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Eugenie I. Bruce Tells Forestry As
sociation of Selection Under
- i V
v Morris Bill.
Northwesterly Portion of Chippewa
Reservation, He Says, Meets
Reserve's Needs.
Eugene B . Bruce, lumberman of the
bureau of forestry, told the American
Forestry association yesterday what had
been done in carrying out the provisions
of the Morris bill for the Minnesota na
tional forest reserve. H e said in part:
"1 have been requested to outline to
you here what has been done thua f ar
In carrying out the provisions of the Mor
ris bill.
"Immediately after the passage of the
Morris bill work was commenced by the
bureau of forestry in the general land
and the Indian offices at Washington,
D . C , by the collection of data necessary
for the preparation of suitable maps to
show the location of the Indian allotments
- already made and the classification of the
lands by the corps of examiners which
had worked on this reservation previous
to the passage of this bill. About the
first of August we had procured all the
data available at that time.
"Field work was commenced early in
August by the examination of the res
ervations with a small party under my
supervision. Practically the whole of the
reservation w?.s examined. I n the course
of this preliminary examination we found
that the old surveys were very faulty,
that many of the township, range and sec
tion corners were entirely obliterated, and
that the old classifications in many in
stances were inaccurate and did not cor
rectly represent the territory.
"It was also discovered that the war
department had, prior to the passage of
the act creating the Minnesota national
forest reserve, purchased from the Indians
the right to flow certain portions of the
reservations from which the selection fr
the national forest reserve was to be
madetha t the delineation of the territory
which they had the right to flow had not
yet been completed, and until that was
done there was no possible way of de
termining just what they would flow, or
where their rights began or endedalso ,
that there were many Indians yet to be
allotted, and that the exact location where
these allotments would be made could not
at this time be foretol d.
Difficulties In the Way.
"Early in November a letter was sent
to the Interior department, explaining
fully all these conditions existing on the
ground, and asking whether It was pos
sible for a resurvey to be made prior to
a first selection, and whether the bureau
would be allowed to include in Its first
seieotion lands which were found to be
faultily classified as "agricultural," for
the purpose of consolidating the area de
sired to be included, thereby making it
possible to patrol and protect, and suc
cessfully administer the reserve when
completed. A map showing the boun
daries and classifications of the proposed
first selection, and photographs showing
some of the incorrectly classified agri
cultural territory, were submitted with
the letter. The answer, when received,
was unfavorable.
"In a communication of March 21, 1903,
a proposition was made to the department
of the interior by the bureau of forestry
for the purpose of expediting and facili
tating the opening of the reservation. This
proposition was accepted by the secretary
of the interior, April 23, 1903.
First Selection.
"At first selection was therefore made
embracing 104,459.25 acres, of which 89,-
707.03 acres were classed as pine lands,
and 14,762.22 acres were classed as agri
cultural, this constituting the first selec
tion of the 225,000 acres of land to be se
lected by the forester under the terms of
the Morris bill, and was as large an area
as could well be included and keep the
selected territory in a compact body, with
the exception of the Indian allotments.
There were also selected 6,399.88 acres to
be included in the ten sections reserved
from sale or settlement. This first selec
tion, and also the lands selected to con
stitute the ten sections, received the sec
retary's approval June 20, 1908.
" In December of 1902, the bureau com
menced a study for the puprpose of de
termining the best methods for reserving
the 5 per cent of merchantable timber
allowed by the act for insuring reproduc
tion. I t has been decided to use the diam
eter limit as a basis of calculation. All
trees to be reserved of the diameter of ten
inches and above are to be stamped with
the letters "U. S." near the roots, and
where necessary again three feet from the
ground. The work of marking the timber
has been in progress since May 10, 1903,
and is still in progress. The boundary
lines of the ten sections reserved from
sale and settlement are at present being
surveyed and notices posted every five
Location a Choice One.
"Regarding tho location of the selection
there are many reasons why that portion
of the Chippewa Indian reservation situ
ated in the northerly and westerly part,
is most desirable as a location for the
Minnesota National Forest Reserve. One
very Important one is that in this par
ticular locality there is the largest com
pact acreage classified as pine land of
any section within the reservation of the
Chlppewas of the Mississippi which It
Stomacb or Heart?
An Error Frequently
would be desirable to include in the Nat
ional Forest Reserve.
"It is not possible under the terms of
the bill to make such a selection that the
national' forest reserve will be a solid,
compact body, on account of the large
amount of faultily classifi ed agricultural
land, also on account of the many thou
sand acres of Indian allotments scattered
thruout the reservation, which must of
necessity be Included within the bound
aries of any selection made.
"If.it were possible at this time to in
clude the swamp lands classified as agri
cultura l, which are really a component
part of the forest, and to hold the reserve
in its inception in a compact body, with
the exception of the Indian allotments, it
might be possible in the future to bring
about the enactment of laws which should
provide that whenever any Indian allot
ments located within the limits of the
reserve were offered for sale, the United
States government should have the prior
right to purchase them at their actual
value, and in this way eventually consol
idate the reserve.
"The reserve includes some of the finest
lake and river scenery in the Indian res
ervation, and. indeed, some of the finest
in the northwest. It is very accessible.
From various points which can be reached
by the railroads, steamboats and laun&hes
can be run thru the various lakes and
rivers In several different directions to
the outside boundaries.
"The unusually favorable facilities for
rapid travel by steamboat and railroads,
and the consequent possibility of easily
reaching distant portions of the reserve,
will be of great assistance in patroling and
protecting it from violations of the laws
or rules prescribed for Its management,
and while there wi ll always be the danger
of forest fires being started from passing
trains, still there must also be taken into
consideration the advantages to be de
rived from quick mail and train service.
There is no rose without its thorns.
Cass Lake's Shores.
"All the Islands in Cass and Leech lakes
were, by the terms of the Morris bill,
reserved from sale or settlement. Believ
ing that the spirit of the bill and the best
Interests of the people would be best
served by protecting the shores of beau
tiful Cass lake from being utterly de
stroyed, from a scientific point of view,
It was considered advisable to locate the
ten sections reserved from sale or settle
ment by the terms of the Morris bill, in
such a manner that they would preserve
the timbered shore lines of Cass lake in
their native state, with the exception of
those portions which had previously been
allotted to the Indians.
"When all the different advantages of
this location have been fairly and impar
tially considered by those who have at
heart the interests of the national govern
ment, of the people of the state of Min
nesota and of forestry, they will, I be
lieve, be satisfied with the reserve as lo
Attitude Toward Lumbermen,
"There has been considerable specula
tion as to what the attitude of the forestry
officials charged with carrying out the
provisions of the act would be towards
the lumbering interests. On this point I
wish to say that the attitude of the bureau
of forestry towards the lumbermen will
be In this Instance, as in all others, that
of the utmost friendliness, with a desire
to co-operate in the removal of the tim
ber in such a manner as wi ll be ft the
best interests of all concerned. A strict
observance of the forestry rules we must
insist upon, but we do not expect the
impossible, and the men who will be in
charge of the forestry work will be prac
tical men with experience in lumbering,
who will be perfectly competent to deter
mine whether or not the purchasers of
the timber are trying their best to per
form their work in accordance with the
rules and regulations.
"Much has been said and written about
the damage caused thruout the country
by the ravages of the lumberman, but it
is not so much the work of the lumberman
as the destructive forest fires that usually
follow lumbering operations, which have
so devastated some portions of the beauti
ful state ofMlnnesota.
"And while on this subject. I wish to
say that altho the percentage of mer
chantable timber which was allowed by
the act to be reserved for the reforesta
ti on of the Minnesota National Forest
Reserve is small, still there is no question
but that it will bring about the desired
result in time if the forest fires can only
be kept out."
Boy Was Hurt and He Wished to
Spare Him Suffering.
St. Louis, Aug. 27."Give the boy car
bolic acid and put him out of his misery,"
was the prayer of the father of little Jo
seph Hammer to the physicians operating
upon the youth, who had been run over
by an Iron Mountain train.
The boy is but 14. His arm was taken
off at the shoulder and his leg a few
inches below the body. Should he sur
vive his Injuries, he wi ll be a hopeless
cripple, a burden to himself and friends.
H e cannot wear an artificial leg, as there
is nothing to which it can be attached,
nor can he hold a crutch under the stump
of his arm. A s both the lo st arm and
the leg are on the right side, this makes
M s case even the more pitiable.
Colorado Springs, Ool.The Telluride mill, at
Colorado City, closed down yesterday, when 150
union employes walked out.
Cuero, TexasSam Stiles, colored, convicted
of murder, was granted a two days' reprieve
yesterday as he stood upon the gallows, waiting
the adjustment of the black cap.
ChicagoFire last night, in the frelghthouse
of the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific railroad,
destroyed the building, together with a lot of
outgoing freight. Loss, $500,000.
New Buffalo, Mich.The Congregational sum
mer assembly has expanded into a national or
ganization, electing as Its first president Rev,
A. M. Brodie, D. D., of Hinsdale, 111.
New YorkHenry Frederick arrived in the
city yesterday, completing a tour of the world
in M days, 7 hours and 20 minutes, lowering
the record of James W. Sayres, of Seattle by
fifty minutes.
Made in
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Bogota. ColombiaThe town of Honda, having
a population of 4,000, is in arms against a
Turkish colony that has been established there,
BerlinCount Baudessin, a German officer,
shot himself and then Jumped into the river on
account of unrequited love. His body was re
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Star Clothing Company."Know all men \
these presents, that we, the undersigned, citizens |
of the state of Minnesota, hereby associate our
selves for the pmpose of forming a corporation
under title two (2), chapter thirty-four 434=),
General Statutes 1894, of the state of Minnesota,
and hereby adopt aud sign the following Articles
of Incorporation.
The name of this corporation shall be "North
Star Clothing Company."
The general nature of the business of this
corporation shall he the manufacturing, buying,.
selling and dealing in clothing, hats, caps, fur
nishing goods, boots, shoes, wearing apparel and
other personal property.
The principal place of the transacting of the
said business shall be Minneapolis, Hennepin
county, Minnesota.
The time of the commencement of this corpo- - -
ration shall be the twenty-eighth (28th) day of
August, 1903, and the period of its continuance
shall be thirty (30) years.
The amount of the capital stock of said cor
poration shall lie twenty thousand dollars ($20,-
000), which shall be paid in at such times and
in such amounts as shall be prescribed by the
board of directors of said corporation.
The highest amount of indebtedness or liability
to which said corporation shall at any time be
subject shall be the sum of fifty thousand dol
lars ($50,000). J
The names and places of residence of the per
sons forming said association for Incorporation
are as follows: i
David Simon, Minneapolis, Minnesota r
James F. Krafft, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jacob A. Schloss, Minneapolis, Minnesota: -
The names of the first board of directors of
said corporation are as follows: David Simon
James P. Krafft and Jacob A. Scalps*, of whom
Dnvid Simon shall be president, James r. Krafft
shall be secretary, and Jacob A. Schloss shall
be treasurer of said corporation and *nid board
of directors and officers shall hold office until
the first annual meeting of said corporation, *nd
until their successors are elected and enter upon
their duties.
The annual meeting of the stockholders of said
corporation shall be held at the nrincipal place i
of Its business in said Minneapolis, Minnesota,
on the first Wednesday in February in each
year, at two (2) o'clock In the afternoon, and
the first annual meeting shall be held on the
first Wednesday in February, 1804, at two (-(2)
o'clock In the afternoon.
The government of said corporation, and the
management of Its affairs shall be rested tn a
board of three (8) directors, who shall all be
stockholders of said corporation, and shall be
elected by the stockholders, at their annual
meeting, by ballot by a majority vote of sale?
stockholders, or, in case of failure to elect such
directors at said meeting, they mar be so
elected at any adjourned or subsequently called
meeting of said stockholders. At all meetings of I
the stockholders each share of the capital stock
shall entitle the holder to cast one rote, either!
In person or by written proxy.
Said directors shall hold their respective offi
ces until the next annual meeting of said cor
poration, and until their successors are eleoted
and enter upon their duties. Immediately after
their election the said board of directors shall
elect from their number a president, secretary
and treasurer of said corporation, who shall hold
their respective offices until the next annual ^
meeting of said corporation, and until their sue-1
cetsors are elected and enter upon their duties.
Any vacancy In said board of directors shall
be filled by the board of directors until thtf
next annual meeting of the stockholders. At all
meetings of said board of directors a majority
thereof shall constitute a quorum to do busl
ness, hut a lees number may adjourn from time ~i
to time.
The board of directors shall bare power to ap
point and designate the duties of such other
officers as they shall deem necessary or proper
for the conduct of the business of said corpora-1
If he cannotsupply theBABTEI*
accept no other, but send ftamtt
for Illustrated bpok-eeaM. It
gives full particulars and directions ittrai.
gable to ladies. ,
MARVEL CO., Room 582 Times Building, N. Y
Sent lay mall or express to any address,
prepaid, by
628 Nicollet or West Hotel Drug Store, 600
* Hennepin avenue.
tion, and shall make such by-laws and other]
rules and regulaticns, not inconsistent with these
articles or contrary to law, as they may deem *
necessary or proper, concerning all matters) *
whatsoever which may appertain to said corpora*1
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FRANK W. SHAW. . . #,-
STATE OF MINN-CSOTA, - " -- '4 *
County of Hennepin.as.: *
On this Twenty-flfth (25th) day of AufUft,
1908, before me, a Notary Public within and tot
said county, personally appeared David Simon, t
James F. Krafft and Jacob A. Schloss, to me' -
well known to be the same persons described In, '
and who executed the foregoing instrument, and)
severally acknowledged that they executed the
some as their free act and deed.
Notary Public, Hennepin County, Minnesota.
[Notarial Seal, Hennepin County, Minnesota.]
907 Nlaollet Ave.
Razors boilew around. Baron
nd Clippers chirpsaed. Ohio*
State of Minnesota, County of Hennepin.
I hereby certify that the within instrument
was filed for record in this office' on the 25th
day of Aug., A. D. 1903. at 2 o'clock p. m., '
and was duly recorded in Book of
Page '
Barbers' Supplies, Ktrtrea, Boa*
llsh Garvers, kaaors. Sheers.
A full One of Telle* Articles,
Department of State.
I hereby certify that the within instrument wee
filed for record in this office on the 25th day ot
August, A. D. 1903, at 8 o'clock p. m., and
was duly recorded in Book F3 of Incorporations,
on page
Oristaal aod Oly Genuine.
_ Jtaadau- d sold for 8 5 yest-*.
10,0 0a0 Testimonial. Ladl k t
RED sad ee looUlUe bexes, sealed wltn
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tlralars, Teatlmoatals sad Booklet
for ladles, r return Mall. Sold brail
Dimssists. Oaleaester Ohemteal Co.,
Hadlsem Bejaare, PHUA... P A
Journal want ads bring best result s.
One cent a word. f,'k"4
The number of shares of the capital stock ot, *-
said corporation shall be Two Hundred (200).
and the amount of each share shall be One Hun- c
dred Dollars ($100). '.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, We hare herenntai -
set our bands and seals this Twenty-fifth (25th) --
day of August, 1803. '
Signed, sealed and delivered in presence ot -,
5 *
Register of Deedav
By A. W. SKOG.
Deputy Register of Deeds.
Secretary of State.'
Cohen, Atwater & Shaw, Attys., *
69 Loan & Trust Building. - " '
of Constructing Q. M.. St. Paul, Minn., Aug.
26, 1903.SEALED PROPOSALS, in tripli
cate, will be received at this office until .11
a. ni., Sept. 16, 1903, and opened then for the
construction of 1 Bachelor Officers' Quarters,
2 double sets. N. C. S. O. Quarters, 2 double'
Barracks, 1 Q. M. Storehouse, 1 Subsistence
Storehouse, 1 Hay Shed, 1 Fire Apparatus.
Building and 1 double Stable Guard Building.
Plans and specifications may be seen and blank
proposals, with full Instructions, had upon
application here. U. S. reserves the right,to
accept or reject any or all proposals, or any
part thereof. R. M. SCHOFIBLD, Construct-

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