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Personally Conducted Trip for the Benefit of the Seeker After Homes and
InvestmentsFamous Journal Newsboys' Band to Aooompany the
Party and Play in Concerts at Principal CitiesSolid Train of Pull-
mans for the Comfort of Excursionists.
The Journal will have something
unique to offer in excursions, starting on
Sept. 16. In conjunction with Lund's
Land Agency of Minneapolis it will run
an investors' and homeseekers* excur
sion to various points in South Dakota.
Some of the plans and specifications for
this are presented In well displayed type
covering a full page of this issue.
The twin city excursionists are to start
for the west on the evening of the 15th,
No Journal excursion would seem to be
complete were the famous Newsboys* band
not a part of it, and so this second Banda
Rossa, which disarmed all criticism in
the east, when It went to the great exposi
tion at Buffalo, and had a veritable tri
umph on its recent visit to Winnipeg and
all the northwest country, will be taken
along to entertain the excursionists and to
give concerts at all the principal points.
The Newsboys' band is the largest and
best boys' band in the world and the Da -
kotans will be given splendid opportuni
ties to see and hear it.
Towns to Be Toured.
The excursionists will reach Watertown,
S. D., on Wednesday morning, the 16th,
and the band will be heard in concerts
in the- forenoon and afternoon. Leaving
Watertown for the west, stops of an hour
or thereabouts in each will be made at
Clark, the county seat of Clark county,
and Doland, a first-class trading point in
eastern Spink county. Redfleld will be
reached the same evening and the day
will be fittingly closed with 'another fine
program by the little red coated musi
On Thursday morning, the 17th, bright
and early, the excursion train will run
south from Redfleld to Huron, where a
half day will be spent and opportunity
furnished for the excursionists to get out
Into the country and to take a look over
the city. Returning to Redfleld, the itin
erary will be north to Aberdeen, short
stops being made at Athol, Northvllle and
other towns on the way. Aberdeen will be
reached late In the afternoon and a second
evening outdoor concert by the band will
be the feature at that pojjit.
. V
Into North Dakota.
The excursion train will leave Aber
deen for Oakes, N. D.. on Friday morning,
the 18th, passing thru what is left of the
once famous town of Ordway on the Elm
river, Columbia on the Jim, once the
county seat of the Imperial county of
Brown Houghton, Hecla and other points
along the way. The start on the return
to the twin cities will be made on Satur
day morning, the 19th.
This itinerary will take the land hunter
thru some of the newest but at the same
time some of the best sections of the
Sunshine state. At Watertown he will
get a good idea of the fertile valley of
the Sioux. At Huron, Redfleld, Aberdeen
and intermediate points north to Oakes
he will be riding in the heart of the James
river valley, a country for the. most part
as level as a floor and as pretty as a pic
No better time could be selected for a
trip of this character. By reason of the
copious rains during August the prairies
are still carpeted in a deep green and all
the landscape looks fresh and inviting.
The harvest of the small cereals is com
pleted and the newly garnered fields
stretch for miles along the way. Sleek
cattle may not be seen on a thousand
hills, but the cattle are there, tho there
are no hills to embarrass and retard cul
tivation and a free range. The untram
meled prairie, only dotted here and there
by a collection of buildings into towns and
by farm houses and well rounded stacks
of grain and hay, reaches out until it
touches the horizon. Like the sea, its
magnitude and beauty continually grow
upon one and the charm is rarely dis
Typical Western Cities.
' Watertown, Huron and Aberdeen are
cities of the first elates in South Dakota,
and the homeseeker will find them well'
jworthy a visit. Watertown has many of
[the characteristics of a solid eastern town
and is the oldest of the trio. It has state
ly homes, costly office and business blocks,
!a substantial public building and many
|commodious churches. The grounds about
, the courthouse are well kept and there are
'besides several pretty little parks. Out
a few miles is the beautiful Kampeska,
[the outing ground of all the countryside
*nd the annual rendezvous of the national
i guard of the state. A trip to the state
jwould not be complete without a stop in
jWatertown, one of the prettiest cities in
:the west.
I Huron and Aberdeen are about of an
,age, tho "Huron got Ka start first. "Hu-
iron-on-the-Jim" may not be exaotly clas
sical, but such it was dubbed at an early
day and such it is still called. The North
western road made It a railway center,
and it is a division point and has large
machine shops. It is the seat of the
Presbyterian church college of the state,
and, like Watertown,. has many handsome
homes and fine business and public build
ings. It is a well shaded town for the
newer sections of the state, and has stead
ily Improved in appearance until all its
citizens take a justifiable pride in what
has been accomplished. Its people have'
the true western enterprise.
Progressive Aberdeen.
Aberdeen is the metropolis of "Central
Dakota," a region taking in a large part
of the northern part of the state east of
the Missouri river and the bordering north
Dakota counties. The county of which
it is the seat is an empire in itself, and
the country which pays tribute to it is
magnificent in its extent and resources.
It is not only a Milwaukee railroad town,
but a North-Western and Great Northern
town as well. It is this year spending
about $1,000,000 for new building and pub
lic and private improvements. Nothing
is being overdone either. Its population
is Increasing so rapidly that it has be
come a question how to house properly all
the newcomers. The hotels are crowded
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all skin eruptions.
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Inquisitive Bartender Used a Match
and Got Into Trouble.
Salt Lake, Utah, Sept. 5 Conrad Spink,
a bartender who came here from Ne w
York, dropped a lighted match into an
empty whisky barrel yesterday to see
what would happen.
Instantly there was an explosion that
shook the building, blew the barrel to
pieces and shot Spink upward. H e struck
the ceiling with such force as to tear
away the plastering. His clothing caught
in the laths and there he hung. When
the fire department arrived a moment
later Spink was lowered, to the floor. He
was not seriously Injured. He explained
that the match was drawn into the bung
hole by suction and ignited the fumes of
alcohol* ,_
Band Is Better Than Ever and Has
-*,. Added Greatly to Its
, Eepertoire. ^ * "
Next Tuesday afternoon Eugenio Sor
rentino. and his great Banda Rossa will
play the first concert, which will open
the big musical jubilee of ten days, in the
International auditorium. One half of the
receipts of the engagement will go to the
East Side park. . r.-c
As concerts will be given^ every after
noon and evenlngj this engagement will
give Minneapolis twenty .performances by
this world-famous organization. There is
probably no musical company in the
world that is playing so large a reper
toire. It is not too much to say that the
Banda Rossa created a sensation in Min
neapolis. The first concerts struck those
who heard them with wonder.and they
flocked again and again to/hear the band,
t?ach time becoming more and more en
thusiastic, i
Since it has played here Sorrentino's
organization has won many new laurels,
last season it made a. wonderful tour thru
the larger cities of the east and south,
this summer Banda Rossa has played the
Director Banda Rossa
to their limit. The. earlier merchants who
remained have grown rich In legitimate
trade. The federal government, statej
county and city are each just now bulldr
Ing costly-structures for the transaction
of public business, and the training and
education of young Dakotans. Aberdeen
will have 10,000 residents in a few short
years more.
A good second to this trio is Redfleld,
the seat of .Spink county, a county which
ranks with Srown and the other big ones
of the state. Redfleld has railway lines
north,.: south* east and west, and is a
well built, growing town. It has a state
institution and is moving along perma
nent and solid lines.
"* I most successful engagements in Its his
tory in Detroit, Chicago, St Louis and
Kansas City, and now it returns, here
where it has long been held one of the
foremost concert aggregations.
Those who have heard the great band
this season declare Sorr^ntino never be
fore had such a superb body of musicians,
it has always been his policy to keep as
nearly as possible the same men, this iii
part accounts for the wonderful precision,
the absolute unanimity and the tremend
ous climaxsall these are causes for won
derment on the part of the audiences.':
There is not a bandmaster who intro
duces such marked contrast in tone and
shade, in expression as Eugenio Sorren
tino, master of the Banda Rossa. The
programs for Tuesday (opening day) aft
ernoon and evening have been received.
There is a delightful popular program for
the afternoon, Tuesday evening will be
Sorrentino night. Every number on the
program (excepting one) was written or
arranged by. Sorrentino. The overture,
"Gazza Lada," by Rossini and selections
from "Andrea Chenier," by Giordano, and
the duet from "II Trovatore," were all
three arranged by Sorrentino. There will
be "Willow Grove" again. The very name
will quicken the interest of hundreds.
The following is the program complete:
"The American Spirit." march Sorrentino
Overture, "Poet and Peasant" Suppe
"On a Sunday Afternoon," eong.Ar. by Carestia
Barytone Solo, Slpr. Barilottl.
Echoes from the "Metropolitan Opera
House" Ar. by Tobarri
"Offertoire' * Ar. by Carestia
"Dixie Girl" Lampe
"Characteristic Dance" .Marcagnl
Hiawatha, "A Summer Idyl" Moret
"The Great Western," march .... Sorrentino
Overture. "Gaz*a Ladra" Ar. by Sorrentino
"Mine, Still Mine," son* ....Sorrentino
Trumpet Solo. Sig. Bottega.
Grand selection from "Andrea
Chenier" ..Air. by Sorrentino
"The Song I Heard One Sunday Morn?*..-. .Ellison
Barytone Solo, Slg. Barilottl. .
(a) "Ideal Dance" . .....Sorrentino
(b) "The French Galantry," cakewolk Sorrentino
Duetto from "Trovatore" Ar. by Sorrentino
"Willow Grove." march Sorrentino
Sorrentino's Banda Rossa nsea and indorses
Lyon & Healy's "Own Make'' band instruments.
The Prosperity at Large.
The prosperity of the state at large is
reflected,-in the stability of these grow
ing cities. Never has a state..been more
prosperous. The per capita wealth is
scarcely approached by any other com
monwealth. , South Dakota produces more
wealth every year, in proportion, than any
other state in the union. Its farms, ranges,
gardens, mines- and quarries will have
yielded nearly $139,000,000 worth of prod
ucts at the close of this year. The popu
lation Is about 450,000, which makes a per
capita production for the year of $311
Its manifest destiny is to become a rich
and populous state. The homeseeker and
investor cannot afford to overlook it.
What/The. Journal Alms to Do.
The Journal Is probably doing
more than all the other twin city newspa
pers combined to advertise and build up,
the Dakotas. It has enlisted in a con
tinuous campaign for the sister states on
the west, and the excursion of land-seek
ers and investors planned for this month
is only a new feature of the good work
it has been doing since the beginning.
It accounts itself particularly fortunate
in securing the co-operation of the Lund
Land Agency, which has come to be
known all over the west and In many parts
of the east as one of the most progres
sive and reliable companies of the kind
In the country This company has over
2,500 agents and the majority of them will
co-operate actively In making this ex
cursion one of the largest and best which
has entered South Dakota.
Stopover privileges for any point de
sired can be obtained and the excursion
ist can remain almost a fortnight in the
state if he so elects, thus giving him am
ple time to make his selections. The train
service and accommodations will be of the
best ^character obtainable. Land-search
ing under conditions like these is a pas
time and pleasure rather than a task and
ordeal to be entered upon with misgiv
ings. There can be no more opportune
time for investments. Good land will
never be so cheap again.
All of The Journal excursions have been
great popular successes. This, its latest
will have a practical side which will com
mend it to' many not otherwise attracted.
It aims primarily to stimulate*and create
a new Interest in South Dakota-lands and
enterprises, to prove by a personal Inspec
tion and the evidence of the senses, that
the conditions are almost unprecedented
for successful investment and settlement.
The Journal-Lund homeseekers' excursion
will certainly furnish a great trip to a
great state.
Widow Loses Her Hushand's Body
Thru Carelessness of Officials.
Cincinnati, Sept. 5.Believing that the
body of her dead husband was in the
baggage car of the same trail* on which
she arrived In Cincinnati yesterday from
Los Angeles, Mrs. John A. iegler was
horrified to learn from the station au
thorities here that the corpse she had
accompanied from at least as far as Kan
sas City was that of a woman consigned
to' a different destination.
John A, Ziegler die.d in Los Angeles last
Saturday, and Saturday evening the body
w as placed on board the train. It is be
lieved the two bodied were transposed at
Kansas City. Homeseekers' Excursions
Via Chicago Great Western railway to
points south, . southwest, west, at one
fare plus $2 for the round trip, on sale
Sept.'i and.l5. Free.reclining.chair cars,
dining and cafe cars on which you pay
only for what you order, on all trains. For
further particulars apply, to L, C. Rains,
General Agertt, corner Nicollet avenue and
Fifth street, Minneapolis. - \--i .s}s$^&'MMl
Railway Clerks' Excursion^: 0f|fi
To Excelsior Tuesday, Sept* 8. Special
train leaves the Minneapolis & St. Louis
depot at 8:00 p. m. Dancing, bowling, etc.
Round trip 60 cents.
. Carey's Magnesia Cement roofing, ^
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the mark
Our motto
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* Other points at proportionately low rates. Tickets on
sale Sept. 8 and 15, Oct. 6. Good returning 30 days.
J. F. McELROY, City Ticket Agent, 414 Nicollet Avenue or Union
- '/ Depot, Minneapolis. ' * , ' .-'-,.
F. M. RUGG, Northwestern Pass. Agt., Germania Life Bldg., St. Paul.
Minneapoli s Proof
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Avenue, says: "An advertisement in
our daily papers about Doan's Kidney
Pills, in the winter of 1898, was the
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: * ' .
test for mc mwtegv
'...--A. '': . '"_. ,-. -- -
A beautiful ,electric-lighted up-to-date
train, equipped with compartment and
standard sleepers, and a buffet-library,
smoking car and dining car.
CINCINNATI, 6. and Return $21.35
COLUMBUS, O. and Return $21.80
LOUISVILLE, Ky. and Return.......... $21.35
INDIANAPOLIS, lnd. and Return $ 17.35
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