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The Minneapolis journal. [volume] (Minneapolis, Minn.) 1888-1939, June 19, 1903, Image 21

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Mi^r~J- /.
l i 12 - * - ^-* * =*-^a-a-aa '- ' " '
t p* A
and wear as well as the genuine lamb's wool Readintg
trousers, here in all sizes, big, small, broad or lean, at
choice for $1.50.
White Duck Trousers, splen
didly made, alii sizes,
perfect fitting, double
seams, thoroughly wash
able, worth $1.00 per pair,
at 50c.
Better grade White Duck
Trousers, regular yacht
cut with turn ups, belt
straps with spring hip,
worth $1.50, at $l.O0.
r ,
Thousands of elegant new suits for men and
young men that represent the best
efforts of skilled tailors.
America's greatest trouser
V3,lUCS Mighty trouser business.
Fine Hand Made Trousers ^&&
made Trousers, foreign effects, rich materials, actually
worth $8.00 and $10 a pair, at choice for $5.00.
T ester Wrsted Trousers Captivating patterns,
tester vvo orstea 1 rousers
choose from, hand tailored and union labeled shown
everywhere at $5.00, fcere at $3.00.
Ideal Summer Flannel Trousers characteris
tics and exceedingly attractive qualities, for outing
wear, with turn ups, worth to $5.00, at $3.00.
1? M Ain rr Trnn cfrc There are absolutely no trouser"
rveamng 1 rousers ^ ^
-.-SVvJ o
*". *v?
Rear Panama
Porto Ricaa Panama Hats, in nobby
, styles that will keep you cool, ordin- _
S3S35& arfly sold at $5.00, here j f 2 QQ J
SUitS that: eXeel ! ! Pe^lythe
.' .- v r . v
Strictly first-class qualities,
light and durable in all new |
shapessome stores consider J
them worth up to $15.00. We |
give you choice of our entire -
homespunsy elegant worsteds and cheviots. *
New fancies just produced, perfect hand tail-
oring, latest idea designs - thousands of
choice suits better than tailor's $3o, $35 and I
$4o special to order garments here i?/ T I
ready for service at . . . .... . .-%PA%J..'.
You will see more clothing buyers here tomorrow than ever before*
hundred s o f style s t 0
tha t wi U gtan d th e teg
Very best quality White
Duck Trousers, regular
navy material and cut,
very finely finished, made
from very best fabric,
at S',50.
Phenomenal offering of
Wash Vests, 500 beautiful
designs, highest standard,
very chesty, matchless at
$2.50, $8, here at $1.50.
Hot Weather Shoes
The swagger blutcher styles with military
heels, guaranteed patent colt uppers, fancy in
laid seal quarters and oak soles, vici and velour
oxfords in plain or fancy effects, military or
commonsense heels, $3.50 and $4.40 f O f)f)
values, at choice for .. ^O*
Boys' and young men's sizes at .$2.00
Outing Shoes
Exclusive styles in men's linen and duck outing
shoes and oxfords, all the latest shades, good
year welt, cool, comfortable and dependable.
Sold elsewhere at $3.00 and $3.50 X^.45
here for. ^JU*
About 500 pairs men's canvas outing shoes in a
variety of new colorings and patterns, rock
oak soles, worth up to $2.50, $ 1 4 5
/ Athletic and Sporting Shoes
Regulation base ball shoes, oil tanned, with $^.25
guaranteed plates .*.. - -
Men's Indian tanned buck and moose hide bowling shoes, $2.50
"elk skin soles, at - - - - ^
Tennis SHoesmen's tennis oxfords, boyB' tennis oxfords, OQn
for men at 50c for boys at *Jjrl/
Shining tickets free tomorrow.
Fashion's beautiful 2 Charmin g boys' 2-piece suits
boys' wash suits.,
100 dozen of choice cheviots, Galateas and
- crashes trimmed, inlaid collars, cord
and whistle, combination colors, worth
to $1.00, at 48c -
100 dozen imported Galateas and Scotch
cheviot wash suits, rich combinations,
finest trimmings, high-class in every
" respect, sizes 3 to 10, and values to
$2.00, at 98c. ,
Swagger Russian blouse and wash suits in
plain white duck or pique, and also a
very extensive assortment of colorings
at $3.50, $2.50 and $1.50.
Boys' wash pants, cheviots and crashes,
taped seams and hip pockets, cut full,
sizes 3 to 16, proper make, perfect fit
ting, gracefully shaped, high-class, 25c.
2 5 Nicollet Avenue.
greatest $lfp.oo suits
ever sold in America!
Tour money s worth twice over^ emphatically demonstrates
Flexible drill Drawers, reinforced
and worth $1.00, at ......:......
Silver gray Sox, excellent value,
of patterns, worth 25c, at choice
sizes to 17, at about half pricefetch
ing valuesyou will enjoy the savings.
Norfolk 2-piece and 3-piece suits, made
from cheviots, serges, clays, worsteds and
homespuns$4.00, $5.00 and $6.00 values
bunched in one grand lot that warrants us
to say that they are the very d**} GZf)
best ever quoted, at choice for
High grade Sailor Strawsnobby effects for boys
or girls,'worth up to $2, choice 98c.
Lots of Crashes, Straws and Ducks, the greatest
stock we ever]gathered,
of fetching styTes,
Boys' Balbriggan Undeirwear. long and short
sleeves, highly finished and'splendid, choice 23c.
Boys' Summer Shirts, plaited or plain fronts, 50
different styles, fully worth $1, at 69c
Boys' Summer Blouses, in cheviots and chambrays,'^
with attached collars, worth $1, at 48c. ever and the best assortment
at choice for :48c. 2v"%''
s&/finLr*M: z? 4# m * * t , J
swellest and newest materials,t
clothes for the particular, double and 'single breasted, light or
dark, your pick, from thousands. You buy here with satisfaction,
no old styles and no risks to you, sure saving to you of $4.oo,
$5.po, $6.oo, $8.oo, and $10.00 a suit.
W e are offering values that are wonders and you need
only t o look t o become a n
enthusiastic buyer suits for
men and young men , emphat-
ically greatest ever for
Very exceptional underwear sale.
5 oc for underwear that is worth up to $ i .5 o
Fine underwear in stripes, plain colors, white^ bleached or un-
bleached balbriggan, derby ribbed, open laced and mercerized soft
silky, rich and comfortable. There is underwear worth *" f \
$1.50, more that is worth $1.25, most worth $1.00 and J^wJC
some worth only 75c cuffed, silk fronts, re-enforced... * ^
i,ooodoz. half hose^ an entire stock on hand
from one of the biggest importeris in the country
New curved instep, seamless sole, concaved heel, double
toes, silk clocked, handsomely embroidered, new pat-
terns and worth 50c, at choice
* - ST. PAUL:
Xorner Seventh and Robert Sts.
nien'sand youngmen s summerclothes
our ability to gwe you best bargains.
Men's and young men's suits made from tweeds,
home spuns, worsteds, serges, flannels and clays,
Lisle thread Suspenders, kid ends, 100
different patterns, worth 50c, choice
Rumchundas, double faced reversible polka
dot four-ih-hands and string ties,
worth 50c, for.
full line
i:75 genuine full leather dress suit
- * cases at a price which compels
fc V'A, special attention!
They"arT24inches long, sheep skin covered and
full linen lined, with two inside straps one-piece
double riveted corners, real leather handle, nobby
brass lock. Furnished with catch fasteners or
straps. A vacation oppor-,v
tunity not to be slightedj%
at ....... v. .
There is not another store like it west of New York.
A splendid lot of clothes for vacation whether it be the seashore, the mountain or lake.
Displaying 20 distinct styles pf single and dou-
ble breasted genuine Irish "Donegal" suits,
I entirely new mixtures and coloring that are pleasing coats made with-
out.lining yet^they will stay m shape by reason tf* / ^ EZ{\
of the splendid hand-work shown in this city at
$20.00. Offered by us at choice for
Startling offering of 1,000 outing suits presenting cheviots and homespuns,
exclusive ideas, excellent qualities made by Heidelberg, one & O f\fi
of the best makers in the world worth to $14, at choice for.. ^PO%\J\J
Offering of 500 vacation suits in oyster grays and the new d* J CYJ
tints of olive, in stripes and plain effects worth $8.50,
Genuine royal navy blue serge coatssplendid qual- & O Q JZ
l e polk a
-ftjSBft*"^.!^- *
&.#-* ^* Xi TUNE 19, ltttt. &*g$3*tf& * J&
*%[email protected]
Young's Favorite
N. Y. Straws.
- 50 kinds of straws, in
| Sailors, Optimo and Tour-
| ist shapes, nobby, pop
ular, dashy exclusively
here same as in New
York at // *% f \ g\
Youngs SZ.Ul)
S price... ^ ^
Pure worsted serge coats in all sizes, stayed seams,
worth to $4.00, at i. .
500 serge coats, strictly fast colored, easily a $2.00 & 1 (\(\
coat, in air sizes, at choice for .. *P *- */"
Men's and young
men's mohair shirts
Unquestionably the fashion shirt
of the seasonin all nobby ef
fects and plain whitewith cuffs
and collar, or with detached col
lars and detached cuffs. These
high cost shirts are
shown here at choice
Pique Plaited ShirtsDressy,
serviceable and worth
an important bargain at (\H%sy
choice ^*-* +*
The Manhattan Shirtthe stylish unmatchable sum-
mer shirtsa rattling good value at $2.00 (f* J Ekf)
500 dozen shirtsenormous value in combination col-
.orings and pique, all new styles at half their BZflsv
value, all at choice for *JU*s
Sample lot of Night Shirts made from cambric,sateen
and muslin, worth to #2while they last, as a jTQ^y
remarkable and attractive bargain at choice for * 27\*
High grade novelty
boys' SUltS. The values will startle you.
r **
Mostly sailor styles, some
are Norfolks. Worth to
$4.5o at $1.50.
In worsteds, cheviots, and
tweeds, beautiful ideas, at a
price concession never before
equalled, sizes from 3 to 12
years. The re is an extensive
assortment. I t is a sale that
gives you greatest value in our
Boys- suits, worth $450,
$4, $350, $3 and $250,
at choice for $1.50.
w Sale 5,ooo men's and young J Qsy
I men's high quality straw hats JL \J \J
I In all the popular shapes for good
in splits, sennits, rough
braids and fine Cantons
"The best offer yet made in
hate," qualities that com
pare favorably with those
shown elsewhere at double
and triple the price., ,
A masterful sale caused by
a great purchase of men's
up-to-the-minute splendid
hats mense
.50 UJ?VI#V^::48cimbeautyserarvaluefo
at - **
i ? I

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