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IV 'I*
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The Giving of a Gift - *
should receive careful thought with a view of the
needs and tastes of the recipient. .__ .: ,_._.
We have given much personal thought and study
in the selection of our Holiday assortments, and
have given the same care in the selection of the
modest priced articles as we have in the more elab- "
orated kindadded to this you will find a corps of
competent and pains-taking sales people, who will,
if agreeable, assist in making proper selections. . -
French Handkerchiefs
Nothing can be more acceptable as a gift
A wonderful assortment 25c to $35.00 each
We invite special attention to our
Dainty colored Handkerchiefsat
25c, 50c, 75c, $1.00 and upwards.
Mourning Handkerchiefs-
Exclusive designs25c. 50c, 75c, $1.00 and upwards.
We especially emphasize our unusually attractive^ values
in fine French linen l'Art Nouveau handkerchiefs at
$1.00, $1.50 and $2.00. *
Gentlemen's Handkerchiefs
The latest noveltythe new colored handkerchiefs, the
decidedly new seal initials and the new taped and barred
..' ' i - - effects.- We show them exclusively.
Belated Shipments
500 dozen French Handkerchiefs received from the
Custom House too late to dispose of at regular prices
We will place the entire Shipment on sale Tuesday morn-
ing at a slight advance above costConveniently ar-
ranged for quick selling
French linen, tape border, initial.
French linen, lace border, initial.
French linen, roll edge, initial.
French hand hemstitched.
Swiss embroidered Irish linen.
At 25c each
or $1.50 for six
in fancy box
for gifts.
French Linen, Cross bar, tape border
initial handkerchief s.
French linen, hemstitched, fancy corner
initial, white and dainty colorings.
Fine French linen
50c each
or $3.00 for six
in hand
painted box.
HolidayNeckwear Sal^kJ
initialed,-, elaborately embroidered in
the four corners.
Fleur de LisFrench knotsa dozen
different patterns to select from.
Dainty Hand Made Top Collars
Repriced for Christmas selling
50c for 75c and 85c top collars.
Other unusually good values at $1.00, $1.50, $2.00 to $2.50m
Fancy Silk Stocks
Taffeta and Barathea, black and all the dainty shadings?
100 dozen to select from, regular price $1.00, 85c and 75c
Christmas SpecialChoice 50c.
Fancy Stock and Charvoy Bows75c, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00,
$2.50 to $5.50.
Fancy Chains at 33l/z
One of the most acceptable gifts of the season.
Jet and Fancy Stones, as usual the medium priced
chains are sold firstas we would not have time
to reorder more before Christmas we have re- *
priced the more expensive ones to meet the demand.
It is all your gainRepriced to $1.00, $1.50, $2.5o, $3.50,
$4.00 and $5.00.
Wish to call Special Attention
to our Holiday Sale of
Evening CoatsCostumesFurs
Fancy WaistsPetticoatsNegli
gee and Room Gowns at greatly
reduced prices.
Fac-simile Signature of*
Th. y TOUC H the LI V E R
Genuine Wrapper Printed on
AKI tr\w
Absolut^ Cure
513 Nicollet Avenue/
The Chicago Inter-Ocean Declares It
May Be
Financial Affairs of the State Are
Made Subject of Laudatory
:..,.:,-.-*._ Editorial. ' ^ - -
Special to Tbe Journal. - --
Chicago. Dec. 21^-A Joyous Christ
mas will prevail thruout Minnesota
this year, Judging from the comment
of the Chicago'press. The Inter Ocean
this morning voices the prevalent
opinion here in the following editorial:
The state ^of Minnesota has $100,000
which it is anxious to invest in good bonds
within the next month. Within the next
three months $300,000 will he available for
similar investment. The state treasurer
has sent out circular Jetters to a large
number of brokers asking for propositions
on good state or municipal bonds. The
bonds which Minnesota will accept are
only those of states in good standing.
Minnesota municipalities and the stock of
good Minnesota corporations. It is stated
that the money which the state treasurer
was authorized to invest by the state
board of investment, which met on Dec.
5, is part of the permanent trust funds.
The money now available is of ther univer
sity permanent fund.
The press and people of Minnesota are
naturally proud of the fact that their state
is to-day one of the wealthiest common
wealths of the union. According to the
Winona Independent, "Her trust funds
aggregate nearly $20,000,000 and there are
still large areas of state land and mining
properties from which a great deal of
money will be realized each year."
In a recent speech Governor Van Sant
predicted that within the next twenty
years these funds will reach $70,000,000.
The affairs of Minnesota have been ad
mirably managed.. Real business admin
istration' has 'marked the conduct of its
government. The funds which she has
accumulated and of- which she is so justly
proud now have .been.realized from the
sale of state schSol lands swamp lands,
stumpage and taxes and rentals on the
mineral properties of the:
have .contributed!.largely,:
35c each
the way from
or $2.00 for six
hand hemstitched
New fork Sun Speoial Service.
Cannes, Dec. 21.Mrs. John A.
Dowie and her unkissed son, Gladstone
Dowie, have had a slight "shock
Hotel du Paradis..
Reports of, the misfortune in Zi$n|' when. Mrs. Emily D ... Martin made the
City reached the proprietor, and he announcement that she had obtained
sent up to the Dowie apartments a
request for an audience. .This/was
granted, and Mrs. Dowie assured htm
she was fully able to pay, displaying
an amount of cash and securities that
made his eyes goggle and his hands
vibrate with delight.
He apologized and bowed himself
When the request reached Mrrv
Dowie for an audience she said: "Let
him come up now." In a few minutes
the proprietor arived, full of polite
bows and deprecatory smiles and con
ciliatory wavings of the arms, but
with the cold and steely glance of a
man bound to get,all that's coming to
him or know the reason why.
Madame would, he hoped, pardon
the apprehension of one who has a
most costly establishment to main
tain yet perhaps madame had heard
the reports of certain difficulties of a
financial nature at Zion, and perhaps,
under all the circumstances
"Have no fear," Mrs. Dowie inter
rupted, "have no fear. There is no
financial difficulty. Look here."
"Flashes Her Roll."
per cent less
The wife of the prophet displayed
before the astonished man treasures
of undreamed of value.
The cold and steely glance in his
eyes changed to a delighted and ex
pectant grin, and he floated off back
ward on a choppy sea of polite bows.
The illustrious prophet's wife and
son dropped in at Monte Carlo the
other day, but they did not play. They
keep by themselves a great deal and
do not care to. meet strangers. Vari-,
ous journalists have made efforts to
interview them, but always without
success. Mrs. Dowie's superb, sables
and exquisite new Parisian gowns are
the! envy of many more worldly
March 7 to Be Celebrated as Such All Over
the World.
New York Sun Speoial Service. ."."'.
New York, Dec. 21.A world-wide ob
servance of March 7, 1904, as "Bible Sun-
day," proposed by the British and For
eign Bible society, has been approved by
the American Bible society. On that date
falls the centenary of the British society,
which during the century has distributed
180,000,000 volumes of the scriptures in
about 370 languages at a total expendi
ture of over $70,000,000. The purpose of
both British and American societies is
to translate and circulate the scriptures
at a nominal cost.
Pledges of co-operation in this cen
tury have been received from hundreds
of Lutheran Reformed and Waldensian
churches and evangelical missions in Eu
rope from the mission centers in Africa,
South and Central America, Asia, the
islands of Polynesia and from the leading
churches of North America. -^
'-*- Dayton'* Men's Furnishings. -"-""'-
/ Special reduced prices for Tuesday,
. % Omaha Calendars fOr 1904.
The popular business calendar Is
sued every, year by the Omaha road is
now rea/iy for distribution. For copies
of this calendar call at City Ticket
Office, 600 Nicollet av, or it will be
mailed to any address in the United
States or Canada upon receipt of 10
cents to cover postage and wrapping,
by T. W. Teasdale, General Passenger
Agent, St. Paul. Minn.
Small Pill.
8mftll Dose.
Small Price.
- * Chicago,
greatest railway center in the world.
The quicket and best means of trans
portation between Chicago and the
twin cities are offered by the Pioneer
Limited and Fast Mail trains of ~the ,
- Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul rail- {.early evening,
1-wayv ^Tickets, 828Uicollet..t^enu. - lvNte^il^^Howeblp^if-:^
Found., i-
n Ilia- "-
ic.-f . ..: -':
: neisota . 4z. ?zt...-
-SpTsciat^to The I*urnaT3pJ,--r:
New York, Dec. 21.There is talk
here of a deputation of twin city in
terests who have asked Mr. Stickney
to take'under consideration the build
ing of .a line froin the twin cities to
Duluth in a dire'ct line, -making a
route thirty-six miles shorter than the
old St^ Paul & Duluth- road, now the
Duluth short linefbf the Northern
Pacific. Great Western people here
are In the dark. They say it has not
come before any meeting of directors
and that they don't believe, jt will be
taken up seriously this fiscal year at
least. .
A representative of the Great North
ern says: "It's easy to figure that
Duluth handles more business than
New York and has only about three
lines to handle ft ayer*. That is, I be
lieve, according to government figures,
true. Yet the fact remains that I
never heard of any freight congestion
worth while in that quarter. We
heard last summer about some new
line up there financed by local capital.
I suppose it still is in existence and
will probably be the line referred to.
In the meantime our tonnage to Du
luth is not quite keeping up. The last
summer has not been all that "could be
desired in the matter of ore trade on
the local lines toward the lake.
Neither has grata- tonnage shown
great increase. Personally I don't be
lieve that the Great Western is likely
to invade that terrjjjtpry."
Man Who Traveled-on Scalpels Ticket
Must Pay.
The Great Northern won the suit
against the passenger whose baggage
it held at Seattle because he was dis
covered to be riding on a scalper's
ticket. The court awarded the road
the price of a full ticket from St. Paul
to Seattle. The baggage is valued at
$20 and 4s still held. This is. a new
feature in the antiscalping business:
No roads have brought suit before
against a passenger who rode on "a
scalper's ticket.
an every in -
stitution is now backed.by good substan
tial sums, laid.aside .for. a- rainy day by
the state. -../ -'''%' V. JJi
Moreover, the same shrewdness which
has achieved*the possession of, this cap
ital is employed in its investment, and
the $20,000,000 ,that constitutes the pres
ent fund is almost entirely invested in
the bonds of other states. Large quan
tities of bonds-i of ?. Alabama. Delaware,
Massachusetts, T^nnesl^e^yfrginia, Utah
and Louisiana are! numbered'among the
state's possessiohs^jV
Northern Pacific division .superintendents have
finished their annual conference at St. Paul and
are on their way home, j
Holiday travel began yesterday and sleeping
ear reservations wer numerous. Most o fthe
travel so far Is by university students return
ing home and by teachers off for their vaca
: Gross earnings of the Great Western for the
second we^lf in . December were $145,633,. an
increase, of $4,381 over last year. The gross
earnings for the fiscal year to date were $4,045.-
515, a gain of $472,116.
, The old clergy permits will be honored by most
of the Mianeapolis-Chicago lines until the new*
ones are issued. It has been Impossible to
agree on certain rules and this has delayed the,
issue of the 1904 permits.
... Railroads have been ordered by the state com
mission to include in their gross earnings re
ports? the charge of $2 a car for switching live
stock in Chicago from terminals to the stock
yards. The amount is not large but the order
will result in a uniform system. ,
ponds pay al
3%'t o 5 pe cent interestl s
Minnesota, has reason to "be proud of
this showing. - It is one of those exhibits
which help to, account for the rapid ad
vancement which the. northwest has !
making during, recent years toward. fiuah*
cial independence,^ ^f '
Inartistic hand
decorated box.
Tfoe Omaha has asked dismissal of ithe con'J
dettnatlon proceedings begun last Septembers on
lajjB under the Wabasha bridge in St.- Piuil.
connecting its line with the Great Western
tracks. Now property owners who opposed? the
Proceedings are objecting to the dismissal wlth
attfc sufficient reason ~
Seeking to Make Converts to Their
Faith in Schools.
New York Sun Special Service.
New York, Dec. 21.Bxidence that
at the j Mormon elders are proselyting among
f the children of Harlem came to light
possession of a pamphlet which has
been distributed among the children
of the schools. She said it was a Mor
mon document, Which carefully
avoided the polygamous tenets of the
faith and that it has been distributed
among school girls .
"The pamphlet was handed to me
by a teacher in one of the West Side
schools," said Mrs, Martin. "The
teacher took it from one of the girls
in her school, and she soon became
aware that the pamphlet had been
generally distributed among the girls
by Mormon elders, who posed as 'lat
ter day saints of the church of Jesus
Mrs. Martin is one of the leaders
of the interdenominational council of
women, an organization that is lead
ing the anti-Mormon crusade in this
city to unseat Senator Reed Smoot.
She says there is every reason to be
lieve that in a West Side kindergar
ten the Mormon creed was being in
stilled into the minds of small chil
Company Wants $300,000 Damages for
Injury \to -, - 1 ^ Business. -
New York Sun Special Service.
Trenton, N. J. Dec. 21.Claiming
damages of $300,000, the Wheeler
Stenzel company has commenced suit
against the National Window Glass
Jobbers' association. " The bill of com
plaint charges the association with
monopoly of the. .visible. supply of
window glass arid with restraint
La Crosse Can Have It for a Bonus of
Special to The Journal. - *
-'- 3L.a Crosse, Wis.,
Secret Society Pledged to These Al
ternatives Without Fatalities."
. Findlay^Qhio, Pec...21.-r-iJester
liams, who, despite his name, ia a
rather solemn citizen of this city, has
revealed the existence of a secret so
ciety of young people pledged either to
marry .or to die.
He says the society has -existed for
a year. Frequent meetings were held
and straws were .drawn. The person
drawing the shortest straw was sworn
to choose marriage, or death within
a" week." - ---- "''" '---'- - -
There have been a_ dozen mar
riages but no suicides. - _
"The American Express Company, 27
South Fifth St., is particularly adapted
for safe and quick shipments of all
kinds of Xmas packages to all parts
of the world. Open evenings. }
Hal f a Store of
Other Hal f Gloves
- The chances are you wouldn't buy a fine umbrella for yourself, but you'd be mighty glad to receive
one as a Christmas gift. That's the way the other fellow feels about it, also. The price yon wish to pay-
that's your business but the manufacturing and selling of umbrellasthat's our business.
"Half a Store of Umbrellas"75 feet of show case and drawers full of umbrellas, and then some. We
have hundreds of separate handles ready to be mounted on any kind of silk or other material you select.
All the work done in our own factory here. We buy handles direct from the handle makers, and silks and
other umbrella fabrics right from the looms. That's why we save you the middle man's profit and give you
the Best Umbrella Values in the United States.
$1.50 AND $2.00 VALUES FOR $1.00.
Special lot, fancy handles, mounted on union
serge, best steel rods, paragon ribs, a regular $1.50
and $2.00 value,
$3.00" VALUES FOR $1.95.
, Pearl, ivory, horn, Dresden, natural and silver
mounted handles on union taffeta and union serge
" a beautiful assortment. Regular $3.00 value,
Beautiful lot of high class handles made up in
' * guaranteed silks, all the latest handles, including
gun metal, greatest value ever shown for
Exquisite line of imported novelty handles in
pearl, silver, gold, ivory, silver mounted, naturals
and gun metal' on guaranteed silks, values up to
$7.50, for
'o w property owners who oppose* * the
" " -u,
Cold Weather . +, -
Will cut no figure in the comfort of
the railway ride between the twin
cities and the head of the lakes If you
use the Northern Pacific's "Lake Su
perior Limited." Leaves either ter
minal in early afternoon, arrives in
Central office Nc. 19
Novelties from Europe, exclusive styles and designs^
- $7.00 to $25.00
-~tin g to the dismissal wlth -
Th e matter is continued to
Umbrellas for*Little Tots
There are only four days in which to reduce our immense stock, and we have put on prices that will
insure Quick selling. Christmas buyers will get the benefit of this sale.
."Just like mama's" Miniature umbrellas, perfectly made, 16, 18, 20, 22 and 24-inch, suitable for
children from the age of 3 years. 50 cents to $3.
% A graceful way of giving Gamossi GlovesBuy a Gamossi Glove order if you don't know the size. This
is a certificate exchangeable at its face value for the best makes of gloves in the world. You present the order
the recipient has the pleasure of selecting the desired style, size and color. "The Other Half Gloves"
means that we have the largest and most complete stock of good gloves of any one store in the United States.
MENOMONIE, WIS.Soft iron ore haa been
discovered on the farm of John Kirkland, in the
town of Bed Cedar.
CLAYTON, WIS.Albert Hanson was ad*
judged insane and ordered committed to the
asylum at Mendota. His Insanity, waa brought on
by epileptic fits.
SPEARFISH, S. 1).One of the early settler*
of Spearnsh valley, John Johnston, has returned
from Alaska after an absence of six years. He
has prospered in the territory. of
Is It a Snare and Delusion?
. It is that intangible something
which feeds our souls with a surfeit
of unfulfilled expectationsthe yearn
ing for the thing which should be, and
is notthat is the hope eternal.
It is that which inspires men to
great deeds, and women to great sac
rifices. It is that which sustains the
drooping spirit and bolsters up the
faint heart and fhe waning courage.
It is a promise of better things. This
is particularly true of the ailing and
' Dec. 21.-The
Board of trade is engineering a deal
whereby it expects to bring a large
watcJa factory to tia Crosse. . The deal
inVoives $600,000, and five watch
companies, as follows: The Reming-"
ton Watch company of Appleton, Wis.,
Camm Watch Case company, Old Roy
Watch company, Schweitter Watch
company and the Howard Watch com
pany. It is proposed tp.at the city
raise $100,000 to secure the immense
-factory of these unitedj. companies.
They look for relief. They try the
doctor, and the drug man, and the
seer who Knows it all, and the char
latan who claims to cure everything.
They submerge common sense in a
sea of credulityand put their faith
in- the hope which "springs eternal in
the human breast."
The pity of it! If it is a break, It
can be adjusted if it is an ill. it can
be remedied. But you must first de
termine the cause of the trouble, and
then go about repairing in a logical
More than half the ills of the hu
man body arise from disordered diges
tive organs. Improper food, imperfect
assimilation, resulting in impaired di
gestion, distress after eating, diar
rhoea, biliousness and dyspepsia.
Why not be reasonable for the stom
ach's, sake, take the thing that the
stomach needs and craves, and be
yourself again.
Medicine isn't everything. And not
everything is medicine. Such a con
dition requires nourishing as well as
treating: You derive sustenance
combined with tonic stimulation from
Walther's Peptonized Port, the med
icated food.for fagged-out-people. Re
stores the pleasure of eating and liv
ing. 50 cents and $1.00. For sale
by Voegeli Bros. Drug Co., two stores,
corner Washington and Hennepin ave
nues and corner Seventh street and
r v , JNicoUetva,venue*
_J - W . - ... yJJ.,--- -
Men's Umbrellas
$1.50 AND $2.00 VALUES FOR $1.00.
Splendid line of natural, natural silver trimmed
and horns on Union serge good value at $1.50
--- and $2.00, -
$2.50 VALUES FOR $1.50.
Genuine "Cravenette" taffetas with fine Congo
handlesalso horn'and buckhorn handles. Good
value at $2.50.
$4.00 VALUES FOR $2.50.
Beautiful cape horns, full sweeps, large sterling
silver bands on good taffeta silk, worth $4.00.
- The greatest line of assorted horn, buckhorn, gun
metal, natural and silver trimmed handles on
" guaranteed,.-silks*- beautifully mounted, worth up
V--.-i.. . : .i'. \.'M ':
Novelties in carved ivory horse heads, chased silver,
gold handles, selected buckhorns, from
610 Nicollet Avenue.
$7.00 to $20
Children's Sets
Fur Beas
Fur Muffs
Fur Scarfs
Fur Victorines
Hen's FurLined Coats Ladies'Fur Mantles
Men's Sealskin Caps Ladles'Fur Jackets
Man's Driving Sauntiets Ladies' Fur Blouses
Sleigh Babes
And every other article for man, woman or child,
that is made of fur. No more appropriate gifts
could be thought of. Prices range from $1
to $350, and in buying you can rest assured
that the genuine "Albrecht" quality gives an
air of tone and stability to whatever you select.
Do not fail to visit our store on your holiday
rounds. You will find it filled with a variety
and assortment of up-to-date garments, pos
sible only to a house whose connections are
Baby Carriage Robas
Ladles' Ermine Cloaks
. The Original Fur House of Albrecht,
''-': ^ 2d E. 7th St., ST. PAUL
-'4 -

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