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Christmas Handkerchiefs
For men, women and children, handsome boxes fur
nished to those who wish them.
ment, splendid quality, 5c each.
and $1 each. -fl
LADIES' ALL LINEN/ faiept designs, embroidered,
hemstitched or scallopfe&^fdges, 50c, 75c, $1 and
upward. ! :?^y:-)'::.','.-
embroidered, from 50c to $10?
REAL LACEValenciennes arid iDijchess, $1.75 to
$io. : v
MEN'S HANDKERCH$E$S, fancy d?ess, a specialty.
We have them at all prices."- , "".
Glove Certificate.
\ s .-, Date
I .. -- 4 - V
'"- - Gltfve Certificates 'f:
These'certificates are getting more popular every sea-
, son.. We will sell you' a certificate for onp pair or
as niany pairs as desired*
Appropriate Gift Articles
^J&Xti J&$#& PRQTEGTQRSan indispensable z&
NIGHTSHIRTSfrom 75c to $1.50.
PAJ^MAS-^^ $1 to $3.00. * -
Natural-Wood Bandies, from. ,. .. *- ,$2 to-$7iSQ
Pearl and Silver Handles, from. $ 5 to $15
Pearl and Gold Handles, from .,. .$5 to- $20
Gun Metal and Pearl Handles, from. . -$5" to $10
Gun Metal Handles, from.j, $4.50 to-$?50
Ivory and Silver Handles, from. $5 to $15
Ivory and Gold Handles, from $5 to $10
Buck Horn, silver trimmed, very suitable
for men, for ,... . $5
Carved Ivory Handles, from $9.50 to $18
Colored Umbrellas, a beautiful line, from. $3 to $5.50
Children's Umbrellas, from .$1 to $2,75
VM. -J.,
' r
Christmas furs
' M.
FUR S0AJRFS-1-A full line of all styles, stolfes,
short and long. t '
MUFFS-A full-line, including all the popular
furs, all sizes.
SABJLB SCARFSDuring this sale at SPECIAL
Alaska Seal Coats
A new lot Just received at FAVORABLE PRICES.
Fur Coats
One Seal,, sable collar and revers, former price
$275 to jloa $195.00
One Persian, Mink Collar and reveis, former price
'$1-75 to closer $100.00
* pae Squirrel Blquse, former price $100, to
~.close .,.,
"A young girl's faith in her lover
* Get'a one of its rudest shocks
Whence* tends her Dago candy
In a GARLAND candy box,"
1 t
\ In Our Notion Department.
' POCKET BOOKS AND PURSES in all shapes and
1 colors which are in fashion this season.
* BAGSHand, carriage and automobile bags* A full
4 assortments all cojors."
' BELTS^feather and'in silk, good styles and qualities.
SHELL GOODS^-Back combs, side combs and pins in
plain and .faflcy styles- ,
CUTLERyy-^cissors, Pen and Pocket KniVes-^thfi
4 useful kind with good steel.
celluloid, (black and white) an unusually fine line
this season., -
1 TCiIL'tT^NEEDSImported and domestic Perfumes,
Toilet Waters and Soaps, large assortment and best
, For the Men
K ' *
JCHRISTMAS TIES-in all shades and in allshapes,
~ pnceEnfrom 50c to $2.50.
^ MUFFLERSbrjght colors and ^the more sombre
l i
A number of affairs have been
planned for Mrs. George B. Moore
of Princeton, Ind., who will arrive
this week to visit Mrs. Frank B.
Joyce of Groveland avenue. Satur
day evening Mrs. W. R. Sweatt will
give a dinner at the Minnesota Gun
club, Monday afternoon Mrs. Joyce
will entertain, and Tuesday, Dec. 29,
Mrs. Will Lang of St. Paul will be
hostess. The following Wednesday
Mrs. Joyce will give a dinner Thurs
day evening, Dec. 31, Mrs. Arthur
Dean will have a dinner, and Satur
day, Jan. 2, Mrs. David Dr.ehnae.r-?6it
the Hampshire Arms will- ^.gj^&.l ,a|'
luncheon for Mrs... Moore^^t %^SJtf\.
- - Mips'., -J^ssist^iJftulte^1^
chafing dish supper Thursday evening!
for Miss Chittenden and Lieutenant
Coppack, whose marriage will *tak.e!
place in St Paul Tuesday evening*'
Jan. 29. The other guests will be the
bridemaids and ushers. Beginning
Wednesdav, there is something on1
each day for the bridal party in St.
Paul. Miss Schulten will be One ,ofj
the bridemaids. - .,, -
Wednesday evening the TaU Kap|a
Phi sorority T\I1I give a dance at the
Mimkahda club and eighty young*pe9-j
pie -will be present The 'Lambda
Sigmas will have a dinner and 4artce
at {the club for sixty guests' thisi
evening. ^
* '.
80 r
A l
' .-
' t ^
Season, $1.5(Tto $3.50.
I * SUSPENDERSplain and fancy, single pair in box,
r r $1 tQqp.SGt. i- .* s ' '
B*ATH ROBESfrom $4.50 to $9. . i .
COLORED SHIRTSfrom$1 to4$3. .
To Insure a Pretty Box
30 South Fifth Street
- &
Journal Want Ads bring the best
returns for the money. That's why
they increase ^so fast.
,- $65.00
One Persian, Bauhi Marten Collar and -revers
former price 276, to-close $183.00
'Three Persian, plain ? former price $110, to
cloSe . . $75.00
v -
, One broad tail Persian, Mink Collar and revers,
, - price $275, t close $185.do
5 Aiformer r alterations or fittino g during this sale will be
' charged at cost.
8 &
A Covers were -laid for
tNyelve and the guests' ware Messrs,
and Mmes. Christian, Alfred F. ^P ljs-,
bui 3?, Charles Cran?tonf Bovey, Miss"
Wilson, Miss Janet Gijfillan,,Charley B\
Gale and- John S".PftfsburV 1
Mr and Mrs. dinstian'will leave to
morrow to spend Christmas with Mrs,
arents ip Cleveland, Ohio,
will"go- south lor the
Cfhristi^n's p
\ , " I
Miss Fay Keht entertame twelve,
young igiris at atMnthie \&e> this aacwr
npon at her b.ome.4767 Humboldt av$-
.nue. S Tfife decorations were )in
carnations ahd gregna'ia.ndi t he gue$ts
?were busy-with'Christnta*WOrff ,
f- ^ -"' ' ' ! I
/Miss Mabel ^Lees enterta-ined
luncheon to-day for her^^Sster, Miss!
Eleartor Lees, a'bride of the^month. '
^Friday evening MK~&nd. mt0- %- P
DaVis gave a dinner of*eight iCjBye|s at
theirShome on Grov$pl#cfc f ? V mr.-And^
Mrs, Robert Jro&lon aftd ^IVfis^v SteUlaji
Norton o Ghioag^. T^ ^ %! '
-Mr. And Mrs. -Letter O. MoCoy^inief
Humphrey, are home from tl\eir wed
diiig trip. Christmas evening- th'ey
Guests Narrowly Escape In Their" Night was giyen by, Ethel .Robinson, Mamie
Clothes. Boynton, Clam Scallen, .Mildred. Kelly,
Ethel CoupeJ Ethel Fall, Clavicle Paulson,
Georgie Morse. Kajherjne Picket, Bernice
Morrison, Grace -Campbell, Elsie Tariberg,
Lillian Michaels, Etta Washburn, Ghar
lotte and Alice Torranee-/
Fira broke out in the St Charles hotel,
310 Cedar avenue, at 6 ^o'clock Sunday
morning, and the twenty-five guests nar
rowly escaped, fleeing in their night
clothes Some of them had to descend
three flights of stairs and were slightly
scorched when they reached the ground
. The Are started in an ash box at the
side of the. building, and but for: the
prompt arrival of the fire department the
entire building" would, have been destroyed.
The loss on the building will be about $800.
The American Express Company, 27
South Fifth St., is particularly adapted
for safe and quick shipments, of all
kinds of Xmas, packages to all parts
of the world. Open evenings.
\ *r
WlL.. -* - -,-_ ,-
rfc^ption in their " honor Saturdgjft
/ to$12.50
BLACK SILK HOSIERY-In plain and openwork,
$1 to $5.
Black, embroidered in colors, $2.75 to $7.50.
BLACK BOOTfancy uppers, irom $5 to $8.50.
WHITE SILK HOSEm plain, from $2 to $3.75"."
White silk, embroidered and m lace, from $5 to $8.
BLACK LISLE HOSEIn plain open work lace and
embroidered from $1.00 to $2.50.
STAPLE HOSIERYOur line is complete from 25c
to $1.00,
T , ^ , ^ jU
^Misa Verna HocUm eirfel-taia^ift
group of young pepple at her
2648 "Emerson aventie S', S$Ltttr$Kiv
in honor of'her brother, who ItfcSjusfr
returned from a trfpftp Europe. T?he
ballro9m was pettily decorated
With streamers of-ted and green and
with wreaths orHhoWy. The Banda
Restart played - fdr danCing and
amoyg the numbers was an original
composition, "The Old, Maltts' waltz."
Supper -was served %n the -fdining
room Present were Misses Loreta
Tobin, Katherine Copley^Pearl Elliot
tell Tobin, Messrs. Harry Taylor,
Robert Leekly, Harry. "Borton," Wil
liam Roddy, Jde Holderman' and Ed
gar KTye, who was toastmaster of the
evening The *out of town guests were,
"Miss Bonnie Dangerfleld of Duluth,
Miss Pearl Wellington ' arid Ray
Drummon4 of St Paul? Miss Clare
Thurston of Madison, Wis , Fred
"Wells of Excelsior and Bert Cromwell
of Fergus Falls. -1
Bagley is at the Holland hpijse',
"G B.
! Yoi k
Mr and Mrs Chariot Deere^Yelie' will le^ye
for JMoline 111 , this evening. '..
"Woodford A \erxa* Jr , has com-home from
St John b school in New Ytrk
ris C H YRndefburjrh and Miss A*ile" Farfes
left tliis morning foi Tustin, Cal
Mrt, TJ 15 Kennev'atra'MlBB-KeaueT^rili ra--
jnove to New ^ 01 k -early In tfce year,
3Dr C 0- Coffee and family naT& sone to Ghto
to visit relatives on tlielr way to Florida.
Alt and Mrs WilTIanl M Cfosse are in New
*York * Tlicy will return bbuitf arly in the
month. '
'Miis 'Kendrfck of Chicago arrlyed this mor"
nlng to visit Miss Agnes Haynes of Bl#l 13etoB
a\enue S ' ""
Jndge and Mrs M- B, Koon. will leaver ea^ly
in the rear for Ai^na,atiid California audjtnay
go to lamin in'thfe sjnlng *
Mr and Mrs H W Osborn of. tlie Hampshire
Arms harp" pone to-dricagor-for -the holidays
Later they will go south for the winter
AHSS Harriet Lenoxx is heme from 'Milwaukee
Tohnv Leno\ bap j*ome trom Ctioik8to to spen^
Christmas v 1th his parents, Mi. an.d Mrs Milton
F' Leno'?
Mi ' m& Vr*r *jivelstr" Bou-5!leld
from their Irip in ibotit ten days and be at hoftio
at th lesldenee of "Mr and Ms B F. Bpusffeid,
19 Thirteentlr street S. , ^
Mrs -Oeorge-P Gould qf 315 Ontario street SB
has been failed to, ChioagQ on account of tie
serious Illness of her sister Ml Cleof Freidheim,.
who is very low with 'peHtonlHs '
Mr and Mrs ilenrv H Motfre left last evening
-for Washington' to spendt tlife Christmas holidays,
They will he toined hv Miss ^ "
a sophomoie at femitfe cplleg(
Mis s ?}dtt h Mioore, who is
C.. R fevers entertained th*
sda evening att\ their
Mr and Mis, C K ,
Iiimited Caid club Wednesday y evening af their
home on Hmerson avenue N High scotes wcr%
non by Mis Arthur Stremel and Rioaafd Stre
m"I ^ - -
Colonel and Mrs F C Barrows left to-flay'for
Eveiett, Wash to spend Christmas with D M
(lough and family formerly j Minneapolis,
Latei they will go to the Pacific coast foi the
w Inter ,
Miss Florence "Verge is spending the holidays
vtith her sister in Rossland, B C Miss Verge
and Miss Florence Burtis of Spokane, Wash
formerly of Minneapolis, will make a concert
trip before MIss Verge returns the middle of
Januaiy. .
A piano recital wa& given by the ptfplls
of Mrs C.iS. Rhofled at tbe residence of
J L Robinson, 2501 Pleasant avenue, Fri
day evening1,
Gertrude Scharef, France^ Rhodes, Esther
Arthur Aslesen, Maurice Ohnstein and
Frank- Mixer
For Convenience ol Shoppers
In the up-town . dlstriot, The1
has a branch office in Donaldson's
Glass Block in, the office in front of
the new elevator on the main floor.
Want ads, social items and subscrip
tions will be received. \
( -
The Finest Clothing/ Furnishings, Hats, Caps, Furs, Shoes, for Men, Women and Children.
i&?& 3esid^5 assortments of latest styles, not to be found elsewhere in the city, there is.also'our Great Basement Salesroom.
Gifts for 5d^' Gifts for 10c. Gifts for 25c. Gifts for 50c. Gifts for 75c. Gifts for $1.00. Gifts foi* $1.50. Gifts for $2.00 and Upward.
? .* - -.-$w. '*'.
1-MW^ ^
jlaiSlmost anyiyiiiice/ypu wish to pay under $10 There are thousands of gifts for less than $1,00. ^ Nothing in the way of "trashness" or
- -^'cheapness" aMchesv^these articles. They are splendid qualities for what ttiey pretend.to bealways a desirable point in gifts. These
"are such articles jas you would care to buy and give to a friend for a-gift- Every section abounds with them. JNF o seeker for inexpensive gifts
can afford to oye|lo6k ,flie.claims of this Basement Salesroom as the great supply center for low-priced gifts for every family in all Minneapolis.
h .
Mr. and Mrs
'^Will entertain a
Geoige H. Daggett!
large family party
at dinner Christmas tlay at
on Groveland terrace. - -
'Mr, and Mrs. Henry H Christikrt
wei th* ue.3ts af hpnor Saturday
evening at a dinner given by Mr* and
Mrs Edward C. Gale ai: their home On
Fifth street SE. Lilies and roses w^tli
volets at each oover were the table
r ' ,
4 Useful Holiday Gifts That Cost Little Money.
r G*|lt:||asementvSalesroom is filled to overflowing with desirable, trastworthyj-. accejptable, inexpensive gifts. You cin find gifts
,y -.
WM. ifflm Gilts for 10c
20c Bow iS^fl^^
25c Mufflejplfc . '^'0
15c Windsd^Tjes Mteikr
linnel Waists, $1 AQ
frJ [
Womeri!5.,^ilancy^: syg: 'fench". i In^nnel
Waists, 'plain'^n4-fan^ of onea of$2.50,biggest the
makers in th^^^^^^J^
x' r-'.-''-{ ' I . - . - , '- .- - '?.
$1.5Q,3B|p^&Sai^esa^ 08c
$1.50, for9^^ntsi
v- *S3JII,IE.-/V.
Womept s r^liifa Tound^Mf|s, 'made, upja
our ownJ?ur ^3^9Qrrk^i^i: thef ^eat- Astrakhanj '?re^^
$5.00 vah^|fpr bMy''Mi50.
j.^/^^| _-'-r.^'*'i:*-^-
" * *Women'$l^!^izd%bia^^
^ ' This lo^ qiipisists of: bjue^ ^ - - ^*Zi?-&
Hundreds of
Christmas Suggestions
* - ' ^ ReSuhrfrom a Visit tor Our Store.
Pur stock is so. well selected and so frequently*
, replenished that Christmas shoppers will fiftd^no^
'difficulty in being able to select an appropriate,gift,
for their friend or relative. Our long experience
enables us to suggest that whicK ought to,please best. ,r
Diamondsand PreciousStones
are Wtfst acceptable and enduringly satisfactory gifts.
Wjti&HES CUT GLASS ' ' y
20c Handkerchiefs 10c.
25c Men's Hose 10c
25c Suspenders 10c.
:rv.^:.,: ^-^^^^^ ..
i^s,yialicl 'waists^6r&}ftti^^
WELD w SONS) 524 Nicollel.Avenue.
Yuii'Ude faadauartvrs fat everything glvable la the Jeweky If fie.. -
v Trejurn
Perfumes ,
E&quisiteoWsy in great varie
ties, m hanOfome cartons
Wgh in quality am low inprjee.
Toilet, Articles ^
Cut* Glass
A niost -enjoyable program
Elegant pieces, richly cut. We
can sell you a beautiful cut
glass Celesy Tray, worth,
$6.50,. at $4.00. -, . .., i-0.
The famous -Original Allegretti
Chocolates, { r&nd 2-lb. boxes,
60c a lb. The Original only
at Cirkler's.
Esther Clark,
Chas. H. Cirkler
" " 602
t *
" -" - i rlf
Buy House Deposit Vaul t~s
Fire and-water proof. - See ther
Gardner Hardware Co.,. 3^)4 Hen,
-In Great Basement Salesroom.
and $1.48, "*'%$$$&-&
-: } ':-?i f XV.:'-J^ '
^.SMBlSc^^Safteen Petticoats, QSir
stsi . _ , _
,r 3 r -
*' Let the GOLD DUST TWEGSjlo ym woik **
Fine Leather GoodsMirrors .
Manicure and Scissors Sets
"f the kind of goods we can guar
If any other washing powder
would do'the work of
iydo the sales of Cola pust.exceed
or-au other wasmag powdew ^mbuiecf?
Simply becaiise -Gold. Dust 'has morfcmerit,
8crubbiiip ffoors, waahlny clotnes aha dl6h?8,
cleaning wotQd-wQjrk, ?fl lotli,. sllver.waiV nd
tinware, polishfpg brppswork. cleanup*, ptyh
room, pipes,eto. .and makinK the nnestsoft soap.
4 9 Sixth S S.r
'"' .
Journal Want Ads bring the best
returns for ^HS money. That's why
they .Increased so fast.
- at
..--./,. ...
Ladies' 10c and 15c Handkerchiefs, 5 ^
: Either plain hemstitched, or lace trimmed. Regular .. V .
10c and ISc qualities for only 5c 6 for 25c^
,2 Meii^s 50c Neckwear, J5c
",. Hen's 50a Neckwear in^^. four-in-handsv im- J
periais. and, English teck. styles, new shapes amd made from the
remnants of 50c qualities and sold nowhere less than 25c here, 15c.
* "
U '
priced t $1 9 8
^S-^"^fe-Vv' ' .',^:-,IJ:,\ . . r-in:Great Basement Salesroom.
" n-r^
_ $1,M,5p and $2 Night Shirts,
-- Bain-white, pink, blue and tan shades, of fine . . ,
sateen night shirts with silk fronts and elaborate embroidery,'full
size and .54 inches long, some with turnover collars and some with
standing collars .fast colors* .values are $1, $1 50 and $2 for 79c.
price $1.25 and
- ....- In Great Basement ^Salesroom.
: Men's 50c Suspenders, 25c
- - = - A- lot of men's regular 50 cent Suspenders^
each pair put up nice in a box with a dainty design on the coyerA
most suitable as well as a most welcome Holiday Giftto be sold
tomorrow for Only 25c. - \ _Jn
$4.00 and'
Men's and Boys' Sweaters, fiQr
All wool worsted sweaters: in all. sizes, both , boys'
and men's colors are plain blue, black and maroon with fancy
striped necks, regular $1.25 and $1.50 grades, for only 69c
Great ^eaieat:Salesroom.
|gs,:..-: $15 Jackets, $ 7 CQ*
kersey jackets in blue,black
f-fBoys''heavy leather Mittens1
wool lining and knit wrists! AH Sizes,-rfegiitar '50c qualities, only 25c.
'.'-.. . .r
reversible Gxford/HufBers ot^accy
$ ^ ^ ^$ - ^S.-$ . - s s s. 4
$ Who gives-from-asense-of Luty*"-r- -
^ (Lowell.) Bytby $ving hisfh^class '$[
g goods at -POP^ARi, PlOfiS, -we- -j
help tooth our customers and our- J
^ selves, especially just now at Xinas ,4\
$ time. ' , 4
Q ,^- E. E. ATKINSO.N &. CQ . " S
$* ''~" 716-748- Nico,lt.^ ,r '
W Great Basement Salesroom.
In Great Basement Salesroom*
35-ceiSt l^oVfor^Only 19c. *-'
^^P^^^'^rM^^:^::^- ^^r
^-r- ^:"-* )-
rSixth-l and Nicollet. - ^^
Sealv "Otter, Knmmer and,Persian Lamb".Jackets.. Scarfs,
'"Muffs ana Boas SpecialsTwo"very'fine" dark Otter
Jackets, size 36 and 38. Regular $160 coat aft -....*.-.'..
One vei*y fine broad tail Persian, Baum Marten collar and
revers and cuffs, good value^at $i5'0 .^our price . ^.,.....
One very fine Persian l3amb Jacket, plain, very tight ourl
-Vsplendid value fof $13t,*-o
One very "fine gentleman'^ fur-lined . Coat, lined with
Pennsylvania natural black muskrati Hudson Bay Otter
collar, mipo"rted Kersey shell Wonderful value at "$17,5'
" our price ... .*.,....." - * v. :^-*.* ...........-.
We are closing out.our I egular ?80_ fm -lined .Coats At-., ..- ,S , - $55
GntL^ Basement Salesroom.
In Great Basement Salesroom.
style with shoulder capes and are. satin
lined regular $1&0 and $15 ^coats, for only $7.50.
...- :'.'.'..,
. . * l / ' \. ^
".. ' x. . .." " ---- ' -In Great Basement Salesroom.
: S:JV# ?'-- Silk Mufflers, 1 Q
n Great Salesroom.
with sbfti warm- , .
w^n Great Bi
Iu Grea t Baseuent Salesroom.
: r
'Wonderful "bargains for your holiday fura for the next few days.
Compare these prices with what you usually pay elsewhere. Our stock
is the most complete in the city, consisting of ' . _-:i ,:
-:r. /
price i:.":. r. ?.\ .-. .... .*.
Don't miss this sale, for-,you can't find the equa
for reliable furs m the Twin Cities.
, ^ .. - v '
Evenings. ^ s iLCIVITIAIl| 23 Sth's^So!
^ ' - - * "" IDEAL HOLIDAY GWTS -^j-^p-
Those who desire to purchase articles combining utility with betfttty
the useful with the ornamentaland which will be a constant re-
minder of the giver, should visit oar storey where will be found- larger
assortments and better values than' elsewhere in ...... .-*-
Writing Desks...$8.50 to $85
Cheval Glasses $30 to $50
Parlor Cabinets $18 up
Parlor Tables... .$7.50 to $35
Wbrk'Tabres. .S::^:"$t2:p:$3
XUbrary Tobies '...$ 1 2 tQ $75 .
Weather Oiak Hoiskers,$5.tb $20'
Mahogany Rodkers $7,BOto$35 '
Brasses and Bronzes. '
t - $l
In 10c Packages with List of Valuable Premiums.
$100 $100
these bargains
j Ever y garmehtl na our personal
! S ,.. *
Mahogany Music Cabi-
. nets..............$20 to $50
Pedestals....... $7.50 to $20
Brass Beds.........$19 to $75
Teakwood Stands....$10 to $25
Orierital Rugs... ... All Prices
Mahogany Beds, Dressers and
5 "
711-713 NICOLLE T ATE.
* 15'

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