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^J^jffP^i8^J4^ 3l^fK-Ji4
G W Things to Eat.
353Either Phone-353
Extra Salesmen and Extra
Deliverymen for Saturday
Order by telephone. Goods care
fully selected and promptly de
livered. Satisfaction guaranteed
Frsh fruits and fresh garden veg
etables in great abundance at the
smallest prices.
Wax Beans, per pound 4c
Beets, bunch 2c
Turnips, bunch 2c
Cabbage, head 3c
Best Oranges, Pineapples, Bananas,
Apples, Cherries, Raspberries, Cante
lope, Plums. Strawberries and Black
Jumbo Watermelons, from
Georgia 35c
Tomatoes, basket 20c
New Potatoes, peck 25c
Pure Black Pepper, ground, lb L7c
Kelsey Plums, fine evaporated, lb. .9c
Standard Pumpkin, can 5c
Quart Bottle Tomato Catchup... 12f4c
One Good Broom 17c
Yerxa's Yeast 4c
Baton Sardines, quarter 5c
Imported Sardines, quarter, from
ilustard Sardines (34) 8c 10c
Imported half 22c and up
Boneless, quarters 20c
Potted Tongue and Ham, can 4c
Potted Game, Potted Heats, Deviled
rieats, Corned Beef, Roast Beef, Ham
Loaf, Beef Loaf, Ox Tongue, Pork and
In fact, all kinds of Lunch Meats.
Smoke Yerxa's good cigars. W e are
sole distributors of Park & TUford's
Cigars. Mi Favorita, all sizes and
Porto Rican Cigars, large Breva,
10 for 25c
Many popular cigars at cut prices.
If you want a box of cigars, try us.
Uneeda Biscuit Free
With every package of Uneeda
Graham Crackers purchased at retail
we give one package of Uneeda Bis
cuit free.
Huntley & Palmer's Biscuits, Peek,
Frean Biscuits.
Imported Ginger Ale, bottle 10c,
dozen $1.10.
W e have every kind and quality
or flavor, Some Special Blends
for Ice Tea:
Oolong, Ceylon, Congo, India
Assam, Hyson, Japan, Gunpowder of
many grades and flavors. W e have
the Russian Caravan Tea.
The Mlnarda Tea Is a good one, lb. 60c
** "s!t.
Bakery Specials
Home-Made Bread, loaf 3c
Raisin Squares, each 10c
Marshmallow Layer Cake, each.. 35c
Devil Food, each 15c
Raisin Coffee Cake, each 10c
Assorted Color Kisses, doz 10c
Cinanmon Rolls, doz 10c
We rent them by the hour or day.
Rambler, Elmore,
Santos=Dnmont, Hoffman
and Buffalo and
Colombia Electrics
are America's finest Automobiles.
Great Western Cycle Go .
601-603 and 619-621-623 1st AT*. So.
Sporting Qoods, Bicycles, Phonographs
D. M. Cbute,
nnuy EVENING ,
On certificates of deposit left till 1st
January next. .
Even hundreds only.
No man who is always hard up
can succeed. The successful
man always has ready money
for bargains. The proper place
for such money is a Savings
Bank. $1.00 up received on Pass Books.
The Savings Bank
of Minneapolis
Adam Hannah, Treasurer.
After 1st August
Corner 4th st. and 2d av. S.
Choice Creamery 22c
Fancy, Extra 24c
Fancy Full Cream Cheese 12c
Pure Lard, Ib. 820
Dr. Held, dentist. 415 Medical block, has
returned from his vacation.
Dayton's (formerly Goodfellow's) yearly
sale of women'6 stockings and men's
socks Tuesday, July 14, 50c, 75c and 51
values at 25c.
Subscribe for all magazines, papers, etc.,
and get your binding done at Century
News Store, 6 Third street, near Hen
nepin avenue.
"There's not a spider in the sky,
There's not a cockroach in the sea,
There's not a crab that soars on high,
But bids me dream, dear maid, of thee "
I dream not. I buy "Kock-Kroach
Killer" at the Glass Block. 25c per can
The Humane Society suffered a lock-out
among the laborers on thte new home for
friendless animals. The cause of the
trouble was that a non-union man had
been employed The difficulty was set
tled by the non-union man being dis
The state board of pharmacy will hold
its quarterly examination July 21, in the
laboratory of the college of pharmacy of
the state university. Applications should
be made to H G. Webster, secretary of
the board, at 517 Bank of Commerce build
ing, Minneapolis.
The demand for anthracite coal this
year is considered greater than last year
at this time. Naturally the coal is being
delivered as rapidly as It comes, because
of the unfortunate experiences had last
winter by those persons who did not obey
their dealer's injunction to lay in coal.
It is expected that the supply will be suffi
cient for the winter and that when fall
comes the bins of the coal companies will
be full.
Companion Court Mendoza, No. 711,
I O. F , gave a musical and social enter
tainment last Thursday evening in their
hall, Masonic Temple. Musical and vo
cal selections were given by Mrs. Cora
Robinson and Master M Robinson Mrs
and Miss Magaro, vocal solo, Miss Hazel
Bucham, recitation Master and Miss
O'Keefe, fancy dancing, Miss Margaret
Schultze, vocal solos Master Florence
Galles, instrumental duets. Refreshments
were served by the ladies of the court.
v 10c up
Our Hoffman House Coffee pleas
es all, at only, lb 30c
It saves you 10c and gives you a
better drink than you can get
from other coffee.
W e have fresh Roasted Coffee as
low as 10c lb.
The Best Straw Hats for Men
25c to $25 Plymouth Hat Dept.
MinnesotaPartly cloudy to-night and
Saturday with possibly scattered local
thunderstorms', variable winds Wiscon
sin, Lower Michigan and IowaPartly
cloudy to-night and Saturday, with prob
ably local thunder storms, continued
warm, southerly winds North Dakota
and MontanaGenerally fair to-night and
Saturday variable winds South Dakota
Generally fair to-day and Saturday,
except possibly local thunder storms this
afternoon or to-night in east portion
slightly cooler In north portion to-night,
variable winds
Fresh Dressed Spring Chickens, lb..22c
Fresh Dressed Chickens, lb 15c
Leg of Milk Lamb, lb 15c
Leg of Mutton, lb l ie
Choice Standing Rib Raast, lb 12c
Choice Shoulder Steak, lb 10c
Choice Pot Roast, lb 7c-8c-9c
Choice Rib Boiling, lb 5c
Choice Pork Chops, lb 10c
Choice Pork Loin Roast, lb 10c
Choice Pork Sausage, lb 10c
Choice Pork Shoulders, lb 9c
Choice Hamburger, lb 8c
Choice Mutton Chops, lb 12c
Choice Lamb Stew, lb .*.6c
Swift Premium Hams, lb 15c
No. 1 selected Ham, lb 14c
Swift Winchester Bacon, lb 15c
Picnic Ham. lb 10c
Try our Cooked Corn Beef, lb 12Jc
Emerson Cola,
Ifi-i " M84-MmmnnghAvemam, Tmmmjfm Oourt
iifc8*Lv .f x Bo** TelephoMf-fH. ,
* - \
Correct Dress, Head to Foot.
The great Plymouth Clothing House.
William Fullerton, the 10-year-old son of
William P Fullerton, 44 Dayton avenue, St.
Paul, is in the St Paul city hospital suf
fering from lockjaw, the result of a wound
from a toy pistol There is little chance for
his recovery
Hosiery Sale.
Dayton's (formerly Goodfellow's) yearly
sale of women's stockings and men's socks
Tuesday, July 14, 50c, 75c and $1 values
at 25c.
Chicago Tribune.
Correspondent You saw what the
paper said about you this mprmng, I
Retired Millionaire (president of a great
corporation): "No, I don't know what
they said about me, but you may say for
me, sir, there wasn't a word of truth
in it."
Atlanta Constitution.
"Who's that a-hollerin', down yander by
the branch?"
"That s the Projickin' Son. The old
man's a-whalin' Satan out of him for run
nin' away."
ICE CREAWI-Special Sundayv
Vanilla ) One Quart 35c
Strawberry -
Chocolate ) Two Quarts 60c
BOTH PH0NE8-814.
Oeo. B. Cols
seo'y &Trea
Cedar Lake too
If placed in the
Several Hinnesotans Have Declared
Themselves Candidates for the
Rhodes Scholarships.
The Details as to Arrangements for
"Exams" Have Not Yet Been
Several Minnesota men have already de
clared themselves informally to President
Cyrus Northrop of the state university
as candidates for the Cecil Rhodes schol
arships that are to be awarded Tinder the
will of th South African millionaire.
Mr. Rhodes, as will be recalled, provided
funds for paying the expenses of various
colonial, American and German students
at Oxford university. His object was to
unify the Anglo-Saxon race. The Ameri
can students will be named, one from
each state and territory, after examina
tions held under the direction of resident
state committees. A few conditions of
these examinations were announced in
New Tork yesterday.
"But I have not received any official
communications in the matter," said Dr.
Northrop this morning, "and the condi
tions are not clear. The telegram from
New York says, for example, that the
candidates must be married This, I pre
sume is an error. It should probably be
'unmarried * The examinations ate to be
held next February and May, but I don't
know whether the Minnesota committee
will prepare the questions or whether they
will be sent to us from Oxford. I have
not heard from the agent of Oxford uni
versity since he arranged for the election
of the state committee of which I am
chairman. The other members are the
presidents of Hamline university and
Carleton, MacaJester and Gustavus Adoi
phus college.
"I understand that we are to select one
student from Minnesota in 1904 and an
other in 1905, but none In 1906. I think
each student will remain at Oxford three
years, but I'm not certain I believe that
the candidates should be between 19 and
26 years of age and that they should
have studied about two years in some
college that grants degrees.
"The state examination will not be com
petitive. According to Mr. Rhodes' will,
mere scholarship will not be the sole
standard of selection. The athletic de
velopment of a candidate, his manliness
and his general character will count for
a great deal.
"As soon as 'I receive official Informa
tion I shall announce the fact for the
benefit of the young men that have al
ready applied to me."
"342. Soft Shirts $5.. "Hoff"
Shirt sale. Hoffman's Toggery Shop.
Four Women Injured by Mad Run
of Hack Team.
Mrs. Z A. Cochran, 99 Twelfth street S,
Mrs George F. Thompson and Miss Wini
fred Thompson, 31 Highland avenue, and
an unknown woman, were injured in a bad
runaway on Nicollet avenue last evening.
A team hitched to a hack in the care of
Fred Malone was standing in front of the
A. D. T. office at Fourth street and
Nicollet avenue, when it became fright
ened at applause given a socialist speaker
on the opposite corner. The horses
dashed up Nicollet avenue, colliding with
the carriage in which the Thompsons
were seated, and both ladtes 'were thrown
to the ground The herses then ran over
the sidewalk aid into the entrance to the
Glass Block, where they were caught by
Patrolmen Matt Jones and Phillip Keisner.
As they ran into the sidewalk, they struck
Mrs Cochran and but for her pluck in
holding to the horses until they stopped,
she would have been trampled under their
feet. She was badly bruised and cut by
flying glass, as was an unknown woman
who was passing.
Third Victim to Perish in River
Within Three Days.
The body of William Schwartz, the 16-
year-old boy who was drowned in the
river near Plllsbury "A" mill yesterday
afternoon, was found several blocks far
ther down the stream.,last night Several
cuts about the head and mouth indicate
that the boy was injured In contact with
the rocks.
Young Schwartz, who is the third vic
tim drowned in the river within three
days, was in bathing. The- current was
too swift for him and he called for help.
John Briggs caught hold of him, but the
two were thrown against some rocks and
the rescuer had to release his hold to
save his own life.
Schwartz came here recently from Nor
way, Mich, and secured a position as a
bell boy at the Nicollet hotel. H e quit
work there about a week ago.
H. I. Knappen Becomes Editor of a
' Commercial Weekly.
Harry L. Knappen, for several years a
member of The Journal's local staff, has
resiifned to accept the editorship of the
St. Paul Trade, a commercial weekly pub
lished in St. Paul. Mr. Knappen is well
known in both St. Paul and Minneapolis,
and thru his participation In the Leech
Lake Indian war, in which he represented
the Times, his name is familiar to most
northwestern newspaper readers. The
new position is an excellent one, and it
demands just the qualifications Mr, Knap
pen has gained by a number of years of
successful daily newspaper work' In, the
two cities. ,
Arrangements Liberal for Choosing Dele
gates to September Meeting. In
Black Hills.
Delegates to the American Mining con
gress to be held at Lead and Deadwood,
S D , Sept.' 7 to 12, may be appointed by
the chief executive of any country, a gov
ernor, a mayor or boards of county com
missioners, boards of trade, chambers of
commerce, scientific associations and min
ing organizations. Papers pertaining to
the general subject will be read and the
proceedings will be published In full.
The congress is not expected to confine
its attention to gold and silver mining, but
to include copper, Iron, lead, coal, marble
stone, fireclay, asphalt, etc.
Rffc You wantto save$1.00
**^' on your shoes. Come
C and see meI sell for $2.50
u thekind others askS3 50for.
H Make no mistakethe larar
est repairing place in the
Twin Cities. Men'sbest oak
K soles sewed 75c: nailed 50c
JT Rubber heels, ail kinds, 40c
312 Nicollet Av, Minneapolis
153 East 7th Street, St. Paul.
Will be
Lack of Space Will Deprive Legislators
* . of Big, Roomy
The capitol commission at Its meeting
yesterday decided that there was not room
in the legislative halls for roll-top desks,
and that the members would have to con
tent themselves with the flat-top pattern,
two feet and eleven inches wide by two
feet deep. Architect Gilbert reported that
work was progressing well, but-that con
siderable time had to be spent in repair
ing the temporary roof. Estimates were
allowed the different contractors as fol
Buller-Ryan company, steps and ter
races, ?1,826.64 fire proofing, $11,547.51
metal furring and lathing, |98 56 plas
tering, $3,858.92 W. I. Gray & Co, me
chanical equipment, $4,835.14r R.- Guastl
vine company, timbrel arches, $4,344.84
Flour City Ornamental Iron works, orna
mental iron, $4,596.40.
._ ,
Bpeetaole* fl and up.
Eye* examined free by
who devotee his entire
time and energy to this one
thing. Office, 8 Nleol
ollet *T, upstair*,
r ^ x
T -
Sanitary Problems to Come Up at
Meeting of State Board
of Health.
The state board of health next week
wiu hold an important meeting with
engineering authorities on water supply
and sanitation. Special reference will
be had to the disposition of sewage. A
great many smaller towns in the state are
draining their sewage into streams which
supply water to towns a short distance
below. Analyses of the water supplies
of different towns and cities have been
made, and will be presented to show the
need of better methods of sewage dis
posal and water supply. Dr. M. O. Leigh
ton of Chicago, attached to the "United
States geological survey, will be present,
also John F. Icke, city engineer of Madi
son, Wis. The following Minnesota ex
perts are expected to attend: Andrew
Rinker, city engineer, Minneapolis Carl
Illstrop, assistant city engineer, Minne
apolis Fred W. Cappelen, formerly city
engineer, Minneapolis Professor J. J.
Flather, Minneapolis X. W. Rundlett,
city engineer, St. Paul Louis P. Wolf
St. Paul, Professor C. B. Frankforter,
University of Minnesota Prof0ssor W. S.
Jones, University of Minnesota.
A Party Chapel
Thirty young women of Riverside Sun
day school left the city yesterday for a
two weeks' outing on Lake Koronls, near
New Paynesville, Minn. A more enthu
siastic or a better looking bevy of girls
is seldom seen than that which gathered
at the Milwaukee station for the 9:45
Soo train They we,re accompanied by the
following chaperones: Mrs. J. S. Frey,
Mrs. B. W. Grlevlsh, MJss Dora B. Frey
and Miss Eva S. Wheeler, the last named
being from Crawfordsville, Ind. Four per
sons went out Tuesday morning, and upon
the arrival of the young women the new
hotel building Which they ocoupy had
been thoroly cleaned and the first meal
was ready to be served. Lake Koronls is
one of the most attractive of the smaller
Minnesota lakes. It is situated two miles
south of New Paynesville, covers about
3,000 acres, has almost thirty-six miles
of shore line and abounds in fish.
He Is Considered for the Park Board
C. M. Loring, father of the Minneapolis
park, and in whose honor the name of
Central park was changed to Loring patk,
may again become a park commissioner.
It is understood that his friends and
those interested in the parks are urging
him to consent to serve in case he is
elected to the vacancy caused by the res
ignation of J. W. Raymond from the park
board Mr Loring takes as much interest
in the Minneapolis parks as he ever did,
and there is probably no one in the city
to whom the whole park svstem is dearer
than to Mr. Loring yet he prefers to be
relieved of much active work and he mav
not listen to the solicitation of his friends.
A Box Car Merchant's Sudden Reform
Astounds the State Au-
A Chicago box car merchant got the
laugh oil the state authorities who
rested his" ma^T fo!r,f
other day. On fojor -previous h
has been arrested1
The Governor of New York En Route
to the Canadian
Governor" Odell of New York passed
thru Minneapolis yesterday in his private
car, bound for the Canadian Rockies.
The party came in from Duluth on the
Northern Pacific, and left by the Soo.
They will tour the Yellowstone on their
way back In the party are Governor
Odell's two sons, Dr. S. B. Ward, J. C.
McKnight, New York, and T. E. Ells
worth, Lockport, N. Y.~ \
Herbert Pearson Gets No Bonus for
Work on Great Northern
Mineral Lands.
^ e Supreme Court Affirms This Case
Among Others Handed
Down To-day.
C. A. Campbell Secures Townsltes on New
Line North of Glenwood.
This 100-mile extension of the popular
Soo line is undoubtedly the most im
portant piece of railroad construction of
the year and Is of vast importance to
the territory covered, providing competi
tion for an immense area of well developed
farming country besides opening up much
new territory. Several important new
towns will spring up along this line and
grow rapidly into cities of consequence
because of the extent and reliability of
the rich tributary country supporting
Opportunities for business in these new
towns will be unequaled, and parties in
position to get in on the ground floor will
indeed be fortunate. Mr. Campbell, who
has successfully promoted several other
towns in the northwest, will manage the
towns In Douglas county.
The first stat|on north of Glenwodd will
be JForada, located midway between Glen
wood and Alexandria on the shore of
beautiful Maple Lake, and surrounded by
a country thickly settled with prosperous
farmers and unexcelled in this state for
richness and natural beauty.
Forada has been surveyed and plats will
be out July 10. Sale of lots will follow
at special low prices for thirty days.
Carlos is the next new station and is
located about ten miles north of Alexan
dria, near those well developed and
thrifty old settlements called-Carlos* Prai
rie and Bell RiVer, where farming land
sells at $50 to $60 per acre and is worth
the money. Here it is that nature spent
her beat efforts to make an ideal farming
and dairy country and succeeded beyond
any doubt. Carlos will be one of the 1m-
pdrtant towns on the goo system survey
is now under way and plats of the town
will be ready about July 15.
It is the intention of Mr. Campbell to
promote these towns' very rapidly and
to insure popular Interest in them, prices
will be established on a very low basis
at the start and advanced thereafter as
rapidly as conditions will justify.
No effort will be made to boom these
towns for speculative purposes, but a
healthy and natural growth wilt be en
couraged and special Inducements will be
afforded to parties establishing business
of general public importance, such as flour
mills, creameries and manufacturing en
terprises. Mr. Campbell is located at 633
Guaranty Building, Minneapolis, Minn.
The Denver courts have found Rev. S. W.
Sample, former pastor of the All Souls* Uni
versalist church in, this', city, not guilty of
cruelty to his children..-#^6 .Denver Humane
society brought an action against Rev. Mr.
Sample alleging that one of the Sample chil
dren had been cruelly beaten by his father.
Smith B. Hall has reported to the St Paul
police that he has lost a lemon colored over
coat and two hats, valued at $70, which are
supposed to have been taken from the St
Paul carnival headquarters.
Fifteen decisions, aside from the
Ames case, were filed by the supreme
court to-day. Six of them were reversals
and one order was modified.
Judge Kelly of St. Paul is upheld in
the Pearson case. Herbert W. Pearson
sued the Great Northern for 51,000,000
for locating valuable coal mines in Mon
tana. The case was submitted to .fudge
Kelly, who gave Pearson $500. He ap
pealed but the supreme court affirms it,
holding that eParson was only entitled
to his $200 a month. The syllabus is as
Herbert W. Pearson. Appellant, vs. Great North
ern Railway Company, Respondent
FirstUpon submlBsion of the evidence to the
court in the trial of an issue of fact after dis
agreement of the jury, held that its findings of
fact are sustained and justify the conclusion of
law based thereon.
SecondUnder rule nine of this court it is
necessary to include in the return the reasons of
the court tor its deci&ion, if any are filed, but
such memorandum cannot bo held on appeal to
qualify, characterize or limit the determina
tion of the trial judge following Jenkinson TS.
Koester, 86 Minn , 155. and mevious cases cited
Order affirmed.
Youna of Riverside
Folk Goes to
are the -fift h time th
and, fined'occasions , for selline g
adulterated goods.''This 'tfm&'fce'was ar
rested, but an examination of his stock
showed that he had reformed, temporarily
at least, and was selling pure spices and
baking powder. The complaint against
him had to be dismissed.
The village of Holloway, incorporated
in Swift county, is wiped out by an order
in a quo warranto porceeding brought to
set aside the incorporation. Several sec
tions of farm land were taken in to get
sufficient population. The syllabus says
State of Minnesota et rel. W. B. Douglas, attor
ney general, relator, vs. Oilliage of Holloway
et al, respondents
Rules laid doun in state vs Village of Anne
tonka. 57 Minn., 525, and state vs Fridley Tark,
61 Minn , 146, in respect to including unwar
ranted territory in the incorporation of Tillages
under chapter 145, general laws 1S85, followed
and applied, and the Incorporators of the Village
of Holloway in Swift county, held Illegal "
A Duluth Man Brings Suit Against Sur
veyor General Matchan.
George L. Matchan, surveyor general of
logs and lumber for this district, and W.
J. Power of Duluth are in disagreement
over the question of scaling 294,840 feet
of logs, the ownership of which Power
claims. The latter has secured an alter
native writ of mandamus Issued against
Mr. Matchan and returnable July 13, citing
the surveyor general to show cause why
he should not scale the logs and deliver a
scale bill. The petitioner claims that the
logs were sold to him by the sheriff of
Hennepin county upon execution and that
Mr. Matchan has refused to either scale
the logs or to deliver them.
*-'' J Puck.
MaidMadam, a reportaire begs zee
honalre of zee br-r-r-rtf audience wlz
Phima Donna (languidly)What does
he want, Fiflne?
MaidHe say, madam, zat he vish zee
perennial lntalrview about zee fabulous
offers madam has had to decline on ac-
, count of zee pr-r-revious contract,
c., ^ ^
Hosiery Sale. * **- " "
Dayton'rf (fdrtnerly Go0dfeHow*) yearly
sale of women's stockings and men's socks
Tuesday, July 14 |Qc, 76 and 11 values
JTOY~ ib, 1903.
The New England Sells Pianos
Good Pianos, and is the only
house in town doing a strictly
One-Price Piano Business.
'Kodak" Specials Saturday.
Lovely,' J.
New Trial In Price Case.
A new trial is given in the suit of Na
thaniel Price against the Standard Life
and Accident Insurance company for the
face of an accident policy issued to Elijah
Price, fatally burned in December, 1901.
The lower court gave a verdict to the in
surance company on the ground of mis
representations in the application. The
supreme court gives him a new trial.
The syllabus:
Nathaniel Price, administrator, appellant, TS.
Standard Life and Accident Insurance Com
pany, a corporation, respondent.
FirstLaws 1895, Ch 175, section 20, modi
fies and controls the effect of statements, rep
resentations and warranties contained in an ap
plication for accident insurance and made part
of a policy theieafter issued so that misrepre
sentations made therein shall not be deemed
material or defeat oc avoid the policy, or pre
vent its attaching unless made with actual in
tent to deceive and defraud or unless the mat
ter misrepresented Increased the risk of loss
SecondOrdinarily it is for a jury to deter
mine whether a misrepresentation has been
made by the insured, whether it was material,
whether it was made with actual intent to de
ceive and defraud and whether it Increased the
risk of loss. The issues made by the pleadings
in an action brought upon a policy as to an
intent to deceive and defraud and as to a mis
representation v.hich it is alleged increased the
risk Of loss, are largely dependent upon the na
ture and duration of the disease with which it
}s claimed the insured had been afflicted prior to
the appplication for the policy, and on these
matters the burden of proof is upon the de
fendant company*
HeldIt was not conclusively established by
the testimony in the case at bar that the state-,
ments, lepreseutations and warranties of the
insured contained in his application and made
a part of the policy were untrue in the sense
that any misrepresentation made as to those
matters was material, or increased the risk of
loss, and that on these questions especially the
cause should have been submitted to the Jurv
ThirdA register of patents kept at a hos
pital naming or pretending to name the disease
with which a patient was said to be Buffering
Is sot admissible in evidence to show and estab
lish the nature of the disease.
FourthThe well established rule seems to be
that a physi~Un may be called upon testify to
the simple fact that he has attended a certain
person as his patient and as to the number of his
Order reversed and new trial granted
Collins, J.
Falls to Collect Commissions.
W. B, Smith loses in his suit for $2,627
in commissions claimed from the Philip
B. Hunt company for which he traveled
as a salesman. Trie syllabus:
W. B. Smith, Appellant, vs. The Philip B. Hunt
Company, Respordent:
A contract of employment whereby the plain
tiff was to serve the defendant as its traveling
salesman construed and held, that the contiu
gensies therein named upon which the plaintiff
WM guaranteed a stipulated sum for his services
for the first year never occurred and that he
cannot recover on the guaranty.
Order affirmed.
, Picnic Baskets
1,000 Hardwood Baskets, with two handles
and hinged cover Small Size, fftjt
Special Saturday IU V
Medium Size, Special Saturday 16o
Large Size, Special Saturday 19o
Odds and Ends Saturday
Mosquito Incense10 packages for 15o
12-ln. Crystal Sweet Pea Vases 1 So
Japanese Lanternsperdoz...30o Each 3o
All Folding FansOne-Halt Price, OEJ*
2Wo to 40C
Flemish Water Pitchers 30o and 38o
England Furniture & CarpetCo
The One-Price Complete House Furnishers, 5th St. 6th St and let Ave. So.
Established 1880. Tel. 2721-L 1 Main.
'* Start, J.
Meyers Gets the Land.
Simon Meyers of Minneapolis wins his
case against James D. Markham of St.
Paul over title to a tract of land m Pine
county The syllabus:
Simon Meyers, Appellant, vs James D Markham,
FirstContcact for the sale of real property
construed, and cause remanded to the court be
low with directions to modify its conclusions of
law and award the relief referred to in the
SecondMcNamara \s. Pengilly, 64 Minn.,
543, to the effect that a vendee in a conti-act
for the sale of land is not bound to accept a
deed from any person other than his vendor dis
tinguiohed, and the mle there laid down, held
not to apply to a contract fcr a quit claim deed.
DR. H. S. RAY,
327-29 Nio. Av., Cor. 4th St.,Minneapolis
Brown, J.
Holloway No Village.
Saturday's '[.,
Special Bargains.
Housefumishing Sundries.
5th St. and 1st. Ave. Entrance! s*
Fresb Filmsall sizes.
Fresh Pmpers~a.il sizes.
Fresh Platesall sizes.
Large assortment of Card Mounts at ONE
HALF regular prices.
Regular 8c 4-oz. GraduatesSaturday ...Bo
Regular 25c Print RollersSaturday. . 18o
Regular 25c Dry RacksSaturday 1 So
Regular 15c 4x5 TraysSaturday 100
A No. 2 "Brownie'" CameraSaturday . $ 2
Or a 3^x3%, "Felxo" 'Saturday at 8 6
OraNo.O 'Folding Pocket"at $ 6
Any of these would make a good vacation
companion. Have you seen the New No. 3 Folding
Pocket3Y4.x4M "Kodak" with 0|f C A
Automatic shutter for. Olliwll
In the roaring comedy,
SUNDAY, double bill: A Nameless Play and
500 sets to select from.1*
a set tried in, free. Do not take them
unless perfectly satisfactory.
Prices, full hT A A and _
sets 4^^ V/v/ up.
Hammocks. *??*,
Prices Never So Low.
Regular $3.50 Hammocks, Saturday..$2.48
Regular $2 46 Hammocks $1.95
Regular $2.25 Hammocks 81.69
Regular 98c Hammocks 73c
Regular 75c Hammocks. .48o
19 South Third SC.
Italian Child of Six May Be a
New Tork, July 10 An Italian woman
entered the children's court yesterday,
carrying in her arms a heavy 6-year-old
boy, whose body and legs were covered
with bandages. The injured boy was An
tonio Ohristiani A moment later an
other 6-year-old, Antonio Francavilla,
was brought In to answer a charge of
felonious assault on the Chrlstianl boy.
According to the story, the Christianl boy
was walking near his home yesterday,
carrying a wooden box. Francavilla ran
up and grabbed it. The owner gave, chase
and recovered his property.
Francavilla took a pair of scissors from
his pocket, plunged the one sharp blade
in the legs, thighs and back of the other
The case was continued. The injured
boy is so seriously injured he may die.
Wri t
-Brown, J.
filed to-day were as
of ouster issued.
Other decisions
John B. Sanborn and Walter S. Sanborn, ap
pellants, TS. Frank VanDnvne, doing businesss as
St Paul Show Case Manufacturing company, re
spondent. Judgment reversed and new nial
Charles K. Sharood, as trustee in bankruptcy
of Jasper K. Tarbox et al , appallants, vs. VV.
B. Jordan et al, defendants, W B Joidan, W.
C Jordan and W. B. and W. C. Jordan company,
respondents Ordei affirmed.
J. H. Dickman, appellant, vs. William H. Dry
den et al., respondents. Order affirmed.
Union Insurance company of Philadelphia,
Phoenix Insurance company of Hartford, Conn ,
et al, vs. Alice L. Hall, appellant. Affirmed
O. M. Kfumdlck, as administrator of the
estate of Jacob C. Schneller, deceased, respond
ent, FS. Chicago & North-Western Railway com
pany, appellant. Affirmed.
F. J. Steldl, appellant, TB. Louis E. McCly
monds, respondent. Judgment reversed*
Mary E. Lloyd et al., respondents, vs. Anna L.
Simons et al, appellants,- M. E. Hodder^ appel
lant two cases. Judgment reversed and new
trial granted.
O. Fred Thompson, respondent, vs. C. O. Berg,
appellant. Judgment reversed and new trial
Frank H. Murray et al, appellants, vs. Wal
lace G. Nlckerson et al., respondents. Order
Francis Miklaka et al., respondents, vs. Bar
tholomew Kiklska et al., dewendants, Peter Nlc
olay et al., appellants. Judgment affirmed.
Chicago, July 10Two expulsions fronv
memberships in Chicago board of trade as
sociations were the result of investigations
closed yesterday. Charles G. McNeil, of
Sioux City, Iowa, lost his membership in the
regular board and F J Morgan was expelled
from the open board of trade. In each in-'
stance the charge was bucketshoplng opera
tions. *
Bogata, July 10.Former President Caro
continued the debate on the Hay-Horan canal
treaty yesterday. He proposed that the sen
ate abstain from considering the canal treaty
until President Marroauin attaches his sig
nature to it and that the United Staets be
requested to extend the ratification period
in case of a delay.
Pitches 18 Innlnjra "Without a Hit.
Morris. Minn., July 10.The Morrlr tjaeeball
team has again broken into the fast claaft out in
th* western part of the state, beating Herman,
yesterday by the score of 9 to 0. Brown and
Felix were at the points for Morris. Brown al
lowed the visitors no hits. Brown has now
pitched eighteen Inning* without allowing a hit
A Route "Dusttess and Cool."
379 Robert Street..
Scarcity of Labor Bastricts Cotton
Growing in the South.
New Tork Sun Special Service.
Washington, July 10.Ashley Home of
Clayton, one of the most successful busi
ness men in North Carolina, who is largely
interested in cotton-mill manufacturing,
is of the opinion that the southern states
will not produce more than three-fourth*
of a crop this season Mr. Home, in,
speaking of this subject, said:
"At best there will not be more than
three-fourths of a crop in North Caro
lina, and the same conditions prevail in
other southern states. The time for big
cotton crops in the south is at an end,
in my opinion, and it will be a rare thins
if the south ever produces more than an
11,000,000-bale crop again. Scarcity of
labor is responsible for this condition,
which Is more emphasized this year than
ever before." *
Screen Doors.
Austin, Texas, July 10W C. Greene, of
New York City, president of the Greene Con
solidated Copper company, has just presented
as a gift to Sam King, a friend of many years
standing, the title to a copper mine valued
at f200,000, situated near Cananea, Mexico.
The mine already has about $10,000 worth of
ore blocked out
Nut, Raspberry and f One 9Kg% Two. fin**
Pineapple Ice.' ( quart ***#*ir
Philadelphia Record.
At the dinner table Robert ate himself
Into a state of great satisfaction, 'while
his relatives stared In wonder. At last
he was actually forbidden to eat any
more. On the way home he pulled some
thing from his pocket and began gnaw
ing It
"What is that?" asked his mother.
"It's only dog biscuit," said Robert
""Where did yo uget It?" _ M
"Well," said Robert, "I knew f should
be hungry before I got home, so I took
it away from Fldo."
* Hmgufmf Priom, 40o Psu Quart. - -* **& z"i^
OHy mndOotmtnr Oedmr* Promptly FIIM. Omdetm Dellrmnd Sunday,
Telephoaes: N. W., E tot:
T. C 61M.
Regular 85c, 3-
panel Screen Door
special Saturday
60c 3**
Regular $1. 4-pan-
el icreeo Doors-
VA in ch thick.,
An assorted lot of,
Screen Doors- reg-
ular prices $1.25
and $1.35, choice
Saturday, each
1,000 pairs Screen
Door Spring
Hinge sSpecial i
Saturday, per pair ,
Croquet* Sets
On Saturday we will sell 25 6-bail CQ
Hardwood Croquet Sets at per set. II9 w
25 8-ball ditto, per set 39o
Minneapolis vs. Milwaukee
AT '
Nicollet Ball Park, NIc. and 31st.
Game Called at 3:45 p. m. Sharp.
Call and have
quarts ****?"
Second Ave.
South East

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