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The Minneapolis journal. [volume] (Minneapolis, Minn.) 1888-1939, June 05, 1903, Image 10

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Reliable, perfect fitting and stylish.
The finest $1.50 Men's
Pants in the city for ......
All sizes, good quality, nicely made.
The finest $4.50 Young
Men's Long Pant Suits in the city for
Durable and perfect fitting. Sizes 14 to 19.
The finest $10 Men's
Suit in the city for
Fancy all wool cheviots, elegantly tailored.
The finest $3 Men's Pants C i Ofl
in the city for ^|-OU
All new striped designs, very shapely and stylish. |
The finest $1.50 Boys' Knee
Pant Suit in the city for...
Double breasted style for boys of 6 to 16 years
of age.
The finest Boys'$1.50 Long
Pants in the city for
Good quality fancy cashmeres, well made and
The finest 25c Neckwear in
the city for. i.......
Silk Bows and Tecks.
The finest $6 Boys' Knee f t Oft
Pant Suit in the city for 3 "j-^
Very fine all weol worsted cheviots in all styles. ^ 0
The finest 50c Shirt in the
city for
Negligee, Madras and Percale.
The finest $1.50 Hat in the
city for
All Fur Fedoras and Derbies.
The finest 10c Handkerchiefs
in the city for
Good cambric, fancy borders, hemstitched.
Juvenile striped Denim Over
alls, 35c values...
Ages 4 to 14.
Geo. E. Crist, Andrew-M. Nordstrom, J. L. Lynch and J. L. Dickinson, for many years connected with the retail clothing trade of the city, are employed by this concern through this sale, where they
will be pleased to give personal attention to all friends and customers. After May 1, 1904, at the corner of Nicollet and Third Street, in business for themselves.
Carnival Patrolmen Trapped and
Their Wagon Stolen by
i . - leather Men.
. The carnival kangaroo court patrol wa
fcon and its detail of red-whiskered cop-
DPrs were shanghaied last evening by a
small but icolute band who not only re
sisted arrest, but captured the invaders
and locked them. up.
And the entire stock will be sold at less than 30 per cent below actual cost to manufacture. The store is for rent and all the fixtures and furniture are for sale.
Merchandise almost given away. The prices tell the whole story. Read them oyer carefully. Never Were Values So DemoralizedSo Utterly'So
Unsparingly. Come Saturday and bring all your friends and neighbors. They will thank you for the favor. Remember, nothing is reserved. Every-
thing must be sold. Slashing values in every department. It's the greatest sale ever heard of It is wholly impossible to mention all of the items, but those
quoted below will indicate the scope and the remarkable money-saving opportunities. Read each and every item. It will interest you. ^^^^^^ ^ ^ ^
The finest Men's $5 Suits
in the city for .......^
'IK * " V, ' '* *
N Saturday begins the third week of this great sale. It will be another week of tremendous values here. Every department
in the store contributes its share of unmatched bargains in reliable, stylish and seasonable merchandise. - . ~ c *
The finest $3 Boy's Knee
Pants Suits in the city...
In double breasted, Norfolk and sailor styles.
The finest $7.50 Men's
Suits in the city for.....
In all-wool novelty cashmere new overplaids
and striped patterns.
The finest $2 Men's Pants
in the city for,.
Plain and striped-effects, in cassimeres and
The finest $7 Young Men's
Suits in the city for
Sizes 14 to 19, all new novelty designs.
The finest 39c Boy's Knee
Pants in the city for....
Good, strong and durable in sizes.
The finest $18.00 Men's
Suit in the city for
Elegant pure worsteds in new and exclusive
The finest $4 Boys' Knee
Pants Suits in the city..
In sailor, Norfolk and double breasted styles.
The finest Boy's $3 Long
Pants in the city for.
Fancy worsteds, perfect fitting and elegantly
u The finest 15c half hose in
the city for .... ".....
Fancy Balgriggan seamless, double heel and toe.
The finest $1 Underwear
in the city for..,.,
French Balbriggan, satin fronts superior grades.
The finest 10c Collars in the
city for.......Y,
Conan Doyle Outdone!
v rtf V.'* &
Unlined Dress Gloves, good quality kid, dogskin
and mocha.
20 dozen Men's Shirt
$2.50 and $2.00 values.
We have plenty of salespeople, and everyone will be promptly waited on. Don't* miss this sale. It's a chance ot a lifetime. Provide for future needs.
Nicollet Avenue
3 18 and 320
Warrants were issued early in the eve
ning, for the arrest of prominent members
of the :Non.h\vestem Shoe and Leather as
sociation, which, was dining at the Com
mercial Club. Judge Frank J. Jungen, of
the kangaroo court, issued orders that the
warrants should be served immediately
and directed his minions to bring the shoe
men before him in special term that ^eve
ning on the grave charge of being ac
cessory to the leather trust and accom
plice to Dr. Bunyan.
After pinching Frank Wisner, of the
Lyceum theater, who was charged with
the heinous offense of having purloined
a bottle of milk from a thirsty baby, the
wagon sallied forth upon its secret service.
. The leather men had adjourned from the
Commercial Club and were holding a busi
ness meeting at the Grimsrud Shoe com
pany's office, on Third "street, when the
"chinchilla brigade burst unannounced into
the assemblage and served warrants right
The finest $ 12 Young
Men's Suits in the city..
Rich, new all-wool cheviot and-,
The finest $5.00 Men's
Pants in the city. /
Admirable in fit, fashion and
durability. ''..
The finest $20 Men's
Suits in the city for., Y
Fautless in detail and finish,'
superbly tailored.
The finest $15 Young
Men's suits in the city for
Every one an example of the.
tailor's art.
The finest $7.50 Men's
Pants in the city for..
All the new patterns, decided novelties - .
and reserved.
The finest $25 Men's
Suits in the ciiy fprj . .
Supreme quality suits, world's
finest grades..
The finest $1.50 Boys' Knee
Pants in the city for.^\...
Fine serges, worsteds and tweeds^I'' "1 ..'.,
new patterns. " ' '"' '--
The finest Boys' $4 Long
Pants in the city forY...
$ |
Good quality 4-ply men's and boys' all sizes.
The finest $1.00 Gloves in
the city for ..
All new patterns and decided novelties.
The finest 35c Overalls in
the city for..
Good quality, blue denim, welma*te
and warranted.. .' . ' "
The finest $2.50
city for......
Best grades Derbies, Fedores, three and four
in in one^-newestTmapes and shades.
The f inest^$k50 Underwear
in theVjpfcty-fe^
Fine silkateeri, coolest underwear made
perfect fitting.
The ffnest $1.00 Boys'
in the city for.... ...
Snerlock Holmes Distanced! / Publication in Daily Instalments will begin in ^ 1
.THE MINNEAPOLlsqOURNAL-^n Tune.i2. ^:?^^ " ,J,
^ * - - ^count of the solution of we mystery concerning tbe Jeffrey-Moore ^ffmr -
4tf ,
1 Jr
t i
Pure^all fur, in all newest shapes
and shades.' - .' - - - "-
50 dozen
Belts .....
Men's, Leather
75c values, .,-
TVMrmM& Scn $
and left. The .prisoners apparently sub
mitted in uooS grace and as they filed out
one of them even ventured the informa
tion that four others were in hiding "in a
rear room and that they might as well all
be in the same boat.
This observation did not escape Patrol
men floger Charlton and Denny Sullivan,
two of the super-finest. They marched
right back into the den-where the desper
ate characters yet lurked. As they did
GO bang went the door behind them and
click went the lock.
"You don't belong to the regulars, you're
only volunteers," sang the merry-maRers
outside, between alternate howls of fiend
ish glee, as the driver was pulled over
backward in the wagon, gagged and bound
hand and foot.
Then the hardened wretches touched up
the nags and away they went Lake Ame
lia- ward. At midnight the outlaws re
turned by way of the Minnehaha line say-
ing that the wagon and horses had been
put away in a livery" stable on the out
skirts. "VVliat happened to the unfortunate
driver may never be known.
In the meantime the men with the au
burn Galways sang a'heartfelt touching
duet, the while they rapped vigorously on
the windows with their shillalahs to at
tract tbe rttentj.cn of the passing watch,
who finally answered the summons and
threatened to ai rest them for impersonat-
i':3" officers. -
Twin City Turners' Excursion to Vermil
lion Falls, June 7.
Special trains leave Milwaukee depot
via the .Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry.
at 8:30 a. m. and 10 a..m. Regular train
at 2:25 p. m. will also carry passengers
to Hastings."
The finest $8.50 Young
Men's Suits in the city for
'ft $2.90
in all wool fancy cheviots, very stylish new
The finest $4 Men's
Pants in the city for.'..
$1 2
Striped, checked and figured designs, all sizes..
The finest $12 Men's
Suit in the city for....
In a beautiful array of new patterns and fabrics.
The finest Boys' $1 Kne
Pants in the city for
Fine all wool Scotches and cheviots, all sorts
of patterns..
The finest $6 Men's
Pants in the city for......
Fine all pure worsteds in new designs and'
$1 3
The finest $10 Young
Men's Suits in the city for . _
Very nobby garments for young men of 14 to 29. ^ 0
The finest $7 Boys' Knee ( A Qf|
Pant Suits in the city for H* **
All styles, new fashions, new fabrics, new U
patterns. . ^
The finest $2 Boys' Long
Pants in the city for.... .
Durable, plain and fancy cassimeres and cheviots.
The finest 25c Handkerchief
in the city for
fiat in
Good linen, hemstitched in plain and fancy borders.
The finest 25c Suspenders
in the city for.............
Good elastic, mohair ends, slide buckles.
The finest $1.00 Shirt in
the city for .. .. .. . ....
Fine French Percales, negligee and white.
The finest $2.00 Hat in
the city for ... ... v. v
Derbies, three and four in one newest shapes
and shades.
200 Men's Linen Bicycle
Suits goat................
Sold at $2.50. .:'-!
Names E. H. Holbrook as Treasurer
Bev. Mr. Thurston Honored.
Before adjourning Anally yesterday aft
ernoon the Episcopal diocesan council of
Minnesota unanimously re-elected E. H.
Holbrook of Minneapolis as diocesan
treasurer and treasurer of the. episcoate
fund. Rev. T. P. Thurston, rector of St.
Paul's church, where the council held its
sessions, was named clerical delegate to
the national' missionary council, and F. O.
Osborne of St. Paul was selected to rep
resent the laity. The missionary council
will assemble in Washington in October.
Members of the diocesan board of mis
sions were elected as follows:
ClergyDean C. h. Slattery, Faribault Thfeo
dore Payne, R. Thurston, Irving P. Johnson,
Tickets. fo'-*""'by
r sale Turners*
: "* ''*- "
The finest 75c Boy's Knee
Pants in the city for
In all wool fancy cheviots, elegant quality,
strongly made.-
The finest $13.50 Men's
Suit in the city for
New fancy serges and fancy cassimeres,
elegantly tailored. -
The finest $7 Men's Suit ( A Qf)
in the city for. 3 ij.W
Superb striped worsted in rich colorings. ^ 0
The finest $15.00 Men's ( A Q O
Suit in the city for.... .. Hl|"
Exquisitely tailored garments, new
military fashions.
The finest $2 Boys' Knee
Pant Suit in the city for..
All wool fancy cassimere, double-breasted
and Norfolk styles.
The finest $5 Boys' Knee
Pants Suits in the city for
$^ l
The finest $7.50 Boys'
Kne e Pant Suits in tbe city for...
High class fabrics in all
styles and sizes.
10 c
The finest $1.50 Shirt in
the city for
Superior grade French Madras and
full dress white, best fitting shirt made.
The finest 10c Half Hose in
the city for.. .
Black and tan, fast.colors, seamless.
The finest 35c Underwear in
the city for.................
* l
Good balbriggan, well made, perfect fitting.
The finest 25c cap in the city
Scotch plaids and checks, golf and golf yacht.
Men's Fine Linen Bicycle
3 18 and 320
Nicollet* Avenue
G. H. Thomas, Minneapolis Theodore Sedgwick,
E. Dray, St. Paul C. C. Rollit, Bed Wing R.
L. Taylor, Litchfield: A. J. Pinkham, Owatonna
F. "L. Palmer, Stillwater.
I.aityHector Baxter, W. B. Folds, C. G.
Church. ,T. P. Coan, Minneapolis F. O. Osborn,
B. F. Beardsley, W. J. Sleppy, W. F. Myers, St.
Paul Charles Horton. Winona B. H. Foote,
Red Wing.
The committee upon the state of the
church reported an active growth of
church work in all parts of the diocese.
Conditions, according to the committee,
have not been so favorable during many
Special Train to Hotel St. Louis, Lake
Mlnnetonka, Sunday, June 7, Via C, M.
& St. P. Railway. -
Leave Milwaukee Station 10 a. m. ar
rive' Mlnnetonka 10:45. a. m. leave Mln
netonka 4 p. m. arrive Milwaukee sta
tion 4:45 p. m. 60 cents for the round trip.
t M
$ |
Extra wear
All styles, sizes 3 to 16.
The finest $13.50 Young em "7|-
Men's Suits in the city for^ f - i-y
Nobby Spring Suits in exclusive styles. - .
Coroner Says Death of Irene Max Wai
Due to Unavoidable Ac-
cident. .
Coroner A. W. Miller of Ramsey county.
has issued a statement to the effect that
the death of Irene Max, the 8-year-old
child who was killed by an automobile
last week, was the result of an unavoid
able accident and that Horace Irvine, the
owner and chauffeur Was in no wise re
sponsible. Coroner Miller examined all the
witnesses of the accident and says that he
is convinced that the machine was not
running at too great a speed and that
Mr. Irvine had perfect control of the car
at all times. He recommends, however,
that chauffeurs be examined as to their
fitness to control a machine before being?
allowed to use the public streets.^ * -
Anna ^Katherine Green,
Author of "The Leavenworth Case," etc.
- The Greatest Writer of Mystery Stories
of Modern Times, ' * *

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