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Banda Rossa Concert Tickets Free.
We have $100 worth of Banda Rossa Concert Tickets and
on Tuesday we shall take pleasure in presenting to each
customer (minimum purchase $1) a ticket admitting to
any one of the concerts to be given by this famous band,
September 8th17th, at the International Auditorium
(ofd Exposition Building), benefit New East Side Park.
Free Freight Offer Extended.
Our Fair Week proposition to pay freight on all pur
chases exceeding $20.00 in amount to stations within 200
miles of Minneapolis (longer, if necessary) will be ex
tended for another waek.
20 Hi^h Grade
Polished Fin-
ish Golden Oak
China Closets
like picture, 70
inches high, 87
inches wide.
Bent Glass
Ends and
French Bevel
Plate mirror
Top, regularly
$22 60, Tuesday,
25 Rattan Tab-
ourettes or
small Tables
like picture be-
low, 23 inches
high, with
Quartered Oak
Top, regularly,
$2.75, Tuesday,
SO Genuine Mahogany and BlnTs-Bye Maple
44-Inch Dressers like picture and similar
Beautiful finish, best grade French Bevel
Plate Mirror in either square orovaj shape,
sweetly trimmed and heavily cas-
tered:regula-ly$28, Tuesday.,.
One to a customer.
23 Solid Quarter-sawed Golden
Oak Library Tables, like picture.
Piano Finish,top24x36 inches,
with drawera most beautiful
table for Library, Sitting Room or dkQ *l B
Hall regularly $14.50, luesday...
Federation Building Destroyed Sat
urday One of the Oldest on
Fair Grounds.
Valuable Exhibits Lost and Owners
Have No Means of Compensa
tion for Them.
fjince the great sham battle of the early
eighties there has been nothing at the
state fair quite as spectacular as the
burning of the clubhouse of the Federa-
Ten Miles to Get a Package of Postum.
Borne sufferers won't turn over a hand
to help themselves, but there are others
to- whom health is worth something. A
German woman living In the country
made a ten-mile trip to get a package of
Postum. She was well repaid, for it
brought health and happiness In return.
A translation of the good frau's letter
ays: "From a child I had been used to
drinking coffee daily but the^ longer I
continued drinking it the worse I felt. I
suffered with heart trouble, headaches and.
dizziness. Then I had such an uneasy
feeling around my heart that I often
thought death to be near.
"I gave up drinking coffee and tried hot
water but that did not taste good and I
did not get well. Then I read some let
ters from people who had been helped by
Postum Food Coffee and I determined to
try It."
"I had to go ten miles to get a package,
btit I went. I prepared it carefully ac
cording to directions and we have used it
now In our family for nearly two years,
drinking it twice a day. It agrees* well
with all of us. My heart and bowel
troubles slowly but surely disappeared, it
Is seldom that I ever have a headache,
my nerves are steady and strong again
and I am otherwise strong and well. My
husband has been lately cured of his sick
headaches since we threw coffee out of
our home and have used Postum." Name
furnished by Postum Co., Battle Creek,
Look In each package for a copy of the
t famous little book, "The Road to Well-
u y
1 v"*
10 OIUY. Ladles' Solid Mahogany Rococo
Toilet Tables like picture, fine as they make
them. Piano finish, generous in size._with j
uino French bevel plate mirror
regularly $58, luesday
SO Golden Oak 3-Drawer Chiffonierers, like
picture, 84 inches wide and 50 inches high,
nicely trimmed and heavily caster- 0 4 G C
ed regularly $7.50, Tuesday ?iUU
One to a Customer.
10 Genuine Mahogany and Birch, Mahogany
Finish, Davenports like picture and similar,
sweetly upholstered in* two-tone Imported
Velours, design and construction, ab_solutel
perfect, great value at $84.
Tu esda.
Special for University Students
ir ova i snape ,
tlon of Women's Clubs. The Are spread
with great rapidity, and within ten min
utes from the time the alarm was given
the whole building was in flames and
smoke was belching from under the eaves
in great quantities. The Isolated position
of the building and its commanding size
gave the visitors a full view of the
The building was originally erected by
the Minnesota} Driving club in 1890, and
was used by its members for general club
purposes, especially during its race meet
ings In July. The passage of the anti
pool law had a most discouraging effect
on the class of racing fostered by the
club, and it soon had no use for a club
house. The membership had dwindled to
about twenty. The building, tho it cost
much more, is held to represent an in
vestment of $12,000 I t is insured for
$6,000. None of the exhibits are insured
pxoept the paintings of Knut Okerberg
of St. Paul, which are insured for $725,
which, however, is only a portion of their
Mrs. J. B. Hudson of Lake City, whose
talks on birds and whose collection of
birds' nests have for years been on of
the standard attractions of the building,
lost all her collectiol. including splendid
mounted specimens loaned by Professor
Shepherd. She and Mrs. Anna B. Under
wood, who were rooming at the building,
lost all their personal belongings, even
their walking hats, but accepted their
fate as cheerfully as if fires were daily
occurrences with them.
Mrs N Hubbard of Minneapolis lost
several Navajo blankets and many fine
specimens of Indian pottery. The water
color collection of Miss Elizabeth Chant,
the laces of Miss Jaeger's collection, and
various valuable articles, such as fine
table cloths, cut glass and silver, be
longing to Mrs. W. M Liggett, H. E. W.
Schuette and W. P. Plant of St. An
thony Park, were destroyed. The Swed
ish hospital of Minneapolis and the
Women's Medical club of Minneapolis,
which had equipped the emergency hos
pital, are out about $200 each. It is un
derstood that neither the Minnesota Ag
ricultural society nor the Federation of
Women's Clubs can be held for the losses.
The fire started in the tearoom. Mrs.
J. H. Challon of Minneapolis lit the stove
and a blaze flew up. Apparently the
tank had overflowed. Mrs. Challon ran.
A police officer wanted to beat out the
fire with a Navajo blanket, but was pre
vented by the women. The flames were
soon beyond control.
The firemen had a hard afternoon on
account of the intense heat. Captain
Canterbury of the Minneapolis station
and Math Hoglund were overcome by the
heat. The former was able to go on
duty again, but Hoglund had to be taken
home. Several members of the St. Paul
department succumbed, but were restored
, after a time. ^
^?' ^^fW|
"^ M \ \
* V ^s^Vi -*"^*j-5.-1- ,*-? jsst V V-, -TtTbt^ *
Carpets and Rugs
Special Sale Genuine Royal Wilton Rugs.
4 ft. 6 inches x T ft. 6 Inches. 10 Cfl
Tuesday $22150
8 ft. 3 inches x 10 f t 6 inches. AAA B A
Tuesday WtJftiOU
9x12 feet &)? I? A
Tuesday VVllvU
9SJLPfr.^^ '.'."$55.00
We carry a complete line of these beautiful
Rugs as soft as silk, the perfection of de
signs and colorings.
8 ft-3 la. x 10 ft 6 in. *J7 me\
Tuesday Qm\ f
Tuesday..'. $55i00
Our stock ot Domestic Rugs is most
thoroughgoing. From the small Mat to
the largest Carpet size, uptoas large as
11 feet 3 inches x 15 feet We bare made
no advance In price.
Special Sale "Jacquard" Ax
assfc*?*?* $50.00
Special Display Fine Car
On Tuesday we shall show for the first
time our full Fall line of Fine Wiltons,
Axminsters and Body Brussels in Ex
clusive Designs and Colorings. We show
these goods by both natural and artificial
light If you are bothered to get the exact
color harmony desired in your floor treat
ment be sure to look through our depart
ment of Fine Carpetlngs.
on . absolutely
20 only
Genuine " Dela-
ware" Arm
Reed rock-
ers like
picture, fin-
ished Ma-
li o g a ny
with full
double cane
seat back:
reg. $7.75
Special Half-Prloe Sale Tues
day. Remnants and Shelf
Soiled Bed Spreadsheets,
Pillow Cases, Blankets, Ta
ble Linens, Napkins, Sheet
ings, Pillow Casings and
20 Ditto In
Solid Gold-
en Oak
table arm,
same price.
Also 100pairs good Slav gray Wool Blan
kets very soft and fluffy, with prett
borders, regularly $5, Tues- "" ~
"" air day, per pat
Former Inhabitants of the Province
Revive Its Tradition^.
Over 200 people turned out to the
"Valdris Stevne" at Como park yesterday
altho the weather could scarcely have
been more inclement. But Valders pro
duces hardy people, no district in Norway
can show any hardier, and the celebration
was carried out as originally planned
The program consisted of addresses by
members of the "Valdris Sambund" and
songs by the Fram Singing society of St.
Paul, directed by John Dahle.
The principal address was by the Rev.
O. L. Kirkeberg, Urne, Wis., who has re
cently returned from the home valley in
Norway. His talk consisted largely of
personal reminiscences from his journey
and anecdotes of the natives and conse
quently he was listened to with rapt at
tention N. I. Gilbert, a veteran of the
civil war, spoke of "the Valdriser in War
and Peace."
Officers were elected as follows: Presi
dent, Professor A. A. Veblen, University
of Iowa vice president, the Rev. O. L.
Kirkeberg, Urne, Wis. secretary and
treasurer, Dr. J. S. Johnson, St. Paul.
On Saturday evening the "sambund"
held a "Gjesteboe" or party at Dania
hall which was conducted as far as pos
sible according to the old time customs
of Valders. Only the Valdris dialect was
tolerated and the dishes served were typ
ically Norwegian such as "rjaumegraut,"
"lefse," "fla'broe," and various prepara
tions of fish and meat imported from Nor
f M^*fY\ ^[email protected] 'OTt^*r
280 Pairs Nottingham Lace Curtains, either
plain or figured centers, with border and m
sertionr_Battenberg_effect regularly AC.
175 pairs plain Muslin Curtains, with hem
stitched ruffle, finished with five narrow
tucks regularly $1.65 Tuesday, * | AC|
a 0 U
ISO pairs Figured Muslin Curtains, with
plain ruffles regularly $2 and $2.30, 0 1 fi A
fuesday. per pair VI.OU
200 Pairs Ruffled Net Curtains, 50 inches
wide and full three yards long, with Heavy
Edge and Vine and Floral Borders A) Q A A
regularly $4.90. Tuesday, per pair VVillU
250 Pairs ditto regularly$5.00, 0 Q Q E
Tuesday, per pair VWisaU
4tt-6In. x6tt-6in. A A *-
Tuesday VOi 1 0
a&.***^: $30.00
Tuesday. $35.00
tO ft-iIn. x 12ft, AiA Eft
Tuesday 4c.0U
200 Pairs White Irish Point Curtains Doub
le Net in Bow Knot and other novel0 Q A A
designs, regularly $3. Tuea., pair^CaiiV
200 Pairs ditto regularly $3.25, 0 0 4 C
Tuesday, per pair fCifiw
ISO Pairs Tapestry Portieres, in Oriental
Stripes, Reds, Blues and Greens, fringed on
both ends regularly$3.75, A A P A
Tuesday, perpatr OfcivU
100 Pairs ditto: regularly $6.50, 0 0 O C
Tuesday, per pair WV.saV
ISO Couch Covers: 60 inches wide and three
yards long, Bagdad Stripe Effects A A A C
regularly $4.75, Tuesday, each.... y tf - )
200 Couch Covers In Heavy French Tapestry
Kls Kellm Patterns, fringed all 0 4 O C
around regularly $6, Tuesday,MCAU1
100 Fancy Printed Pillow Tops, Old English
Scenes, regularly35e.r O tm\m 4C
Tuesday L T0f ftOC
Limit two Pairs.
It was probably owing to the prompt
action of the police that no lives were
lost. At the first alarm of fire the occu
pants ran out, but returned to save their
property. The police arrived and drove
everybody out, but some had very narrow
Secretary E. W. Randall has at hH
office a number of ladies' hats, jackets
and other wraps which were saved {rom
the burning clubhouse. The articles be
long to women who were in the club
house at the time and who think all their
belongings were destroyed.
Allege* an Assault.
Bertha Hanke alleges that John Soswouski and
his wife Mary assaulted and Injured her. For
the indignity, the injury and the doctor's bills
Bertha has btgun an action in the district court
to recover $2,060.
Oh-irles Schneider, 77 years old, 673 Charles
street, St. Paul, ran away from his home Satur
day and was found late that night lying on the
bank of the river near the St. Paul boom, fie
was taken to his home, and it is thought that he
wlU not suffer any serious complications from
I the exposure.
That the street railway company han
dled the fair traffic last week without an
acident is worthy of note, and that the
regular tiaffic was handled with only two
almost unavoidable accidents, is a tribute
to the excellent management of the week.
The attendance at the grounds240,000
was handled at some time or another over
the street-car lines This means at least
300,000 pulls of the bell cord for this traf
fic alone.
The Como-Harrlet line had record days,
except Sunday, when the strangers in the
city raided the other lines to visit the
interesting points in the two cities. One
of the superintendents said:
"The conductors and motoneers have
had a hard week of it. They went to
work some at 7 and others as 8 in the
morning and did not get into the barns
until about midnight. During this time
they had almost no rest. Of course in the
evening, after the rush had reached the
grounds, we began slowly to take off the
cars we didn't need. In this way the men
managed to get a rest, some longer than
others, of course.
"We ran minute and a quarter service
on the fair-ground lines, which is all the
line would stand. We had no difficulty
in caring for the crowds. Friday was our
worst day. The local lines began pour
ing the people into town all at the same
time, aboiit 1 and 2 o'clock in the after
"At night the people began to swarm
out of the gates about 9:45 and for a time
there were hundreds waiting to get a car.
By 11:45, however, we had everything
cleared up in good shape. Of course there
were some there yet, but the crowd had
been disposed of. The crowd was prac
tically carried off in two hours."
Defective Page
J V. f^* * Cf %
r ^
On Tuesday will occur our Annual Opening
of Fall Dtnnerware.
Thirty-nine altogether new and distinct styles,
all open stock" in genuine "Haviland."
Adderly," Johnson" and "Maddock." En
glish China and Porcelain and "Syracuse"
All at Special Prices Tuesday
If out of town, send for our new booklet
Suggestions in Dinnerware."
Special 10 cent Glassware Sale
Seven patterns in large 8-inch Berry Bowls,
also Handled Olives, Syrups, Covered Butters,
Celeries, Vases, etc., etc. All regular |A
25cgoods, choice Tuesday . . . . lUC
850 yards White Dotted and Figured 36-inch
Swiss, regularly 15c Tuesday, I A M
rer yard lUw
800 yards 40-inch ditto, regularly 20c. I An
Tuesday, per yard I"f V
a C 0
Special Sale Flemish Fire
Proof Bean Pots.
Special Sale
New Statuary
15snew subject to select
from. Tuesday,
95c to $3.25
Divorce Calender for the Fall Term
Is Heavy.
Saturday -was the last day for filing
notes of issue for the September term of
the district court and up to the time of
closing at 1 p. m., it was a race among
attorneys to see who could get the* best
place In the line at the clerk's desk. The
divorce department was the one in which
the largest number of actions were com
menced, more than a half dozen notices
of action being handed in.
Ida Price began an action tor divant*
3:quart .
size,Tu VVV
Best quality, with wide bottoms, Tues- |4
day, 1-quart site ICG
Speoial Sal
Framed Plotures
Pictures for the Den,
Living Room, Dining
Room, Bedroom and
Library, also for School
Rooms and Wedding
Gifts. Over 200 differ
ent subjects,all Special.
We will place on sale Tuesday Just 24
Art Muslin Bed Sets, slightly soiled from
being used in show windows, but very
desirable, regularly $3.75, 0 4 T B
Tuesday W - I V
12 Ditto, in Fancy Art Ticking, 0 J 4 C
regularly $6. Tues., complete 91. L U
85c to $5
Furniture & Carpet Co.
5th St., 6th St., 1st Ave. S. The One-Price Complete Housefurnishere.
Street Railway Made Excellent Rec
ord in Caring for Fair
Week Crowds.
against Theodore Price on the ground of
desertion. The two Were married in Aus
tria in 1886.
Mary Shaw Wells, after 10 years of
married life, asks that she be given her
freedom from Harry M. Wells. Other
actions begun are: Joe Evelyn Fulton
from H arry Fulton Martin L. Holmlund
from aMrie Holmlund Clarence C. Graves
from Emma M. Graves, and Alice E. Mc
Kenna from Frank McKenna.
Action Against Brainerd Company.
Actions to recover money from tho Brainerd,
JDeckert & Blsmer company growing ont of the
disappearance of George Brainerd, the local lum
berman, are sttll being brought in the district
court. The last complaint to be filed Is that of
Albert La Berg, represented by John Lind and
A. Ueland.
All orders for goods raentioted in this advertise
ment will be filled provided envelop bears the
post mark of Tuesday or Wednesday. Send for
our Various Booklets, illustrating Furniture,
Bedding, Carpets, Rugs, Draperies, Stoves, Re
frigerators, Baby Carriges, Desks, Filling De
vices, China, Glassware, Lamps, Silverware,
Kiachen Furnishings and Hotel Outfits.
Special Sale
White Deoo-
ratlng China
We have just
opened a large in
voice of Austrian
China, Fancy Edge
Plates in five sizes.
Special Tues. at
I2c, l5o,
18c, 20c,
and 25o
Other Tuesday Specials in
Decorating China
Nut Bowls
Tall Tankards
Tankard Shaped Steins
Collar Button Boxes
at New shaped Small Jardinieres
at Have Just received and shall show on Tues
day, a shipment containing 6,000 buttoas
and Medallions, comprising a complete as
sortment of Pendants, Buckles, Scarf Pins,
Hat Pins, etc. Buttons and Pins mailed post
paidtoout of town customers.
Gold Plated Butterfly Hat Pins,
Will file addresses as received, and mall copy
of our New China Catalogue as soon as re
ceived from the printer,
Speoial Sale Can
delabra, Candles
and Shades.
In Crystal, Silver. Iron,
Old Brass and Colonial
One like picture, *f B m\
Tuesday I WW
Special Sale Tuesday Iron
Candlesticks, with colored
centers, complete^with
shade and
Candlesticks alone . .. .
SO most substantial and artistic Gas Port
ables, with green shades, five styles to se
lect from regularly $6, 0 J Cfl
Tuesday 4i9U
You can Increase your light by using long
"Bunsen, ' Tubes, will fit most any 4()A
gas burner, Tuesday &W V
By-Passes will save
your Mantles and re
duce your Gas Bill. Can
be attached to any
!sr?.66c 4:quart 71"^
size I V V
Old Fashioned Brown Bean Pots.
I tS??ff.f?!B...2Bo
Special Sale Muslin Bed Sets
500 Bedroom
Lights, like pict
ure, completewith
Burner, Mantel,
Chimney, and
choice of two
styles of frosted
globes. Special,
Tues- OQA
day fJ9C
Lettering Over International Stock Food
Building Is 365 Feet In
A realization of what may be accom
pUshed in the manufacture and construc
tion of enormous signs may be conjec
tured by viewing the latest acquisition to
the old exposition building recently pur
chased by M. W. Savage. It is not gen
erally known that in this particular Min
neapolis can boast of producing one of the
largest signs in the world.
Mr. Savage recently contracted with E.
E. Peterson, a sign manufacturer of this
city, to design and construct a sign above
the exposition building, designating the
new home of the International Stock Food
and Women.
Exclusively here.
The new lasts are
stylish. The cor
rect leathers, all
sizes, always, pair
For Tuesday, September ft.
With all cash purchases throughout* the house we will give
Triple Amount S. (i H.
Green Trading Stamps
EXCEPT in the Grocery DepU, Patent Medicines, - ,
Soda Fountain, Restaurant and Hair Dressing Parlors.
\ i i
Dr/vf Termor TVllrAhacfli the famous Japanese instructor and original designer
r rUI. 1 SUnCU A UIVaiiaMlI,
ginning Tuesday Sept. 8th, and will give free lessons to all d jwill n this beautifulone work. 25gbe
Sale Common
Pots P r i c e a include
2-inch, 8-inch and
4-inch, 4 j *
Tuesday saw
6-inch, O jt
at ....
7-inch at
8-inch at
at 0 0
a?* I4C
2E? 40C
SK? 75c
Speoial Sale Steel Ranges.
Two Great Offers.
Of far N A l 30 of these Handsome
UITBr HO. I j0we steel Ranges, ex.
actly like picture, with High Warming Closet
Extension End Shelf, Patent Boiler Attach
ment, Double Walls of
Special Sale Gas
Interlined with Heavy Asbestos,
Bakers and Great Fuel Savers, ~
100 Gas Portables, like
picture, complete with
mantle, burner, chimney,
white shade and tubing,
Ditto, with green shade,
Aii A H
Specia l Stamp Offer
o f fine
II- 9 SO "Leader JeweV
UllOl HO. . Steel Ranges, exactly
tike picture, complete, with High Warming
Shelf and Extension End Shelf, Ihiptax Grate.
Cast Iron Linings, guaranteed a
perfect Baker. Spec* I Tues.
With above range we will give tree, Tuesday
only, ten useful kitchen utensils, whose
value is $3.50. Terms on above Range. $8
down and $1 per week. Your old stove taken
in exchange, if desired.
Make Your
Own Terms.
Veil on Sidewalk.
Anna M. Downey has begun an action to rs
cover $3,000 damazes from the City of Minneap
olis for an injury sustained by falling on aa
icy place in the street.
with casb purchases
only, mmd at the time
purchases are made.
Emintereste broidery, be with us week,
Blue Steel,
d xiu e oteej ,
:estos . Quick
Free! Free!
With above Range we will give Free Tues*
day, 10 pieces, or $6 worth, ot Finest
Enamel Cooking Ware.
Terms on above Bange, cash, or $4 down and
$1 per week. Old stove taken in exchange if
Duple x Grate .
Company. Constructed of iron and steel*
suspended on steel cables, 65 feet above
the roof, the words "International Stock
Food Factory," appear, occupying thaf
enormous space of 365 feet in length, each
letter measuring six feet by eight feet*
This is oonsidered one of the largest dis
play signs pn record, and can be seeq
readily with the naked eye three and one*
half miles away.
Considering the many difficulties to b
overcome in an undertaking of such mag
nitude, the accomplishment speaks well
for Mr. Peterson's skill in sign construe*
tion and engineering.

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