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/ - ^
Board of Pardons Cuts Seven Years
f From the Minneapolis Man's
* Sentence. * ^
Three Others Convicted oi Taking
Lives Are Shown Mercy
Many Appeals Denied.
Mercv was extended by the state boai'd
of pardons yesterday to four men con
victed of taking human life In each case
it came as a commutation and not as a
full pardon
Louis Carnveau, the half breed, under
death sentence for shooting a bartender
at Knife Ehcr near Two Harbors will be
imprisoned for life The e\idence
showed that the murderet was crazed
with drink sold him by the victim, and
that he shot in the heat of a quarrel.
Reuben C Pickett sentenced from
Minneapolis for manslaughter m Decem
ber, 1901, received a cut of seven years
in his sentence, from twelve ear to five
years, which TV ill permit of his parole m
about a year Pickett's wife was burned
to death in her bath tub, after he had
made an ineffectual effort to rescue her,
and the jury did not believe his efforts
very earnest
Louis Sommers, sent up for life from
Dakota county in 1890, for the murder of
his sweetheart, was granted commutation
to thirty years This means his parole
In about two years
The sentence of Clarence J Croote, sent
up for twenty-four years, from Blue Earth
county in 1897, for murder in the first de
gree, was shortened to ten jears, mak
ing him eligible for parole
Other Fortunate Ones.
Several other pardons and commuta
tions were granted The sentence of John
Fritz, sent up from Hennepin county for
five years, Oct 3, 1901, for burglary, was
shortened to three years, and he can be
paroled at once.
Henry Lund, sent up from Hennepin
county tor forgery In 'February, 1902, -was
given a conditional pardon A similar
favor was given Fred Whittaker, sent
from Ramsey county in 1896 for seventeen
years for grand larceny Albert Green,
sent from St Louis county for perjury
last January, will go free on paying a fine
Of $50
Lyman W. Mowry, sentenced troty Mur
ray county last year for grand larceny m
the second degree, was given a full par
don. George Berty, given a seven year
sentence in St Louis county in 1900, for
forgery, was granted commutation to five
years, so that he can be paroled at once
Applications Denied.
The applications denied were as fol
W D Robertson Freeborn county June 7,
1899 sir years, forgery in the second degree,
and also grand larcenj in the second degiee,
John Carroll Jackson county, March 11 1899
pight years and a half robberj , L L Greenough
Mllle Lacs county April 11 1001 five years,
assault, John "Walter Moirison county April 27
1S94 sentenced for life for murder in tne first
degree, Henry M Patterson Hennepin countv
Dec 12 1901, five rears, grand larceny in the
second degree George Pettinger Freeborn coun
ty Dec 12 1902 imprisonment In the state re
formatorv to be terminated by the board of con
trol burglary in the third degree Otto Maager
Rrmsev county state prison on tne reformatory
plan forgery in the second degree, Nicholas
Kill Rarasej county, Norember, 1890 ]}fp im
prisonment murder in the first degiee, Stewart
W ebb Ramsev countv Feb 14 1902 ten years,
miin^laughter in the flist degree, Ole Severson,
^\ inona count} Sept SO 1898 life imprison
ment assault, Robert Belland Ramsey couutv,
June 23 1902 two years assault, George W
Iou\ St Louis counts Sept 6 1902 eight
months foigerr in the second degree W II
lidnklin Douglass county Sept 13, 1902, two
yeirs irliiltprr, James J &Lhh, St Louis
countr Nor 14 1901 fire vears grand larceny
in the second degree Bdwaid Tames Hennepin
counts March " 1903 six months buiglary in
the second degree and F B Schlafee Columbia
countv Feb 9 1903, ninety days in the county
jail assault
Louis Sundgron and wife to Fiank Crane and
wife lot IS block 2, Pennej & Barbei s sub
division $2 0r
Ossian K Dodge et al to John Diekow lot 24
block 1 Prospect Park third division $250
( harles Parson and wife to Sarah V Cha^e
lot 3 block S I ake of the Isles addition $.1 500
Harry T Aikln and wifp to '"art Lmie Matt
eon in section 10 township 118 range 22, $1450
He}en C Olmetead and husband to Margaret \
Thorp lot 13 block 18 Forest Heights $1 330
Philip R Hamilton and wife to Margaret A
Thorp, part of lot 53 block J7 Forest Heights,
$6 00O7
Clinton E Olmstead and wife to Philip R
Hamilton part of lot 53 block 17, Forest
Heights $800
Joseph Kokisli and wife to 3oVm K-rlr7an et
al lot 5, block 9 Hnncock A Rice'j addition
$1 325
Margaret E Sheehan and husband to Engebrit
EidsTald east one half of lot 1, block 200, Town
of Minneapolis $1 350
Halvor K Halvorson and wife to Calvin E
Smock et al lot 1 Stephen's addition $400
Albert Charles Bennett to William D Wash
burn Jr , in section 13 township 26 range
24, $625
Harriet B. C. Longfellow and husband to
George C Merrill, lot 19 block 2 Parker s ad
dition. $250
George C Merrill and wife to Levi Longfellow,
lots 11 and 13 block 79, West Minneapolis, sec
ond division $2V
Marie Jensen and husband to Levi Iongfellow,
lot 12 block 79, West Minneapolis second divis
ion $110
Helen E Gates and husband to Lafarette W
Heintzelman. pait of Jots 12 and 13 (block 1.
Water s addition $1 050
Otto J Moiawetz and wife to Joseph Work
man part of lots 14 and 15 block 14, J T
Blaisdell s Revised addition $2 500
John H Wagner and wife to Elizabeth Iiauer
lot 15 block 18 Vvashturn Park $K
Martha 9 Godfrey to Ellen Costello lot 7,
block 3. Harrison Street supplement *1 lOn
William H Herrick and wife to Maude Lind
sey, lot 5, block 2 Chenj Hill addition, $1 200
Ira D Bentlev and wife to Vaclav Nasinec
lot 5, block 17 Gale's subdivision $700
State of Minnesota to Minneapolis Brewing
company, part of lot 7 and subdivision Iso 34,
Jessie 0 Alden to Harry R Brown, lot 13,
block 4, Harrison's second addition, $1,000
Hans Christensen and wife to Lukas Dennis
lot 12, and subdivision of lot 5, etc , block 19,
( obb s additou $1,125
Chailes \ Bovev et al to Hilda A Laurent,
part of block 8 Nicollet island. $16 250
Engebret Gllberton and wife to George W
Terrtn and wife part of lots 12 and 13, block
7, Menage s supplement $1 100
Blanche M Haw kins to Swan Palmqnist
lot 14 Mock S6, Remington s second addition,
Washburn Minnesota Orphan Asylum to Annie
McM Met artin part of lot 9 block 14, Wash
burn Puik, $"5o
M J Pick to Channcev E Brown lots 11 and
12 block 1 Lincoln stieet supplement $.750
Maitua J Vverill and husband to Evnil Jung
' rjuist ct al . part of lots 3 and 4, block 3, Mer
riam & Sbau s addition, $390
t hirlotte C Hedderly to Swan J. Johnson
D S Pratt to August J Mayer, lot 18, block
10, Brown s subdivision $2 100
Nine n'inor deeds, $93
Total, 40 deeds, $53,013
J. *C Hubinger, 62 76 Twelfth, street, altera,
tlons and changes $1400
,Hariy Silden, 76-78 Western avenue, shop,
^S2 r 200
C W Herrick, 501 Third avenue NE, office
and warehouse, il,500
W H Baxter, 534 Humboldt avenue N, frame
dwelling. $1,600.
* M J Peppard, 2503-5 Third avenue S, two-
\6tory brick dwelling. $5,000.
F H Schuette, 2503 Penn avenue N, frame
dwelling, $1,200
I J Biter, 2621 Garfield avenue, frame dwell
ing, $2,700
" Chailes W. Chase, 342 Elliott avenue, frame
UP '*
$2,700r Thirtee n mino permits, $2,465.
r'i American Medical Association.
$34 00 for the round trip to New Orleans
via Chicago Great Western Railway.
Tickets on. sale May 1-4. Good to return
wlthm ten (10) days (or May 30, by pay
ment of 50 cents eitra). For further in
formation apply L C. Rains, General
Agent, corner Nicollet avenue and Fifth
street, Minneapolis. *w
1 ^
My friend, look here! you know, how
"weak and nervous your wife is, and you
know that Carter's Iron Pills will relieve
her, now why not be fair about it and buy
her & box?
Laces, Collars
Torchon Laces and Insertions,
)4 inch to 3 inches wide, O
yard O V
Lace Bands and Insertions, in
Cluny, Antique
in. to 6 in. wide1
Ladies' Washable Stock Collars
and embroidered effects, 25c to $1,
andd 10c to 59c
New Belts
Have you seen the NewKoyal?
It shows what the up-to-date belt
maker can do, not only to keep up
with style and even help it along,
but to give you solid improvements.
These belts are made of silk elastic,
taffeta and satin it fastens in front
with a clasp which has a ball and
ring to keep the belt from sagging
or opening. The back ornamenta
tion has an invisible skirt 4 O R
supporter. Each mmmm^M
Postilion Belts, made of C A A
taffeta and braid trimmingOUw
Postilion Belts, of plain AKp
Wh y the Garment Store Is Popular.
Ladies have never found the Garment Store such a pleasant and profitable place
to visit as now. Our authority for this is the word of those who have been here.
Ask them and they will tell you the reason. Their money goes farther, they
have more to choose from, they get better styles and better garments. A strong
combination of gfood points, isn't it? Something- to look at Thursday:
Dress Suits made of the new etamine cheviot,
shoulder capes edged with cord and trimmed with
buttons, faney pouch sleeves. Full flaring skirt,
with kilt at the bottom, the kilt having fancy
straps at the top. Colors are black, 4 Q BStffe
blue and brown - 0 w
Blouse Suits of blue or black wire voile with
shoulder cape, stole and tab pouch, sleeves trim
med with taffeta and braid, full flaring skirt kilted
at bottdm, seams strapped with taffeta
and braid $45 suits at
Another lot of
Good Kinds of Shirts.
Men who buy goods to sell go where they can get the most
for their money. Those who follow the same policy in buyins
shirts for their own use are sure to come here. , Soft shirts will
have the call from now on, and here are some that will give
extra good returns for the money.
Men's Soft Shirts, in madras, with
one pair of separate cuffs, or in
Garner's percale with cuffs and two
turn-down collars, broken lines of
our regular 50c skirts,
sizes 14 to 17, now at.,
Men's Soft Shirts, in fancy madras
or plain blue chambray, extra large
bodies, with two turn-down collars,
a good 69c value KT fkg%
The New Cravenette Umbrella
Whoever invented this is a man after our own heart. W e
have been looking for sueh an umbrella for years. We have it
now in ladies' size, 26-inch, witk paragon frame and very choice
natural handles. But the West part is the covera heavy silk-
and-wool cravenette that is strictly rain-proof. I n the East they
are getting $2 00 apiece for these umbrellas
our price is
Ladies' 26-in. Union Twilled Silk I Men's 28-in. Mackintosh Umbrel-
TJmbrella8, steel rod, paragon I las, absolutely ram-proof, with a
frame, plain congo han- " f C ^ I choice assortment of
dies, our $1 kind, each. handles, each.
New and Big Hosiery Values
These will be on sale Thursday:
Ladies' two-thread Black Cotton
Hose, with double soles and high
spliced heels, a better stocking
was never sold ' " |h1
for ,'.... 1^20
Ladies' Black Lace Lisle Hose,
with high spliced heels, a - fe A
splendid 25c value at - Of*
Three pairs for SOd
A case of Boys',btockings, extra
heavy 2-1 ribbed black cotton, very
elastic, will go on sale 4A1
Thursday at - 4K2v
' ^
Ladies' Hemstitched Lmeu
Handkerchiefsplain, also in-1
Minneapolis June Fair
and Carnival Co.
4S" *
i st - ~~ , *~ - **%?
Price, $5.00 per front foot, for two weeks, |,
June 1st to x3thj*? This includes two electric*
lights. Booths are 10 feet front, 8 feet deep. |
Parties desiring space can see street plan and*^
diagram at Carnival Headquarters in the Elks||
Building, Sixth Street and Hennepin Avenue.-1
Address C. W. FIELD, Care Same.ig
TK e Store That Leads in the Discovery of High Values.
Paraguay, 1J*
Skirts that were $6 50 to
in Industrial Street, of the
Rain and cold weather cannot keep people at home when they see an opportunity a^d are
determined to grasp it. Hence the rush on the opening day of the curtain sale. ' The fact
is, we never before threw the gates so wide open and gave you an opportunity to choose
your bargains from suah a collection of the world's best goods. Here's the list" again.
The first four lots are Domestic Scotch Nets and Arabians the others include Brussels,
Irish Point, Renaissance, Rococo, Duchesse, Point de Milan and Tambour Qurtains.
Good 12}^c Extension Bods, suitable
for the finest curtains
$6 Draperies, made of heavy reversible rep,
with rich, Oriental Tapestry bor- Jb A
ders, pair TiOO
Other special lines at $4i50, 97.50 and $9.
Men's Soft Shirts, with collars at
tached, in madras, cheviot and blue
chambray, some with ties to match,
union made, double stitched, large
bodies another big
Men's Night Shirts, the Universal
brand, made of tnushn and cambric,
fancy trimmed on collar, euffb and
pocket, excellent R&hti*
size . ,. - &2w
1897. That is the number of
the finest 1-1 ribbed stockings for
misses we have ever sold at 25c a
pair. W e have just received a case
of the so called "seconds." It seems
too bad to call them seconds. If
the defects really hurt the stockings
m any way, the case would be dif
ferent. But tbey do not you'd
nevei know the difference. So
they're the biggest kind of bargains
when offered, as these are at Half
price per pair, any 4A1
Ladies' Hemstitched Linen
Handkerchief15c values
The Big Curtain Sale
a pair for $1.50
Curtains. a pair for $4 50
and $5 Curtains.
Perhaps the best bargain is the lot of Dress and
Walking Skirts that have been as 4 | fl&C&
high as $7.50, now at
Children's Coats at $1.00, $1.50, $2.00,
$2.50 to $7.50.
Blouse Jacket, made of best cheviot, black only,
with shoulder capes piped with taffeta, has the
new peplum and pouch sleeves, taffeta ti^4(f$|
lined these are only ^ F - W
Peau de Soie Monte Carlo Coat, witn double
capes and full pouch sleeves, flare cuffs and
plaiting down sleeves ttlltf^
a pair for $3.25
and $& Curtains.
60 inch reversible Couch Covers, in heavy tap
estry, copies of expensive rugs, JB O C
$6.00 values each lili U
Tape3tries of double width, for drapery or up
holstering yard 25c, 32%c and $1.25.
36 inch Coin Spot Muslins, for cur- 4 %**
tains, this sale, yard 1VI)
A queen could obtain a hat here that would do high honor to
her station. Th humblest peasant girl could make her meager sav-
ings go farther here than anywhare else, and give more satisfaction.
It is a big store that knows no class distinction its vast resources
are at the service of all. Hints for Thursday shoppers:
' Misses'and Children's Cuban Flats, in natural ^ 4 tf^ft
and burnt colo'fe, 196, 50c, 69c, 76c and ^ B - *3%$
The Millinery Store
A few more Children's Trimmed Leghorns, in light ^ S#*
blue, red and white
New Ready-to-wear Hats, worth $1.50, $2 and $3
good colors twenty dozen at
" * Twenty-five "trimmed hats? hand made, in black, &4[ C&S&
pink, light blue and white, each V - - v
Water Pails of heavy galvanized
iron kind that doesn't rust worth
to 45c, at.. . 18c 20c 25c 30c
Ice Crushers, 25c ones 1 5c
15c Ice Picks at...,. 10c
Feather dusters
15c 19c
21c 25c 35c
Hardwood Clothes Pins, doz. 1 c
Garden Rakes, 15c 25c 30c 35c
Lawn Bakes 35c 45c 50c
Garden Hoes 25c and 35c
Cotton* Remnants
Without display of type or
language, we'll just say that on
Thursday there will be a Rem
nant fcsale at the Cotton Coun
ter. Bleached and Unbleached
Muslins and Sheetings and
short pieces of Madras will
form the bulk of the offering
Prices, of course, will be next
to nothing.
Laundry Lesson Number Nine,
Use Pride, whose worth is genuine
has the thorough cleansing qualities so
popular where best-laundry effects are wante^.
KansasGty Ornate,ist.tools Swift & Company, Chicago Sf.Joseph SUPaul Ft.Viii
Dr y Gdod s 6
M* ill
we the clothesnot the wrappers.,
a pair for $3.25
a pair for $6.50
and $7 Curtains.
There will be choice things in Silks for those who come early enough
Thursday to get them. We add this little warning because the quantities are
not unlimited in all the lines advertised.
First and foremost comes a lot of
Pongee Robes. We got them by the
nicest bit of luck we have seen for
many a day. There are 25 of these
beautiful robeswould there were
more! The skirts are cut, ready to
make. Some are tucked, some have
lace set in-, with the cloth cut out
underneath. In ordinary cases the^f
would sell at $17.50 to $25 each, bat
you may have any one of them far
less than half the price of the very
cheapest. Do you take O Rffk
that all in? Each
Ladies Gloves
Are you looking for a Lisle
Glove that
very cheap9
pretty styles in grays, modes and
whites, on sale |C
Ladies' 2 cla p or fine quality, in
grays, modes, white and A E*
black, at nJO
A dollar a pair is enough to pay
for Kid Gloves when you can get
such good ones as these they are
right up to date, 2-clasp and come
m all colors, every pair fitted
and guaranteed for
Books Less Than Cost
Best editions and best titles,
mainly in curreat fiction, now
on sale at less than cost. There
is no discounting the fame of
the authorssee list published
last week. Books are in per
feet condition.
$1.25 editions at
$1.50 editions at
Brush Edge Skirt Binding, smooth
and soft, good 7c kind, O-*
yard u C
Hooks and Eyes, black and white,
all sizes the kind made with a
spring, 5c value the card of O A
two dozen.
isHere thoroughlay25
36 inch. Silkoline, best 12}c qualijty,
all new patterns yard ..
Art Muslins for bed draperies antd"
covers yard *....
Window Shades, good opaque, stand
ard size and standard colors each ^...
A Choic e Offering of Silks
m %9\M
it is, c valuetye ,
69c 89c
20, 1803.
Many Choice Summer Fabrics
a pair for $4.00
a pair for $7.50
to $11 Curtains,
Half prtce on a very pretty as
sortment pit Dimities and Batiste
always so'id at 15c,
now at . .^ *..,.
New Mercerized Printed Ox
fords an Cheviots, all m white
grounds "with fancy stripes and
Basement Dress Prints, Dress
Ginghams, Cotton Chaises and
Apron Ginghams, 6c, 7c A.*g%
and 8c qualities all at *fr2l*
Fine Ziaphyr Ginghams, in fancy
stripes, checks and " 7 ^ #S
plain colors - 2"
25c Anderson Madras and bilk
Spot Zopbyr Gmghams, in {C
all colons lull
Flannels, Waistings, Suitings
Whenever you are looking for the things on which there is
the w ost money to be saved, you go to the basement for them.
Here .a re some money-save rs of the kind you want most just now:
PJjan French Flannels, Figured
Freiwh Flannels and Striped Waist
ings, regular 48c to 59a O^mf*
goodii, on sale at.
White Domet Flannel, full 27-in.
wide, in lengths of five to R A
ten jards, the yard W v
s Drug Store
Moth Balls, 5 c pound.
Chloride of Lime, the surest Of*
of disinfectants, pound %#
IBox of Toilet Soap, 3
cakes. . .
A good $1 Hair Brush OA^
Ladies' White Combination Suit",
low neck, no sleeves, knee length,
'umbrella style or close fit- OOA
ting a special line at O w v
Misses' Vests, Jersey ribbed, high
jieck, long sleeves, or with low
neck and short sleeves pants to
latch garments worth fff
25c, at
200 Miles 'Longside
the Mississippi.
the Mississippi
I t is a part of the 19-hour trip from the Twin
Cities to S t Loais, via the Rock Island system.
Nothing like itnothing half so interestingis ~% - 7
seen by passengers wkose tickets read over other ^ | ^
lines. For seven boars the train whirls southward 3%~v
An full view of the greatest river on the continent. f?" 4
' St. Louis Express leaves Minneapolis (Milwaukee * *-5^
Depot) 6-.30 p . m.S t Paul (Union Depot) 7 0 5 p m . J ^"*"
Arrives St. Louis, 2:10 p. m., next day. """
That's our trump cardthe 200 mile ride 'longside
ROCK Island
r .
\ 3G-in. Black Peau*de Soie, very heavy
silk,specially good for coats, i 4 Q
cheap at $1.60 a yd. sale at - *****
24-in. Black Crepe de Chine, elegant
quality, best made at $1 ft Of*
about 200 yards to go at.... wWU
36-in. warranted Black Taffeta, a silk
we know to be absolutely perfect, well
worth $1.30 a yard. 4 All
Sale at - *""
23-in. White Japanese Silk, yd.,25
Corded Wash Silks, white ORA
only, no colors, best qual. yd. *+ %J v
All Silk Taffeta Ribbons, in
twenty-three new colorings, 15c and
and 19c values. Thursday, No. 40,
11c yd. No. 60, 14c yd.
Satin Taffeta Ribbons, best qual
ity, 4 inches wide, in white, cream,
black and all good colors, 29c val
ues. Thursday, 23c yd.
LINENS, Plain and Fancy
ones, each - FU
72-inch Barnsley Damask, all pure
linen, the same kind we have sold
at 92c a yard goes OQ
on sale at UFU
Basement30-inch and 18x50 Cen
ter Pieces and Shams, hemstitched,
with open work spiendid value at
50c. Now at
naif price fcmPO
Mail Orders
Tins Is not a
one-day sale. 4^
Mail orders
filled while tne
goods last.
23x45 Towels, heavy linen Huck,
come too late to be sold as we in
tended they are 20c ones, but will
go on the bargain 4f&n
tables at iOo
18 inch Center Pieces, plain hem
stitched linen 29c |Q
Not since the textile art came
into existence lias it produced such
a wealth of beautiful white cloths
as you will find now.
White Silk Canvas, mercerized in
the thread, in plain white, a 5Uc
cloth, unsurpassed for QC
suits and shirt waists, at.. m* JI#
40 \n. fine "Victoria La^n, tne 20c
quality, half price, 10c yd.
10 pieces Canvas Weave Madras,
a loc fabric tnat is very popular for
suits. On sale Thursday at 10c
36-in. Dotted Swiss aird openwork,
striped Swiss Muslin, 12%c and 15c
goods. Choice 10c yd.
Each OlfAR
Through sleeping and chair cars, **|
m^-^ "*-
Cambric Gowns, Empire style,
front of insertion and hemstitched
lawn ruffle, revers of tucking and
insertion, finished all round with
hemstitched lawn TC
ruffle I w u
- v Minneapolis Ticket Office, " ^ ^%\
322 Nicollet Avenue. $p "f
S t Paul Ticket Office, r|Vl
oth and Roberts Sts. %^t
56-in. all-wool Suitings, Camel's
Hair Cheviots, Scotch Homespuns
and German Broadcloths, f C A
all $2.00 goods now at. Oxf
Fine Mixed Suitings, 54 inches
wide, a regular $1 value, "T C*%
onsale at - W w
Underskirts, Gowns
White Cambric Skirts, deep um
brella flounce, with two rows of
lace insertion and lace Oft A
edge a bargain at wOu
Fine Cambric Skirts, flounce fin
ished with cluster of hemstitched
tucking and wide ruffle f Q Q
of embroidery. - lOmF
Black Mercerized Amisilk Skirts,
with white polka dots, made with
double flounce and finished with
tucked ruffle. 4
f ^JS&g^ ^
V ^

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