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On* more carload of 5ierra
Madre Oranges just in. They are
ripe, aweet and delicious.
StrawberriesRipe and Plenty.
. Some Minnesota Berries To-morrow.
Ripe California Cherries.
Pineapples, Florida 10c to 15c
Oranges . 15c dozen up
Lemons, dozen 10c
All kinds. Fresh and right priced.
Qoad Prunes 3a
Self-raising Pancake Flour, pkg 5c
l-ib can Pink Salmon, can 9c
We carry a line of the very best Candies
at 60c lb. You cannot get better, no mat
ter how high the price.
Good Chocolate Creams, lb 10c
20c Candy for, lb 10c
Salted Peanuts, lb 10c
"Hoffman House Coffee" drinkers enjoy
a 45c Coffee for which they pay 30c lb.
Made possible by skilfully blended flavors
of the right kind.
Fresh Roasted Coffee.
We also have good drinking Coffee as
low as 12c lb.
100 kinds to choose fromOolong, Eng
lish Breakfast, Ceylon, India, Assam,
Japan, Russian Caravan, Llpton's, Light
of Asia.
Our Menarda Tea pleases palate and
purse.- Is much liked by our customers.
It Is a one-dollar tea for 60c lb.
Yerxa's No. 1 Hard, for Laundry 6 for 25c
Smoke Yerxa's Good Cigars.
Good Things to Eat*
f ^353Either Phone-353
Out of towa orders carefully
filled, boxed and delivered to any
depot in the city. Send for ourNews
price list.
8-lb Jars, fresh Dairy Butter, for..... 51c
6-lb Jars fresh Dairy Butter, for 85c
Fancy Creamery, lb 24c
Good Creamery, lb 20c
Sour Pickles, gallon 20c
Sauer Kraut, gallon 15c
Fine Spanish Olives, qt 18c
Olives, bottle 10c
Jellies, pure fruit, glass 10c
18 lbs. Rolled Bats (9s
Pure Lard, lb 9s
Soda Craakars aid Blngar
Malt Nuts sp
Unaeda Biscuit Frae
With every package of Uneeda Graham
Crackers purchased at retail we give one
package of Uneeda Biscuit free.
White Lily Soap
Don't pay 9c for any white soap when
you can buy White Lily, which Is the best
of all, for 5c bar.
For toilet, bath or washing laces, linen,
and especially flannels, It excels all others.
We recommend this soap.
Minnesota Soap Co 's Pumice Soap. The
very best soap for automobillsts or ma
Bakery Specials
Home-made Bread, loaf 3c
Cream Tarts, doz 25c
Cream Puffs, doz 20c
Chocolate Eclairs, 2 for 5c
Strawberry Turnovers 25c
Raisin squares, each 10c
Peacan Maple Rolls each . ... 15s
Home-made Doughnuts, doz 12c
Santo-Dumont $1500
Buffalo Electric $1650
Columbia Electric $900
Thomas Gasoline .$1400
Elmore $800
Rambler $750
, /
See them at eur Salesroom- and
Storage Station.
Great Western Cycle Co.
681-603 and 619-621-623 1st AT* So.
Hello, Bill!
Where have you been? I have just
been to Langley & Johnson and or
dered my shirts. Let hie tell you
they will be the real thing.
The most complete line of Import
ed Shirtings west of Chicago.
it* # * * *
Langley & Johnson,
Dr D H Carpenter, dentist, removed to
No 30 Syndicate block
Pictures beautifully framed for wedding
presents Beard Art Co , 624 Nicollet.
Wall papei at special prices and hang
ing promptly done w W. Taylor & Co.,
17 Seventh street S
Subscribe for all magazines, papers, etc,
a.nd get \ou r binding done at Century
Store, 6 Third street, near Hen
nepin avenue.
A regular meeting of the Minneapolis
Stamp Collectors club will be held this
evening at the office of E S Stebblns, 614
Masonic Temple
The Ne w England exhibit June fair Is
Ijghted with a ' Colt " The only perfect
acetyllne gas machine No odor Used
for cooking Agency 238 Hennepin.
A public auction of bicycles recovered
by the police department but which have
not been claimed, will be held to-moirow
at 2 p- m at the central police station
Ed M Connor will act as auctioneer.
There will be a social meeting of the
Gideons at the home of Mr Brvant 2744
Aldrich avenue S, Saturday evening All
Gideons and thei* wives are requested to
be present Take Lvndale car to Twen
ty-eighth street
The delegates to the state convention of
the American Federation of Labor at Lit
tle Falls, will have a special car over the
Northern Pacific Sunday The tialn will
leave the union passenger station at 10 45
a m Tickets will be secured at the city
ticket offices and the rate will be one
and-a-third fare for the round trip
O P Thompson, who is wanted In this
oit upon a charge of embezzlement was
arrested yesterday in Moorhead Minn
for the authorities at Brainerd where he
is also wanted for jumping a board bill
He will have a hearing at Biainerd and
will then be returned to this cltv Thomp
son was emplojed by a local furniture In
stallment house and is said to have taken
goods worth $93 75
4 c
Scrambling for Straw Hats
s 5a
At the great Plymouth Clothing House
Minnesota North and South Dakota
Geneiallv fair to night and Saturday , var
iable v mds WisconsinPartly cloudy to
night and Saturday with possibly showers
in fcouth portion, variable winds Upper
MichiganFair to night and Saturday,
variable winds IowaPartly cloudy to
right and Stturday, with possibly show
ers, vaiiable windsMontanaFair to
night and Saturday cooler in southeast
poilion to nirht, variable winds
The Great Plymouth Clothing House.
Headquarters for everything good to wear
The West Side Pumps Are Again
Distributing Sewage.
Supervisor J H McConnell was com
pelled to start the West Side pumping
station yesterday as the water in the res
ervoir was going very rapidly and would
not hold out until the damages at the
Camden Place station could be repaired
Ihe water department is loth to use the
west station a* the water m the river at
this point is badly contaminated by sew
age The advice of chemists is that the
water should be boiled before being used
Our Finch Rigid Eyeglass
Will clinch without a pinch E B
rowitz, maker 604 Nicollet
The action of Carter s Little Liver Pills
is pleasant, mild and natural They
gently stimulate the liver and regulate
the bowels but do not purge They are
sure to please Try them
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Hats Always Bought
Bears the
615 First Av. S.
1909 J-l.
* $jn
Ernest Nelson Adopts a Baby
TJpon the Day of His
-% m
Child adoption is not usually a part of
the marriage ceremony even in the per
fect month of June, whon Cupid is respon
sible for all sorts of variations tipon this
fundamental theme Nevertheless, a wed
ding with this unique attachment was sol
emnized, In the Hennepin courthouse this
Among the throng of happy bridegrooms
who besieged the marriage license counter
of the county clerk s office, there appeared
a sturdy son of Scandinavia, accompanied
by the young woman he had chosen for a
life partner Neither the young man nor
the bride-to-be showed a decisive mastery
of the idiosyncracies of the English lan
guage, but they succeeded in communi
cating to the clerk their names, Ernest
Nelson and Laura Larson, and the fact
that they expected to make a home for
themselves on a farm In Kenabec county.
When the $2 worth of lifeMong happi
ness had been secured by the young farm
er, he confided to Clerk Swltzer that he
wanted the Aral ceremony perfoimed with
out dejay, and was thereupon referred to
Judge Holt of the municipal court, to
whose office the seekers after marital blls3
repaired forthwith, where the ceremony
was performed In Swedish When the tie
that binds had been knotted by the court
the newly made husband turned to his
honor and said
' Can you tell me the address of Mr
Savage, the man who finds homes for or
7 '
"Why, yes," replied the court. "But
what do you want with him?"
"We want to adopt a child and take it
home with us "
' But, my de&r man," suggested the
judge ir amazement "why don't you wait
a year or two before you take this step "
' Well, I don't want to wait. I was an
orphan and I haw always said that as soon
as I had a home of my own I would help
some poor orphan, and now I am going
to do it"
The judge was still surprised, but con
vinced that this man meant to make a
practical demonstration of living up to
the Golden Rule The desired address was
given and the young -philanthropist was
given Godspeed and went on his way
The Annual Convention of Swedish
Churchmen Held at St. Paul.
The annual meeting of the Swedish Free
Mission is being held this week at Sjo
berg s hall, 876 Payne avenue, S t Paul
The members had a lively debate yester
day on the proposition to organize the
mission along the conventional lines fol
lowed by other church denominations, but
by a decisive- majority those voting de
cided to remain as at present a free fed
eration of independent congregations
Some of the leaders argued that more ef
fective work could be done if a certain
amount of organization would be main
tamed but the great body would have
nothing of this kind of talk
Chairman, G A Young, Chicago, vice
chairman A C Leafgren, Windom, Minn ,
members of the executive committee for
three years John Martenson, Chicago, and
A Haleen Holdridge, Neb Gus F Johnr
son A C Leafgren and A A. Anderson
were appointed as a program committee.
The committee will report to-day G
Young ot Chieago was appointed director
oi lionr* missions to succeed P J Elm -
qulst of Chicago, who resigned.
Clarence Blethen Says the West Regards
Him With Marked
Clarence B Blethen, managing editor
of the Seattle Daily Times, and Sfrs
Blethen are at the West hotel, on their
way to the east Mrs Blethen is seeking
health Mr Blethen will confer with the
leaders of the National League of Demo
cratic Clubs H e is a national committee
man in this organization
Mr Blethen says about the most inter
esting fact in a political way in his sec
tion is the growth of the Hearst presiden
tial boom The coast, he says is show
ing a decided preference for the news
paper magnate, and his popularity is
growing steadily at Seattle Political
leaders have not fully1
TheSorensenShoe For men is cool, light
ft and durable costs only $2 50
jZ Guaranteed to wear as long
H and look as well as shoes oth
er dealers ask $3 50 for
Shoes resoled in 15 minutes
jT Best oak sewed,75c,nailed,50c
S 312 Nicollet Ave.
Lawn Mowers and Saws
Minnesota Broiler Chickens. ~
Minnesota Milk Lamb.
Choice Standing Rib Roast, 12% ... 15c
Choice Bound Steak 12Vfec
Choice Shoulder Steak 12%c
Choice Hamburger ... 8c
Choice Po t Roast . . .8c, 9c and 10c
Choice Rib Boiling Beef " 5c
Choice Leg of Lamb 14c
Choice Leg of Mutton lie
Choice Shoulder Lamb 10c
Chottse Pork Chops 12c
Choice Pork Loin Roast 12c
C'aoice Pork Shoulders 9c
Choice Pork Sausage 10c
Pork Tenderloins 18c
Swift Premium Hams 15c
McMillan Perigon Ha m 14c
$To 1 Selected Ham 12%c
Swift Winchester Bacon 14c
0Wift Winchester Picnic Ha m 10c
A full line of Fresh Fish.
N W 1352-J.
T. C 2044.
there is a strong undercurrent in his
fever hear* of such a thing? Well, this is what this is, and it's a fine ch&ttce for
those who have been longing for the comfort of a good piano.
We believe there are people in Minneapolis who want just what thfe sale brings
within their reach. , '
. Have you heard that we are selling '
i5o Crown Pianos at $245 to $29o
It's a fact that we are doing this very thing. * '
Some have been- used a trifle, but we have put all such in perfect repair and are *
V - selling them together with a large number of new instruments at above prices. ^
The singing quality of the " Crown" is unparalleled, its touch is a* triumph * [
of piano construction. *
' - * The "Crown" cases are made of right'sluff and well made.^^f fP^^ff*
Don't let this slip by. ' * ~ vi*v . *
Our Finch Rigid Eyeglass
Will clinch without a pinch. E . B
rowitz, maker, 604 Nicollet.
204 Nicollet Ave,
Spectacles $1 and up.
Eyes examined free by
who devotes his entire
time and energy to tbts one
thing Office 320 Nicoi
ollet av. upstairs.
/rrAlME waits for no man," is as true of this piano
J[ sale as of anything.
It is high time that you and your wife were
coming to look at that pfano.
People are coming in every day and lots of them
are rinding just what they wanted, but didn't feel able
to buy before this sale /nade high grade pianos sell at
such figures and on such liberal terms.
% J&.
Glenwood People Want Too Much
* for ft^ish Hatchery
^ Site. -*
^Jtarriage. .
Says He Was an Orphan Once
and Wants to Help
~ ** * Now.
The Commission Inspects Properties
but Will Not Purchase
Just Yet.
"There will be no fish hatchery at Glen
wood, unless the people of that vicinity
put a more reasonable price on their
land "
Executive Agent Fullerton of the state
game and fish commission declared him
self positively this morning on the sub
ject. The commission Just returned from
their trip of Inspection, very much dis
gusted The cheapest quotation they
could gt on land was $79 an acre, and
the commission say $15 an acre would be
high for the land they want, which is low
and swampy
The commissioners are also sore over
the treatment Jthey received They were
not allowed rooms at the hotels, but were
quartered in private houses and paid
their own livery and boat hire
There will probably be forty acres in
that tract finally1
mission thinks it can scarcely get along
with less Especial attention will be paid
to the propagation of wall-eyed pike and
bass at the new hatchery
The establishment of a hatchery at
Glenwoood with several men in atten
dance will have the effect of reducing
the number of edible fish that are allowed
to spoil there by the fishermen who take
them sitriply on account of the sport
Last summer, on one day, according
to the statement of a credible wl+ness,
300 wall-eyed pike spoiled at the dock
and had to be buried Lake Minnewashto
is teeming with pike and bass and gives
fine returns to true anglers who frequent
ly catch the legal limitfifty fish a day
to each person
James B. Bill's Solution of the Evils
of Bad State Corporation
Address Delivered Before the "IT
Law Alumni at Their Annual
A national corporation law must be
enacted to eheck. the evil tendencies of
the corporation laws in many states This
was the conclusion enunciated last night
by James B Dill ofi New York in an ad
dress at the Hotel Nicollet after the an -
nual dinner of the- Law Alumni associa
tion of the state university Mr Dill's
subject was "The Trend of Our Corpora
tion Laws"'ir u.1
The tendency df trust or corporation
laws said Mr Dill is bad Delaware and
a doaen other states have followed the
evil example of Ne w Jersey, even to copy
ing the Ne w Jersey incorporation law with
its errors of omission and commis
sion The object bf such legislation hap
been to increase-the revenues of some
state regardless of the national welfare
The reunify cam|ot jb| .teql^edi for in state
lav^s They #eom| j!$a(i ihe moment
*they "are* enacred with * a desire for state
revenue A--nattonal industrial act is the
solution /-^This act should include a pro
vision for* publicity ""'a publicity, however,
for those entitled to know " In thus ap
proving President Roosevelt's pofftsy Mr
Dill praised the Roosevelt incorporation
law introduced in^the Ne w York legisla
ture three years ago
After Mr Dill's address, which was
warmly applauded President Cyrus North
rop of the university, thanked the speaker
on behalf of $&e university and the alum
ni association The president added that
business success, thru corporations or oth
erwise, migh be "bought at too high a
price "People are trying to do too much
They are living at a rate ot exhaustion
that is unnecessary I stand as a hum
ble pleader for the divine enjoyment of
life instead of this eternal worry "
Frank Arnold of St, Paul, was elected
president of the law alumni, H B Mercer,
Minneapolis vice-
Market for Minnesota and North
: Dakota Lands in a Healthy '
State. - r
H. S. Judson, at West Hotel, Says
-*^ Business Is Now Upon the
Soundest Basis.
That ther is not any boom in North
Dakota and Minnesota farm lands, but
that there is a legitimate demand certain
to increase, is the opinion of experienced
land agents such as Thomas J. Baifd of
North Dakota and H S Judson, formerly
of Morris, Minn At the West hotel this
morning Mr Balrd said that the market
for North Dakota land was notably
"healthy *' It shows no signs of unwhole*
some excitement and has not been unfa
vorably affected by the recent rush to
"No, there Is not the least danger," Mr
Judson said, "that the farm land business
is going to be overdone in Minnesota or
North Dakota The twin city jobbers and
bankers have often asked me lately when
our land boom is coming to an end I
have to tell them that there Is not any
boom The facts are that business in
good farming lands in Minnesota and
North Dakota is now upon the soundest
basis W e have first-class lands to sell,
we can sell them at moderate prices and
^re have a steady supply of customers
"These customers represent the natural
increase of population in the middle west
It does rot matter what panics may come,
what may happen to business in general,
the farmers of Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and
adjoining states will continue to prospei
as thev have prospered thruot the hard
times that followed 1893 The sons of
these farmers will be growing up and
wanting to get farms of their own Farm
ers themselves, or their tenants, will be
wanting to go elsewhere, if thev can get
good, accessible lands,at a low price Thua
our supply of customers is constant
"The lands are fertile They are as -
sured of a sufficient rainfall They are
close at hand They are convenient to
railways Experience has shown that the
lands can be bought at a profit by the
actual cultivator so long as they don't cost
more than $40. an acre, and we are selling
them at no more than $15 and $20 an
"It is easv to suggest that our cus
tomers might drift away from us, that
thev might be attracted by cheaper lands
elsewhere, but there ai e no lands equally
good to be had at the same prices I have
lately made three trips to the Pacific
coast I have seen plenty of good land
out there, land that did not lack moisture,
but such Tand could not be bought for
less than $40 an acre I've seen jnore
land that is ditched for irrigation This
land will be very productive, no doubt
But it will cost $60 an acre, three times
our price, not to speak of annual charges
for water supply Then, of course, there
is an abundance of inferior land on the
market The we&t is full of grazing lands
unfit for agriculture, but it is not such
land that any of our customers are look
ing for "
agreed upon as the com-
Walter Jones Says He Knows Where
to Gome to Find Material
for a Chorus.
Distinction About the Minnesota
GirlState Acquires Fame
for Fair Women.
Walter Jones Is here to pick a chorus.
Minneapolis, which furnishes the world
with a goodly share of its flour, and Atln
nesota, which deals out Its immense wheat
crop to all mankind, are to be made
famous for their fair women. Hence
forthon the say-so of the man who
speaks with authority on such subjects,
from a life-long experiencetheatrical
managers when they want a really su
perior aggregation of stage beautiies, will
hie them to the flour city
"There's a bloom to the cheek of the
Minneapolis girl," says Mr Jones, "and
when I say Minneapolis, I mean Minne
sota, for this is the focus that you find
nowhere else in the country The girls
here are sprightly, vivacious, with the
sparkling eyes which are the fruit of this
invigorating clime, and what s somewhat
more to the point, they have a graceful
carriage which appeals tom e as quite dis
tinctive of the town Every one knows,
of course, that Minneapolis has all along
furnished her full share of the chorus girl
contingent of the big musical comedies,
comic operas and other theatrical aggre
gations That fact has finally directed
the attention of the managerial world this
way, and from now on, myself setting the
example, you need not be surprised to see
managers continually on the search for
ensemble material in these parts "
president Robert Tay
lor, St Paul, treasurer ' A resolution was
adopted making the Minnesota Alumni
Weekly the official paper of the associ
accepted him, but
Alpha Phi Dinner.
The annual dinner of the Alpha Phi
sorority of the state university was served
last night in the ladies' ordinary at the
Nicollet house Three score college girls
were present They responded wittily to
the Invitations of a toastmistress.and sang
merry, little ditties in boisterous soprano
"The Oxford 8tore."
Showing and selling more styles of Ox
foids than any two other stores in town
Nickel Plate.
Acting in harmony with nature, Satin
Skin Cream and Satin-Skin Powder are
bountiful beauty bringers 25c. Us e is
Double amount Green Trading Stamps
Saturday at The Nicollet Clothing House
All Carnival Visitors
Will enjoy a much better visit if they get
into a pair of cool Oxfords. Visit the
I Nickel Plate, 307 Nicollet
Mr Jones, who is at the West Hotel,
will be in Minneapolis most of tHe sum
mer and will be associated with Dick
Ferris of the Lyceum, altho it is not
known whether he Is to be seen oc
casionally with the stock company^for the
summer season at that playhouse Mr.
Jones, who has been associated for the
last two seasons as O'Shaughnessey, with
the big musical comedy, "The Chaperons,"
seen twice in Minneapolis, is here primorl
ly to take a arest and to prepare for a
big production in which he is to be
Starred next season, the book of which has
already been written by a famous play
The Governor Names June 15 as the
Date for Special Ob-
Governor Va n Sant has issued his an -
nual flag day proclamation It is as fol
"Pursuant to a commendable custom
established in some of the states of the
union, and believing that the same should
be universal thruout our country, I here
by designate Monday, June 15, 1303, as
flag day and heartily recommend that
said day be observed by all our citizens
in such exercises and ceremonies as may
be in keeping with the spirit of the day.
I suggest that all schools of the state
observe said day In exercise^ of a patri
otic nature and that all citizens thruout
the state decorate their homes and places
of business with the Stars and Stripes."
Searching Party Finds the
Body of George Shaw. C V
fpeoial to The Journal. - i. ^ -,
Idaho Cltyr Idaho, Jfiine B*Tile $bAr ot
George Shaw was found on Crane creek
with a bultet thru 'hi s body. H e had
been missing: since Monday and a^fart
had been in search of him. It is supposed
He was shot accidentally, as his re
volver was lying about twelve feet from
him and there Were evidences of his hav
lng struggled on the ground after being
Uhe ftpot where he was found was very
steep and rooky, and it is supposed: he
intended shooting a bird or animal when
hia foot slipped and he shot himself in
?* , 4 ^^ *
v % -.V/4 . *r*Jk:i*
6 Fifth^St. South, I
Corner Nicollef
t c ^csr*
v$ % *lr#JWf-
I ' i .mi -
Double amountH'IIIPI Gree'nm Trading Stamps
Saturday at The Nicollet Clothing House, -
JUNE 5, 1903.
.* y
Saturday's Special Bargains
Department Housefurnishmg Sundrtes, 5th St. and 1st Av. Entrances.
Special Sale Japanese Sum-
, mer NoveltiesLanterns,
Fans, Parasols, Umbrellas.
LANTERNS2 cents, 10 cents, 13
cents, 20 cents.
PALM FANS15-Inch, 5 cents, 10
cents, 15 cents.
FOLDING FANS5 cents, 10 cents,
15 cents, to 50 cents.
cents, 60 cents.
PARASOLS25-Inch, 10 cents 30-
Inch, 15 and 30 cents.
UMBRELLAS4 ft, 75 cents 6 ft,
$1.25 7 ft, $2.25 8 ft, $2.95 10 ft,
NAPKINSBeautitful assortments,
8 cents, 10 cents, 15 cents, 25 cents, 35
cents per hundred
INCENSE STICKS to drive away
your mosquito troubles.
180 Sticks Saturday for 15 cents
Free ForeFree Freight*.
During the June Fair and Carnival we will
allow fare for one person at excursion rates on
all purchases (special sale articles only ex
cepted) exceeding $100 in amount, one-half
above allowance on such purchases between $50
and $100, and one-quarter allowance on such
purchases between $20 and $50* In addition
thereto will prepay freight on all such pur
chases exceeding $20 in amount to any station
within 200 miles of Minneapolis.
Great Kodak Weather!
Enhance the
pleasure of your
strolls camp
life and vaca-
tion by making
a Kodak or
Camera your
companion All
sizes "Ko-
daks," "Koro-
nas," "Premos " Also Films all sizes,
good until January, 1904
"Brownie" Kodaks, Saturday, $1
and $2.
Folding Pocket KodatCa, Saturday, $6
to $25.
Developing Machines, $2 to $10.
Catalogues Free to out-of-town ap
To-night, 8 p. m Sat Mat ,2pm
David Belasco Presents
Prices$2, $1 50, $l, 75c and 50c
Special Sale
Slightly Damaged
Come to This Great Sale Saturday.
W e have Just 28 Slightly Damaged
Bicycles the damage consists only In
scars incident to handling in stock
and window display, nothing that In
terferes in the slightest respect with
running qualities Note Prices:
Regular $40 "Day" Bicycles, with
Hartford Tires and "New Departure"
Coaster Brake, Saturday, $33.
Regular $35 "Crescent" Wheels,
with Hartford Tll'es, Saturday, $29.80.
Regular $25 "Day" or "Crescent"
Wheels, equipped with either "M. &
W " or "Hartford" Tires. Saturday,
Regular $20 Juvenile Wheel*, Sat
urday, $17.50.
Regular $18 Juvenile Wheels, Sat
urday, $15.
The Easiest of Terms on all the above.
New England
Furniture & CarpetCo
The Otie-Prtee Complete Housefumishera,
Fifth St, 6th SU and 1st Av. S.
Rowland & Clifford's Scenic Triumph,
Seethe ft%#PP
Niagara Falls! * J * ^ **
Grandest |\| | ,
Sight in the
, / -BTT
In bis new play,
.-. D U BARRY .-. -1 ^^
11 !?
Nex* t Week, E J. Carpenter's "For Her Sake.'
Mats Tueg.,
Thurs and
Saturday Prices
Feirls Stock
Co presents a
mammoth scenic production of
the beautiful
Nights 10,25,50
Cool Oxfords
W e are recognized
headquarters for the
right kinds
New/ . Snappy, Stylish !
wmm\ That refriger-
ate! Best qual-
ities in market
for the money.
Cut prices, too.
Now $5 to $80
Lawn Mowers
Hose in tho
city. Food
Choppers, 50c.
Matinee Daily, 2:30. Evenings at 815.
Extravaganza Oo.
Free Ladles' Matinee Friday.
Easy turn-
ing, from 2-
qt. $1.46 to
6-qt. $3.50.
Hammocks, the comfort bringing
kind. Only $ 1.00 to $4.50.
New lot Stone Water Jars just
in. Water Coolere with faucet,
$3.25 up.
Hardware, Cutlery, Mechanics' Tools,
Stoves, Kltctaenware, Btc. " -^
Ag*nt ShtrwlB-Wllllams Palais. "%
- 247-249 Nicollet Ave. Minneapolis.
STRAfBBRKY , *" j Qne ^9tSf Two
WNEAPPLE , SHERBET , \ quart ***
.^,_ - , * t Rmgmlmr Prlom, 40o Pmr Qiuu*.
d/f anafitfountey Qrdmrm Prompter MM. 0*dm*m 0)#/ttft*afSmulmy,
T. C , 6194.
20o 30o
guef 50o
Second Ave.
South 5irt.

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