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tra Session Will Be Called After
He Has Sounded the Leg
ial to The Journal.
lomarck, N D Aug 27 After a \ isit
he different educational and charitable
Itutions of the state to ascertain their
is and the conditions resulting from
failure of the proposed bond issues,
the erection of new buildings and the
ting of needed improvements, Gov-
3r White stated to-day that he was
sfied an emergency existed that wai
ted an extra session of the legislature
Relieve the institutions At the same
je he said he wanted to feel sure of the
bperation of the legislative body be
ji calling the session
ihe governor visited the state agiicul
il college university deaf school ln
ute for the feeble-minded state nor-
! school at Vallev Cit\, and consulted
h the trustees of the state asylum at
nestown AH of the institutions aie
**e or less in straits as a lesult of the
*ure of the bond issues From the
itees ami managers of the different in
utions the governor obtained flgutes
he least amounts it would be possible
them to get along with in the present
rgencj The total of these figures is,
htly over $300 000
his sum howevei does not include
Wahpeton school of science or the
mdale industrial school As no con
^ts have been let oi building done at
hpeton, and as the industual school
rowed monej on its certificates at 4
cent and is not pressed fop funds for
ment there Is no great emergency at
ler of these places
General Fund Adequate
he go\emoi says it will be possible to
vide from the geneial fund for the
sent needs of the other institutions
at the same time pay the running
ense of the state
It may run the general fund a little
said he, "but in view of the in
ised revenues from all departments in
-j and taxes it can be done, and it
d not be burdensome to the people of
state At the same time, the co
ration of the legislative body is essen
In the course of the coming week I
ieve the wishes of the members can
ascertained, and if they express them
'esin the matter and agree upon a plan,
le positive statement can be made
ithat time
I believe the greatest needs at the
sent time are at the state normal
ool at Vallev City and the asylum at
aestown," continued the governor "At
asylum, the greatest need is in the
v ward building The institution is
(ly overcrowded It will be relieved
lewhat when the institute for the
ble-mlnded at Grafton is in operation,
there is need for the ward building
ertheless At Valley City the tondi
is are such that there is urgent need
ellef About $16 000 to $20 000 has been
ested by contractors in good faith
re is great need of more room and an
n-opriation could be made at this time
t would relieve the institution and per
the completion of- the buildings by
first of the year
Much the same conditions with regard
the investment in buildings exist at
state deaf school at Devils Lake
ille the need of more room is not so
at as at Valley ICty, the contractors
e grone ahead with their -work and
e two of the new buildings enclosed
appropriation could be made which
uld permit the completion of these
Idings and the payment of the con
'ctors for work done
jThe institute for the feeble-minded at
afton will be completed by Jan 1 This
JL larger institution than generally sup
ied and It -will accommodate 200 pa
nts when completed There will be
ids in hand to complete and furnish the
riding but the maintenance fund will
a little short At the state university
i Grand Forks there is a debt of $100 -
i. for buildings which have been erected
the credit of the institution They have
buildings but the dtbt is jet to be
It I did not have an opportunity to see
1 trustees of the state normal at Mav-
'e, but there Is a need of funds there
e agricultural college at Fargo is bad
Mn need of a new heating plant There
also a pressing demand for a new
'mlcal laboratory.
Members Must Say.
I am satisfied, after an examination of
the conditions, that the emergency
il and should be met by an extra
slon I will not act, however without
assurance of the co-operatidn of the
iislative body. I have seen several
'mbers living In the viclnitj. of the in
Uutions, and they are unanimous in
i opinion that the extra session should
] In the course of a week I hope to be
e to get in touch with the members
'tl find out what they think should be
le and whether they will co-operate to
f end that a harmonious agreement may
r reached at a short session "
Defends His Past Course.
"Vith respeot to criticisms that have
Jn passed regarding executive vetoes
c appropriations made by the last legis
jure, considering the improved financial
idition of the state, the governor calls
'ention to the fact that in 1893 there
a levied a tax of $698 498 for the bien
1 period Of this amount owing to
Dor crops and financial disturbances,
y $446 835 was collected
'Had the same conditions arisen again
During the past five years thou
sands of former sufferers have,
throug Orangeine, found
: Quick, Lasting Relief
which they could not find at any
i Hay Fever resort.
I Note-Orangeine Powders ate sold by
all progressive druggists, lOo (2 pow
ders) 125o (6 powders) I -
reaching human results.
V ,
this year," said the governor, "we would
have had good reason for congratulation
that we had proceeded along conservative
lines There was no means of determin
ing last winter when the appropriations
were made what the crop and financial
conditions of the state would be In the
following two years, 1894 and 1895, the
tax levied was $715 951, and the taxes col
lected were only $608 541 The executive
veto was used to insure our keeping with
in our revenue and I believe the people
of the state will approve what was done
Certainly if we had made all the appro
priations desired last winter we would
not have had the funds to meet the emer
gency which has arisen now '
The insurance department of the state
has paid in this year to the general fund
$61 421 in fees and taxes With the natural
inci eases the amount paid in for the
present biennial peiiod by the insurance
department will approximate $140 000
Wolf bounty certificates to the total
amount of $4 163 50 have been filed with
the tate auditor under the new law This
represents a total of 1 665 wolves killed
since the present law went into effect
/ernor White Satisfies Himself of
It by Visiting the State
Congressman Marshall Sends Circular Let
ters to the Bankers.
FARGO N DCongressman Marshall
purposes to determine the sentiment of his
constituents on the financial legislation
contemplated by the especial session of
congress He has sent out circular let
ters to the bankers in which certain ques
tions aie asked He will get a symposium
of their opinions and be governed some
what bv it at Washington
The bankers of the state are in session
at Grand Forks A large number passed
thiu heie this morning on their way to
the meeeting
Several bootleggers who started to do
business in this county have been gath
eied in and are pleading guilty before
Judge Pollock to get the minimum sent
ence and to secure their freedom as
quicklv as possible
Chailes \ \ illiamson who was arrested
at Hankinson while attempting to dispose
of a lot of trousers has been discharged
It WAS supposed that Williamson and a
pal bioke open a acar at Casselton, but
the evidence was insufficient A de
tective identified Williamson as a man
winted In Ashland Wis on a burglary
charge but the officials there dldn t seem
anxious for him and he was liberated
The bakers have discovered that maca
roni flour will make more loaves to a given
number of pounds than ordinary spring
wheat It has also developed that less
sugar is required The only difference in
the appearance is that the new bread is
a little darker than ordinary wheat flour
Several bakeis over the state say the de
mand for macaroni bread is becoming so
great that they have to keep it on hand
The city officials have practically de
cided to adopt the meter system in con
nection with the waterworks
Fargo college will open Sept 16 Field
Secretaiy Shaw has been over the state
visiting prospective students and predicts
a large attendance
mayor has sold his drug business to
Jerry Barton of Veblen, S E , and intends
going to the Pacific coast to live it has
rained more or less ever} day since Sun
day and threshing is delayed A lew
fields were threshed last week, yielding
from 12 to 17 b/shels of wheat to the acre
LISBON, N DSergeant Clarence Cole
was removed yesterday to the hospital
and a second operation performed on his
arm This has been a rainy week, but a
good deal of threshing has been done nev
ertheless Barley on the J B Wisner
farm near Plymouth went sixtv-flve bush
els to the acre
Fine Program of Horse Races and General
SHELDON, IOW \This Is a big week
in Sheldon for sport and merry making
Two theater companies opened last night
for a.n all -week run ajid Gentry Brothers'
trained animal show is here. The great
Sheldon district fair begins on Wednes
The entries of fast horses and fine cattle,
hogs and sheep are the bpst ever seen in
northwest Iowa The management Is
elated over the prospects for the best
fair ever held here
A league game of baseball is played
each day The home team won a pretty
game from Sioux Falls yesterday.
CEDAR FALLS, IOWA.The board of
trustees of the state normmal has de
cided to retain the military department
Miss Henrietta Thornton, instructor in
drawing, has been granted a leave of ab
sence and will be succeeded by Miss
Louise M Rowe of Indianapolis.
WAVERLY, IOWAThe Paulist or
der of Catholic priests will in a few
months begin the erection of a home in
this city which will cost $50 000, and be
the first one in the west The funds were
donated by Abraham Slimmer, the phil
DUBUQUE, IOWA.The socialists of
Dubuque county held a convention this af
ternoon to name a full county ticket They
assert they will poll a much heavier vote
than in previous vears
son aged 63 was killed by a cave-in of
earth at a quarry His body was recov
ered fifteen minutes after the accident,
but life was extinct
LIDGERWOOD, N D Louis Christian
son and Miss Minnie Muloy were married
this morning at the Catholic church, Rev.
Father Zumbush officiating After a
short visit east they will reside at Mllnor,
where Mr Christianson owns a drug store.
IOWA FALLS, IOWAAnnouncement
has been made of the marriage at Denver
of Fremont S Catlln, a member of the
firm of Catlln Bros of this place, and Miss
Lou Shain of Los Angeles, a former resi
dent of Mason City, Iowa
Beach was married last evening to Bert
ram G Knight of New York city, Rev
J H Albert officiating The bride was
at one time a teacher in the city schools.
JThey yrill preside In New, Torkj
foWA '
Unfaithfulness of Her Lover Caused the
Death of Mrs Beer.
CLINTON IOWAAccording: to a re
port from Rio, Hannah Beer Is dead as
the result of unfaithfulness on the part
of her lover, which fact was disclosed to
her by the son of the man she was en
gaged to wed
While sitting at the supper table at
the home of L. Fritz, Charles Pont, son
of John Pont, the man she was to wed,
exposed the private life of his father The
information threw the woman into hys
terics and three hours later she was a
corpse, and the physician who was sum
moned said she died of a broken heart
In the vicinity of Bellevue and Maquo
keta A Ralston killed twenty-two rattlers
while harvesting the hay from a twenty
acre field A woman was bitten at Bel
levue while picking berries and a little
girl was bitten by a rattler near Green
Island while reaching into a hen's nest for
eggs It is supposed the high water drove
the snakes from out of the rocks along
the Maquoketa river
Mines Abandoned for Thirty-five
Years Are Looking Forward
to Restoration.
Ore of Very Good Quality and in
Seeming Abundance Has
j Been Found.
Special to The Journal.
Duluth, Minn , Aug 27 An interesting
fact is, the revival of the old Taylor prop
erty near L Anse the most westerdy prop
erty on the Marquette range, and aban
doned for thirty-five yeais It Is stated
that recent explorations underground
show one of good quality and in seeming
abundance, within six feet of the ends of
diifts stopped when the mine went out of
commission as an exhausted property.
The old railroad leading to L'Anse was
toin up and the ore dock destroyed some
years ago
Restoration of old Lucy mine is pro
girssing satisfactoril / in No 3 shaft and
attention will soon be turned to No 5
which is deeper than 3 There is a com
plete machinery outfit on the ground and
fifty men are working
At Moore mine, of the Steel corpora
tion stripping is completed and arrange
ments are made for shipments, but no
ore can be shipped until the great crush
ing plant at Escanaba is ready, and that
will not be until 1904's season An area
500 bv 1,200 feet is stripped of about 500,-
000 cubic vards The thickness of covei
ing is about twelve yaids
Duluth mine is being stripped more
heavily than ever The present work is
near No 3 shaft, joining the Canton mine,
which has been idle since 1896 There
is nearly half a mile of exposed workings
on this property
At the Biwabik mine shipments will
probably be much greater than in any pre
ceding year Four shovels are working m
oie loading it with exceeding rapidity,
and the large centrifugal crusher is busy
day and night The daily output is above
6 500 tons, and the season will put this
mine in the million-ton class, for the
first time
Much exploration is under way close to
Biwabik 13 J Longyear has four drills
near Embarras lake, and the East Bi
wabik Iron company has three or four
moie on its lands in the old townslte of
Miners have begun operating power
dulls in the ledge at the Cleveland Cliffs
Maas mine Negaunee, and are now 20
feet down into ledge, far enough to make
work perfectly easy and safe At the
point where the ledge was cut it stood
nearly vertical, and the greatest diffi
culty was encountered in getting the
shaft safely bottomed They have 600
feet to go to ore Gustav Anderson has
been made superintendent at this com
pany's Negaunee mine The company is
developing a body of silicious ore in its
old Ogd^n propertv Ishpemmg, similar
to its old Tllden, which has been worked
out and abandoned The ore at Ogden
rises 100 fet above the lake and is covered
with a slight surface It will be easily
At the old. East New York, now the Ish.
peming Mining company M A Hanna &
C o, are exploiing with diamond drill and
will carry forward an extensive work both
from surface and underground The
company will open a pit and uncover a
body of silicious ore
Gogebic shipments have- been slow this
year, and very little of last winter's prod
uct is going down yet Work has been
stopped at Meteor and it has passed into
other hands Tilden is not looking well,
tho finds in No 10 shaft have helped the
property out somewhat
Saloonkeepers Promise to Remove Screens
and Abide by the Law.
TRACY, MINNThe suit brought by
the city against the saloonkeepers for vio
lating the screen ordinance was stub
bornly contested It began on Friday and
lasted five days The defense, realising
that the violations charged in the com
plaint -were be ond dispute made a des
perate effort to escape the penalty thru
some technicality First the validity of
the ordinance was attacked But after
two days of controversy by the lawyers,
the court sustained the ordinance
By change of venue the case went be
fore another justice and two more days
were consumed in taking testimony and
in argument In the meantime the whole
city was stirred up over the case and the
courtroom was full of interested specta
tors Public sentiment was decidedly In
sympathy with the prosecution
On the fifth day the court acquitted the
defendant The decision no doubt was
due to the fact that long before the trial
was over all the saloonkeepers signified
a willingness to remove their screens and
abide by the law And as the prosecu
tion was brought not so much to punish
the offenders as to insure their future
complance with the law it is not likely
the city will appeal the case It is gen
erally conceded that the law-abiding ele
ment scored a splendid victory, notwith
standing the decision
D H Evans and Nels Pehrson have just
completed two of the fifcest business
blocks in the city Mr Evans has been
in business here for twentv-flve years
His new block will be used to house farm
implements and carriages Mr Pehrson
is conducting a mercantile business in his
new building.
Winona May Celebrate Its Seml-Centen
nlal In 1907.
WINONA, MINNThe suggestion has
been made that Winona celebrate the
semicentennial of its incorporation as a
city, which would come early In 1907 The
matter is being discussed this early on ac
count of the semicentennial at Oshkosh
this week and the plans being made by St
Paul for a similar demonstration next
Mr and Mrs John Burt of the town of
Cross in Buffalo county, Wisconsin cele
brated their golden wedding anniversary
on Wednesday, entertaining many rela
tives and friends
Another union has been added to those
already organized in Winona This is the
laundry workers' union Mrs Noble has
been elected president and Mattle Heffer
man recording and financial secretary
Almost every branch of labor in Winona is
now unionized
Unique Business Proceeding In the Town
v of Brooten.
ST CLOUD, MINNThe village offi
cers of Brooten, Stearns county, have been
served with a temporary injunction re
straining them from the selling of flour
and feed The complainant is Ludwig L.
Nerlien, who operates a line of flour mills
on the Soo road
In 1894 or 1895, the village donated a
site and about $1 000. toward the establish
ing of a flour mill near the station. L L
Nerlien, operating a competing mill at
Belgrade, four miles distant, purchased
the Brooten mill in the winter of 1898 and
closed its doors This incensed the citi
zens and village council
The village went into the flour trade
and has been selling flour at a few cents
above cost ever since This makes five
years that it has been carrying on a re
lentless warfare against Nerlien
Nerlien la his petition a8sei$&4hat the
village and its officers are engaged In the
sale of flour and feed at and below the
cost of its manufacture, that it is using
the village hall as a storage-house, and
that it is using the village funds for the
purpose of carrying on the business, con
trary to law, that as a taxpayer he ob
jects to the use of the public money in a
private business It is alleged that the
village has sold an average of two car
loads of flour and feed a month, and that
in the year just passed there has been sold
not less than 800,000 pounds of flour.
Donahue May Die of Shock and Loss of
hue was found lying beside the Minne
apolis & St Louis track near Twin Lake
He was unconscious and must have been
there some time, as he doubtless jumped
or fell from a freight that left here at 7
or 8 in the morning and did not stop at
Twin Lake Both his legs were broken
at the ankles and a large section of the
shin bone was broken out of one of them
He Is in a state of collapse fiom shock
and loss of blood, and his recovery is not
certain When Donahue left here he was
It is reported that a movement is on
foot to establish another bank at the vil
lage of Emmons and also to have a sec
ond one at Clark's Grove
The rain yesterday put a stop to thresh
ing and all kinds of outdoor work, as well
as the preparations for the fair upon the
new grounds here Corn is much behind
the season
Ask the Council to Stop the
of Liquors In Drug Stores.
cil meeting last evening saloon men pre
sented a petition asking that the sale of
liquor in drug stores and bottling houses
be stopped The petitioners stated that
they were ready to furnish evidence and
demanded that the drug stores be com
pelled to stop the sale or take out $1 000
licenses The matter was referred to the
license committee for Investigation
Agent Gellerman of the Northern Pa
cific railway has been examining some of
the articles taken from the Noithern Pa
cific station while it was burning last
week and finds some papers thoroughly
saturated with kerosene This removes
all doubts as to the origin of the fire, it
was unquestionably set by burglars
T. A Callahan of Morris, filed a peti
tion in bankruptcj', placing his assets at
$130, all exempt, and his liabilities at
53,705 17.
Citizens Organize, Subscribe a Fund and
Elect a Secretary.
last evening 52 000 was subscribed by cit
izens to be offered as an inducement to
manufacturers to locate here
Some years ago Laneshoro was one of
the best flour-milling towns in southern
Minnesota Tw6 of these big mills have
been standing vacant for years They
can now be bought by manufacturing con
cerns for less than half their original
cost Besides this, Lanesboro has one
of the best water powers in the state,
owned by the town
At the meeting the citizens organized
an Industrial league for the improvement
of the town, and O M Levang the editor
of the Leader, was chosen, industrial com
missioaer to open correspondence with
manufacturers looking for a location.
Probate Court at Duluth Found Her In a
Violent State.
SAUK RAPIDS, MINN Word has been
received that Miss Ella Beatty daughter
of the late James Beatty, has been ad
judged insane before the probate court at
Duluth She is 38 years of age and is
violently insane because of severe mental
The J Nells Lumber compam'g mill
employes met last evening to organize a
union which will affiliate with the Trades
and Labor union of St Cloud
Charles Dill of St Cloud will succeed
J W Massman as station agent for the
Northern Pacific Railway company
The Western Granite company has been
awarded a contract for Ave carloads of
granite to be used for concrete woik by
the Northern Pacific at Jamestown, N D.
Contract at Two Harbors Awarded to a
Duluth Company.
Electric company of Duluth was awarded
the contract for the new machinery to be
installed at the new village electric light
station here The cost will be over $16,000
The local ball club will run an excur
sion to Hibbing on Friday and play with
the team of that place for the amateur
championship of the head of the lakes
Lumber shipments by boat are on the
increase again, and the outlook is that
last season's record will be equaled this
year Many of the mills have shipped
considerable lumber to Chicago by rail
this season, whioh cuts into the boat
Shrlners From the Cities Will Attend a
Funeral at Lake City.
LA KE CITY, MINNThe funeral of W.
M. McRostie will be held from St Mark's
Episcopal church Friday afternoon at 2
o clock Mr McRostie was a Mason in
high standing and the services will be
under the auspices of that order It is
expected there will be many from the
cities, as he was a Shrinei and belonged
to the St Paul lodge Rev C H Plummer
will officiate Mr McRostie leaves a wife
and one son
Mesdames Hoytt and Richardson enter
tained several lady friends jesterday af
ternoon with games and* refreshments
FARIBAULT, MINNThe conference
of the German Lutheran church of south
ern Minnesota which has been in session
since Tuesaav, closed to-da Forty-five
ministers were presentEmployes of the
Sheffield-King Milling company have been
granted an eight-houi dav The new
schedule takes effect Sept 7 Grocers will
close at 6 30 o'clock, except Saturday even
ings, from Sept 1 to April 1.
PRESTON, MINN.Professor J Thaler
of Calmar, lew a, has been engaged to in
struct the Preston band He will devote
two days a week to his work hereMiss
Ruth Bleekman of L a Crosse ha? been
added to the teaching force of the high
schoolSenator Thompson is rebuilding
his home and will have one of the most
elegant residences in the city.
MORRIS, MINN.A farewell reception
in honor of Dr. Roderick J Mooney and
family and a welcoming reception to his
successor, Dr Moody and family, were
held last night Dr Mooney has been
called to St Luke's parish in Duluth
HASTINGS, MINN.The county com
missioners appropriated $50 to the Farm
ington fair Bids for repairing the Cedar
avenue bridge were opened in the con
tract awarded to Frank Dowdle of
Burnsville, at $1,327 50
tramp who was shot by Chief of Police
Ramage, escaped from the insane asylum
at Rochester H e says his name is And
erson *
WEBSTER, MINNThe dwelling-house
of Mr Hartridge was burned with prac
tically all of its contents. Loss $1,200, no
Equitable life Assurance Company
Would Have the Insurance
Commissioner Enjoined.
Division of Surplus With Policy
Holders Every Five' Years the
Casus Belli.
LEA, MINNDaniel Dona-
Special to The Journal.
Milwaukee, Wis , Aug 27 The Equit
able Life Assurance company of the Unit
ed. States has brought suit in the superior
court to enjoin Insurance Commissioner
Host from carrying out his ruling that this
and other insurance companies shall di
vide their surplus with the policy-holders
at least every five years The commis
sioner's order was that such division be
made in thirty days
The undivided surplus of the Equitable
amounts to about $11 000,000, and the rul
ing affected other companies in equally
large amounts
This suit is the initial one arid is de
signed to be carried to the supreme court
Pending- a decision the ruling: has been
suspended as to other companies.
Whitehead Is Whiteheaded.
Governor La Follette was announced to
speak at the Evansville fair next week
Senator Whitehead of Janesville, "stal
wart ' candidate for governor against La
Follette and recognized as a leader of the
anti-La Follette forces, asked permission
of the secretary of the fair association to
reply to the governor if he made charges
against the legislatures of 1901 and 1903
His request was lefused He afterward
learned that the matter had been referred
to Governor La Follette The governor is
in the east and his private secretary re
fused the request for him Colonel Han
nan said that Senator Whitehead might
speak the next day if a friend of the ad
ministration were allowed to answer him,
and suggested that to Judge Levi Bancroft
be assigned this reply
When Senator Whitehead was officially
informed of his decision he was angrv,
and expressed surprise that the governor
was allowed to come into Rock county and
run the fair association for his own pur
poses exclusively He declined to make
any such agreement, and. the matter rests
Forty Years of Faithful Service.
Adolph Meinecke and his family yester
day celebrated the fortieth anniversary of
the service of Miss Kisshmger in the fam
ily She was presented b Mr Meinecke
-?\ ith a gold medal in token of appreciation
of her long and faithful work
Her life with the family includes four
generations for when she first came the
great-grandmother of the famil the
widow of Dr Meinecke and the mother of
Adolph Meinecke, was living with them
HAYWARD, WIS.Ashland capitalists
are looking up Hayward property with a
view to investing A council is being held
at Sand Lake to-day for the purpose of
organizing a Protestant church Many
ministers from abroad aie present Rev
L W Winslow of this city is at the head
of the mee,tmg
BARRON, WISM G Borgerson of
Cumberland pleaded guilty to incest and
was sentenced to four years Michael Kos
ki of Turtle Lake pleaded guiltv to for
ger and was sent to the reformatory at
Green Bay for^three years
LA CROSSE, WIS.The fourth annual
meeting of the Wisconsin State Optical
society opened here vesterdav with a large
attendanceMr and Mrs R E Hauser
celebrated their golden wedding anniver
sary yesterday
SPARTA, WISRobert Heasty one of
the most prominent farmers of this coun
ty, died from a complication of diseases
Important Capture Made by Officials at
ABERDEEN, S DSheriff Cole and
Chief Thompson last night made a cap
ture that is considered important They
became aware that there was a "plant"
of stolen hardware near town, and had
watched only about half an hour when
two men drove up with a horse and buggy
and proceeded to load the stuff The offi
cers made a rush in the dark and caught
one man, the other getting away tho shot
at several times In the ' plant" were
found eight new shotguns of fine makp,
several revolvers, a lot of razors, over 100
pocket knives and other articles The
officers also have the horse and buggy
which has not been claimed and which, it
is believed, were also stolen
Rain fell in this region again last night
and this forenoon, stopping all work and,
it is feared, wetting stacks a good deal
P B Austin, one of the oldest residents
of Spink county died in Aberdeen yester
day, at the age of 78 years He was tho
father of Mrs J J McCaughey of this
city, and settled in Spink county in 1881
The co-ordinate bodies of Scottish Rite
Masonry have decided to hold their next
reunion for work in the degrees from the
fourth to the thirty-second beginning on
Jan 18 and continuing four days It is
expected large classes will take the de
With Him, It Is Said, Went a Span of
HURON, S D A warrant of arrest has
been placed in the hands of Sheriff Kerr
for Bert Dawson, of Wessington Dawson
is a Christian minister, and has been in
the west part of Beadle county for sev
eral months, suppljing pulpits He is
jolly and companionable, and won numer
ous friends.
He was married on the 16th inst, to
Miss Dena M Johnson H e was to have
preached in Wessington last Sunday, but
failed to appear and later it was discov
ered that he and his wife had departed for
new fields, taking with them a span of
driving horses and other property upon
which a friend held a chattel mortgage
Coe I. Crawford has gone to Hot
Springs, "Va , to address a meeting of the
American Bar association
Judge Ed P. Caldwell, one of the found
ers of Huron, is in the city, his first visit
in seventeen years. H e now resides in
A shower of what is known as "prairie
crickets" occurred here. The walks were
literally covered with them, and pedes
trians found difficulty in getting them out
of their clothing
Pleaded Guilty to Cutting Green Timber
on the Reserve.
dians of the Lower Brule reservation,
Anthony Blackbird, Charles Long Turkey,
Splendid Horn, Paul Councilor, Mitchell
Quilt and Samuel High Elk, appeared be
fore Judge Carland and pleaded guilty to
the charge of cutting green timber on the
reservation Judge Carland sentenced
each of them to a term of sixty days in
the Brule county jail at Chamberlain
A petition has been filed in the United
States court in this city asking that
Frank Bennett and Adelaide R Bennett,
copartners in a mercantile business at
a!" ASM
Jjttsuranet, ^ ^
ijVeblea* } & adlas%d, liwoluatargJjjMfr
ATTOtrST 27, 1003.
rupts The petition is filed jointly by
three Minneapolis and one St Paul whole
sale firm, who allege they have claims
aggregating $1,000
Charles H. Aldons, a farmer, of Clark
county, has filed a petition in voluntary
bankruptcy He places his liabilities at
$4,396 and says he has no assets The
case will be adjudicated by Referee in
Bankruptcy Charles N. Harris of Aber
deen. Ruling In the Case of Mrs. Grantz Against
City of Deadwood.
DEADWOOD, S D The new trial de
manded by Mrs Otto P Th Grantz in
her damage suit against this city has been
denied Mrs Grantz sued the city for
large damages for a fall alleged to have
been received from a defective sidewalk
The city council has been asked for a
twenty-year franchise by the Nebraska
Telephone company This company has
bought out the Black Hills Telephone and
Telegraph company The Nebraska com
pany promises to spend ?30,000 in improve
ments the coming year if the franchise is
A young man named Robert Thompson
lost a portion of his foot while trying to
board a train to the ball grounds Roy
Wells, a fireman, committed suicide by
taking morphine A colored porter named
Alonzo Bruce was found dead from apo
plexy He was a nephew of ex-Senator
Bruce of Mississippi
First Steps for a South Dakota Associa
tion Taken at Parker.
PARKER, S DA meeting of tele
phone men was held last night at which
an organization to be known as the South
Dakota Telephone association was ef
fected C C King of Scotland was
elected president, W. E Ege of Center
ville vice president, H P Hartwell of
Irene, secretary and treasurei J A
Steninger Parker F B Elce Mitchell,
T P Thompson, Canton, and B W Bm
nett, Tyndall with the above named offi
cers, to constitute the board of directors
J A Steninger, F B Elce and J P
Henrick were appointed a committee on
constitution and by-laws The meeting
adjourned to the call of the piesident
Notice will be given and invitations ex
tended to representatives of all exchanges
in the state to be piesent at the next
ARMOUR, S. D Karl Krull, living ten
miles northwest, lost his barn and three
horses by fire A granary and 1 000 bush
els of wheat were saved The fire was
started by a small boy playing with
matches The loss is $1,000 No insur
SCOTLAND, S. DAlfred Brown has
signed a contract with the postofflce de
partment to erect a solid chalk rock build
ing for a postofflce by Nov 1 The gov
ernment has leased the building for five
years at an annual rental of $330 a year
GETTYSBURG, S. D The members of
the local Methodist society have paid off
the last dollar of indebtedness on the old
church building, and are raising money
for the construction of a new edifice
ARLINGTON, S. DThe business men
having subscribed a sufficient sum of
money to pay the salary of a special night
watchman, George Helfrich, has been ap
pointed to the position
lONA, S D R^cewtii afeoMt ttvwty ia.t
tle and horses have died on the ranges in
this neighborhood from a mysterious
cause which has now been discovered to
be anthrax
LEAD, S. D.John Pjalas, a Finlander,
will probably die from the effects' of a
fall in the Homestake mine He sustained
a fracture of the skull
BELLE FOURCHE, S. DPeter Miller,
a young man, killed himself with a shot
gun He had been jilted by a young lady
of Belle Fourche
CARTHAGE, S D The creamery made
a good record last month, when $4,264 57
was distributed among the farmer pa
MILLER, S. D.Herman Gross and
family, charged with an attempt on the
life of Aruthur Heme, were discharged
HETLAND, S D Work has begun on a
new rural telephone line which will con
nect with the system at this place.
CHANDLER, S. D.Work is progress
ing rapidly on a new Methodist church
Burns' Fighting Rooster Causes No End
of Trouble at Nymore.
BEMIDJI MINNNymore, the newly
incorporated village half a mile southeast
of Bemldji, has a rooster with an inher
ited taste for fighting, whioh is owned
by Josepf Burns, who was defeated a
short time ago for the village presidency
Frequent complaints have been made
against the rooster because, it is alleged,
it attacks children when they approach
It As it has the free run of the streets,
it is looked upon as a public nuisance
The rooster went so far yesterday as
to fly at a woman who is the wife of one
of the village constables, a bitter political
enemy of Mr Burns The constable
rushed down to the home of the fighter's
owner and demanded that the bird be
Immediately placed in the "coop " At this
Burns seized a carbine saber hanging on
the wall and ordered the constable off
the premises The man was slow to go,
and Mrs Burns highly indignant, placed
three hard, fast blows on the face of the
constable, who promptly toppled over,
knocked out in the first round.
No arrests have been made, and even
the rooster is still at large Burns says
it is a plain case of persecution and that
the fowl is perfectly harmless
IOWA CITY, IOWA.Coal was discov
ered in Jefferson township, not far from
Iowa City, to-day Prospecting will fol
low as soon as ararngements can be
RomeThe resignation of Mr Root is regret
ted at the Vatican as under bim the negotiations
legardlng the friars' lands In the Philippines
were conducted with reciprocal satisfaction How
ever the news that he will he succeeded by
Judge Taft was received with great pleasuie
Mother's Friend, by its penetrating and soothing properties,
allays nausea, nervousness, and all unpleasant feelings, and
so prepares the system for the
ordeal that she passes through
the event safely and with but
little suffering, as numbers
have testified and said, "it is^- *
worth its weight in gold." $1.00 per
bottle of druggists. Book containing *
valuable information mailed free, ^ y
A Railroad Contractor Bobbed
$1,800 in Paper Curency Near
Center of Bozeman.
Pistols Held at His Head and His
Pace PoundedHighwaymen
Easily Escaped.
Speoial to The Journal.
Bozeman, Mont, Aug 27.A daring
holdup was committed yesterday only a
few blocks from, the center of the town,
and within a few hundred yards of several
dwelling houses The robbers escaped
with $1,800 in paper money and with no
clue left behind
The victim was Hadley Morrison, a con
tractor on a Montana railroad, formerly
of Bozeman, who came to town from
Lombard to settle several large bills with
Bozeman business men
He had made arrangements to draw his
pay from the company in currency and
while making a short cut thru some brush
near the station two men suddenly con
fronted him with pistols pointed at his
head and ordeied him to come into the
He did so but succeeded in drawing his
own gun meanwhile The robbers took
the gun away from him and battered him
in the face with it They made him hold
up bis hands and then searched him.
Morrison sajs he recognized the high
After ha-wng an altercation with the
habitues of a saloon, in which he was
worsted and finally kicked out into an
alley, Charles Peterson dropped dead
some time during the night He was
found this morning by a bai tender in
the place Death is supposed to have
lesulted from heart failure induced by
Montana A O. U. W. Rejects ItGrand
Lodge Officers Elected.
HELENA, MONTLate yesterday
afternoon the grand lodge of the A O.
U W for the jurisdiction of Montana
completed its work and adjourned The
session was one of the most harmonious
and at the same time most important that
has ever been held by the Montana or
ganization It was decided not to adopt
the new assessment rate recommended
bj the Detroit convention
The lodge will next year meet in Deer
Lodge Officers for the ensuing year were
elected as follows Past grand master
workman, C R A Scobey of Poplar
grand master workman, Joseph B Tre
varthen of Walkerville, grand foreman,
E G Worden of Lewiston, grand over
seer G S E Westner of Anaconda, grand
recorder, R E Howey of Helena (re-
elected), grand receiver, S Q Skelton
of Boulder, (re-elected) grand guide,
Jeie Sullivan of Fort Benton, grand medi
cal examiner, R W Getty of Hamilton,
(re-elected), grand trustees, William Dee
of Butte, Moses Morris of Helena, F S.
Putnam of Nihart, supreme representa
tives C R A Scobey, J M Howard and
P Turney
At the annual oonference of the State
Epworth league of the Methodist church
south in Helena last evening, delegates
from eleven subordinate leagues being
present, the following officers were
elected President W R Deem, Butte
vice president, Miss Fannie Cummings,
Stevensville, secretary, Miss Sadie Bryon,
Helena treasurer, R A Black, Bozeman
corresponding secretary, Miss May
Bretherton, Butte, superintendent junior
work, Mrs F H Whitefleld, Big Timbei.
Figures shown by the corrected assess
ment rolls of the various counties, all of
-which have been received, revealed the
fact that the assessment of Montana
property, including the railroads, passes
the two hundred million mark, an in
crease of more than fifteen millions as
compared with the assessment last year,
the increase for the entire state being
8 4-10 per cent for the year To be exact,
the total assessment for the state this
year is $201 333 310 of which the assess
ment on the railroads is $35 442,188
An enormous quantity of rain has fall
en over the Choteau and Valley country
in the past forty-eight hours, filling small
streams and coulees Several washouts
have occurred on the Great Northern, the
two most expensive being near Wagner
and Culbertson Traffic is badly delayed.
The rainfall is also general thruout cen
tral Montana and will benefit late crops.
ald, a motorman, died last night from in
juries received while coupling two trolley
cars His abdomen was crushed and his
mutilated body was a sickening sight.
He was a veteran of the Philippine war,
having been promoted twice for bravery.
company, owner of the townslte, has com
pleted a lease with the department of
Indian affairs for 550 feet of land joining
the village, which will be made into a
park A handsome fountain will be placed
in the park and flower beds laid out.
CLOQUET, MINN.The second fatal
accident within ten days occurred at the
big mill of the Cloquet Lumber company,
by which a boy, Emil Lake, was instantly
killed While working on the shinglt
block saw, he fell upon it.
T- i
l !
a bottle
e Bitters
the next time
your stomach
is disordered or
your liver inac-
tive. You'll be
pleased with
the result. It
positively cures
Sour Stomach,
Sick Headache,
Poor Appetite,
Constipation. Dyspepsia and
Is to love cMldren, and no
hoine can be completely
happy without them, yet the
ordeal through which the ex
pectant mother must pass usually is
so full of suffering, danger and fear
that she looks forward to the critical
hour with apprehension and dread.

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