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In Labor's Field
Some Figures From a Review of the
Labor Situation by M. A.
laborers There Have Longer Hours
By the terma of the law of 1899 all con
tractors undertaking public work are
bound to observe a maximum number of
hours for a day's work and a minimum of
wages to be paid to the laborer. The rate
of wages is based upon the normal and
current rates of labor in the place speci
fied. The rate is to be obtained by in
ferring, if possible, to existing agree
ments between syndicates and workmen
- f the locality, or, in case of the nonex-
de Foville.
and Receive Lower Wages
Than Those of America.
The condition of tho French laboring
man has materially improved in the last
decude, but, according to reports, much
lo yet to be desired. Hours of work are
till Jong and wages are low when com
pared with those of the same class of
workmen in this country. The following
facts aro taken from a review of the la
bor situation in France compiled by M. A.
de Foville:
Poultry Exhibit
Horse Show
Jan, 28 to Feb* 3.
Reduced Rates
On All Railroads*
Ding Department.
Auditorium Cold Cream, nothing
finer made. Special for Saturday:
50c size for 25c
81.00 size for 50c
1-pound size for 85c
Sold by us for years for double the
Goodyear 2-quart Fountain Syr
inges, rapid now, wood box, hard
rubber pipes, best quality rubber
bags, regular price $1.25.
price 250 Linen Bath Mitts, regular price
15c each. Special while they *&g*
last, each %9 IS
Tar Soap, per dozen cakes 4-^
10 c, per cake -
10c cakes Lekko Scouring Soap,
also Lekkoene for the hands. 4 ^
Special, cake I C
Everything left in Burnt and Un
burst Wood will be disposed of
Saturday at cost,including Frames,
Panels, Plaques, Pipe Racks, Glove
Boxes, etc. Nothing reserved,
everything goes. Do not miss this
At Motion Counter.
600 pair ladies' beautiful colored silk
and satin frilled Hose Supporters,
fine nickel plated fastenings, with
rubber button to keep the stocking
from slipping.Actually d*b DF"
worth 50c, special, J_ gfl - -
only, pair eaw * ^ w
Chemise Bargains.
Bargains In extra length
slightly soiled chemises.
Chemises made of lawn, lace trim
med, skirt made with ruf- g^(|
fie. Special at UUU
Chemises made with circular yoke
of dainty embroidery and lace skirt
trimmed with tucked ruf- Ajl^
fie. Very special at S90(jr
Very elaborately trimmed Chemises,
newest designs, worth |fr 4 Mktk
up to 2.25. Special at V - B*frO
Willow Clothes Basket, ex- Jfl Q ^
tra large size, regular 65c. .^frwlJ'
13 bars good Laundry Soap, A E\g\
Regular price 5c each ...
Copper Bottom Boiler, heavy tin
with copper strip,
Wash board,good zincsur-. 4AA
face, will not tear clothes.. I vli
Toilet Paper good tissue, in A
package or roll, each m*\*
Mail Orders
Filled From
This Ad.
- J.' "% *^r^ v^^^*~^jw3f^~^^y^J,pg*^*Jsr-^
istence of such agrement.by tho appoint
ment of mixed boards, consisting of an
equal number of employers and employes.
Lists made in this manner are printed and
distributed to the public.
From these printed schedules, Issued in
the various parts of France, which deal
mostly with those laborers employed upon
public roads and bridges, artillery and
government factories, the following list
of wages is taken. The wages of an ap
prentice, who receives the smallest com
pensation of any class of workmen, va
ries from 1.J5 cents per hour in Port Avln,
Finistere, to 6.7 cents at Lyons and Sa
thonay in the Ain. The extremes paid for
unskilled labor are 2.9 cents in Vannes to
11.5 cents at Paris in the government fac
tories. Carpenters are paid 17.3 cents at
P'aris 14.4 cents at Havre, while in sev
eral towns in the south of France they
are contented with 5.8 cents an hour. At
Saint Jean Pied de Port, whei'e the low
est salaries in the republic seem to pre
vail, they get but 4.8 cents for an hour's
The highest wages paid are naturally
those of Paris where 19.3 cents an hour
are paid to the following workmen: Ma
sons, planers of floors, art ironsmlths.
tracers of iron molding, decorators, mold
ers and gilders. Plasterers receive 21.2
cents stone polishers and .floor Joiners
working in bitumen, 23.2 fine carpenters,
27 cents and stucco worker*? 29 cents.
If these workmen, who are little short of
artists, could obtain work for three hun
dred days in the year at these wages,
they would receive as much as an under
The following table gives wages of the
building industry per hour as paid in the
year 1900:
Masons, 15.4 cents stone cutters, 18.4
stone polishers, 23.2 roofers, 16.4 car
penters. 17.3 Joiners, 13.6 ironsmiths,
15.4 excavators, 10.6 mason's appren-
Saturday prices should interest you. The time draws near when we will have to
abandon the Annex to the contractors. It is imperative that many stocks he still further
reduced. We are certainly making a strenuous effort as the following prices will attest.
Colored Dress Goods.
Great Sale at 30o.
100 pieces of Fancy Striped Waist
ings, Figured Challies, also Rem
nants and odd pieces of all
Albatross, worth 50c
and 75c, to close Sat
urday, per yard
Black Dress Goods.
85.00 Zibeline $2.98 per yard56-in.
extra heavy weight, rich lustrous
black, very shaggy, for long coats
and tailor made suits,^egular
quality Satur- '' "~ ~
day, only per
.56-in. Mirrored Zibeline heavy
weight, especially for long coats
and jackets, regular 3.50 quality
this sale Satur-
day, one half
price per yard..
Silk and Wool Crepe de Chine, 44-in.
rich black, all silk and
newest fabrics,
for evening
wear, Sat. yd..
In Our Cloak and Suit Department.
$1.50 Wrappers at 75c.
Remnant lot of Ladies- Flannelette
Wrappers, beautiful patterns, well mad
and cut full, regularly
worth $1.25 and $1.50
main floor table, cboiee
ALL FURS AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICESWe want one-half of tho space now taken up by furs.
Big Sale Staple Pearl Buttons Saturday.
20U gross white Pearl Buttons, (imported shell,)
sizes 10 line to 22 line. Worth up to K " _
15c a dozen, special, only, per dozen.... ^^ \ j
250 gross White Pearl Ball Buttons
shell), different sizes and styles, ac
tually worth 25c doz. Special, doz.
100 gross large size White Pearl
Waist Buttons, in sizes 30 and 36
lines, cheap at 50c doz. Special.doz.
39wool c
Buna, regular jpa.uu
$2.9$5^00 8
guiar ota.ou qulity
$1.7a 5
wool.. sun. uuu wooi xn
omen's Knit Undo China an
Pearl Buttons.
tices, 9.6 roofer's apprentices, 10.6 and
locksmith's aid, 10.1.
They Give a SmokerAddresses by Lead*
Ing Union Men.
The Packers and Nailers union gave an
open smoker Sunday afternoon which was
attended by members of allied unions.
About 500 flour mill employes gathered
in Union Temple where a pleasdnt time
was had. President John M. Finley, pres
ident of the Flour Millers' International
union, delivered an address. He was fol
lowed by Alderman H. G. McLaskey, A.
E. Kellingtcn, secretary-treasurer, of the
international union, and B. E. Stevens.
Seven new members were taken Into the
union. It was decided to increase the
dues of members 50 per cent.
Possibility of a Strike Is Seen In the Pres
ent Situation.
The trainmen and conductors have
served an ultimatum on the railroad offi
cials at St. Louis. E. E. Clark of the
conductors writes to St. Paul friends that
he looks for definite developments by Jan.
26. The men ask a final answer in re
gard to their demands of a 20 per cent
increase in wages. The systems are be
ing polled to see wliether the men wish
to maintain a strike. If the demand is
refused, the west may possibly see a
strike equal to that of 1894.
Looking After Knockers.
The Trades and Labor council Is taking
lip a formal investigation of the cases of
those union men who, It is said, "knocked"
the reappointment of Herman F. John
son as third assistant city attorney. A
committee still. has the matter in hand
and It is not known just what step will
Boys' Ciolbing Dep L
Overcoats and Roof era.
Our Boys' Clothing Stock room will
be torn down the 1st day of Febru
ary, and we have either got to sell
all Reefers and Overcoats, or carry
them in open stock all summer. We
will give you a chance one day only
Saturday *to buy Boys' Overcoats
and Reefers for next winter at less
than Cost of Manufacture.
7.00 and 8.00 Overcoats... $4.98
6.00 and 6.50 Overcoats... $3.98
$5.00 and 6.00 Reefers..... $3.98
$4.50 Reefers $3.49
4.00 Reefers $2.98
3.50 Reefers $2.49
2.50 Reefers $1.49
Do not forget this includes all over
coats and reefers from 2% years to
16. None reserved.
4.00 and $5.00 light and heavy
weight 2-piece, 3-piece ti* 4 Cfc &
and vestee Suits....... 9 livV
at Prices Greatly Reduced.
NOW is your chance to buy Underwear CHEAP
Munsing's 2.75 fine Australian
Suits, in white or natural, broken
sizes. Clearance Sale price,
Munsing's 2.00 natural wool plated Unio n Suits ,
half open or buttoned across the
chest. Clearance Sale price,
only .'
Children's Underwear,
Odds and ends oi children's ribbed natural wool plated
Vest, Pants or Drawers, also boys' heavy wool fleeced
Shirt or Drawers, broken line of sizes.
Worth up to 75c. Clearance Sale
Children's Munsing 1.00 natural or white
fine Australian wool plated vest or pants.
Clearance Sale price
Children's Hose,
Infants' Fine Austalian Black Cashmere
Hose, with silk tipped heels and toes sizes
4 to 6 all sizes. Clearance Sale price, pr.
Children's fast black ribbed heavy fleeced
Cotton Hose all sizes. Clearance Sale
price, per pair
Women's HoseWomen's heavy fleeced fast black
cotton Hose, also black or oxford grey,
heavy wool hose, 25e quality. Clearance
sale price
Dress 25and c
Union Suits.
2 for 35c,
$20,00 Suits at $6,95.
Remnant lot of tine tailor made suits, plain
and fancy trimmed, you will have to come
early to get one, for they will not last long at
tnisp rice, regu- ~^
larly sold at
$10.50 and $20.
Sat. choice at..
\ - -8S..1&-- * *
be taken in dSaTTHg with those who re
fused to stand by the candidate of the
The Millwrights' union will hold an open
meeting at Morgan Post hall,! 305 Nicollet
avenue to-n.orrow night. Non-union mill
wrights are invited to attend.
woopiaie u union
$2.0 0
for they will not last long at
Millinery at Good-By Prices.
Children's Ready-to-Wear Hats
usually sold at $1.39
and 98c, for
Violets, all shades, per
All our imported Pattern Hats,
worth $15 and tf^JR ifti^fc
$12. To close at 9 waUU
plated Union
plated Union
$1.5Suits, 0
The Mlllwrlgh^.!
Steamfttlcra at DuU.th' have formed n union.
Syracuse,'N. Y., bfckers will demand day work
after May 3, 1003. "\
Des Moines, Iowa, horse shoers Dave made a
successful demand for a nine-hour day.'
Carpenters, painters and mesons of Canandal
sua, N. Y., will nsk for increased wages after
April 1.
Under the rule of the carpenters' and Join
ers' union, no strike can be ordered between No
vember and April.
Telephone linemen at AsheviHe, N. C, have
stmefc to enforce a demand for $2 a day. They
have been receiving $1.50.
The organisation of the New England District
Lodge of Boilermakers and Iron Shipbuilders was
completed recently.
Trimmers employed by the Oakland, Cal., Gas
light and Heat company have received un in
crease of $10 i month.
Journeymen plumbers at St. Louis, Mo., have
been granted their demand of $5 a day, an in
crease of $1 over the old scale.
Michigan labor unions are protesting against
prlaou made cigars in that Htate, claiming that
they enter Into competition with union labpr.
Cheyenne, Wyo., local ai-penters' union has
gone into the building .bnslhess and employed all
of the striking carpenters at the union scale.
Of 224 trade unions reporting to the labor
department of the London Board of Trade, 20,454
or 4.8 per cent, were unemployed last month.
The National Association of Blast Furnace
Workers purposes to take a referendum vote on
the question of a general strike' for an eight
hour day.
The referendum vote of the Brotherhod of Lo
comotive Firemen on the appropriation of $25,000
for the erecting of a home for disabled railroad
employes has been passed by 10,000 majority. The
trainmen and conductors, at their Inst convention,
Framed Piclnres ""'
The space now occupied by the Pic
ture department is to be partly used
by one of the dry'goods departments
now in the Annex.
Commencing Tomorrow,
wo will ttivo One-fourth off
the present marked orioes
on every Framed Picture
In our store.
Water Colors, Pastels, Etchings, En
gravings, Photographs and Oil
Paintings, included in the J4-off sale.
Picture Frames
Made to Order,
Haywood JSahy Carriages
We will sell on Saturday, 18 new
1903 samples of Baby Carriages and
Go-Carts at the aetual factory price.
39c 75c 25c
15c 19c
Bath Towels.
16c heavy unbleached Bath rfj M
Towels." Special Saturday. I I v
10c heavy all-linen brown "JM^*
Toweling. Special Sat a g C
Tearing down the Annex means a great loss to our Basement
Departments, All the reserve stock room used by the China
and Glass Department must be closed out in the next few days*
Read the following great reductions for Saturday a
Imported French Terra Cotta Bust, a daint
ily inodeled piece. Reduction sale price from
$15.00 to $6.50.
Art beautifully portrayed in a collection of
6 very choice subjects in Statuary, Vases and
Flower Boxes of bronzed terra cotta. Re
duction sale price from $12.00 each to
$3.50 each.
A beautiful gun metal vase in antique style,
with Greek and Persian designing.. Reduc
tion sale price from $50.00 to $10.00.
Beautiful cut glass berry or salad bowl. Re
duction sale price from $6.50 each to
$4.90 each.
Beautiful cut glass berry or salad bowl. Re
duction sale price from $6.95 each to
$5.20 each.
Beautiful cut glass Celery Tray. Reduction
sale price from $3.90 each to $2.98 each.
Bearutiful cut glass Berry or salad Bowl.
Reduction sale price from $7.50 each to
$5.65 each.
To-day is the lest day of the great One-Fifth Off Sale of Fine
Open Stock Dinnerwarem Havlland China, Lamberton China,
Syracuse China, Grindley's Porcelain, Ouerin China, and
every Open Stock Pattern In ourhousem
$15.00 Suits at $4.50.
Remnant lot of tailor made suitB, broken
sizes, and yon could not have jacket or skirt
1 made for the pricew weaskkforrt as fo theew whole suit
regularly sold
at 813.75 and
915.! Saturday
A lot of very prettily Trimmed
Hats, in black
and colors, at..
Another line of 4 * tM , f%#^
Trimmed Hats * P I - W
Ready to wear Hats, worth $1.5
Jto $2.00 A bargain
^choice....... *..
aprnopriated $23,000 each and the total of $75,000
will be used in the purchase of ground and the
erection of a suitable building.
Auburn, N. Y.. common council has unanimous
ly voted to have all municipal printing done In
shops having the union label, and has Indorsed
tho local typographical union.
Boston, Mass., contral labor union has In
dorsed the new wage schedule presented by the
Coal Teamsters' Union. This asks for an in
crease of $1 a week and a ten-horir day.
Boilermakers of Cleveland, Ohio, demand a
nine-hour Working day. At present the men
work ten hours a't $2.00 per day. They want
tMS' reduction in hours with no reduction in
A general sentiment has been expressed by the
unions of Niagara Fulls, N. Y., In favor of
building a central labor hall. Steps will betaken
to raise a fund to begin the work.
Conductors and motoruien on the Barre & Mont
pelier, Vt., street railway struck because their
demand for 20 cents an hour and a ten-hour
day was refused by the company.
Unsolicited, the street railway company ot
Middletown,- Conn., hus Increased the pay of
its motorraen and conductors who have been In
continuous service over five years 2 cents an
Employes of the Western Coal and Mining
company, near Fort Smith, Ark., have been vol
untarily granted an eight-hour day at the samo
pay for which they huve hitherto worked nine
The Wisconsin State Teachers' Association
adopted a resolution favoring such amendments
to the child labor laws as will entirely, prohibit
the employment of any child who is under 14
years old.
Statistics published by the New Jersey Bu
reau of Labor show that union cigar makers av
erage $2.27 a day, and work forty-seven hours a
week, while non-union hands average $1.65 a day
for fifty-four hours a week.
The decision of the directors of the London
& Northwestern railway that, beginning with
Jan. 1, 18U3, employes of the road will be retired
when they reach the age limit of 65 years, is
causing unfavorable comment in English labor
Indiana's statistician's report shows that the
wages of 74 per cent of the employes In Indiana
last year were neither increased nor decreased.
The report Is made from interviews with 8,462
wage earnors. Twenty-three per cent, or 813.
Lace Cnrain Dept.
200 pairs Ruffled Muslin AA
Curtains, pair vu
Nottingham Lace Curtains, full
width and length, values ft E A
to 1.75. Saturday, pair. Ovli
Ruffled Bobbinet Curtain, 2-inch
insertion and. 2-inch
edging pair
Full size brass finished Ex
tension Rods with fixtures...
Opaque Window Shades in 4CA
4colors,ready to hang.each lOli
Carpet Department
The best Rug ever offered for the
money. Saturday we will place on
sale one lot mill sample Rugs. These
are \% yds long, wool fringe on ends
finest qualities of Axmiuster, such
as Biglow, Hartford, Savonerie and
many fine imported pieces the reg
ular price from 1.75 to 2.50 per
yd. each piece
\% yards long.
While they last
ce e h hoe suit,,
$4.5l 0
Third Floor,
Cleaning up Remnant Lots
regardless of cost or value.
JANUABY 23, 1903.
owned homes, and 2,645 did not. Of the 8,462
there were 606 who saved a part of their annual
Union paper makers In the Fox river valley,
Wisconsin, threaten tbe greatest strike tbe Indus
try has ever known. They demand that they be
given .Suturday night and until 7 a. m. Monday
oft", and the manufacturers have decided not to
close down the mills on Sunday, as heretofore,
inside electric wlremen at Indianapolis, Ind.,
have been granted an increase of 2% cents an
hour, the new scale being 35 cents. Every new
workmen is to Sw examined by a committee
composed of two members of the union and two
of the contractors as to his competency before
he begins work.
There Is a strong movement to take steps
toward th&federating of all the trades and coun
cils of tai Pacific coast for the protection of
the members. AH an incentive it is urged that
the individual states and individual unions are
proving to be impotent against the spread of the
Japanese and Chinese immigration.
In Canada childron under 14 cannot be em
ployed In mines, mills or factories, except fruit
or canning factories. The lieutenant governor,
under certain conditions, may prohibit the em
ployment of girls under 18 and boys under 16
years of age in factories if he deems that the
work is either dangerous or unwholesome.
The new 'juild labor law, the passage of which
the Federation of labor is advocating In In
diana, will contain provisions that any child
allowed to work in a factory, Irrespective of his
age, must have passed through six years at
school. The same law will prevent the employ
ment of any person under the age of 18 years in
tobacco factories and under the age of 21 In rub
ber good* factories.
The Increase In the aggregate membership of
the New York unions has of late been unprece
dented, having been 53,000, or about 20 per cent,
in the twelve months ended Sept. 30, 1902, and of
this gain all but* about 3jp0l) were made since
April 1. Between April 1 and Oct. 1 the nee
go in in unions was 299, so that at the latter date
the number of labor unions recorded by the bu
reau of labor statistics was 2,229, with a total
membership of 320,101, of whom 313,592 were
men and 15,507 were women.
Beautiful cut glass Berry or Salad Bowl.
Reduction sale price from $10.00 each to
$7.50 each.
Beautiful Orange or Fruit Bowl. Reduction
sale price from $12.50 each to $8.40 each.
Pretty cut glass Water Bottle in plain neat
cutting. Reduction sale price from $2.90
each to $1.98 each.
Beautiful cut glass Fruit or Frappe Bowl,
13 inches in diameter (slightly imperfect).
Reduction sale price from $17.50 to $7.50
each. Beautiful cut glass Vase, new cutting and
design. Reduction sale price from $12.50
to $9.40 oach.
Beautiful Cut Glass Vases, in one of the
latest cuttings. Reduction sale price from
$16.50 to $12.40 each.
Beautiful Cut Glass Tankard Jug, an exqui
site piece of cutting. Reduction sale price
from $15.00 to $11.25 each.
$7.50 Dress Skirts at $3.05.
One large table full of fine cheviot dress
skirts, plain and fancy trimmed, remnant
lot of $5, $6.50
and $7.50 lines
Choice at..
Sen's Furnishings.
Men's Madras Negligee Shirts, fine quality,
with separate cuffs choice new patterns
light or dark effects. Would be
very cheap at 75c
Union Made 8uspenders,strong webs, 4 thg\
mohair ends, sliding buckles $ price. i"v
We carry a full and complete stock of the fa
mous Arrow Brand Collars and Cuffs.
Collars AC
2 for fiOG at ...400
There are all sorts of chances to buy,
sell or exchange anything you have or
haven't published daily In The Journal's
classified columns.
Wash Goods.
250 pieces Indigo Blue Prints, Apron
Checked Ginghams, Fancy Figuredu
Cretons, on special bar
gain tables for Saturday,
to close, only, per yard...
Grand lot of fine Madras Ginghams,
fine tissues, suitable for shirt waists
and dresses. Worth to ^ d^%
35c, to close, per yard, J g j *
Blanket Depanmsni
These cannot last long. We
want the room.
Ouly 100 pairs -of gray or white
Blankets, 10x4 and 11x4 sizes, all
slightly soiled on edges, marked less
than cost of production.
Baby Robes Half-Price*
About 20 Children's White Fur
Robes, slightly mussed. To close
Saturday at just half regular prices.
SOc French Flannels, 25c.
25 pieces polka dot French Flannels,
worth 50c to close, Satur- A R A
day only, per yard mm%9\9
j J? l g uic
Saturday Specials.
Cuffs ORA
.,V,VV*'.^ Jc^-^fS^S." .* Ai.=Ai^ "
He Has Served Eighty-Two Terms In
the Shingle Creek
"Workhouse" Kelly, who has a weak
ness for strong drink, holds the record for
workhouse sentences. He has served
eighty-two terms In that Institution, and
has served from ten to ninety days at a
time. Being an expert tinner, he has
manufactured all the tin used at that
institution during his confinement. Al
together he has spent about seven years
in the workhouse.
Of the 2,005 prisoners committed dur
ing 1902, the men numbered 1890 and the
women 115. The number of drunks heads
the list at 1,281 disorderly conduct, 75:
larceny, 130 vagrancy, 370. There were
1.957 white prisoners and 84 blacks. For
ty-seven were so illiterate that they
could neither read nor write. There were
806 Catholics, 994 Protestants, 4 Hebrews
and 201 who pinned their faith on nothing.
"The Pioneer Limited."
This train Is the finest ever produced
by any railway company. It runs every
day In the year between St. Paul. Minne
apolis ' and Chicago, via the Milwaukee
road. It carries private compartment
sleeping cars and sixteen-section sleepers,
with berths longer, higher and wider than
those of any other sleepers In America.
Its buffet library smoking cars are rich
and comfortable, and the dining cars are
equal to the best cafes.
The Pioneer Limited Is the only perfect
train In the world.
Their gentle action and good effect on
the system really make them a perfect
little pill. They please those who use
them. Carter's Little Liver Pills may
well be termed "Perfection."
Clearance Sale of
W . B. Corsets.
Handsome model made of beautiful
material, trimmed
and ribbon ac
tual value $3.
Clearance price
Clearance Sale of
Children' s Bath Robes
Children's Eiderdown Bath Robes,
made with a rolling collar and hand
some girdle
red sizes 2to 4
yrs: worth $2.
Clearance price
$2.00 quality "Pearce's Hygienic"
wool fleeced Undershirts or Drawers,
broken line of sizes, tf* 4 tffe | S
Clearance sale price.. 9 H - O
Odds and ends Men's SI natural or
camel's hair wool Undershirts or
Drawers, broken line ol tfSCSf^
sizes. Clearance sale price.. WIJ'&*
Cu t Flower Dept.
The season for Tulips, Daffodils and
other flowering bulbs stock has com
menced, and to introduce this stock,
we will sell a 5-in. pot and jardiniere
of Tulips, reg. price 75c, M$&g
Saturday's special, each... HP^FU
Cut Narcissus, large flower with own
green, reg. price 75c, &at- Kk %**
urday, per dozen fvu
We have Easter Lilies, Lilacs, Vio
lets and all other choice flowers in
great abundance. Our Roses ar
the choicest. One order will make
you our customer.
colora uiui
India Linen.
At the Linen Dent,
40-inch India Linen 12J^c A1
quality, per yd ~. 2*5
36-inch India Linen 18c 4&1A
quality, per yd B V2v
40-inch India Linen 25c 4 C A
quality, per yd IvS
Long Cloth,
12 yard piece Long
Cloth,$1.50 quality.at
12 yard piece Long & 4 Ktfl
Cloth, $2 quality, at.. ^IflOU
Plain and figured Oxfords, A fC _
40c quality. Special, yard mm v O
Figured Sateens and Mad- OQtf*
ras, 50c quality, for vvv
Art Department
Closing-Out Prices! Remem
ber nearly everything in this
department must be closed out
before Feb. 1st.
One lot of beautifully tinted Center
pieces, made on art denim
ferent colors. Regular
price, 50c. To close,
only each
One lot of beautiful hand embroid
ered Pillows, oome of the handsom
est bought to Minneapolis. Worth
up to 915 each,
all at
One lot of stamped
Linen Lunch Cloths,
size 36x36. Always
sold for 98c, to close
In Annex,
On Saturday we will
offer a beautiful line of
new spring Wash Silks
worth up ^ ^ ^%
to 50c per
yd., at,
per yd....
Hal f Price
l * -jfev. - " *-4n\tJ*fM3A
IT i "fr
' '-J "i

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