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Geo.' C. Squires Takes Up the Cud-
s^| gels in Defense of Major
f ili,i. , .. -'Glenn.' ' - ^^.
[Accuses the General of Believing
Natives in Preference
to Soldiers. .
In an open letter to General Nelson A.
Miles, George C. Squires, a St. Paul at -
torney, who has recently returned from
the Fbilippines, indignantly resents trie
chargeis of cruel and inhuman conduct
preferred against his brother-in-law,
Major Edward F. Glenn. He calls atten
tion to the fact that while Major Glenn
was convicted and disciplined for having
administered the "water cure" to a
traitorous Filipino, the court had
voted unanimously on the first ballot for
acquittal, and had then reconsidered the
vote for fear that exoneration would be
construed in the United States as an offi
cial indorsement of the water cure.
A s to other charges, Mr. Squires re
minds General Miles that it is a matter of
record that Major Glenn was unanimously
acquitted in January last of having is -
sued orders which resulted in the killing
of seven Filipinos, after a patient and ex
haustive hearing of eighteen days.
' Mr. Squires then cites the testimony at
: that trial of Major E. J. Nolan of the
Eleventh infantry, two of whose guides
were captured by insurgents. After being
Inhumanely tortured, by being cut with
toolos, one was buried alive so that his
head protruded above ground. Then the
natives amused themselves by playing
"stone the duck" until the white man's
head had been crushed- after which they
filled the top of his skull with sand.
"It is a remarkable spectacle," com
ments Mr. Squires, "that the commanding
general of the armies of the United States
should attempt to besmirch the good
names and records of his own brother offi
cers, and hold them up to the world as
unfit for the positions which they hold."
General Miles is also strongly criticized
for using the unsupported testimony of
natives in preference to the sworn tes
timony of American soldiers.
Glenn's Brigade as a Myth.
General R. P. Hughes, to whom General
Miles pays his respects in his report of
conditions in the Philippines, is at the
- Aberdeen hotel, St. Paul. H e is charged
with having permitted his officers and
men to extort statements from natives by
means of torture. General Hughes says
he never heard of the so-called "Glenn's
brigade" until he read General Miles* re
Altho he was in command of the depart
ment of the "Visayas. the central group of
islands of the Philippine archipelago, from
June, 1899, until the end of 1901. General
Hughes disclaims any knowledge of the
atrocities alleged to have been committed
by American soldiers against the Fili
pinos. When it became necessary from
time to time to make investigations/ says
Oeneral Hughes, a detachment of the
Eighteenth infantry accompanied the in
vestigators to protect them. Altho Major
derm sometimes commanded this detach
ment it was never known as "Gleam's
brigade." A t different times the de New
tachment was under the command of
every officer on the staff and Glenn was
mo more Identified with it than others in
General Hughes retired from the
service April ,11, 1903. having reached the
age limit. He will remain in St. Paul two
weeks. \ Until he receives an offlcaal copy
f General Miles' report, he will not make
an official reply.
felde Favoring Popular Election of U. S.all
Senators WinsAn Elocu
tionary Contest.
The question whether Unlted^States sen
ators should be elected by direct vote of
the people was settled again last night
thisi time in the affirmativeby three de
haters in the oratorical conttiest held by
the sophomore class at the state universi
ty. The speakers who worn were Miss
Cashman, Benjamin Houston and M. H.and
Halloran. Their opponents *were Charles
Phillips, Victor Peterson ana Hans *Wal
chi. A large audience was present in the
university chapel to hear the debate. Th e
successful trio will represent the sopho
mores Monday evening, May 11, at the
annual debate between the.sophomore and
th9 freshman classes.
After the regular debate), an elocution
ary duel took place between two sopho
mores, E. C. O'Brien and A. W. Johnson.
The referees, Messrs. Hickman, Schaper
and Bauer, decided that Mr. O'Brien drew
nrst blood and scored the, most touches.
A "Mull Grape TonBc" -window at
Voegell Bros.' Drug Oo. Is attracting
much attention this week.
Dull Feeling After
Tortures of Death
From Headache.
Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills
Relieve and Cure.
"Nearly every day I suffered from severe
attacks of headac^ve. They usually began
with a heavy, dul} feeling soon after dinner.
During these spellj, my head felt as though
there was a tight bandage around it, my
temples throbbed, I became sick at my stom
ch, and suffered 4 lmost the tortures of death.
For two years pad I have been taking Dr.
Miles' Anti-Pain Pills, and have found sure
snd immediate rdlief always. By taking one
in time the headache is " *
MRS. M. E . NPBL E,,
in time the headache is prevMJtedevery time."
E Garfield, Wash.
| "Dr. Miles' Ariti-Pain Pills are all right. I
i can recommend them very highly to anyone
who needs a renj.edy for headache, neuralgia,
. or pain of any k ind. My health is not very
. good, and I am. subject to frequent attacks of
": severe headachi i, but since I began taking
' Dr. Miles' Antfi-Pain Pills I do not suffer
from them as, I used to. They never fail to
give relief in a few minutes, and if taken
promptly upaii the approach of a headache
will prevent J in attack from coming on."
MRS. WM. PbDRiCK, Gloversville, N. Y.
"Dr. Miles.*'Pain Pills grow in favor with
me every cfcf/ for, whereas, I used to have
sick headache once a week, sure, can say
that I do mot have it any more at all. I
j never had anything cure me of sick head
ache befoie. CLAUDE TUCKER Wallace,
- N.Y.
I? All dru'/rists sell and guarantee first bottle
, Dr. Miles "Remedies. Send for free book on
f - Nervous and Heart Diseases. Address Dr.
t Miles Medical Company, Elkhart, Ind.
la the vprs disease on earth, yet the easiest
Many bfto pimples, spots on the skiu. sores In
itue moi/m. ulcers, falliutr hair, bone palus. ca-
^t?rrh- ffrn*t know It is BLOOD POISOJi Send
to Dr. Brown, 933 Aroh st. Philadelphia, for
nilOWN^S BLOOD CUBE $2 per bottle last's
a'M ranHb. For sale only at VOGCiELI BliOS.*
Revenue From Minnesota Dairy
Cows Kay Be Increased That
Much by Its Use.
Co-operation of Farmers With Dairy
*'* Commissioner Is the Only ~
Thing Needed.
"If the farmers of the state co-operate
with this department in the educational
work it is undertaking," said Dairy Com
missfoner W. P . McConnell this morning,
"there is no reason why $750,000 a year
should not be added to the revenue from
the dairy cows of Minnesota.
*\J,nt\\ last year UUtmesota. \utte com
manded a premium of half a cent a pound
in the N ew York market. The best but
ter we sent out got no better price than
the poorest. There has been a change
recently. Some of our fancy makes now
get a cent, a cent and a half and even
two cents over the market. This premium
is due to a superior flavor secured by
using the best grade of commercial cul
ture, or 'starter.' This department is now
ready to give instruction in the use of
commercial culture to any creamery that
applies for it. W e will send experts to
spend two or three days in a place, and
will give a thoro course of instruction,
which should add at least a cent' a pound
to the market value of the butter."
Educational Circulars.
Mr. McConnell has prepared three edu
cational circulars for distribution to the
dairy farmers of the state. H e will have
50,000 copies of each printed and will send
them to. the creameries for distribution
among their patrons. One is entitled,
"Butter Is King." It contains minute di
rections for feeding and for the care of
dairy animals, the latest law on the sub
ject, and a great deal of useful informa
tion. Another circular is a careful treat
ise on the use and propagation of the
commercial starter, and the third ex -
plains the new law requiring skim milk to
be pasteurized.
More Contests.
Mr. McConnell also expects to begin,
this summer, another series of educational
contests, to groom the butter makers of
the state for a banner showing at the S t
Louis exposition next year.
Governor Asks Game and Fish Commis
sioners to Step Out.
A special meeting of the board of game
and fish commissioners was held to-day in
the office of the chairman, William L..
Lamphrey of St. Paul. The only business
taken up was a letter from Governor Van
Sant to the members of the board asking
for their resignations. The letter ex -
plained that this appeared to be the best
way out of the contradictory situation in
volved in the new game law. The com
mission decided to comply and their resig
nations will be waiting for the governor
when he returns from St. Louis. H e can
then make the appointments under the
new law.
Organ of Our Savior's Lutheran
Church to Be Dedicated
The new pipe organ for Our Savior's
Lutheran church, Seventh street and
Fourteenth avenue S, will be dedicated
next Friday evening, May 1. The new
instrument is one of the largest and most
modern organs in the city and is pro
nounced by organ experts, who have test
edj ft&'tfcH/be the equal of any in the city
for quality and richness of tone. Th e
program for the dedicatory concert will
consist largely of organ numbers so that
the posibilities of the new instru
ment may be fully displayed. The pro
gram follows:
(a "Pilgrims Chorus," Wagner (b) "Largo,"
Handel, A. M. Sbuey.
Psalm CXKVI.. 6. Wennerberg. Our Sarlor'u
church choir, soprano solo. Miss victoria Saxe.
"Festiyal Music," Dr. Volkmar, Henrich Gun
"Scene Pastorale," A. M. Shuey, A. M.
"Hear My Prayer" (Matet), Mendelsohn, solo
chorus of women's voices.
Fantasie on "Faust," Gounod. A. M. Suney.
"Day Ts at Last Departing," J. Haff^ chorus
of- vrqmen's Toices.
Fantasie (Maestoso, Allegro, Adajio), Henrich
Gunnersen, H. Gunnersen.
(a) Idyl. Labitzky tb) Meditation. Clark: c
Garotte "LaBelle," A. M. Shuey. A. M. Shuey.
"Festiyal Cantata." Henrich Gunnersen. Our
Sarior's church choir: tenor solo, J. L. HJort:
barytone solo. O. Laird.
Grand march, Gounod. A. M. Shuey.
He Assumes New Duties as Surveyor
General of Logs.
George L. Matchan is now surveyor
general of logs and lumber for the sec
ond Minnesota district. Altho the ap -
pointment was anonunced in January, the
change did not actually take place until
April 20. A. B. Bobbins, the retiring sur
veyor general, is now settling up his ac
counts, which had to be brought down to
the last minute, as the season opened un
usually early and there was some scaling
done this spring before his retirement
from office.
The new surveyor general is a well
known attorney, and chairman of the re
publican cmapaign committee. H e will
devote a large part of his time' to the du
ties of the office, and give It a good busi
ness administration.
It Will Be at 11 a. m. at Fort Sneliing
After May 1Regimental
Guard mounting at Fort Sneliing will
begin, .after May 1, at 11 instead of 9 a. m.
It is also announced in general orders,
just issued by Colonel Kline of the Twen
ty-first infantry, that the "first call" will
be sounded forty minutes, the assembly
call thirty minutes and the adjutant's call
twenty-five minutes before sunset., The
regimental parade will be held on Mon
days, Thursdays and Fridays.
J. C. Hubinger'sf Tenement Row on
Twelfth Street Is to Be
.-'.Built Over. .
J. G. Hubinger has let the contract for
alterations "of the buildings which he
bought some time ago at 62 to 76 Twelfth
street N.". He will change the three-story
brick tenement row jnto twenty-four fiats.
The contractor"is" O. Ri Gutzman. The
alterations will cost $14,000.
M. J. Peppard will build another house
on his corner at Twenty-fifth and Third
avenue S. - The building will be a two
story brick veneer house to cost $5,000.
The contractor is A. H. Peppard.
. $32.90 to California. $32.90.
The Minneapolis & St. Louis railroad is
selling tickets daily to points in Califor
nia at $32.90.. Personally conducted tour
ist car excursions every Thursday. Tears
of experience with these excursions has
enabled us to anticipate the wants and
provide in every way for, the comfort of
the^ traveler..? -- W. p. Hathaway, City
Ticket Agent,"'No. 1 Washington a v S
St. Louis arid -Return, Via Burlington
- '..:.- , Route. -..'...
Rate made' on account of dedication cer
emonies "World's Fair and Good Roads
convention. Choice of two routes. Tickets
on sale April 26 to May 1 and limited for
return to May 5. Ticket offices. 414 Nicol
let avenue,.. Minneapolis, and 400 Robert
street (Hotel Ryan), St. PauL "{
Photograph of ona of the Imported Gowns Offered
in To-morrow's Sales.
Ladies of Maccabees Have Been
WorkingClass of 400 to Be
Initiated To-night.
Ladies of the Maccabees are preparing
to show forth the approprlateness of their
badgea golden beethis evening. For
several months the members of the twelve
hives in Minneapolis have been conduct
ing a vigorous membership campaign, and
to-night, in the large hall of Masonic
Temple, a class of 4Q0 will be initiated.
Mrs. Lillian M. Hollister of Detroit, Mich.,
supreme commander of the order, and Dr.
Susan F. Rose, Port Huron, supreme med
ical examiner, will be the special guests
of honor. They will be assisted in the"closed
ceremonies by the officers of the Minne
apolis hives and by a drill squad of thirty
two girls, who have attained a high de -
gree of proficiency thru long practice.
There will also be an exemplification of
the work by the commanders of the va
rious local hives. - The ceremony will open
with prayer by Rev. G. L. Morrill, who
will also make an address, and a formal
welcome by Mayor J. C. Haynes will be
vicariously presented. Special musical
features will be given by Alvin Davies
and Miss Frances Vincent.
The visit of the two supreme officers
Is to be made much of by the local mem
bers of.-the''order. Dr. Rose was enter
tained at.a: prejtty luncheon this noon by
the women physicians of the city. To -
morrow morning there will be a tally-ho
party" for the guests, and from 2 to 4 p.m.
to-morrow there will be an exemplifica
tion of work at K. P. hall, Masonic Tem
ple. The remainder of the afternoon will
be devoted to a reception at the same
Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets are Warranted to Cure all Forms of Indigestion and Dyspepsia.
Pure, Pale and Sparkling. Bottled
Only at the Brewery in St. Louis.
Wholesale Dealers.
, ... .. -'." former selves.: W e takeno pleasure in life, and cannot sleep, we are too restless to read or - . . . -,.
work, our suffering is continuous.
7- "Where we come from are many whose pulse is weak, tongue is coated, breath is offensive, *
.,,..,._/ they have no appetiteand I feel that there is a great river between them and happiness. If
you can help them cross the river of Dyspepsia, Rexall- is indeed King of All." ' . *-:.. ., ~~-
CAPT. REXALL: "Voegeli Bros. Drug Co. have bridged the river for thousands of sufferers
In Minneapolis, they absolutely guarantee to cure everyone who applies to them for relief or
they will pay for all the medicine that is taken." v .
..''",:'-- '- ., . '.: '?j'
THE MlNNl3^POL!Sttfb1JBNAIi.5:'
,*. *
Our Entire Stock of Women's Spring Gostmnesf $50.
Money will be refunded, exactly as printed on package, in case of dissatisfaction. Price, 25 cents, at our store or by mail.
Absolutely None Reserved. . Values up to 200. ^Absolutely None Reserved.
place for the members of all ladies' or
ders in the city. In the evening there
will be a theater party at the Metropolitan,
after which Mrs. Hollister and Dr. Rose
will leave for Duluth, where a class of
300 is awaiting initiation. They will be
accompanied by Mrs. A. M. Welch of Min
neapolis, state commander, and by Miss
M. M. Teare, state deputy.
The Ladies of the Maccabees already
has between 900 and 1,000 members in
the city, exclusive of to-night's class. The
total membership in the state is about
Sale of Seats for Course and for Single
Events Begins
The Boston Festival orchestra and solo
ists, who will come here with the Music
Teachers' convention. May 9, have just
a very successful festival in Rich
mond, Va. Several choral works were
given in conjunction with the local socie:
ty, and one opera as concert music, with-,
out action or scenery. The company has
given annual festivals in Richmond for
about fifteen years, and has visited Ann
Arbor, Mich., nearly as many times.
The sale of tickets for the course as
well as for single seats, commences Fri
day at the Metropolitan Musie store. A
long list of subscribers, including musical
and society people,
part of the house at the opening of theav
sale but Wesley church has no inferior
seats and all will be accommodated satis
factorily. Early application is advisable
on the part .of sujbscr^ers. .... ,
" This news is so astonishing, so good, so seasonable, that we
can hUrdly credit it ourselves. It concerns our superb group
of costumes such dresses as women of fashion intend to wear
the whole of the coming season.
This great sale includes all our spring costumes valued from $80 to $200. It is the greatest offering we ever made,
as it enables you to secure a rich gown at much less than the bare cost of material. Absolutely mothing reserved. Every
gown must go and is priced $50. SALE BEGINS AT 9 O'CLOCK.
The Vlynxotith Clothing House, Si jet h and Jticoltet.
rhad free by calling at City Ticket
Office, 600 Nicollet Ave.
"Our suffering has increased from year to year so that now we are only a wreck of our
We bought extravagantlyalmost wildlyin costumes this spring, for
nevertoavcthese dresses been so iefme& or ax\\s&c.
The result indicates that we were justified in so doing, for we have sold
over three times as many as on any previous season. -
But there are hosts of summer dresses clamoring to display themselves, -
and they must have room. It is their turnfor you should realize that our
selling season commences long before you actually wear the garmentsso
we have decided to rid ourselves of all these costly spring costumes.
The collection is wonderfully varied as to style and color.
Trimmings are of the richest laces and silks are used in profusion.
But the stuffs themselves are simplealthough they have been woven
specially for the gown and the most exclusive things to be found.
Nothing is brilliant this season, the effects are rich and tastjr such as any
woman would delight in wearing. i ^**?^v
Baseball Schedules Free.
Vest Pocket Baseball Schedules of the
American association have been issued by
the North-Western Line and copies may
absorb the greater
It Will Be Made the Ground for Prose
cution of Certain Manufac-
The resourceful detective, yearning for
disguise, miglvt dye tus -wtvite stvirt a.
brilliant scarlet with a single bottle of
tomato catsup. This expedient was sug
gested yesterday at the laboratory of the
state dairy and food commission, where
the chemist had employed, catsup in
changing the hue of white flannel.
But you must get the right sort of cat
sup. It is sold in Duluth, or was to be
sold there before the intending seller for
warded a sample for analysis. It is' col
ored with "coal tar red," which is gaudy
but poisonous. T o preserve the catsup
and the consumer's remains, the manu
facturers also added Denzoic acid. They
will be prosecuted by the food commis
To Chicago and St. Louis.
"The North Star Limited" is a revela
tion in / points of luxury and elegance.
Gas-lighted throughout, thus avoiding the
vibration of the electric dynamo and in
suring a good night's rest. Leaves Min
neapolis every evening at 7:45 arrives
Chicago 9:30 a. m. St. Louis, 2:00 p. m.
Passes in full view of the World's Fair
grounds at St. Louis. W . L. Hathaway,
City Ticket Agent, No . 1 Washington
S. -
Ho! for St. Louie,
The dedicatory exercises of the exposi
tion commence April 30, and If you are
going don't overlook the fact that the
Minneapolis & St. Louis railway, despite
bombastic claims to the contrary, is thebombastic
best line and saves you about two hours.
Leaves Minneapolis daily 7:45 p. m., ar Leaves
rives St. Louis 2 p. m. next day. $18 for
the round trip.
-' " / - %/\i
Small PilL ^ Small Dose. Small Price.
Positively cured by these Little Pills., :^ ",V
"' They also relieve distress from Dyspepsia, Indigestion and Too
Hearty Eating. A perfect remedy for Dizziness, Nausea, Drowsiness,
Bad Taste in the Mouth, Coated Tongue, Pain in the Side, TORPID
UVESUi- .They regulate the Bowels. .Purely Vegetable..- -
AMIL 29, 1903. *'*:-:-
Accident Near Toledo Results in the
Injury of Thirteen.
Toledo, Ohio, April 29.Cincinnati*
Hamilton & Dayton train No. 13, south
bound which left here at 7:15 last night,
consisting- of an engine, baggage car and
two coaches, was derailed at Bates Sid
ing, four miles south of Toledo. Thirteen
people were injured, seven seriously, but
none fatally. Injured:
B. A. Wolf, Findlay, Ohio, head badly cut
Mrs. William Down, Haskins, Ohio, left shoul
der dislocated and bruised about head and chest
Maurice Brown, fireman, Lima, Ohio, scalp and
face wounds E. W. Fanger, Indianapolis, face
badly cut and hip bruised William Channels,
Avis, Ohio, scalp wound Sherwln Johnson, Ton
togany, Ohio, back injured Bert Deweese, Wes
ton, Ohio, bruises about face and neck Miss
Ida Wadd, Penderville, Ohie, cut about head
Mrs. J. W. Lufkin, Bays, Ohio, hip bruised
Miss Lucy Cass, Ottawa, Ohio, head cut Charles
Scott, Bowling Green. Ohio, face bruised H.
Kerske, Toledo, engineer, shoulder and hip
bruised child in arm of mother, Mrs. William
Gingery, Milton Center, Ohio, arm cut. '
Washington, April 28.Three persons com
mitted suicide in this city yesterday. All used
carbolic acid a-s R means of ending life. The
three were Leonard H. Mangum, a former clerk
in the census office Guy :^J. Padgett, a real
estate and insurance agent, and Mrs. Sadie Plum
nier, a youDg woman whose husband keeps a
lunchroom on Pennsylvania avenue.
Ho! for St.t Louis.
The dedicatory exercises of the exposi
tion commence April 30, and if yo are
going don't overlook the fact that the
Minneapolis & St. Louis railway, despite
claims to the contrary, is the
best line and saves you about two hours.
Minneapolis dally 7:45 p. m., ar
rives St. Louis 2 p. m. next day. $18 for
the round trip.
a ja/'^f' *i '- ''*".,
It &>f
Photograph of one of the Imported Gowns Offored
in To-morrow's Sales.
I was afflicted with all the symptoms of .
first and second stages of consumption, with
hemorrhage of the lungs. Doctors advised
me to go to New Mexicodry climatebut
instead I took the Eiker-Hoff Cure and con
sider myself a well man to-day. 1 wish
you would send me a few copies of 'TREAT-
tribute them among my friends, as I have
done with those 1 received with my medi
cine. My faith is great in this medicine.
If known to me two years ago, my wife
would bare been living to-day to bless my
home. You may use my name.
S. H. WILCOX. '"
See. Foreman M., K. T. R. R., '
Emporia. Kan.
TWELVE HUNDRED more testimonials
like the above, together with full details of
pqsitive cures, can be had at Voegeli Bros.
These 1,200 testimonials show more genu
ine and voluntary evidence of cures of
chronic cases of CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA,
BRONCHITIS and CATARRH thau all other
so-called "cures' can show in the entire his
tory of their business. *
Free by mail, postpaid, by addressing the
Eiker-Hoff Drug Co., 100 William st.. New
York City.
7 - / 5'r '' SIT sh '"'
- - *'
And All Inttrmadiafd
Twin City
Telephone Co.
From Mlmtaptllt and St.Paul
f| a V Crats Tbree Mlnmtei
IIAI 10 Cento eaonXkree additional mlnaU.
UIftUT* III 11111 M each additional minute
''I hare been using Cascarets for Insomnia, with
Which I nave been afflicted for over twenty years,
and I can say that Cascarets have given me mors
relief than any other remedy I have ever tried. I
shall certainly recommend them to my friends aa
being all they are represented."
Thos. Gillard, Elgin, 111.
i ^^^^- i lie uuweis ^
.Pleasant, Palatable, Potent. Taste Good, Do Good.
Never Sicken, Weaken or Gripe, 10c, 25c, 50c. Never
old in balk. The genuine tablet stamped CCC.
Guaranteed to cure or your money back.
Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or N.Y. 597
. of Chief Q. -M , St. Paul, Minn., Aprill, 1903.
Sealed proposals, in triplicate, will be re
ceived at this office until 11 o'clock a. m.,
April 30, 1903, and opened then for the con
struction of one administration building and
- powder magazine at Fort Lincoln, N. D.
Plans and specifications may.be seen and
blank proposals witb full instructions, bad
.upon application,here, or at tbe office ot the
constructing quartermaster, Bismarck, N.
1). United States reserves the right to accept
or relect any or all proposals, or any, part
thereof. GEO. E, POND. C. Q. M. !''-' '
K /'*-
' . c l"S'
s Mlaatei
best For
General Dry Cleaners and Oyers*
207 WloollotAv*.
Razors hollow ground. Razor*
and Clippers sharpened.' China
decorating. Barbara* Supplies, Knives, Bag*
lish Carvers. Kuzors, Shears.
A fnlJ line of Toilet Articles.
April 8, 1903.
na m

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