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*, f*\*'f.^%
#1 $ractice of the Varsity Team Is
Now of Strictly Secret
' Sort.
Complaints Are Heard of Supply of
Seats for the Michigan
Persons holding Secret practice per
mits for Northiop field Avere notified
last e\ening that their presence would
not be desired until after the Michi
gan game on Oct 31. Extreme vigi
lance on the nait of Dr William's
auaicls last e\emng pi evented any one
except coaches and players from see
ing what went on inside the gates.
The team was out longer than usual
and it Is understood that most of the
time was confined to practicing the
new foimations which will be used
against Michigan a week from Sat
tirdav Heietofore it has been the
practice of Dr. Williams to use a dif
ferent set of plays against each of the
conference teams and it is evident that
he has a few surprises in store for the
wol\erines. The work of the men in
the line Inspires more and more con
fidence at everv practice and altho the
men are not quite so heavy as the men
of the past few years they are plaving
a fast and sure game.
The rooters will not lay much stress
on the Beloit game to-morrow whether
or not the score should he larger than
that run up by Michigan and Wiscon
sin. No one knows whether many of
the second team men will be in the
lineup or not and as comparative
scoies are never seriously considered
nt Minnesota it is quite possible that
the scrubs will be given an opportun
ity to show their worth. Thus far
there have been no bets to the effect
that the Wisconsin score will be ex
ceded. On the other hand Minnesota
may endeavor to reach the hundred
mark as It will be the first game with
a team that has met the larger con
ference elevens.
Tickets for the Michigan game were
placed on sale this morning and altho
the management had promised that
there would be good seats for every
one many patrons are complaining be
cause three of the best sections have
been sent out of the city. Two sec
tions were sent to Ann Arbor and one
to St Paul From current reports the
delegation from Michigan will not be
large, due to the desire of most of the
students to attend the Chicago game
later in the season If the two sec
tions are not sold out the unsold seats
Will, of course, be returned, but they
will not be placed on sale before the
morning of the game. If this is the
case the Minneapolis patrons will have
to put up with bleacher seats.
The prices for the Michigan game
will be General admission, $1 50,
reserved seats, $2, and boxes $2 50
and $3.
Line up To-morrow.
The line up of the Minnesota team
to-morrow will be
' Rogers, left end Webster, left tac
kle, Warren, left guard, Strathern,
centei, Thorpe, right guard, Pattee,
right tackle Burdick, right end, Irs
fleld, quarterback, Da\ies, left half
back, Kremei, right halfback, Cur
rent, full back
North High to Play Mechanic Arts
South High AS. St. Paul Centrals.
Two high school games' tire down
for to-day. The ^orth high school
boys will play the St Paul Mechanics
Aits high school boys at McNair field,
the new grounds of the North high
school and the South high school will
meet the St Paul Central high school
at Lexington park St Paul
Both games will be witnessed by
laige crowds of high school students.
New Device of Mr. Yost's Used at
Ann Arbor, Mich , Oct. 23.Michi-
gan sci immaged last night. It wasday
the only clash of first and second elev
ens duung the week. In the scrim
mage some new formations were test
ed. Gregory was in his suit for the
first time since the Indiana game.
Itching, Scaly and Crusted
With Loss of Hair
Speedily Cured hy Cuticura
Soap and Ointment
When Every Other Remedy and
Physicians Fail.
Warm shampoos with Cnticura Soap
and light dressings of Cuticura, the
great skin cure, at once stop falling
hair, remove crusts, scales and dandruff,
soothe irritated, itching surfaces, de
stroy hair parasites, stimulate the hair
follicles, loosen the scalp skin, supply
the roots with energy and nourish
ment, and make the hair grow upon a
sweet, healthy scalp when all else fails.
Millions of the world's best people
use Cuticura Soap, assisted by Cuticura
Ointment, the great skin cure, for pre
serving, puiifying and beautifying the
skin, for cleanslug the scalp of crusts,
scales and dandruff, and the stopping
of falling hair, for softening, whiten
ing and soothing red, rough and sore
hands, for baby rashes, itchlngs and
chaflngs, for annoying irritations and
inflammations, or too free or offensive
perspiration, for ulcerative weaknesses,
and many antiseptic purposes which
readily suggest themselves to women,
as well as for all the purposes- of the
toilet, bath and nursery.
Complete treatment for every hu
mour, consisting of Cuticura Soap, to
cleanse the skin, Cuticura Ointment, to
heal the skin, and Cuticura Resolvent,
to cool and cleanse the blood may now
be had for one dollar. A single set
is often sufficient to cure the most
torturing, disfiguring, itching, burning
and scaly humours, eczemas, rashes
and irritations, from infancy to age,soon
when all else falls.
W i
8414 throughout th world., Ctittenra IUoW*nt. 60c (in
foiro trf ChoooUte Coated Pilli, 28c )r vial of () Oint
ment, 8T ,boop, tie. J)poUi J.oada.iI ChartArhouM
Bq t Turin,fiKue de la ?(xiBoiUra 187 Colwnbu. Ate.
porter Drue and Cbtm Corp, Solo Proprietor*
t arSenTfor "Jloir to Cuia Every Humour **
mti&ffi s
Heston was not on the field, The
team practiced until 5.45 p. m., play
ing the last forty-five minutes on a
field lighted by incandescent lamps
strung on the posts walling In the
gridiron. Yost has built a charging
machine for use in secret practice. It
is a padded wall mounted on wheels.
Much discussion has been stirred up
at Michigan by the Eckersall case.
The general opinion is that it is none
of Michigan's affair and that Mr.
Stagg will act in the right and honor
able way.
Chairman of A. A. U. Committee Tells
of Investigation. "'
Chairman George K. Hermann of the
registration committee of the A. A^ U.
sa\s that the only matters considered in
the suspension of Walter Eckersall
were charges that he had played with
professionals and had been paid money
for his services. The charges that his
room rent and tuition at Chicago Uni
versity were free and that he received
liberal emoluments for one hour's
w ork a day in the office, were not con
sidered by the committee.
The St Anthony Park Juniors ^\ant games
with anv nlnetv-flve-pound team iu the twin
citteB the Pavtons preferied Thev lineup I
\\ allace, 1 e , T McCj rw 111 1 t V Wilcox
1 K L Llper, r g G Vallean, r t R
Wellington, i e , D McOlellan c , 11 Meek,
n R Carry, 1 U b. J. McDonald, f b Iloxv
Carr\, r h b , Crenpt c Address challenges to
Uoxy Cany, Knapp street, St Anthony 1'aik
The Adams A \ and Beiver A A football
teuua plaved n tie jrsrae Sunday, neither side
scoring, altho the \dims had the ball twice on
the Beaver two-vard line and but for the referee
would have scoied
Methodists Go to Fargo,
The Hamllne university team, in charge
of Coach Sloan, leaves to-day for Fargo,
N D , where the Methodists will play the
agricultural school team Saturday and
Fargo college Monday.
Mechanlo Arts Coach.
The management of the Mechanic Arts
high school football squad, St Paul, has
secured the services of Hull, formerly
quarterback, at. Chicago university, as
coach. The squad is composed of good
material, but without regular coaching has
not accomplished much.
Moorhead Beats Fargo.
Fargo, N. D , Oct. 28.The Fargo Con
gregational college and the Moorhead Nor
mal football teams played a hard game
here yesterday, the Normals winning,
12 to 11.
Dr. Wiliama Doesn't Want Big Nine
Meet Held at the Expo-
The Big Nine conference meet may
be held at St. Louis in the world's
fair in 1904. The managers of the
Olympian games are anxious to bring
this about, but the matter rests en
tirely with the conference.
Dr H L Williams is not in favor
of such an exhibition. "I do not favor
the plan for the reason that I believe
college athletics are in a class by
themselves and should be kept so,"
said Dr. Williams, when asked about
"The plan savors too much of a
featuie of the exposition and I am
decidedly against, it."
It is thought that many of the di
rectors feel the same way about the
Hazing Difficulty to Be Adjusted by
Urbana, 111 , Oct. 23.The six soph
omores suspended at the University of
Illinois because of hazing will prob
ably be reinstated The council of
administration asks that the classes
each appoint committees to handle the
hazing matter. This will be done to
and it is expected that each class
will give assurance that hazing is over
at Illinois. Owing to the general
readiness to comply with the demands
of the faculty there now seems no
doubt that the men will be allowed to
remain in school. This will give the
football team two players back.
The Neptune Crashes into the Vic
tory and Old Ship is
Portsmouth, Eng., Oct. 23.Nel-
son's old flagship, the Victory, was
nearly sunk in Portsmouth harbor to
day by the battleship Neptune. The
battleship Hero and some minor craft
were also damaged
The Neptune, a non-effective vessel
of 9,310 tons displacement, built in
1S74, which was being towed into
Portsmouth preparatory to being
taken to the Thames to be broken up,
broke adrift and ran amuck. After
desperate efforts the Neptune was se
cured by the Hero but not before the
former had knocked a six-foot hole in
the Victory's port quarter. The Vic
tory's lower decks were quickly flood
ed and she commenced to settle down,
her crew standing at quarters, but the
speedy arrival of tugs enable the old
flagship to be kept afloat until she
was docked.
The "Eclectic Business College.
The attention of the public is often
attracted in different ways to thrifty
up-to-date business concerns, either
by the fame of their success spreading
abroad, through the medium of unique
advertising, or in some other manner.
The Eclectic business college, this
city, which has so long been before
the people of the northwest as the
most popular, thrifty and successful
commercial institution in this part of
the country, has favored its patrons
with a new catalogue of such a hand
some and interesting nature as to
merit much complimentary comment
on the part of the press. It is pro
fusely illustrated with cuta of local
scenery of historical interest, and con
tains information along the line of ed
ucation, that is of great interest and
benefit to young people who contem
plate taking courses in, bookkeeping,
shorthand, typewriting, telegraphy or
any of the commercial branches.
Thes new catalogue of the Eclectic
business cdllege should be read by
every young person before they decide
where to secure a business education.
Every representation made in the
Eclectic catalogue may be relied upon
as true. Those desiring this hand
some and instructive edition should
address Professor J. L. Balzer, Presi
dent Eclectic Business College, Min
neapolis, Minn., for a copy of Same at
once, as, owing to the popular demand
for the new edition, it is apt to be
About the first thing you 'do to
morrow morning, bring, send or
phone In your want a for'the Great
Saturday Journal, before 11:30 if pos
sible. _ .
Ladies' Sweaters
An offer of unusual attractiveness
is that of some Ladies' Blouse
Sweaters. They are imported goods,
in reds, greens, whites, white with
green, white with red, and black
with white. They are all-wool gar
ments, imported to sell at a much
higher price, but our A O K
price is only mW u%9 O
Other styles at $3.50. $4,
$4.50 and $5.
Tarn O'Shanters
The new Knit Goods Department,
up on second floor, is proud of its
showing of Tarns. Proud of the
Tarns and proud of the money-sav
ing prices. Where else can you get
those long-haired Angora Tarns at
89 c. There are good values at
69 c, also at 59c and 50c others
at 39c. Wide variety of shade and
color combinations.
Men's blue shirts, heavy wool,
fine derby ribbed with silk front,
pearl buttons, stitched throughout
with silk drawers to match.
Bought to sell at $1.25,
Men's pink mottled Shirts and
Drawers, heavy wool, fleece lined,
buttons silk stitched
drawers sateen facing
Football Fatality.
St. Louis, Oct 23 The first fatality to
occur on a local football field had its
climax to-day, when John Withnell, quar
terback of the St Louis university eleven,
died after an operation at St Anthony's
hospital Withnell's injury was sustained
in practice Tuesday, when he was kicked
in the spine and his neck wrenched The
Injury was entirely accidental.
Fur Scarfs
At Dress Trimming Counter,
Main Floor.
The snap in the air has put the
Fur Scarfs fairly to flight these
last four days. The following are
only a few of the extra good val
ues to be found on our counter.
Sable and Isabella Opossum
Cluster Scarfs, with 6 full and
Corset Dept,
.' W. T. Corsetmedium bust and
hip, jnade of drab or white sateen,
all steel filled, with two broad side
steels and lace lining at
The Famous Redfern Corset
medium bust and hip, made of the
best French black sateen, boned
with genuine whalebone and bound
with ribbon and lace these are
regular $3.50 corsets -
special - -
Lace Curtains
Lace CurtainsAll perfect, up-to
date goods, at these prices:
75c Curtains49c pair.
$2.00 Curtains$1.25 pair.
$3.00 Curtains$2.15 pair.
Arabs CurtainsThree special
lots at $3.75 $2.98 and $2.95
a pair. Rea,l Brussels and Irish Point
CurtainsOur own importations
real $4.50 valuesper tfft fe K"
pair afiaa90
Real Battenberg and Cluny Cur
tains $7.00 values JS &f
Men's Furnishings
Men's Flannelette Night Shirts,
extra heavy flannel in a beautiful
variety of patterns, 54 inches long
the best value we have ever
shownworth B5ff&-^
|*69c OlfO
Boys' all wool Sweaters, navy
blue with cardinal stripes on col
lars, round neck, double collars,
a regular $1.00 sweater, 7 fElg*
special - I r
Silk Neckwear, shield bows, to
be worn with turn down collars,
large variety of patterns, regular 25c
kind, i price, 15c or 2 for 25d
with handsome wide pink,, blue or
scarlet borders, Sat-" jk W2 fk
urday, pair T"iOv
each "..V-..7. ftiOU
Another Scoop in Ready-to-Wear Hats
Did you see the hats we" sold recently at 59c each? Would you believe tl&tfsuch a
sale could ever be repeatedand better hats at that? Well, it's a fatct.^ Our buyer
heard that a Ghicago jobber was in distress. - Fifty dozen too many was 6% f^
.the story. He -went down instanter and made scoop on the whole lot. J%5wC
Read the details below. The hats willbe on special sales counter Sat. at * ^ ^ ^ * *
Ladies' Ready-to-wear Hats, ina black, brown, navy, -r,. . j . , ,-. . t_-- - - *. - i.
castor, Oxford and champagne $1, $1.50, $1.75 and $2 Riveted Steel Ornaments, a big invoice just in at
values. i about half price. ,
Ladies' satin-bound, untrimmed Hats in black, brown, Beavers are getting scare. We have a complete as-
M J?: i r
UU !
ipB ??
son's goods, m the very best colors. Some are shown
in the front window.
Haskell's incomparable Silks
Haskell's Silks are without a rival among goods of their class. Indeed, they're a
class by themselves. To sell these silks for less than prevailing prices seems like
discounting gold dollars. They are worth those prices every tirne, but lower prices
will not hurt them in your estimation. For three days, beginning Saturday, we
shall have a special sale of these truly incomparable silks. See what the oppor-
tunity means to you:
Ladies' natural wool niixed, jer
sey ribbed Vests, sateen front, silk
taped neck pants to match, with
French band, tEL/th**.
only, each O10G
Ladies' fine natural or white
worsted Vests, jersey ribbed, hand
finished with silk pants or open
tights to match, a special
line at
Haskell's 19-in. Black
Taffeta, 85c quality
Haskell's 20-in. Black - J JB ^
Taffeta, 95c quality # ^wU
Haskell's 22-in. Black
Taffeta, $1.09 quality....
Haskell's 24-m. Black M %M&
Taffeta $1.25 quality.... I tf *fr
Haskell's 27-in. Black
Taffeta, $1.35 quality...
Sable Raccoon Cluster Fur Scarfs,
32 inches long with two large tails
or cluster of six tails, tf& &&&
our price only, each wilFW
Isabella Fox Scarfs, 35 inches
long, trimmed with three tails on
each end, good values at $12.50,
our price for this h fe &
sale* only. . BUnlPV
The Suit Department Has Some Good Offerings
iong Jacket Suife,
Children s Ready-Trimmed School Hats in black, eluding children's flats,
brown, navy, cardinal and castor regular $1 and $1.25
values ' * A few dozenV French felt dress hats in the new shapes
'Fourteen styles in alL high class hats, all this sea- Tg}***2'00
large, double1
bed size, in. ,
v Basement.
Ladies' Neckwear
Special showing of stock collars
with Tab and Bishop fronts, in trim
med velvet, briar stitching, also
Venise lace and embroidery novel
ties, each 25c, 75c, $1.00,
$1.50 and $2.00.
Ladies' Turn Over Collars in em
broidery, Mexican drawn work, and
cutout work, special QfjC ^
Embroidery Flouncing for corset
covers, special, 39c, 45o and 75c
yard...- ,. , *
, 27-inch striped and checked Out-
ville Cheviot, black, blue and brown,
collar and cuffs made of stitched
broadcloth jacket lined to waist
with good satin has fancy black
and white braid trimmings on
revers, collars and cuffs cloth belt
and fancy buttons skirt has full
flare, with lap seams,
good value at $25, only
and Draperies.
Draperies fine tapestry, $4.50
values. A fftit C
Pair aCaiFO
Couch Coversanother lotthe
lastof those fine 60-inch oriental
covers they are real iS & C
$7.50 values, each *"
Window Shades3x6 ft., stan
dard colors, ready 4| Oan
to hang - M W
Curtain Rods 5 c
Silkoiine36 in. wide fXf*
for comforters 1*
Curtain Swiss20c 4j J3i*%
quality, yard - *frtJ
^ Stationery
Scratch Pad, 6x9 inches, 2 for
5 c, extra value. *
Largest Pencil Pad in city JSZg%
for^ -.yf. ..fjjatft...', W W
Good assortment of fancy, Box
Papeifs at epeclat -prices. .-, w ^
Pajer Novefs5,
The list of Ladies' Coats is a
long one, beginning at $2.50 and
rising to $50. Coats for every oc
casion and every purse may be
supplied from this assortment. One
good value comes in black kersey
with long shoulder cape, stitched
straps, collar and cuffs piped and
stitched with satin fiffe
good satin lining - %9m O v
OCTOBER 23, 1903.
- \ -
' sortmen t of shapes an colors,W oS f the best quality, in-
A * J i. * u. J T. *. -
New Trimmed Hats in black, brown and navy.
Haskell's 36-in. Black 4 A Q
Taffeta, $1.59 quality.... I - Mm f
Haskell's 21-in. Black Peau de
Cygne, $1.10 quality SOo
Haskell's 24-in. Black Peau de
Cygne, $1.35 quality
Haskell's 21-in. Black Peau de
Soie, $1.25 grade
5-Dollar Silk Petticoats Outdone
It's funny how things happen sometimes. We've told you about our recent suc-
cesses in raising the $5 silk underskirt to new heights of value. Now pops up a man
with something that shoves the standard a few notches higher, still. Just as a bait
he made us an offer on some new taffeta skirts. They're beautiful things and no mis-
take. Made with deep, full-flaring flounce with lots of tucks and other adornments.
Placket, strengthened with a heavy stayusually put in high-priced skirts only.
Colors are black, and and navy, and lovely changeable effects in blue and green, green
and black, cerise and green, and red and green. The "bait" price would put the
skirts in the $6 class, but we wanted a $5 skirt. We knocked the M tffefife
price down a little more and then sacrificed the rest ourselves, so *L ^Ss%
that these skirts will actually be on sale Saturday at - - *& *VF
Other skirts on sale range from $8 to $18.
Ladies' 2-clasp kid Gloves, very
fine quality, overseam stitched, very
stylish and durable, perfect fitting,
suitable for street or dress wear
come in all shadesbrown, reds,
grays, modes, black and white
fitted and guaranteed, # A A
per pair , - - W
Reynier's famous washable Gloves,
made of fine imported French kid,
overseam stitched, with latest em
broidered backs white and all the
new shades of gray, 4 MSA
modes and pearls, pair.. 1 *&\9
Complete line of golf and cash
mere gloves, all colors and black
and white, pair 25c and 50c
Hardware Dep
Willow Cloth e s
Baskets, 4
sizesworth up to 95c
for 29c 39c
45c 65c
Hardwood Split Clothes
Baskets, 29c values
for 19o
Clothes Hampers, values
$1.48 and $1.75.. $1.25
Waffle Irons, to fit 8 or
9 stove, regular 85^ val
ues for .59c
1. 2
Figured Silkoiine comfortables,
filled with fine white carded cot
ton, regular $1.50
quality, special, each'.
Extra fine grav, Unionv
Turkey Roasting Pans, will
hold a 16 lb.
turkey, reg-
ular 7 5c,
special 48c
Never break
steel spi-
ders. No. 8,
regular 39c
No. 9, regu-
lar 48c, for..
Hardwood Folding
Card and Sewing
Tables, regular 98c
and $1.25 special,
each .. 85c, 98c
Nickel plat-
ed Tea Ket-
tles.fiat bot-
toms, worth
up to 95c
special for
55c & 85c
Nickel plat-
ed range or
oil stove
Kettle, like
cut, regu-
larly 55c *
special, each 39c
Boys' complete Football Suits, reg
ularly $1.25, for 98c
Boys' strong Foot Balls, while they
last, for i 69o
Pebbled leather Foot Balls, $1.25
value, for
A Bissell's Carpet f . Ekjgb
Sweeper for IOTP
50c and 75c Hassocks Q{|
Royal Wilton samples, nicely
fringed, worth $4.5Q, g "yjK
Veach. *."*-*"***
ft*! Active Paae i
9x12 Granite Art^V \ m m A
Square r.*T..' ^ntiU
" "
i L
Children's Coats in equal
variety. These are special val
$7.50 Kersey coats at $5.
$8.50 Rough Coats at $5.
$8.75 Melton Coats at $6.
$10 Kersey Coats at $7.50.
$11.50 Kersey coats, $8.50.
Last Day of Fleisher Yarn Sale
Fleisher's F German Knitting
yarn, the best knitting yarn manu
factured, in black and full line of
colors sale price, full J-pound skein
21c or 83e per pound.
Fleisher's J German Knitting
yarn, in black, gray mixtures, also
cardinal, sale price, full i-pound
skeins, 15c or 58c per pound.
Fleisher's best imported Saxony,
in all colors, also black and white,
our regular 8c skein sale price, 5 o
Free embroidery lessons Saturday frem 9:30 to 12 and 2:30 to
5. Next week the days change to Mondays, Wednesdays and
Folding Lap Boards,
with rest, regularly
85c, for 69c
4-string union-made
brooms, regularly
29c special, ea. 17c
5-string extra fancy
brooms, regularly
50c special, ea. 35c
Keystone Wringers,
8 years' guarantee,
$2.75 Value for 2.45
bail, 14-inch, regular 75c, for .55c
Mrs. Pott's Sad Irons, 3 in a set,
complete, regular 98c, for, set..79c
Mrs. Pott's Iron Handles, regular
10c, speeial for 5 c
100 complete Gas
Lamps, like cut, reg
ular 50c, for 35c
We have just received
another new line of
portable lamps. You
ought to see them. We
have taken one of them
to use for a special.
It is really worth $2.50. All com
plete, warranted, and ready for use,
Saturday for, $1.75
20c cap mantle, a dandy, for. .10c
35c double weave mantles for
15c mica, chimneys for. c.
25c mica 'chimneys for..:-
Gas globes, various designs,
25 c, 35c and up.
$oars for
t . . .89o
Carpet Store
: * Cotton Counter*
42x36 Fine Pillow Cases, 12&c ea.
45x36 Fine Pillow Cases l3?|c ea.
45x36, Double Hemstitched Cases,
2 1 c each.
72x90 Bleached Sheets, 44c each.
81x90 Fine Sheets, 6 7 &C each.
81x90 Double Hemstitched Sheets,
69c each.
v 1. 2" 6
*** mmmmm*
Haskell's 22-in. Black Peau de
Soie, $1.39 4j A
grade l a l O
Haskell's 22-in. Black 4 A O
Satin/ $1.39 quality 11110
Haskell's 22-in. Black A 4 Q
Satin, $2.50 quality tCilO
Haskell's 19-in. Changeable Taf
feta, 85c quality, all TPOf
black warps at -. m atSC
Dress Goods
BlacksFrench Etamine, the im
ported kind, 44 inches, best black,
our 75c quality, limited BQ
quantity, at O FO
Fancy GraniteAll wool, 48-in.
wide, best wearing quality, a very
stylish novelty, our $1.00 TfKZm
quality - O V
Crepe de ChineAll wool, 42-in.
wide, perfect black, and right up
to-date, the 89c "7C
kind... lOO
ColorsMetal Print Brilliantines,
the new waistings, 38-in. ES A
wide, all colors wU
Zibeline-'-All wool, very shaggy,
large range of colors, full 50 inches
wide, anew line, " 7 K#^
Real Spotch, Tarletan Plaids and
Checks50 inches wide, made from
finest Australian wool, in a wide
range of new designs they are the
$1.50 quality and worth it, special
atone-half 7 Rt\
price af O U
The biggest snap in a lot of
scarfs, shams and center pieces in
Roman embroidery, 75 dozen on
stairway tables, hemstitching and
drawn work galore, not a piece
worth less than 39c, some are 50c
values, but all AC.
72-in. Damask, 90c "PAIA^
value, yard - mm '2%j
22x44-in. Bleached Turk- 4A
ish Towels, 25c kind Ivu
Basement17-in. Linen
8 ^
6 ! .'...4&G,Crash
20x42-in. Honeycomb Huck Tow
els, cheap at 12Jc,
sale at
Genuine Amisilk, sold every
where at 35c a yard, our OaftaT*"
"price fcVU
Stellasilk, our regular 25c qual
ity of mercerized lining, 4 "y -^
yard ilu
Our full line of 20c Per- |A1^
calines, yard - "2U'
All our 25c grade of Can- 4 Tf g%
vas at - - U
Edwards Lining Cambrics, KZg%
the best made, yard w#
Fleisher's best imported Ger
mantown zephyr, the kind that is
always in great demand for com
forters, sweaters, scarfs, slippers,
etc., in black, white and full line of
colors our regular 10c skein sale
price, 7 c skein.
Fleisher's best Spanish yarn
regular 15c skein sale price 12c
Best imported Angora wool, Rab
bit brand, in white, gray, etc., reg
ular 12&c ball sale price, 7 c ball
Steel Griddles, with
handles, 10-inch, reg
ular 45c for 25c
Iron Griddles, with
Wash Goods
Best Indigo Blue Prints in all
staple and fancy styles, us- 5 ^
ualiy 7c, sale, yard w w
Cotton Challies in pretty gray,
linen, cream, pink and blue ground,
all new stock, Rrf%
yard O w
Twilled Cretonnes, 28 inches wide
in pretty Persian and floral pat
terns, 10c and 12c cloths, "y 1-^
yard - 2l
A lot of pretty new styles in
36-in. Silkoiine just in, patterns
are pretty and assortment larger
than ever, af A
Mosaic Stove Boards,
45, 55, 65, each... 75c
yard IUO
Ladies' imported Hose in extra
heavy black cotton, made of two
thread Maco yarn, with high spliced
heels, double soles and toesregu
lar 50c value at half-price AC*
Ladies' Imported Black Cash
mere Hose, full regular made, with
merino heels and toes pair, 35c
three pairs for $1.00.
'- Children'* heavy 2x1 ribbed Cash*
mere Hosemerino heels O R A
and toespair mm%M\*
Misses' fine lxl ribbed silk fleeced
hose, double knees spliced heels and
toes, sizes 6 to 9, extra AC
10c 15c
value at 35cpair afc P 1*t
C. Soap,
limited, 9
... -25c to** |j
Laundry bluing? cheap
at 15c, peubottle. .^ Sc
*-500 vards of fine sheer, 40-in.
India Linen, new stock, perfect in
every respect, and worth in a reg
ular way 20c yd., special |A1
syhile it lasts, yard - fc2W
j ^BasementClean up sale of odds
and ends, consisting of Dimities,
Swisses, etc., in short lengths, 8c
and 10c goods, choice, K A
per yard. .^.....^ M M
Assorted Cream Mixed, 7 o lb.
r Assorte d Gu m Drops , S o lb .
White Goods
! ?
i 5

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