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? ^YMT^^ "~ *
Wells college at Auburn, N Y has
n unusual number of Minneapolis
alumnae and students for a small col
lege and its affahs interest many in
the citv The college has a new piesi
dent Re^ Geoige Moigan Waid D
D . elected at the semiannual meet
ing :NOA 24 Di Ward is a native of j
Lowell Mass H e has puisued giad
uate couises at Johns Hopkins and in
1900 ieiei\ed the degree of D D fiom
Daitmouth Foi seveial yeais he has
held the piesidency of Rollins college
Wiutei Paik Fla A\hich he lesigned
last June H e will assume his duties
at Wells some time during the spung
Sever il changes of the faculty were
made this -veai Miss Agnes Hunt
P h D was elected to fill the vacancj
in the depaitment of history caused b \
the l esignation of Miss Mat Vane Miss
Hunt was foi thiee years instructor
in histoij at Western Reseive college
Miss Maitha Snell Hall A M was
ippointed professoi of the histoiy of
ait The lequii ements foi admission
ha\e been laised foi the class entei
lng in Septembei 1904
N Lansing Zabiiskie is to make the
colle ge a gift of i new science hall for
which specifications ha\e been oi
deied The hens of the late Hemy
O Moigan ha\e intimated theii de
sue to cairy out then fdthei "s plans
in i egai d to i new building which he
piesented to the college shoitlv before
his death
Woik is alread\ begun on the
Helen Fairchild Smith hall a building
named in honoi of the dean io be
given b \ the alumnae Mrs Dlbei t L
Caipenter of Minneapolis one of the
alumnae tiu^tees and a giaduate ot
the class of 1SS7 projected the plan
for this hall and ga\e laigelv for its
erection She was present at the col
lege in June when sod was bioken foi
the building and again in isovembet
to attend the semiannual ti ustee
meeting This fall she was elected an
honorary member of the sophomoie
class "Woik on the Helen Fairchild
'-mith hall will go on tbiu the winter
The building will contain a g\m-
naslum and recreation hall
Will Seek to Throw Ohio to the Mary
Ke-w York Sun Special Service
Spungfield Ohio Deo q John R Mc
lean will pngage in politics npxt -vear on
an elaboiato scale Mr McLean is al
ready holding almost dalh conferences
'\ith Ohli politicians with this end in
\iew In Washington McLean is for Gm
man for president McLean Is to ha\e
a fight to the death with Tom L Tohn
fson of Cle\eland who it is said has
ambition to be a delegate-at large Mc
Lean himself would like to go to the
contention as a delegate at large Thf
swinging of Ohio into line for Gorman is
alread\ being arranged in so far as pos
lble, b McLean s cohorts
* ,/wp* , * f ^ \
Plaintiff Hesta in Hunter Creek Min
ing " ompanj Case
The plaintiff rested \esterdaj Tfter
noon In the long-drawn-out Hunter
Creek Mining and Milling company
rase TOP Wheelwright one of
the attorney for the defense imme
diately made a motion foi dismissal
on the grounds of -insufficient clause
of action and his argument was con
tinued thru this morning s session
Judge Thomas Canty will leplv to him
and it is doubtful if the motion will
be disposed of to-da\
Judge Elliott Trjing to Sohc a Diffi
cult Divorce ( a e
Margaret A Ca\aiiciugh nee
O'Hearn, at one time employed in the
Hennepin legistei of deeds' office is
the plaintiff in a contested divorce
case which is making Judge Elliott s
courtroom a populai place for seek
ers after marital sensations Michael
Oavanaugh is the defendant
The wife charges that hei husband
becomes intoxicated and beats m d
whips her and calls her vile names
M r Ca\anaugh alleges in his answer
and this morning swore on the stand
that his bettei half is possessed of
a most violent tempei, that she has
frequently called him the most im
polite names, thus sometimes causing
him to be violent.
Witness in Larceny a e Found After
Evading Manj Subpoenae.
*.Tohn Mc Alpine the farmer livi ng
near Maple Lake who accused Maud
Biook of lelievmg him of about $600
In money and negotiable paper was
brought into Judge Simpsons couit
this morning b Deputy Sheriff Budd
on a writ of attachment McAlpine,
foi some leason has e\aded the seiv
ice of subpoenae hei etofore I n con
sequence the case against the Brook
woman had to be continued ovei the
teim McAlpine was gi\en to under
stand that he would be subpoenaed
for next term of com t and that if he
did not appeal it would be a \erj se
rious business for him
Case Tn\olAing Redemption of Prop
erty Sold foi Taxes
Arguments weie presented befote
Judge Harrison this morning on a
writ of alternatee mandamus secured
b the National Fire Insuiance com
pany to compel Countj Auditor Hugh
K Scott to deulaie a notice of le
demption legal because the cost of le
demption named was the amount of
delinquent taxes on the piooerty and
not the amount paid b the bidder foi
a certificate at the tax sale The
point laised is an inteiesting one and
if allowed by the court will change
the practice in vogue o\er the state
for the ledemntion of pronert\ sold
for taxes The case was submitted
Franzen Gets $500
Pet er Tianzen has been awarded a \er-
dict of $500 in his damage stflt against
Henr J Bauman and Frank H Raidt
Hied before Judge Elliott The plaintiff
asked $5 000 foi miuries sustained thru a
fall from a scaffold while he was in the
defendants emp^
Frank Donnelly Released to Comfort
Hte Aged Parent
Another aged mother was in police
court this morning to plead for her
son who was Uiaiged with \agrancj,
and hei testimonj set the boy fiee.
Frank Donnelly, a \oung lad who
claims to be a ' lectmer for a traveling
snake show was arrested yesterday by
Detectives Hicks and Howard H e
admitted that he had done no work
foi some time, but as he was the
youngest son of a large family and the
mother wanted him at home for com
pany, he was allowed to go
The latest statistical estimates for the Grnnin
empiie pla the population at 58 i49 000 From
these figures it- appends that the population ba&
iiiucased 1 46 pei cent in the last jeai
i I) j*tf}L& Ml i.
H **f * **$ s *.^ * f f " ^ 4 *^
Dress Goods
Half wool dress goods in neat Jacquard effects,
good serviceable colorings for house and f f*t
children's dresses, fully 40 in. wide, I *%(/
always 25c a yardThursday only - W
56.ia. 69 c Blac k Heav y Skirting Cloth. .359
All wool worsted storm proof serges, silk fin
ished Henriettas, French vestings in cream and
dark grounds, silk and wool plaids
widths to 46 in. and values to 98c a
yardThursday choice
54 in. $1.25 Black Camels Hair Venetian Zibeline..9G
Imported German, French and Scotch novelty
suitings, new swell effects, Zibeline fancies, J
novelty nub cloths, Scotch rough f|fc i ITf
cloths and Camels hair mixtures at 2ft 1 I I
$2.98, $2.00, $1.65, $1.50 and.... * F - - - -
Books, Stationery
Children's Books in all grades and prices board
and linen covers with colored or black
and white illustrations, from $1.50
down to ,
Father Goose, 98a Wonderful Wizard of Cz, 98c
Standard Poems and Essays,
and tasty, 12mos, $2.00
down to
In Xmas Cards & 1904 Calendars we offer a large
and well chosen assortment of handsome things
from simple styles at very little prices to the
most expensive imported novelties'.
Cards op from.. 1 Calendars up from.. 10c
Box Paper in new tints and shades, put up
dainty boxes of all sizes and kinds
makes a most desirable gift, prices
from $2.50 down to
Cloaks, Furs and Skirts
Women's Electric Seal Fur Coats made of
whole skins lined throughout with Skinner's
satin, guaranteed and kept &09 I*%
repair 1 yr. free of charge. *P" *9 "
Women's Fur Boas made of qpossumand
marten skins worth to
$6.00 Women's Walking Skirts worth C& 4 &k
$5,00.. N* - **5F
TheL.B. Evans ' Slipper Stock
The finest line of Men's and Women's Slippers in the country. Yours
at 33J off the regular price.
Your choice of any Men's or Women's Slippers in the house, no matter the
style or value-none reserved. There are many worth to $3.50. ^ A Q
Anything that looks like a slipper
Women's hand crocheted Slippers
black and red,
$1.00 value
Women's Felt Shoe,
hand turn soles,
$1.50 value
Women's very fine Felt
hundreds of styles, all
colors, $3 value ,
Women's fine box calf and vici kid
Shoes, $2.50 and $3.00 jg-| Qg|
Women's comfortable Felt House
Slippers, 75c, $1.00 and
$1.25 value. . .
Women's Storm Overshoes and fleece
lined Rubbers. Per Jg Q**
pair, 69c and ****#
Black Liberty Silk Ruffs selling at
half and less more than we need, so
we make the sacrifice. These make
handsome Xmas gifts. Values to $7.
In three splendid bargain ^QA
lots. Each, $2.75, $1.75 and * w
Special to The Journal
Sioux City, Tow a, Dec 9 The Coal
Dealers' association of Iowa and Ne
braska adDOurned to-dav after pass
ing lesolutions to prosecute a \igoi
ous campaign to make the railroads
lesponsible foi all coal lost in tian
sit A subcsription paper was stait
e d for the purpose of obtaining the
necessary funds
Statements by some of the letail
ers indicate that they had paed for
as much as 15 pei cent moie coal
tha nthey received The plan of the
dealeis is to weigh a ll cars upon de
livery if the railroads will not make
an accurate record of the losses in
The raihoads will be made to pro
duce bills of lading which are not
now commonly demanded If the
laihoads *efus& to reimbuise the re
tailei foi the difference betw een w hat
*i r*i ^
Santa Claus seems to be pretty fond of "THE NEW STORE"he leaves us
so many of the prettiest and most useful thingsthe cream of the Holiday wares,
we think. If you don't know what to get your friends or relatives, you'll decide
on something in a wink if you come here.
10in c
Linens, White Goods
Fancy White Goods, sheer dimities,
Persian law^s, dotted mulls, mercer
ized waistings, and sheer India Lin
ons, worth to 25c yard, %Q^C*
on sale Thursday at - 2**
Full Assortment of fine table damask,
napkins, lunch cloths, hand embroid
ered anens, damask, hemstitched and
drawn work towelsLowest Prices.
Jewelry Dept.
Special Ring
value. So don't fail to come
and get our prices and inspect
the goods. It will pay you.
Useful Holiday Presents,
Women's fine all wool Zibeline cloth coats,
long skirt effect, blouse front, military cape,
body satin lined, &&$ B*01
worth $16.50 ^05!lP
Women's short coats, made of all wool, Ker
sey, worth $7.50, S2.S0
Women's dress and walking
skirts, worth to $8.50
Men's embroidered and kid Slippers,
$1.00 value, *5Clf*
per pair , %9%w\*
Men's wine and black kid Slippers,
$1.25 values, 7^%g^
per pair - v v
Boys' embroidered and kid Slippers,
11 to 2 and 3 to 5, worth BQA
$1.00, at %P%9%*
Misses' and children's felt Romeos,
$1.25 value, ftQf*
per pair vvv
Boys' best moose Moccasins and raw
hide Shoe Packs, ftQr*
kid foxing
Misses' and children's buckle and
storm Overshoes, JB 0*
69c and **!*
Art Department
Visit Our Fine, New, Enlarged Dept.
1,000 Bunches new Indian Beads,
all colors, worth 10c, Rtf*
choice w9%*
4c Wash Embroidery Silks, 9tf *
skein mm%*
Beautiful Lamp Shades, 2Ec. 49c
and'69c. 10c Germantown, Shetland Floss
and Angora Yarns, skein
and ball %*%*
Beautiful Fancy Baskets, 15c, 25c,
49c and 98c.
500 stamped, lithographed and tapes
try Pillow Tops, 50c values at
25c and - Olr
See our Novelties at 25c
he gets and what is named in the bill
of lading the dealeis -will go into
court and make the railroads produce
3ust -what the bills of lading call for
The dealers, however do not expect
that legal action will be necessarj.
Hew York Sun Special Service.
N ew York, Dec 9 The membe rs of the
Sheldon syndicate which saved the Trust
Company ot the Republic from gofng to the
wall b\ taking up it's loans of about
$i 000 000 on%ecurities of the Linited States
Shipbuilding compan mu*t pav to-3av
a fourth as3e?sm-nt of 20 per cent on 'heir
This syndicate is the only one eaer
headed bv J P Morgan &. Co which
made a loss for its members More than
$2 500,000 has been paid into the syndicate
so far and to-day s contribution will swell
the total to more than $3,400 000 The
isjndicate has lost heaA ily. *- Its subscrip-
Opal and fancy clust-
er rings, all
c o mbina-
tions. The
opals are
b eautif ul
fire opals of
superior quality sin-
gle stones or
3 to 5 stones circles and two
and three stones set with dia
monds, values to&R Cfttfl
$10, choice. ..
Diamond Rings,
Solitaires, from
%ht Tiffany to
gents heavy fancy
settings, but no
stones heavier
thani-kts. These
stones were
bought 4 years
ago before any
advance i n
cut and
uncut stones and
can be sold
at 33 per
cent off pres-
ent actual
Sale price
i ^
Gents' and boys' carbuncle and
heavy stone rings,
beautiful mount-
ings, value to
Ladies' fan-
cy set rings
rich combin-
ations of all
the popular
stones. Dia-
monds and pearls,
opals and pearls, emeraldines,
saphires, Abyssinian garnet,
amethyst, turquoise, values
to $7.50 |fe^ Q O
choice JfrlKWo
Ladies' and Misses' solid gold
shell Rings, all colors of fancy
stones and mountings war
ranted to wear
fiveyrs. ORA
$1.00 to fiwv
Solid Gold Baby
Rings,diamond set.
worth to 3oc
Thursday's Special Sale.
200 doz, genuine P. D., R. &
G., J. B., G. B., G. D., Nemo,
Ferris and American Lady
Corsets and Waists, latest
styles, all sizes and_ colors,
worth to $4.00.
100 doz. moreen, mercerized
Sateens and "Am I" Silks,
French flare flounce plaiting,
ruffles and ruche CE* "fl EL Sk
$2.50 values for. W - *i"S
50 doz. Gowns, outing flannel
and muslin, lace and embroi
dery trimmed, worth QQA
$1.00, choice 69c, 49c,******
Dressing Sacques, Robes
300 doz. fine flannel, Terry and
wool eiderdown, all colors and
sizes, worth to $2.00, fiQn
sale price, 98c "vw
$5.00 house and &C% $h$&
bath robes.... ^^5ftP
Aprons Aprons
Great Christmas Sale
500 dozen fine Swiss, Nainsook
and India Linen, fine lace and
embroidery trimmed, worth to
$1.00, choice 49c 9Rf
Children's Cloaks
In Corset Room.
500 Cloaks Must Be Sold Now
Genuine tailor-made box
coats, Zibeline, Kersey, Beaver
and Eiderdown, all colors
worth to $7.50, ^ 4 jjg|
at $3.98, $1.98,
tion is $2 470 000 It took over the bonds
of the shipbuilding company at 75 and they
can now be bought for 12 to 14 To-da\ s
assessment in the case of J P Morgan &-
Co amounts to $100 000 That firm has
already paid in $300 000
With what the membeis must pay in to
day they could go into the market and bu-v
as many bonds as the* will get undei the
final allotment by the svndicate Many of
the syndicate membeis are exceedingly
angiy o\ er their heavy losses and some of
them are talking of breaking atvay from
the agreement
Appeal the Only Recourse Left to Insur
ance Companies in S. O
Siou\ Falls S D Dec 9 Judge Car
land of the Unite 1 States court in the case
instituted b the in&urance companies- to
test the ^alldlt\ of what is known as the
antitrust compact law enacted by the last
legislature has refused the application of
the companies to file a supplementary bill
in his court
This leaves the insuiance companies no
alternative but to appeal from his recent
decision holding the anticompact law con
stitutional It is understood the com
panies wil appeal directly t the Un'ted
States supreme court ^ ^
New York Sun Special Service.
Galveston, Tex Dec 9 Bids for raising
the grade of the citya task which prom
ises to take its place as one one the nine
wonders of the worldwere opened yester
There are appi oximately 11,000 000 cubic
\aids of nlling to be placed in older to
raise the grade of the citv on a level with
the sea wall The grade is to be raised from
seventeen to twentv feet on the gulf
shore and one oi two on the ba The
average will be an increase of seven feet
It will cost the ccunty under this contract
nearlj $2 000,000 for which ihe city will
issue bonds
Goedhardt and Bates of !New York pro
pose to construct a canal tventv feet deep
from the bay inside and about 200 feet
from the sea wall 1 he are prepared to
commence work in sixty days and finish
it in three \ears
^ ^ #
- *
DECEMBER 9, 1903.
For the children in neat fancy Christmas boxes
with white or colored embroidered ^ ^
initials, 3 handkerchiefs in each box. ^sjfj
Per box.
Men's Genuine Irish Linen unlaundered Hand
kerchiefs with embroidered medallion wreath
with space for initials which you may
work yourself, new and fine, eaeh
50c and
Ladies' sheer quality genuine Irish Linen Hand
kerchiefs, unlaundered, with embroidered me
dallion and initial, these were
bought to sell at 3 for $1.00, sale
per \ dozen ,
Plaid Ribbons, the particular fad at the
we have some handsome Scotch Tar
tans, pure silk, the 25c kind, sale,
Ladies' and Misses' light fancy
stone rings, in
solid gold settings
all colors and
combinations val
ue to $3.98 choice
Gloves and Mittens
System Jay best quality Paris Undressed Kid
Gloves selling at $2,00, in black,
white or pearl gray, for his
sale, special per pair
Ladies' Double Knit Silk Mittens Af%^^
with fancy backs, in brown or red, AgQ
$1.00 quality, sale pair - W W
Lot 2
worth to 75c,
I5 c 25c 50c 75c $1.00
Ladies' Neckwear
ale ot Underwear
Such as we have never had the opportunity to present to our patrons before. Just
think of itline imported Swiss ribbed Vests, Pants, Tights and Gombi-
na Ion Suits at 4c on the dollar also a lot of domestic vests, pants,
tights and Oneita combination suits in wool and cotton. Thursday morning we
take the entire stock and divide them into lots at the following prices:
Several lots of high class novelty f%^
Neckwear, reduced for one Big Day's $ # JJG
selling, values $3.50, each $1,49 and WWM
Lot 3
worth to $1 50.
GIoso out sale of ontiro stock of
Baskets at Cut Prices
Waste Paper Baskets worth 4An
to25c, goat 19c 15o - V
A lot of baskets slightly soiled, go at
about rial/ Price.
Child's hard
wood Com-
bination Desk and
Elegant line of Children's
Chairs, from $1 50 J * A
down to mi%99
Boys' Clothing
Boys' Suits, 3 to 16 years, in Sail
ors, Norfolks, Double Breasted and
Three-Piece Knee Pants Suits, val
ues to $6.00. Special, fe R A
Thursday Wu%9%M
Drug Dept.
Satchet PowderEastman's Verona
Violet, White Rose, Carnation or
Arbutusunequaled for making hol
iday gifts regular ^Mtf*
50c ounce UlV
Triplicate Mirrors beveled plate
glass, 5x7 inches, oxydized brass
frame regular $2.50. fl4 TTIm
Thursday M* - - * * J
Wash Goods
Twilled Cretonnes, for draperies and
comforters, artistic designs and rich
color effects, always 8c yard, Rf*
one day .**%*
Flannels, Bedding
Parisian Flannelettes for wrappers,
kimonas, dressing sacques, etc.
pretty line new styles, usual ft 1 g*
10c kind: special v2O
BlanketsExtra large, 12-4, gray and
tan twilled bed blankets, four pretty
borders,soft and fleecy, regular price,
$1.75 pair, special ^-f Q Q
Thursday ^Mm%9mW
New York Sun Special Service.
Cincinnati, Ohio, Dec. 9.The
United States court of appeals yester
day delivered a decision against trusts
and giving to persons or corporations
obliged to pay excessi ve prices a right
to recover damages in three times the
amount sustained The city of At
lanta brought suit against the Chat
tanooga Pipe and Foundry Works and
the South Pittsburg Pipe company and
under the Sherman antitrust law al
leging a combination in restraint of
The companies in the combine'
agreed that the city contract for sewer
pipe should go to the Anniston com
pany m Alabama, which was to pay a
money "bonus" to be divided propor
tionately among the members This
ararngement was carried out, the city
dlaims, with the result that it had to
pa $15 000 more for the pipe than it
[otherwise wotlld.
Mrs Oortelvrm will make her first apoearaiice
as the wife of a cabinet minister at the public
leception on ISewr T^tar'a Day.
* f
iA .M
broidere d me -
$1.2 6
Undresse d Ki d
$1.5 0
Lot 4
worth to $2 50,
down to V*'
Decorated China Salad
Dishes at 98o 48o 26o
Angora Rugs
For Baby Cab and Sleigh Robes, Bed
Room Rugs, etc., beautiful silky rugs
in animal shapes, value to "7Ri%
$6.00 price $3.75 to 'Wv
Oriental Rugs
Stock Reducing Sale.
All Rugs reduced greatly in price
Splendid holiday presents.
IransGrand stock, more than 200
rugsin all sizesvalues to $300.00
each prices $100 ffiOR fltfl
down to QJ*&ftFU
Sofa Pillows
Finest White Down and extra quality
Silk Flosslowest prices.
Example14-inch Purified 4A
Silk Floss, each li
Door Draperies Great showing of
new style*4:9 s (nothing else), pair,
New York Sun Special Service.
Philadelphia, Dec 9 Secret Serv
ice Agent Matthew Griffin to-day
caused the arrest of Alvin Straus, for
merly employed as night watchman
at the Eastern penitentiary. H e it
charged with having ordered convicts
in that institution to counterfeit coins
His hair has turned quite white since
the plot was discovered and altho- a
young man, he appeared aged when
arra'gned before United States Com
missioner Be ll to-day. H e was held
in $2,000 bail for a further hearing.
Twelve convicts are concerned in the
case and most of them have made af- i
fidavits against Straus. Straus, it is
charged, provided material for the
money-makers and also passed the
I t came out at the hearing th*t
Hoffman and Hale, two of the convicts
implicated, both had stoves in thgr
cells They had made these from l$ii
and wire picked up by them. Char
coal was used as fuel. ^
Alius Ethel Bailey of Crystal Springs, Mian
sister of Senator Bailey of Texas, ha entered
Mississippi politico -m x cmaoldt* for itrt*
'librarian. ^ ^
time,,l/lIHC ,11V
19 c
Lot 5
worth to $4.50.
Gas PortablesA large variety at close
out prices. A good Portable, all complete,
with 10-inch shade, tubing,
etc. worth $2 00, only
Gas Portables, worth ti 00,
only Gas Portables, worth $5.00.
only Antique Wrought Iron
Candle Sticks, large
variety, $1.39 98o
490 260 -i f |
$1.3* $2.98 $3.98
\4 %^'
Extra fine Cambric Covers, pure
white laminated cotton filling, pretty
shaded designs,quilted or hand tuffted
corded edge, weighs 6J lbs, regular
price $2.75 each,one day ^ 4 Offc
only iPI*fO
1 1
) X
E fg

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