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Mysterious Cure
for Consumption.
My Heart Aches for Those Who Die
Because They, are Skeptical
and Won't Try It,,
Believe In Me and Have LifeI Have Dis
covered a Wonderful Remedy That
Never FallsI Give the Secret
1 Free to Every Sufferer. ^
My lieart aches for tbe uubelievei. Death
sure and certain for those 'who do not heeu* my
call and believe. I have indeed discovered the
marvelous Nature-cure for .'consumption, and I
five the secret free to every, sick and suffering
cotiMimptive. Without It they must die, for
this terrible disease is more terrible tfcmi leprosy,
and doctors acknowledge their defeat on every
band.. With my mysterious powermy secret
remedyr have rescued hundreds from the very
JaVkS t death. I'onsumptlvea that lay ou their
beds gasping for breath are now well and happy
through the slight tise of my-mysterious power.
This power Is a secret nil my own. It Is mine
to give to whom I will, and I have prepared a
little book that explains my etire fully, and I
give it freely to all.
Don't scoff. Don't cry fake. To-morrow you
may be dead. Consumption never loosens its
bold, but I cam banish ft-forever and make you
strong and as well as ever quickly by the aid rt,
my remedy, and I am glad to do it. Oh. my
friend, my brother, my sister, my children, listen
to my voice, listen to my pleading. This mar
velous secret power has been intrusted, to me
for vour benefit. Will you cast it aside: -will
you. throw your life away? Oil that I haa a
thousand tongues to sing to you the praises of
this marvelous remedy. Surely the miraculous
cures of those who were in the valley of the
shadow of death, and are now alive and well
through my marvelous and mysterious remedy,'
ehonUl be a -warning to you that in me, and. in
me alone you will find life. Come to-day.
Don't put it off until too late. While there is
life you can be cured. Write to me to-day. I
will cure you. It costs you nothing to learn
*my secret. Send for my little hook I am sure
. It -will teach vou the way to life, health and
happiness, and I am glad to send it to you abso
lutely free. It tells you of the most marvelous
remedy ever discovered, and it tells you of mirac
ulous cures. It is the most remarkable book
ever printed on the dread consumption," and it is
free. My private address is Dr. Perk P. Yonk
erman, 245S Water et, Kalamazoo, Mich. Write
and be cured.
Guthrie, O. T.Associate Justice JrwUi has
rendered a decision regarding the appointment of
guardians for Indians to prevent them, from
disposing of their money as they please. Judge
Irwin has dismissed all such,- holding them to
be illegally in office and prohibiting the lower
courts in the future from Interfering with the
Indians' private finances.
....never tasted anything like it... It's
"crisp when you get it...soft if you coverv
.it with' cream...and ,wfiit..,3 rninutes..,.
But I...dWt wait till ftrs
.../ like it crzs/...Bv soft...
it's delicious...
: - - - - " c vi*
^ * ?&"!<*,*
...better than anything cooked at
home...because it's always cooked just
right... Apitezo...the
New Biscuit
Social, Circles
i-HOHtGEffilMI The Bausman-Xeller Wedding Cele
brated at Home of Bride's
a Marriage of Miss Mabel Biggs and
Chester Whitney Solemnized
The marriage of Miss Alice WaltonKel,-
ler. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. VV. Henry
Keller, awd George Abra,TiajpS. Bailsman,
was solemnized last evening*. a.t the home
of the bride's parents, on Ninth street S,
and united two old Minneapolls families.
nA altar of palms and Easter lilies had
been arranged in the parlor and smllax
wreathed the doorways and chandeliers.
With the exception of the dining-room
the decollations were all in Easter lilies,
ferns and palms. In the dining'-roOm red
carnations and shaded lights carried "out
a more brilliant color sefheme.
A string orchestra! played as the guests
arrived and were received by Mr. and
Mrs. Keller and Dr. and Mrs. A. K Bails
man. Miss Florence Keller was maid of
honor and wore white lansdowne over
silk and carried Easter lilies. he/br(de's
gown was of white crepe dj&"chlrje .witty
court train and fashioned wMf^dWhlisse
lace. Shs wore a veil and her flp^eva
were lilies of the valley'.
Wirt Wilson and Bert-B.rv Townsend
were ushers and Richard Feriby. Bailsman
was best man. The service was read by
Rev. T. W. MacLean in the presence of
100 guests. Among those" from out of
town were Judge Daniel C- Abraham of
Philadelphia. General A. Stetson of Pitts
burg and Mr. and' Mrs. F. H. Page of
Springfield, Mass. Frappe was served by
Miss Frances Humphrey.
Mr. and Mrs . Bausman left for the
east. They will be at-home after June
15, at 2600 Fifth ^avenue S.
The wedding of" Mis Mabel BiggSr
daughter of Mrs. Annie M. Biggs, and
Chester Whitney took place last evenm'g'
in tn e parlors of Plymouth cmircla -wnic.lv
were decorated with palms fe^|i*|^ jJy|:
lips. Miss May Sheridan played the bridal
music. Misses Alta Biggs and Edna Col
lins were bridesmaids and wore white
crepe de chine trimmed with cream
The bride was in white silk fashioned
with lace and carried white roses. M. B.
Mulvey and De Forest Prouty were the
bridegroom's attendants. The servie- was
read toy Rev. J-. H. Hallock and about
fifty guests were present. Mr,. Whtiney
and his bride left in the evening for
Portland and the Pacific coast to be gone
three months. Mrs. Whitney's traveling
gown was of blue etamine with a hat
to match.
. Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Bobbin's announce
the engagement of their daughter Ade
laide to Ralph Perkins Gillette..
4 -4
).- '/$*UV#Z ,'.
at Plymouth.
,S0ft.. because
at her home on Pleasant avenue Monday
Miss Mary Shaw, who will return -to-
morrow to pjay a secpnd engagement of'
Ibsen's "Ghosts,",will,_b tho 'guest, of
honor at a luncheon Friday at wtyich Pro
fessor Frances B. S. Potter of the. untvors
ity will be hostess. .The guests* will be a.
group Gf Ihe university faculty and after
the luncheon an informal reception will
be given at the university for' Miss Shaw.
Monday evening Mr. and Mrs. Henry
J. Mylius of Italy, who are at the Hamp
shire Arms for a fow weeks, will give a
family dinner. Among the guests will be
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mylius of Adrian.
Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mylius have
spent the winter in California with Mrs.
Mylius' parents, Mr, and Mrs. Carlos Wil
cox, and they will leave Wednesday even
ing for the east to sail May 16 for home.
To-morrow Mrs. Eugene J. Carpenter
of Harmon place will entertain at lunch
eon in honor of her mother, Mrs, L. Lamb
of Clinton, Iowa, who is her guest for two
Weeks:"'.^i., W'} . . ^ ?.'* -,':. 'V? \ s^'ifi^
Mr. ami Mrs. Harry K. Wilcox will en
tertain Friday evening very informally. ,
The. annual spring reception was given
last /evening', in the parlors of Westmin
ster church -and several: hundred members
were present. The affair was arranged by
tne -wives pf the elders, -wl\o received
with Rev. and Mrs. John E. Bushnell anci
the church officers. The parlors were at
tractive with flowers and potted plants
and softly shaded lights. A string orches
tra played as the guests came-and went.
The Young Women's society had charge
of the supper room, which was decorated
With red carnations, and red . tapers
wreathed with smil&x. Ices, tea and
.chocolate were served by the Misses
Clough. Mathews. Brandon, Klizabeth and
Alice Gilmore Dunwoody. Marjorie Hig
bee, Jennie Congdon, Frjf, Florence Ake
ley Mm as. W. P. MoorM?ad. Robert Es
terly, G. W. Strieker, Crooker. William
Cook, Gaho Lewis, Blanche Bishop, G.
Williams and O. E. Cotton. Mrs. C. T.
Thompson was chairman of the commit
tee on arrangements and was assisted by
Mmes. Horace Hill, H. L. Tucker, C. S.
Cairns, James Page, J. W. Thomas, J.
R. Gordon, S. A. Harris, J. W. Davis and
George Miller.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Lewis of Hen
nepin avenue gave the bridal dinner last
evening for their daughter Jane and Wil
liam Morley, whose marriage takes place
this evening. Covers were laid for twelve
and white roses and "pink shaded tapers
-were the decorations. The heart-shaped
-name cards were embellished with water
cotor sketches and the monograms and
.names were in gold. The guests were
the members of the bridal party.
lace .
Monday afternoon Miss Kathryn Slack
and E. N. Weed were married in the par
sonage of the Immaculate Conception
church. Miss Bessie Welch and . Fred
Mannerjield of Mankato,Minn were the
attendants. The service was read by Rev.
T. E. Cullen and was followed by a re
ception at the home of the bride. Among
the guests were Mr. and Mrs. Nelson
Weed, Kred Manderjield, Mankato Mrs.
J. McBride, Madison H. R. Slack of San
Jose, Cal. Miss Kathryn Gahagan, Aus
tin, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. P.-J. Dowling and
Mrs. George Pettibone of St. Paul. Mr.
and Mrs. Weed left in the evening for a
short trip south and they will be at home
after June 1 at 1123 Fifth street N.
Miss Caroline Swift and Robert Craig
were quietly married Monday evening at
the home of the bride's parents. Mr. and
Mrs. George E. Swift, in Robbinsdale.
The service was read by Rev. J. E. Dal
lam. , '
Mr- ana 1TB A. "W. W f are YiOTaae tirom 1
ledo, Ohio, where they spent the winter.
Miss Mary Chute of L'nivrrslfy avenue SB
is borne from Mexico, where she spent the win
ter. - -
-Banner lodge. D. of H.. wilUg&e a card parry
and dance to-morrow evening in,.A. O. U. W.
hall, 15 Seventh'street S.
' Nicollet, circle. 487, P. H. C . will give a bas
ket ball-in-Richmond hall, corner Kighth street
and Nicoilet avenvie, to-morvov.- evening. v
3Irs. P. W. Oakley left .Sunday, ev.pning for
. Sh will retur,to n abon Ma 28 .
Northwestern people at New York hotels are
as follows: MinneapolisGrenoble. Miss S. I?.
Doran. Sioux Falls, S. i) Navarre, J. H. Voor
The Rector's Aid Society of Holy Trinity
church will give a social this evening at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. N. Nyberg, 515 Fifth
street SR.
Ladies' Fine Tailoring Dept.
Third floor, Plymouth Clothing House.
Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Hanft visited the lake
Miss Creswell will spend the summer at Tonka
Bay. She arrived Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Cook are at their
Keriorgia Cottage, Manitou, for the summer.
Frank -Perkins.-has rented bis fine, residence
to-Mrs Doium 'and Miss Doinm for the summer.
Mr. and, Mrs. E. Shibley. of St. Taul, will
soon arrive at Linwood, where they have bought
a cottage.
James :Edgerton and family have taken up
abodea :
for the
tbe y own pleasansummer t cottage
Mr. Watson is having the Fannie L. repainted
and overhauled at Wayzatn. She will probably
begin the season's work next Sunday.
Work is progressing rapidly upon the new
casino. The lulldin is beling painted yellow-,
\vith green roof and white trimmings.
The Garter cottage, at Minnetoiika Beach, has
been purchased by Professor William Ilogg, who
will occupy it -with his family this season.
Mrs. Donaldson has moved out from the city
and taken possession of the Belle Alto cot
tage, at Excelsior, which she purchased early
hi the spring.
The Tonka Bay Hotel, formerly known as the
Lake Park Hotel, will be conducted by H. S.
Joslyn, of-St.' Paul. This house has been en
tirely remodeled in the past winter and new fur
niture has been. supplied.
The White House at Excelsior will be: managed
this season by W. 3-\' Sanderson, of St. Paul,
who had the xila.ee last year. Mr. and Mrs.
Sanderson have arrived.and are making prepara
tions for the opening,which will take place in
May. '
Moore's Boat Works, at Wayzata is turning
out some elegant launches this spring for wealthy
Mlnneapolitaus E L Carpentoi has a fane
cabin launch almost ready fov launchlnR, and
Mooie Is building a similai craft foi ii l\.
Beach- A rtav passenger boat is being built for
W L Bigelow Fred Grelne has a cibfn cruis
ing launch under couise of construction Mr.
Moore is bnilding warty twenty other lnun lies
ranging In length fiorn twenty to thirty feet.
lie has a. crep of thirty four men employed at
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Costumes.
Second floor Plymouth Clothing House.
Will Begin the Last Week In June
and Continue Two
" Weeks. ,
The annual camp meeting at Red Rock,
on the Mississippi river, below St. Paul,
Vfitt begin in the last week of June this
year and will continue two weeks. The
meetings will be conducted by Rev. J. W.
Bowers of Covington, Ky. This was de
cided yesterday afternoon at the Bates
Avenue M. E church. St. Paul, by the
April session of the Northwestern Pente
costal association.
The morning service of the association
was led yesterday by Rev. Wiliam Shan
non of Minneapolis the morning sermon
was delivered by Rev. C. E. Mead of Cas
tle Rock. In the afternoon Rev. Peter
Clare of Owatonna preached, and in the
evening Rev. J. A. Lumley of 9t. Paul.
A "Mull Grape Tonic" window at
Voegeli Bros.* Drug Co. is attracting
much attention this week.
"""* -
l It Stands to Rfcason ^*-
That Journal classified ads are re
sult bringers, because they go into the
homes where your proposition is read and
carefully considered. . ' ^-
A "Mull Grape Tonic" window
$ 4 U%
J * ' '**'-
visitt heryslsier
Tonka Bay, where
v %s *j. Club Calendar^".^.*9' '
THURSDAY- . - %ff-
Ladies' Thursday Musicale^ First Uni
tarian church. 111 .a. ji$f Vt-
- Neighborhood-.' Out'refrt Efte'hts club,
Mrs. A. B. Latham, $700 Pillsrbury ave
nue, 2:30 p/m . ' .*'/',
Art History chjb, tfuUlic Library build
ing, 10 a. m. .' -. ^
Holbrook W. C. T. U., Mrs. Berkheimer,
1847 E Lake street, 3 p. m.
Chicago Avenue Literary class, lunch
eon. Donaldson's tea rooms.
Willard W. C. T. U., Mrs. Newcomb,
3036 Pleasant ayenue, 3 p. m.
* -. jv -New Club Officers.
The annual meeting- of the Authors'
Study.club was held Monday at the home
of Mrs.. N. A. Sprong. The election re
sulted as follows: President, Mrs. J. A.
Brant vice president, Mrs. E. Pritchard
recording secretary, Mrs. C. P. Fleming
corresponding secretary, Mrs. Victor
Jones treasurer, Mrs. H. A. Baltuff au
dtj6br, -Mrs. sliumieWl idjstoTtjLTa," Mrs. Ma
rie Barrows, .'.v.' .-?.':-
The Tuesday club chose as its new of
ficers yesterday Mrs. W. I. Carpenter,
president Mrs. W. W. Bradley, vice
president Mrs., Wertz, secretary
Last Meeting" arid Frolic. . .-
The Ladies' Thursday Musicale will
have its closing meeting of the year to
morrow morning in the Unitarian church.
A delightful program has been prepared
and each member may bring a friend oh
her membership . ticket. After the pro
gram the members will have a basket
luncheon and frolic in the basement of
the-.church. ' - '',.':
- t A Club Outing. .
The Chicago Avenue Literary class will
have a luncheon to-morrow afternoon in
Donaldson's tea rooms.' After luncheon
the club will attend the performance of
"Michael Strogoff" at the Lyceum theater,
Suffragists Rejoice.
The Political Equality club met last
evening with Mrs. Cleone D. Bergen. An
interesting program was given, and reso
lutions were adopted rejejicing in the vic
tory for'law and order won by the wom
an's vote In the recent municipal election
in Topeka, Kan.7 In- the- full suffrage bill
which was passed by both houses of the
.Arizona legislature and defeated only by
the-governor's veto, and that the" vote for
, full suffrage in Monta na stood 41 to 32 in
favor-in the house and 12 in favor against
13 in the senate.
The Conference of \"s will be held this eve
ning in Lyndale Congregational church, Aldrich
avenue "and Lake street
Holbrook W. O. T. U. -will meet to-morrow af
ternoon with Mrs. Uerkheimer, 1847 B Lake
street. Dr. Florence Baicr will speak on
The Eighth Ward W. CI T. U. will meet Fri
day afternoon with Mrs. K. A. Welch, 2735 Nic
ollet avenue. The study in domestic science will
include papers on "Tea,, Coffee and Cocoa," by
several members. Mrs. Parker will present the
depuvtvnent of purity in. literature aud art. Mrs.
E. A. Russell, state superintendent of that de
partment, w-ill give a talk, and a drill on state
minutes will he a feature.
The "Old Maid's Convention" will be
given in Fowler M. .E. church-this even*
ing by the Ladies' Aid Society. Mrs. C.
U. ChadbOurn will sing and. Mrs. Jose
phine Bonaparte Rice.will recite.
. * A sacied. concert under the auspices of
the T. P. S. C. E. will be held Friday
evening in ^the First Scandinavian Con
1 gregational church. Sixteenth avenue S
and Lake street. Rev. L. H. Halleck will
speak and there wiii be numbers by a
string orchestra frorn Northeast Minne
apolis and Mr. Wids'trom, ^violinist.
. ... ' :o. t4iu .: J-^ . - .-
I want every sufferer of Rheumatism to
get a 25-cent vial of my Rheumatism Cure.
I know it will relieve all pain in from
1 to 3, hours, and drive the disease from
the body in a few days.
relieve the head in from one to three
If you have catarrh or any other disease and
need "medical advice write me, advice absolutely
1505 Arch St., Philadelphia
Gold Medal
At Pan-American Exposition.
Unlike Any Other!
The full flavor, the deli
cious quality, the absolute
Purity of Lowney' s Break
fast ' Cocoa' distinguish it
from all others.
No "treatment" with alkalies
no adulteration with flour,
starch or ground cocoa shells
nothing but the nutritive and
digestible product of the choic
est Cocoa Beans.
Ask Your Dealer for It.
MALCOLM'S Annual May Party Next
Friday Eve., May 1st.
^r~~l Special
Full Orchestra.
MPS. Noblef*
Program at 9.
' g season.
May 31 14th Ave. S. E.
19c for He
? '
ladies' black
'- Hose, the
19c kind,
Sensational Dress Goods Sale
SITIVE SLAUGHTER I N PRICES of new arid seasonable wool goods. AH our imported
Priestley-Lupin apd other fine exclusive dresa fabrics cut to prices that represent but a fraction
of their real value. Rare opportunity to secure a fine imported dress pattern at a nominal price.
$1.18 and $1.50 qualities
now 75c
v46-lnch Aeolians.
46-inch Lansdowns.
48-incH Prunellas.
^^ 46-inch Crepes.
/.-.,~ ,: 48-inch Voiles.
$1.00 Imported Etamines. 48-
inch, all colors reduced for this
sale to.:..........
Cloak Department.
Tailor made Suits, newest military collar style,
pouch, sleeve, latest flar skirti^eT ^ "IB
$15.00 and $19.50 suite for *Pif - i MM
50 Dress and Walking Skirts, made of all wool
materials, in new flare style worth ti Ek ^ E
to $8.50. Choice of this, lot for... Mf " - - * *
New Blouse Jiackets, made of fine ail wool cheviot
and Venetian, in latest styles good ^ O Q Q
$10.50 values for VV- %9%M
Dress Trimmings
Novelty Braid in black, blue,
castor, brown and black and
white-, entirely new pattern
should be sold at 19c. 4||||
Special............. ttfV
New importation of drop orna
ments receiyed yesterdaythe
much wanted ones in blue,
brown and castor arrivedwash
ornanaents. Prices aTe right.
Art Dept.
Shirt Waists.stamped in all the
latest designs we use most im
proved methods. Satisfaction
guaranteed. Mail orders care
fully filled. ' :
Boys all worn* W* L. Doug
strong made $2mOO
shoos Youth's, $1*75.
^Made of the best Imported and Ameri
can Leathers, Hey fa Patent Calf, French
Enamel, Box Calf, Calf, Vici Kid. Patent
'Corona Kid, and-Patent CdronaJColt.
V FtWfc'9o,lor^yiletB used exclusively.
The "Biggest
Little Thing
w. ' TJ. Doag-Jas
name and prices f
measured by the amount of nutritive value it contains,
is the fresh soda cracker. Many people think a
cracker an insignificant and easy thing to makeyet
no one ever succeeded in reaching perfection until
Uneeda BiSCllit were introduced. To maintain
the quality of Uneeda BiSCUlt. requires the best o
everythingwheat, flour, baker, and bakery.
Uneeda Biscuit furnishes every element neces-
sary to bodily vigor and, above all, they are fresh and
clean. This is due to the Ili-er-se&l Package-rideirtti
fied by the famous red and white trade mark desigti-
which protects them from the air, moisture, dust and other
things not best to mention. There's a world of worry,
work , skill and care in making a soda cracker like
$1.38 and $1.65 qualities $1.50 and $2.00 Black
now 88c Goods now $1.00.
48-inch Hopsacfcing.
48 inch Basket Cloths.
' 52-inch Venetians.
56-inch Zibelines.
48-inch Burr Cloth,',
t OEO. S. ERI OUST OH, Mating**.
Af\ I J$1.25 English
/LIJQ, V ^uced for this
Ladies' kid gloves, all colors
and sizes, tiro clasp, these are
very fine goods Tve fit and -war
rant every pair, and AQp
only... '...-.. *MMw\J
Ladies' Neckwear
A very handsome assortment of
new stock collars not equalled
anywhere for the ^^9llf*
price, only. &%%*
About 10 doz. ladies' fine black
cashmere hose 89c and 48c
goods. Thursday, ACA
while they last...... * - ** + *
W.L. Douglas makes and soils
more men's Goodyear welt
(hand-sowedBrocoss)shoos than any other manufactu*
rer In the world.
fe S25,000 "tEWARD^ -
will be paid to anyone who can disprove
this statement.
MINNEAPOLIS : 405 Nicollet Ave.
to. The most charming examples of this season's
styles in Trimmed Hats, copies of renowned
French patterns, instead of the price being
$10.00 to $12.50. Thursday &f E A
only... For Thursday we offer an assortment of
Trimmed Hats, the best to be
twin cities, the price should be
$7.50. Thursday only
Another extremely good value
in Trimmed Hats for Thursdav.
MADE ^J== 0nWE*
You van savo from $3 tom $5 on yom\ fop****
this Spring by wearing W. . Douglnm $&.SO shoos.
They are jjist as good in every way as those that have been
costing you f ron $5.00 to $6.00*. The immense sale of "W. L.
Douglas $3.50 shoes proves their superiority over all
other makes. You will need a pair of .high cuts for
ol and rainy weather, and a pair *of low cut
oxfords for warm sunny days. Donl't pay $10.00
$12.00 for those two pairs of shoes when
you can ,get just as much style, vomfort and
service in two pairs of W. ,L. Douglas
shoes for $7 D^ Don't pay $5 or $6
for shoes my longer.
Priestley's Crispins,
Wool Grenadine and
Etamine, Priestley's
Silk and Wool Fabrics,
Lupin's Crepe de Voile,
Whipcord, Etamines, etc.
Corduroys, re
Pearl Waist Sets all new nov
elties special, T5c. 4|tf%
35c, 25c and...... %!
Sash Pins in pearla larg
heart in pearlworth
50c Special...
5 hoe Dept.
ffomen's Patent or Kid Tip
extension sole,
$2.50 shoe
A 25c bottle of Bixby's best
Shoe Polish, for Thurs- E2g%
day only ***
The Douglas secret process of tan
ning the bottom soles produces abso
lutely pure leather more flexible
and will wear longer than any other
tannago in the world. The sales
have more than doubled the pi st four
years, which proves its superiority.
1S99 Sales,: $2,203,883.21
1902Sales: $5,024,3440.00
Drug BfUf.
German Imported
Perfumes, regular
39c. Extra AA
special **H*
Extra strength Sachet
Powder, standard
make, regular 26c pr
ounce, for this special
sale, Thurs- 4 O A
day at IwU
Shoes by mall,25 cent sextra.
Tllustrated Catalog of SPjJnB
and Snmnter styles fre o. W.I*.
POPfflUAS. Brockton. 3u
$4.75ethnidfoun $2.95
i i
* r

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