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i BEi
Visitors Feel at Home Here!
Everything Is So Open and CheerfulYou see all you buy in the light of
daydaylight penetrates every nook and corner of this handsome store.
&MA11 is arranged for your convenience. There are resting, writing and
g ^viewing rooms a nursery, with attendant an Information bureau a
*parcel desk, where you- may leave your baggage and bundles free of
charge while you go to the Carnival or visiting and when you are all
- through your baggage, bundles and anything else you want will be
sent by special messenger without charge to your station in time for
your train.
Summer Gloves, in lisle and silk, all kinds, 50c to $3.50.
Summer Businesse Ia- s I n Full
Your Wxah It Our Guide.
HITS, at
Imported Silk stripe Dimities
Under the Bamboo Tree
Virginia Beauties
Saturday Special sale on all
vocal and instrumental hits.
Important*300 copies of music,
a little soiled, Saturday only,
at 5c.
Selling Off Muslin Underwear
The best of it is that
Your Wtah la Our Guide.
Black Cotton of the most depend
able foreign make white feet,
high-spliced heels, double soles
and toes, 50 dozen of an extra
good kind, at 23c
Fancy Stockings Silk clocked,
embroidered Doot, white and
colors solid black lisle thread
stockings, gauze cotton, and
black ingrain lisle stockings
with white sole or white heels
and toes, values to 65c, 35c.
. 3 pairs for $1.00.
Your Wtah la Our Guide.
This Store has had a great muslin
underwear business, especially since
January. Every announcement gave
it fresh headway, which has been
held to a steady trade. By all this
Dayton's has been made a name for
goodwell made, generously and
shapely cut, and tastefully designed
underwear at moderate cost. Sat
urday's selling is of lines that are
nearly sold out.
tai] Mercerized Grenadines.
Mercerized Panama Waistings
Mercerized Splash Suitings
Silk stripe Ginghams
Values 35c to 60c a yardSaturday at
Natural Color Linen makes cool
waists and dresses 10 pieces
of the 25c qualitySat. at 1 9c .
Natural Color Linen The 40c
qualitySaturday at 25c.
Imported Swiss45 inches wide,
exquisite patterns and colorings
values $1.95 to $2.35Satur-
day, $1.59.
Muslin Curtains, Carpet Sweepers
- ' J
Night Gowns
50c gowns, 3 7 c.
Corset Covers
25c covers, 19c*
50c covers, 37c.
75c covers, 59c. *
$1.25 covers, 98c.
$1.50 covers, $1.29
25c drawers, 19c.
50c drawers, 35c.
75c drawers, 59o.
White Petticoats
75c petticoats, 59c.
$1.25 petticoats, 98c.
$1.39 petticoats, $1.13.
$2.25 petticoats, $1.89.
$2.75 petticoats, $2.49.
these reductions are genuine
75c gowns, 59c.
$1.00 gowns, 75o.
$1.25 gowns, 98c.
$1.75 gowns,
$2.25 gowns,
$2.75 gowns,
Wash Fabrics
Your Wish Is Our Guide.
Linen Etamine Suiting in green,
old rose, navy and c*det blue
the 55c qualitySaturday only
at 35c. .
Pongee Linen and Linen Duck suit
ingcorrect fabrics for outing
dresses the 65c and 75c qualities
Saturday at 50c.
"Sorosis" Oxfords.
Your Wiahla Our Guide.
Are proverbial for their exquisite stylishness.
They do not "gape" at the sides. No deleter
stained Calfskins used in the linings to
poison the feetonly the finest
French calfskin.
This makes them cost more than our
high boots, but well-dressed women
appreciate it.
All Stylesall Leathers, $3.50. '
Headquarters for Children's Shoes
Your Wtah la Our Guide,
Slippers and Tennis Oxfords in styles
and at prices to suit all. We carry
the Novelties in Children's Foot
wear. Prices from 50c up.
Ask for a "Sorosis" button.
' 1-
Your Wxah la Our Guide
Two Money-Saving Chances for Saturday in the Drapery-
Department on the Third Floor.
Ruffled Muslin Curtains
Plain, with 5-inch ruffle, worth
40c, at 33c.
Striped muslin center, 5-inch
ruflfe, worth 75c, at, 63c.
Plain center, worth 80c, 69c.
Plain center, worth $1, 79c.
Plain center, 4-inch rufflle,
hemstitched all around, worth
$1.95, at, $1.49.
Carpet Sweepers-
Here are sweepers of the best
makethe "Cyco" bearingeasi
est running, best wearing reduced
. like this for Saturday
Cosmopolitan, reg. $2.50, $1.83.
Crystal, regularly $2.50, $1.83.
Welcome, regularly $2.50, $1.83.
Best, regularly $3.00, $1.98.
Ideal, always $3.25, $2.29.
American Queen, always $3.50, I
~ Third Floor.
Flower and Vegetable Seeds, 2 packages for 1 e
Both Phones 1185, Dayton Dry Goods Co., 7th and Nicollet.
$1 Reward.
It is our aim to ad
vertise our Roods
by straightforward
statements and to
guard against de
ception of any kind
We will gladly pay
$1 to the first per
son to report to our
Mr. Mosher any
any misrepresenta-
Being Ready is more than half the battle, and you never find this store less than that.
You have learned that Dayton's is as forehanded in the matter of styles as it is possible
to be. You look to us with expectations that are ever satisfied.
! 15c
/ " ~*\
Women's Stockings
A woman wants plenty of change during the Summermany moderate-priced dresses,
skirts and waists, rather than a few at more cost. Our stocks are tuned to the burden
of that song, and Saturday we have for you many of these things especially low-priced.
A Light* Wool Dress is in
dispensable m a summer
wardrobe, so this sale is
right m time for you who
are planning to go away
Voile, Etamine, Twine
and Mohair dress and
walking suits
$7.50Suits worth to
r $16.50.
$9.75Suits worth to $20
$10.50Suits worth to
$16.50Suits worth $o
Silk Shirt, Waist,
Of Foulard, in navy and
black, small dots and fig
ures, $15 kinds, $10.
Of Changeable Taffeta
Small dots, hairline
stripes and figures, worth
$22.50, $15.
Wash Shirt Waist,
$1.59. $1.87. $2.49.
Of Chambray.madras,lawn,
solid blue, green, red and
buff blue with small
white dots ..$7.50 values
at $4.25. ~
Of White Lawn, with small
dots of black, embroidery
trimmed, $2.50.
Of White Duck, made with
tucks, $2.75.
& -
Your Wish la Our Guide.
Satin and Gros Grain ribbons in
an extensive line of colors.
Nos. 9, 12, 16 and 221J, 2, 2J
and 3 inches widesold at 18c,
22c, 25c and 30c a yard, all in
one collection at 9c.
Satin Taffeta ribbon, all silk and
fair quality white, cream,
pink, blue and other colors and
shades, and black 4 inches
wide, worth 35c a yard21c.
Fancy Ribbons of the best qual
ity, in Persian designs, stripes,
Dresden effects, plaids, checks
and black and white stripes
and dots, as wide as 5 inches,
sold for as much as 65c a yard
at 42c.
JWThird Aisle.
Geo.D.Dayton J.B.Mosher D.D.Dayton PranK ILCarleton
SilK Leaders of Northwest,,
Summe r Dress for Women
Your Wish Is Our Guide.
Black Silk galloons, medallions
and bands beautiful designs,
as wide as 5 inches worth as
much as $1 a yardat 38c.
Hottsefumishings for Saturday
Wringers the
best in the
world, Satur-
day, $1.98.
Carpet SweepersThe genuine Bis- -
sell's, sold on ten days' trial, Satur-^
day, at $1.75.
Toilet, Paper2000-sheetH** rolls of * f
pure silk tissue, Saturday, at 10o, ^BroomsFive sewed, very durable,
a roll.
Seventh and tticoUet'Ave.
% %-%
\ . * f
Your Wish Is Our Guide.
Your Wish Is Our Guide. *-
Women's and Men's of fine Irish
linen, hemstitched, $, 1 and J
inch hems, our 25c quality, at
17 c.
Women'sAll linen, embroidered,
hemstitched and escolloped
edges, dainty patterns, sold as
high as 75c each, at 48c.
Your Wish is Our Guide.
Women's and Men'sBlack silk
serge, color and Wear guaran
teed, novelty and natural han
dles, $1.50 values, at $1.
Women's and Men'sMade of the
famous "Cravenette" cloth,
well selected natural and ster
ling silver trimmed handles,
worth $2.50, at $1.75.
Women'sAll silk, navy, red,
brown and green, solid and
with borders, selected natural
wood handles, the $3.50 quality
. at $2.50.
Your Wish Is Our Guide.
Lawn Hose High
grade, high pressure,
fully guaranteed
The 10c kind 8 c foot.
The 12c kind 10c ft.
The 15c kind 12c ft.
Hose Reels Steam
bent, regularly 75c,
Gas StovesTwo-burners, perfect
working, regularly $2, Saturday at
$1.39. ~ '
Gas Ovens of
polished steel.
, '
a ^f Vb&'NP** '" I * always 40c, at 25.
Slimmer Coats
for cool evenings.
Blouse Jackets of cheviot
and broadcloth, higher
values, now at $5.75,
$7.75, $10, $12.50.
Silk Blouses of taffeta,
handsomely made, $16.50
value, at $10.
Long Silk Coats, black taf
feta, val. $22.50 $12.75.
White Monte Carlos of eta
mine, beautifully made,
$10 Pongee Monte Car
los, $12.50 values, at
Long Coats of black and
navy brilliantine, at
$16.50 of linen, for
automobile wgar at $10.
Outing Skirts
Of Duck in navy and black
with white dots Denim
skirts, blue and black
mixtures, at 98c.
Of White Pique, trimmed
with embroidery, stitch
ed at the bottom, $1.49*
Of LinenSeven gore mod
els, strap seams, $1.15.
For Misses'Skirts of navy
duck with white, dots, at
The Last of Children's Coats
$1.75 for Coats worth
to $5.00.
$2.98 for
to $7.50.
$4.98 for
to $12.50.
Your Wish la Our Guide.
Summer Fabrics are here in full
array, the most dependable
kinds priced low enough to
make you want them rather
than to take any risk.
Cream Mohairs in splendid va
riety these materials stand at
the head for summer wear
none is so good all around,
they shed dust, they do not
rumple, they are light in
weight and look well enough
for any occasion50c, 69c,
75c, $ 1 and $1.50.
Mohair SicilianHeavy, in the
rarely perfect shade of navy
blue, a quality that is unusual
ly good, at $1.00.
Canvas Suitings Imported, in
the ever-tasteful hair-line ef
fects here in black, white, the
new blue, navy blue and shades
of tan fifty pieces of the $1.25
qualityat $1.00.
ularly 30c and 35c, Saturday, all sizes
at 15c.
akers, one-
burner size, at
Hampers Large solid ll==|||
willow, regularly $2.00, fe = ?==il
at $1.25. fe=5SUi 30 inches wide, 45 in.
high, worth $20.00,
at $16.50. Br..***
34 inches wide, 47
inches high, worth
$23.00, at $18.75.
Garbage Cans of
heavy galvanized
iron, 8-gaUon size,
regularly $1, at 75c.
Both Phones 1185. Dayton Dry Goods Co., 7th end Nicotiet.
JUNE 5, 1903.
Contest of
F** Bands
at the June Fair
and Carnival
next Monday
at 1:30. There
will be fifteen
bands in com-
Good Optical Work.
Nearly Every Day we receive compliments on the kind of optical work
we do. It is a new thing to give first-class service of this kind in a
dry goods storebut this is a good dry goods store, and we retained
the best optician we could get. No one with an exclusive office does
better work, or is more skilled than Mrs. Stanton. She has made a
specialty of the cases of women and children, and since she has been in
this store has successfully fitted most difficult cases of men. If you
need no glasses she will tell you so. All work is guaranteed. Exam-
ination free.
Open at* 9:30 close at* 6 Saturdays, close at* 9:30.
Misses' Stockings and
Your Wish la Our Guidei
Black Stockings in lace lisle and
1-1 ribbed cotton, a large and
extra good gathering, at 19c.
Black Silk Lisle, black cotton,
black with white soles sum
mer weights, 35c, 3 pairs for
Union SuitsOne collection to
close, high neck, long sleeves,
ankle length and low neck, no
sleeves, knee length 5c "rise"
per size, beginning with size 2,
at 69c.
Men's WearGood, Stylish, Low-Priced.
Your Wish Is Our Guide.
We want you to know that this Men's
Store can give youjust what you want.
No exclusive store has things in later
style or of better quality, and the sav
ing here is from a fourth to a third.
Read Saturday',s news and try the
"Handy Store.,
Shirts and Drawers of summer weight balbrig
gan, white, at 50c each.
Lisle Thread shirts and drawers, jersey
fitting, at 75c each.
Union SuitsPerfect fitting, all sizes,
balbriggan, at $1.
"Bachelor's" UndershirtsNo buttons,
no sleeves, 25c and 50c.
Belts in tan, castor and black, all widths, all
sizes, 25c, 50c to $1.25.
SocksFancy lace and embroidered, in black,
brown, slate and pongee"high novelties for
low shoes," 50c and $1.
NeckwearA hundred dozen of new four-in-hands
in new shades and such late materials as Lon
don Twills, Wax Cloth, and others, 50c kinds,
Saturday at 44c.
Womens' NecktiesRight among the men's thine
differencelike shapes and materials, 25c and 5i
Negligee ShirtsSix new patterns in pleated bosoms"toney" to the
last touch, and in fine taste, exclusive stores ask $2.50, we$2.
genuine "Guyot" and "Crown" makes, always 50c,
Saturday only, at 39c.
Coats worth
Coats worth
" \
Summer Dress Goods vSuspendersThe .
Wonderfu l Saleof Millinery
Your Wish Is Our Guide.
Saturday OnlySecond Floor.
We mean that desirable, first-class millinery was,
never sacrificed in price so early in the season.
We now offer you the Best Bargain you ever had.
38 beautiful, trimmed hats, worth $5.50, $6.75, $7.50,
up to $9.00, on sale Saturday from 9:30 to d^Q
12 a. m., at H*W
35 beautiful, trimmed hats and bonnets, worth $8.50
to $12.50, on sale Saturday from 2:30 to dC
5:30 p. m., at V*-
20 per cent reduction in choice of all trimmed -hats,
and bonnets in the store.
33J Discount on all children's trimmed hats.
Basement Millinery Bargains
50 trimmed hats worth $2.25 to $3.98, Saturday, $1.49.
25 children's trimmed leghorn hats, worth $1.25, only 69c.
10 dozen children's leghorn hats, Saturday, at 25c, 29c and 69o.
Clothes Baskets
All willow,
regularly 85c,
59c. Streamers of
heavy tin, reg-
Bargainsin the 'Daylight'Basement
Your Wish Is Our Guide.
Men's Socks of fast black cotton,
double heels and toes, seamless,
the 15c kind, 2 pairs for 15e.
Children's Stockings, fast black,
ribbed, double knees, heels and
toes, the 15c kind, Saturday 2
pairs for 15c.
Pique Skirts in all white only, new
summer models, 50 of the $1.25
value, at 98c.
White En-
ameled Re-
The Best
Always clean and
keep ice
longer than
any other
make. 28 in. wide,
43 in. high,
worth $17,
at $14.25.
For the Toilet
Your Wish Is Our Guide.
Witeh Hazel, pure extract, guar
anteed not to be adulterated, in
4-ounce bottles, at 8c
Hoyt-'s German Cologne, the 25c
size, at 19c.
Dressing Combs, of hard rubber,
8 inches long, worth to 20c,
at 9c.
Toilet SoapsTar, Witch Hazel,
Glycerine and Oatmeal, the best
5c soaps made, Saturday 3
I cakes for 9c. ?
Jf l:
*Your Wish la Our Guide.
Wrist/ Bags of seal morocco, wal
rus and suede gilt, nickel and
gunmetal frames, some with in
side frame pockets, worth to
75c each, at 48c.
Wrist. Bags of real seal, walrus
and morocco gilt, gunmetal
and oxidized frames silk and
suede lined, with inside frame
pockets, the $1.50 kinds, at 98c
Suit* CasesAlligator finish, best
steel frames, brass lock and
bolts, corners reinforced with
leather, 22 and 24-inch, $2.50
values, $1.65.
Suit* Cases of genuine leather,
steel frames, brass locks,
leather strap fasteners, linen
lined, four leather straps in
side, 22 and 24-inch, usually
$3.50 and $4, at $2.85.
Spool Cotton"J. O. King's,"
200 yards, black and white, Sat
urday, per spool at 1c .
Basting CottonNew York Mills
2 cord, 500-yard spools, reg
ularly 5c a spool. Saturday 2
spools for 5c. ..
f "-
Shirt* Waist*s of good lawn, light
and medium colors, the 50c and
65c kinds, Saturday, at 35c.
Store Your Furs Here
You will then be sure that they
are well taken care of. The
cost is very light, depending
upon the value, and does not
warrant your taking any of the
risk. The largest, safest and
best equipped fur vaults in the
Northwest are here, so
"If your Fura ore vnth ua they ore safe."
Repairing and altering done now
will save you a fourth of the
I cost, and you will have the
J Furs when you want them.
I See us about it.

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