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Mr. Roosevelt's Friends Think As-
pirants for the Presidency Should
Announce Themselves.
If He Is to Meet With Opposition
They Want to Know
JUw York Sun Speolal Service.
Chicago, Dec. 9.Walter Wellman,
in a Washington special to the Record
Herald, says
Does Senator Hanna intend to be a
candidate for the presidency
he not
9 Th e friends of Presidensdoero t
Roosevelt want to know They ai e
beginning to insist that if there are to
be other aspirants foi the republican
nomination next ear the time has
come when they should show their
hands. They say they ha\e no objec
tion to the appearance of other can
didates in the fieldthis is a fiee
country and any man has the right to
aspire to the presidencybut fail
play demands, they maintain, that if
there is" to be a contest over the nomi
nation those who are to make it
should delay no longer in an -
nouncing their purpose
There is no doubt as to where Mr.
Roosevelt stands. H e has ne-\er con
cealed his wish to be nominated by the
republican party and to be re-elected
by the votes of the people He was
called by fate to the office, of president
and in that office he has done the best
he could. H e stands on his record
He has insisted with his intimate
friends and his political advisers that
if the party is not content with the
record he has made and does not wish
to make him its standard beaier, he
will not attempt to ga m the nomina
tion by use of the power of his office.
He has more than once declared that
he will not petmit himself to be nomi
nated virtually by fedeial office hold
Roosevelt's Position.
He has forbidden his supporteis to
set in motion the agencies which con
trol delegates in many states, notably
in the south, almost entnely thru the
influence of those who hold fedeial
appointment If the president is to
be nominated at all he insists that it
shall be by the spontaneous voice of
the party. H e does not want the
nomination and will not seek to get it
in aiw other wa
If there are to be other candidates,
the president's friend* argue it is only
fair that they should pie&ent them
selves before the party and the coun
try now. It is not fair, in their es
timation, that influential republicans
Bhould linger in the baikgiound, more
or less secietlv discussing the avail
ability of the president as a candidate
next year, scrutinizing his record and
pointing out the difficulties that may
stand in the way of his re-election,
creating a feeling of distrust and anxi
ety, as long as no other aspirant is in
the field.
As Senator Foraker has pointed out
in an interview, objections can be
raised to any candidate, no matter who
he may be. There is no such thing as
the Ideal man , satisfactory to every
one. If there are other candidates, or
are to be others, they should have
their names announced
West Virginia to B e Lined U p for the
Vftw York Sun Special Service.
Parkersburg, W. Va , Dec 9 Sen
ator Scott has started out to line up
Wst "Virginia for Hanna and to se
cure a delegation to the national con
vention which will favor Hanna's
nomination for piesident. This infor
mation is conveyed in a telegram from
Clarksburg With it comes the an -
nouncement that Scott's move is only
part of a general plan of action de
cided upon by republicans unfavor
able to President Roosevelt's candi
dacy which plan is to be carried on
eimultaneously thruout the country.
Tried at Stillwater for Alleged Forging of
a Mortgage.
EpeoUl to The Journal.
Stillwater, Minn , Dec 9 W B Hat
ton, charged with forging a mortgage was
found not guilty. No indictment was re
turned against Miss Heifna Mclnto&h,
charged with the murder of her babe
Edward Erickton lost two fingers by an
accident at the Tozer mill at South Still
District court has adjourned until Dec
17 when court cases will be taken up
Horsemen are preparing a track on
Ivake St Croix for winter racing matinees
The Atwoods defeated the St Croix
team in three games payed in the City
bowling league tournament
The funeral of Mrs A B Easton was
held this afternoon from the family resi
The hearing upon the application for
a writ of habeas corpus in behalf of Bert
Maikham. a St Paul convict, has been
continued until Dec 18 His relejase from
prison Is sought on the giound that he
was tried by a jury of but eleven
Fred Mellin was severely burned on the
hands last night while filling a cigar
lighter with gasolene.
The Bon Ami club lost three games to
the Swansons last night in the City Bowl
ing league tournament
Former Populist Candidate Is Now a Good
From the Journal Bureau, Colorado Building,
Washington. Washington, Dec 9 General James B
Weaver of Iowa, twice candidate foi pies
ident, once as a e^eenbackei and once is
a populist, is in Washington holding polit
ical conferences He is a democrat now
and for Judge Paiker of New York foi
If Parker is nominated he declaied
to-day democrats can carry thiee con
gressional districts in lowa and the can
gain another in Nebraska '
General Wea\ers declaration for Par
kei coming so soon after Jetry Simp
son's awakes much interest in the
changed attitude of men who were foi
merly classed as radicals Some politi
cians arc convinced that Judge Parker
will be as satisfactory to ladicals as he
is to conservatnes, and thus would be
sure to leunite the pa"rt So convinced
is General Weaver of Judge Parkei s su
periority to other candidates that it is
understood he will probably run for con
gress in case the New York judge is nom
^ r-, w - ir - 1'* j,p._*__^ES!SsS3fi?*gS
W W Jermano
North Dakotan There to Attend National
Committee Meeting.
From the Journal Bureau, Colorado Building,
Washington, Dec 9 Alexander Mo
Kenzie of North Dakota arrived in Wash
ington last night to attend the meeting
of the republican national committee Fri
day and Satuidav There is said to be no
tiuth in the repoit recently published in
the twin cities that he proposes to begin
suits for damages on account of his ar
rest and impnsonment in connection with
Cape Nome matters several years ago
His friends here don t know where the
story originated.
Begins To-Morrow, Continuing Friday and Saturday
Colored Dress Goods
Remnants from, the choice fabrics which we have sold the past sea-
son. No "pick up" for this sale, but goods from our regular stock.
Cheviots _
Mohairs Melanges
Meltons Granites
CHALLISWhite -wool, m waist, skirt and dress lengths. LININGS
Siheias, Peicalmes, Mercerized Sateens, Canvas, etc.
Silk Remnants
Dame Fashion still holds the silk shirt waist suit to be the correct
thin tor this season, so we decided to give our customer a benefit
remnant prices at this sale, on a good line of patterns, such as striped
and checked Louismes, Taffetas, Basket Weaves, Peau de Cygnes,
Peau de feoies and a tew Chine effects in browns, blues, greens and
gun-metals FANCY WORK SILKSShort ends in plain and bro-
cades WAIST LENGTHSPlain and novelty weaves in all fash-
ionable colors and popular weaves.
BLACK SILKSShort lengths for facings and ruffles, waist, skirt
and diess lengths.
WASH SILKSA few waist and kimona lengths and tie and waist
lengths m Crepe de Chine.
Black Goods Remnants
Waist, skirt and suit lengths. All new and very desirable fabnes
and marked "veiy low.
Chiffon Voiles
Sail Cloth
Crepes Granites, Etc. i
Dress Trimmings
Jet trimmings25c trimmings, 5c. Jet of 75c quality, 25c
odds and ends of all kinds.
Ladies' HoseAbout 400 dozen, all black with split soles
legular 25e quality. Remnant Sale price
Children's HoseSmall sizes, fleece lined regular 25c
quaht\. Sale puce
Infants' Wool HoseAll black 35e
Art Department==Remnant Bargains
W. W Jermane. ^
Center PiecesIn lace and stamped patterns.
Sofa PillowsWhite and colored, stamped, commenced and finished
Commenced PiecesConsisting of Center Pieces, Pillows and Opeia
$2 50 pieces $1.00
$3 00 pieces $1.50
$6 00 pieces $3.00
$7 00 pieces $3.*0
Muslin Wear
Our usual Remnant Sale prices on the daintiest of garmentsnew and
fieshfrom our regular stockGowns, Skirts, Drawers, Chemises,
Coiset Coveis.
$ 50 Corset Covers $ .40
$ 75 Corset Covers $ .50
$1 00 Corset Covers $ .75
$1.35 Corset Coveis $ .85
$1 75 Coiset Coveis $1.10
$2 25 Corset Covers $1.50
$3 00 Corset Coveis $2.00
$5 00 Corset Coveis $3.75
Golf Gloves
About 50 dozen Ladies' Gloves, in black, red, white and
fancv cdois, foiinci puce, 50c. Sale price
Tailor-Made Suits
Remnant Specials
Tailor=Made Suits
About 25 odds and ends, broken sizes Spring Suits,
Former prices $12 50 to $15.00
Lot 2Suits, last year's styles, which were selling j ? C A A NeWfflarketS
from $16.50 to $27.50. Remnant Sale price ^%Jm\J\J
Golf Capes *fcw"
But 5 left. Former price $7.50 to $10.00. Remnant rf| ^ ^ StlirtWaiStS
Sale price, each
11/^^1 S^armc
WOOl l^apeS
About 25, plain and fur tiimmed, all satin lined, high
Former prices $1250to$4000
Remnant Sale price, each
Children's Long Coats
A few m sizes 6, 8 and 10, one of a kind. During Rem
nant Sale, each -
Scotch Suitings Corduroys
Metal Prints
sales have been held every June and December for seventeen years.
A sale with such a record is more than an ordinary affair. In fact,
Panamas Cashmeres
it is extraordinary it is rarely that any kind of a trade event is so
long continued, and this with a constant increase in the volume of
business and with unquestioned and deep interest to our patrons.
Our remnant sales are anticipated, and the ladies actually plan and
wait for them. In fact, the dates of these sales are as firmly fixed in
their minds as in our own. But what about THIS sale? We promise
that this will be larger than any preceding one. We have thousands
15c 15c
$8.25 pieces $4.50
$12.00 pieces $7.00
$15.00 pieces $10.00
$ .50 Drawers ...$ .45
.60 Drawers ...$ .50
$100 Drawers ...$ .85
$1.50 Drawers . . .$1.15
$2 25 Drawers . . .$1.65
$3.50 Drawers ...$2.50
$1 00 Gowns
$1.10 Gowns
$1 25 Gowns
$1 50 Gowns
$2 00 Gowns
$2 75 Gow ns
$3.50 Gowns
$5 00 Gowns
$ .85
$ .90
$ .90
$1.15 $1.40 $1.50
$1.75 $3.00
$1.00 Sknts $ .75
$1.50 Skirts $1.10
$1.75 Skirts $1.25
$2.00 Skirts $1.40
$2 50 Skirts $1.85
$3.50 Skirts $2.60
$4.50 Skirts $3.15
$1.00 Chemises $ .75
$1.50 Chemises $1.10
$2.25 Chemises $1.85
$3.00 Chemises $2.20
Cloak and Suit Dept
About 250 Ladies', Misses' Suits and Skirts, dress and walking lengths,
etc. Coats all silk or satin l^ned, fancy braided, strapped and tailor
stitched, splendid styles These Suits are of the best values, and
ladies can well afford to buy them for winter and spring wear, as they
are all this season's styles Former price $20.00 to C A96 /vf"ff
$65 00. Remna nt Sale price Oil ^ O H
THAT THIS is our Thirty-fourth Semi-
Annual Sale, which means that these
of remnants, plenty of odds and ends, and many special bargains.
We propose to put on sale everything in our stock which we desire to
close out, and at such low prices that buying will be irresistible.
Notice the details following:
Wash Goods Remnants
Ginghams Suitings S7 Percales
Silk Tissues Organdies Dimities
Madras Shirtings Oxford Shirtings
Flannel Remnants
French Flannels gan
Outing Flannels Fleeced Flannels
Infants' Flannels Embroidered Flannels
Cloakings JSSaSSEta- Wool Wrapper Blankets
Canvas Cloths
$4 00 blankets, at
$5 00 Blankets, at
$6.00 Blankets, at
White Goods and Linens
Remnants in plain and fancy White Goods, Shirt Waibt materials.
Cottofi Cloths Table Linens
Towelings Napkins
Pattern Cloths *f*wod
Embroideries ^li?fhsah
A lot of broken sizes and odd lots, ranging in price I / rxflr'i^
fiom $1.00 to $5 00, at /2 PTli^C
Stock Ties, Boas, Collars and other pieces of Neckweai
also ruchmg by the yard, at Remnant Sale Prices
Ladies' Underwear
In size 3 only our regular $1.00 quality Combination Suits -
Sale puce
Wool Combination SuitsAll sizes our regular $2.00 qual
ity. One of the best bargains offeied by us. Sale price..
Children's UnderwearSmall lots, bioken sizes, will go
atour usual low
Men's Goods
Colored ShirtsAbout Ten Dozen, $1 00 and $2.00 quality.
Sale price
Muslin Night ShirtsAbout Twenty-five Dozen former
piice, 75c. Sale puce
Flannel Night ShirtsAbout Three Dozen former price,
$1.25. Sale price
Wool DrawersAbout Three Dozen former price, $1.00.
Sale price
Combination SuitsSmall lot in Merino former price, $2.
Sale pnc6
Shirts and DrawersAbout-Ten Dozen, fleece lined for- d*1 f\f\
mer prices, $1.50 and $2. Sale price
Wool HoseAbout Ten Dozen, broken sizes former prices
50c and 75c. Sale price ,
Cotton HoseAbout Fifteen Dozen, in colors former
prices, 50e and 75c. Sale price
NecktiesPuff Ties, 50c and $1.00 quality. Sale
String Ties25c and 50c quality. Sale
price -
Long and Walking Skirts
Ladies' Skirts, in gray homespun, about 35 left, former
prices, $10.00 to $14 00. Remna nt sale price
Winter Jackets
About 50 good styles, overcoat cloths, one of a kind.. tZf\Of\ rvff
and size, during Remnant sale %J\J '
Dress and Walking Skirts
$2.50 Remnant Sale price, "each
About 200 braided, strapped and fancy stitched, all f
this season's goods former prices, $10 00 to $40.00, at.... / 3 Q*l
Jon & g arn
P1 iUU About 50 dozen, white and in black and white, heavy vestings, all
ts, one of a kind
good styles, good line of sizes regular prices $2.50 ETACft ~4
to$6.00. Remnant price
.rm collars.
l of
'/%} ^** Misses' anSizes d Childi10
Children's sizes, also some short Box
Jackets . 8, and 12. Remnant sale prices.
^Children's Short Jackets
r^^Remnant price, each
DECEMBER 9, 1903.
Fr^^ "*- ?
& co:s
Drapery Department
Former Sale
price, price.
1500 yards 15c lie
900 yards 20c 14c
300 yards 35c 21o
350 yards 40c 25 c
750 yards. .65-55-50c 40 c
1200 yards 80c 20 c
500 yards 15o lie
300 yards 25c 15c
275 yards 40c
225 yards 50c
220 yards 60c
150 yards 75c
190 yards. 90c
125 yards $1.00
1250 yards... 15c
1050 yards 35c
900 yards 50c
Madras ClothOur entire stock, former prices 50c, 60c,
85c, $1.00, $1.25, $1.50, $2.00, $2.25, $3.00
Beautiful TapestriesFormer prices 50c, 75c, 85c, $1 00, _
$1.25, $1.50, $1.75, $2.00, $2.50, $2.75, $3 00, 1
$3.50 to $6.00
Couch Covers75 Covers, 50 to 60 inches wide, Oriental
designs, former prices $2.00 to $12 00 each
Table CoversOur entire line, 1% and 2 yards square, to
close at
Rope PortieresOur entire stock,
Wool Waistings 3sf
,.. $3.00
LaceRemnants SSSESE?*
$175 Curtains reduced to... 1.15
2 20 Curtains reduced to... 1.76
2 50 Curtains reduced to. . . 2.00
2 90 Cuitarns reduced to... 2.32
3 25 Curtains reduced to... 2.60
3 95 Curtains reduced to... 3.16
4 60 Curtains reduced to... 3.68
5 25 Curtains reduced to... 4 20
5.70 Curtains reduced to... 4.56
8.75 Curtains reduced to... 5.85
Remnant Sale Prices
50c 50c
Oriental Rugs -**
We have divided our stock into ten lots, as follows:
LOT 1. Antique Bokharas, rich and silky, which have
been selling at $4.50 and $5.00 each. Sale price...
LOT 11. Antique Bokharas, which have been selling at
$7.50. Sale price
LOT III. Antique Bokharas. which have been selling
at $10 00. Sale price
LOT IV. This lot consists of a miscellaneous assortment of Turkis h and
Persian Rugs which sold from $15 00 to $22 50 each.
LOT V. Kazaks, Karabaghs, Shirvans and Daghestans.
Former prices $12.50 to $17.50. Your choice
LOT VI. Includes Shirvans, Daghestans and Beloochistans
Former prices $22 50 to $30 00. Sale price
LOT VII. A fine lot of Kazaks, Shirvans, Daghestans, Sei ebends, Mousols,
Camelshair, Shiraz, Irans and Ferahans Regular price (f*^%^% Sf\
$25 00 to $35.00. Sale price
LOT Vni. This is another very fine lot of Persians Aveiage size 4x7.
These rugs sold at from $35.00 to $50 00. *:? Cf\
Sale price ^ *P*JA&\J
LOT IX. This lot consists almost entirely of beautiful, silky Kazaks, sizes
averaging 4-6x7-6 also a few Persian hall rugs as large as 5-8x11-7.
Former prices of this lot $35.00 to $50.00.
Sale price
LOT X . Silky Kazaks, every one a large piece. This lot also has some
Persian hall rugs as large as 6-6x15 ft. Former
of this lot $40 00 to $65 00. Sale price
Every Oriental Carpet and Khiva fn our immense
stocK will go at just
Domestic Rugs
u Oil
The IMPERIAL Smyrna is univer
sally known as the best Smyrna
rug that can be bought. W e can
not recommend them too highly.
Former Sale
price, price.
6x9 $18.00 $12.50
7-6x10-6 28.00 -20.00
9x12 35 00 25.00
All small sizes 20 per cent discount
$5 and $10
MattWgS Entire Stock
20c Mattings reduced to . . 12c
25c Mattings^ reduced to . . 15c
30c Mattings* I educed to . . 20c
35c Mattings ieduced to . 22 c
55-60c Mattings reduced to. 35c
65c Mattings reduced to ..37'/2C
cotton bathroom rugs at 25 per
cent discount.
Indian Dhurries, 25 per cent dis
count. .
5U^ Oil
50* off
F ~^'^p^ijjn^i
Tapestry Portieres
A beautiful line, some fringed top and bottom, others finished with
coi d Colors, red, green, rose, tan, blue, etc.
Poitieres which sold from $275 to $325 1 educed to pair . . $2.00
Poitieres which sold at $4.50 reduced to, pair .....$2.95
Poitieres which sold at $6 25 reduced to, pan ............ .$3.95
Portieres which sold at $7 25 reduced to, pair $5.25
Portieies which sold at $9.90 reduced to, pan $6.50
Portieres which sold at $11 50 reduoed to, pair $7.50
Portieies which sold at $12 00 reduced to, pair $8.00
Lace Curtains
2 f\f\Ci PAIRS, choice Curtains, newest patterns, at the following
*J)\J\J\J 1 eductions. If your curtains need replacing, you cannot
afford to miss this opportunity.
$4 65 Curtains reduced to.. .$3.00
5 00 Curtains reduced to... 1.00
6 35 Curtains reduced to... 5.08
8 35 Curtains reduced to... 6.68
8 75 Curtains reduced to.. . 7.00
11 50 Curtains reduced to... 9.20
12 75 Curtains reduced to.. .10.20
14 00 Curtains ieduced to . . .11.20
20 00 Curtains reduced to.. .16.00
35 00 Curtains reduced to. . .28.00
37 50 Curtains reduced to . .30.20
40 00 Curtains reduced to.. .32.00
43.75 Curtains reduced to . .35.00
45 00 Curtains reduced to.. .36.00
55 00 Curtains reduced to.. .36.65
Grains, all and color
$2 85 Curtains reduced to.. .$1.90
3 15 Curtains reduced to... 2.52
3 85 Curtains reduced to... 3.08
4 85 Curtains reduced to. . . 3.88
5 25 Curtains reduced to... 4.20
6 00 Curtains reduced to . . . 4.80
6.50 Curtains reduced to... 5.20
7 00 Curtains reduced to... 5.60
7 85 Curtains reduced to... 6.28
8 75 Curtains reduced to... 7.00
10 50 Curtains reduced to... 8.40
13.25 Curtains reduced to... 8.85
$3 15 Curtains ieduced to . . .$2.10
5 75 Curtains reduced to... 4.60
7.00 Curtains reduced to... 5.60
7 25 Curtains reduced to.. . 5.80
8 00 Curtains reduced to... 6.40
8 75 Curtains reduced to... 7.00
9 25 Curtains reduced to . . . 7.40
10 75 Curtains reduced to . . 8.60
11 50 Curtains reduced to. . . 9.20
12 00 Curtains reduced to... 9.60
13 25 Curtains reduced to... 10.60
13 75 Curtains reduced to.. .11.00
15 00 Curtains reduced to.. .12.00
19 75 Curtains reduced to.. 15.80
27 00 Curtains reduced to.. .21.60
40 00 Curtains reduced to.. .26.65
$6 50 Curtains reduced to.. .$4.30
6.75 Curtains reduced to... 5.40
7.95 Curtains reduced to... 6.36
11.50 Curtains reduced to... 9.20
15.00 Curtains reduced to.. .10.00
$2.25 Curtains reduced to,
4 75 Curtains reduced to..
4 95 Curtains reduced to..
5.00 Curtains reduced to..
i it
%M 4
4, i-
- t
-1$ '
$ t
25c 30c 40c 50c 60c
25c 40c 60c
500 yards........75c
75c,*4 off
1/3 Off
20% off
Vsoff l/*off
. 3.80
. 3.96
. 4.00
$1.00 Curtains reduced to..
125 Curtains reduced to..
150 Cm tains reduced to..
2 15 Curtains reduced to..
2 65 Curtains reduced to..
3 10 Curtains reduced to..
3 80 Curtains reduced to..
4 75 Curtains reduced to . .
6 25 Curtains reduced to..
.$ .65
. 1.00
. 1.20
. 1.72
. 2.12
. 2.48
. 3.04
. 3.80
. 4.15
$3.00 $5.50 $7.50
Turkish and
also has some
20% off
$1 75 Bissell's reduced to.. .$1.25
2 50 National reduced to.. 1.40
3.00 National reduced to.. 1.50
3 50 National reduced to. . 1.75
SILK PILLOW Cords and Tassels,
all colors, regular $1.00 each
sale price. 75 c
Mercerized Pillow Cords and
Tassels, regular price, 65c each
sale price, 50c
days only we will sell
-"- Size 16x16 for" 18c
Size 18x18 for 22 c
Size 20x20 for 25 c
Size 22x22 for 35 c
Size 24x24 for 45 c
"Size 26x26 for 50 c
MOHAIR RUGSA beautiful line.
of colors, in all sizes, 25 per .
discount. """"*" z ^
f r,

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