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Iron Bed , former price
$13.50, sale price . . .
Iron Bed, former price
$21.00, sale price . . .
BrassBed , former price
$33.00, sale price . . .
BrassBed , former price
$39.00, sale price . . .
BrassBed , former price
Our Tea Rooms
are delightfully located convenient to the
Furniture Department.
A place for particular people.
Ever Inaugurated Under the Glass Block Roof.
We have never before been privileged to so successfully combine two such important sales as these which we commence
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Under ordinary conditions we could not begin to quote the special prices that you will find in force here to-morrow morning. Think of buying Irish Point
Lace Curtains at $4.75 instead of $6.50 Brussels Curtains at $4.25 instead of $6.25 Curtain Scrims at 1254c per yd Tapestry Pillow Tops 15c, worth 25c, etc.
And the same way in Furniture. Handsome high-grade Oak Bureaus at $16, worth $21.7? Mahogany Chiffonniers at $24,
instead of $5150, Iron Beds at $6.2? worth $8.75, and Brass Beds at $2850, worth $33, etc. We have had these sales in
preparation for some time, and believe it will pay you to participate in them. We guarantee you will not be disappointde.
All Minnesota and the entire Northwest knows that we sell only reliable and
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prices and the goods are at the Glass Block to speak for themselves:
Iron Bed , former price
$8.75, sale price . . . .
$48.00, sale price . . .
Mahogony Chiffonier,
former price $31.50. .
Oak Chiffonier, for-
mer price $33.00. . . .
Bird's Eye Maple
Chiffonier, $34.00 . . ,
Mail ClrAorz FilIe
ifldll vyrUcia packed free on board train Minneapolis. Orders for $2S.OO or over in Draperies
and Lace Curtains delivered free at railroad stations in Northwestern states.
The Garde no f Lies
. I came in from poor little Colettes
funeral, sad and tired, for I had walked,
hat in hand, among the chief mourners,
all the long way to the cemetery. At the
loge by the iron gate the concierge told
me that M. le Colonel waited for me in
the studio.
When I entered I thought at fust that
he must have wearied of waiting and
gone away. Then, after a moment. I saw
him sitting by Denis" writing table, over
In the shadows at the far side of the
room. His head was in his arms upon
the table. And he was quite still.
"Von Altdorf:-'
biit he did not stir. Then I went across
the room and touched him upon the arm.
Colonel von Altdorf raised a face that
I did not know.
"Whywhy, man. what's happened?" I
cried in alarm. "What are you looking
that way for? What is it, I say?" Then
my eye caught a crumpled bit of paper
between liis fists, a dispatch.
"You've news?" I demanded, "bad
news? from Novodnia? from the prince?"
- "There is no Novodnia." said Colonel
von Altdorf in a dull tired voice, "and
there's no prince, either."
I think I stared at him for quite a min
ute. Then I went over to the little cup-
ffii nVltilifririfrir/lffi
Fourth Floor.
Great Sale of Furniture
By Justus Miles Forman
Copyright 1502 by Frederick A. Stokes Company.
said I, "von Altdorf!"
Waltham Watches
Guaranteed against all defects in
workmanship or material.
' The Perfected American Watch/' an fflttstraied book
of interesting information about watches, *wilt be sent
free upon request* .
American Watiham Watch Company,
32-50 43-oo
Mahogany Bureau , $07.50
former price $36.00. . ^ * /
Oak Bureau , former
price $21.75, sale price
Bird's Eyfe- Maple
Bureau , $33.00
Mahogany Dressin g
Table, $29.00. . ... .
Bird's Eye Maple
at the special prices quoted in this advertisement. Furniture delivered
Dressin g Tables, $21.
Oak Dressin g Table,
former price $14.50,
Mahogany Library
Table,forme r pr. $15,
Mahogany Library
Table, former pr. $30,
Oak Sideboard , form -
er price, $49, sale pr.,
board in the wall and took out a flask.
"Here!" said I, soothingly, "you drink
a bit of this, and then we'll talk it over.
You're a bit feverish. You don't know
what you're saying."
But von Altdorf pushed away the flask.
"Would youlike to see it?" he asked,
still in the strange, dull tone, and offered
me the crumpled telegram. It was a
senseless jumble of words, and I threw it
back to him impatiently.
"I can't read that, man!" said I. "write
it out. or else, for heaven's sake, tell me
what it says. If anything has happened,
tell me! Wake up!"
Colonel von Altdorf settled back in his
chair with a little sigh, and twisted the
sheets of paper idly between his fingers.
He seemed in a kind of stupor quite be
yond^any feeling.
'This," said he, with no emotion or seem
ing interest in his* tone, "this tells of
things that must have happened two days
ago. It was sent, not fromfrom Novod
ni. but Belgrade, by one ofCzerowitz's
men. Czerowitz is dead. The prince is
dead "
"Great God!" I cried in a gasping whis
per. "Dead? dead? the prince?"
"Denis Mallory is dead," continued von
Altdorf. as if he had not noticed the in
teruption. "Georgias and his forces made
an unexpected attack upon the capital
Wattham, Mass.
Commencing Wednesday, April 15, We Announce
25-00 24-50
8-00 9.00
after a night march. The garrison turned
color and joined them, even the Life
Guards, all but a few. The princethe
prince was killed upon the steps of the
palace surrounded by a dozen officers and
faithful men, Denis Malloi-y among them.
It is certain that the prince is dead and
that Czerowitz and the marshal are dead
also. Denis Mallory fell across the body
of the prince whom he had been shieding.
A young lieutenant of the guards escaped
and fled to Belgrade, from whence he sent
the message to me. butbut not before
he had learned that Georgias' movement
had been inspired and in part directed and
provisioned bythe White Throne, and
that Novodni is to beto be wiped off the
mapincluded within the Bulgarian boun
daries. There is no more Novodnia. it's
a Bulgarian province. Thatthat isall."
And he sat silent once more, crumpling
and smoothing the bits of paper between
his hands, staring at the tapestried walls
across the room.
I suppose it was quite half an hour be
fore either of us spoke or moved. Then
at last I rose, taking a long deep breath,
and moved once or twice up and down
the room. I laid a hand upon Von Alt
dorrs shoulder, and shook him gently till
he raised his head.
"Come!" said I. "Come! we must tell
hiswe must tell the princess."
"There is no princess," muttered von
"She must always be the princess to
us!" said I. "Come, man'." and he fol
lowed me quietly.
At the foot of the little ladder that
had long since been set for our conveni
ence at the studio window, we ran upon
Sir Gavin MacKenzie. "Von Altdorf stood
by while I told him swiftly the terrible
news which the dispatch had brought. I
had never seen the gruff old Scotsman-so
overcome. ,
Then, after a momerR, slowly and with
drooping heads, we went up thru the gar
den paths to where a gleam of white and
yellow showed the princess in her long
steamer chair.
She must have seen us coming, for she
rose, when we were still at some distance,
and stood waiting, and the book that she
had held in her. hands dropped unnoticed
to the ground. I think she suspected,
from our faces and our bearing, some
thing of what we would tell, for her own
face went a little pale and her eyes grew
wide and frightened.
So we came to where she waited, and
stood before her, bowed and silent, dread
ing to speak the first word.
But the princess put out a hand and
touched me, looking into my face with
those wide frightened eyes.
"Whywhy "gentlemen!" she faltered.
"What is It?What is it you would say?
Colonel! Sir Gavin!Why, Mr. Creigh
ton! Tell me, please! It'sbad news of
of .coursefromNovodnia? Tell me,
please, quietly! See. I'm quite, quite
calm I I canbear anything. Don't- try
Oak Sideboard , form - S^A.OO
er price,$45.oo,salepr .
Oak Sideboard , form -
er price,$24.5o,sale pr.
Round Extension Ta-
ble, dining , $33-90,'
Round Extension Ta-
ble, dining , $16.00,
Round Extension Ta-
ble, dining , $10.75,
Oak Rocker, former
price, $6.00, sale pr.,
Birch Rocker, former
price $6.00, sale price.
Birch Rocker, former
price $6.50, Sale price.
to break it to me gently
He ishe isdead?" .
"Oh, madame!" said I, "the Novodman
hopes have been crushed utterlybeyond
retrieving. There has been an attack
uponupon the palace, and the prince,
your husbandthe prince, your husband,,
"But he?" demanded the Princess
Eleanor swiftly, her voice rising to a
hoarse cry, "but he? What of him?'
And then all at once shS bethought her
self and shrank back, catching her hands
to her mouth.
"Madame." said I, "the bravest gentle
man and faithfulest friend in all the
world is said to have died also, fighting
to the last for the prince, your husband."
Then I went on, gently as I might, to
tell her all we knew of the tragedy that
had swept so suddenly across the high
hopes and brave plans of the gentlemen
who fought for Novodnia's independence,
but I do not think the princess heard any
word of it all. She had sunk back into
her chair again and sat quite still, her
hands covering her face.
Then after a long time, while we stood,
silent and awkward, not daring to speak
to her. powerless to utter any word of
poor comfort, she looked up once more.
Her face was perfectly calm, unnatural
ly calm, with no trace of emotion7as von
Altdorf's had been.
"I thank you, gentlemen," said she, "for
telling methe truth with no hesitation,
no foolish attempts to make it light. I
can say nothing just now. I musthave
time to think. Will you leave for a little?
Oh, Colonel von Altdorf, that Fate, of
which you preach, has played her last
card, hasn't she?I wonderI wonder if
she's laughing?Ah, go. please, go!" And
we left her there under the trees, the
sweet, warm sunlight slanting through
the leaves in golden splashes about her,
the heavy perfume of flowers filling all
the air, birds twittering cheerily from the
branches overhead, and evento complete
the ironya snatch of bright, gay music
coming from a. barrel organ in the street
beyond the high wall. I remember the
music, it was an air from "Mignon."
We went down through the garden to
the studioColonel von Altdorf having,
by this time, come quite to himself again
we talked till the day was gone of the
terrible thing which had all in a moment
wrecked our every plan and , hope, .and
had cut the very ground from under our
The chief problem was, of course, what
was to become of the Princess Eleanor
for we still thought of and spoke of her
as "the princess," though she had no right
to the title. To have called her anything
else would have seemed a sort of unwar
rantable liberty, an impertinence. The
most natural event seemed to be that she
should go back to her people in America,
for there was now nothing to keep her in
Europe. The prince was dead, his coun
try was as if it had never existed as a
body politic. She had no place here.
1 a - i_~
So a* t least it seemed to us, as. we sat
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Draperies for Cottages.
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White and ecru figured nets, 16c, 21c, 25c,
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White and colored madrases, 45c, 65c,
85c, $1,50 a yard,
lift-in. plain and figured denims in jjc
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Tell me at once.
Pillow Tops.
Tapestry, for
talking the matter over, and we agreed
that after a little delay, when the horror
and shock should have in some measure
passed, we would put the thing to her
judgment and advise her to return home.
Then after a bit we fell, most naturally,
to talking of Denis Mallory, in hushed
gentle voices, as of a great man gone to
his last rest to reminding each other of
all the things which had happened since
that first evening at the Cafe d'Alencon.
of his sayings and deeds, of what seemed
to us the matchless nobility of the man.
and of our bitter shame that we should
so have misjudged, so have slighted him,
at the first. We tried to picture that gal
lant fight on the steps of the palace whei-e
he had met his death. We tried to picture
his bearing in the face of that certain dis
asterthe paltry dozen brave spirits
grouped there on the steps high over a
snarling mob. Gallant It must have been.
Ah, there was no doubt of that! smiling,
probably. That would have been like
him, smiling derisively down into the
sea of faces while he drew his blade for its
last grand play. Close beside his prince,
aye, that's where he would have been,
close beside or before him, covering his
body with a marvelous swordsmanship
that must have made those southern dogs
gape and stare.
25c 42c 85c
Constipation Makes
Bat d Blood.
Constipation is the rotting and decaying of undigested food
In the alimentary canal. Disease germs arise from this fester-
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blood. The blood becomes impure and
shortly the entire system gives way to
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A laxative will not do. A blood medi
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red, pink, blue and, gold, with heavy
flounces $5.50, $7.50, $11.50, $15
Usual pribe 40c
Our price.. 32c
Usual price $2.75 $3.25 $3.75
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APRIL 14, 1903.
Lace Yard Goods.
27-inch to 30-inch wide.
French Bobbinette.
54-inch, yard 32c
72-inch, yard 45c
108-inch, yard 65c
In Battenberg, Arabian and Torchon,
yard 7c, 12c, 17c, 25c, 40c to $7.50
Special offering.
Edgings and Insertings.
Lace Bed Sets.
For full size beds.
Lace Panels.
30x54 34x44 36x46 40x48
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36x54 36x50 36x54
And then, then when Karl, poor gentle
man, was down, when Czerowitz was
down and the old Marshalfor one felt
that Denis would be the lastthen, one
pictured him, smiling still over a dozen
wounds, that proud head high and de
fiant, one pictui'ed him falling as a king
of old time, magnificently, with none of
the misery of defeat, grand in his very
So we talked together and wove our fan
cies and sang our valedictory to the man
we lov-3d, till the daylight faded to the
dusk and dusk gloomed to night. And at
last old MacKenzie and Colonel von Alt
dorf rose sighing and went to their
"He was the best that the good God
makes," said old Sir Gavin, gruffly. "We'll
no see another such in the world."
"We all refused, once, to take his hand."
said von Altdorf. "We should pay well
for that in the next world."
"I've paid well for it in this one," said
I, and I took to my bed the heaviest heart
that can burden a man's breast.
(To be continued to-morrow.)
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positive guarantee.
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54 inch x 3 yards, Roman Stripe, Cf C C
fringed all around $UDD
56 inch x 3 yards, Bagdad Stripe, C O I A
with heavy fringe %p*al\J
54-inch x 8 yards, oriental em
broidery effect reversible
60-inch x 3 yards, very heavy,
rug effect reversible
54-inch x Z% yards, Kiz Kelim
effect, fringed both ends
fit-, r 7 " I- ' f i*f j
Couch Covers.
There is an indefinable something
about the atmosphere of pur dining
cars that coaxes into life the stub
born appetite and adds zest to the
simplest meal. The car itself is
cozy, homelike, and when you are
seated before the table with its
covering of snowy white linen, its
spotless china and glistening silver,
you will be ready to appreciate the
artistically prepared food served by
a polite and efficient waiter. Even
the simplest dishes take on an added
flavor under these conditions. For
all this you pay a moderate price for
just what you have eatenno more.
_ ^ ^ Tickets on sale
at City Ticket
Office, corner of
Fifth St. and Nic-
ollet Ave., or C.
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ington and Tenth
^ Aves., S., Min
uapie Leaf Route. neapolis, Minn.
1 '. , /* W
Lace Curtains.
St. Paul and
^ 'J
1 ~*i

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