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One of the best evidences that you, or we, could ask, as to
the superior values for the money that we are showing in Fur
Garments is the fact that customers who are making the rounds,
seeking for the best that their money will buy, end by making
their choice here.
Our Near Seal at $42.50, $50-00 and $55.00 each.
Our Electric Seal Jackets with best black Marten collar and
revers at, each $46, and with best Beaver collar and reversat,
" each $45, with Nutria collar and revers at, each $37.50.
Plain Electric Seal Jackets, $25.00, $27.50, $37.50.
Coast Seal Jackets at, each $60.00, with Baum Marten
collar and revers at, each $75.00, with dark Mink collar and
revers at, each $87.50.
Astrakhan Jackets, 26 in. to 30 in. long, $37.50,
$42.50, $50.00 and $60.00 each.
Krimmer Jackets at $37.50 to $45.00 each.. .
Beaver Jackets at $100 each.
Small Furs
At the Trimmings Counter, main floor.
Isn't there some one you would like to make happy with a
Holiday gift of some furs? We are sure we have just what
you are looking forall the popular furs in up-to-date styles
and at prices that mean a nice little saving to customers. A
few suggestions.
Cluster Fur Scarfs, finished with 6 tails, in Sable, Isabella
and Stone Marten Opossum, $4.50, $5, $7, $ 8 each.
Muffs to match, both round and flat styles at, each $4.50 and $ 5
Genuine Marten Cluster Fur Scarfs, with 6 tails, at $4.89,
$7.50 and $10 each.
Double Scarfs in Marten fur, 1 to 2 yards long, at $11,
$12, $13, $15 and $18 each. Muffs to match at $7,
$ 8 and $8.50 each.
Our assortment of Single and Double Fox Scarfs in Sable
and Isabella is complete at prices ranging from $7.50 to
$24 each. ____:___________ .
A Complete Line of Misses' and Children's Fnrs
Thibet, Angora, Lamb, Nutria, Brook Mink, Sable and Stone
Marten, Opossum, Imitation Ermine and Electric Seal some
with collars, and others with collarettes to match. The prices
range 98c to 12.00 per set.
Here are two illustrations of two of the very popular things
in this line:
FirstChildren's White Lamb
Sets, with fancy flat
muff, trimmed with
ribbon bows, head
and purse collar to
match. Made with,
Lamb and Angora
designs, front and back for fcUU
Others in exclusive designs, floral,
conventional, Dutch figures, foot
ball, etc., at, for front and flA^
Art Linen Center Pieces, stamped
and hand painted, ready to em
broider, in designs that can only be
obtained here. We carry, for the
use of our customers, a quantity of
finished embroidered pillow tops and
center pieces, giving you an idea of
how to embroider our stamped
Laundry Bags at 25c, 49c and
59c each.
Yarns A large assortment of
Fleisher and Columbia yarns.
Linen Department
Checked Glass Toweling, 16 in.
and 18 in. wide fast colors, limit
20 yards to a customer,
at, per yard
8x10 double hemstitched table
cloth and 1 dozen 18x18 hemstitched
napkins to match, com- JB Qft
plete in box for *frmJ
Pure linen Side Board Scarf, 18x
54, double hemstitched with drawn
work endsyour choice of j B O A
12 handsome patterns, atea*frPt#
3-4 size Table satin damask nap
kins, your choice of what were
$4.50 and $4.98 per dozen, fit f f*
at, per dozen tW - - v
Troops Are Being Sent Into the Caucasus
Tradesmen Leaving.
|w York Sun Special Service.
Moscow. Dec. 9.Preparations are being
maxJe to meet a general revolt in the Cau
casus. More troops are being sent into
that territory, police chiefs being replaced
by military officers.
Another important seizure of arms has
been made at Baku. Extraordinary meas
ures have been taken to safeguard the
main railway.
Russian tradesmen distant from the
large centers are hurriedly liquidating
their businesses, the general situation be
ing most disquieting.
^ Tor Infants and Children.
'the Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Ladies' Fur Garments
s et ...
SecondMisses' Imitation Gray
Krimmer Sets, round muff and col
larette to match, with EL IZtffe
cluster of tails our leader at only,_set.. ^ * ** "
Fancy Goods at Drug Dept.
In its gathering of pretty gift things the fancy goods de-
partment has surpassed, we believe, all previous efforts. Beauty
and serviceability are combined in these, yet prices are very
moderate. French Stag Horn Novelties, plain, some with pol-
ished brass, some with sterling mountings, comprising toilet
sets, shaving: sets, manicure sets, military brushes, hat brushes,
cigar jars, sterling silver, manicure pieces, etc.
Baby's Comb and Brush Sets, two piece at 50o. 75 and
95 c, three piece at $1.00, $1.18 and up.
Toilet Sets, all prices from 75 up to $16.25 also a very
large line of mirrors from 5 up to $2.08.
Art and Fancy Goods
Perhaps you are looking for some
thing real pretty in the way of Pil
low Top3. We are sure we can help
you from the fine assortment that
we are showing.
Stamped and hand-tinted Pillow
Tops, floral & conventional AB
Notion Department
A host of useful articles suitable
for Christinas gifts.
Fancy needle books, 18c, 25c,
35c, 48o and up to $ 1 each.
Fancy Garters and Side Support
ers, put up in fancy glass top and
lace trimmed paper boxes, 25c,
3 So, 50o, 75oand $ 1 per pair.
Wash Goods
Second Floor. .
SilkolinesLight and dark browns
and a new lot of cotton Challis, cream
and medium browns, at per g
yard .00
Fleece lined Kimona cloth 36-in.
wide, cream and dark browns, Per
sian patterns, at per 4 K T%
Men's tan colored, all wool shirts,
with silk front, pearl buttons, finish
ed in first class style 4 ETA
at a garment. BaOU
Drawers to match.
Mo Ladies' natural, wool mixed Jersey
ribbed vests, silk tape neckpants
to match, with French CA
band, at a garment vvU
Ladies' Swiss ribbed vests, white
and natural, silk tape neck, silk
stitched, steam shrunken, with
pants to match, for this Otf&*
sale, at a garment w W
Ladies' Australian vests and
pants silk stitched, steam shrunk
en, very soft and warm, 4[
at a garment 1 -
Specials to The Journal.
Winnipeg, Man., Dec. 9.The civic
election yesterday resulted in the
overwhelming election of Alderman
Sharpe for mayor, in the surprising
election of ex-Police4
Minneapolis Dry Goods Co.
r: .- ..-.
/Anly two weeks more until Christmas, and every day
^ the crowds of buyers are growing bigger. What
a jolly time it is! Smiles are brighter, greetings are
cheerieras thebusy,bustling throngs jostle one another
in their search for gifts tomake dear ones happier. Our
store, from the fourth floor to basement, is full of
suggestions for holiday gifts.
Toy Department.
Almost no end to our toy display. All kinds and all prices, and everything so
arranged as to aid you greatly in the selection of what you want.
Children's desks and blackboards, mechanical toys, iron toys, wooden toys, tin
toys, everything that ingenuity can contrive magic lanterns, drums, air guns, print-
ing presses, games, everything in fact,in the toy line that you ever saw or heard of,
and a great many things besides. On one counter will be found all dolls that have
become in any way soiled. These are marked at prices to close them out in a hurry.
Christmas Book Motes
Tables and counters are filled with Christmas values, all ready for your choosing.
Today our mission is to get the book annex located for you It is directly across the
basement from the regular candy department. Best quarters the boys' and girls'
books ever had, and we never had a better selection of good books either. Among
the books for boys at 25c we include a number of titles in the boys' Rugby Seriesall
popular works also a number of titles in the girls' Wellesley Series, 25 titles in
Young People's Library Series. Among separate volumes at 25c are such favorites as
Elsie Dinsmore, Five Little Peppers and How They Grew, Five Little Peppers Abroad,
Yuletide, etc., and there are 20 titles in "Button's Dainty Series," sort of child's gift
book, beautifully illustrated and bound in white with illuminated pictures.
At45oand 50 there are 25 titles in Scribner's Edition of "Henty," all
copyright titles works of such favorite authors for boys, as Castleman, Ellis, Alger
for girlsbooks by Meade, some of the Alcott Books, Lillie and others.
Picture BooksLinen, paper and board covers, with the Christmas cards and
calendars we have an excellent showing, and there was never quite such a splendid
display here before. In a word, we believe you will find.what you wish in the book
line, and at the right prices. We are showing a fine selection of fancy box papers,
Christmas cards, calendars, etc., and you should see our display before making your
purchases of these goods. - : -
Our Handkerchief Dept*
The Handkerchief Story: We find it is* growing more and more interesting
every day to our customers. Our gentle reminder of what you said last year about
not waiting again until the rush of the last few days was on, is bearing fruit today.
We want you to know what a magnificent showing of handkerchiefs we have brought
together for this holiday trade. Our handkerchiefs come right from the manufacturer,
saving you and us the middleman's profit*. Je' have not forgotten anybody's needs.
Ladies* embroidered handkerchiefs, hem
stitched, scalloped . edges, or lace trimmed,
10c, 15c, 25c, 35c, 50c, 75c, $1.00,
$1.25, up to $3.00 each.
Ladies' Silk Handkerchiefs, plain or with ini
tial, each 25c and 50c.
Men's Belfast linen handkerchiefs, plain, at
10c, 12&o, 15c, 18c and 25c, with hand
embroidered initials 12%c and 25o each.
Men's hemstitched silk handkerchiefs, plain
or with initials, 25c, 50c, 75c and $ 1.00 each.
Siik Petticoats for Christmas Gifts
There is no particular reason why these beautiful Silk Petticoats should be sold
at 25 per cent to 33 1-3 per cent under regular prices excepting that it was our good
fortune to secure them irom the manufacturers under peculiarly favorable condi-
tions, and we are going to share our good fortune with you.
At $6.0 two styles of all silk Petti
coats, made of heavy lustrous taffeta,
accordion plaited flounces, one with grad
uated flounce, trimmed with a narrow
rufflesilk underpiece and dust ruffle.
The other has a straight plaited flounce,
finished with two narrow ruffles, all the
latest season's shades and full line of
At 96.00 three styles of Petticoats,
none of which would be priced ordinarily
at less than $8.00 to $8.50.
Snit Cases& Satchels.
The very name suggests some
thing suitable for a holiday gift.
We want you to know what a fine
line we have to select from, and we
know our prices are right.
A genuine Cowhide leather lined
suit case with shirt fold, brass com
bination lock, and side catchers,
22-in., $6, and 24-in., $6.50.
Heavy leather Suit Cases, Holland
linen lined, with shirt fold, 22-in. at
$ 5 and 24-in. at $5.50.
A complete line of Ladies' and
Gents' Bags in Alligator and very
fine grades of leather.
received fifty votes fewer than Mayor
Arbuthnot received in last year's con
The election of Sergeant McCharles
was easily the sensation in the wards*
this event being no doubt a result
of the crusade against vice and the
agitation for police reform.
The following is the result of the
election: Mayor, Thomas Sharpe
second ward alderman, Captain
Wynne school trustee. G. W. McDon
ald third ward alderman, J. W.
Home: fourth ward alderman, A. Mc
Charles fifth ward alderman, H. J.
Pry trustee, A. Brown sixth ward
alderman, F. J. C. Cox trustee, Dr.
Sergeant Mc -
Charles. for alderman in the fourth
ward, and in the still more complete
interment of William Scott, socialist.
Sharpe's victory was largely in ex
cess of the majority conceded to him
before the vote. His majority of 1,003
over Mitchell and of 1,613 over Bar
clay, and his plurality of 209 over
both together, occasioned much sur
The total vote for mayor was 4.605,
just thirteen votes more than were
cast for mayor last year, and Sharpe
The Main Traveled Uine
to Sioux City and Omaha is the North
western Line (Omaha road). Five
trains a day with connections in Union
Pacific union depot at Omaha
for Denver, Colorado Springs,
Pueblo, Salt Lake City and all
points in Oregon and California.
Thru tourist cars for California Tues
day, Thursday and Saturday every
week. Get tickets and information
at 600 Nicollet av., Minneapolis, Minn.
Ladies' hemstitched Handkerchiefs, Belfast
Linen, at 5o, 10c, 12%c, 15c, 18o, 20c
and 25c each, and from the lowest prices to
highest, just the best values that your money
will buy.
Ladies' hemstitched Handkerchiefs, with
hand embroidered initial the work on the init
ials alone seems worth the price of the handker
chief, 10c, 15c and 25c each.
Some fifteen styles to select from, Ladies
Handkerchiefs at 25c each, and in every style
of beauty.
One of these is made with graduated
accordion plaited flounce trimmed with
narrow ruffle and two rows of niching
all silk underpiece and dust ruffle. Cer
tainly a substantial gift for young or old,
for they come in blacks as well as an ex
tensive line of beautiful changeable ef
fects and plain colors.
Exceptionally beautiful things at $8,
$8.75, $10, $11 and up to $18 all
in the latest desirable shades and marked
at surprisingly low prices.
Special Sale of Cushion Pillows.
On the Bargain Counter, in front
of the Cashier's desk, Main floor,
will be found, Thursday and Friday,
a lot of Sanitary Floss Cushion
Pillows. These Cushion Pillows
are far preferable to the ordinary
feather pillows, and at the prices
which we have marked for this sale
we regard them the biggest kind of
a bargain-
Sizes, 18x18, special 21C
Sizes, 20x20, special 29c
Sizes, 22x22, special 39o
Sizes, 24x24, special 49o
Sizes, 26x26, special 59c
Specials to The Journal.
Fergus Falls, Minn., A catastrophe
was nearly averted on the Northern
Pacific'at Pelican River, four miles
west of here, last night.
A crew was engaged in repairing
a bridge and had removed the ties
under sixteen feet of rail when an
extra freight came thru from the
west. A steep incline leadlp to the
river, and the air brakes failed to
work. The engineer reversed his en
gine and the fireman jumped.
The engine and four cars passed
over safely, the brakeman being: on
the fourth car. The fifth car went
down and was followed by four or
five others. The cars were badly de-
Corset Department
molished and a wrecker was at work
all night. Passenger trains are back
ing up to the wreck and passengers
are being transferred.
DECEMBER 9, 1903.
Ex-Governor Crane Proposed as National
Republican Leader.
New York Sun Special Service.
Boston, Dec. 9.Senator Lodge has tak
en steps to head off the Hanna boom in
Massachusetts. He wants ex-Governor
Crane to head the republican national
campaign committee, and has arranged for
a dinner at the White House next week,
at which Governor Bates, ex-Governor
Crane, Senator Lodge and the president
will meet a few other leaders of the party.
It is expected Crane's claim to the nation
al leadership will be decided then and
steps taken to prevent the growth of the
Hanna sentiment.
Secretary of the Interior Makes New Rul
ing on Homesteads.
New York Sun Special Service.
.Washington, Dec. 9.To nullify &t
ColorsCravenette, very heavy, full 60-in.
wide, Oxford gray, the $2.75 kind, at
WaistingsYour choice of a lot of 75c and 85c CAA
qualities at, per yard Www
These are such extraordinary bargains that it is to your
interest to give heed to this notice at once. They are all wool,
and silk and wool figures, stripes, plain and Persian effects
and every desirable color..
PlaidsSilk and wool, 40-in. wide, large range of newest
designs and correct styles for waists and children's ^EA
dresses, at, per yard M Ol#
Men's Bath Robes, English Cot
ton Terry, Eiderdown and Blanket
robes, at prices ranging from $4.00
to $10.00 each.
Men's silk suspenders, 1 pair in a
box exceptionally good values and
a large line to select from 60c to
$2.00 per pair.
Men's cashmere Mufflers, wool,
and cotton and wool mixed, stripes
and checks, 25, 50c and 75c
Men's Silk Mufflers, in squares
and reef era, black and fancy the
largest line of patterns we have
ever offered, $ 1 $1.25 $1.50
$ 2 and $2.50.
Second Floor.
Something new in a Wf T. Girdle,
with extended hips for slight and
medium figures, of imported coutil,
excelfent hose supporters attached.
Trimmed on top with lace and rib
bon, boned with nonrustable steels.
The colors are white and drab, with
out doubt the best corset 4 A A
for the money. Price I - " %9
Another is a short black corset,
made of fine sateen, with Dresden
figures, well boned, trimmed on top
with embroidery, a good ft j5k
50c corset at half price.... mmmMWf
Boys' Klondike Lanterns, bright
find gold finish, complete, at 10c
and 15c each.
Boys' hardwood, spring runner,
Coasting Sleds, nicely Ofmfl
painted, 35c value for mk%M%f
Boys' extra strong Coasting Sleds,
45 inches long have round 4 * Eft
spring runner, at wIrU
Norwegian Skis, 4, 5 and 6 ft,
lengths, at $1.25, $1.50 and
$1,75 per pair.
Complete line of Pocket Cutlery,
5c, 10c, 15c,25c,35c 50c $1.
tempts of cattle companies and others to
obtain public lands in violation of the law
the secretary of the interior yesterday
overruled former decisions of the depart
ment that widows or minor orphans of
soldiers or sailors do not have to reside on
the land on which they make homestead
The decision Is made in the case of Mrs.
Anna Bowes, widow of a sailor In the civil
war, who entered land in the Broken Bow
district of Nebraska.
The entry was made under agreement
with the Standard Cattle company, where
by Mrs. Bowes leased the land to the com
pany with an option of purchase.
New York. Dec. 9.Doctors here are much in
terested in the case of a baby girl, 6 weeks old,
who has been asleep for two weeks. The child
apparently is perfectly healthy, takes food natu-
raUy and continues to develop, but has not
opened its eyes or made a sound in a fort
If you must have more blankets, get
those slightly damaged, direct from
the manufacturer. North Star Wool
en Mills Co., 228 So. 2nd street, Minne
apolis. One block from Milwaukee
station, - 'C: - .-"'," 1 xl
jgS&srW-'jfti jrfj. t M^I - i.nI.Ul,i l.uili.
Dress Goods.
BlacksThe following popular fabrics of the season, 0 4
guaranteed all wool, at, per yard .H* -
Fine Twilled Cheviot, 52 in. wide.
Granite Cloth, 60 in. wide.
Melrose, 46 in. wide.
Raye, 46 in. wide.
Canvas, 46 in. wide.
Sail Cloth, 46 in. wide.
Hop Sacking, 52 in. wide.
Zibeline, 52 in. wide.
Hats to be closed out at big reductions. Black Paon Velvet
Hats .trimmed with ostrich plumes and black silk ribbon, very
handsome and stylish, the regular $8.00, $10.00. $12.00, $16.00
and $20.00 hats at one-third and ono-nalf off.
Fine Black Ostrich Plumes make a very acceptable Christmas
We are exclusive retailers of Fatton's famous I O Bf|
black plumes prices range up to, each IO- 9 "
A table of ready-to-wear Street Hats that were $1, Oftf*
$1.50, $2 and $2.50 your choice at, each OmfU
A few Black Beaver Hats left, the $2.50 kind, at, QOf%
cdpCXl...............................,.. ........ ^^^^^"
Jewelry Counter
There is a great diversity of choice in these handsome ster-
ling silver toilet requisites and other novelties. It would be al-
most impossible to enumerate the articles at this counter suitable
for Christmas gifts, but we believe if you will visit this counter'
you may receive a suggestion from the various articles displayed.
Oriental Rugs.
We are making it very interesting for lovers of Oriental
Rugs. As announced in our Tuesday's advertisement we are
offering some very unusual values. We repeat our invitation to
you to come and see. In the same advertisement we told you
something of our display of Russian and Damascus brass pieces,
antique and modern, and we are pleased to see that the an-
nouncement has been followed up by unusually heavy sales.
There are a good many rare pieces which we think will
interest you.
Men's Furnishings
A Department that is fruitful of
suggestions for suitable gifts for
We have a nice selection of all
the good things in the Candy line.
We feel that you will profit by buy
ing your candies here. We are
making a special effort in this de
partment this year, as to selections
and prices.
Our special 25c line includes the
followinga very small part of the
assortment at this price.
Stringlets ( a new candy) lb... 25c
Ringlets 25o
Assorted Nut Chocolates 25o
Compare prices.
Burnt Almonds 25c
Cream Wafers, Assorted 25c
Smooth Jordan Almonds 60o
Special prices, Sunday Schools,
Churches, etc.
Drapery Department.
Cushion pillows covered with hand
some damasks, Oriental goods, etc.
A fine assortment made expressly
for the holiday trade. PriceB $2, $3,
$3.50 and $4 each.
Very handsome tapestry pillow
tops in colors copies of French
Paintings, a big line of CAA
subjects, price, each I P W
Pillow cords, silk, mercerized and
10c cotton cords at, the yard, 5c.
12Jc mercerized cords at,the yard, 9c.
18c silk cords at, the yard, li e.
A large assortment of table cov
ers, newest, up-to-date styles, all
sizes and prices beginning at 59c for
4-4 75c for 6-4 and$2 for 8-4.
Pays Employes of Opponents to Reveal
Business Secrets.
New York Sun Special Service.
Peoria, 111.. Dec. 9.The Standard Oil
company's method of securing the busi
ness secrets of a competing company was
revealed in court yesterday.
Harry McKinley and his wife, employes
of the Royal Oil company, filed affidavits
stating they had furnished Winfleld S.
Merrltt. an employe of the Standard Oil
company, a daily statement of the ship
ments of the Royal, for which they were
paid liberally.
Manager Ells of the Royal declared tha
Standard company also buys information
from the railroad employes.
One pair of O'Sullivan's rubber heels will oat
wear two leather heels, and give ten times more
comfort. They are the heels of health, the kind
that last, and the only heels made out of brand
new rubber. Ask your dealer, or ees4 to O'ffeUfr
van Rubber Co., Lowell, HuHU~*r~'i.J~i_
A very handsome showing of Fancy Silks in neat small fig-
ures, so popular for waists and gowns, excellent 4*1
quality at, per yard ........--*.......V -
Splendid colored assortment of Crepe de Chine at, per yard,
75c and $1.00.
36-in. Black Peau de SoieIf the price was $1.25 you would
get your money's worth these go at, 4*1
per yard
The best makes and styles in Black Silks, in wide range of
prices. ,
A very handsome display of Black Grenadines at tempting
Colored Japanese Silks for fancy work at,
per yard
M# I
Candy Department

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