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Some prices for Saturday market day.
Order early. Prompt delivery guaran
Frnits and Vegetables.
Rutabagas, Carrots, Beets and Pars
nips, peck 6c
Best Potatoes, bushel 45c
Spat^sh Onions, lb 60
9 lbs. Sweet Potatoes for 25c
Bananas dozen tOc
Florida India River Pineapples.
Lemons, dozen 12c
Catawba Grapes, basket 23c
Cape Cod Cranberries, quart 8c
Pomegranite, each . 5c
Persimmons, dozen 35e
Fancy Apples, bushel box $1.15
Baldwin's, Northern Spy, Greenings,
Russets, by bushel, barrel or peck.
New Chestnuts, lb 10c
Italian Chestnuts, lb is
Fancy New Walnuts, lb igc
New Mixed Nuts 12'/2, 15 and 17c
10 Iba. Rolled Oats for 25c
California Prunes from lb. up 3c
Quaker Oats, package
10-lb. Bag Corn Meal
10-lb. Pure Wisconsin Buckwheat .... 33C
Boiled Cider, quart '
Ytrxa's Extra Flour, 98 lbs .$2.00
Pure Lard, lb
Soda Crackers, lb
Ginger Snaps, lb
ManzanIHa Olives, bottle ..........WAQC
Butterand Cheese
Good Dairy Butter, lb.
Sweet Renovated Butter, lb .'.'.
Good Creamery, lb . . til
Butterlne, lb ?
Holeteln Butterlne, very fine, lb .'.".' 20c
EflOS, per dozen fQl
Rich Cream Eastern Cheese .. !!*"' io
Fancy Minnesota Brick Cheese \ 15
Full Cream, lb i S
Of Interest to Smokers.
H [
fma " House, regular 10c straight
Ch 3
ai for"
r '
Brunswick, regular "lOc straight" size,
'' ' 25c
Jules Verne, clear Havana, 3 for 25o
size, 4 for
La Carnella, regular 2 for 25o
3 for
El Coronado, Key ' West, *10c"
4 for
Mannel Lopez, clear" Havana, special,
Telephone Either Line, Main 353.
flake Holiday Purchases Now.
A Brownie Kodak
Would make an acceptable present.
We have them at 80c and $1.60.
No 3 Weno Hawkeyes
4 reg
A great variety, from 10c to $4.00
4x5 Fibre, trays, regular 25c, at 09c
5x7 Fibre tray, regular 40c, at 20c
4x5 Glass \ rays, regular 20c, at 10c
5x7 Glass fcrays, regular 35c, at 15c
5x7 Printing frames, reg. 35c, at . .15c
Yz doz. Developing Powders, 25c, 12J4c
8-tfz. bot. DQ\ eloping Soluticm, 35c, 18c
Calendai and Xmas iMtounts.
10 falght"'size,
. p
Journal want ads bring best results
f One cent a wortf. j
4^_ 1_ 1, , ^
Tailors, Hatters, Fur
nishers and Clothiers.
An immense up-to-date selec
tion of MEN'S SUITS and OVER
COATS. The newest styles,
perfect in fit and the best of
workmanship, every garment is
guaranteed in ail respects to be
the highest grade of clothing
that this country can produce
ranging in prices from
A OI ^ON^^^
r\. V/JL*4^V/1^( f*X VU. NEAR WASHIlNinTOM
Minneapolis Packing C o
Laaf Lard 11c
0ork Loin Roast 10c
Pork Shoulders 9c
Pdfk Spare Ribs 8'/2c
PlSs' Feet - 4c
Plfcs' Heads 6c
Best Pork Sausage 10c
Pilre Kettle Rendered Lard ....'.... 12I/2C
Ceieptiond N. W. Main, 14051,
A %:
r i c e
j15# special, $8.50
Pork Shoulders 9c
Pork Sausage, our own make 10c
Pork Spare Ribs g
for Saturday
Stick Candy, lb ,.., 10c
Taffy, fresh made, lb 10c
Chocolate Cream, fine, lb 180
Salted Peanuts, lb 12c
Crushed Raspberry Cream, lb \ 17C
Chocolate Molasses Chips, lb 25c
Butter Scotch, mixed, lb 15c
Sa-Lo, something new, lb ! 26c
Jersey Cream Caramels, lb 13c
Butter Cups, nut centers, lb 17C
Marshmallows, lb ._ -jgc
Candy Kisses, none better, lb.!"].'!!!!.'ific
Our excellent Bread, 16 oz loaf 4c
Best Pies, Best Cakes, Best Roils for
Saturday. Our fancy Pies, each 12c
Nut Loaf, each ...12c
10 c
From the plantation to our customers.
2'/a lbs Coleman Blend for 50c
We defy any one to match It for the
15 c
18 o Golden Rio and Santos, lb 15c
Robal Blend, lb 220
This Is a strong rich flavored coffee.
Hoffman House Coffee 30o
Morrison's Esparanza 40c
v .
-J/ 2c
5 c
Fancy Turkeys 14-16c
Fancy Ducks 14c
Fancy Spring Chickens 14c
Fancy Hens 120
Fancy Geese 1Z'/S.G
Round Steak 10c
Shoulder Steak 9c
Hamberger Sc
Rib Roast, rolled 10-12'/2c
Pot Roast 6-7-8c
Rib Boiling Beef 50
Leg of Lamb 14c
Leg of Mutton n
2 4e
2 4e
Lamb Shoulders 10c
Lamb Chops 10c
Lamb 8tew 5
Pork Chops , n
Pork Loin Roast n
Breakfast Sausage 15c
We have Jones' Dairy Farm Sausage.
Minnesota Lad Killed by Rabies in
a Chicago Hospital.
Speoiol to The Journal.
St. Cloud, Minn , Dec 5 Emil Titica, a
17-year-old boy, died of hydrophobia at
the Pasteur institute in Chicago His
home was at- Clear Lake, in Sherburne
county, this state, and he ivas bitten by
a mad dog a few weeks ago.
The dog that caused the death of Titica
bit several steeers before It was dis
patched by a posse of citizens which fol
lowed it One of the steers' went mad
yesterday and broke its neck in its strug
gle* Another was shot to relieve it? of its
All the dogs in Clear Lake have been
tied up The people are thoroughly
alarmed and regard with suspicion every
animal left to lun at large.
Sale of Sample Shirt Waists.
Another lot of sample shirt waists
nearly 400wool and cotton, latest styles,
wa under pi ice, at Goodfellow's, Satur
day .
Remei Der
V/holesale and Retail.
1 0 S 5th St., Lumber Exchanga.
Rib Boiling Beef 4C
Chuck Roast j
Pot Roast 8c
Shortcut Rib Roast .- 10c
Mutton Chops .*... 10d
Legs of Mutton r. ioe
Turkeys, fancy i5
Chickens 12!^c
Are tHe
Twin tJity, 1368
New piotures at The Beard Art com
pany'a, 624 Nicollet avenue.
Remember the sale going- on at Lyceum
Fur company, 716 Hennepin avenue.
Fine burning- outfits for $2 75 at
Hirschy's pyrography shop, 420 Nicollet.
Instant Cold Cure never falls. Price 25q.
Gamble & Ludwlg, Jruggl3ts,30 Hennepin
Riverside Lodge, No. S&, will have a
question box at Its meeting next Monday
For Sale Minneapolis Chamber of
Commerce membership. Address 3844,
Journal. /
Christmas presents, spectacles, hea\y
solid gold, $4.50, at Hirschy's, your opti
cian, 430 Nicollet.
Send your Want Ads to The Journal, If
KOU rrant the beat results. The cost la
small and the returns large.
Flowers for funerals, and all other pur
poses shipped to all parts of the north
west. Mendenhall, florist. 87 Sixth st S.
Subscribe for all magazines, papers, etc ,
and get your binding dono at Century
New- Store, 6 Third street S, near Hen
nepin av.
There will be a Good Templar rally at
the Trinity M E church, Taylor street
and Twenty-ftfth avenue NE, Sunday, at
10.30 a m
Holiday giftsDiamonds, watches, Jew
elry, silverware and Christmas novelties.
John S Allen, jeweler, ground floor,
Guaranty Loan building.
C M Lorlng will deliver one of his
enjojable stereoptlcon lectures next
Thursday e\ening, Dec. 11, at Drummond
hall, Fifteenth avenue and Second street
NE, for the benefit of the Improvement
For silk hat boxes holding one to four
hats, and suit cases fitted and plain, Bar
num has them all, 715 Nicollet, as well
as three times the assortment of beauti
ful leather novelties as in years past.
Call and see.
Next Tuesday evening the Independent
Order of Foiesters' couits of this city will
tender a reception to the supreme treas
urer, H. A. Collins of Toronto, Canada,
in Century hall. An excellent program
of six numbers has been arranged Maude
Ulmer Jones will sing The meeting will
be open and all Foresters and their
friends will be welcomed Mr. Collin3
will talk on "Fraternal Insurance "
Modin Tent, No 20, K O T. M , held
its election Saturday, chosing the fol
lowing officers Commander, E M Suth
erland, lieutenant commander, C. W
Catlin, record keeper, R A Nelson
finance keeper, C W. Wendell, chaplain,
Walter Scott, physician, Dr O K Rich
ardson, seargent, O C Jackson, master
at arm-?, A A. Hasty, first of guard, P
H Larson, second of guard, E. A
Splinter, sentinel. William Linberg,
picket P.H Kanfhold trustees, George
J Kline and J M Cashion.
0 "Right In Season," 10 Per Cent Off Sale.
We can afford It, as we do not pay Nic
ollet avenue rents "Underweai hosiery "
Hoffman's Toggery Shop, "Newspaper
How "
"Smart Set" Holiday Neckwear, Mufflers.
Hoffman's Toggery Shop, "Newspaper
Fred P. Clark, Formerly a Promi
nent Minneapolis Lumberman
Is Arrested at St. Paul.
Fred P Clark, aged 60 years, a
prominent and wealthy lumberman of
Minneapolis twenty years ago, was locked
up at the St Paul Central station last
evening as a common -vagrant Clark was
penniless and was found begging on the
street When Clark owned and opeiated
a saw mill at what is now Main and
Fourth streets N E his fortune was esti
mated at between $100,0000 and $250,000.
His trouble commenced when he became
enamored of a beautiful Creole girl on a
business tiip to St Louis. She followed
him to Minneapolis and took up her
residence on the North Side. The at
tention bestowed upon her by Clark led
to an estrangement between himself and
wife and during the Creole's absenpe
fiom her residence one evening, her house
was dynamited-a. circumstance which
prompted her to return to St Louis.
Clark s mill burned soon afterward, and
having no insurance his loss was heavy.
He rebuilt the mill and sold it to former
Governor Clough It Anally passed into
the hands of the Nelson-Tuthlll Lumber
For fifteen years Clark has met with
steady business reverses. As purchasing
agent for the Northern Pacific he was not
a success When he finally lost his
Anoka county stock farm, the last vestige
of hi property, he lost heart and dropped
out, of sight, his whereabouts being un
known until his present detention.
Clark is laboring under the delusion
that he is drawing a salary of $50 000
from the Great Northern road. He will
be examined for insanity. He has a
son li\ ing in Grand Rapids, Mich , who
will be notified.
The Predictions.
MinnesotaThreatening to-night and
Saturday with probably light snow flur
ries, colder to-night, fresh northeast
winds. IowaThreatening to-night and
Saturday with probably light snow flur
ries, colder to-night, fresh northeast
winds. South DakotaThreatening to
night and Saturday with possibly light
snow flurries colder in east portions to
night fresh northeast winds. Wiscon-
sinThreatening to-night and Saturday,
with possibly light snow flurries, winds
mostly fresh northeast Upper Michigan
Piobably light snow flurries to-night
and Saturday, colder in west portion to
night, fresh to brisk northeast winds
MontanaThreatening to-night and Sat
urday, with probably snow flurries cold
er to-night fresh northeast winds.
North DakotaThreatening to-night and
Satmday, with possibly light snow flur
ries, colder in east portions to-night,
fresh northeast winds
Great Sale of Auction Silks.
Next Monday Goodfellow's will place on
tale about 10,000 yards of silks from the
aucton sale of Ashley & Bailey & Co
These are In addition to those on sale the
past week, kept in reserve on account of
lack of room
Accidents to Mill Men in the Upper
Special to The Journal.
Houghton, Mich , Dec 5 John Bray, a
car dumper, slipped and fell under the
-wheels and had his legs severed while at
work at the Franklin mill yesterday. l ie
was taken to the hospital in Hancock,
and may not ieco\erDaniel O'Neil was
crushed under a hea\lly loaded wagon
in the yards of the Lake Superior Iron
&. Metal company. His condition is
By Far the Best Footwear. 1
Great Shoe Salesroom at The Plymouth.
, , WEW STAMfc 8LA**EBS.
Speciil to The Journal. /
Washington. Dec 3 -Postmasteis appointed to
dfn . MinnesotaGeruidntofrn, Marshall county
V iirfiuu Haufthftn Mildred. CaSs Count*, MBV 1/
HavtMs I'encei. Roseau county, Edw aril M *Lar
s*in/ Rock rMl, Olmsted counti, Sander O
Sandt'isjU, scanlon, Callton county, St. Mc
Xntatthton In\aStiuble Plymonth county, O
U. Perdue.
JMtT &X^ '
w -
w - Jermane.
Cohen Urges Gravel Jury Confession
as Reason for Setting Aside
W. L. Harris, Foreman of the Grand
Jury, Says Cohen's Testimony
Wasn't Used Against Him.
Judge Elliott heard testimony and list
ened to aiguments directed against the
validity of the last two indictments re
turned against Joseph Cohen, this morn
ing, and finally took the matter under ad
The indictments in question were re
turned by the piesent grand jury after
Cohen had been called before it, and A.
H. Hall, his attorney, claims that they
were based, at least in part, upon infor
mation furnished by Cohen himself. The
defendant was the first witness called.
Under questions from his attorney, A.
H. Hall, he testified that he had been
summoned before the grand jury and had
been asked regarding the very matters for
which he had been indicted He said the
grand jury had questioned him about the
payment of money by Jessie Harris and
Mav Mcintosh, the two transactions set
forth in the indictments. He added that
the entire system of collections had been
gone into.
"I was asked if I ever opened the envel
opes left by the -women," said Cohen "if
I ever gave any of the money to the mayor
or to the colonel, how much money was
paid in under the system. The whole
examination was pretty much directed to
my matters They did go into other cases
slightly, but the bulk of my examination
-was on points connected with my own
The point raised by Mr. Hall is that the
indictments subsequently returned against
Cohen wei e based upon his own testimony
and are consequently illegal
Under cross-examination Cohen said he
had been asked by the grand jury why he
had pleaded guilty and had said that he
did so because an agreement had been
made between his attorney and the county
attorney to let him off with a fine.
"Didn't you include the court in that
statement?" demanded Mr. Boardman,
"I don't know. I supposed the court
knew about it. You yourself told me mat
several times. By inference, you repeated
it a great many times
Mr. Boardman sought to compel an ad
mission from the witness that the ques
tions asked him had been put with an idea
of learning whether or not his brother was
implicated in the collections matter but
this the defendant would not admit.
At the close of Cohen's examination the
defense rested, and County Attorney
Boardman called W. L. Harris, foreman
of the grand juiy befoie which Cohen
appeared, as the state's first witness
Mr. Boardman asked regarding the evi
dence given by Cohen, but Mr. Hall ob
jected arguing that while it was per
missible to go into the general scope of
the testimony given, the evidence itself
could not be retold outside the jury
room, except m a case of perjury. The ob
jection was sustained
The witness, however, was permitted
to say that the main matter on which
Cohen was examined had been distinctly
and wholly apart from his own case, al
though the lines of evidence, he said, had
"You have heard Mr. Cohen's state
ment that the bulk of his examination
was regarding his own matters Is that
true?" asked the county attorney.
"I don't so consider it," replied Mr.
Harris ,
'Did you explain tk Mr. Cohen what he
was wanted for*"' llr
' I said Mr. Cohln we are trying to
clear up municipal affairs and we think
o can help us out if you are inclined
to "
"Did you ask him any questions de
signed to elecit information regarding M
L Cohen's connection with the graft'"
"O, ves, a great mafiy of them "
"Was that the subject af the examina-
"It was "
"And when you a?ked about that did he
volunteer information regarding the sys
tem of collection?"
"He did "
Mr Harris admitted that Cohen's exam
ination had Included a number of ques
tions about the envelop t.vstem and the
disposition of the money.
"At the time these indictments were
returned against Mr Cohen, ' asked the
count\ attorney, "was his testimony be
fore you? Was It taken into considera
tion when the indictments were found
This -was objected to and after a brief
argument, the objection was sustained
However, Mr Harris testified that only
two witnesses were examined In each of
the Cohen cases Their names appear
upon the indictment and Cohen's name is
not among them.
On cross-examination Mi. Hall sought
to compel the witness to admit that the
indictments subsequently returned against
Cohen began, so far as the grand jury
was concerned with his statement of the
reasons which had led him to plead guilty
in a similar case, a plea that was after
waids withdrawn, but Mr. Harris said he
thought Cohen's statement had nothing
whatever to do with the matter.
"5fou atill recollect the answers made by
Mr. Cohen before the Jury?" asked Mr.
"Ye s" '
"And you did recollect them at the time
the indictments were found?"
"I suppose so, yes "
That finished the cross-examination,
and the state rested Cohen was then re
called to testify that Foreman Harris had
been called from the room to go to the
'phone, in the couise of his examination
and consequently could not know all the
questions that had been put to him.
The legal point was then argued briefly
and the court took the matter under ad
Xmas Suggestions.
Fine gold spectacles and eye glasses for
fathei and mother. B. B. Meyrowitz,
Break pp Your Cold in Ten Hours
by Breathing
^ burlng the Day.
A complete outfit of iuhnler^nd enough
ivamei to break up the coughs offtwhole
Muter and prevent pneumonia for |i.oo.
*tl a bottles of Hyomei, at 50c, at druggists or by
mil satisfaction guaranteed tt (Honey refunded
tht fi T. Bioth 0- JtJieua N. Y
*&s free and makespectaclee that fit.
26 Nicollet Aj., Upitalri.
If yomr head n*hai, eyes
water, listht 'blurt, oall
en* tee ma 1 examine
Don't wait until the
last week, when this
department is over
crowded. Select your
Portable now, and we
will deliver it when
you wish. Saturday
we will sell 25 Com
plete Portables, regu
larly $3 50 to $7 50, at
Cut Prices of from $2.65 to $5.62
Also 25 Complete Portables, includ
ing everything but the gas, Saturday,
N ew Englan d Furniture & Carpet Co
9 "
Your Credit is Good at the llaw England I ^w^+
5o 25o
10c 35o
15o 50o
One-half of our Fifth
Street Center Aisle devot
ed to these Ever Popular
Bargain Tables, loaded
with good things Jn* Fan
cy China Novelties, Brlc
a-Brac, Candlesticks, etc,
etc. Hundreds of desir
able articles at ai\ aver
age of Qne-Half regular
prices Grand opportu
nity for Church Officers
and Sunday School
Teachers to select their
Christmas Gifts. Club
members should improve
this opportunity to lay in
a supplv of Prizes for
the winter.
^ *
T *-* ^%
Correct Dress for Men, Women and Children.
231 Niooliet Ave., One Door So. of Wash.
This store when opened will be the largest store of its kind inMin
neapolis. We are importers and exporters of all kinds of Song
Birds, Animals and Parrots. We also carry Gold Fishes, Glass Globes,
Bird Seed, etc. A special for the opening on German Hartz Mountain Male
Canariesgood singersat $2 each. Don't forget the place.
NEW YORK BIRO GO., 231 Niooliet Ave.
These are what we call "seconds"a slight blemish or stain puts them
in this class, but doea not injure wearing quality in the least.
No. Size. Worth.. Sale Price.
1 62x80 $3.75 $2.39
2 62x80.... 5.00
3 70x84 4.50
4 72x84 6.25 *
72x84 7.50
78x00 5.25
7 78x90 6.50
8 80 x 0 7.25
9 80x90 8.00
10 80x90 8 25
Cotton Warp White Blankets.
AH Wool White Blankets.
Single Bed Blankets.
White Crib Blankets.
North Star Woolen Mill Co.,
Immense Receipts of FreshMeatsan d Poultry a*tas
Still Selling at Popular Prices. Come Earfy. H
Wofkingmen's AH-Wool Flannel Underwear a Speciality.
228 S. 2d St., Minneapolis, One Block from Milwaukee Depot.
Finest Separator Butter, 5-ib. Jars. $1.4 0. iXSSJBft^SSiF**
Good Dairy, 5-1b. jar
Choice Dairy, 5-lb. jar.
Very Choice Dairyv5-lb. jar.
Bulk Oysters, per qt
1 tool Gin Denim Bui foi soi
1 **i'** The One-Price, Complete Hou&furBlshers.
%*S 5th St., eth bt, ana 1st AT. 8.
Largest, oldest and most reliable Fur
Manufacturing business in the city.
Guarantee against all rips or imperfec
tions for one year.
Manufacturing Dept., Sixth Floor.
Fur Salesroom, Second Floor.
The Plymouth Clothing House,
Plymouth Corner, Sixth and Nicollet.
Wilt Often Saturday* Doo. eth, at
Iron Working Machinery
. 30c
100 Hardwood Sleds, nicely painted,
flat steel runners. Special Saturday at
18 cents
100 ditto, with round spring steel run- \
ners, Special Saturday at 25 cents C
200 pairs Best Quality Cast Steel
Skates, either 'Hockey" or "Clamp"
style, Special Saturday, per pair,
^ 60 cents
A Big Line of Snow Shovels in either
Wood or Steel, Special Prices Satur
day 25 cents, 29 cents, 48 cents
21S South 3rd Strait,
All Wool Fancy Blankets.
Traveling Blankets.
Camping Blankets.
Horse Blankets.
avoid the conges-
tion sure to occur
later on, we wlii on
Saturday, also all
next week, give a
Special Discount of'
10 per cent on any*
thing In our Toy
Department a
Wonderland of ev
erything Unique,
Original and Up
to-date in Toys,
Dolls and Games.
Minneapolis, Minn.
2.98 4.75
5.60 3.49
4.30 4.98
5.95 6.00
Tonight25c to $i.00. Saturday Matinee?5o-50c
In the German Musical Comedy,
Next Sunday "Barbara Frietchie**
Pec. S, 8, 10 Otis Skinner In "Lassarre."
Dec. 11-12-13 "THE 6TORKS.
Kirk La Shelle Presents
Serg-eant James
The Romance of an Enlisted Man.
Matinee Saturday at 2:30.
Next WeeK Mr. Jolly of Jollet."
ilatinee Tomorrow at 2:30.
Next Weea . ... "HAZEL
Apollo Concerts.25oEKIEK
Reservation of Associate Member tick
eta Monday, Dec. 8th at Metropolitan
Music btore.
THEATER \ Evenings
Cracker Jack Co.
Harvey Parker, the Wrestler.
M Friday Ladies' Matinee Day.)
This cut shovs tHe machine
that DEVELOPS Film b y
To use it means to do away with
Trays, Dark room lamp, Dark room
and all the muss that old time de
veloping causes, and it
does the worK better
Price, for size to take film
2 x 44- and under $6.00
Size to take film 5x4 and under 7.50
O. H. PecK Company
112-114-116 So. Stix Street
Established 1882.
Largest and most reliable
Fur Manufacturin g business.
Guarantee against all rips or
imperfections for one year.
Manufacturing Dept Fur Salesroom
Sath Floor. Second Floor.
Correct Dress Head to Foot
The Plymouth Clothing House,,
, Plymouth Gotner, Sixth and Nictfllet.
use j
* IG$ CREAM -/^
SPECIAL j Vlnilla, Nut and Pineapple Ice.
SUNDAY \ l^t. 35c 2-qts... .60
Are Charging 30c and 32c for.
Matinees Tuesday,
Ihursday and Sat
Both Line* 014
J '
25o SOo
a t 8.15.
i 1 i
i *
4 f

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