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All Thru the Year This Store Opens at 8:39 A. M. and Closes at 5:30 P. M . Open Saturday Evenings.
You Have Never Seen the Equal s
of These Dress Goods Bargain s
Read these wonderful offerings for Friday and Saturday
CQCoanuisSe'"esh' Butter Egg?
Valley Creamery, best
made, half sal. jars
Strictly fresh,
per dcuen
Pure country rendered,
par lb
(iood size, Queen,
per ]uii
Olives Maple Syrup i
Swaef Corn can
Telephone Peas '-
Salmon Steak per elu
Mustard Sardines 8c
Home made,
(Uiart bottles
S f ES.~
B. u. Bsee hops at
per case
BartOn "On small samrie | 7 R
bottles free, per qt. 50c per gal 3i III
BalSExtraei 3JSr,SrAJ
Scoteh Whiskey ST&
Fro0 Halibut, por lb
Choice Breakfast Mackerel, each . .
J-lb Bi tck Codfish
Choice Pot Roast Beef, per lb
3 lbs Corned Beef or 5 lbs Salt Spaic
Ribs 25c
Pork Sausage, per lb 10c
e from Bohemian
The Standard Hair Coloring
for Gray or Bleached Hair, Is a clean,
durable and perfectly harmlMS Hair
Coloring Any natural shade. L*?.g
hair Deautifcifj clean and flossy. ONE
-if* Sample ot hair colored free. Privacy
" ^ assured. Send lot Pamphlet,
Imperial Chemical Mfi . Cc . 133 W 2^rd st, N.X.
Bold by Dlllin Drug Co , 101 Wash, av S R. H.
Hegener, 207 Nic. av Feely & Crocker. 515 Nlc
partinent of the lnteilor. Office of Indian
Affairs. Washington, D. C. March 4, lOttS.
Sealed proposals. Indorsed "Proposals for beef,
flour, etc ," as the ease may be. and dneeted to
the Commissloiiei of Indian Yffairs. 265-267
South Canal street, Chicago, 111 . w.111 be re
ceived until 1 o clod. p. m.. of Tuesday, April
21. 1003, for furnishing for the Indian seivice.
beef, flour, bacon, leans, coffee, sugar, rice,
tea and other articles of subsistence, also for
boots and shoes, groceries, soap, l-aking powder,
crockery, agricultural implements, paiuts, oils,
glass, tinware, wagons, harness, leather, shoe
findings, saddlery, etc., hardware, school and
medical supplies, and a Ions? list of miscellane
ous articles. Sealed proposals, indorsed, "I 10-
po&als for blankets, woolen and cotton good::,
dotiiing, etc.," as the case may be, and di
rected to the Commissioner of Indian Aflairs,
Nos. 119-121 Wooster street. New York City.
T\H1 be received until 1 o'clock p. in., of Tues
day. May 19, 1903, for filrnlshing foi the Indian
service, blankets, woolen and cotton goods,
clothing, notions, hats and caps. Bids must
be made out on government blanks. Schedules
giving all necessary Information for bidders
will le furnished on application to the Indian
office, Washington, D. O.- the United States
Indian warehouses. 119-121 Wooster street. New
\ork City, 205-267 South Caual street. Chicago.
111.: M5 Howard street, Omaha. Neb. 602
S Seventh st. 'St. Louis. Mo. the Commissaries
of Subsistence. IJ. S. A., at Cheyenne. Wyo.,
and St. Paul. Minn the cmaitermaster, U S.
army, Seattle, Wash. the postmasters at Sioux
City*. Tucson. PortHnd. Spokane and Tacoma,
and the Manufacturers and Producets' Asso-
- elation of California, San Francisco, Cal. Bids
will be opened at the heoir and days above
stated, and bidders are Invfyed to he present at
the opening. 'I he department 'eserves the
risht to determine the point $t delivery aud to
reject uny and all bids, or *ny part of any
bid. W. A. Jones, CoaimUsio^er.
Nlcollot Avontta, First Av. S. Fifth Stroat.
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89cat the one price,
54-inch all-wool Granite ClothsHair Line Chev
iots, SO ins. widefancy snowflake and Scotch
Tweed effectsall-wool French
Vigoreaux and silk and wool
Paris novelties worth up to
$1.50at, yard
Strawberriesfbo^fcs..fancj !
Choice white, per
Or white onions, per
Or onions, fresh, per
bunch ...
Two bunches
i'hotce Baldwins, per
peck .
Good size,
Blood, per
39Shep- c
famous Old Wina,
lie lit
In addition to the wonderfully low prices we will
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Stamps with all cash purchases in the Colored
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$1 Qualities at 48c Per Yard.
Thousands of yards strictly all-wool Whip Cords
Canvas WeavesTwine Cloths, fancy stripesChev
iots, Venetian ClothsSatin Prunella- Cloths54-
inch Suitings45-inch fine French
Serges 54-inch Sicilians, and
hundreds of odd patterns that are
worth $1.00at, yard
I t will pay you to walk up one flight of stairs
and SOO US if you wish to purchase Diamonds,
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Engagement rings a specialty.
01 Be-
Sanitary Meat Departm't
H. F. LEGG & CO.,
Under Management of 1 Arcade and Fifth Street ' ,
Witt Bros. I Entrances.
We sell exactly what we advertise.
In order to introduce Witt's brand of sugar-cured hams we
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Price per lb (whole or half)
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Fancy striped Granite Waisting
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52-in. all-wool Sharkskin62-in. Satin Prunella
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BIB Nloollmt Ave., Up-Stalra.
r E have a fine lot of Hyacinths
W and Lilies in pots, which
came too late for Easter. Same will
be sold this week at \ regular price.
Hams Hams
By sowing Central Park Lawn Seed
And applying Odorless Lawn Dressing.
Telephone orders receive careful attention.
Tw i n
city, 86, U6, 467.
neua - jiotns04 -
Deliveries to all
parts of the city.
nunsrea s or otne r
Two Church Affairs Among the Mat
rimonial Events of Last
Skiles-Hawley Ceremony at West-
minsterConnor-Hedge Nup-
A brilliant event of last evening was the
marriage of Miss Heleno IJawlcj and Al
vin Venable Skiles, which was solemnized
in Westminister church in the presence
of a large group of relatives and fiicnds.
Miss Hawley is the daughter of Frank
A. Hawley and has been very popular in
the jounger set since she left school. Mr.
Skiles. is the bon of Mrs. K. W. Skiles
and is as popular at, his bride. The wed
ding united two prominent families and
was preceded by many social courtesies
in honor of the bridal couple.
The dccoiations were suggestive of
Easter and white and green were the only
eolois used Vines trailed from the choir
railing until they met the tall palms be
low and in among the green were hy
diang ea blossoms, gicat white balls shad
ing into delicate green, and tall Easter
lilies. Above the beautiful bank of fiow
eit, and foliage hung a bell of Easter lilies
and ferns.
The bridal music was played by U. S.
Woodruff and an appropriate program was
given as the guests arrived. The "l-ohen-
giir.*' chorus was used as a processional
and the Mendelssohn march sounded as
the bridal (.ouple left the church.
The ushers were Charles Heffelfinger,
Sewall Andrews. Phillip Winston. Samuel
Glass, Thomas Wallace and David Tenncy.
Miss Frances Hawley of Chicago was
flower girl and wire a frock of white
Swiss, inset wtih lace, and carried a ba s
ket of ferns and lilies of the valley. Th e
matron of honor was Mrs. Allen Wright
of South McAllister, I. T., the bridc
gioom's- sister. She wore white Swiss,
embroidered and trimmed with lace, and
carried Easter lilies. The bride walked
with her father. Her gown was of white
lib^ity satin with full court train. Both
skirt and bodice were fashioned with
fagotting and embroidery. The veil was
of tulle and the bouquet of lilies of the
v,lie\. Dr. Harry Ferrcll of St. Louis,
who was to ha-\e been best man, was sud
denly called home, and Harry Barber
tooK his place and, with the bridegroom,
awiited the bude at the flowtr-decked
altar, where the service -was read by Rev.
John E. Bushnell.
A re'ceotion for 110 guests was given at
the apartments of Mi. Hawley in the
Swinford. The decorations were very sim
ple but very charming and Easter lilies
and palms carried out the chosen colors
of green ai'd white in the drawing-room
where the bridal couple, assisted by Mrs.
Skiles, Mr Hawlej, Mrs. Hawley of Chi
cago, the bride's grandmother, and Mr.
and Mrs. T. C. Hawle recen ed the
guests. American Beauty roses and red
azaleas were m the library and pink roses
m the dining-room.
Mr. Skiles and his bride left on the eve
ning train for a trip of six weeks and on
thi return the\ will mai--o th^ir home
with Mr. Hawley in the Swinford. Mrs.
Skilos' trailing gown was of blue serge
trimmed with panne -\el\ct and she wore
a blue hat.
Gethsemane chuich was handsomely
decorated last evening for the marriage of
Miss Grace Edith Hedge, niece of Mr.
and Mrs. Harry B. Waitc. and Ernest Lee
Connor of -Seattle. Palms lifted their
bioadlea\es above the altar and formed
a background against which Easter lilies
gleamed resplendent. Clusters of mar
guerites maiked the pews reserved for
the family. Alfred Wiley was at the or
gan and played an appropriate progi am as
the guests were seated b j the ushers,
George Strong. Sidney Harlev and Ray
K^IU. The "Lohengrin" bridal chorus
announced the entrance of the bride who
was preceded by the ushers and her maids.
Miss Lena Churchill of Chicago, Miss
Adah Blackwell and Miss Nan Smith.
They wor yellow tulle over yellow silk
with round bodice outlined with berth as
of tulle and short puffs for sleeves. Th e
skirts were shirred and the flowers, yel
low tulips. Miss Anne Esch was maid of
honor and her gown was like that of the
The bride entered with her uncle Sh e
wore white silk crepe over duchesse satin.
The skht was shirred and the bertha of
point lace. The stock and girdle were of
white panne velvet and the veil of tulle.
The bridal bouquet was of Easter lilies.
Mr Connor and his best man, E . L .
Whitney of St. Paul, met the bride at
the chancel steps where the betrothal ser
vice was read by Rev Irving P. Johnson.
Mr Wiley played a soft accompaniment
and glided into the Mendelssohn march as
the benediction was pronounced.
A small reception was given at the
Waitc residence on Colfax avenue S and
the rooms were handsomely decorated
with American Beauty roses and Easter
lilies against a network of smilax and
palms. I n the diningroom a basket of
jonquils was in the center of the table
which was garlanded with smilax and
lighted with yellow tapers. Mr. and Mrs.
Waite and the bride's mother. Mrs Mary
Hedge, received with the bridal couple.
Mr. and Mrs. Connor left in the evening
for the east and they will bo at home In
Seattle after May 30. Mrs. Connor's trav
eling gown was of dark blue cloth with a
hat to match.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Craw
ford on Grand avenue was the scene of a
pretty wedding last evening when their
tials at Gethsemane.
Pale People
whose tissues are pining for
the strengthening and build
ing comfort of rich, thick blood,
should bear in mind that
Ozomulsion will give them what they need.
That transparent blue skin,
or the yellowish dirty pallor,
so often seen, are very danger
ous signs.
Blood is life.
L Make it with Ozomulsion,
the only vitalized emulsion of
pure cod liver oil with guaiacol
and the hypophosphites of
lime and soda.
Begin to-day. Get it at
your druggist's.
In order that you may test the merits
of Ozomulsion, send your name and full
address to
32 De Peyster Street, - - New York,
mentioning this paper, and a large sample
free bottle will at once be sent you by
mail prepaid.
At a Great
$50,000.00 Worth Of this season's newest and most* desirable Suits,
Costumes, Coats, Skirts, Waists and Children's Garments must be sold within
two weeks W e can't stop to consider the loss the goods must go
at once To effect this clearing we will offer, Beginning Friday Morning
values that have never been equaled in the Northwest every gar-
ment is of the season's nearest styles Not a damaged or soiled garment
is included in this advertisement all received and put in stock since our
recent fire.
In dress and walking lengths The latest styles and all the newest
weaves Those wanting a handsome suit cannot afford to miss this grand oppor-
t1Q Cfl for suits, regularly worth up to
%pi*.OU $45.00.
(tOO tZfi for suits, regularly worth up to
Dress Skirts
Q]2 95
Summer Skirts
Q? OC 'While they last. Fancy Linens, I C//fr Ppttimflt^
^J.bfo $12.50, $10.00, $8.7 anJ $7.50. At proportionately low prices.
Fred. D. Young & Co
daughter JSva Mae and Elis Hcyden Mc
Allister were married. Palms and Easter
lilies formed an altar in the parlors and
the lights were shaded in pink. Ameri
can Beauty roses and ferns were in the
other room and white and red flowers
decked the dining-room. Mrs. A. Jones
played the "Lohengrin" bridal chorus and
Miss Birdie "Wasserzieher sang "Since
Thou Are Mine." Miss Marion Jones, the
ring bearer, was the bride's only atten d
ant. She wore a frock of white organdie
with white sash and bows. Miss Craw
ford was in white Persian lawn, tucked
and trimmed with lace and carried bride
roses. A group of young women, Misses
Edith Hoyt Peet. I.aura Garvcy. Laura
Maurer. and Coidelia Case, assisted at
the informal reception which followed
the service read by Rev. C. E. Burton in
the presence of 100 guests. Mr. and Mrs.
McAllister will be at home after June 1
at 3036 Pleasant avenue.
C/l for suits, 'regularly worth up to
CTOCFor $20.00, $17.50 and
Temporary Location, 716=718 Nicollet A v.
The wedding of Miss Agnes Davitt,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. Davitt, and
Henry Buehler was quietly solemnized last
evening at the home of the officiating
priest, Rev. Father James Reilley, of St.
Anthony of- Padua church. Only the rel
atives witnessed the service. The matron
of honor was the bride's sister, Mrs. Ed
ward Uhlein, and John Davitt was best
man. Mrs. Uhlein wore tan silk etamine
with hat to match and carried white roses.
The bride's gown was tan crepe de Chine
inset with lace and her hat was to match.
A suppei followed the service at the
Davitt home, S09 Fifth street NE. Mr .
and Mrs. Buehler will be a t home after
May 1 at 758 Ada ms street NE.
Among the weddings of last evening
was that of Miss Nan Tierney and John
Henry Brum which took place in the par
sonage of the Church t the Immaculate
Conception. Miss Mollic Simpson was
maid of honor and wore blue Venetian
cloth and a hat of red chiffon and carried
white violets. The bride wore dark blue
voile, over silk, trimmed with panne vel
vet. The bodice was of white crepe d e
chine, tucked, and the hat of blue chiffon.
Her flowers were purple violets. George
Brum of Eden Prairie was befet man and
Rev. Father Cullen read the service. 'A
reception followed at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Alexander Simpson on Fourth strett
N. The rooms were attractive with
Easter lilies and carnations. The dming
room, where supper was served, was in
red and white with garlands of smilax
among the blossoms. Among the guests
were Mr. and Mrs. Brum of Eden Prairie.
Mrs. John MeElree, Miss Inez McElree.
Mrs. E. M. Barrett of Stillwater. Mr. and
Mrs. Brum will be at home in the Laurel
apartments after May 15.
Miss Susan Hall and O P. Hand were
married last e%-ening at the home of the
bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Hall.
Easter lilies ajid palms made a charming
decoration thru the rooms. Miss Ilelene
Hall was bridesmaid.* The bride's gown
was of cream voih3 over silk and hor
flowers, white roses. Rev. C. E . Hixon
read the service in the presence of a group
of friends. Mr. and Mrs. Hand will be at
home at 2932 Fifteenth avenue S after
May 1.
The military ball given in Masonic
Temple last evening by Company B .
N. G. S. M., was attended by 500 guests.
The decorations were of a military char
acter and streamers of red and white
bunting were twisted in the rafters. The
bunting which draped the walls was
caught a t intervals with shields and the
balcony railing was festooned with flags.
A collection of Philippine curios was in
the reception room with the flag which
was presented to the company in 1891
at the New Orleans Mardi Gras. Th e
rifle team trophy flag also occupied a con
spicuous place. Captain F . B . Rowley
was master of ceremonies. A promenade
concert of four numbers preceded the
dancing and Was played by Rossiter's
First regimen t' band. Amo ng the officers
present were: Major C. B . Shove and
Colonel A. I Reade ojf the governor's
staff Captain George A. Skinner, Lieu
tenant E . S. Sayer, Captain E. G. Falk
and Lieutenant Hilson Cleveland, from
Fort Snelling Captain M. S. Garcelon,
Major F . D. Corriston. Lieutenant H. D.
Lackore and Captain Percy Walton.
About 250 guests attend ed the supper
in- the Church of the Redeemer last even
ing. I t was the last social affair of the
year and the new members of the church
were guests of honor. The parlors were
made attractive with Easter lilies and
palms and the-lights were shaded in white
and green. Mrs. Arth ur Von Schlegell
had charge of the dining-room and she
$80.00 and $25.00
$4.95 Odd lot-Skirts that sold up to $18.50
Cadnvas Weave8
was assisted by Mmes. L. SovUe. Staring,
Charles Smith. Twombley and Ralph Sav
age. The tables were decked with spirea
in low mounds and lighted with white
tapers in crystal candlesticks. Covers
were laid for 250 and Miss May Shannon
was in charge of the kitchen. After sup
per there was an mfoimal social hour,
and Misses Mabel Runge and Mynn Stod
dard sang. Mmes. A. W. Paris. Stoft.
Thom as and Snyder were the committee
which, made the arrangements. ^.^
The juniors of the Johnson school will
give a dancing party to-morrow evening
in honor of the seniors. Miss Bessie Nve
is chairman of the committee in charge of
the arrangem-'nts and the Misse Marv
Brown. Lille Vaughn, Pearl Orton and
Lilian Shulz will plan the decorations.
The Monday Card club will be enter
tained at the home of Mrs. David Fuller,
1523 W Lake street, Monday afternoon.
Miss Marriet Coulter and George Luger
were married last evening at the home of
the bride's parents in Robbinsdalc Th e
rooms were handsomely decorated and the
bridal couple stood before a bank of green.
Mr. Swan played the wedding march and
furnished a soft accompaniment to tin
service. The bride was unattended and
wore white Swiss over taffe.ta and carried
lilies of the valley. An informal reception
followed the service and supper was
served. About sixty guests were present.
Mr . and Mrs. Luger will make their home
at Crystal Lake where they will receive
after May 15.
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Costumes
Second floor. Plymouth Clothing House.
at j ^iiK
Miss Mary Campbell of ll'JO Tiftb street SE is
in Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. Hover C Clarke sa'led yesterday
on the New York for Europe.
Mr. and Mrs. S. U. Sike of 51 Clifton avenue
are home from a trip of several months.
Custer Circle. Ladies of the G. A. R . will
give a card party to-morrow afternoon, in Rich
mond ball.
Minnehaha grove. No. 11. will hold a raffle and
dance thK evening in Morgan post hall, ."0.3 Nic
ollet aveutte.
Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Kcnyon are ente,talning
Mr. Kemon's mother, from New lork state, j
for a few weeks.
Mr. and Mis. La Monte Daniels and son |
Horace, have returned from a two weeks' visit
with relatives in Chicago.
Dudley P. Chase coips will have a thimble bee
tomorrow afternoou at the home of Mrs. Cirls
ton. 31S Eleventh street S.
Mne Kebekah lodge No. 22 will give a caid
party Tuesda\ evening in I. O. . F. hall. Six
teenth and Franklin avenues.
^snU II. Williams left last cTcning for a
three weeks' trip in the east. He
Pittsburg. Hairisburg and Washington,
before returning.
The Ladies' Social Club of St. Stephen's churcb
will give a dancing part} tomorrow evening in
Malcolm's ball. Fifth avenue S. Rossiter's band
will furnish music.
Mi. and Mis. J. L\ Rollins of Chicago Is visit
ing Minneapolis friends. Mr. and Mrs Rollins
have recently returned from an extended trip
thtu Chine and Japan
The women of Oliver Presbyterian church will
have a sale and supper in Easthagen hall. Twen
ty-fourth btrect and Bloomington avenue, to
morrrow afternoon and evening.
Mrs. E. Dafoe of S2S Oirard avenue N. left
Monday evening for the east, to visit relatives
and friends at Niagara Tails. Ogdensburg, X. Y..
Toronto and Morrlsburg. Canada.
R. A. Howe was pleasantly smprised at his
home, 322" Chicago avenue. Saturday evening bv
forty guests. Cards, croktnole and music were
layed and prizes were won by H. C. Mayer, Mrs.
T. Sheets, Archibald nowe and taar
Baby Mine
a mother should be a source of joy to all, but the suffering and
danger incident to the ordeal makes its anticipation one of misery.
Mother'* Friend is the only remedy which relieves women of the great
pain and danger of maternity this hour which is dreaded as woman's
severest trial is not only made painless, but all the danger is avoided
by its use. Those who use this remedy are no longer despondent of
gloomy nervousness, nausea and other distressing conditions ar
overcome, the system is made ready for the coming event, and th
serious accidents so common to the critical
hour are obviated by the use of Mother's
priend. "It is worth its weight in gold*"
ays many who have used it. $1.00 per
bottle at drug stores. Book containing
valuable information of interest to all women, will
be sent to any address free upon application to
A -
( J e f\f\ for Suits, regularly worth up
&2E fifi
^r/) flfk for Suits, regularly worth up
POU.UU to $125.00.
Etamines, Peau de Soie
and Lace Skirts.
Qt A OCFor $40.00 $35.00 and $30.00
q*l4.yo skirt,.45,00',
$18 9?Fo
^3*?r^^ v ^^^f*??^
t o
r Suiti regularly worth up
t o $75.00.
* r
reiuwdis Ames. Refreshments were wrvetl from
the f-ard tables. Assistine in the room were
Mines. H. C. Thayer. J. Heiler, Schults. R. A.
Howe and Miss Lottie Heiler.
Mrs. E. S. Stafford. Mrs. K b. Farnnslon and
Mrs R -J. Lpton are in Morristown. Minn . to
he present at the golden wedding of their par
ent*. Mr. aud Mrs A. J. Morgan.
Northwestern people at New York hoteU are as
follows MlnneajiolisHoffman. H G. Kellev:
Broadwav Central. Mi .T. \ Mathews Bis
marck. X. P. Bartholdi. T. C. Bnl!enbaA Pu-
luthImperial, O. I). Kinney Albert, F. W.
in g a Sfc&
will vi*it C.!5
in D. C, g"aO
A spring Mosaic will bo piTen in Hennepin
AToniif M. I". churcb Tuesday evcnnif . Thpt-r
literary and music.il erpnings have been a pleas
ant feature of social life in th- church f sit
yenvp. Mrs. Kdpar Ttunyan has charge of the
musical program, and there will be an illustrated
talk on "Japan" and asocial half hour.
A sample bottle given away.
Ladies' Fine Tailoring Oept.
Third floor The Plymouth Clothing House.
Try Blood Wine, Free.
Ntw Way to Polish a Stow.
Glean, odorless, wasteless, never
dries out, makes no dirt, never
smells, easily applied. Try once.
All dealers, 5c. and 10c
Removes Tan. Pimples, Freckles,
Moth Patches, Bash, and 8kIn dt-
iry blemish on besotr,
.has stood thetestof l %
rears,andisso harm*
less we tssto It to ba
sore tt Is propsrlr
mads. Accept not
cennterfelt of similar
asms. Dr. L.A.8sr-
haot-ton (a patient j
"Asyoslad1*8*111 n
tbem, I recommend
fERD.T. HOPKINS, Prop'r, 37 GreatJones St.. MY
Masonic Temple. Program at 9.
Every mother feels -
great dread of the pain
and danger attendant upon
the most critical period
of her life. Becoming
Call at
Ooanttl'i Ornm'
aa the least herrenil of,
alt the Skin prepara-
tions." For !- by all
Drocflsts and Fancy
i^ Goods Dealers In thai
^fc, XT. 8.,Canadas,aodEoropa.

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