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Democratic Prediction Anent the
Further Development of the
Postoffice Scandal.
Correspondent of the Chicago Chron
icle Says the Worst Is Yet
to Come.
few York Sun Special Service.
Chicago, June 15 A Washington spec
ial to the Chronicle-Democrat says
"Washington is commenting upon the
extent to which the report of Civil Serv
ice Commissioner Pioctor sustains the
charges made by Seymour W Tulloch ex -
cashier of the local postoffice of irregu
lailties in that office and the postoffice
department When Tulloch s charges
were made both formally and informally
Postmastei General Payne tieated them
with contempt H e was full of wrath in
his denunciation of Tulloch For da
after the ex-cashier filed his charges Mr
Payne made sport of them during the reg
ular afternoon audiences which he ac -
corded newspaper correspondents H e
appeared to legaid it as a great conces
sion on his part to consent to refer the
charges to the respective bureaus of the
department to which they related
The replies of former First Assistant
Postmaster General Peny S Heath Con
troller of the Treasury Iracewell ex -
Postmaster Chailes Emoiv Smith Auditor
Castle and Postmastei Merritt filled Mr
Payne with glee H e considered that his
judgment of Tulloch and his chaiges was
justified in view of the denials made by
all these officials
Payne's Attitude Changes.
Later on, howevei Mr Payne evidently
began to receive intimations from Fourth
Assistant Postmaster Bristow and the
civil service commission that the Tulloch
charges had at least some foundation in
fact Hi s attitude on the question un -
derwent a change and inquiiies regarding
the charges of Mr Tulloch met with seii
ous replies
The opinion of Mr Tulloch's friends that
investigation of his charges would prove
that he knew whereof he spoke at least
no far as the Washington postoffice was
concerned was justified by Commissioner
Proctor's report It is now an accepted
fact that the local office has been a mere
bureau of the department, that it has
been a dumping ground upon which poli
ticians unloaded numerous constituents
who were clamoring for jobs and that ir
regularities in the matter of paying sal
aries to peisons who did no -work etc,
were frequent
The report of Fourth Assistant Bristow
tipon the subject which Mr Payne has
promised to make public this week it is
believed will be decidedly unfavorable
to the methods pursued in the office
Sensation Expected
Little doubt exists that the present
we'* will witness Interesting develop
ments in the department investigation
Rumors of laxity among high officials have
been circulated so freely and backed by
euch high authority that the belief is gen
eral that there will be something doing
of an extraordinai y character before
many daj s
Investigation of the charges against
George W Beavers foimer chief of the
division of salaiies and allowances has
been thoro and Is expected to culminate
shortlv The chaige of collusion in the
purchase of time checks for use in the
department at an exoibitant price also
of cash registers and stamp cancelling
machine* will it is said prove disastrous
In its denouement to Beavers Much evi
dence of extravagance and irregularities
not to use stronger tetms has been gath
ered and the time to strike almost has
arrived When it does come the sensation
caused bv the arrest of August W Ma
chen probably -will be eclipsed
Chicago Great Western Will Pa y
Hamilton Spence $12,000.
Special to The Journal
Fort Podge Iowa June 15 The $50 000
personal injury suit of Hamilton Spence
TS the Chicago Great Western road
which wa started Saturday in the federal
court now in session in this cit was
pettled to-dav by the attorneys of the
plaintiff agreeing to accept $12 000
Spence was run down by a work tram I Wisconsin "anT elsewhere
whle in the employ of this company and , _ - ,,__, fnum* -
both legs seNered above the knees A
ulose legal question was involved in the
case which closes the work of the court
for this session
t_ow Rates Vi a the Minneapolis & St.
Louis R R on the Famous
"North Star Limited "
Buffalo and i eturn $23 50 Boston and
return $29 00, Albany and Ieturn, $27 50,
Montreal and return $27 50 Quebec and
return $30 50 On sale June 11-26 For
particulars call on W L Hathaway City
Ticket Agent, corner Washington and
I Inventory Sale
, Thursday, June Id,
Friday, June 19,
Saturday, June 20.
Mor e Coming
Kansas City Platform Is Likely to
Be Reaffirmed by Hawkeye
Special to The Journal
Des Moines Iowa June 15 As the
time for the democratic state convention
approaches the impression seems to be
gaining that W J Bryan has succeeded
in lining up the leaders of the Iowa de
mocracy for the reaffirmation of the
Kansas City platform There will proba
bly be some opposition on the part of the
gold democrats as they have been doing
some quiet work, but what they hav e ac
complished or will accomplish will not be
apparent until the convention meets.
Charles A Walsh of Ottumwa mem
ber of the democratic national commit
tee from Iowa and the secretary of that
organization, is using his influence to
bring about the reaffirmation of the Kan
sas City platform H e worked toward
this end last year, having had quarters
open two or three days before the con
vention, but the tide had set in in the
other direction and he was unable to
succeed in his purpose This year he has
pursued a more systematic course and
has allied himself with the leaders of
the Kansas democracy and is confident
that he will be able to secure the ratifica
tion of the Kansas City platform.
Among those who are working with him
are Walt Butler of Des Moines, General
J B Weaver of Colfax, and G W. Rhine
hart of Newton
Most of the county conventions will be
held this week, after which it will be pos
sible to tell with some certainty what the
complexion of the convention will be as
far as the Kansas City platform is con
New York Charitable Secretary Re
ports on Flood Conditions.
Kansas City, June 15 Edward T De -
vine general secretary of the charity or
ganization society of New York, left to -
day for Denver, after having made a
critical inspection of the flooded district
around Kansas City H e describes the
conditions at Armourdale and Kansas
City, Kan as worse than those following
the floods at Johnstown and Galveston.
He said
' Armourdale is the worst wrecked city
I have ever seen The newspapers could
pot exaggeiate the condition there In
fact it cannot be described so a per
son who has not seen the ruin can realize
the awful devastation wrought by the
waters I had read about the flood and
thought Of course, that tile condition of
Armourdale was bad, but I was not pre
pared for what I saw*
"I was at the Johnstown flood and I
also made a study of the terrible disaster
i that visited the city of Galveston, but
the condition of Armourdale is much more
serious than at either of those cities
East St Louis is suffering and 10 000 peo
ple are homeless, but the loss there will
begin to compare with that in Armour
dale "
Mr Devine has wired Mayor Lo w at
New York that immediate and extensive
aid will be required to alleviate the dis
tress of suffering now quartered In Kan
sas City, Kan.
New York, June 15 Rev Dr. Frank
Oliver Hall preaching in the Church of
the Divine Paternity upon "God's Revela
tion Thru the Trees " has declared that
the desolation now apparent everywhere
in Palestine Asia Minor, and other coun
tries is due to the destruction of the
trees H e said
' There is the same story all the way
round the Mediterranean and we may
trace the path of civilization by the deso
lation it has left If we could know the
f ul ltruth about the garden of Eden, I sus
pect we should find that man was cast
out of the garden, not because he ate of
the fruit of the tree but because he cut
the tree down
"And here in America we are doing the
same thing W e send out our portable
saw mills and each year a territory equal
to that of Maryland is stripped clean of
trees W e can already see the barren
ness in Ne w England, and now we are
carrying out the same in Michigan,
The evils of
All Join
In both the pleasures and praises
of Hires Bootbeer. It delights and
benefits both old and young
is pre-eminently the home bever
age for hot weatherhoulthful
braolng, cooling and refreshing.
And you can drink all you want,
the more the better.
A package makes five gallons.
Sold everywhere, or sent bymail
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ito Booklet free. |
New York Preacher Declares Its
Destruction a Crime.
All Reports Are of a Very Encour
aging Character.
Special to The Journal.
Winnipeg Man, June 15 The Ca
nadian Northern railway issued a crop re
poi t to-day on the progress of the growth
of grain at all points in its portion of the
wheat district It is of a most satisfac
tory character In some districts farm
ers say they want more rain, but In
many others dry weather is wanted
Grain has grown with such rapidity that
if damp weather continues it may nothis
head out so well as it would otherwise
At Hartney one farmer has a large field
of wheat which is two feet in height
Crops on the Emerson branch are thethetic
most advanced
N - 1 M
* ^
Dr. Lorenz Says Hoffman Could Not
Be Crown Prince Rudolph.
Special to The Journal
Milwaukee, Wis , June 15 Dr Adolph
Lorenz, the Vienna physician, when asked
regarding the Marinette story to the ef
fect that Professor Hoffman, who recent
ly resigned from the faculty of the Uni
versity of Iowa, is Crown Prince Ru -
dolph of Austria, who was supposed to
nave killed himself fifteen years ago, said:
"It Is the worst kind of nonsense.
Prince Rudolph is as dead as any man
could be I knew intimately the phy
sician, Professor Kunrath, who dissected
him and embalmed him I know nothing
of Professor Hoffman "
Harsh purgative remedies are fast giv
ing way to the gentle action and mild
effects of Carter's Little Pills If you try
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Satin Taffeta ribbon, all silk, 3i
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A Wonderfully Good Dress Shield
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long time. It is absolutely perspiration and waterproofa sanitary
dress accessory and necessity. It may be sewn in a shirt waist, for
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season. It is as soft as silk, as light as a spider's web, and is without
odor. It is a most economical and satisfactory shield. Yes, even men
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t follopolicy w
His Holiness Submits to an Opera
tion and Refuses to Take an
Rome, June 15 The pope has furnished
a remarkable example of his vitality and
Recently a tumor developed under the
pope's arm, very similar in character to
that which was removed a year ago
The tumor did not trouble the pope,
who attended mass yesterday morning, but
surgeon, Dr Mazzoni, advised the
removal of the growth The pope con
sented and the operation was performed
The pope would not take any anaes
and watched the operation with
interest There was a slight bloodshed
and surgical shock, but the pope recov
ered immediately.
Early Suspicions of Foul Play Are
Not Borne Out. - "
La Crosse, Wis , June 15 The remains
of Thomas E Cain, a well known farmer
residing near Brownsville, Minn , who dis-'
appeared about four weeks ago, were
found, near his home at the bottom of a
slough which was under ten feet of water
during the recent rise in the river
His boat was found near by and it is
supposed he was capsized and drowned
while returning to his home from this
city on the night in which he disap
peared ^ ,
Take YoVir Fish Line on the Soo Line.
Fishing on -the Soo Line is better than
ever Special rates on Friday and Sat
urday Office, 119 Third street S
To New Canadian and Maritime
^ B-4P
V^r* * Epworth League, #U*r~
A publioation^telliftg about Special rates
to Detroit lias just been issued by the Soo
Line. Office, 11 Third ftoeatrfi*-
'Tis to Sail on the Albatross Soon
Dr. Evermann at Seattle.
Seattle, Wash , June 15 Dr. Barton
Evermann, who on July 1 will become a s
sistant in charge of scientific Inquiry of
the department of fisheries at Washing
ton, has arrived in the city to Join the
Alaskan commission which sails on theran
Albatioss in a few days
United States Fish Commissioner George 1 before the Liberal league declared more emnuat-
M Powers, who Is also president, an - icallv than ever his recent utterances against
nounces the appointment of Major A B
Alexander, fisheries expert of the Alba
tross, to be assistant in charge of sta
tistics and methods of fisheries of his de
partment at Washington to become effec
tive July 1 when the bureau is transferred
to the department of commerce and labor.
THeJD aylight Store
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They Get Together at New Haven
and Form a Club.
New Haven, Conn , June 15 The new
est organization in Derby is known as
the Rejected Lovers' association, -formed
by ten prominent young men who have
been repeatedly disappointed in love af
fairs To be eligible, each candidate
must present a sworn statement, recount
ing not fewer than two refusals of mar
riage He, must give full details, with
names and tell why in his opinion he was
not accepted H e must also solemnly ab
jure marriage
One candidate for membership has con
fessed to having been rejected eleven
times The president admits three in -
stances where ^ie did not suit the woman
of his choice ^ , {*$%
$18 00 to St. Louis and Return, June 16
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Choice of Two Routes.
St. Paul. t?K .' *-
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7c quality, at 4c.
Women'sAll linen, embroidered
and lace trimmed worth 20c,
, at12&c.
Marseilles FranceA balloon with four aera
nauts wps carried out to sea yesterday afternoon
Their fate is not known
RomeThe cabinet has resigned SIgnor Zan
ardelli has declined to name a new list, alleg
lng the condition of his health
SofiaFully 1 500 Bulgarian refugees have ar
rived in the Burgas district from Pirogu, Kull
Kovatchas and neighboiing villages
LondonThe Irish members gave Bourke Cock
of Ivew York a rousing recpption in thewas
house of commons Saturday evening
LondonLord Rosbery in the course of a speech
icall v than ever his recent utterances
Chamberlain s tariff proposals
LondonThe Prussian state railways between
Hamburg, Hanovei and Berlin ivill shortlv con
duct an interesting competition between steam
and electrically hauled trains
RomeAl.gr Rooker has been consecrated bish
of Jaro Philippine Islands an-d Rov De.n
Neuva, Sege^ia The former was formeily sec I ""Jt_-h u.. _ .+., * +. im.r^^ n
Very Low Special Excursion Rates to Bos
ton, Mass., Saratoga, N. Y., and Chau
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On and after June, 14th, hew fast train
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'^mgTg'pw'twfti wvjsyoft*' ^w^ijp, ^''^jiwfM'f-^iiPiP^
TUNE 15, 1903/
Try Making Simple Summer Gowns
a r
v. " r-- - viLir- r , TV op nlf Ne..... . .
retary of the apostolic delegation at Washing
ParisA pamphlet recently issued here has the
title ' Lying, Properly So-Called ' It is
signed by a jjfofessor of theology and publis led
with the permission of the vicar general The
author gives illustrations of instances where
truth may legitimately be sacrificed
MontrealPierre Suay a carter, took his wife
and family of three children and a neighbor s
child to Bout Isle for an outing vesterday W bile
rowing in a flat bottomed boat the craft was
capsized Suav his wife and two children were
drowned One of bis children and the neigh
bor's child -were saved
ConstantipouleThe Turkish censorship haa ob
jected to an American Bible publishing firm
Printing the name Macedonia in the Epistle to
be Thessalonians, chapter 1, verses 6 to 8 ind
chapter* 4 verses & to 10 The censor ins'sts
that the words 'The Valayets of Salonikl and
Monastir" be substituted for Macedonia
DetroitJoseph W Pugh, chief of police of
Covington, Ky was robbed of $2 000 in cash and
some jewels at a hotel here
TopekaGovernor Bailey denies the statement
of Pension Commissioner Ware, and repeats that
Kansas is in need of outside aid
MilwaukeeThe Wisconsin state convention of
letter carriers irdorsed Ed J Galnor of Muncie,
Ind , for the presidency of their national body
Eastman Ga Dr T. J Buchanan of Eastman
shot and instantly killed by his son The
father had threatened to kill his wife and chil
ChicagoVarious opinions are expressed con
cerning the results of Dr Lorenz's work in this
country In at least five cases bis operations
have resulted in failure
e YorkMrs Joseph R de la Mar, a
wealthy widow will wed James R. Hatmaker,
for many years secretarv to Cornelius Vander
bilt, but now a resident of London
Tr\. ". i PhiladelphiaSir Frederick Pollock of London,
J Doughertv of Philadelphia bishop of B n 1 w r n d
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made in the quality it is feared that the trade,
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New ToikArmed with shotguns and rifles,
the farmers and summer residents of Mount
Kisco and Newcastle N Y. , are looking for the
incendiarv who has set fire to more than a dozen
houses and bains and poisoned almost every dog
in two towrships since the first of the year The
town board has offered a reward of $1,000 foi
his capture and conviction
aSpringse,r w wr
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The murder of the Rev Quarekin B Chitjian,
an American citizen at Odessa, Russia, is re
ported to the state department It was committed
by Turks who were arrested promptly
Official advices represent a sharp increase of
cholera cases in the Philippine Islands since the
beginning of the rainy season Many have oc
curred in Manila, but a rapid spread down the
coast of Luzon is also reported
it , willAu read2a
before the annua1 l meeting of the American Ba r
Association atR Hotl V a , g 8 tpaper o 28
W ilkesbarre Pa Merchants are holding back
orders until assured there will be no strike in
the anthracite region If the operators indorse
the miners' conciliatory board there will be i o
ChicagoIn a quarrel with one of his stable
hands at the Harlem race track Sidney S Ben
der was struck with a pitchfork and so badly
injured that he may die His assailant, known
as 'Dutch * was arrested
IndianapolisColonel John C Weir of New
York Paul Morton vice president of the Santa
Fe railroad and Walter S Eddy the Saginaw
lumber king, have purchased 2,500,000 acres of
timber land in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico
Portland MeThe wife of Captain Lermond
was killed by the immence waves breaking Into
the cabin of the yacht Thomas Her body was
washed away in the darkness and has not been
recovered The Thomas was washed ashore at
Old Orchaid
New YorkGovernor Hunt of Porto Rico ar
rived on the steamer Ponce He said there was
no truth in the rumor that he would resign He
declares there has been continued development on
the Island and that business conditions have
steadily improved
TacomaAs manv persons were standing on
the tracks of the Tacoma & Eastern at Kapow
sin, a runaway train loaded with logs crashed
into them instantly killing A B Voorhees of
Tacoma, formerly of Detroit, Mich , and fatally
injuring John Bullen Mrs C F. Forner was so
seriously Injured that she died within half an
ManilaThe government proposes to pass a
law for the improvement of hemp exports A
system of inspe-tlon and grading will be created,
and a bnreiu of Inspectors under the collector of
customs will be established Much Inferior hemp
has been exported, and unless an improvement is
Druggists, Attention!
The North-Western Line is the official
route to the State Pharmaceutical Con
vention at Ne w Ulm Round trip only
$2 65 Tickets on sale June 16 and 17. City
ticket office, 600 Nicollet avenue. Either
phone 240
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neck finishes, either
TURN-OVERS, a washable tie or
stock of lawn o
linen, a lace or embroidered stock
or a jaunty turn over collar of
drawn work or Teneriffe lace The most
fashionable finish to a shirt waist suit or
foulard or checked silk at the present
moment In New York is a stock of white
lawn, with two long pleated tabs in
the front of the same material, trimmed
as is the stock lteelf with a narrow band
of the lawn joined on by fagottlng or
some more fancy lace stitches On top
of the two pleated tabs is another very
narrow tab of lawn, about half their
length, ending with a diamond shaped
piece of most elaborate drawn work
Less expensive stocks are of white lawn
with a simple turn-over of two-shaped
tabs on either side of the front, about
two inches longer than the stock itself
These turn overs are daintily edged with
colored lawn, pink, blue, red or black,
as one desires This touch of coloi
is most becoming to the face and a stock
of this sort is especially smart with a
white lawn shirt waist.
" \
company ad
ded to its list of
subscribers in Minne
apolis and St. Paul
last year, 5,314 new *
telephones, making in
the two cities about *
19,000. ^ ^ **
Can you afford to ^
be without this service?*-g

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