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Great Clearing Sale Every
shape G. D., J, B., R. & Q.,
O %, Nemo apd American
Lady straight fjonl drohip
white and colors, " Cltttf*
.'worth to $2, choice,, www
'-,% - - , - - - - - ..'..
50 dozen fine mercerize-d. sa...
teens and wash madras skirts,
plaiting, ruffles arid ruche,
worth to $2.00, fl*4 -|Q
choice v * - - .?.
Art Department
Clearing Sale to the Point1000
pieces pillow tops, stamped
linens, burnt wood, O R g%
etc., worth $1 choice "IU
Beads. Beads.
5,000 bunches Indian Beads
and oriental Beads, per tZg\
bunch up from.. i..... *Jt*
Clearing SaleBroken lots, pieces, part pieces
and discontinued lines of season's best sell
ers, Imported English and French Swisses,
Printea and Embroidered Mousseline de Soie,
Mercerized Regal Novelties, Silk Mercerized
Grenadines, Corded and Leno Mulls, Point de
Paris, Galeon de Soie, Satin Stripe Tissues,
English Lenos, Royal Batiste, English and
Irish Dimities, Lawns, Prints, etc., priced
for quick work.
Iptl, Lot 2. Lot 3.
up to 10c yd up to 15c yd. up to yd.
3c. 5c 725c k 12 k 19 c
Dress Good s
Odds and Ends, pieces, part pieces and lines
to be discontinued, black and colors,
plain and fancy, silk and wool Aeolians,
Lansdowns, Silk and Wool Crepe de Chines,
All-Wool Imported Voiles, Tufted Etamines,
Canvas Cloths, Imported Novelties, Priest
ley's Fancies, Broadcloths, Venetians, Cov
ert Cloths, Men's Suiting effects, Zibelines,
Cheviots, Worsteds, Sicilians, Henriettas,
Veilings, Crepes, Shepherd Checks, Granites,
Poplins, Giralda Suitings, etc., etc. former
ly to $3.00 a yard. Three great lots:
value, nothing cuts any figure.
at any cost," which leaves no alternative. [There are dollars for dimes
awaiting your pleasure* i
Wash Goods
I Slfi values to fzlfi
- war RA _ __J WWW
values to
75c a yard
We don't intend to carry over a single hat,
and with inventory time fast approaching,
some extreme measures become necessary to
clean up the entire balance of summer stock,
so Thursday's offer is a most '^inordinary"
one: An assorted lot of unusual valuesready-to
wear, trimmed and outing styles, about a
dozen varieties in all, neat, nobby shapes,
every one, including goods that have -sold at
(and are still marked) $3.98 and $5. ORA
Your choice at will Thursday...... - O \*
Window Shades3x6 feet, best ready made
opaque cloth shades, plain or fringed, 4 "jf g%
worth 25c to 35c each - m U
Lace CurtainsSingle pair lots, value $1.00
to $35.00 pair. Remember, only one pair of a
style. Exactly half the priceall prices.
$1 value, $5.00 value, $35.00 value
50c $2.50 $17.5,0
Portieres, Door Draperies, Reps, Velours,
Armures and Tapestries,,single pair lots, val-
| /ue $5.00 to $15.00 pair. Half value
$5.00 value, $7.50 value, $10 value, $15v^lue,
$2.50 $3.75 $5.00 $7.
^ Great Lakes Towing Company Makes
a Proposition Favoring Lum-
. I ber Tonnage.
Detroit, July 8.At a meeting: of the
^Lumber Carriers' association held here
yesterday, Mie Great Lakes' Towing: com-
.- pany submXed a proposition that will,
if carried into effect, place lumber tonnage
on a more equitable footing than has
heretofore existed.
- Instead of 20 per cent discount from
v tariff rates at the end of the season al -
. * lowed to other tonnage, the lumber car
riers, under the new agreement, will get
SO'per cent, except at the ports of Chicago
and Tonawanda, where a 35 per cent dis
count from the tariff rates will be granted
V to members of the association. Th e cash
discount will be 40 per cent Instead of
. 6 per cent as given out.
- . A flat price of $5 is also made for tak-
_______ Taylor, Broadway and 20th Streets,
. " """ ' i- n U....I.. H . New York, (and their reputation is
second to no one in the known world), finest qualities aind choicest styles Imported
Hosiery for Ladies and Gentlemen silk, lisle thread and cotton, black and fancies,
plain, drop stitch and lace effects, each the very best that money will buy.
Nearly 2,500 dozen in the lot, covering the entire range with plenty worth to $4
the pair. For quick and convenient selection, divided into six lots:
Lot 4.
up.to 50c yd.
Lot 5,
up to 98c yd.
Lotl- worth to 25c pair...
A A worth 1AA
5P C !k.. . Kfv'&..' . w v Ik-
The Harrington Shoe Co. Stock Women's Fine Shoes and Slippers
and The A. W. Tedcasfle Shoe Co. Stock of Shoes
for Men, Women and Children
Bought at a meretrifle and lumped in lots at less than manufacturer's cost of making
LotS- values to
$3 a yard.-
69c Women's patent leather and very
fine kid Oxfordsthe Harrington
and Tedcastle price to IIO|%
$3.00, at
Women's fine kid Oxfords -Har
rington and Ted- flk"f 9 Cfe
castle price to $2... H* - - m **
White Goods, Linens
Lot 1, Lot 2. Lot 3, Lot 4, Lot 5,
worth to 15c, worth to 85c, worth to 50c, worth to 75c, worth to $1.25,
5c I0c 19 c 39e 50ct
Embroideries P
Too many embroideries, especially of the
high priced sort, so we're going to clear them
out. You know how the New Store does
thingsso watch this counter for some rare
plums. Here are three lots of special interest:
|yG Worth to 75c 2|jC W
Lotl Worth to 40c
ing lumber tow barges into the locks at
Sault Ste. Marie, thus doing away with
the necessity of the steamer handling a
long tow in the locks.
This change will be of small importance
to local lumbermen, but will be a good
thing for Duluth, Cloquet and other lum
bermen whose terriory is tributary to the
Pere Marquette Dividends.
New York. July 8.Directors of the
Pere Marquette railroad met to-day to
consider the advisability of paying a divi
dend on the $14,135,000 common stock out
standing. Th e regular semiannual divi
dend of 2 per cent will be declared on
the $10,512,200 preferred stock, and if a
distribution is decided upon for the com
mon shares, it will be the first one ever
paid on that issue. A director of the
company said to-day that consideration
would be given to a plan to pay 1 per
cent quarterly on the common shares.
Cato Garrett of Vioksburg, Miss.,
Hanged by Mob.
Vicksburg. Miss.,.July.8,Cato Garrett,
a negro, who stabbed Herry Evans to
death last Saturday morning, was hanged
by a. mob at the scene of Ills cjrlme yester
day afternoon.
Garrett was taken to Natchei! Saturday
morning, the sheriff fearing an assault on
the.jail here. This morning a special
grand jury found a true bill against Gar
rett and the sheriff notified, the Adams
county sheriff to bring the negro to this
city. Deputy Sheriff Paul with the negro
took passage on a train due here at 5
o'clock. A t Stout's Crossing, a flag sta
tion six miles south, the train was held
up by fifty heavily armed and masked
men, who took the negro and hanged
$12.50 to Detroit, Mich., and Back, Account
- Epworth teague Convention.
Special officio* train "Epwprth" will
leave Minneapolis via Chicago. Milwau
kee and St. Paul Railway, 7- p. m St.
Paul. 7:30 p. m.. July 14, reaching Mil
waukee early next morhtng. V Delightful
daylight rid,e .across Lake
Grand Haven on special ' chartered
steamer. Special train Grand Haven to
For complete Information and berth res
ervations, apply at 326 Nicollet avenue.
Minneapolis, or address W . B . Dixon,
N. W . P . A.. St. Paul. ' - - .
Isle Royale and Port Arthur. , ~-
A delightful rail and water week-end
trip via the Omaha road. Forty-seven
hours on the cool,, green waters of Lake
Superior. Only $12.00 for round trip, in
cluding meals and berth on board stea m
er. Call ?or full particulars at City
So Glennie Helms, a Negro, Sold
Into Peonage, Could Not
New York Sun Special Service.
Montgomery, Ala., . July 8.Judge
Thomas C. Jones In the state's court yes
terday overruled the demurrers of the at
torneys for J.. F . Turner, charged with
holding Jennie Helms, a negro, in a con
dition of peonage, to the first count, and
sustained the demurrers - to the second
count, which failed to name Turner as
the man who held Helms.
The sensation of the day was Glennie
Helms' testimony. Helms, the negro al -
leged to, have been held by Turner, tes
tified that he and two other negroes who
had been working at Calcis, Shelby coun
ty, were on their way home to Colum
bus, Ga. When they got to Goodwater
they were arrested for vagrancy, carried
before. Mayor Whi te and fined 55 and
one's hands in washing dishes.
^ric each
Orders are imperative, "clean your stock
Men's fine kid andcalf
fords $2.00 value,
Women's fine strap
Slippers, value to $1.25.
Missses' and Children's
Slippers, kid and patent
leather, $1.25 value....
-Remnants and broken lots
JsTapkjns,Jn I dozens^,.Bureau
Clearing Sale
Table Linens?^ _ ,. .
and Sideboard Scarfs, Center Pieces, Towels,
Towelings, Waist and Skirt Linens, Bath
Rugs, India Linons, French, Persian, Egyp
tian and Victoria Lawns, Fancy White Goods
of every description, Cambrics, Long Cloths,
Sheetings, Pillow Casings, Muslins, Pillow
Cases and Sheets-
Choice. - *f U Choice.*frOU Choice V - ID
h to S^af ^ Q
n Michigan to
Clearing the decks fr our Annual inventory.
Every remnant, every slow seller, and every
piece that we have a doubt about, priced to dp
the business. Here we only speak of three
lots, but there are others:
Lot 2,
Laces worth
to 35c!
costs, or four and one-half months' Im
The next day they were taken to
Dadeville in Tallapoosa county, bound to -
gether with ropes, and sold to Turner for
an amount of money unknown. Turner
took them to his farm about ten miles
from Dadeville,, where they were put to
Helms stated that he was whipped some
times twice a day and generally every
other day, that, many times^ when work
ing in the field, one. man would sit on his
head while another would beat him on
his naked back. H e was worked under
guard during the day and locked up at
night. Once Me. escaped, but Turner of
fered a reward for his capture and he was
brought back to, work.
His father at Columbus, Ga., finally sent
L. E . White to Turner with about $48
to buy his liberty, .which he-did, altho
Turner had paid only about one-third that
amount. When White went to Turner's
farm he found Helms-in a sawmill stark
naked. Th e government contends he was
worked .this way tp prevent his escape.
The annual convention- of the Amalgamated
-Leather Workers, Union of America betes at
Lynn, Mass., .-totniorrow.
This- device
uses up all the
small pieces of
soap and saves
Weighs 2 ounces
Genuine Mrs. Pott's Sad Irons
Nickel plated set of three 69o
Extra handles for Mrs. Pott'B Iroas, each... 10o
One day only.
The best Fruit
Can Wrench S
earthwill fasten
pr loosen any can
cover.. .7o
A good jute clothes line, 70 feet long, each
''"I a
Standard Blue Flame Oil Stoves from S2.97 up
Standard Gasolene Stoves from. .SI .97 up
the sale that makes all
others tame,-where cost,
The entire sample line of Lord &
4fetfkjtf$ worth JQfkA worth ^^%
_z l5 v h-. OJf v
Women's very fine vici kid, dull
kid and patent leather 1, 2 and 3
Strap Slippers, value AOA
to $3.00, at jyWv
Strap Women's fine vici kid Oxfords-
Harrington,-Ted- fl4 C Q
castle prices to$2.50H* - ** *
Jewelry Dept.
A general clearing of all odd jots and parts of
w^ld.jarid- silver)j' - Rings,
Brooches, Chains'\Llidies' 'and Gents'), Coin
Holders,, Hat Pins, Fans, Opera Glasses,
Waist Sets, Silk and Satin Belts. Bead Chains,
Bric-a-Brac, Ornamental Clocks/ Folding
Drinking Cups, Child's Sets, Scrapers, Bread
Tray, Fruit Dishes, Bakers.and parts of. Tea
Sets, worth to $3.98. In three lots:
Lo 1-i tfUw Lot, 2 WA ea^ Lot 3-ife | JB
Women's very fitas^id^ani patent
leather Oxfords, {^"f O Q
value to $3.00* at. . M* "OO
Boys' Canvas Snoes, ' QClf*
$1.50 value, at
Boys' Youths' and
Tennis Oxfords
at ".
Oriental Rugs
eachBokhara, KizKelims, Shirvans, Samar
kends and other weaves, 150
prices for selection..........,
350 Women's fine All-Wool and Silk Jackets
and Man-Tailored Suits worth to $75.00
IZ2G ^s?irrt
Lotl, Laces worth
h 39c Lotl- Lot2- LotS*- Lot4-
$5.00 $10.00 $15.00 $22.50
Company With, a Half Million Dol
lars Will Build One Near
Washburn, Wis.
Special to The Journal. 7 '
Washburn, Wis., July 8.The greatest
business mystery that the Chequamegon
bay has ever had has finally been cleared
away. Fo rover a year several men have
been buying up large tracts of land in
the vicinity of Washburn and it now de -
velops that they have acquired 1,6,00
acres and yesterday they formed a com
pany, incorporating as the Atlantic Man
ufacturing company.
The incorporators are William G. Ram
say, E . K. O'Brien, D . W . Maxcy, A. W .
McLeod and C. O. Sowder of this city.
The company has been financed for a half
million dollars and will immediately com
mence the erection of one of the most
complete dynamite plants in the United
States if not in the world.
Best grade Russian Ovens for gas and gasolene
stoves. 1-burner 91.26
2-burner. ,....$ 1 ,49
Thursday only. ',"'' '" ^ ',:
lot of fine Rugsvalues to $20.00
Suite and Jackets
Forty-three new- buildings are to be
constructed at once. The institution will
be located three miles from this city.
The Schlitz Brewing company has pur
chased the Wasftburn brewery and the
numerous -buildings owned by the concern.
It 4B.-* said the consideration was about
$9,000. ' T4re brewery was operated by
Charles Flynn for several years and
originally cost about $20,000.
42'/^ HCours"to Chicago Via Chicago Great
Western Railway.
The "Great Western Limited" now
leaves Minneapolis at 8 p . m., arriving
at Chicago at 8:30 a. m . the next morning.
Entire train of modern, comfortable
equipment, consisting of Club Car, Stan
dard and Compartment Sleeping Cars,
Fr ee Rfeclining Chair Cars and Dining Car,
with service a la carte. Tickets on sale
at City Ticket Office, corner 5th s t and
Nicollet ave, or Great Western Depot, cor
ner Washington ave and 10th ave S, Min
neapolis, Minn.
Carries Most People.
The Northwestern line runs more trains
and carries more people in and out of
Minneapolis, St. Paul and Chicago every
day than any other railroad.
Special prices'
for Thursday
only. ' ,
Made out' of -
best quality of
glass with gen-
uine porcelain ^
capa. ''''!* - r
v / -. '-?- ?-='*
Packed l~dozen
in a ckse. We
do not sell less
than a dozen.
lp^da^Sfto 1 qt, dw.. 49o
^gal,doz89c Extra Porce-
lain caps for
any size jar,
per dox....t8o
No. GS, extra
quality rubber
to fit any sute
frr, per- dozen
217, 219, 221 Nicollet,
, . .# , . Avenue, w
Miiii\^61is_ -^iMinii.
Richardson's Silk,
spools, black or
RemnantsOdd pieces and ends of lines
to be discontinuedFine Silks, Satins,
Velvets, Velveteens, Panne Velvets, etc.,
black, white and all colors, Foulards, Oofded
Wash Silks, Taffetas, Satin Duehesse,, Crepe
de Chene, Imported Swiss Taffeta, Hairline
Stripes and Small Checks, Shirt Waist Suit
ings, Jap Habutais, Natural Habutais, Peau
de Soie and Novelty Silks of all descriptions.
For easy selection, divided into just three
lots as follows*:
to $4.00
Lot 1 4 A
values to - 5 9 UL.
$1.00yd.. -
Ingrains, heaviest .union Ingrains',
45cvalues, yard .--...... .... i...
Linoleum, small lot fine imported
Linoleum, value 75cyard.........
Bissell's Carpet Sweepers ........ $1.50
Rugs, all odd lots will be sold at about half the
regular valueall sises.to 12x13-6.
Men's Oept.
Men's Negligee Shirts, fine
lisle Underwear, Hosiery and
Ties, worth to $1.00-
Lotl Lot2-
19c 29c 39cLot3y
Silks and Velvets
Lot 2 - OO**
.worth to ^M lw*
'$1.25 yard.
Sunshine Satins, Sateens, Saxon Silks,
Italians, SiBc Mercerized Skirtings, Hair
Cloths, Percalines, Silesia?*, Silk Serges,
Crinolines, Canvas, etc.in "black, white and
all colors. Three lots:
Lotl values to
16c yard .
* Fishing Tackle, Baby Carriages and
^**~ ~ *.T m
Go Carts. Lawn Mowers, Hammocks, etc
3-ply Garden Hose-, sligrhtly damaged, cut to C ,j
order any length, per foot ,.... .-........*
4-ply guaranteed Hose, worth 10c, "9 i k
cut to...% - 2 *
Crescent Belting and Packing Co.'s 5-ply . Q1
Hose, a regular 15c quality, sale price. **2 *
HammocksOur entire
Btrck, some almost
half price.
Hammocksworth 60c,
?..' ...25o
Hammocksworth $1.60,
^cut to.
Hammocksworth $2.60 cut to $ 1 .69
Boys' Velocipedes, three sizes, worth
to $2.00, special.
Small, Medium, Large,
W! 3
Lot 3 4&ft~h.
formerly HS1 I*S
to $1.75 yd. "*^**
Lota- worth to
Shirt Waists
300 dozen Women's plain white and colored
Lawn Shirt Waistssome soiled or mussed,
I worth to $3.50,, divided into four lots:
Lot One. IOC Two 25C Three 45G'Fom- 85C
IE _ _ ..' a Close out prices on,all Refrigerators. Garden
BflS Bill Biff
r *
Lot lWhite Taffeta, good' quality,
3 inches wide, yard ...
Lot 2Remnants of 29c, :39c and
49c Ribbons, yard
Lot 3Black Moire and-Satin TaffetaQEf* 1
Sash Ribbons worth to 69c yard -. *M*
Lot3- have been to
" 75c yard
8c $1.25 $1.39
Boys' Iron Wagons, five sizes, worth
$1.75, special.
No. 24. No. 26. No. 25%,
59c 75c 85c
No. 27%,
*? Save the Bands &'
r No. A
*/-*, jrJf-".
'Journal want ads bring beat results.
One cent a word. J.

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