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Wilmot Signs Hanibn,:. Jtewntly'
With, the Chioago Team
:.**'{ National ieagiic^v.
Killers Perform Their Usual Stun*
at MilwaukeeHit Well, but
r Can't Score,
Manager Wilmot dashed tnadly down to
Chicago, where there, was. a first baseman
named Hanlon, unattached and unincum
bered. When he started ."back, to:Millwau
See he took Hanlon with ttlro, and In,the
manager's pocket was a contract with'the
California's. signature attached.
Hanlon was released Saturday by the
Chicago National league'teamr Last year
he played in the California league He-is.
a star fielder but only a fair hitter. Mc
Crery will be shifted to center field upon
the advent of the new man, and Lappert,
whose work has been decidedly oft color,
will be benched. It Is quite possible that
Lippert may get his walking papers..
A new feature has been added to the
program for the opening game at Nicollet
park Friday. Rev. G. L.. Morrill of the
People's church has consented to make a
brief address before the mayor tosses the
first ball.
In the absence of Wilmot, Dan Lally
made his debut as a manage* yesterday
at Milwaukee. He did as weir as Wilmot,
That is to say, Minneapolis lost the game.
The result may be attributed to luck or
poor base running, according to the viewr
point of the critic. In the fourth inning
three hits, a sacrifice and an. error by
Schaney only netted the millers one run.
In the sixth, four men got on the sacks,
but none of them scored, and in the sev
enth the same thing happened. Sporer
pitched good ball, and got excellent sup
port, but the inability of the millers to
score made the game one-sided. Willie
McGill was hit freely. The score:
rtayle ss -
Tlonohti* lb .
Punleavy If.
Puugan . rf..
Sehafley 2b.
I'nglaub 3b
Wood r .. .
Peer cf .. .
McGill p ..
Totals ...9 27 11 3 Totals .
Milwaukee 1 0 0 0 0 * -0 0 .-5
Minneapolis 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 01
Earned runs. Milwaukee 4 two-base hits, Pun
leavy. Wood, Sporer, Yaeger stalen base, Dun
leavy: bases on balls, off-McGill 1, off Sporer o
struck out. bv McGill 4. by, Sporer 4 double
plav, Schlafley to Donahue socrinVe hits, Dun
gan. Sohlafley, Oyler. Mclntyre left on bases.
Milwaukee 4, Minneapolis 10 umpires, Moren and
Cunningham time, 1:30 attendance, aoo.
Kansas City trieTlhree pitchers yes
terday all of whom were easy for St.
Paul. Geier and Schaeffer distinguished
themselves in batting. Attendance, 1,000.
Kan. Cy.
Ganley cf. .
Maloney c..
Nance 2b...
Grady 1b...
Rothfuss rf
Knoll If ..,
Lewee ss..
M'A'd^ws 3b
Durham p. .
M'Donald p .
MG'ghey p..
---Totals ...Uc25 10 4
McDonald batted for McG*hghey\ .
c.Jackson and Pierce out, bit by bated ball.
Kansas City 0 0400120 07
St. Taul 1 6 4 0 3 1 2 0 118
Earned .runs, Kansa City 3, St. Paul 11 two
base hits. "Nance 3, Knoll. Geler, - Schaefer, Jack
son thrpe base hits, Geler. McAndrews. Schae
fer honie runs, Schaefer, Jackson sacrifice hits,
Shannon, Jackson," Volz, Schaefer stolen bases,
Maloney. Knoll, Schaefer hit by pitcher,
McGatigbev: bases on balls, off Durham 1,
off McGanghey 2 off Volfc 5 wild, pitch, Volz
struck out. by Volz 2, by Mc'Gaughey. 3 , double
play. Shannon to Schaefer "to Pierce left
hasps* Kansas CJty 8,
Umpire, Mullane,
Indpls.. h
Rogrlever rf.2
Fox 2b . .
Jones, If .
Klhm l b
Coulter cf
O'Brien s s
Tamset 3b
Hpydon c
Newlin p .
a. e.
2 3
0 0
Kerwin rf .
Odwell cf .
Sulliran 3b.
Schrirer c ,
.' -
White lb . .
Clymer If ,
Srn'aub ss
Martin ss .,
Chllds 2b .
Felix p
pitched ball. Schrlv^rr'left 'on bases.- Louisville 6.
h. 3
Totals ...1 6 27 13 2 Totals ...14 27 18 8
Louisville 4 2 0 1 0 1 1 113
Toledo ....2 0 0 ' 0 O 0 0 3 05
Earned run9. Louisville 8. Toledo 2 two-base
hit. Ker'win: three-base. hits. OdwcIJ. Flournoy:
stolen bases. Martin 2. Connors double plays,
Schaub, Childs and White, Chllds' and White.
Martin. Childs and White, Blankensbin. Owens
ahd Connors, Owens and Connnors: sacrifice hits,
Kerwin, Odwell, .Schaub. Felix ba,ses on balls,
off Felix 2. off Cogswell. 2, off Mock 1 'struck
out. by Felix 1. by Cogswell l,"by Mock 1: hit by
Mpls.-*- h.
McCrery cf. 1
2 1
o 0
1 1 0
Mppert rf . 2
Yaeger e . . 3
Lally If-.. . 2
Oyler ss .. 1
Mclntyre 3b 0
t 0 3
0 1
0 s
.1 3
.0 12
.1 1
.0 1
.0 0
.0 3-
.1 0
* Bailey out on bunt strike.
Indianapolis 1 1 1 O 0_ 0 O 1 *4
Columbus ....0 2 Q O O.*.0 1 O O3
i Earned runs, Indianapolis 2,, Columbus 1
bases on balls, by Newlin 5 struck out, by
Xewlin 3, by Bailey 3 hit by pitched ball, by
Newlin, Arndt two-base hits, Hogriever, Fox,
Arjidt sacrifice hits. Hogriever, Fox 2, Mellor
double ilaya Fox to' K,ihm. - Heydon to Fox,
Hey don to O'Brien stolen bases. Klhm, Wil
liams: left on bases, Indianapolis 9, Columbus 5.
Umpire, Haskell. Time, 1J30-
Paul 6i- Time, 1:4Q.
0 0
Colum's h
Hart cf 1
Bridewell ss.O
Williams lf. l
Raymer 2b.. 1
Mellor lb
Turner 3b
Arudt rf.
Roach c
Bailey p
6*26 18 0
3 5
3 4 4
2 2 0 o 0
2 0
e r lb1 .
Sporer p .-. 1
0 2 2 2 0
0 1 I t 0
0 0
1 1
2 2 1 o 0 0 0
v 1 0 24 15 1
St. Paul, h
Shannon' cf. 3
Jackson rf.. 2
Geler If .... 5
Schaefer ss 4
Wheeler 3b 0
Hugglns 2b. 3
Pierce lb.. 1
Sullivan e..- -2
0 0 0 0 0
Vola p ' O
2 0
u 0
a. e.
. t
. 3
. 1
! t
. 1
F: - passed ball,
' Milwaukee .
Kansas City
Columbus ..
St. Paul .. .
Louisville . .
Toledo Minneapolis
Relating cf.
Blank'ip ss .
Flotirnoy. If.
Owens 2b . . -
Alth'ser 3b.
Flanagan rf.
Connors, lb..
Kleinow.c.. Cogswell' p.
Mock p ....
Kleinow time, 2 hours
...... 7
.. , 6
Minneapolis at Milwaukee.*
St. Paul at Kansas City. .
Louisville at Toledo.
Columbus at Intflananolig.
.. Because you haye wo?a woolen or
cotton underwear all your life, Js no
argument that tbey are good.
Maybe yon have ibeen subject to
colds, catarrb and rbevLmatiam &U
your lifeare they good?
The JDr Deimel Underwear .of
Linen-Mesh may Seem like a big
change f er youbut it is a change
for the better ^and^c^n^ot be made
too soon. '\ . f - V*
V,-r -r Booklet te!!mp all about tium
4^S and tht garments ntM-M ^*rf._ vJi
...... .
p- 2
0 2 1
2 0
8 0 6
0 0
0 0
1 0
. 0
. 0
2 2
.0 11
.1' 0
.1 3
.2 4
.0 0
Totals... .7 24 12 3
1 .
2 3
3 3
' 4 -
8 '
3 2
'"' 0
2 0
2 0
2 3
3 1
1 0
6 .0
7 0 .
20 27 S 4
At Brooklyn R. H. E.
Brooklyn 0 0 0 0 0 0 1102 8 1
Boston 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 C 0-4 8 0
BatteriesEvans and Jackslitch Pittinger and
At New York B .
Philadelphia 1002003 1. 0 1
New York 5 0004102 12
BatteriesMcFetridge and Zimmer Taylor,
Cronin, McGinity and Bresnaban.
At Cincinnati R. H. B.
Cincinnati O O O O O.S 6 O *9 11 3
Chicago 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 14 S 2
BatteriesEwlng and Kling Lundgren and
At. St. Louis . R. H. E.
St. Jjoxxin 0 1 0 0 0 3 0 0 *4 7 0
Pittsburg 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 12 5 3
BatteriesMcFarland ami Weaver Doheny and
New York 9 T
Pittsburg 11 7
Chicago 10 6
Boston 11 6
St. Louis 11 6
Brooklyn 9 4
Philadelphia 11 3
Cincinnati 10 2
Boston ". 1 1 0 4 0 3 2 0 011 11 ^ 2
BatteriesLee. Clark, Drill and Tow|$edV
Young and Chance. . '{*&::
At' Philadelphia ." " - }
h.. p.
2 . 0
*0g^%* "#r" '
Boston at Brooklyn.
Philadelphia at New York.
Chicago at Cincinnati.
Pittsburg at St. Louis.
At Detroit - 7 - _ J- B^H^E
Detroit 0 0 1 0 2 1 6 V 04 * 8"*S
Chicago 1 0 0 0 2 0 2 0 1-6 10 1
BatteriesKitson and Buelow Patterson and
At Washington - { R
Washington ......0000040004
New York 1 0-2 0 0 0$*0 -fcv--' 5
Philadelphia .:... .0 1 4-1 0 0 1 0 *^7 - s7 . .0
BatteriesHowell, Wolfe and O*CSonxter^'W**-'^
dell'and Schreckengost.
At,Gleveland ,.-- / ^
Cleveland 0 311010 6 *6 IS 6
St. Louis 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 03 11 1
BatteriesJoss and Bemis Fowell and Ka
hoe". ". ..
Played. Won.- Lost*.:
Detroit Philadelphia Chicago Washington
Boston New, York .
St. -fco'ul*
Cleveland ..
.714 .667 .571
.'500 .500 .286
Chicago at Detroit.
'St.-Louis at Cleveland.
Boston at Washington.
New. York at Philadelphia.
game. " \ " . ".', -'\'
- IOWA DEFEATS DRAKE.** -tl^' :'}\
Iowa university defeated the Drake baseball
team at Des Moines, yesterday, by a, score of.'S^
to 0.' Vos. who pitched for Iowa," proved a
puzalCivto Drake. Towa' plajed an' errdrless"
Peqria 14,
MHwaukei'5, Colorado.!iprings
"Katwas' City 3.', r .- '0: *
St. Joseph 1. , if' . .- &^S.l
12,,Denver 3." ^**
,\:, ^ITH
The BajftieloM-woaicl Mis t^'ltra^e^S"-^'
for - Sunday '-witto., fomf jtast* teara :hi, 6%-out-', etf-,
the city. Addregs Frank ,Roofi,slJ)27r"*Sixthv:e-'r
nue 'N. , ',-. ' ., '., - ' \
The Mengelk'och &'?Steffes'"te'ani 'defea:tedl/the
Pvs: score. IT to 3. ' Zimmers batting was the
feature. BatteriesGy Heller.and ^Urke La
Palme and?Anderson'../-.- '-^. .i ,- . - -
The G. E. Woeblers defeated^ the-J.M. Oli
vers" by the score of. 17 to 3. The winners TFJSIH
games with any: 13=year-old Jeamffn the~ci^.
Address William^Gran, 2211 Upton avenue-N.
The Minneapolis Steel- and' Machinery com
pany's baseball
They would like to meet all teams' in. the twin
cities that play- Saturday afternoons: . Call New
gard Main 1941. . ^ - / . ,rv- -,, ' .f .-y
: .Tb e International0 Stoc k Fi)oa^'t^lam.f, will- ' pla
the Flour-Cities Sunday, aV2J30, * t Twenty^
tenvctti tct and. 'Kteeteetttla.- a-etie Si" *, -iBait.-
teriesI. .'S. F.,, Kerstenv ana-McD^ald ,- Flour
Cities, Carney ana:Tdwn'Bend.i . -j,.'
The Barnaby team, has reorganized, with the
following, players . ' Bbran','. crt. Donaber," p.
Stpffel, ss. Smith, lb.r.Whitcomb^ ,2b,^ Glynn,
3b. Ballargan.Jf." T&e' team challenges any,
12-year-old nine'in the city. Address.Thomas
Ry:aiu.H12 Thilff streets, or c^U 410, either
phone*... ,...' . ' ^ - . ' .
Jhe North Star ball players will meet a team
from the Chamber ot Coaun^ree at S^'p-'mi Sat
urday, pa'the Hryn,Mawr grounds, t Tbe cbam
bef-teamla a strongrlcne and tbe^tai-s arejafter
tbem hard! The North Stars* ^rililiffe tip as^
follows! ..Flaherty^ jC.' ^Hart,. p. ,Coskran. .lb. :
McCormick, 2b. Mattsou. ss. , Hein. 3b.' 'Camp
bell, If. Ryan,- cf. Wlrtensohn, rf. AH com
mercial team managers who wish games for Sat
urday afternoons address Oscar Wlrtensohn.
"Won. I Played.
: p^ A?aTEU^S|^
team Is .organised for the se'aeoh.-
H. E.
15 2
14 2
s:' "
j5J * H,
'E'H -E
Members of America's Cup Yacht
Syndicate Are Prominent in
Financial World.
Reliance Is Formally Turned Over
to Oliver Iselin by the
' ' - i Herreshoffs. : '
.778 .636
.545 .545 .444 .273 .200
Miich surprise was expressed inysxiht-.
ing as well as financial circles yesterday
when the personnel of the America's cup
yacht syndicate was. made putilic. Th e
men are more prominent in railroaagand
financial circles than in yachting.
The syndicate is composed
Hill, Clement A. Griscom, Elbert H. Gary,
William B. Ueeds, Norman B. Ijteam, Wil
laim Rockefeller^ Cornelius Vanderbiit
and Henry -Walters. - C, Oliver- Iselin will
represent the syndicate. ... -
It.-was expected that the .'cup d%fender .
would formally go' into: commission, after Nichols
being turned oyer by her builders to the] S^A
syndicate, but the workmen did.not finish |. ..
piitting the final touches, on the boat, and
the yacht' was - towed' tb "Newport about
sunset, ' ' **"--.' "' s- -
The Reliance, however, was-delivered to
the syndicate'during the'day," and it Is
expected that Mr. Iselin will hoist His pri
vate signal on her off Newport- to-day. .
The principal work on the boat yester
day was the fixing of her mainsail, and by
hauling out the head of the sail'consider-'
able fullness was gained at the luff. Sev-_
eral of ttie battons
H "
9 1
shortened arid then.the sail was hoisted.
It set considerably better than on Sunday,
much of the slack along the leach having
been taken up. The.club, topsail^whloh
was usedon Saturday and which is one''of
the small .ones*, was also set iot. a,, few
minutes. Mr. Herresboff and Mr /iseHfe
went on board anff made careful insi^8tlAt.
.of both sails, after which th*ey',wer.e^ldw4-:
ered and .the * mainsail furled ann cohered:,
By this' time-it was. well- along.'^t^wa^d'
night, arid Xh& Wind being ahead arid
Somewhat-light," it was decided tq^liave
the Reliance towed to 'Newport '.byj tlie
Sunbeam., . Before the tender^rleft, .'several
^^isails and
^ - IpTt and.at-6 oJ
were^carried' frpnai'the
tile Reliance, and the ]twqv
idown'the'bay.-. , '[.- - . ... r*'-"A.'
British, yachtsmen .are mucli-dnjerested
iritHe published! report-from" the ^Unit^d"
States that -Ratsey and--vXapthbrhv the
^English sailmakers, "who have an1"
Jlshm'ent, at'City-, island New '-York,'." have
been J given orders for sails for Reliance,
Constitution and' Columbia.', -. '-"'..". ',
"The British yachtsmen are dist.urto56d"^y'
the "fact that Reliance went, out for V trial
spin on Sunday. ' The Evening: News says
,"it-,trusts none-of. the international J r^ces
will be fixed for a Sunday, or Sir Thomas
Lipton may lose ^by^fepling compelled to
: -' - -
scratch." -/'- ^/T'b^'"?-*. ^?.{vvXS?t3' -
., The report that the schooner yaehVjBas^*
ca,.recently ,the v -v/ -j
yachtsman, has been sold, to an Amertcan^
is.'confirmed. The I^sca,%hicllwdiit,thei::
kalsef*s cup -in - the rjpee- from." tbV'e^ .io
Heligoland, in
4 :
States'shortly: -
. ,", .- _ /^A-'i
\r!^'^-'^-zr. - ' . ' '*r~: : *^T-^i '
t,^s^. ,,^h
Last night was ladies' night at the Minneapo
lis Whist Club. Mr. Gulwitz and Mrs. Luther
won high score-with north and south* with ' four,
"tricks plus. Mr. Harris -and. Mrs/, Higher wdn'1
liigli.scoTe eaat and west cwlthT-tiiree^^rt^to^phrB..'
Nortfi ^and Soirtlii-Mr. arid "Mrs." P.aui
Mr. Gftiiwitz and Mrs. Lutlier. 164 Mr. and Mi-s.
Pike, 162 . Mr. and Mrs. .Sprague, 15f Mr. and
Mrs. Gage, 157*. Mr. .Johnston and Miss .Burton
1ST', .average." 159-1-3... . . . ' -.-'._-.- f -
ast anffl West-r-Mr. Higbee. and, Mrs.' Hortoin.
tm -Mr. Harris" and Mrs.' Higbee, 15(5* Mr.-'ajiol *-j,rtt_-'i !,*-, K^^ , , . .
Mrs. Sackett, 152: Mr. and Mrs. Gndewiri^l5j2 fl300-rAn eight-room house, 2938-aiInnehaha
Mr. arid Mr* Wellington,' 152: Miss- Oaborne
Mrs. Neil,: 158 Terag-e,:152 2-3,?.. ^.i, ' .:
- " '---*- 'pgiOOP-Fortr-foot .lot- Chteago' av.'iust -inside
of. Lake st.- AU,Jti-e?t'-improvements paid
The JSrst team, golf contest-betwefri':',theiold'
rivals," the Minikahda and the To'^ii'arid Country
Clubs, will be held May, 23, on the Town and
Country dub links. Minikahda played horse
with . the !^t. Paul -men last .year. and. w.111 ti-y
to duplicate last season's:record this year.' The
Town suid- Ipountry Clul* win hold! two nandl-i
cap medal p|yr contests,'May'fl" and l&te^boos ej f
were taken .ou t arid
line-wasout aent'aboar d
19J02-, will.salt' for'thep=Unit^-d
boats profejSeded
a ^G^cnii^n
t$$mg&i -
Champions Take Acmes Into Gamp
J in All Three GamesSalland-
... er's High. Score.
James J.
It was* easy sailing
last night's
champions wSre in- good - form, going well
over the 900 riig,rjk in every game and
malting a tofel of "2,838. ' The Acmes
bowled up to "their usual* form, but not
beyond it. -Sallander got high .score with
224 and high average with 218 1-3. The
Turner bowler evidently has his eye ontowns
the individual higb average prize. Last
night's score puts him 'nearly on
terms with .Woolley and Sandblom.
- - TUKNEIt. .
-* . ' ' First ^econ(f
Game. Game.
Buehler 171 171
' To-night's game
league will. be betWe"en the Tuxedo and
Chamber of Commerce teams at the Co
operative alleys.
McNaught Kuge ....
Tuxedo 7*5 60
Tasmo , 75 54
Buffalo .'...J 78 - 36
Olyrapla 75 . 30
Acme v 75 , 28
Chamber, of. Com 72 13
City Salesmen 72 11
A "Mull Grape '"Tonic" window at
Voegeli Bros.', Iru Go. is attracting
much attention this week. .
the- Turners i
with th Acmes . Thn e
208 ,
Elltptfc y.
Ideal / '.J. .:.
w -
"-' ' ' Played. Won .
Third Game. Axerage.
190 177 1-3
177 179 2-3
186 185 2-3
isi :.'
22-t " "
18 21:!
051 931
First" Second
Game. Game.
204" 1SI
131-j'i 144
iaj'--= 177
tst ? let
196 , '*- '204
841 867
76:-. 68
370 183
21S 218 1-3
Third Game. Average.
185 190
. 157 - 144
" 181 162 1-3
-159 167
198 . 190 1-3
880 * '
Logt. T.0
5 .
47 59 61
ln the Minneapolis
I S company ad-'
ded to its list of
^subscribers in Minne
vtapoli^ and St. Paul
^lasr yeary,3i4 nev*
telephones, making in
&* Can you afford to-
^\be:without this service?.
gfe^IC8AHf iE CO .
t^t 508 Bank f Commerce. ^ t
#1800108x150 feet,..south and east front,
" comer,''one'of tfie best in"Lake of,-,the Isles
- . addition -lies high40-fobt , overlooking the'lake.
".*_ 3s25t4i'-6t'S. -Fine residences on each side of
?_" Uis-, lot. ' - -r.-~V%- ' " - - - - i
fSOChr^'st 'ront,,' ip-twt, Emerson.av S and
. v 27w's" allstreitlinpeofements.iH. 't
and-.$?* )-
Motor av east.fijoalt^. 40-foot, lot* "city water
1'.. l,a,n"ft,itoBe Vallc.... .Easy teems...
!*T near new Iron r*r&rks^ This belongs to
-s^^an.jestateJand,nuist'he'ysold.,y BasyJerms.
1 for ' " - ' "' - - - . ' -
W e are
nice.s^yen-room ^.cottage, 3040
-----9?^-Park- av.^nfch-\^e-can sell -at a low
'pilise Aad^bn'i^ksy tijoasf. 'Thfs'wIU Be
finished in oak, with hardwood floors, fall
nickel-plated plumbing, furnace, storm sash,
screens, etc. AH ready to.occupy. Look
at it and see me foi- price and terms, .
Wenav a number ojf f urntphedicottages, at Lake
finishing. a new.-eight-room house,
two cities about
trontv lot, CoVfax av and
Mlunetontea (*. $7S to 8160 for the season.
$1500 $15002700t
tf^AAAA2304.6 25th ave So,, double house, four families,
^pW"w city water and sewer. Now rented for orer 10
per cent gross.
4fc f |Tfltfl2733 2d stNo., gocul house and barn, city water.
W"WwM stone sidewalk. *-:**- - -:-?.V- ^M-]yk
paid .for, :- :
$3000 fine and in a good locality.. ,/ . *.'-'^.' \l'
^QA||AEach, for^2106 or .2103 14th Ave, So., all thor-
5^^mP^FmP bup Tily moderii except heat, hardwwd finish
first floor, rents for 12 per cent on purchase price.
are always well rented, and my books show they have not been
vasant a day for five years. i, - . ' -,V /. ._.-
^^fi^lStf^tf^For a first-class up-to-date all '.modern .honae
V^O W with nine rooms and bath, large lot, good barn,
all in .first-class condition all improvements in and paid for and
the house is complete in every respett.. -
ANY O F of the above .properties can be purchased on
easy terms and a low rate of-interest on deferred payments.
| HAVE several fiat buildings in the city that I can sell on a
basis of 10 per cent net income and am willing to show my books
to any one meaning business, to convince them of the irieome of
the property and cost of maintenance. Everyone fcnows ihat flat
property is the most desirable in the city from an investment
standpoint and the demand is constantly, on the increase. I have
a very fine corner, 110 feet on Nicollet, inside ot 12th Street, that
I can sell at a bargain. This property will be, worth in five years
50 per cent more than it can be purchased for to-day. One has
only to look at the rapid strides being made in improvements on
Nitollet Avenue, to be oonvinwpd of t&^ ,. ,-:i}.
.'" - LOOK A T the corned of 5th St. and 5th Ave. So., two full
lotsilOby 165 fi, for $20,000.
OAK PARK properties have been selling very rapidly this
Spring. I have two or three, properties left for $3500 each and
one for $4000 that I will guarantee cannot be .duplicated for
twice.the.money. . . _ . ....
I F YOU want a snap in a flat building on the North Side
eome in and.see me. I have a.building-that must be sold and we
will sell it on a basis of 10% net on tbe income value. .
We Offer a Present of An 85-ft. East Front Lot
" on Pleasant Ave. at 22d St. - -
To the man who lias the business acumen to purchase the modern eleven-room
home built on .this lot at the bargain price of |6,375. You could not build this
home to-day for the entire price, therefore if you .-purchase you practically, re-
ceive a present of this lot. . . , - "'
YALE REALT Y lOHPANY, ""' *- ""ndina.
Devils Lake, N. ft., will be added to the Great
Northern racing circuit, whiclj will comprise, the
of Langdon, Park River, Larlmore, Grand
Forks. Crookston, Devils Lake, Cando and pos
sibly Bottineau and Mlnot. Several Devils Lake
gentlemen have organized an association in that
city and grounds have been secured. Work'
on grading: and inclosing: the tracte will Tse oegvin
at once, and everything will be in readiness for
the three day's meet, July 7, 8 and P. ' The
'formation of the circuit will insure the .best
horses iu the northwest being sent to North Da
kota, as there will be fully a month of racing.
The gentlemen's doubles in the covered lawn
tennis championship gatnes. at London,. JHptf
day, resulted in the Doherty brothers claiming,
the championship, defeating Casealt and "Hill
yard by 3 to 0l - - - "' :
T6m Sharkey won his wrestling match With P..
C. Quinn, at Hartford, last night. Quihn won
the Graeeo-Roman bout in 18:35 and Sharkey
won the "catcta-as-catcn-eaix in" 4:10. Sbarkey se-
.872 .800
.400 .375
.181 .153
David C. Ball,
#IACfl-No. 24101 30th sr. S 7-room house
vIVeTV on east front lot. 2ixWi. stone
walk. It's cheap. . "
*|^|f|||NQ. 2510 4th st N large residence
9 1 IIIV of 12 rooms -also bar* rents for
$12 per month lot 43x157 city water and atone
walk. .
A A f A ANo. 552 th av. X. and No. 611
WW fUV Hoag av two houses on large
south and east front corner lot, 64x150 all im
provements in street within easy walking dis
tance. . -,-r
A|Of! ANo-
WlOIIU trlty watsr also small barn east
front corner lot. 40x128 sewer, water, gas ana
stone walk in street and paid tor. It's a bargain..
ftll AA-^No- 2213 7th St. 8., bouse of srooms,
$11 (III renting for $15 per month. This ft
bargain. . Look It up. .-'..,".
AiAAA^-Na 740 E. 38th st-, rents for $12
vl'CIIU per month. I9ttmust he sold south
front. . ". . -
0fO A ANo
91C INI rooms, renting for $l%80-peN r month.
South front, lot 40x80, stone walk,
OllcOU story double store building, renting
for $12 per month, south front lot 47*ixtoq, all
Jmproveinents-ln street and paid for.'
# 1 AAA^Wi'E.'Lakt st.,
WlDUU city water, also barn rents for S17
per month, 'large sonth front lot 52x127, city
water and stone walk.
av. bet 22d and 24th sts.1'
40x128 city water.
Call for our Catalogue of Real Estate Bargains.
Look at 1518 Twentieth Avenue North.
This two story brick building with store on ground floor and six living rooms
above can-be purchased for an amoutit 'on. which the present rental ($300 per
year) will pay an income of 15 percent. If ypu want a payin:g Investment or a
location for your business with living rooms above will miss a. fine opportu-
nity If you don't investigate this. ' J^f~F9"''.*/-'":,Vyou
YftLE ftHLLTY C0&HY, f Commerce Building.
Will taKotffre best attd ch&a^est fot^n
near 33rd'street faclng^Wke^lhomftg^^^1
42x130 Witjh city water-andIstoneKft^prm^he-
yjou are'looking for. we have aydoze^/6the #i. this^addition ranging in price
._-^ -'-''--vWrybu-mfk . .
from this up to $1,300 and canoffe bargsHna -oh^eVeryaveriue"i. n the "addition........
1911 E. JWkJin
housew .,.-,, . :
13th *venu South, Urge corner iot, east
fron -^v'4-'-.,.
-3043 Lyndale Ate South, twe-story,house, city
water, ^ewer, stone sidewalk, everything in. and
3036 Lyadale Ave, $o good tifoTstory house,
with water and sewer, large east front lot, lays
Walttr A. Egglaston,
3102 Stevens av s-room house ,
.. Sec'y. .
st house of 8
house of 8" rooms.
' - \ '- ' -''
lected cateh-as-cflteh-can for the last bout and
threw Quinn with a half-Nelson in 7:80. M. J.
i)wyer lost -his match with Oscar Johnson of
- Cfl
- CwU large'double south and east front
corner lot, 110x124.
~AtO A AHeasant av. between 24th and 25th
Is*U V sts fine, high east front lot, 46x129
Sewer, water, gas and atone walk. - , ,,..
t(Af|flFromon ave. 8. between 23d and
9laT UU 24th sts. high lot, 40x128 a fine
location. ._....,,
- t C AGrand av. corner 32d st. south and
# 9 y aj west front lot, 45x124 stone walk on
both sides city water and gas in front
- OOCWooded lot on N. 3d st. between
9 9 .29th and 30tb.avs very large lot,
55x165. It's a snap.
#AAAWashington av N,between 28th and
9DUII 30thavs east front, lot 41x165 . all
Improvements in street - - - -
#J A ADupont av N. between Western and
9UU 4th avs. large piece of east front
An interstate' shoot under the auspices of the
Paducah Gun Club began yesterday at Paducal*
N. Y. The best score wfts made by Fred Gil
bert, of Spirit Lake, who broke sixty-eight tar
sets out of a total of seventy In the largest
,-:::, For Infants and Children.
file Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
' ^' '.,. '*.
: These houses
Jamas B. Sutherland,
. - Treas.
V # 9II and e^st front lot, 40xi40 stone walk
aid city water.
0 a f C^-*7th av. NE, betweennCentral av and
mL 19. Folkst lot44X92.
round centaining nearly two lots $25,00 cash,
$5 per month without Interest
aiAP- Each for large double south and east
9 1 9 front corner on Washington st NE
and 22d av lots are 55x124 each25x72^4 .
9 1 9 Emerson av. N, between 6th and 8th
avs city water and walk.
f AAA-8th st NEK between 23d. and 24th
9 L Oil avs . large east front lot, 55x124..
Park Is on Humbolit
''o$y toe Ihjcey'' e
street. it this'Is'not Jiit what
corner Taylor st south
22d av very
for two lots , each, on
* ' ., /" * .%
There's where, one of these homes ought to \
Be. It's cheaper to buy. a liome already i
built than it is to build. .
Building material Is sky high and labor Is
higher. The time to hny a good hom
1 cheap is now. Listen and we will tell
yon about a few we haveteofTer '
HOW worar
TOE A KOHE! We haye an eight-room
house, on Portland av near 31st st, modern 42:
throughout., which we can sell at a price '
less.than $4,000. Probably $3,750 would,
buy it. . Lot 50x118. This would make *:
pleasant home on the most desirable a-venu*
in the city. at.a.very moderate price.
will purchase a fine eight-room
house, all modem, located on
Park av near 32d st. We have never
advertised this property before at less
than 93.5O0. That price was cheap but
this is cheaper. We are going to sell
that property to somebody. The lot Is
full size. The house has hardwood finish
downstairs. Has full basement and fur
nace. The house could not be built at the
present time for less than $4,000, throw
ing In the lot. Yon had better not pass
this opportunity of getting a modern
home at a cheap price.
We have a 10-room modern bouse located on.
Columbus av near '31st s t which we will
sell at a- sacrifice price. The property
has a steam heating plant, hardwood fin-'
lsb downstairs, mantel and grate in the
flovible parlors. Good barn, large enough
for two or three teams. If you are want
ing euch a place you had better buy it
before It is sold to other parties.
MEAA will purchase No. 1610 Queen
*) I wUU av N. Take notice of this
lot, 68x128 feet. House, eight rooms,
in good repair. One of the best construct
ed houses to be found, in North Mlnneap-.
oils for the money. Remember, you are
setting a double lot and a good eight
room house top $1,500 come in, and get
full particulars.
(ITflfl will buy an eight-room house in
0 I I U U fine condition, located on IStb
ar R, near 21st st. The house is rented
at $1S per month and there Is no reason
why we should be obliged to advertise ft
again at the above price. It should he
sold at the drop of the hat. At that price
it is a fine thing to buy for a home or
for an investment. Come in for further
particulars. We adrertised the place at
|l,800 and have not sold it. We there
fore lowered our price $100, intending to
make it sell at once.
A, vacant lot
If you intend buying one, it mast be good!
and good JT0W. .
Or hare a .mighty good prospect of being
good later. Bead one list of good ones.
YET, on Park av and 32d st 128 feet on
Park av. and lid. feet on 32d st. Three
lots. We are offered.$600 per lot. Don't
. let tbem go at that price.. Make us' a
bettor offer. You can afford to give $800
_ per lot for snch property as this" on one
ot the best avenues in. the city.
We have two- beautiful lots left on Third
ar S, -facing east, between 32d and 33d
sts.. ' The rest of the block is being finely
improved .with new and desirable buildings.
This consideration alone makes these lots
extremely desirable. The surroundings are
good... We wiJl sell them at a low price,
considering the nature of the property.
vOUUU locations on Hennepin ar 118
feet' on Hennepin ar, 132 feet n Ken-
- wood parkway and 104 feet- on Lyndale
av, opposite Central Park. Finest possi
ble location for fine fiats. If yon are look
ing for a lot for Immediate lmprovemerif.
V I VVVV Bites for fiat Traildings on
you cannot do better than to see ua t
once. This 3s the first time we ever ad
vertised this property At such a price, and
we ought never to be obliged to advertise
. it again. It should sell.
A A AAAA will buy one of the finest
Chicago av near 17th st. The property
4B 160 feet on Chicago ar and 180 feet on
17th st.. This price is low and the prop
erty is very desirable. From 40 to 60
flats could easily be erected on the prop
erty and have "plenty of room left for a
back yard. If you are thinking of im
proving, look' this up.
What You Want to Know
Many people make the mistake ot looking
over the towi for real estate bargains
without success. They spend car fare,
waste time and tire themselves out. If
you will come to us, -we vrtU - find you
what you want, .where you want It at the
price and -the terms. We absolutely
guarantee satisfaction in every .case.
Our business has been built up to such large
proportions by our systematic successful
methods of finding for the prospective
buyer of real estate exactly what he
-wants -in .quick time. . -
- 4 4 AAA-WXLI, lotr. N OT XXKDZ.-S
At the above price we will sell the northeast
. corner of 4th av S and" 10th st. The
improvements on the property are renting
for $100 per month. The lot Is 55 feet
on 10th st and 165
a boulevard from" 8:
which makes a total frontage of about 63
- feet on 10th st and 175 feet on 4th av.
'Something over $3,000 has recently been
~' expended on -the property, so that it is
now in first-class condition. No repairs
of any moment wiH be needed - for. the
next five years, and a constant income
-can be obtained of $1,200 per year- or
more. -The property, is so located that 1J
should improve materlaly in value within
the next fire years. At the end of that
time the lot is likely -to. be worth the
- . whole amount that you will now pay for
the property. Come in and let us give
- you further particulars.
fiEIAAA tor a double - brick.veneered
tPtJUUU house, located .on- Adams st
NE, near 11tb av. House modern
'throughout except heat.' Income on the
property is $600 per year. -The rents
could be materially raised so that it- would
produce more. . Lot 40x129 feet. - The
property was built a short time ago and
is.clean, and neat throughout. It presents
.a^flpe appearance and is desirable for ten
ants. It is a very desirable thing for aji
investor to look 'up. _ " *
have what you want or will find it.
Don't wait until next week come in BOW.
Moore Bros.
B Sawyer,
~"X. 3 f f NICOLLET AYE.'^
is Just dirt, bat iteosts
1 purchase oue of the finest
4th with
to 2 n width *
Think ' ftlfl
4 *

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