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^'?^?Pi '^^f^fi:^|-
President of the National Manufac-
. fi turers' Association Sharply Crit-
. icisea Labor Unions.
Declares They Resort Habitually to
Mob Violenoe to Enforce Their
Illegal Purposes.
Indianapolis, Sept. 2.President Barry
of the Central union of Indianapolis yes
terday submitted questions to D . M.
Parry, president of the National Manu
facturers' association, and asked for a
formal answer:
"What is your idea of the legitimate
purpose of a labor union?"
"Would you permit the formation of a
perfect' union in your plant?"
"Is your plant conducted along political
"Do you believe that our laws are such
as to foster special privileges and restrict
the opportunity to labor?"
"Is it not a fact that wages are higher
in communities using union labor and the
community thereby benefited?"
"Ought the welfare of the many to be
placed in the hands of the few?"
"Ought not the laborer to be on an
equal footing with the employer when it
comes to a question of wages?"
"Is it within the power of law to sup
press labor unions?"
"Have you not adopted an institution
similar in scope and nature to the boy-
"Is It necessary to have law regulating
child labor?"
"What actuates your opposition to labor
Mr. Parry's Reply.
President Parry, in a statement last
night, says:
"Barring one of two things in which
there is a touch of animosity to my per
sonality, I think Mr. Barry's questions
open to fair answer.
The real issue is whether an organiza
tion, labor or otherwise, can perform acts
which its members individually legiti
mately cannot do. N o one has the right
to prevent or divert labor as he sees fit,
neither has an organization. The union
rays, however, that a man must take an
oath of allegiance to its objects and abide
by its government or else be denied the
chance of employment in those industries
which it controls. This is as much a
usurpation of the inherent rights of lib
erty as it would be to compel a man to
join a certain church or a certain lodge.
I have stated that unionism aims to es -
tablish a condition of affairs similar to
that of feudalism and serfdom of former
centuries when the right of disposing of
one's labor was denied to the individual.
Enslave the Race.
A "If the labor leaders had their way they
would in time enslave the human race.
"Again, in order to enforce their illegal
purposes the members of unions habitual
ly resort In, times of strikes to physical
mob violence. They gather in crowds
about the place of their former employ
ment with the intent of inspiring fear in
the minds of men who might be disposed
to work and all to frequently they terror
ize the women folks of so-called 'scabs'
and commit acts of violence. Even mur
der has been known to be committed in
the sacred name of organized labor.
"I wish to bring out the point that any
organization that has lawful purposes and
conducts itself lawfully has a perfect right
to exist and that if organized labor would
eliminate, that which Is hurtful in its code
and would act strictly within the law In
Its practices there wmld be no cause for
agitation against it.
The Sea Witch Proceeds to Live Up
to Her Name.
Vow York San. Special Service.
Aatorla, Ore., Sept. 2.The steamer
North Star, which returned here yester
day from Bristol Bay, Alaska, brings a
story of a haunted ship that carries with
It a sad tale of accidents and deaths which
befell the men connected with her.
The vessel Is the schooner Sea Witch,
under charter to the Alaska Packers com
pany of San Francisco. Shortly after ar
rlylng at Bristol Bay the mate had his
foot crushed. It was amputated, but the
man died shortly afterward. A few days
later a watchman committed suicide by
cutting his throat and that evening, with
out any apparent cause, the captain's pet
dog started on a run to the bow of the
vessel and Jumped overboard and was
This chain of events so frightened the
few sailors left on board that they
thought the bark was haunted, and one,
& Greek, complained of hearing strange
noises and seeing persons without heads
running about the decks. H e took to the
tall rigging for' three days. Refusing to
stay on board he was placed on shore.
Pasadena Has One in Wife of Fa
mous Humorist.
Pasadena. Cal., Sept. 2.Mrs. Robert J.
Burdette, wife of the famous humorist, has
been appointed a special police officer.
She has been adorned with police badge.
Mrs. Burdette Is a member of the newly
organized Pasadena Society for the Pre
vention of Cruelty to Animals. The ap
pointment Is at her request, It being her
determination to rescue dogs, cats, horses
and other animals from thoughtless and
mischievous boys, and from their cruel
and Inconsiderate masters.
Her husband, the Inimitable "Bob," is
a member of the police commission. "I
have been telling her," said he, "that al
thb she is a special policeman, I am a po
lice commissioner, and that it is the duty
of a policeman always to salute a com
missioner when she sees him. But all I
have been able to get her to do thus far,"
and his voice took a sorrowful cadence,
"has been to make faces at me."
Menflota, 111.Dr. Frank M. English, arrested
for malpractice, committed suicide in jail.
Kansas Clt^Twenty-five leading cattle men
are organizing In opposition to the beef trust.
New YorkA conference of fusion organisa
tions adopted resolutions antagonistic to Tam
Portland, Me.-^-The cruiser Cleveland showed
better than the required speed on her trial trip
St. Louis^In a fight between wire tappers
and employes of the Delmar track one of the
tappers was shot.
New YorkJ. Pierpont Morgan's coachman
drove into an excavation last night, but Mr. Mor
gan was not injured. He took a car home.
Petersburg, Va.Andrew l'lnch and Doe Bacon,
convicted of attempting to criminally assault
Mrs. C. B. Goehegan, will be hanged to-day.
Napoleon, OhioJohn H. Clarke, democratic
candidate for United States senator, declares
himself opposed to the free coinage of silver.
New OrleansThe United States and Colum
bia Trading company, with a capital of $5,000,-
000, has been organized to fight the fruit trust.
Salt Lake City, UtahA gentile bureau is t
be established for the purpose of letting the
outside world know about Mormon proceedings.
DetroitThe American Sugar Kenning company
has obtanied control of nine beet sugar compa
nies In Michigan, with a combined capital of
n i
- BerlinA combination of the phonograph and
the photograph, producing a portrait that .talks.
Is the work of Oskar Messter.
LondonThe Cotc*e club has demanded that
Mr. Chamberlain publicly withdraw his state
ment that the club is "mainly supported by
foreigners whose interest it is that we should
maintain our present system of free Imports."
5r ^ WEDNE^'EV^
The Exquisite Art of Indian Beadwork will be taught you free here by Chief
La Framboise, to whom has been handed generations of practice. Come,
take these lessons and see the largest ana brightest Art Needlework De-
partment in the two cities.
( Children'sWinter Coats Stiil Going^
Economical Parents are taking advantage of this sale.
Later there will be winter coats, coal and lots of
other things to buy, and full price to pay for the coats
now you can save as much as half. We placed these
winter coats on sale this week to give Fair visitors
the chance. The bargain prices are$1.29,
$2.69, $3.79, $4.49, $5.98. *"Bright Basement.
Your Fall Dress Goods Are Ready
You have depended on this store for many a year to
furnish you with the safe kinds in dress goods. You
have been coming back in increasing generations,
until we now have the largest trade in good dress
goods in the city.
W e have been keeping pace with your wants, and
this fall finds our stocks the greatest yet. Judge us
by our lines of black dress goods, and again by our
line of black dress goods at $ 1 a yard
Black Dress Goods at'$1.00 a yard
Black Melrose, Black Sharkskin,
Black Zibeline, Black Nub Eta
mines, Black Canvas Cloths, Black
Armures, Black Cheviots, Black
but come and complete the list
in person.
New Fancy Zibelines in the lat
est fall mixtures, a fine range
to choose from 40 inches wide,
at 48c.
New Mohair Crepes in navy and
royal blue, olive green, tan,
wine and brown 46 inches wide
at 68c.
New Canvas Cloths of the hard
twisted, good wearing sort, in
all the fall shades, 46 inches
wide, our $1 grade, at 85c.
New English CheviotsSponged
and shrunk, always stylish 54
inches wide, the best value
obtainable at $1.
Women's Underwear
Union Suits of heavy
gray cotton, our 65ckind,
hursday, at 50.
"Oneida" Union Suits of heavy
natural gray merino, the $1
quality, Thursday, at 75c.
"OneiLa" Union Suits of very
heavy natural wool, the $1.25
quality, Thursday, at $1.
"Oneita" Union Suitsof nat
ural wool
The $2.00 quality at $1.50.
The $2.50 quality at $2.00.
Vest and Pantsof heavy Swiss
ribbed merino in white and
natural, $1.00 values, Thurs
day at 75c.
Vests and Pantsof heavy Egyp
tian cotton, at each, 2 5 c.
Corset Coversof white knit
cotton, high neck, long sleeves,
right to wear under white
waists, at 25c.
Novelty Laces in white, cream
and black, in straight bands,
galloons and medallions of Ven
isej Antique, Irish Crochet,
Point de Paris and black Silk,
worth up to $1 a yard, at 25c.
This week we open at 8%~ -,
'THE MINNEAPOLIS JOT7BNAL.-W^ff^MW^SBraEtfraa % ^^%W^Mm0V-Wm W, WIBX&^J}^ ^ 1!
-----* '*
a. m. to
out-of-town visitors.
- *
Free Lessons in Bead Work
New French Voile in black, a
fine fabric that is high in
Fashion's favor 5 pieces of
our $1.50 quality, at $1.25.
New Fall Vestings in wool for
shirt waists, in charming
patterns and shades, a great
showing, at 75c and 85c.
New Fancy Mohairs in pin
dots and figures for waists
and shirt waist suits, a good
quality at 60c.
New Camel's Hair Zibeline in
black, unusually good and
heavy, for jackets, capes
and long coats, full 56 inch
es wide, fine value, $1.50.
For the Men
UnderwearHeavy jersey ribbed cotton shirts
and drawers finished seams, satin band on
drawers, our 50c quality, Thursday, 39c each.
Suspenders in lisle and heavy web, leather ends,
50c values, Thursday, at 25c
Negligee Shirts of madras, white grounds with
the favorite small patterns, some all white,
$1 and $1.50 shirts, Thursday at 69c.
NeckwearFour-in-hands, imperials and ascots,
a large collection of 50c and 75c qualities,
Thursday, at 19c.
The New Fall Shirt Waists
One Reason Why we had to add to the Second Floor was our growing
waist business. The waist department is now in its enlarged home,
and even that is now crowded with the new arrivals.
Wash Waistsof the new mercerized
vestings, made on the new models,
with box pleats and wide tucks, a
newer fancy sleeve and stock col-
lar$1.75 $2.25 $2.50 and
Exclusive ModelsOriginal DesignsMade for us alone, of imported
English Vestings, Mohairs and light-weight Woolen Fabrics of Silk,
French Flannels, all colors, white and black, $3.25, $3.75,
$4.50, $5.00 and up to $12.75.
Shirt Waistsof Brilliantine, in
small checks and stripes in
grounds of various colors
stole front, large sleeve, fancy
stock, and fine collection at
$2.95 and $3.75.
Walking SkirtsAbout 175 dozen
of them of materials of
many kinds and of all colors
skirts for all occasions where a
walking length will do.
$3.95, worth to $10.00.
$7.95, worth to $18.50.
Trimmings and Buttons
Appliques in black and cream, all
silk, 3 to 4 inches wide, sold at
$1.50 to $2 a yard, at 98c.
Fancy Metal Buttons in large
sizes, so popular for the new
jackets and suits, all colors,
worth from $1 to $1.75 a dozen,
Thursday, at 79c.
The wonderful tonic prop
erties of Wine of Cardui make
it pre-eminently the "house
hold remedy" for American women.
Thousands ol women who know that Wine of
Cardui is the greatest menstrual regulator, cannot bring themselves to
believe that the nervousness and headache they endure -have any-
thing to do with serious female diseases. But it was the weakness
of womanhood that caused Miss Joseph's nervousness, stomach
trouble and loss of flesh. -
Female weakness not only causes backaches and headaches but
it is frequently the beginning of consumption. If you are nervous
and tired out continually, you could have no clearer warning of female
disorders. Do not wait until you suffer unbearable pains before you
seek treatment You need Wine of Cardui now, just as much as if the trouble were udore"developed and torturing pain were driving you
. . ' . A. - - to take treatment. Go to your druggist today and secure a
-* . . J"Second Floor.
V ^ *M?^p '
Dayton's Daylight Store
Geo. D. Dayton, J. B. Mother, Formerly Goodfellow's-
? -
Sale of Genuine
Ostrich Plume s
An Astonishing SaleFor we have not knowl
edge of any sale at which such bargains were
offered. The occasion is to bring you to our
new popular price Millinery Department, on
the Second Floor. Sale Thursday and Friday.
12-inch genuine Ostrich Plumes, worth 98c, at
13-inch genuine Ostrich Plumes, worth $1.25,
at 69e-
17-inch genuine Ostrich Plumes, worth $2.00,
at 98c.
18-inch genuine Ostrich Plumes, worth $2.75,
at $ 1.98-
18-inch genuine Ostrich Plumes, worth $4.75,
at S2.98.
19-inch genuine Ostrich Plumes, worth $5.50,
at ^PuivOa
20-inch genuine Ostrich Plumes, worth $7.50
at $4.98.
Head Tips, three in a bunch, worth $1.50, at
The largest collection of street hats and w
to-wearKhats in the Twin Cities.
. y - - -^rt jla-- ' ^-/- :j '- ':"--
Wrappere100 dozen of print, per
cale, lawn and dimity light and
dark effects, in three groups
$1.50 values at 79c
$1.75 values at 8 7 c
$2.25 values at 98c
Women's Neckwear
Stock Collars in white, embroid
ered, with long bishop tabs,
m worth up to 50c, at 15c.
v -, f.: . - - Your Good Opinion ofr-'/rV/VC" .~: ^jf
.,..:-. this store grows as you "~y2^ i&jBP.
deal here. . - 'MT?r -
Sofosis" Shoes are the best women's shoes in the world. They
never stretch out of shape and in quality are equal to any $5.00
Shoe. We have over a hundred Fall styles, all at $3.50.
T 2
D. D. Dayton, Frank H. Carleton.
The Best of the Good Corsets
Portleres, Lace Curtains, Couch Covers.
Almost Every Part of the Home needs something so in the bargains
of Portieres, Lace Curtains and Couch Covers we touch nearly every
$7.50 Tapestry Portieres, $5.
$10 Tapestry Portieres, $7.50.
$14 Tapestry Portieres, $10.
$18.50 Damask Portieres,
$25 Embroidered Portieres,
$2 Couch Covers. $1.45.
$4 Couch Covers* $2.95.
$7 Couch Covers, $5.60.
$10 Couch Covers, $7.
Lace Curtains
$1.00JNottinghams, pair, 70c.
$1.50 Nottinghams, pr., $ 1.10.
A9"Second Floor,
Bead Chains
Opera Chains of turquoise, white,
olackand fancy Indian beads,
54 inches long, worth 50c, at
" \
Women's and Men's Irish Linen
Handkerchief, Hemstitched,
with pretty colored borders,
worth 20c, at 15c.
Women's and Men's pure Irish
Linen Handkerchiefs, hem
stitched, J, and J-inch hems,
full laundered, worth 15c, at
10 c.
Colored Handkerchiefs in large
size, for making pillows and
kimonos, new appropriate de
k signs, 15c values, at lOc .
213 South Prior Street,
ATLANTA, GAM March 21,1903.
'I suffered for four months
with extreme nervousness and
lassitude. I had a sinkng feel
ing in my stomach which no
medicine seemed to relieve, and
losing mv appetite I became
weak and lost my vitality. In
three weeks I lost 14 pounds o
flesh and felt that I must find
speedy relief, to regain my
health. Having heard Wine
of Cardui praised by several of
my friends, I sent for a bottle
and was certainly very pleased
with the results. Within three days my appetite returned
and my stomach troubled me no more. I could digest my
food without difficulty and the nervousness gradually diminished. Na-
ture performed her functions without difficulty and I am once more a
happy and well woman. My mother has also been greatly helped through
that dangerous period " the change of life " alia we consider Wine of
Cardui superior to any doctor's prescription
or other medicines we have ever known of.
It has become our favorite household remedy
and(a number of our friends have been helped -
greatly through its use. -.. -^
$1.00 bottle ofVWiue of Cardui and take it in the privacy of your
home. This medicine will drive out all trace of weakness and
banish nervous spells, headache and backache and prevent'-^.
the symptoms from quickly developing into dangerous *
troubles that will be hard to check.' ,\\r- 1!V':
Atlanta Friday Night Clfcb.
Silks Are Melting Away ^
We Made Many New Friends thru this silk sale. The
fame of the Dayton silk sales has spread all over
the Northwest, But many could not until they came
to the Fair, partake of the fine values or see the
great display. These are the pricesthe worth runs
to four times the amount26c, 39o, 49o, 59o,
69 a yard.
The Corset Is Important.On it de
pends the fit of the dress and your
health and comfort. To begin with,
we have the best of the good cor
sets. But that is only where we
begin. The important thing is to
get the right corset for the right
figure.. That is where WE shine,
with our expert fitters. The
wrong corset will do you more
harm than a wrong shoe. But
there-is no need of getting the
wrong kind. You get the
service of our experts
with all corsetshigh or
College Girl GirdleEspe-
cially adapted for the
physical exercise and is
the correct kind as the
first corset for the grow
ing girl, $1.
Girdle made of five bands
of closely woven linen
tape, 6 inches over hips,
suitable for the develop
ing girl, $1.
Straight Front Corset, deep
hip, full gored, low bust,
made of Coutil, $1.00.
Long Waist Corset, straight
front, bias gored, 10-in.
clasp, medium skirt, low
bust, made of Imperial
.Drill, trimmed with satin
ribbon, bow-knot finish,
Lattice Ribbon Model Cor
set for medium or slen
der figuresthe lightest
weight durable corset
made body of fine but
firm material,the ribbon imparting the firmness and style, $1.60.
Straight Front Corset of French Coutil, fully gored, long drop
hips, lace and ribbon trimmed, $3.25.
Straight* Front. Corset.One that is a peer to a made-to-order
Corset (our word for it) made of silk and worsted figured bro-
cade, bias gored, long drop hips, negligee trimming of ribbon
and lace$5.
Long Hip model for full and medium figures covers entire hip
smoothly, showing no ridge* and prevents shifting motion of a
heavy figure, $5.
,: ~
vJ9rSecpnd FloorNew Part.
Mmm**amM*f mmm^mmm*0**m$fi
Lace Curtains
$2.25 Nottinghams, pair, $1.50.
$4.25 Nottinghams, pair, $3.
$6.00 Nottinghams, pair, $3.95.
$3.25 Irish Points, pair, $1.95.
$5.00 Irish Points, pair, $3.75.
$7.50 Irish Points, pair, $4.95.
$10 Irish Points, pair, $6.95.
$5.00 Brussels Points, pr., $3.45.
$7.50 Brussels Points, pr., $4.95
$10 Brussels Points, pr., $6.
$15 Brussels Points, pr., $10.
Wrist Bags
Seal and Walrus leather wrist
bags of the real kinds, in black,
brown, tan and gray silk and
suede lined, with inside frame
pockets, worth to $1.75, at 98c
No Summer Bowel Troubles
w -
- &
Cambric Edges and insertings,
pretty patterns, as wide as 5
inches, worth up to 18c a yard,
at 10c .
Women's and Men's black silk
serge umbrellas, with selected
natural wood handles, and nov
elty handles, worth $1.50, at
Women's black taffeta silk um
brellas, with long pearl and
sterling silver mounted handles,
worth as high as $6, at $3.89.
Silk Cloves
Long Silk Gloves in black and
white, all sizes, plain silk
mitts, lace, long, in black and
white, all sizes
75c values, at 35c.
$1.25 values, at 61c.
Imported Fancy Ribbons, plaids,
checks, Persians and Dresdens,
as wide as 8 inches and worth
up to $1 a yard, at 39c.
Taffeta RibbonsAll silk, heavy,
washable, in black, white,
cream, and the other wanted
colors 3i-inch, worth 18c, at 1 1o.
4-inch, worth 20c, at 14o.
For the Toilet
Tooth Brushes with genuine
French bristles, white ivory
handles, worth 20c, at 10c
Hair Brushes with backs of solid
oak and rosewood, French bris
worth up to 65c, at 25c.
Vtles, 2
Not for me! I'm safe from all of them
and happy. The heat of summer causes
organic matter everywhere to decay. All
dead vegetable or animal matter rots if
not kept on ice. Al l undigested
food in the human body will fer
ment a hundred times as quickly in
summer as in winter. Consequence
stomach, liver, bowels poisoned,
thrown out of ordersour stomach,
gases, colic, diarrhoea, dysentery,
cholera, appendicitis, and in some
regions yellow fever and the plague.
Little children suffer terribly every
where. What does good sense tell
you to do ? You can't keep the hu
man body on ice, and the drinking
of ice-cold drinks does more harm
than good because it stops digestion and chills the
internal organs. The proper thing is to keep all
impure and unnecessary matter out of the body
every day, not give it a chance to sour and decay
in the stomach and bowels, and poison the blood
and the whole body. I n this way you will stop all
hot, feverish conditions, and keep your insides cool and healthy. T o
do it, use a medicine that is not offensive to the taste and not harsh and
violent in its action. There is only one safe system-cleaner to take in the
summer time, because it will not cause diarrhoea or griping, and that is
Beat for the Bowels.
The genuine tablet stamped C
All druggists.
aped C C C.
back. Sample and booklet free. Addres*
loc, 330,500. J*eer sold in bulk.
Guaranteed to cura *r your, money
Sterling Remedy Co., Cbicafo or Now York.' Mt
, '
r"Second Floor.

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