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Ladies' Fine Hosiery, Best Values in City at 25c to $4
P: : PEARCE'S - v
Spetialty Store, 403-416 Nicollet.
Correct Styles for Women's Wear.
Two Extraordinary Bargains New Summer Walking Skirts.
Walking Skirts made from light grey wool crash, hips f "JP C A
trimmed, full flare, a skirt that would be good value at $10. * 9 - ivv
Walking Skirts made from London Twine Cloth, in the fashionable
shades of blue, a graceful nine gore skirt with full flare, worth ft* 4 A
$15, at 31 U
Shirt WaistsFine lawn and mercerized Cotton Waists, f4 O R
regular value, $1.50 to $2.50 for 9 I mammO
Fine Cambric and Nainsook Underwear at coet of material.
No charge for making.
$1.35 Night srmxZm-^ Skirt like cut, $2.00
Robes, $1.00 JST\/K 40c Drawers at 25c
$2.00 Night U^JJMX 65c4 Drawers,
Robes, $1.5 ^i^^^mA.
* ^Ma\WLa\a\aa\a 75cDrawers,
Robes, $2.00 ^rf^^^^S^O^
skirts," $1.35 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ers, at 75#.
$ 2.00^^^^^^ffl^^^^^^ers, $1.25.
skirts, $2.50 ^$||1!^P^
Newest Designs Are Works of Art In Gold,
f Ivory or Set With
.'' Jewels.
-' Umbrella handles this season are dis
tinctive and costly. The choicest are
found at the jeweler's rather than at the
umbrella dealer's, and come put In fine
leather cases along with the tips and fer
rule to be mounted to order.
Designs of a romantic character, show
ing dancing girls, swordsmen and seaformerly
nymphs are developed in tinted, gold, old
, silver and odd-looking metals. Distinct
little studies of figures and flowers are
sculptured in shaded metal and are asand
lifelike and interesting as tho depicted
in colors.
The tips and ferrule match the handle
In material and ornament. An odd handle
frS intended for a birthday gift is of
|| I shades of greenish gold and shows a
I I nymph in diaphanous drapery leaning
F I among . long-stemmed water plants. The
M workmanship is exquisite. The canopy
i for this outfit will be of dull green silk.
* - But such a handle and tips will outlast
j , several silk covers.
I *j A garlanded column forms the main
! ' piece of another gold handle with an up-
to-date girl figure for embellishment.
j. , Pale tinted enamel defines the swirling
[ skirts and the flower garlands.
r\ A shaftlike handle of gun-metal ends
I in a smooth-finished knob set with tiny
t _ clusters of olivines, the grass-green, semi
-wj^precious stones that have a particular
|", vogue just now.
,,-. Ivory handles that show three or more
* Stints in the carved figures and draperies
* are among the most expensive shown.
5-^ The tips and ferrule for them are of gold
t, ,orf
gun metal. showin symbols
v o popular sportsHandles , automobilingg , hunting
and golfing, are often made to order.
Golden brown silk is the fancy of the
=_, , moment for the fashionable woman's urn-
~ brella dull green also is popular, and blue
^ and red are used to some extent.
$. Certain of the metal handles have the
.3fsoftly tinted burnished patterns of oldwedding
|*-tapestry, so that almost any shade of silk
'will agree with them. Others are in Egyp-
'. tlan and Arabian designs, having charac-
.'teristic heads and figures silhouetted in
i frosted silver against a background of
'"' Umbrella chatelaines are very ornate
-and attractive, but are not calculated to
' sustain an umbrella of the storm variety.
i The smartest umbrella mountings are
, ''meant for covers of large size for prac-
' tical use.
An Observant Young Woman Who Can
Read the Character of Her
"Do I believe in palmistry?" repeated
the glove store salesgirl. "I don't know
much about It. But just let a customer
hold out her hand to be fitted and I can
read her main traits of character without
ever noticing her face.
"The woman who extends her hand
with the thumb shut in under the fingers
Is apt to want the best gloves in stock
at the cheapest price, and Is likely to
find some flaw or misfit in the glove after
it Is on that no one else can see. Rea
sonable people,, with determination of
character, unconsciously shut the thumb
over the fingers when the hand is folded
in repose. *
"If a girl puts out her hand to be
measured and the fingers bend backward
a little and are not overtapering at
ends I know that she has a sweet, sunny
disposition and is considerate of others.
"Customers with fingers more square
than tapering are sure to thank you
your services after you have fitted them,
and will generally make some comment
pleasant to hear. They have good taste,
as a rule, and don't select ultra-fashion
able shades and styles.
"The woman with fine-tapering fingers
has good taste, too. But" she is formal
and seldom considerate. I never expect
such a one to thank me for having tried
to please her. And s seldom does, tak
ing it as a matter of course, I suppose,
that a sales person's duty is to please and
that she is paid to do so.
"From looking at a customer's hand I
can tell whether she will want her gloves
to draw on and off easily or try to wear
them so tight that she could hardly turn
a door knob,, lift her skirts, or otherwise
use her hands with them on. Fewer
women want their street gloves tight now
than used toNbe
many still persist in wearing their even
ing and full dress gloves a quarter size
smaller than they should be."
j, The President's Career.
'""President Roosevelt is so well known
to all of us that we fail to realize what a
phenominal career he has had. Just five
years ago he resigned a position as assist
ant secretary of the navy to become sec
ond In command of a volunteer regiment
In the Cuban campaign. His career since
| then reads like a romance, seldom,, if ever,
g paralleled in American history. His ad-
| vance Is due more than all else to .hising
I tremendous energy and capacity for hard
| work. Such energy comes with a regular
I use of golden grain belt beer, the pure
tonic and table beverage. It's good for
all the family and should be in every
Silk Suits,
worth to
$40.00, at
5c -
55c -
is ^ $i.|o~
Going thru the narrow gives the old residents
a queer sensation In these days of high water.
There have been times when, In passing thru in a
rowbont or sailboat, or even some of the launches,
one had to be boosted to climb up to the top of
the piling, as it was sometimes necessary to do
if the power gave out, as it has a trick of doing.
Now one doesn't discover the channel until
o.uite In it, and one feels that there is danger
of running right over the top of the piling, for
It is ocly a few Inches above the water. The
red lanterns that mark the entrance that were
seen to be on lamp posts now appear
to roek upon the waves. Everybody has been
dock buildiug this Ruroiner, for it has been nec
essary to raise the planks on all small docks
in most cases to piece out the posts also,
for none of the recent builders have prepared for
high water and the older docks were long ago
cut. down to a low water stage.
Another result of the high water is that few
of the steamers and only part of the launches
able to go under the bridges.
The Jolly Neighbors club of Sunnyside was de
lightfully entertained at the home of Mrs. Bur
well at Mhmetonka Mills on Friday. The follow
ing ladies were present: Mines. C. B. Wyman
T. R. Daniel, George Hawes, A. W. Millard, c!
B. Stacy, M. G. Rodiarmel, H. Stong, Ed Orth,
Robert Itiddell, H. Waldron, Lawton, Gould, MiSs
Dorothy Stacy.
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Campbell, nee Pelton,
are spending a few days with Mr. and Mrs.
W. J. Campbell at Deephaven before going to
their home in Huron, S. D. Miss Flossie Fowle
was a guest of the Campbells over Sunday.
Mrs. James, Miss Struthers and Miss Cushing
of New York spent several days last week at the
Minnetonka club, eh route from California to
New York.
Miss Charlotte Esmond was the guest of
friends at Deerhaven and Cottagewood over Sun
Miss Donaldson is visiting Mrs. Willis Walker
at the Willows on St. Louis Bay.
A pleasant family party gathered yesterday
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Morison at
Breezy Point to cilebrate several birthdays and
anniversaries. The guests included Mr.
and Mrs. G. W. Libbey, Mrs. A. D. Griffith and
Mrs. O. M. Mudgett of California, Mr. and Mrs.
Melvln Grimes, A. M. Libbey and the Misses
Hennepin District W. C. T. V,
The Hennepin district W. C. T. U. will hold
its annual convention to-morrow and Wednesday
at Simpson M E. church. To-morrow morning
there will be reports of unions and a memorial
service in addition to business. The afternoon
program will include addresses, music, recitations
and a progressive conversazione. A diamond
medal contest will be held In the evening.
Entertained a World's Secretary.
Miss Reynolds, the world's general secretary
of the Y. W. C. A., arrived Friday from Winni
peg and spent the day visiting the Minneapolis
association in Its new building. She will remain
in America until fall, spending the summer in
her home in New Haven, Conn. Miss Rey
nolds Is the only traveling secretary that the
world's association supports, and her duties are
manj. She will attend all the summer confer
ences in the country. Miss Reynolds says the
work in Europe and in America differs greatly
in its character, owing to the, diversity of condi
tions and the prevailing customs in each coun
try. Ther are now 7,000 associations, all in a
flourishing condition, and the membership Is in
the neighborhood of 1,000,000.
A superb and very unusual necklace of
pearls and diamonds Is in the design of
a spider's web in which are imprisoned
hapless flies. The web, which is
of small diamonds, radiates from the cen
ter* of the front. The principal feature is
a large moth, the body of which is made
a large fresh water pearl, and the.bride's
wings of transparent enamel. The spider
has withdrawn to the top of his web and
is not a striking feature, happily.
Coral beads of the most delicate rose,
each bead divided from its fellow by a
pierced diamond, make a beautiful one
row necklace.
The automobile stick pin is a delight
ful little conceit. The machine does not
measure an inch across, but it is per
fectly modeled, and is built of diamonds,
with a ruby or emerald for a headlight.'
Rhinestones,. combined with light or
dark tortoise shell, are charming for sets
of combs to confine the hair. Turquoise
in oval medallions or round beads adorn
a beautiful little round comb for holding
the "back" hair in place. One swagger
hairpin for sticking thru the low coiffure
broadens out into a circle at the top,
with large catseyes imbedded in the shell.
Sets of combs of white horn to imitate
ivory are a pretty novelty.
the case. But a good
Every one admires the rich lace curtains in
the windows of Mrs. Frederick W. Vanderbilt's
house in New York. She appropriated more than
$20,000 from her husband's fortune and gave this
sum to a decorator to curtain her twenty-five
windows. Mrs. Vanderbilt now may boast the."
finest curtains. The color is "cafe au lait,"
and the quality cannot be aprpeciated in a pass
glance. Each curtain is a jewel of lacework
and those in the rear are of the same quality.
If you need money and have something
you wish to dispose of, just try an "ad in
the classified columns of The Journal.
Only 1 cent per word, no ad less than 20
cents. '
510 Hennepin Avenue.
Sne also does Manicuring, Ladies' and Gentlemen's
Face Massage, and Shampooing. She has closed a
Contract with Miss Henderson, a famous face special-
ist of New York City, who is here now to take charge
of this department. " " "
L - mdam m L m
This smart garment is, in white sicilan, with dotted green panne velvet cuffs and
reversand big pearl buttons. The width of brim of the tailored hat harmonizes with
the wide shoulder cape.
*.....................................................................a ,
Social Circles.
. v . .-- i .
William Erf add Miss Laura Olds
MarriedHome to Be in
New York.
Mrs. E. W. Backus Entertained Sat
urday at a Chocolatiere for
Miss Bracelin.
"William Erf and Miss Laura Olds were
married yesterday at 5 o'clock at themusic
home of Dr. Williams, 3101 First avenue
.8. Only a small party of friends wit
nessed the ceremony, which was per
formed by Rev. J. E. Bushnell, pastor of
.Westminster church. The rooms were
decorated in green and pink. The bride
.wore a traveling gown of green and blue
silk. Mr. and Mrs. Erf left for the east
last night and after July 15 they will be
at home in New York.
Mrs. E. W. Backus entertained at a
.chocolatiere Saturday mornings, at her
home on Oak Grove street for Miss Brace
lin of the Emerson school. The guests
were the teachers of the Emerson school
and Miss Whitmore, the principal. Yel
low iris was used in the dining-room,
while the decorations in the reception
rooms were American Beauty roses.
Miss Frances Vincent sang delightfully,
.while the guests were served. Miss Mae
.Seavey, who is here from Boston visiting
Mrs. Backus, presided at the chocolate
table. Miss Bracelin left last night for
her home in St. Joe, Mich.
Wednesday, June 24, the marriage of
Miss Minnie Meredith Shores of Butte,
Mont., and Thomas Julian McGill will
.take place at the home of the bride in
Butte. Mr. McGill will leave Wednesday
with his best man, C. G. Rank, of
Paul, and Phillip R. Books of Minneapolis.
Xiater a party will leave Minneapolis to
attend the wedding.
The marriage of Miss Catherine Conley
and James W. Gowehlock will take place
Tuesday, June. 30, at the home of thetaker,-will
mother, Mrs. J. S. Conley, 708
Twenty-sixth avenue NE.
The marriage of Miss Gertrude Elinor
Bracelin of St. Joseph, Mich., to J. O.Mrs.
Davis of Minneapolis will take place at
the home of the bride in St. Joseph,
Wednesday, June 24.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mackay have is
sued invitations for the marriage of their
daughter, Miss Elizabeth Mary Mackay,
to Dr. Hoxle Sargent, which will be
solemnized Saturday, June 20.
The marriage of Miss Lucretia W.
Archibald and Otis Marble Botsford will
take place Tuesday, June 30.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Schwartz announce
the engagement of their daughter Eva
Isadore Zeesman. They wiir be ^married
in Morgan post hall June 21. at 8 o'clock.
The invitations have been issued for
the marriage of. Mis_s_ Liolian Adelaide
Kopp and Robert Everett Carson, which
will take place Tuesday evening,'June 30,
at the - home of the bride's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. .E.,R. Kopp, 422 Third avenue
NE. Mrs. Throsman will entertain at a
plate shower for the bride Friday after
noon and Mr. and Mrs. Kopp will give the
bridal dinner, Monday, June 29.
Mrs. B. McCarthy announces the mar
riage of her daughter, M.ollie, to Robert
C. Westerman, to _ take place at St.o
Charles church, at 5-
Hall, the groom's brother, was best man
and the ushers were Messrs. Fred C.
Priene and August Kirkhof. Misses
Freda Arones and Loretta Walsh acted
as flower girls.
After the service a reception was held
at the home of the bride's uncle and aunt,
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Fisher, 2404 Sec
ond street NE. Decorations were in peon
ies and wild roses. -
'She wedding of Miss-Gathering Edwards
and Peter Scalan was solemnized at St.
Anthony church Wednesday at 5. Rev
Father O'Reilly officiated. Miss Claire
Fowler attended the bride while Frank
Edwards, brother of the bride was best
man. Mr. and Mrs. Scalan will be at home
after July 15, at 2526 Eighth stret S. "
Mrs. W. H. LaFore entertained at a par
cel shower Friday evening for her daugh
ter Miss Isabella LaFore, who will be a
bride this week. Wild roses and ferns
decorated ^the rooms and a program of
was.- given. About thirty guests
were present, among them Mrs. J* E
Scalan and her sister^MlsB Bessie Asseltn,
from LaCrosse, Wfc/Q %LQ if ' -
_j.fr,p . T%AtT .,% . t
The marriage'of .Miss Ino D I Long, the
daughter oft Mr. and Mrs: George P ' De
Long of Nickerson, and Robert Howard
Watson pf Glendive, Mont., took place at
the Aberdeen, St. Paul, Wednesday- mor-
ning. iMr. and Mrs. Watson will live in
The Misses Quinn gave a luncheon yes
terday in nonor of Maurice J. Ryan, who
was graduated Tuesday from St. Thomas
seminary. The decorations were in red
and green and covers were laid for ten.
Mrs. H. C. Carlisle will entertain Tues
day at her home, 2209 Fifth avenue S, from
3 to 6, for Miss Wilma Baxter, a June
bride. A feature of the afternoon will be
a towel, shower for the bride. Miss Kate
Darling of Farmingtoh, Minn., who is vis
iting Mrs. Carlisle, will assist in receiving
the guests.
o'clock, June 17.
The* wedding of Miss Alma Annette
Ekstrum to Peter W." Anderson is anFischer.
nounced by Mr. and Mrs. Ekstrum to take
place Wednesday evening, June 24, at the
Lutheran Zion church and will be followed
by a reception at the home of the bride's
parents. ' -.*,..'
Miss Ludia.Hoganand John Olson "were
married .Thursday evening at the home
of Mrs. Rowley, in St. Paul. .'_'.'
Thomas Francis McCarthy, a former
resident of Minneapolis, was married in
New York Wednesday morning. . Miss Jes
sie C." Brownwell was his bride. Thev
will live in Duluth. ^ .
The marriage of Miss Estalla Young and
LeRoy C. Hall was solemnized Wednes
day evening at the First Methodist church.
Rev. F. J. Priene read the service and
the" bride's uncle, Lewis Fisher, sang.
"Oh Promise Me." The bride was given
away in marriage by her uncle, Frederick
Fisher, and she was attended by Miss I twin cities
special Parlor tor
Otnuemea'% Massage
Personal and Social. *
Miss Genette Wilder has returned to her home
in Mankato.
George T. Halbert left Saturday for a visit
to Kentucky.
Mr and Mrs. W. J. Tarbell left Saturday to
several days at La Crosse.
Mrs. F. S. Arnold, Portland avenue, has gone
east to spend the summer months.
Miss Eva Li. Austin left yesterday for a trip
to Seattle, Portland and San Francisco.
,L. A. Ross of Pittsburg is the jruest of his
cousin, Mrs. J. H. Huntington, Fourth street S.
..Miss, Etta Mulvey and Iter cousin. Miss Whit
spend the -summer in Toronto, Can
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Hudson and their daugh
ter. Clara Louise Hudson, have left for New
J. R. Smith and her son, Harryr will
leave to-day for a two weeks* trip in South
T. B. Farmer has returned from college in
Lake City, and' will spend the summer in Min
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Cook are entertain
ing Mayor Culpepper and his daughter of Thom
asville, Ga.
J. P. Strong, formerly of Toronto, Canada,
and W. W. Wilkinson leave this week for the
Pacific coast.
Mrs. C. Guy Ellis, Seattle. Wash., who has
been visiting in Minneapolis, will return to herguest
home this week.
Miss Maud Stafford lias returned from a three
months' trip in California and is now at 315
Fourteenth street. '
Mrs. B. Whitem'an and Grace Thompson of
, are visiting their sister, Mrs.
H. L. Sisson, Pierce street.
L. P. Plummer W. R. C. will give the fifth
annual excursion to Hastings and up the St.father
Croix river, Wednesday,, at 9:30 a. m.
Mrs. Robert Megow returned. Friday from Wis
consin. Mr. and Mrs. Megow will leave to-night
for a trip to Chicago and Indianapolis.
Miss E. Fenno. teacher of Latin in the Cen
tral High school, will leave on Monday for
Erie, Ta., to spend her summer vacation.
Fred W. Woodward left yesterday for Chi
cago to attend the wedding of his brother, F. R.
E. Woodward, which will' take place Wednesday.
The Ladies'* Aid Society of Chicago Avenue
Baptist church wil Igive a thimble bee to-mor
row afternoon at the home of Mrs. -B LrLIttle
fleld, 3621 Ninth avenue S.
Mile. Dreyfous leaves -to-night for Cambridge
t attend the Harvard commencement. She will
take a special course in the Harvard summer
school and will retiun in September.
A recital will be given to-night in
All Your Fault
VUIH 1VIIIIG 1IUUU9 dollar. We didn't need it-had too much
oi our own but twas such a good thing we simply couldn't let it pass. There are
India, Victoria, French, Egyptian and Persian Lawns, Mercerized Oxford Stripes
and Jacquards, Dotted Linens and Mulls, Bedford Cords, Piques, and all the new
novelties. To facilitate selection they are arranged in three lots assortments good,
as yet, but, they won't stand the strain long-don't delay.
worth to
40c, yard
Now or Never fo these elegant dollar printed
Foulards (worthr it, too) almost all colors,
every single style desirable there is nothing
makes so rich or serviceable summer costumes.
They are going fast and Tues- 0% gt%
day may see the last of them. K M 0%
Your own selection, yard %aW %M %M
Wash Goods
Apron Ginghams, best quality,
all wanted checks and colors,
plenty of blues, JR
regular 7c yard kind. .^"2**
English EtoileFine English
Dimities, Mercerized Soierie,
beautiful, fine sheer, dainty
fabrics, grandest collection of
latest effects, usually 4 fkg%
15c and 19c values... - " O
Novelty Silk and Linen Batiste
French embroidered Swisses,
French and English Grena
dines, season's choicest cre
ations, direct from celebrated
European looms, very swell,
former prices $1 yd., Oft^i
only WWt
Shirt Waists
Jap Silk Shirt Waists, black
or white, worth il^O A O
$4.50 9iifO
Linen and fine Lawn Shirt
Waistsplain or embroidered
worth to fl^l A Q
$5.00.:. .. i?p liVO
White Talfeta Silk Ribbon
3J inches wide, splendid
weight, beautiful finish, excel
lent quality and grand fE*
value, at, yard
hall by Miss Helga Damin, a
- pupil of Mr
Miss Damm will give a number of
short selections. She will be assisted by the
violinfst, Adolph Olsen.
Miss Mary Rogers of Seattle, is spending a
few days with Minneapolis friends en route to
Chicago. Miss Rogers will spend two weeks in
Minneapolis on her-return in August. She isFriday
supervisor of drawing'1n Ballard, Wash.
Minneapolis people In New York hotols are:
Grand Union. C. E. Stafford: Astor, C. S. Sedg
wick Hoffman, H.. E. Schloss Herald Square.
Mrs. L. Christian Manhattan. L. I. Donaldson, J.
White, H. S. Helm, E. J. Skewis. Northwestern
people are: Stillwater, Minn.. Naraire, T. J.
Bnrke. - - . , _
,.,,-, In New York Once a Month.
Mr. W. J. Noble,:Manager of. Cloaks"and
Costumes Department of The Plymouth
Clothing House,, has just returned from
his fourth trip, (in as many months), to
New York. This time he has secured, new
mld-summec stuffs, including the latest
and best of fashion's.reigning whims. The
Plymouth stock of thin summer gowns is
by far the most . comprehensive in theMinneapolis
"Plymouth Corner"Sixth and ^Nicollet.
Thursday at the home.of Mrs. Kaley.
Miss Annie Davis, librarian at Hamline uni
versity, will spend the summer in Ohio.
Homer Innis, a guest of Rev. Mr. and Mrs.
Innis, has returned to Baker City, Wash.
Mrs. William Brink entertained at luncheon
in honor of Mrs. E. E. McCrea.
Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Cone of NorthHeld wen
guests of Dr. and Mrs. Avlson last week.
Miss Bertha Bell of Hamline university has
gone to New Richmond for the summer.
Mrs. Sliove entertained the Misses Elizabeth
and Sarah Moltimier of Newport last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Reed Johnson of Minnehaha
street Entertained at dinner Thursday evening.
Rev. and Mrs. F. A. Cone of Northfield were
guests of Professor and Mrs. Drew last. week.
The Ladies' Aid Society of Knox church met
Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Kaley.
Mrs. George H. Brldgman, with her son Don
ald, and daughter Dorothy, have left for Europe.
Mrs. A. Z. Drew entertained A. P. Nelson
of Grantsburg, Wis., durjug commencement week.
Mrs. Bradley and Miss Alice Van Fossen of
spent last week with Mrs. George
Miss Bessie Thomas of -Dakota, who has been
iff! JUNE 15i 1903..
of it now. We we "tak-
ing medicine" and it's bittervery bitter, but there's no
alternative, You can do us a good turn and save dollars
at the same time. IVill you?
Q 411j ^ M l LJ|
AfllR W nlTP HflflllQ
$1.00 05fC
Mrs. Sidney White is in Duluth.
Miss Emma Price has gone to Fulda.
Mrs. h. B. Hooper has gone to Idaho.
Mrs. W. H. Weimar is in- Charles City, Iowa.
Mrs. Ballentyne is visiting in Janesville, Wis.
Mrs. McCallum has returned from Wisconsin.
Mr. McCrea and family have left for Alexan
Mrs. A. Z. Drew Is spending a few days In
Mr. and Mrs. B. B. McCrea left for Alexandria
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Boy Brink have returned from
Red Wing.
Mr. and Mrs.- George. Jre have returned from
Reeve, Wis. ....
Mrs. E. Ni-Woliver
a guest of MrsGeorge .
Rev. W. W. Jameson of Winnebago City, was
a guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Hackney last
Miss Helen Munro, matron of ladies' hall of
Hamline university, will spend July in Reglna.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Montgomery will receive
Tuesday evening in honor of Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Maben of White Bear
Lake were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ryan
Mrs. J. A. Stub of Stoughton, Wis., last week
visited her father, President Stub of Luther
Professor and Mrs. Elling Hove of Wesley
avenue entertained the senior class of Luther
seminary at dinner Monday evening.
Profossor and Mrs. John Yllvsaker entertained
the graduating class of Luther seminary at din
ner Monday evening. There were twenty-three
Mrs. A. O. Aasen of Bellevue, Minn., and Miss
Valborg Larson of Harmony, Minn., and Mrs.Dlllttannltt
I. D. Yllvsaker of Mayville, N.
returned from a visit
to Indianapolis. . .' ,:
Mrs. Henderson has been entertaining Mrs. and
Miss Stark of Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Rice gave a dinner Wednesday
for Minneapolis friends:
Mrs. WHUiim Thompson entertained the W. C.
T. U. Friday-afternoon.
Dr. Chaffee of .Pasadena, Cal., has been a guest
of Dr. and Mrs. ' Innis. ~
Mr. Rnd Mrs" Walter Ryan entertained at dia
ner Wednesday evening.
Miss Brusegaard of Brandon, Minn., is a
of Miss 1'Ilvsaker.
Rev. Frank Cowgill of Mankato has been a
guest of Mrs. Humphrey.
Mrs. Flint will give a thimble bee Wednesday
in honor of Mrs. McCrea.
Mrs. C. I. Humphrey is entertaining her
mother, Mrs. George Hall.
Mrs. C. P. Montgomery is entertaining her
.from Redlands, Cal.
Mr. and Mrs. George Budd are entertaining
the Misses Anderson of Milan.
Mrs. Helen M. Evans entertained Professor
Maxwell of Winona last week.
Professor and Mrs. Osborne left Wednesday
for New York and New Jersey.
Misses Ora and Eleanor Miller gave a small
dinner party Wednesday evening. - -- ''
Miss Burke entertained the Ladies', Guild of
Epiphany church Friday afternoon.
Rev. H. A. Stub of Sacred Heart Is.a guest of
President Stub of Luther seminary. ...
Herald Berg of Sacred Heart is a guest of
Professor Stub at Luther seminary.
The Ladies' Aid Society of Knox church
If you once try Carter's Little Liver
Pills for sick headache, biliousness or
constipation, you will never be without
them. They are purely vegetable small
and easy to take. Don't forget this.
Superfluous Hair
tf^^^J^ Tue
entire open stock
t jobber , at about 33 cents on e
LOT 2 4 A
worthto60c, K fi
yard .. - ^ ^ * *
Not a dollar ninety-eight
has been the price of some of themgood
sellers too, combining style with quality.
You can buy just one more dress a this
price, viz: one great big lot,
former prices to $1.98 yard,
your choice
Beautiful, sheer, filmy Sum
mer Laces, bought just in the
nick of time at a big reduction
from the regular prices and
offered to New Store patrons
on same basis. Ivory, Beurre
and Arabe Galloons in Medal
lions, serpentine and straight
effects, also fine Plat Valen
ciennes Edgings and Inser
tions to match, 2 to 5 inches
wide, values to 30c. Sale Rf%
prices, yard, 9c and "V~
Muslin Underwear
200 dozen "Sanitary'' made
to-order Gowns, Skirts, Chem
ise, Drawers and Corset Cov
ers, best materials, fine lace
and embroidery trimmed, two
specials, worth to $l.QO**
Choice 69c and O f O
Hosiery, Underwear
Women's fine 40 gauge fast
black full seamless ...^ "JR*%
Hose, worth 15c ... . - w
Children's plain or ribbed Un
derwear, worth 25c, 1 0ft
Women's Swiss Ribbed Com
bination Suits, worth QQ
t *et
Innis, has returned
on faoe, neek and arms Is
A Foe to Beauty
You can instantly remove unnecessary growths
or unsightly blotches of hair by a single appli
cation of
the only method Indorsed by physicians and
surgeons, and used by them for years. "De
Miracle" is a liquid preparation which instant*
ly dissolves the hair, destroying its growth. It
absolutely non-poisonous and entirely harmless,
and does not in auy way injure the skin or
complexion. Money refunded if it fails to do all
that is claimed for It. Sealed booklet, with In
dorsements of physicians, druggists, etc., free
on request.
"De Miracle" mailed in plain, sealed wrapper
on receipt of $1 by De Miracle Chemical Com
pany, Park avenue and 130th st, New York, or
sold by ~\ \ .," . - -J-. '.'"_ '- '"/."'
E. H. Weinhold,
528 Nicollet Ave. and West
Hotel Brug Store,
fianaral Dry Gleaners and Oyer*.
worth to
75c, yard
Dress Goods
a yard although that
s uress ai, mis
88t c
New Summer Styles.
100 doz. genuine J. B., G. D.,
C. B., Nemo and American
Lady Corsets and Waists,
straight front, dip hip, "new
batiste and net, in all lengths,
white and colors, 18 to 30,
worth to $1.50. AQA
Choice ...., U5Jl#
Art Department
Beads! Beads!1000 bunches
latest Indian and Oriental
Beads, all sizes, per C p
bunch up from F v
(Practical bead-work lessons
given by Chief La Frambois
and wife without charge.)
2000 skeins Wash Embroidery
Silk Beldings, Corticelli and
Brainard & Armstrong, Of*
per skein O u
Hen's Furnishings
Bought of one of the largest
importers of men's fine under
wear, entire surplus stock of
shirts and drawers, in lisle
and summer weight wool
worth to $1.75 AQr*
choice . 1 F1#
Buffer $sm*!^. SI.I2
Brick (cheese ^ I2c
Rich Cheese pt
?/,(TC -SO f 1 f T H -iT
h a 13 c
Salad Bii fSSSu SI.Z5
Salmon Steak S?~ (3s
Shrimps ?e7c^unbar
of U quarts.
Professor and Mrs. John Yllvsaker.
: ^6^ $2.50019I
are visiting
* Mammoth size
RpA f
CVanS Ale ported, per dozra.-Sli44
White Label Ale u Si.95
Duffy's Pure Malt :"'^88i
ller's Malt rafc."^ 65c
Barton Port Sr- ssSJsritt f n
fllmS rOr4 l Per gallon, $1.60. A Am
s 19 c
Sardines & .7c
Strawberries l?%* SL "spfs
t -
Peas SS*.^. 30e
Potatoes 5SU 49c
Cinumber ^^"^....St
Tomatoes ffi&~ 49c
Lettuce r^nfhes Ic
Wax Beans SS.??.?^ 9c
Bo w
t Louis quart
ft f? D A AW Made from Bohemian
Da l a C 6 Bl hops, per case Q 4 f|
two dozen quarts V - 3 U
60o. Per gallon SliBU
Vfitl#A DAP A rare bargain, worth $3.00.
Per quart f - w
Pot Roast Beef, per lb 8c to 10c
Choice. Boiling Beef, per lb 5c
Mutton Stew or Veal Breasts, per lb. 7c
Pork Roast or Chops, per lb 14c
Red Hots, Minced Ham or Bologna
Sausage, per lb 9c
Picnic Hams, sweet cured, per.lb...... lie
All departments closed during* the
entire day Wednesday. Open Tues?^
day evening until 10 p. m. '^J^:
Is the worst disease on earth, yet the easiest
Many have pimples, spots ou the skin, sores is
the mouth, ulcers, falling hair, bone pains ca
tarrh, don't know it is BLOOD PQISOlii. Send
to Dr. Brown, 933. .Arch st, Philadelphia, for
BROWN'S BLOOD CUiiE #2 per bottle iasfs
one month. For sale only at VOEGELI BHOS.'
"U I
% I' v*W--V.
ii 'a
1 -
. i
v*i*Kfet* sasSSs/-
,., * , ^,^^.,,^y^i^^^^^^^^M

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