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AYomau Who Made a Sensational
Escape from the Yankton Asylum
Applies for Another HearingWell
Known Citize ns to Aet as a Special
.FuryHer Appearance Makes Her
liiable to Arrest.
Special to The Journal.'
Sioux Falls, S. D. . Dee. 12.Rather
than fear being placed, under arrest
whenever she appears in South Da
kota. Mrs. Mabel Whitney, who a few
weeks ago made her escape in a sen
sational manner from* the state hos
pital for the insane at Yankton, has
returned to Sioux Falls for the express
purpose of having herself declared
sane and restored to her rights as a
citizen. ':..-/-
TC. E . Wagner- of. Alexandria, em
ployed by her as her :attorney, made
application to County Judge Bailey
for a rehearing in hei* cas e. The
county judge granted it and sum
moned A . B . Wheelockr S. A.' Brown
and E . A. Orr, well known citizens of
Sioux Falls, to act as ^ special jury or
commission to pass uponhe r sanity.
The examination'was held, yesterday,
afternoon, and it is expected the find
ings of the special jury or- commis-
sion will be reported to County Judge
Bailey to-day. 1
One o f Mrs. Whitney's first acts,
should she be declared sane by the
special commission, will be to secure
possession of her boy,.. who is with
h is aunt, Mrs. J . M . MeDbugall, at
Lakota, N . D .
Mr s. Whitney's presence in the city
was kept a profound, secret for some
little time, she having, it is learned,
arrived quietly with the crowds com
ing to attend- the retail implement
dealers', convention and the great
meeting of Shrlner 's Thursday -night.
She went, directly, to the . residence
of^Sheriff Hustonan d has since re
mained with Mrs. Huston. Her re
turn to South. Dakota, where she was
liable to arrest at any moment, cer
tainly proves :that she has her full
share of pluck. .'.'..*
Judge Garland of the United States
court has heard the arguments in the
bankruptcy cases of Lucy Koch of
Emery and Gillman Bros, of Colman,
and has them under advisement.
Figures tlic from (he Minutes of
- Presbyterian Synod.
SCOTLAND, S." D.The twentieth
annual .minutes of the synod of South
Dakota of the Presbyterian church
have just been sent out by the stated
clerk. Rev. H i P . Carson. They show
continued"', advancement in every item
reported, save in the total contributed
to missions.in their varied form. The
church has 108 ministers, 130 church
organizations, 30 unorganized mis
sions, fi,355 church members, over
8,300 Sunday school members and*
over 1.400 in the Y. P . S. C. E .
The total estimate of church prop
erty reaches $24 3,000, exclusive of
Huron college. There are 103 houses
of worship and thirty manses.
The college at Huron is nourishing,
it having enrolled last year 206 stu
dents, and started out better than
ever this year. Fresbyterians are striv
ing to secure $200,000 endowment and
had $65,000. pledged before the synod
meeting. - - . .--.''
SALEM,. S. D,Judge Jones baa signed a de
rreo of nltsolutp divorce In favor of Bliza Henley
lroin Krtw'Yiril Henle.v of Sownrd. Net), for non
nn|irKrt.The Knights of Pythias elected the
following: (Jeorce M. . Dott. ('. C W. :.
Hannah. V. r. T. n. Ilauua. prelate S. H.
Ionian. K. V R and S. W. E. Edgerton. M. of
K.: Ceorjte .Meyers. M. of V,". V. J. Gauthev.
M. of A.: Karl GUliland. J. C Dr. W. K.
Kdgerton. .0. G. - - -
LEAD, S, D.The Black Hills Trades Assem
bly adopted resolutions denouncing Governor Pea
body of Colorado for iiintnta.lning martial law in
the Htrlke district at Cripple Creek and ap
proving the demand of the Western Federation
of Miners for an oight.-hour labor day.
JiJbil.rON, e D. Tard. agent for the
Winnar & Torjjenson Lumber r-qpipany, died at
the residence of his son. Hi s remains were
taken to Iowa foe interment.
h PIEaRE. 8. D.A. S. Guthrie has brought
to this city the old Concord stage coach which
was- used twenty years ago on the IMerre-Bls
marck trail, running between here and Foreat
BEADWOOD, S. D.The directors of the Uusl
neas Men's clnb organized* by the election of
John Russell, president: Albe Holmes, vice
president, and John Wilson' treasurer.
j - -
1,600 FAMILIES -
Dr. Isaac Adams, a Persian, Would
Bring Them Over, and I s Asking
the Canadian Government and Rail-
ways for AssistanceMis First Col-
ony a t Battleford.
Special to The Journal.
Fergus Falls, Minn., Dec. 12.Dr.
Isaac Adams, a Persian, who is en
deavoring to locate a colony of 1,600
families from the Kurdish mountains
in the Canadian northwest, was in
the city to-day and addressed the stu
dents at the Park Region and North
western colleges. Dr. Adams located
a colony near Battleford, N . W . T.,
la st spring, and states they are pros
pering and are much . pleased with
their new home. H e is on his way
to Ottawa, where he hopes to induce
either the Canadian government or
the railway companies to assist him
in bringing the larger colony over.
Charles Agren, a young man from
Fillmore county, has begun an ac
tion here against Marshal John Hal
vorson of Henning, asking damages
of .$2,500 for false imprisonment.
H . H . Strum, a prominent, resident
of Pelican Rapids,., was brought down
to-day to .be* examihedas
1 to .his sanity.
) The A.rO^U^W^iodg^:elected offi
cers as fbllo-tvs 'jEr-'--"WvPeterson, M .
W.H . TTHilfc* F.j Swan Olson, O.
W : N . Shaprprini recorder5..E:.Hpl-
strom, financial ". secretary^'.': Aug'.'
Schacht, :jiJV d Nelson,: Gv, J" A .
Clifford, R^JJtls^^erson,^. W^/i
Steve But^^'i%ust6e.
manderJ.'A . McCorikeir, S.^ V.. C.7 O,
S. Sweet, J . "V. C George M . Ross,
Q.D . W . Wright, S. ,G. H . Obert,
O. of G. - -
Odd Fellowship Well Organized by the
Grand Officers.
lows instituted a flourishing lodge la st
night. Grand Master Farnsworth,
Grand Secretary Bolton and the ed
itor of the Odd Fellows Review were
present. A team from Minneapolis
initiated the new members. A 12
o'clo ck supper was served by the La
dies' Ai d society. The lodge starts
with about thirty members.
The Ladies' Ai d society of the Con
gregational church held their annual
fair and supper at Bayview hotel last
night. A large crowd attended the
sale and the fair was a great success
financially. A pleasant feature was
the presentation to Rev. D . E . Wil
son by members of his congregation
of a beautiful cutter.
Rev. Father Duane Affected with Soft
ening of the Brain.
ANOKA. MINN.Rev. Father T . F .
Duane, who has been suffering with
softening of the brain, has been taken
to St. Joseph's hospital in St. Paul.
The Political Equality club met with
Mr s. Olive Clark.The Odd Fellows'
lodge elected as follows: William Mc
Fall, N . G. W . R . Smith, V. G. G. L.
Ferguson, recording secretary, Bazil
Hunter, financial secretaryH . G.
Puske. treasurerJ . P . McGinty, trus
tee.James A. Walley and John A.
Heffelflnger have received letters pat-
Most Important
in buying food-products several things are to be thought
ofi. e., Economy, Results, Easy Handling, Reliability
but the most important is Health.
Health means everything. - In buying clothes, shoes,
hats, furniture, etc., if the. buyer is deceived and gets an
imitation the only harm is loss of money. In buying food-
products, if imitations are supplied, there is not only a loss
of money but perhaps an injury to healthwhich is
beyond price. : ^ - . ' . -
Remember these fads when buying baking powder.
. Ail '^'i/* ^ jli,^ *,s
Mityr^ t *
Nebraska Indians Will Appear in Vaudeville on the Stage of the French
fs-O'-fr i : - Metropolis. . V * '-"V ,"* - ":.
Froni their listless leservation life
on the dismal pi'p,iries of Nebraska,
eight j.fullbloodkd.' Indian 's have left
for Pai there in the midst of the
Stanton: pps& Or.'. A v R.
also elect eidr
officers as toliows:,, W.
v G Hunt,
HASTINGS, MINN.---The A, O. H. initiated a
class last evening, the woi'S being performed
'by ."sWfe"- degree team from Itosemounc.The
funeral./of Miss Margaret Hermes, who died' in
Marshall, was held from St. Mary's church' at
New Trier to-day. She was 7:5.
JASPER. MINN.V. S. Stilson. sn early set
tler of this county,, died at * lie age of SU The
Musonh lodgi" elected the following o.'ricars' -
W. M...J*. Hf King: S. W.. Alex Mclinight: J.
W.. 'It. Giutin: secretary. George Vickfrrunii:
I treasurer. Dr. Bony. -
. Y0.KNG AMERICA.. MINN,*-0tto Grimm and
A. Felthian were buried in a cave-in. Grimm
was dead when taken, out. 1'eltman's head a-.ul
most, o.f his body were above the surface and
he wtt rescued without, seriors injury.
MAPLETON, MINN.Miipleton's improvements
ments for 1 !? :{ amount to ?32.000.Tiie Maple
Hiver Curling ciub h m announced that its annual
celebration of (he anniversary of llc-bert Bnrus
will td'he iilace .Tan. ii'i.
is the
lect ed a rich assortment of paint, "depot and peered cautiously about,
feathers, blankets, beads, tooth-neck* Being assured no one was^ looking he
laces, buckskin trousers, real Indian extracted the package and/started to
hatchets and knives, -bows,-arrows,' in leave. ' i. * v,
.fact, the whole accoutrement of thej H e was captured after a short chase
wealthy Indian of half a century ago. j
to return to the bar
barous practices of the wildest red-
:TJie'yhave gone to show the people
of Paris how a heat job of t'omahawk
ingf"arrow-shooting and scalping is
done. The accompanying photograph
is a'reproduction of the la st stage in
the finish of the white- by the genuine
Indian method. From neighbors and
legacies of ancestors, the Indians eol-
v con
:i.r:::-^t-Q V- :' '-'
Preliminary Organization Accom
plished at Fairmont. '.*
FAIRMONT, MINN.*At a large
and enthusiastic gathering a prelim
inary organization was effected for a
milita?*y company, and officers were
nominated as follows: R . A . Everett,
captainE . W . Bird, first lieutenant
E . N . Chute, second lieutenant. I t is
expected the company will .recruit to
the limit and be mustered in the first
of:the year.
A s the result, of , a petition' Judge
Quinn has appointed a commission
to manage the electric" light plant at
Atwater as follows:, Ci A . Porter,
George Lester and ' - C. N . Petersen.
This takes the matter out of the
hands of the ci ty council and re
moves it from politics.
ent ori a rotary steam engine which i MANITOBA
they invented.The Philolections me*t j .
Fridav afternoon at the home of Mrs.
S.Av Sherwood with Mrs. T . G. J .
Pease.as leader.and Mrs. George-Ger
ri sh '-and,'Mrs Sherwood, assistants.
Teieplipne Exchange Company at
Northhekl to Make Improvements.
field Telephone PJxchanga company
will soon install a central energy ex
change switchboard in the local of
fice.-Beginning with Dec. 15 there
will be several changes in the rural
free delivery routes running out of this i
city.'- Some will be shortened a trifle'
and all will be changed to improve the
service.--'-Dr. Gunsaulus of Chicago
will :deli.ver his great lecture. "Savon
arola/' next Monday evenirtg.Presi
den t. Sallmon of Carleton will occupy
the pulpit of the Congregational
church at Owatonna on Sunday.The
Men's club of the Methodist church
will meet Monday evening. A . D .
Kej'es of Faribault will speak.
HALLOCK, MINN.Court convenes here next
week. The calendar is short.At the last meet
ing of the Kastern St: the folohvlng officer
were elected: H. B. John*. W. 1'.: M
W. M.-. Mrs. K. C. Vcttcr. A. M.: Mrs. U. l'.
Johnson, conductress: N. V. Lundgren. secretary:
K. Ellis, treasurer.Ole Wungen, a fanner, had
both feet unnnjtatPd as the result of having had
them fro/en.The M is:ii elected the following:
Or. J. K. J'uir. W. M. A. V. T. Suffel. !?. \V.:
IS. B. .To'insoii. .1. W. G. Goodman, secretary:
E. 1'-. I^e Masurier, t-retisurer - '. :
EXCELSIOR, MINN The Congregational
ohnrch."'Hected the follcwing offu?err.: Trustcis
ArthiHWljymnn: deacons. James 1'. Wyer !i|id.." K.
V.. McGrath: Ircasurer. Mrs. Amy Lyman dork,
Ella M. Ktmttm: chorister. Mrs. (i. II Booth
orgauisf." Miss Mabel Wjer: ushers Iliirry'Wisr
trahd and Maurice Bnrdwell: Sunday..school su
pcrkt'leudoiit. Klnjer HardweJl.Mrs. aUd
A. T. llors-left yesf?iciny for Hawks Po'titi'-I'la.
A\ here ^ttioy w!ll spend the wfntor.
There will be nothing lacking in the
realism of their stunt, and: the man
ager for the vatideville company for
which they will appear expects to
make it a scene that will curdle the
blood of the effete Parisians.
Falling Off in Cereals of 17,475,821
" Bushels, the Larger Part of Which
Js WheatAverage Yield' a n Acre,
1G.42 Bushels58 Per Cent Has Al-
ready Been Marketed. ~_ -
Special to The Journal.
Winnipeg, Man., Dec. 12.During
190?. Manitoba produced a total crop
of all grains of 82,576,519 bushels.
Such is the official estimate just is -
sued by the department of agricul
E^Elfii^s '
ture - Compared with the year previ-
ous, this season's cro^ shows a fall
ing off of 17,475,824 bushels, the larg
e r portion of which is wheat and
flax. The total yield was as follows:
Wheat, 40,116,878 bushelsoats , 33,-
.03.5,774 barley, 8,7.07,252 ..flax, 564, -
:440 . rye. 49,900 peas, 34,154 total
82,576,519. While :th e - pToIductioh ia
less than a year ago, the crop can .be-
called a good one, and the average
yield an acre, 16.4.2 bushels, shows
that even in a year during which
weather condition^ have not been far
orable the extreme fertility, of the
soil produced a good crop.
The report shows that wheat for
1903, 40,116,878. bushels, is 12,960,389
bushels less than the previous year
and 10,385.207 .bushels below 1901.
The average yield an acre was 16.42,
against 26 in 1902, and 25.1 in 1901.
The area under crop increased 402,933
acres, the total, being 2,442,873,
against 2.039,94a in 1902 , ajid 2,011,-
835 in 1901.
Barley shows'thT next largest fall
ing off. being 8,707,252 bushels,
against^ 11.848,422 the year before, a
decrease of C. 141,170 bushels.
A n interesting feature of the report
is the estimate of the area prepared
for the crop of 1904. This is 2,385,-
505 acres, being 654.510 acres in ex
cess of the corresponding period -in.
1902, when it was-1.730.995. The per
centage of wheat marketed by the
farmers of Manitoba to Dec. 1 is 5S,
a total of 23,479,287 bushels.
ball, on Feb. 32. cannot have the elaborate - IIPTOS. IOW/^' hai
illuminatrous and decorations of former stnrihu- I -in S"J couple and boldiuy the wlte tor ^jUf.0J
events. These have been prohibited by the re- ransom.
gents because of a fear vf a conflagration.
made bv insurance Commissioner Host. Wiseon- (
sin may recover from ^1"vmo.toJK )0,fK10 in Iiacb j
taxe from 1T lire
ed here in thirty years. \ . " .'. - j
BARRON, WIS.-rTbe:jury in the inquest over It.'.Kiehni idem.) by 20 votes, has tiled papei
-- --..- ....... returned i for a contest.
the death o- f the schoolboy I/ishtner
a verdict that the boy died of diabetes nielli tits.
due to natural -causes,: thus exonerating the
BARABOO. WIS,h. S. Almy was arrested at
the Instance of W. W. Stackhouse, master of the
r.rotherhood of Railway Trainmen, on a charge,
of embezzling $1,000 of the funds of the lodge.
SHELL LAKE. WIS.R. M. Ileagan of Wlii
nebsgo City. Minn., has opened the Wisconsin
Stae bank of S".:ell Lake.
" as drov* ned. - '
MEONMINEE, MICH rto.ie. thp 2-year-oM .
d.'.ue-hter of- Mr., and Mrs. Phillip Hellerive of
Spiild'n^. died \jesteiday as the result of bums
reeeiveu the day before. The father found her
wrapped in flames which were not extinguished
until she had been'fatally "burned. It is thought
the children lipped oyer a lamp.
T. T. Hutchinson reached here late* yesterday
HASTINGS, MINN.The members of the It.
X. A. gave Mrs. O. T. Rietbert a delishtful sur
prise.Chniies R. Kittmau of I.-akeville was ad
judged insane. .
: -
IN VER GROV E ,. MINN,Phil lp "Cross, "a'u ofd
resident, Is dead. * '
A'it *rt*4$&/*
Booty Was Placed Where H e Directed,
but Detectives on Watch Arrested
Him After a Chase and Extorted a
ConfessionBank President Threat-
ened with Death.
Spesial to The Journal.
Emmetsburg, Iowa, . Dec. 12.-
Caught red-handed in the act of emu
lating the crime - that'- was so long
charged to Pat, Crowe, L . Murphy, a
laborer, has bean placed under arrest,
charged with extorting $550 from L .
Brown, president ofthey Palo Alto
bank. -.'''' -,/:
Brown" received a . letter telling him
he \VouldSnieet a terrible death- unless
he .deposed" $550: in a nail keg at
th e' Chicago-Milwaukee , station at a
designated tinier H e turned the-letter
over tip local officers and upon their
advice telegraphed for two detectives
from Chicago. . r:.,-.
and proved to be Murphy.. H e was
placed in the sweatbox and the officers
say he has made a confession in which
he states that he wrote the letter and
was alone in : the deal... H e says he
would not have harmed Brown had
he not complied with the demand. ::
John Rolling Thunder and Albert
Crying Eagle and their large families
have already left for Paris. . . .^
' , -
Mi's. AVhitakeiv Who Was Toiling as
a TeanisAeiV Arrested at Des Moines.
DEi IviOINES, tOWA--Despite her
touching explanation of her motive in
donnipg male attire and becoming a
teamster, a warrant for the arrest of
Mr s. Lidia Whitaker fpr'masciuei'ad
ing- in the garb-of a man was issued
la st evening. She will be taken in
custody and locked up, unless bail is
She reiterates that her only object
.in Avearing raiment not usual with
her f?ex was to be able to grasp the
only immediate chance of earning a
livelihood for herself and helpless
Her husband, before deserting her,
was employed as a teamster, and she
was assured of steady employment.
On the other hand, her diploma from
the state normal school and from a
school of shorthand fail ed to yield
her employment.
Tom Clark, Member of the Belknap
Gang, in the Government's Net.
Clark, member of the Belknap gang
of counterfeiters, with headquarters
in Chicago, wanted at Rock Island,
Galesburg, Rockford, Monmouth, Bur
lington and other places, has been
arrested by federal authorities here.
Clark made a detailed confession.
Clark at one time held a position
of trust with the Santa Fe, but wom
e n and drink are said to be responsi
ble for his downfall. The money
which Clark has been passing, he
Says, is all silver and easy to dispose
of, especially in the saloons of larger
^cities.- -... - .''.-.
IsenJiart Deserted His Wife and Chil-
.. dren"to Wed a Girl.
Isenhart was la te yesterday afternoon
sentenced to four years in the peni
tentiary. Isenhart left his wife and
children in this city to wed a girl of
demons, the ceremony taking place
at Webster City.
Victor E . Ballou, a switchman for
the Northwestern in this city, is in
custody in Denver charged with coun
terfeiting. I t is believed that it is
a acase of mistaken identity.
MILWAUKEE, WIS. No Change will be made
in the ntinu or" the Protestant Kiiisconal church
in (he immediate future. The vote which fav
ored a change at once was : Bishops. 22: cierjr.v.
M: Witv/Gf.S&l. The tote" against' any change !
was- PishoTis - - "'V oler-'v 38!: laitv. H2.avi. The loss is as follows: Milium?. *1.,0W stoc-K. I
'- _!._' Zl : ' j $irt,(MMc machinery. Sio.oua. Tue company x-ar- j
MADISON, WIS.The. - nltra-swngger social | ..- S ) jier cent of Insurance.
event of the University '61' .Wiscon siu. the Junior . ,____
MILFOKD, IOWAThe Eastern Star elected
the following officers: W. M., Mrs. luess Miller
W. 1'.. J. L. Uaseoni: A. M., Mrs. Jennie Price:
conductress, Mrs. Beldale Heldridge assistant
conductress. Miss Nellie PUlsbtu'j : secretary,
Mrs. -Jizabeth Pitcher treasurer, Mrs. Mary U
Case.The Kebekahs have elected as ofttcers:
X. G.. Miss Cora Miller V. G. Mrs. Clara Mitt
lanuer: recording secretary, Mrs. Khoda Water,
iiiiiu financial secretary, Jennie Duncan treas
urer, Ernina Fliss.
| PASSEaSBTIRGr, IOWAThe grand jury re
turned true bills against. Klnckie Codner. V.
(Dixon and .J. Dixon lor assault upon L Slinkcr
I with intent lo murder.Alii nam. homeopath
ami osteopath ili sicinus joined hands and
i formed an organization.
BITBUGUE,otIOWAFire to silly destroyed th |
l !hui
DECEMBER 12, 1903.
f *iV' - -
'v "
Majority at Luverne Escaped Thru tiie
Marshal's Negligence. .
Knute Aarick and Pat Sulliva n, three
of- the fourteen, gamblers caught in
the raid Saturday- night, were ar
rested and fined1
v .
The flatter' arrived before the time
designated and secreted themselves
in the ' rafters of the. freight depot.
The rri 5ne was placed in the keg, and
the iWtectives awaited develophients.
Two days passed without any one call
ing to claim it . / "'' '
r O n the third day a mancentered the
The work of reconstructing the sec
ond floor of the Union block into a
public hall has been begun, and upon
its completion Luverne will have one
of the finest dancing halls in south
ern Minnesota.
Protest Against a Tax Levy for Ditch
. A Building-.
j twenty-five farmers from the vicinity
of Wells are in town to-day to attend
a meeting of the county commission
er s. Some time ago certain farmers
of Clark and adjacent townships pe
titioned the commissioners to permit
the survey of a ditch from the north
east corner a J Clark township to
Brush creek* in all about eighteen
mile s.
The commissioners ordered the sur
vey and the estimated cost was found
to be about $30,000. This tax is to be
levied on the lands adjacent to the
ditch. . One farm is taxed $2,500. The
delegation is here to protest against
levying the tax and building the ditch.
Some Losses Reported in the Neigh
borhood of Two Harbors.
wolves have made their appearance
in the neighborhood. I t is said it is
a certain Joss to leave cattle, sheep or
hogs in open stables for the night.
The total shipments of iron ore
from this port during 190 3 were
5,120,056 gross tons, as compared with
5,604,799 tons shipped a year ago.
The total amount of lumber shipped
east was 50,200,055 feet. The co al re
ceipts were 1S4.190 tons.
The passenger and freight boats
plying the north shore of Lake Supe
rior to Port Arthur are making their
last trips of the season. . ,
the Nulional.t Kiseult coiupaiiy.e j
il .,.,
2 ed . w. h kicln.ipiuB :
ugiulu v
a tugl-Jve. H e
escaped from e county jai w.hik- awaiting
... ' _ _-: -, -" .-: - ..jtrbtl. ...
MADISON. V/IS.Ati^rdiiia: to , computations (
companies operat
ing at present, and from
CEDAR FALLS IOWAThe school board has ,
instructed the superintendent to employ a
teacher in .shorthand and typewriting, thus i
creating a new department. . ! fort that have operat -
:C. Martin of Fond On
T-ne was discharged as receiver of the. Priucston
P^nte bank. The bajih will retipen Tuesday uior-
I-ninp," .apitalizcd a f J-i0.0u0 _ with Mr. Martin as
-teunorary cashierl . ' '
SPENCER. IOWAK. K. Goodale' has pur^ j
j chased the Miller's Buy piprty oji Lake Oko-j
:'bojl. fammiS its' a h.miimr resort, and will
: improve it. . !
GLENCOE, MINN.Julius' .Matthias, proprie
tor of the Glenr.oe House for fourteen vears, has
disposed of his interest to J. L. Schroeder of
HuU-uln=o and nnned to ChL-ago Height?. HI. H. Ellsworth. rpublicai
who was defeated by T.
candidate i'or sheriff,
ERITT, IOWAThe new sehoolhouse i ap
i preaching completion. It is of b'iek and is
I built directly in frou.t of the old building.
KEOKUK, IOWA.Mis. Hat tie Thompson, a
Widow, died of strychnine poisoning. There Is
uo evidence to show suicidal intent.
SPIRIT LAKE, IOWAThis place is having
aii epidemic of measles. The (.uses arc severe,
already resulting in two deaths.
Olson, a fisherman,
LAKE PARK, IOWALake Park is planning
to erect -a $17,000 schcol building.
MAYVILLE, N. D.The new oOicers of the
Masonic lot!re are: W. l. Robert L. Kenney I
S. W. Michael .1. .Borden J. W., Dr. W. P .
White 8., Gcorce Tausau T., Samuel Tower-'
son S. P.. J. M.: Stwarf J. P., IJ. f. Mice
S S., Thomas H. Grosveuor J. S.. W. II.
Morton: T-, W'm. Seollard.T. C. Kopens,. a
pioneer farmer of Morgan township, died at the
hospital.Mayville has for bome'time had an
all night electric linht service. The council de
cided to increase' the rate 10 cents for each
light, on account of the better service. ' -v
WALHALLA, N . D.George McDoujrall will
be jjlven n bearinc on the charge of killing
Charles Camnbell. a half-breed. McDougall ad
mits h.ivins tired the shot, but says his rifle
was accidentally discharged.
! .* '- " , ,.
cih^ station ivas burned, incurring a loss of
about $2.r0) besides freight and express. *
NORTHFIELD, MlKNl-J-Ienry L. Gross was
struck by a I rain" near Dendas and instantly
Killed. lie UoS al)i 65. & '-.'^,'^
vt - - . ,.... MONTANA , ^
GREAT FALLS, MONT.Residents are anxious
to enter this city hi the race suicide contest. Out
of n pnr-iWIon of I.YOoo only three persons have
died this ye.-.r. .while thirty-three births heve
bene reported
, - J , -S t' -jJ--
&*xr^-&jz,*ft\ ^ A 1[lir ^At&atj
V ./ T
.. --'.-,-.^.-' :- .ab.-. -- '.- -: . .^j -.... g,'.v. V- -.- \"iiy"v :v,:r:?^,':-'.:':,'\
Nine Candidates Before the Board of
? State Dental Examiners.
VERMILLION, S. D.The state
dental examiners were in session here
this week. President Palmer of Mad
ison was unable to be present, but the
remaining members .were on hand to
examine nine candidates, Frank Her
man. Bel le Fourche G. E . L a Mar,
Rapid City H . E . Ellis,. Sioux Falls
P. W . Green, Sioux FallsH . V .
Beck, Hot SpringsB . R . Sawyer,
GarretsonGle n Yeomans, Water-
townA . B . Darling, HarrisburgO .
P. Olson, Redfield. " -':,'.
$10 and costs upon
their pleading guilty. Warrants for
the arrest of Art Lyon,-Casey- Wells,
Clay Devine, H . Arneson, Ned Scallon,
A. Blummer, W . J . White, D . Lum
mer, J . Kaiser, J . H . Hamblin and
John Wittern are in the hands of
Sheriff Black, but with the exception
of Casey- all have disappeared.
.. The raid was made by citizens, ac
companied by Marshal Clegg. whom
they found in the vicinity of the den.
I t was entirely successful, fourteen of
the sixteen men in the room being
cornered? but., it was necessary for
Mayor Furlow to compel the marshal
under threat of discharge to sign the
complaints. This was on Monday, but
the complaints were not sighed by
Clegg un.til Wednesday afternoon.
: This unnecessary delay, which gave
all implicated^ ample opportunity to
leave town, following his failure to
arrest the gamblers at the time of the
raidindicates.'tha t Clegg wanted the
men.to escape punishment.
LUverne is to have - an automobile
factory. ' A company has been organ
ized and the factory will be in opera
tion by the first of the year. I t is
composed of Leicher Brothers, car
riage manufacturers, and HenTy Bier-*
kamp. and men are in the east pur
chasing machinen'-. The company
will construct three styles of ma
chines, runabouts, surreys and deliv
ery wagons, of the gasoline! engine
A s a direct result of Professor Duke
H . Bashford's findings in regard to
the impurity of Vermillion river ice ,
an ordinance has -been introduced
prohibiting the sale of or offering for
sale any impure ice under penalty of
$100 Ariel I t is designed as a sani
tary measure to prevent disease, and
if the council accepts the ordinance,
hereafter "Vermillion river ice will
probably not be sold here, as there is
little question of its impurity. I n such
case ice will be hauled from the Mis
souri riye.i - v,.v - .. -.V '
Differences Between Employers and
treasurerBruc e M . Rowley, secre
tary. .
Coler Campbell, captain of Battery
A , of this city attended the conven
tion at Redfield of officers of the
South Dakota guard. H e declares the
gathering was one* of much interest
and from it will result much that will
benefit the organization. Thirty-six
of the forty-three officers were pres
A" happy gathering, in the nature of
a surprise, was held at the home of J .
W . Campbell. A turkey dinner was
served and dancing, cards and music
Employes Adjusted at Huron.
HURON S. D.-Grain men from
various parts of the state were in con
ference here-'-yesterday. Some differ
ences with" their agents were ad
justed, and matters pertaining to the
grain business discussed. Secretary
Quinn of the Grain Men's union of
Minneapolis was present.
Huron chapter N o 10, R . A M , has
elected these officers S. S. Daven
port, high priest A l Robinson, king
J C. Cogswell scribe, H J . Rice,
TWO HARBORS, MINN.The marria ge
of-Andrew E . Haugan of "this village, and .
Miss Theresa Erickson of Duluth, took
place at the home of the bride at high'
noon Friday. They will be at home on and
after Dec. ^ !.--Miss Gbldie Bostrom of this
village, was married to William Blain of
EXCELSIOR. MINN.Myron DeGroodt '
and Miss Ellen Sio were married at the
home of the brides parents near Excelsior.
I Rev. Donald McKenzie of Excelsior offi
ciating. Only the immediate relatives^"-
! were present. Th e couple will reside in iji
I Excelsior. CM
i - - . ' -t-4
| MAPLETON. MINN.Alex Grey and4
j Miss Myrtle Force, both of Vernon Center,
j were married at the home of the bride's *
j parents. They have gone to Kansas for ^
j their honeymoon. " "'^
i DEADWOOD. S. D.-News has been re - '
j ceived.of the marirage at Denver of Miss
Susie M. Edmonds and Cyrus King Drew. ,
j Th e bride is a daughter of J . Frank Ed- -
: monds. for many years a Deadwood insUr
- ance man .
i - .
I ELK POINT. S. D.George M. Currjv
j of South Sioux City. Neb., and Miss Clnra
| Johnson, daughter of Mr. and. Mrs. Lewis
l Johnson of El k Point, were married.
I '
Wm ^'K
i '
B^gw e* * ,
x Z' * "
mmr ' ~ - & s s
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any ^ *-,. ~ ^*
r " '}
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r* *V
' -? 'ry&\- :
JJ*"% -_ - - i SA -^a
, .'r
/ . .si'- ,...":-- , ", - -

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