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- I
Annual Meeting Will Be Held in
Minneapolis Next WeekFea
tures of Program.
Question of Increasing Insurance
Limit to Come UpSmoke
Social Planned.
The annual moting of the head lodge
of the Sons of Norwaj will be held next
week at the 100ms of "Nordlyset lodge
In Lnlon temple, 26 Washington a\enue
S The business sesslorib will open Mon
day and will continue until all business
has been dispatched One of the prin
cipal subjects to be conldeied is the
feasibility of increasing the limit of in
surance from $D00 to $1,000 Though the
oidei is still -\eij joung, the growth of
membeisnip has been so large that many
membeis aie confident that the insurance
limit can safel\ be Increased
\^ hile the delegates to the head lodge
are in Minneapolis thev will be the guests
of the four local lodges, "Nidaros,
"Oslo ' Den re and ' Nordlse which
together number about 700 members For
the present Minneapolis Is the center of
the ordei s strength
A "sexa " or smoke social will be held
tn honor of the visiting delegates at
"Nordlyset s" hall next Sunday after
noon at 2 o'clock James A Peterson
will preside as toastmaster should he le
turn fiom Washington in time to par
ticipate m the festivities Though the
program for the sexa will be wholly in
formal it is the intention of the local
entertainment committee to give the vis
itors a time which will be memoi able.
fcn Excellent Diplomat and Popular with
the Danish Court
In announcing the accession of ILaurlta
fT* Swenson of Albert Lea, Minn , as dean
Of the diplomatic corps at Copenhagen,
the New York Herald, in its Paris edi
tion, added
"The Swedish and Russian ministers,
Hrho weie above Mr Swenson in seniority,
Jja-\e just left Baron Beck Friis, the
Jormei dojen, has retired to his estates
in Sweden after twenty-five \ ears' serv
ice at the Danish court, and the Russian
mlnlstea. Count Benckendorff, was ap-
ointe ambassador to the Court of S t
"Mi Swenson, who was appointed in
J897 to Denmark, under Piesident Mc
Kinley. ia 'persona grata' at the court
and Aery popular among his colleagues
jfe is also considered an excellent diplo
mat During the somewhat delicate Dan
ish West Indian negotiations, he had a
g ood oppoitumty to show his mettle
Mr Swenson will act in his new ca
pacity a spokesman at the ceremony
which takes place on New Tear's Day,
when the diplomatic corps 'in pleno'
presents its, congi atulations to King
Chilstian at Amallenboig "
Minister Swenson ga\e his fhst official
flinner in honor of Crown Piince Fredrik
last Monda\ Premier Deuntzer and
other high Danish officials were present,
as well as members of the diplomatic
Even the Fish In the Streams Forsake
the People.
I nlike famines which oidlnarily at
tract attention tnose which have bioucht
8tar\ation to thb inhabitants of northern
Sweden and Finland were caused not by
diought but b\ too much moisture The
ciops weie diowned out, and the vege
table pioducts not destiojed in that man-
TIPI we ie fioren in the ground
The lack of crops has made It neces
si\ aho foi the peasants either to kill
off or dispo L of the stock because there
was no hav oi fodder for feed Ilere
tofoie milk has b^en an important part of
the diet of those people, but it was im
possible to keep the cows ali\e This
led to another \erv important feature of
the case It will be necessaiv to import
cattle and olhci stock when the summer
aeason comes on and this will be so ex
pensive that most of the peasants will
not be able to do it
Added to this sad state of affairs is a
fish famine For some reason which is
not altogether explained fish have almost
ntirely disappeared from the streams In
northern Sweden It may be due to the
impoverished condition of the country
Save Your Hair with
Shampoos of
Guticura Soap and Dressings
of Guticura,
Purest, Sweetest, lo st Effective
and Economical Remedies
For Making the Hair Grow when
All Else Fails.
Prevent baldness and cleanse the
scalp of crusts, scales and dandruff with
shampoos of Cuticura Soap, and light
dressings with Cuticuta, purest of
emollients and greatest of skin cures.
This treatment at once stops falling
hair, removes crusts, scales and dand
ruff, destroys hair parasites, soothes
iiritated, itching surfaces, stimulates
the hairfollicles, loosens the scalp skin,
supplies the roots with energy and
nourishment, and makes the hair grow
upon a sweet, wholesome, healthy
scalp when all else fails.
Millions now rely on Cuticura Soap,
assisted by Cuticura Ointment, the
great skin cure, for preserving, purify
ing andbeautifying the skin, for cleans
ing the scalp of crusts, scales, and
dandruff, aud the stopping of falling
hair, lor softening, whitening and
soothing red, rough, and sore nands,
for baby rashes, itchings and dialings,
in the form of baths for annoying
irritations and inflammations or too
free or offensive perspiration, in the
form of washes for ulcerative weak
nesses, and many sanative, antiseptic
purposes, which readilysuggest them
selves to women and mothers, as well
as for all the purposes of the toilet,
bath, and nurseiy. Sale greater than
the world's product of other skin cures.
Sold thioughout the civilized world.
and the lack of food. However that may
be, there are none to be had, and the
supply la thus shut off in this direction,
These stricken districts are \ery poorly
settled. While there are a great many
people, they are spread over a large ter
ritory. The little huts and shacks are of
ten miles apart, and it would take days to
make a passage to one of them. Some of
them have been reached and supplied
with food and like necessities, but others
have not and probably cannot be leached
until favorable weather
Swedish Singers Concentrate Attention
on the Summer Festival.
From now on the members of the Or
pheus Singing Societv intend to gne pai
ticular attention to the arrangements for
the biennial sangerfest of the American
T'nion of Swedish Singers to be held in
Minneapolis next lummei It is no guess
to sa\ that the festival will be well at
tended and enjojable to the singeis but
the local entertameis wish the best to
suipass its piedecessois if possible
President Olof Nelson of the Swedish
Singers' Association of Chicago, In a let
tei to the local committee announces that
Chicago will be represented bv at least
150 active and associate members The
Swedish Glee Club and the Svlthiod of
that city are, of couise, the strongest in
the union and rank among the leading
musical oiganlzations of Chicago
At a recent meeting of the executu e
committee the lesignation of Axel Sund
berg of St. Paul, treasurer of the union,
was accepted John Bjorkman, tieas
urer of Orpheus and the Wenneibeig
memorial chorus was elected to fill the
\ acancy.
Decoration for a Churchman.
Di Eric Norelius, president of the
Augustana Swedish Lutheran synod, is
the latest American to be honored by
decoration as a knight of the Swedish
order of the North Stai As far as can
be recalled at present he is the third
citizen of Minnesota, the north star state,
to be thus honored by King Oscar, the
otheis being A E Johnson of the steam
ship and land Arm, and Dr Wahlstrom,
president of the Gustavus Adolphus col
lege, St. Peter
Would Emulate Nordenskjold.
At the Arctic club'B dinner at N ew York
there was read a lettei from Saptaln H C.
Johannesen of Tromsoe, Norwav, sug
gesting an expedition along the north
coast of Europe and Asia from west to
east The suggestion attracted consid
erable attention and should it be under
taken, Captain Johannesen may be cap
tain He navigated the Lena which ac
companied Nordenskjold on the Vega as
far as the Lena Delta His seamanship in
the Arctic is vouched foi by such eminent
men as Dr Nordenskjold, Dr. Nansen and
Captain Sverdrup
Captain Johannesen estimates that $30,-
000 will cover all the expenses for such
an expedition as the one he has in mind
Norway's Hard Times.
Norwaj s customs returns show a deficit
of $1 000 000 on account of the diminished
consuming power of the countrs On the
other hand, the Swedish customs show a
surplus of $2 500 000 and the Danish cus
toms a surplus of $500 000 Even in Swed
en and Denmark trade is slack and the
number of unemployed is great but the
economic crisis does not amount to such
a catastiophe as in Norwa\
"Svensk Theater "
John Jolin s popular melodiama Lojen
och Tarai ' ( Laughter and Teais ) will
be presented at Dania hall next Sunday by
the full strength of the Swedish Dra
matic companv The plav which is a
leal melodrama in that it includes several
songs, has boen a favorite among Swedish
theater goers foi along time It has not
been presented in Minneapolis for about
twentv car The piincipal "oles will be
taken by Miss Em ma Isilsson, Mrs Linde
Miss Tillie Olson, Richard Roserarren'
finest Magnusson Dr Lidholm, Messrs
Lilgeblad, Carlson and Bergius
Concert at Bethlehem
A sacred concert will be held next Fri
dav evening Jan 30, at the Bethlehem
Norwegian Luthera-n church Eighteenth
street and Fouiteenth avenue N Among
the numbeis will be solos bv Miss Clara
Williams soprano, Owen T Morris tenor,
and PHP Rydning, organ The Beth
lehem choir will assist and Dr J S Carl
son of the state university will make an
Norway Is Warlike?
Soma one started a Joke about a Nor
wegian attack on Sweden unless the con
sular question was speedily settled There
was even mention made of mobilizing
troops within three months Soon the
Norwegian and Swedish papeis were
eagerlv discussing the question, but all
treated It as a huge Joke
King Edward Wins a Prize.
When the winner of the grand prize in
the Swedish art lottery was announced
there must ha-\ e been a general murmur of
disappointment, not because the winner
was unpopular, but because he already
possesses a surfeit of the desirable things
on this earth. The winner was none other
than King Edward of the British empire
King Oscar won the twenty-first prize.
A Patron of Agriculture.
Hr Sissener, a former member of the
Norwegian storthing from Smaalenene,
died tecently at the age of 53 at Boade
He was greatly interested in agriculture
and did much by speech and with his
pen for its advancement He was him
self a practical and progresshe farmer.
To Qustaf Adolf.
Work on the mammoth statue in honor
of Gustavus Adolphus is progressing very
satisfactoiilj Begun last August it will
be completed bj April The group repre
senting Axel Oxenstjerna and History has
been successfully cast
Literature Is Profitable.
Selma Lagerlof s rojalties on hei book
Jerusalem" ha\e already reached 30,000
kroner ,The book's popularitv remains
undiminished and the sales have passed
the 15,000 mark
California, via Tourist, Over the Rock
Island Railway.
In selecting a route to California the al
titude and climate of the oountry trav
ersed should naturally be given consider
ation The Rock Island svstem not only
has the shortest line to the Pacific coast,
but also passes thrdugh a territory of the
lowest altitude and a most genial tem
perature Beginning Wednesday, and
e\ery Wednesday thereafter, the Rock
Island Railway will run a tourist car from
Minneapolis to Los Angeles without
change over the Rock Island-El Paso
Route, leaving the Milwaukee depot at
7 10 p m The car will be of the latest
Pullman design and up-to-date in every
respect, and you may be assured of a
most comfortable Journey if o go this
waj A double berth through costs but
56, and a nicer way to California can
not be gone over Information and liter
ature on California can be had at the Rock
Island ticket office, 322 Nicollet acenue.
Twenty Cents Will Do f t
'Are you tired of seeing articles of all
descriptions stored away in ou attic?
Why not dispose of them? Others would
be glad of an opportunity to secure some
of these articles. Try an ad in The
Journal's For Sale or Exchange col
umn You will be surprised at the quick
results. If it is inconvenient for you to
call at the office with your ad, remember
the telephone 's at your'service. Call up
Main No. 9, either line.
Through Pullman Tourist sleepers to
California \ia the Sunshine Routes ''Chi-
cago, Milwaukee & St. Paul and Santa F e
lines), every Tuesday Berth rat^ ?6.
Ticket office, 32& Nicollet avenue, or ad
dress W. B Dixon, N. W. P. A., St. Paul.
To California.
U. ..ivW .. Sfo ,ft-ri.rf.&.< A. lt,C~ n .li^feair. ...-&&?. ..yt^.y. . . ,. -a ...tfef ^.i *- " .n.#f^.lufeiSSt.gfjSJlitA3ggJ!.^
/ -
President of State Federation of*
Women's Clubs Will Preside
To-morrow Night.
Di Anna Shaw will lecture to-monow -
night in the New Century course at Plym
outh church on "The New Man % This
distinguished club woman and. marvelous,
orator will be introduced by Mrs. E. Mtf
La Penotiere, president of the Minne
sota Federation of Women's Clubs
Dr Shaw made her first appeal ance in
the national work for the
of women's interests at an international
congress of women lepresenting most of
the civilized nations of the world and
most of the important oi ganizations of
women I twas suggested and arranged
bv Eli/sab-eth Cady Stanton and Miss An
thony to commemorate the first ' woman's
rights" convention at Seneca Falls, but
it was broad in its scope and included
many not inteiested in noi specially in
sympathy wMth women's enfranchisement,
although all concerned appreciated the up
lift given to all women s movements by
the work of Mrs Stanton, Miss Anthony
and their coadjutors during the first forty
vears of the movement Dr Shaw preached
at this congress a sermon pronounced b \
Miss Anthony to be ' matchless " and
from this began the friendships between
these two brainy women that has made
them close associates and fellow workers
much of the time since
Although Dr. Shaw began her public
work in behalf of women's interests late
enough to escape the obloquy heaped upon
the pioneers, she has not escaped many
discouraging situations and hard work
With Miss Anthony she campaigned in
Kansas and South Dakota when these
were decidedly wild and woolly states
and the work was fi aught with a good
many hardships and rebuffs
It was in one of these campaigns that
the dilly-dallying methods of one of the
political parties provoked one of D r
Shaw's clever shots The women were
deeply interested in securing the indorse
ment of the party for their measure, but
action was in doubt The committe on
platform was in session and meanwhile
the convention was waiting and killing
time The leading politicians in the au
dience were called out to make speeches,
and, although the woman's measure was
the burning question, not a man could
be induced to utter a syllable on the sub
ject in advance of the reading of the
Finally the wait had become so long
that there was a demand for Dr Shaw
to liven up the crowd Stepping forward,
she began "I am not, like my prede-
Minneapolis Dry Goods Co
The way prices are down for Saturday will surely caus*
many cold hands that come Into the store to go away warm.
Ladies' Kid Gloves that generally
cost you a dollar a pair, of line
quality, in browns, red, grays and
tans. Saturday ftQf*
Boys' Black Leather Mittens,
heavy fleece lined, with knit wrists,
the kind that sells at 50c QQA
a pair. Saturday at..... ,uOu
- I
Gloves Reduced
New Trimmed Hats
New Black Hats for prefeent wear are now ready. Made of
chiffon and tucked silk and trimmed with riolets. See them
before the prettiest have been culled out $ 5 $ 6 and $ 7
The Garment Clearance
Another day of money-making for you and space-making
for us. A sale like this shows the value that we put on space.
Children's Long Coats at 1 3 off.
This gives you
A $5 00 Coat for $3.34
A $7.50 Coat for. 6.0 0
A $8.50 Coat for. 6.6 7
A $10 Coat for 6.6 7
A $12.50 Coat for 8.3 4
$16.50 fine Sheared Coney Capes,
30 inches long, full sweep, lined,
SIT.?.. 10-75
Ladies' Cloth Capes, plain and
tan trimmed, all at 1-8 off.
42x36 Pillow Cases,
45x36 fine Pillow Cases 12&
45x36 Double Hem
stitched Cases, each..,
White Goods
Our own importation of plain and
embroidered Linens for waists has just
arrived from Ireland,
36-in, plain at 50c 60c 65c 75c
and 85c yard.
36-in. embroidered at $1.00 and
$1.25 yard.
Fine French Nainsook, in boxes of 12
yards, $1.75 quality. Spec- 4 C O
ial, a box - MMMV
40-in. Victoria Lawn, fine firm
woven goods, 25c quality.
Special, yard
Muslin Underwear
Today we mention two or three
values just like those that have al
ready given us such an immense sale.
And the rest are *till here, practically
Children's Drawers of a good grade
of muslin, made witk deep hem and
cluster tucks, all sizes from 4^f*
one to 10 years, pair I ^M%*
Umbrella Skirts, made of cambric
with a deep flounce of the same, fin
ished with two rows of torchon laee
insertion and a lace edge QQ
each fOt#
Cambric Gowns of $1.25 value, made
with V-shaped neck, with front of lace
insertion and lace edge. Sat- OOf*
urdayat %MW%*
Black PetticeatsYou ought to see
the skirt we are selling for a dollar. It s
regular price is $1.50 in fact, you
could not buy the materials for a dol
lar. I t is made of black mercerized
Cotton Counter
cessors, afraid to speak on the present
issue, for I know what is our platform
and wh at I want to put in yours " She
then went on to make a telling argument
for the projected KWfcasure.
Reduced Rates to Southern Winter Re
To New Orleans, Hot Springs, Florida,
or Calirornia. The new "North Star
Limited" offers the quickest and best ser
vice See our new Buffet Library cars,
oosting $12,000 each. W. L Hathaway.
City Ticket Agent,! No. 1 Washington av
enue S.
Reduced rate tickets on sale daily. The
"North Star Limited" is the only up-to
date train to the south. TV. L. Hatha
way, City Ticket Agent, No 1 Washing
ton av S.
The Motzorongo Co , will run a through
Sleeping Car Excursion td- Mexico City
via Chicago Great Western Railway, on
F eb 3 For information apply to L C
Rains, agent, corner Nicollet avenue and
Fifth street, Minneapolis
day at 09U
Childreri's Golf Gloves, pure
wool, in gray, white and 4Q
navy, now at. 1 3P O
To Hot Springs, Ark.
California Is the Place
to go and the way to go Is over the Rock
Island railway. Illustrated literature and
information at the office, 322 Nicollet
Excursion to Mexico.
Quality and Quantity.
These are the two most important fac
tors that should be considered in selecting
an advertising medium. The Journal
want columns should need no argu
ment to convince you that you secure
both when using them
If you had taken two of Carter's Little
Liver Pills before retiring you would not
have had that coated tongue or bad taste
in the mouth this morning Keep a vial
with you for occasional use
Twenty Cents Will Do It.
Are you tired of seeing articles of all
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Why not dispose of them' Others would
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Journals For Sale or Exchange col
umn You will be surprised at the quick
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Henry Voegeli, 1000 Girard oyenue N, dwell
ing ?4 200
Tohn 0 Hirsch, 1700 Girard avenue N, dwell
ing, $2,000
Angus MpLood companv, 626 28 Fifth street S,
brick w arehouse, $5,70 0
Two minor peiinits, $920.
Total, $12,S20
Ladies' Golf Gloves, pure wool, in
fancy plaids and plain colors, reds,
browns, grays and tans, the regu
lar 50c kind. Satur- QA
Ladies' 42-inch long Coats, in cas
tor and black, fine kersey, at 1 3
$15.00 ones now $10.00
$20 00 ones now 13.3 4
$25.00 ones now 16.6 7
Children's Dresses, that were
from $1.50 to $5.00, now just Half
$12.50, $15.00 and $1650 Walk
ing Skirts, sale price, A Q Q
each vivO
45x36Tlllow Cases,
81x90 fine Sheets, each 52%c
31x90 Double Hem
stitched toheets
sateen, extra full, with a rich, elaborate
finish of accordion plaiting and three
narrow ruffles. We can sell it for a dol
lar just bwcause the maker named a
price that he did not expect us to ac
cept. We did, however, and the profit
is yours. Each skirt 4 A A
Linen Remnants
If we hadn't had more of them than
we could show at once, we would have
been sold out by this time. The bar
gain tables are still covered with them.
This is a great opportunity to obtain
small quantities of Napkins, Damasks,
etc., at little prices.
$1.35 and $1.50 full bleached Dam
asks, of famous makes, ttffcrf*
goat wOli
$2 double Satin Damask, 4 O A
grass bleached, the yard.. .. - - O^r
Heavy Barnsley Damask O "714%
that was $1.25, goes at O J 2**
22-inch Irish Linen Napkins (Lid
dell's), worth $2.25 a dozen, 4 fiQ
1rib# at If F
3-4 size, in heavy Scotch Damask,
worth $2.50 a dozen, 4 Qft
The best $2.00 Half Bleached Nap
kins we ever had, now 4 C A
at I.OU
More fiOc Towels at half price
iMmstitched double huek, 23x45 fine
knotted fringe, 24x50 QB
each eiOf#
BasementSpace has been reserved
down stairs for special linen attrac-
Otherwise the Government andVari
ous States Will Take Action
Regarding the Plague.
Unless the California and San Fran
oisco authorities soon unite with the
federal authorities in vigorous measures
to stamp out f*e bubonic plague now ex
isting at S- . Francisco, stringent action
will be ta^en against California "There
is no doubt that they have plague at
San Francisco," says Dr H M Bracken
secretary of the state board of health,
who has Just returned from Washington,
where he attended a conference of state
medical officers called to consider the
alarming condition in California.
According to Dr Bracken, the plague
has existed at San Francisco for at least
thiee years. The federal authorities have
secured an authentic record of ninety
three cases. Yet there must have been
many more, inasmuch as no less than
ninety out of the ninety-three cases we ie
not discovered by the federal Inspectors
until after the victims' death. Proper
investigation was prevented by the ex
traordlnaiy short-sightedness, not to say
cumlnal recklessness, on the part of cer
tain Californians They preferred to de
ceive the public into a belief that plague
did not exist rather than have some busi
ness interests suffer slightly as the re
sult of measures necessaiy to eradicate
a frightful disease It was probably the
same class of Callfornians that endeav
ored to suppress every report of an earth
quake in that state Governor Gage of
California, the state board of health and
Mayor Schmitz of San Francosco are said
to oppose any lecognition of the plague
The city health board at San Francisco
wanted to admit the truth and stamp out
the disease. The mayor then went so
far as to attempt the discharge of men
upon the city board He was checked
by an injunction But sufficient official
influence has been exerted to impede se
riously the work of the federal agents
that are tiying to destroy the infection
"Unless matters out there are mended
soon," says Dr Bracken, "the situation
may easily become serious The plague
has already spread apparently from San
Francisco to Mazatlan and othei cities in
Mexico If the objecting authorities
don't mend their ways federal agents
may be detailed to inspect all travelers
leaving California ,and the war depart
ment may suspend the army tianspoit
service from San Francisco "
S'byl Toiley and husband to Michael Folay,
Silverware at Half
It's a fact that on Saturday you
may get recognized standard Sil
verware for just half the regular
prices. The lot on sale comprises
plated forks and spoons that we
have decided to close out. The
names of the makers are all the
guarantee the goods need.
Triple - plated Forks, C. Rogers'
Bros., reduced from $2.90 4 JB E?
the half dozen to I i4v
Triple plated Forks, Rogers' Bros.
1847, the set of six, g% f t A
reduced from $4 to dfi - W
Forks of the same make, were
$2.75 the set, reduced 4 O O
to BalJO
Triple-plated Spoons, same make,
were $2 75 a set, 4 O O
now lillO
Triple-plated Table Spoons, C.
Rogers' make, were $2,75
the set, now
Forks of the C. Rogers' make, re
duced from $2 the set f A A
Hardware Dept.
American Wringer Co.'s Wringer,
wood frame, solid white rubber rolls,
vulcanized to the shaft, 2 years' guar
antee $2 25 value, 4 "7 c
for IB/O
Food Choppers, with 3 extra knives,
will cut any kind of meats or vege
tables $1.48 value, A Q
25 dozen extra fine Parlor Brooms,
4 string union made - 0 _
80c kind 1 o G
Diamond C Soap, 8 bars for 25c.
Quantity limited.
Clothes Pins, 100 for. 6 c
Laundry Bluing, quart c ^
bottle for O G
tions. Here you will find full Bleached
Bird's Eye Huck Towels, 19x38, sold
regularly at 12-|c, now Of*
17-inch Crashes, brown
bleached, 8c qualities,
now at
Fifty dozen of the 5c Wash Cloths
Saturday at 1 c each, with the usual
limitsix to each customer.
Ne w Wash Fabrics
Corded and Printed Madras, 36 in.
wide, in white grounds, colors as good
as those of a 25c cloth, 1 Atf*
A new line of pretty Mercerized
Granite Madras, stylish designs in
white grounds with small*figuresand
dots in colors yard, 29c and 35c.
Basement Another
Indigo Blue Prints
Zephyr Ginghams, two hundred
styles in plain colors, checks, plaids
and fancy stripes, all
32-inch Chambrays, in
plain aolors, a loc quality,
the yard
Men's Furnishings .
A sample line of the new spring Golf
Shirts has come into oar possession.
They are made of woven and printed
madras, with cuffs separate or attached
none worth less than $1 ' " f g
but they will go at m %3\0
JANUARY 23, 1903.
?8o K
mm mmm
In order to make a quick clean-up on some lots
o* Shirts, Hosiery and Neckwear we offer the fol-
lowing startling bargains:
of patterns, regular $1.00 and 81.50 values, at, iJ5C
eaeh Hfl%IFl* Good quality Balbriggan Hose, tar* colors, A f
at, 2 pair for
HEA,IVTTg,r\t ^ ^
and white $100 quality w w
Also Shield Bows, 2Sc quality at 2 for 25c
Winter Suits and Overcoats at Reduced Prices.
415 to 419 Nicollet Ave.
south one half of lot 11, block 15, and lot 1
block 2? Meekei Island Land and Power com
nanv't addition re\ised, $500
Hattie RI Chener and husband to Joseph C
Browi lots 12 -md 14, Lakeside addition 60
Charles A Smith and wife to Cora D Cot
trell lot * blocl. 6 Ridgewood addition, $4 000
Anders P Anrteison and wife to Charlfs G
Johnoon, lot 8 block 2, W olford, Sidle &. Reid s
addition, $1,100
Thomas Lowry and wife to George H Ker
ridge, lo's 25 to 2S, block 1, Second Division of
Remington Park ?1 000
Ambrose L Thomis rnd wife to Noah Schan
field lot 4, block 3, Cornell s third addition,
$2 400
Girard Investment company to Arthur E
Smith, lots 4 and 5, block 8, Pleasant Paik ad
ditlon, $200
CoVln O Sullivan and wife to Virginie Sulll
van, lots 21 to 30, blook 1$ rearrangement of
fifth divison of Remington Park $1,000
Bardwell Robinson company to Charles C Pat
ten, lot 1, block o. Tester s second addition,
Seven minor deeds $31.
Total, 16 deeds, $11,831
Andrew E Basel and Anna Erieson.
re d an d bln e flgured) regula r
Ascota, Imperials and Tour-in-Hands, Ff/k^
Sale of Underwear
Saturday the underwear department will make many more
warm friends. For the great sale of Underwear Samples is still
on. Warm garments fitted to any age or sex or famcy are going
at prices not much higher than half the regular. They have been
used as samples and a few of them show it, but who cares for that
when you can get goods that are otherwise perfect for such mean
little price? The assortment represents a complete underwear
store, so you can find anything you want.
45c garments at 29 c I $1.00 garments at 69 o
65c garments at 39 o $1.25 garments at 79 o
85c garments at 49c J $1.50 garments at 99 o
Very Lo w SH k Prices
5aturday's specials do not make a long list, but they will
give you values that are not surpassed in our biggest silk sales.
See for yourselves if they are not fully up to our reputation.
There are Wash Silks, for instance, that usually cost you 49c
a yard. 750 yards will be on sale, of the best quality, O E g %
in colors, choice new goods, and all at vUV
Our 75c grade of Black Taffeta, 23 inches wide, Effect
Saturday at
Colored Moire Velours, the $1 00 quality, but we C A A
haven't all the colors, to close out at UUIl
A 52-inch all wool Etamine, a perfect black, the
dollar quality, Saturday at
A 54-inch Zibeline, made of camels' hair wool,
highly lustrous, a cloth that sells at $1.25 yd. Saturday
Colored Dress GoodsFor another day you will
inch Cheviot, all wool, in black and all colors, a fine
heavy cloth, worth $1.00 a yard, at
Other Dollar ClothsVenetian and Covert Cloths,
all wool, ver^ heavy, in a full line of mixtures, the yard
Dress Goods Sale
and full
case of those
all staple
* 1
weaye g an d coloring Bj als o blac k
There will be as good a bargain in
the regular $1 Monarch Shirts, the
kind with starched bosoms We have
all sizes, but not in every pat- "JP E%g%
tern14 to 17 Saturday, each m O w
Our regular line of 50c Colored Silk
Neckwear, including all shapes, with
nothing reserved. For Sat- QQ
urday at 05PC
Men's and Boys' Mufflers, the Ox
ford, 20th Century and Squares, in silk,
silk and wool and Cashmere, all re
duced in price one-fourth.
There Is a big difference between the
regular prices for these stockings and
those you will pay Saturday.
Ladies' Black Cotton Hose, silk fleece
lined, full regular made, with extra
spliced heels and double soles our reg
ular 35c stocking, Saturday, QC
the pair mm%3\*
Ladies' Black Cotton Hose, extra
heavy fleeced, full regular made, with
double heels and soles some with rib
bed tops, some hemmed we sell them
generally at 25c a pair, Satur- 4| O**
day IOC
Children's 1-1 ribbed Hose, fleece
lined, with double knees, heels and
toes our usual price is 12c a Otf*
pair Saturday Oil
Children's heavy worsted Hose, 2-1
ribbed, with splieed heels and toes, a
stocking we sell at 18c 4 | A 1 g^
Saturday Iea2v
Men's Black Cotton Hose, extra
heavy fleeced, with spliced heels and
double soles, our 18c kind 4A1 r t
Saturday - e&2 v
25c quality, A*%n
Fred Erickson and Anna L Nilsson
Joseph Domkofski and Charlotte A Fiihtr.
Paul F Speakman and Rosina A Buelic.
Thomas McGinn and Gedena Hanson
TohnsonMr and Mrs Henry, 3942 Dupont
avenu N girl
LoftnsMr and Mrs Stephen, 248 Twenty-iev
enth avenue N, girl
CheeseMr and Mrs, John, 710 Humboldt ave
nue N bov
StormMr and Mrs Anton, 1002 Twenty-sec
ond avenue NF, bov
MorrisseyMr and Mrs George, 1414 Willow
street, boy.
nue S
Bosvi orthGeorge W , 429 Third avemie SE
LeegairdMrs Mina, 2534 Twenty sevestk
nue S
At the Rock Island Office, 322 Nicollet
a\ enue 15 cents a pack or two for a quar
ter. Call and see them.
-Oscar A , 2824 Thirteenth ave-
Playing Cards.
find a 54-
75c 69c
gy **

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