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The Government Estimate Probably
too LargeBusiness Influ
ences Conflicting.
JTifty Thousand Men Likely to Be
Laid Of f This Winter by.
, , Railroads.
New Tork, Oct. 23.Special telegraphic
reports on the business situation to the
International Mercantile Agency from
coi respondents thruout the United States
are summarized as follows:
Advices from leading trade centers
make plain the presence of conflicting in
fluences. Relatively the larger number
of unfavorable reports are as to the in
dustrial situation and outlook. Good
judges believe the effort to ho'd up the
price of finished steel thru the spring
will not succeed. Authorities admit thftt
pig iron makers will have to increase the
extent of the movement to restrict out
put. Pig iron given in exchange for coke
overhangs the market Soft coal prices
are being held up only thru combination
Present plans contemplate the laying off
of nearly 60,000 railway employes this
winter. Trust companies and national
bank disasters at Baltimore and Pittsburg
were caused by special conditions, and
at both cities it is believed the weak
ness of the financial situation has been
At Minneapolis spring wheat receipts
tend to confirm the belief that the goven
ment report of the size of the spring
wheat crop was too large. International
Mercantile Agency advices point to about
360.000,000 bushels of wheat from this
year's domestic crop of wheat available
for export, whereas European continental
estimates are that importing countries
Will need 180,000,000 bushels.
General jobbing trade is dull In N ew
England, but the volume is nearly equal
to that one year ago The movement
of lumber there is fair except for south
Sales of wool have been small, con
sumers awaiting lower prices. Some cot
ton mills are storing product. Shoe fac
tories are fairly busy on orders for spring
The less favorable commercial features
are in smaller sales of clothing at St.
Louis than expected, the reported pros
pect for a check to demand from country
merchants at Chicago after Jan. 1, a
smaller volume of jobbing business at
St. Paul than a year ago and backward
collections south and southwest.
On the other hand, the general business
outlook in the southwest, except in Texas,
Is bright. New Orleans anticipates a
heavy winter and spring trade Texas
trade prospects are tied up in the cotton
yield there, which has been somewhat
underes timated.
All Danger of Further Suspensions at
Pittsburg Has Passed.
Pittsburg, Oct. 23.The financial at
mosphere of Pitsburg seems to have been
cleared and no further bank troubles are
looked for
The official announcement made yes
terday by the clearing-house association
that $2,500,000 had been raised, that the
fund would be increased to $3,000,000 to
mept whatever emergencies may arise and
that, so far as the association could ascer
tain, none of the banks in the vicinity of
Pittsburg would require assistance has
had the effect of allaying all uneasiness
In addition to this emergency fund, $800,-
000 has been received by James W. Pat
teiaun, president of -tho Pittsburg-, Carne
gie and Western railroad, for immediate
deposit in anticipation of the improve
ments under construction here for the
WabaBh railroad.
It will be some time before the money
will be needed by the \arious contractors
but the bulk of it will eventually be paid
out in this district for wages.
The government experts at work upon
the books of the two banks which have
suspended declare that they have so far
found nothing serious and have" heard of
no news that is not reassuring.
Bandits Got Away with $3,000 and Sev
eral Sacks of Coin.
Wichita, Kan., Oct. 23 A telephone
message from Burton at 2:30 this morn
ing says that three bandits robbed the
Burton State bank between midnight and
1 o'clock. The amount of currency taken
was between $1,000 and 52,000, besides
several sacks of coin.
Telephone messages were sent to sur
rounding towns, and from Patterson, Ave
miles away, it was telephoned that three
men had approached the town and when
challenged had fired a volley and rode
off. Nobody was injured. The sheriff and
a posse of forty men at once started for
Sandusky. OhioSenator Foraker Is recovering
from bronchitis.
PhiladelphiaThere Is Httle hope for the re
covery of William L. Elklns.
Vernon, Ind A mob drove out four families
named Bushfleld and burned their house
Bostonrhe second-class protected cruiser Den
ver. In her trlnl trip yeseerday, failed to make
the speed required by the contract.
Dallas, TexasFormer Governor Hogg, in an
interview, emphatically declares himself out of
any race for the United States senate.
Conoellsvllle. Pa.The coke business con
tinues to diminish and nearly 1,000 ovens blew
out last week. The idle men now number 8,000.
New YorkA farewell dinner was given by
George Harvey of Harper & Brothers to Mark
Twain, who will sail to-morrow for Florence,
Newport News, Vo.The schooner John K.
KlrKman brought in two sailors from the wreckvl
fishing schooner J. T. Williams of Gloucester,
Mass , supposed to be the only survivors.
CincinnatiA small riot was caused by a
teamster driving a sprinkling cart into a street
audience listenng to an address by Congressman
Baker of Brooklyn.
Pittsburg. Pa.A skiff containing five Hunga
rian laborers was swept over the Springdale dam
near Colfax statlcn in the early morning fog and
four of the occupants were drowned.
Peoria. Ill At the coroner's inquest over the
remains of Pbomas Hartley, an Inmate of the
inaane asylum, killed in a struggle with at
tendants, evidence showed six ribs broken and
many other Injuries. Two attendants are under
arrest. *
Phoenix, Aria The grand Jury has returned
eleven indictments against Hugh H. Price, for
merly a congressman from Wisconsin, and recent
ly removed from the office of Surveyor general
of Arizona, and W E Murphy, chief clerk of
the land office, charging them with conspiracy to
defraud the government, accepting bribes and ex
PanamaPresident Diaz of Mexico will arbi
trate differences between Colombia and Nicar
London-The Rt. Hon. William B. Leckv. the
historian, died here last night. He was born in
Ireland In 1838.
Paris Santos-Dumont has declared bis inten
tion to contest at St. Louis for the prize for
dirigible balloons.
LondonOne pero was killed and a dozen
were slightly injured last night in a railway
wreck at Soworby Bridge.
BerlinL. M. Goldberger, privy councillor of
commerce, in a book just published, pays a high
tribute to America as the land of unlimited possi
Valetta, Island of MaltaA fireworks explo
sion at a workmen's club in the village of Bal
zan has resulted in a woman and four men being
killed and the injury of fourteen persons.
JerusalemThe outbreak of cholera at Bethle
hem, wlalch was reported Oct. 17, has been
stamped out and the cordon of troops which had
been drawn* around the city has been removed.
Sunshine Route to California.
Through tourist car every Tuesday
morning from St. Paul and Minneapo
lis v ia the Chicago, Milwaukee & St.
Paul and San ta F e route. Tickets,
$32.90 berth rate, $6.00. Call 328
Nicollet av, or address W . P. Dixon,
N. "W. P. A., 365 Robert st., St. Paul.
17 Styles of Noseglasses
Afterfindingwhat kind of Classes you need we
have the glasses themselvesevery good style there is made.
In Nose Glasses alone we show seventeen stylesall the good
new and old styles. If you have had trouble in getting a kind
that is comfortable and secure, try us. Eyes examined with
out charge. 4"Second FloorNew Part.
*M* ilfrtfiliiWl^Mfc*******^^
Another Round-u p
The Latest* in fiction
for both old and young
in good bindings on
good paper, from good
plates, at very lowest
Late Arrivals in Baby Coats
Fond Mothers and economical mothers will find here just the little
coats they want. Our lines are extensive and well bought.
The choosing is easy and the prices are not a bit higher than you
are willing to pay for such pretty styles.
Baby Coats of heavy cloth, lined and inter
lined, round cape, with the new Stole
front, trimmed with braid, $3.75
Women's Convent-Made Handkerchiefs of very fine quality of the best
pure Irish linen with beautiful hand-embroidered designs unlaunder-
ed when laundered they are equal to 25c, 50c and 75c kinds, at
12&o, 25c and 48o.
Come to Our Saturday Imncheon.
Women's and Children's Underwear
and Stockings
Women's Vests and Tights of fine
Peeler cotton vests high neck,
long sleeves tights open, ankle
length right fall weight at 50o.
"Onelta" Union Suits, heavily wool
plated, in silver gray, at 75c.
Girls' and Boys' "Oneita" Union
Suits, heavily wool plated,all sizes,
at $1.00.
Girls'and Boys' fast black wool
Stockings, 1-1 and 2-1 ribbed
double knees, spliced heels and
toes, at 25o.
Sorosis Shoes
More New Winter Styles have just arrived,
for street, house and ballroom. Never have
we shown so many new and handsome
shapesOver 125 styles are yours to
choose from, and all at one price,
For comfort, style, durability, fit
and economy, wear Sorosis.
AS~First FloorFourth AisleRear.
Correct* Hairdressing
The Misses Olsen, who conduct
this department here, are well
'known for the quality of their
work it is not excelled in the
city. Our facilities for hair
dressing, shampooing, facial
massage, manicuring, are most
Hair Goods Switches, pompa
dours, wigsall made here
the best manner.
t&~ Second FloorNew Part.
Baby Coats of Ladies' cloth, with double
cape, trimmed with fancy braid, full
sleeves with trimmed cuffs, 95.00i
Baby Coats of Velveteen, wide collar, trim
med with braid and lined and interlined,
trimmed cuffs, $500
Baby Coats of Scotch cloaking, box back,
very deep cape with stole front, new shaped
sleeves, turn-over cuffsa strikingly origi
nal style, $6.75.
Baby Coats of fine ladies' cloth full, deep
cape with stole front, trimmed with lace
ornaments and nutria fur new large
sleeves, $7.00.
Baby Coats of black velvet with wide cape
and new stole front, trimmed with fancy
silk braid in Persian colorings and silk or
naments new sleeves with turn cuffs
trimmed with silk braid, $10.
Union Suits
for 50c.
Black Cashmere Stockings, high
spliced heels, double soles and
toes and black cashmere stock
ings, opera length, in sizes 8
and 8 only, at 50o.
Come to Our Saturday Imncheon.
Children's Shoes
are our specialty. We keep only solid leather
shoes, and can reduce your shoe bill by selling
you kinds that wear longer. We also add
comfort and right foot training by fitting the
feet correctly. Our salesmen are experienced
We carry the largest stock of Children's Shoes
in the city.
7 to 9 only.
Shirt Waist Patterns of the latest
and best mercerized vestings,
light and dark coloringsdots,
plaids and figures, sold up to 85c
a yardeac h length (3 yards)
at $1.18.
7 to 9 only.
Walking Skirts of all-wo ol mel
ton, in Oxford gray, brown and
dark mixturesmad e 7-gore
flare model, strapped seams
200 of the real $6 values,
at $2.95.
t 7 to 9 only.
Women's NeckwearWhite em
Troidere top collars, a large
' variety of pretty patterns,
worth up to 25c, at 7c.
ltel ,4v}n'54i &
Men's Handkerchiefs of pu re Irish
linen, hand-embroidered initials
a broken line of lettersour
best-selling 50c kinds, at 29c.
Petticoats of black merceriz ed
sateen, full flare, flounce with
seven small ruffles the right
shape for the new flare dress
skirts our $2.50 petticoats, at
Pillow Tops, stamped and tinted^
on art ticking, denim and momie
cloth, a large number of new de
signs, always 50c (second floor,
new part) top and back for 21c.
7 to 9 only.
7 to 9 only. '
Dayton's Daylight Store
Shrimp Salad with
Aspic Jelly.
You are invited come,
bring your friends and
have "a sip and a bite"
no charge.
Second Floornew Part,
. D. Dayton, r
J. -Formerly
$32.50 to $39.75 Suits at $25
Again we take from our stocks of better suits to
give you better choice at $25. This store gives
you the best $25 suits in the city in the regular
way: The stocks often run low and we cannot
replenish in a hurrythese $25 suits of ours are
carefully made, nothing skimped or shirked un-
til more arrive we have reached up among the
better qualities, $32.50, $35 and $39.75, and
taken sufficient to make the collection about 200
suits at $25.
4S~Second FloorNew Part.
Come to Our Saturday Inuicheon.
sale of Convent-Made Handkerchiefs
Convent-Made Handkerchiefs are those embroidered by hand in French
convents. They are imported unlaundered, straight from the deft
fingers of the patient workers. There are initials and fancy designs,
and it is wonderful how much fine workmanship you can get for the
little money.
Women's Convent-Made Hand
kerchiefs, of pure linen cloth,
with hand-embroidered initials
and wreaths, unlaundered, 15c
quality, at 10c.
Women's Convent-Made Hand
kerchiefs, of all Irish linen, un
laundered, with hand embroid
ered initials, in three styles,
worth to 20c, at 12&o.
Men's Convent-Made Handker
chiefs, made of all Irish linen
cloth, unlaundered, with hand
worked initials, full 20c values, at
Women's and Men's Convent-Made
Handkerchiefs, all linen, hand-em
broidered initials unlaundered
when washed they are equal to 50c
kinds, at 25c.
awAiiAUire D. !
'Aft WHW E
The Materials are men's suit
ings, Venetians and broad
cloths there are both dress
and walking styles, with the
new long jackets, silk lined
unlined skirts, in the solid
dark colors and the prevail
ing mixturesthe finest col
lection we ever had at $25.
New Long Coats of kersey and zibeline,
in black and castor, made with cape,
double breasted, satin lined, 45 inches
long, at $29.75.
New Jackets of montagnac and zibeline
30 inches long, bishop sleeves, strapped
seams, satin lined, $16.50 value, at
Jackets of kersey, in castor and red, loose
back, box front trimmed with inlaid
and stitched panne velvet collarless, 27
inches long, sizes 34 to 42 $10.00 value,
at $6.95.
Fur Scarfs of Isabella and Sable
fox, with two large and busy
tails, $10.75.
Golf Waists of wool yarn, close
ly knit, in rftd, white, gray and
navy, $3.50.
Fanta3ie"The Gondolier"
March, Finale"Alagazam"
Extra, by Request"Mr. Dooley"
Extra, by Bequest"Hiavytha" ,, Moret
Now For Men* s Underwear
" ^
We Want Particular Men to try the Handy Store for
Underwear. We have close to 100 different good kinds.
We Can Suit, You.
of heavy cotton,
Women's Fleeced Stockings in
fast black, French foot, double
bole, heel and toe and "out"
sizes are alsofleeced,welt tops,
at 21c.
Shirts and Drawersof natural
gray wool, superweight the
drawers come also in "stouts"
Shirks and Drawersof medium
heavy weight blue cashmere,
non-irritating, $1.25.
Union Suitsof heavy silver
gray cotton, with large pearl
Buttons, hand finished, perfect
fitting, $1.25.
Union Suitsof cashmere or
heavy natural gray wool, all
sizes, $2.50. as-Nic. Av. Ent.
Our High Class Department
We Show Exclusive Styles in street and dress hats,
the best that can be had, at the lowest prices.
Our Popular Price Department
Where you may secure a good hat at 39e to $5.
Street Hats, felt and velvetta shapes, at 39o.
Dress Hats, worth to $4.75, at $2.38.
Dress Hats, worth to $6.00, at 3.50.
Dress Hats, worth to $8.00, at $4.38.
Large Line of children's hats and caps and Camel
hair tarns at especially low prices.
Saturda y Evening from
7 to 9 only. 7 to 9 only.
Wrist Bags of walrus leather, in
black, tan, gray and brown 6-
inch size, leather handles,
nickel and gilt frames, with
sto ne mountings^$1.50 to $2
values, at $1.00.
Olive oil castile soap in white and
green, 4-pound bars, usually 50c,
at 35c. ^ i
Girls' coats of wool mixtures, with
cuffs and large shoulder capes,
trimmed with white braid box
back, in red and blue, sizes 4 to
14 $2.15 to $2.50 values (Bright
' Basement) at $1.69. * p- +'^ /'
7 to 9 only. * " *~~
**ftl- V-iWtHwb-jT^^tWWJWWiK -
of Stylish Fal l
Good Furs
strakhan Jackets from our own factory,
choice skins, close curl fur, Leipzig
dyed, 24 inches long, guaranteed satin
lining, high storm collar, as good a coat
as you pay $45 for in other stores, $35.
Shirt Waists of French flannel,
box pleats front and back,
ornamented with buttons in
red, black, navy and tan, at
$2.75. JS9*Second Floor.
ches&raSaturday Evening, 7 to9:30
leadership of Thelma?". Lyons
..'......&.,.<*,..* Bigelow
Walt?^-"Mi"ofPilaen , ^.1., Luders
Overt^3Aed4y-"filden Past" ' Smth.
IntemeMo"iMousitne" , _, .. - Eugene
Selection-~"Garett O'Magh"
6. 7. 8.
Characteristic, Two Step"Mandy, Won't YOUJA* Me Be Your
...., t-^fr. Cole^& Johnson
Waltzes"Charm of Love" .. ,.. *- Cohen
Barnyard Dance''When Johnny Comes Marching Home" Edwards
Selection"The Burgomaster"
10. 11.
OCTOBER 23, 1903.
$1 Reward #
New NeckwearThe Ascot will be a
leader among the leading shapes,
here in a host of novelties, for
this sale, 50c.
Fancy SocksIn lisle and cotton,
plaids, stripes and embroidered
patterns in tans, grays and black,
at 50c.
Men's SweatersIn solid colors
and stripes, heavy, at $3i50,
$4.00 and $4.50.
Boys* SweatersIn all wool, navy,
red, cardinal and white, $1.50
and $2.00.
$25 In Prizes to Girls and Boys
It is our aim to adver
tise ourgoods by straight
forward statements and
to guard against decep
tion of any kind. We will
gladly pay $1 to the first
person to report to our
Mr. Mosher any misrep
H. carieton.
We want Compositions about tAa Daylight Store
All girls and boys 36 years old or under may com
petethere are no restrictions and tho conditions are easy it
is not necessary to buy anything. Get particulars at the In
formation Bureau, First Floor, under the Balcony.
'Music Bargains
Laces and Graces, 1 Be.
Gondolier, 15o.
Virginia 3-Step, 15o.
Can't* Live on Love,
Just Across the River,
Satin Skin face cream and com
plexion powder (sample free),
very fine toilet preparations,
at 21c.
Square Willow Clothes Hampers, made of srood willow with wood
bottoms 3 sizes ..Small
M. E. Wallace.
7 to 9 only.
Women's stockings, of balbriggan,
regular and "out" sizes light
fancy stockings, and lisle thread
stockings in red- and blue 35c,
50c and 75c values at 15c.
Babies' wool gauze vests, silk finish
button down front size 2, were
35, at 19c size 6, were 65, at 49c
(Second* floor, new part).
Women's union suits of very fine
Peeler cotton, jers.ey ribbed, $1
quality, at 79c. .
Dr. Henry's tooth powde^ in patent
tin tray cans, regularly 25c, at
ISc.'f r
*S"Second FloorNew Part.
Girls* Coats, Dresses, Raincoats
*'You Have the Largest Assortments in the City" is what we hear
from every woman who looks around, when she comes back and
buys. We'd like to have you look, too. We have a complete
department for girls' and separate
Sailor DressesThe nobbiest
little garments you ever saw
made of all-wool serge, sail
or collar with tab front,
bishop sleeves jcollar, sleeves
and tabs trimmed with plain
and fancy braid both flare
and pleated skirts sizes 6 to
14, at $6.
Girls' Raincoats of the new
mixtures full cape, velvet
collar, bishop sleeves, patch
pockets, belt for ages 14
to 18$12.50.
Girls* Coats of Kersey, full
The Drug Store
Emery Boards 1 dozen, un
wrapped, usually 10c, at 6c.
Violet* Ammonia for the toilet
and bath, in 1-pint bottles, the
25c kind and size, 18c.
French Perfumes in original pack
ages, 1-ounce bottles, the 50c
quality, at 25c.
/ Saturday
Perfume Special
ready-to-wear gar-
med with velvet piping
and narrow braid, velvet
stole fronts, pouch sleeves
with flaring, turn-over
cuffs, sizes 6 to 14 $7.50.
Girls' Coats of Scotch mix
ture, full length, fancy
double cape and double
stole front, large bishop
sleeves, with deep turn
back cuffs, 6 to 14, $10.
Girls* Coats of imported
zibeline, large shoulder
cape trimmed with smallx
straps and velvet, bound
with heavy braid, storm
collar, pouch sleeves in
sizes 6 to 14$12.
You Are Invited to Our Saturday Lamcheon.
Bead Chains of amber and coral, 54
inches long, worth, 50c and 75c,
at 39c.
Signet Rings, seamless, gold filled,
at 25c and 50c. -.
You Are Invit ed to Om*_Saturday_Lamcheon.
7,856 Yards of Ribbon Reduced
Over Four Miles of It. if the pieces were placed end to end, in all
shades of the rainbow ribbon for every useand there are plenty of
things you want rjbbon for now. These are prices for Saturday
Satin and Taffeta Ribbons of the best grades"Jupiter" brandin all
widths and in all the best colors and black and white
Number, 2^57 9 12 16 22 40 60
Regular price... 5c 7c 8c 10c 14c 20c 22c 25c 30c 35c
- - " ~ ~ ~ 11o 15c 18o 20o 24c 28c
Saturday price.. 4 c 5 c 6 c 8 c
TaffeLa RibbonsAll silk, the
kind that wilbwash, in black,
white and colors
No. 40worth 15c, at 11c.
No. 60worth 20c, at 14c.
Fancy RibbonsOf the best import
ed kinds, in plaids, checks, Dres
den and Persian effects, as wide
as 8 inches, worth up to $1.00 a
yardat 32c.
Yon Are Invited to Our Saturday tmncheonT
Bright, Basement, Economy
^ prices for Saturday only. Coal Hods, made of heavy iTgk
d sheet steel, worth 25c, only I I w
Larger sizes at 2 y fi
Foot Bath Tubs, made of heavy
an(* 2 9 C
saf.^ $1.7 5 $2.49mMediu
Wash Boilers, srood tin worth 90c and $1.00 No.
special 8
"i 1
7~tb 9 only.
.1 -
100 ounces
Guaranteed Triple Extract
Regular 76c quality
now being demonstrated at 50c
Special Saturday only
100 ounces at 39c per ounce
put up in high grade
fluted glass stopper bottle
All other odors, per ounce, 50c
0*Second Floor.
Girls* Suitesof all wool mixtures,
long jacket, blouse style, with
two little shoulder capes with
straps, large bishop sleeves,
cuffs and capes bound with
braid, flare skirt with pleata
swell little suit, sizes 14 to 18
Girls' Walking SkirtrSeven-gore
model, made of Scotch mixture,
three bias folds each an inch
wide around the hips and at
bott6m, button trimming, sizes
6 to 14$5.
length, are attractively trim-
Organdie Note Paper of the best
kind, 1-pound (100 sheets) pack
ages, in "blue and white tints, reg
ularly 35c, at 25c.
Tablets of plate, satin and linen
papers, ruled and plain, at 10c.
" ^
J -
d tin worth to 50c Special.
smaii 25c
m 29
e 39c
Boilers, extra heavy tin, hand made, with heavy copper rim on
8 worth
$1.50 and $1.75
BroomsA three-tied good quality kitchen broom IB
sells regularly at 25csale price
Best five-string parlor broomregular 85 cents
Perpetual Carpet Sweeper
with all bristle brush broom
actionworth 0 1 C E
$2.26only VllVV
The Monarch Roller Bearing Sweeper, best Sweep- ^ O I A
ermadeworth $3.00special V&ll9
Cut GlassLarge new stock of the
best makesevery piece has the
clear crystal scintillating beauty
that marks the highest idaal of
the glass making art.
Cut Glass Berry Bowl, measuring
8^6 inchesregular $5 # 0 Q O
Cut Glass Sugar and ( Q J ft
Creamer, special, pair filt9
Cut Glass Toothpick Holders- IQf Cut Glass Knife Restworth 25cspe-
cial, only
7 to 9 only.
Cotton handkerchiefs for women
and men, plain white, colored
borders, escalloped edges, lace
trimmed and some odd initials, a
few that we have left from our
closing out sale of cotton hand
kerchiefs, were 10c to 20c
(Bright Basement) at 5c.
TowelingBarnsley Crash, all
linen, 17 inches wide, one bale
of^the 10c quality, at 5c. ,
7 to 9 only.
RugsAxminster Hugs, 18xS
inches the regular $1.25 kind,
7 to 9 only.
Silkoline-32 inch es wide, the reg
ular 10c quality, no more than
15 yards to a buyer (third floor),
at 5c. ,
7 to 9 only. ^
'"White Curtain TVIuslin-i-The reg
t J ular 10c kind, no more than 10
yards to a buyer (third floor),
floor) at 83c^ flWfc^Wryss-tf* at 5 c
7 to 9 only.^ 7 to 9 only.
^\^. naV
7 to 9 only. ,
Boys' sweaters, a broken assort
ment of heavy wool sweaters in
-solid and fancy colorings, were
I $1.25, at 79c. - * , ^
t 7 to 9 only.
Extension Bods in the sizes and
kinds that sell at 20c to 35c no
more than 5 to a buy er (third
fl^or),7c. ^ _

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