.
Andrew JumisUa. respondent, vs. Arthur C. An
drews and James R. Oage. as copurtners as
Andrews & Gagp. appellants.
FirstWhere a party conies into the possession
of personal property of a third person by pur
chase.in god faith and without notice of any de
fect in ihe title, he is entitled before action -is
commenced for its recovery to notice and demand
SecondFacts in this case considered and
held that the evidence so signally fails to estab
lish or. alleged fraud in securing the execution
of a chattel mortgage or of a demand upon
the Innocent purchaser at the foreclosure sale as
to require an order of judgment for the de
Judgment" reversed.-" Lovely, J.
Mankato Municipal Court.
George W. Goodell, respondent, vs. E. '. Hoqtpn,
appellant: '.-.'.
1. A fact may be established by secondary
or incompetent evidence, if material, when it'is
received without objection.,
2. Payment by check- is not absolute, but
conditional, unless expressly so agreed, "but wlfere
a creditor receives a check and agrees'to ^credit
the amount thereof the burden Is on him toisliow
that the check was returned, or that it was not
paid on due presentment.
3. The evidence herein as to a payment by
check was sufficent to take the question to the
Jury, and lt was error for the court to with
draw it from them.
New trial granted conditionally.
Start. C. J.
Minneapolis Municipal Court.
C. H. Swindells, respondent, vs. Joseph W. Du-
. pondt et al.. defendants, Joseph W. Dupont
et al., appellants. -
In an action to recover an amount alleged to
have been agreed upon as . a commission for
making a sale of personal property, It Is held,
that certain specifications of error alleged -io
have occurred at the trial are without merit.
- Order affirmed.
Wilcov Lumber Company, appellant, vs. William
Ritteman. respondent.
Held, upon an examination of the pleading!}
in thlse case and the proofs at the trial, that
there was no material or prejudicial variance be
tween the allegations in the complaint and the
pi oofs. /
Order revetsed. - .'.*.
Collins, Ji -
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Collins, J.
l ' , _ '
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f t
Camera Department
Saturday is our Bargain Day in Cameras.
We can truthfully say we have the larg
est and best line of Cameras in the city
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Korona II,
ular price
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Drapery Department ,Jr
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goods Buy a fine rug for Christmas,
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Carving Set, best En
Klish razor steel, back
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pieces, o^ly. O|
v \ only,set....
\ \ Skates
^f Complete stock of
Barney & Berry and U. S.
Lock Lever Club Skates prices from 60c to $2.50.
' Waste Paper Baskets, large size, ma
of.heavy wire cheap at 66c.
special... ...........:.
Mrs. Potts' Sad Irons, set
of 3 Irons, stand Sn.
and handle, only.. UVC
Mrs. Potts' Nickel Plated
Sad Irons, worth In.
Si.oo, only, set... lfC
Games and Game. Boards, ele
gant variety. lOtiamefl. A A
Boards, worth $2.50..... #!- f Q
Crown Combination Boards, plav-
lag65 games special tyA n o
I only a90
I Ping Pong or Table Tennis Sets!
ranging in price from O C T B
See -our Leader Table Tennis, worth $1.50,
only .....,
Music Department
Buy your Christmas "Music
now. 2,000 copies of 50c 4 Kf*
music, Saturday, copy.. J-UU
Millinery Dept/
Something to bear in mind-we are
closing out our entire stock of Trimmed
Hats, and daily opportunities are pre
sented which "will not pass this way
again." For example:
A line of $5.00 values go ti& 4 J g Q
Saturday at $2.49 and M l l***^
About 55 handsome French patterns
leftthey go at LESS THAN COST.
See them.1
4x5, reg-
Premo, triple focus,
5x7, $35.00.
-Silk floss, sweet and olean
22-in., 20-in., 18-in. 16-in..
Wilto n Rugs
Grand stock, all sizes.
Candy Dept
Our a box.. ^.'....
Canrlng .set, 3 plecss, with silver
on handle^ cheap at ^4.00,
$ 19a9 O
Poco or Korona poc
ket, - 3^X4^,
n $5-00
48oupto Oy
^m&H ^,^^t ^fe
Special prices
4 9
, mFt#
' - 3
- ri
i i
' I'

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