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^ind AU Taken Out of Its Sails
| ^ in the Roosevelt-Dewey
-"'"' Incident.
Admiral Dewey Was Not Criticized
& - at All, According to a Mil
t w
Special to The Journal.
. Milwaukee. April 29.A Milwaukee. Ger
man newspaper for some time past has
boasted that thru its influence with Pres
ident Roosevelt it secured the sending of
, a. telegram from the president to the sec
retary of the navy, "calling down" or
"roasting" Admiral Dewey for his re
ported disparaging remarks regarding the
German navy. It has also intimated that
the remarks made by the president at
Waukesha were intended for the hero of
Manila bay, and they were made at the
suggestion of the editors of the German
newspaper, one of whom followed the pres
ident from Chicago to Waukesha, and who
afterwards, with other editors of the pa
per, had a conference with the president
in this city.
A few days ago' the German paper al
leged that its. editors had been allowed
to see the telegram sent by the presi
dent to Secretary Moody "roasting"
Dewey. All of which would, if true, in
dicate that the Milwaukee Germain ed
itors were supported tacitly at least by
the president in the pan-German propa
ganda, a strong wing of which has it's
headquarters in this city.
' xBut now comes a man whose name ca'n
'not be used to-day, who is nearer to the
.president than any of the kaiser's friends
in Milwaukee, who says positively that
the president has never in any official
communication, condemned or criticised
Dewey, altho it is admitted that he has
advised officers of the army and navy to
be careful in their choice of language in
Senator John C. Spooner, -who was in
l^lwaukee yesterday, said that the presi
dent greatly desired to maintain peace
ful relations with all countries and in an
emphatic manner added: "Our foreign
policy is in the hands of the president,
and there is no imminent danger of em
barrassing complications."
The Leipsic Grenzboten Declares
waukee Story. *':
Brazil to B e the "India
g, of Germany."
Berlin. April 29.One of the most un
blushing avowcls of German intentions in
South America that has ever emanated
from a responsible source is published in
the current number of the Grenzboten, a
Lieipsic weekly revfew of a semi-official
character, established recently for the ex
clusive publication of the Kaiser's - re
ligious manifestatos. The article pictures
Brazil as the future German India, urging
that inasmuch as Asia is daily becoming
more Russian and Africa more English,
the Germans must not be shut out from
the remaining ungrabbed section of the
Capitalists and colonizing syndicates are
advised not to spread their strength all
over South America, but to concentrate it
in the three most southern states of Bra
zil, where Germans already own 8,000
square miles, comprise one-quarter of the
population and dominate tra.de, industry,
agriculture, transportation and local gov
ernment- :.t -. .
"Germany,* says the writer, "must pass
laws making emigration anywhere but to
Brazil a punishable offense. As soon as
South Brazil is brought within our sphere
of interests we can guarantee emigrants
undisturbed development."
Wisconsin and Georgetown Will
Meet at Washington.
Special to The Journal.
Madison, Wis., April 29.The University
of Wisconsin boys will meet students of
the University of Georgetown in debate
at Washington to-morrow night. The
question is, "Resolved. That compulsory
arbitration between capital and labor is
The Georgetown team has the affirma
tive and the Wisconsin trio the negative.
The Wisconsin debaters are Edward J.
B. Schubring of Madison. Arthur F. Beule
of Beaver Dam and William D. Buchholz
of Whitehall, Wis., all three being mem
bers of the senior class in the college of
Their opponents arc aso law students.
being members of the Georgetown law
school. The Georgetown team is com
posed of Leonard Erickson of Warren.
Minn., W. W. Bride of Washington and
J. F. Murphy of Lewiston. Me. The
judges are Senator J. W. Daniel of Vir
ginia, the controller of the treasury, R. j ,
Traceweil and former Solicitor General
New York Court Annuls Ceremony
Obtained by Fraud.
Albany, April 29.An important case
Involving the validity of marriages ob
tained by fraud has just been decided in
the court of appeals in the case of Greg
orio Dilorenzo, appellant, vs. Johanna
Dilorenzo. It appears that the parties had
been Hying together without marriage and
that after an absence of the man in Phil
adelphia for some months the woman
produced a child and. representing it as
her own born during his absence, she in
duced him to marry her. He subsequently
dis'covered that the child was not hers aftd
brought action for annulment on the
ground of fraud. A jury in New York
city where the parties lived, gave him the
verdict, and the marriage was ordered
annulled. The woman appealed, and the
judgment was reversed by the appellate
division. Then the court of appeals again
reversed, sustaining the order of annul
ment. -.'....
His Last Conscious Act Was to Sig
nal the Chicago Express.
St. Louis, April 29.Just before he be
came a gibbering maniac, D. S. Ranshaw,
telegraph operator at Poag. 111.', a little
station on the Wabash, turned on the red
light which stopped the fast Chicago ex
press and saved the train and all on
board from destruction.
Ran&haw was a good operator, but his
health failed. He became partially par
alyzed. Yesterday, on going to work, he
complained of pain in his head, but told
the day operator he could get thru th&
His control of his faculties gradually
became weaker and weaker. -He attended
to his duty mechanically, received and re
layed train orders solely thru the senses
arid without understanding what he was
doing, and finally, prompted by the in
stinct acquired by long years of rail-
^ road training, realized that he was going
, mad, and dm the one thing he could to
. e,ve the Chicago expressturned on the
big red light, which compelled-it to stop
a$ Poag.
VSTf you are nervous or dyspeptic try
i, garter's Little Nerve Pills..- Dyspepsia*
ftjahj^s yop nervous, and nervousness!
Wakes ^youvdy.spepti.cj. either one renders
you miserable, and" these little pills cure
both.. -^
V N "***.'
"Ajox" Black Taffetas
None "Just as Good" for the
money that "Ajax". Taffetas
sell for, not many that sell for
more are as reliable for wear, as fine
ly finished or as soft
19-inch, 69o. 6-inch, $1.35.
26-inch, $1. ' 54-lnch, $2.26.
i ' The largest legitimate sale of dress goods remnants qan come only thru having the largest dress goods business. The selling of
thousands and thousands of yards of dress goods nieans hundreds of remnantsthat is,inevitable. The quicker their selling the
greater the gain. So we say Half Price, and say it honestly and according to good business precepts.
-.:":". a^silk Place
Hal f Yearly
Sal e of
'-""- Every Yard is goodfdress goodsstylish, new and much wanted. . "'''Most remnants are of the kinds that sold bestthe
_ most fashionable weaves'and colors. There are waist patterns, skirt patterns and even many dress patterns. The goods are
some shirred, some made with panel effect, some tucked and stitched. Every skirt is perfectly tailored.
The savings will run like this-
$3.50 Skirts for $2.50. ' ' "
$4.00 Skirts for $3.00.
$4.50 Skirts for $3.25.
$5.00 Skirts for $3.50.
r These for Your
Shopping List*:
"Herald Square" and "Uzar"
Umbrellas, made of guaranteed
taffeta, women's size, black
also pure silk umbrellas in
navy, red, green and brown, all
with the be3t selected natural
handles, worth to $3.50 at
Both Phones 1185. Goodfellow Dry Goods Co., Seventh St. and Nicollet Ave.
All Remnant s at Hal f Price
Dress and
A Grand Collection of 450 Skirts.
It is our aim to advertise our
goods by, straightforward state
ments and to guard against de
ception of any kind. We will
gladly pay $1 to the first person
to report to our Mr. Loudon any
misrepresentation. ' '
V '
The Alexander Black Cloak and Suit Company,
of Toledo, Ohio, one of the best known firms
in the ountry for stylish, perfeet fitting and
dependable garments, closed oat to us this
Skirt s 1-4 to 1* 3 Of f
(In the Bright Basement Only.)
week their entire sample line of Late Spring
Skirts at a price that will enable us to sell
them at a fourth to a third off. It is one of
the best opportunities of the season and
should not be passed by any woman who will
need a skirt in the next three months, for
there are in the collection kinds that you will
look lor in. June and July.
Thera are walkiDg and dress skjrts of
cheviots, crashes, granite cloth, Scotch
mixtures, Venetians, Sicilians, novelty
weaves, imported veilings, voile*, home
spuns, every skirt fashioned in the latest
style. There are no two alike, aty the
goods have been sponged and shrunk and
every skirt has a belt of the self material.
Some are accordion pleated, some are
strapped, some trimmed with satin folds,
$8.50 Skirts for $3.75.
$5.75 Skirts for $4.00.
$6.00 Skirts for $4.25.
$6.50 Skirts for $4.75.
ta?** In the Bright Basement Only. ""Wb
Women's all linen, hemstitch
ed, J^-inch hems, with pretty
open work embroidered init
ials, soft finish, ready for use,
worth 12^c each, at 3 for 25c.
Dressing Combs of hard rub-
. her, 8 inches long also bone
combs with metal back, worth
to 20c, at 8c.
MINNEAPOLIS^OUBNAitt'^^^^^^ *^"^ APRIL-29, 1903. fe^a:
K- $ THE bAYLlttHT STfJRE. t? ? *%*^J^e
Silk Leaders of the Northwest. Now at Seventh and Nicollet
$7.00 Skirts'!or $5.00.
$7.50 Skirts for $5.25.
$10.00 Skirts for $7.00
$12.00 Skirts for $8.00.
All silk, satin and gros grain
Ribbons, 2*4 inches wide, a
-wide range of colors, sold reg
ularly at 25c a yard, at 12%c.
Men's and women's black silk
serge, on paragon frames steel
rod case and tassel, fine line of
plain natural, silver trimmed
and novelty handles, worth
$1.50, at $1.
Largest BreweryintlieWorld
A. D. GIANNINI, Manager Anheuser-Busch Branch, Minneapolis.
Da -Miracle "%Ztlof
The Only Method Indorsed by Physicians, Surgeons, Dermatologists
and Medical Journals.
De Miracle was evolved by m'uclkchemical experltnent and a thorough knowledge of the
productive conditions of the ..hair Mlicle. - - - ~- -
Heretofore this jremarkable preparation has. been offered to the medical fraternity excln-
sively, and discussed in medical publications which were not accessible to the general pub-
lic. Now, however,Jwe wish all to know more about it hence Our reason for presenting: De
Miracle through the^ay press. _ - - ^ . -. ..'. , . , - '- . '
Sent sealed oa receipt of $1. Tour mon*y back if it fail* to do all that i claimed for- it.
Send for FREE booklet and indorsements (sealed) to DE MIRACLE CHEMICAL CO.,
1905 Park av. New jifork, N. Y.
8^000 Barrels sold in 1865.
18,000 Barrels sold in 1870.
131,035 Barrels sold in 1880.
702,075 Barrels sold in 189a
939,768 Barrels sold in 1900.
1,109,315 Barrels sold in 1902.
Orders promptly iilled by
For Sale by . H. WEINHOLD, 528 MiopUot AVB.
Marked at the Regular Selling Prices You Cut the Prices in Two.
Goods that were 50c a yard are 25o.
Goods that were 75c a yard are 37^?C.
Goods that were $1.00 a yard are 50c.
Goods that Were $1.25 a yard are 025%C.
Goods that were $1,50 a yard are 75c
, Broadcloths
Unfinished Worsteds
Danish Cloth
Drap d'Ete
Crepe Egyptas
iiuiMMiiiiinMiiiin*Miiitiiiu* i
None better.
None more stylish.
None simpler.
None more eebnom
.leal. ' ^'",.. . .
None lower priced
10c and 16c.
Bead Chains-
Long chains of real coral, black
\ bead chains, plain and fancy
- carved, linked with wire, all 54
inches long, sold to $1.00 and
$1.25, at 76c.
Misses' Underwear^-
,. Swiss ribbed Vests and Pants,
Thewonderful progress
of this Association is
shown by the following
table of sales:
And West Hotel Drue Store, Fifth and Hennepin.
white and ecru vests, high
, neck, long or half sleeves ,
pants, knee or ankle length, .all-'
sizes, at, each, 25c
gySecond Floor.
Stores Carry - fmllaad eom
!!- of f ol
special*!**. We aell
urge qttantttte and
Some of the Weaves Are:
Far Storage
Do not give the moth a chance
Send your furs here at once.
'We insure them against loss or
damage of any kindit's all
our risk, not yours when they
. are onceuere.
. .'_ ''', . us they are safe," "V '
Mohairs :
Cheviots Zibelines j Jyt Price
Coverts Melrose
Twine Cloths
Henriettas Prunellas
Jacquarfls Etamines
Women's Underwear, All Bargains
If You Will Buy Now for a Sure Later Want you may
furs art with --
have advance bargains Thursday from our stocks of spring
,.. underwear and stockingsa number of smallish groups
that we closed out when w# bought the regular lines.
Vest and Tight* of white lisle
thread vests have high neck,
long sleeves tights, open, ankle
length, 50c values, at, each 35c.
Vestsof white lisle, richelieu
ribbed, low neck, no sleeves,
ribbed arm, taped neck, regu
lar 25c quality, at 19c.
VestsJersey ribbed, high neck,
long or half sleeves, the usual
39c quality, at 25c.
Union Suits of white lisle thread,
high neck, long sleeves, knee or
ankle lengthlo w neck, no
sleeves, tight knee or princess
style, lace trimmed Thursday
at 50c.
50 dozen Black Stockings, Hermsdorf dye, nigh spliced heels, double
soles and toes, fine gauge and firm, full 35c value, while this quantity
lasts, at per pair, 25c.
The whole purpose of this wonderful appliance is founded upon the fact that al!
good health comes from the electrical vitality in the body, and all pain, all ner-
vousness, all weakness, comes from the .absence ,of vit. Therefore, I renew the
supply, and. healthy gladness and vivacity, bubble forth like clear water from
a spring. Would you be strong? Would you be,happy? Then be one of th
: SOjOOO and, odd who are now, praising it.
/ Cure,
Sciatica, Lumbago, Indigestion, Neuralgia, Constipation, Dyspepsia, and all
troubles where new life can restore health.
to any weak roan." Sent free/ closely sealed. #5fe&$S-v
to any weak n
Office Hours8 a. m. to 5:30 p. m. Sunday, 10 to 1.'-" Monday, Wednesday and
* w f\ T - Saturday until S p. m.
Goods that were $1.75 a yaril are 87^0.
Goods that were $2.00 a yard are $1.00*
Goods that were $2.25 a yard are $1.12J4.
Goods that were $2.60 a yard are $1.25.
*vm m hi
Stockings, Too.
to stay cured,* Nervous Debility, Varicocele, Weakness
of Any Kind, whether In Nerve, Stomach, Heart, Liver
or Kidneys, Rheumatism, Pains In Back and Shoulders,
want you to call if you can and test it free. If you can't call
send for my to6lE, wh,lcn. - gives tuSV intorma.tion and is -wortl,a $10
Care of the Eyes
We do more thau just sell glasses
we make sure that the fit is
perfect and that the eyes have
the lenses they should have.
See us about your eyes there
is no charge for examination.
V Balcony
wool Fancies
Thibets Storm Serges
Serges Worsteds
Mixtures Brilliantines
Stockings of lisle thread, all black
with white soles or white heels and
toes black ingrain cotton stock
ings with white soles also hand
embroidered stockings in boot
patterns, a large and handsome
collection of extra fine values,
at 35c. 3 pairs for $1.00.
To be free from pain again! To
have peaceful sleep, to awake re
freshed and full of energy! To be
rid of the nervousness, the tremb
ling, the gloomy forebodings that
come from a debilitated system!
To be light-hearted and full of self
confidence! To eat and sleep as na
ture intended to get nourishment
from your food and enjoy the
strength a person of your age
should possess! To feel and know
you are healthy and strong! Such
is joyous health, the health which
renders life, with all its thorns and.
troubles, a play ground upon
which we may breathe the fresh
air and shout in joy. Such health
comes to those who drive away
disease and regain nature's glori
ous strength by wearing every
night. '
Dr. Mclaughlin's
Electric Bell
HI murium , #
fr&' '
304 Nicollet Avenue,
4^ Minneapolis, Minn.
wl-jtWfffWtt Tripf
Price Price
J %

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