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1 * t V ',:. MONDAY EVENING,
I n All 112,624 Persons Were Examined
Daring the Last Fiscal Year, of
Whom 40,423 Secured Appointments
' More Americans Than Filipinos
Have Places Under the Commission
in the Islands.
Washington, Dec. 21.Frank M.
Klggins, chief examiner of the civil
service commission, in
government and 40,423 appointments
to all branches of the service. Of the
appointments 24 per cent were to
purely clerical positions, 3 per cent
to professional, technical or scientific
positions, 88 per cent to mechanical
positions, requiring no educational ex
amination, and 7 per cent to skilled
labor positions not exactly mechanical
in their character but requiring 'no
educational examination. Of all those
examined'nearly 80 per cent passed
and 36 per cent of all examined were
successful in securing appointment.
The report states th at conditions of
employment in the Philippines are im
proving and that the salaries for
technical men have been increased
with the result that within the last
five months more applicants have
taken examinations for that service
than for the preceding year.
"The- number of Americans in that
service now constitutes more than 50
per cent of the entire force, there be
ing 2,777 Americans and 2,697 Fili
pinos in. public employment. As the
Filipinos acquire a knowledge of Eng
lish and become more famiMar with
American methods, they are expected
to take the plaoes of Americans.
port, says tfyat during1
th last l
year there were 112,624 persons ex
amined for the classified service of the
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"Several examinations were held in
Porto Rico for the federal service of
the island and for employment in the
United States. I n those examina
tions given in both English arid Span
ish in which Americans and Porto
Bicans competed, it appears that a
larger proportion of Porto Hicans
passed than of Americans. . ' SSM^y S
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Houghton, Mich,, Dec. 21.A party
of miners yesterday found the bodies
of Charles Peterson, aged 42 his son
Axel* 21, and John Qregorvlch, where
they had been overcome by gas while
fleeing from the fire in the sh#.ft on
the Isle Royale mine.
They had been working on the
eighth level, and fled into the- aban-
doned workings to the north-of .them
until they could go n 6 further. Father
and son were found together, and
Gregorvich a little distance away.
It Will be necessary to build a road
to bring the bodies to the surface, as
the timbering is gone in the old shaft
and the drifts north of the burned
shaft are too full of gas to be tra
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It is no longer true that there is
a dearth of politics in South' Dakota.
The coming out of Coe I. Crawford
for governor has changed the situa
tion. Mr. Crawford is already at work
and leaders who are opposed' to his
candidacy have been in conference
Something is doing and will be until
the election is held next November.
Following hard on the heels of Mr.
Crawford came Mr. Bromley'of Spink
county who confessed his ambition for.
congressional honors. A t about the
same time Mr. Packard, also of Spink,
came out for lieutenant governor.
This does pretty well for a single,
The Aberdeen News seems to be
leading the fight of the "stalwarts" on
Mr. Crawford. The chief boomers on
the other side appear to beth e young
editor of the Huron Journal-World,
who has yet to earn his spurs, and th at
splendid old fighter of the Howard
Spirit, Editor Osbon. Th e following
gives a pretty good idea of the warring
opinions now being expressed by rep
resentative editors of the state:
Aberdeen, News (stalwart)No one dis
putes Mr. Crawford's right to become a
candidate for the place, but his best
friends regret the fact that he chose to
make his appearance as a candidate' in
so spectacular a manner, charging, like
Don Quixote, upon a mythical monster
which he calls the "machine," but admits
that he never saw it, doesn't know that
it really exists, has been told that*it is
opposed to his candidacy, but has nothing
against it if it isn't so opposed.
Huron Journal-World (halfbreed)No
man in the state has the high regard for
honor and word as has Mr. Crawford, and
in his high ideals the people of the state
place implicit truth. He will be nominated
and elected and will make a first-class
Sioux Falls Press (independent)The
federal coterie, which has arrogated to
itself all the functions of the party and
has so manipulated its power as to build
merely for the selfish interests of indi
viduals, will not need a lexicon to assist
them in the translation of Mr. Crawford's
Aberdeen Democrat (just what its name
implies)Coe l.\ Crawford believes in the
common man, the masses, the rank.and
file of his party. He would wrest from
the.very exclusive little clique, commonly
called the machine, the power of party
government and restore it to the entire
membership of the party, to be again ex
ercised in caucus and delegate conven
tion. /'Will the rank and file of the re
publican party rally around an ideal leader
to maintain a sacred principle, or will
they obey the behests of the machine as
usual? Here'8 two to one on the machine.
Howard Spirit (halfbreed with a ven
geance)Mr. Crawford's, address, and its
reception by all classes, gave promise of
a peaceful canvass, but the latest from
Washington, and the "biliousness" of a
few professional politicians, over the state,
are less reassuring. A fight within the
party is to be deplored, but if it is forced
the responsibility is on those who force it.
If it can be avoided only by lying down
and letting an official trust control the
party, it cannot come too soon.
Brookings Press (which has just landed
a federal appointment)The worst ma
chine South Dakota ever saw made Mr.
Crawford attorney general it was this
same machine that made Charley Sheldon
governor and Taylor state treasurer the
same machine that defied public opinion
in entering into a compromise with the de
faulting treasurer after he had robbed the
state treasury empty the same machine
that commanded Attorney General Craw
ford to enter into the compromise as pub
lic prosecuting attorney, and the same
machine that Mr. Crawford accommodated.
He is unfortunate in the inauguration of
his campaign, that he is handicapped with
a following composed almost entirely of
the disappointed/ officeseekers and sore
heads of the state, for to satisfy them he
must fight whether he chooses to Or not.
He may be able with such an element to
organize a following that will give to him.
the nomination, but his political record * rates named
does not bespeak this ability nor tenacity.
Iroquois Chief (whose editor is state
auditor and a candidate for renomina
tion)Coe I. Crawford, at a public meet
ing in Huron announced his candidacy for
the 'republican nomination for governor.
Mr. Crawford has resigned his position
with the North-Western railway company,
to take effect the first of next April.
Sioux Palls Journal (free lance)Coe I.
Crawford has at last shied his hat into the
ring and- is a wide open candidate for the
republican nomination for governor. Of
course he is directly against the senatorial
machine of the state, as the latter has al
ready promised the nomination to another
man, but Mr. Crawford is one of the pop
ular men of South Dakota and he cer
tainly will have the rank and file back of
him but there is a question if the rank and
file will get out to the primaries, which is
really the vital place for candidates. If
they do, Mr. Crawford is almost certain
of the nomination.
Redfield Journal-ObserverMr. Craw
ford's decision, to enter the raoe will be
received with satisfaction by a large part
of the people who have great confidence in
DECEMBER 21, 1903. vMPV'rf -" -
his ability and integrity. It is the opinion
of the Journal-Observer and of many oth
ers, in this county that Mr. Crawford will
find the vcounty
In headlines which stretch across
one-half of its editorial page the Hu -
ron Journal-World says: "The Hand
writing on the WallMost Hearty In
dorsement for Hon. Coe I. Crawford
for Governor in Th e Minneapolis
JournalAll Over but the Shouting."
Then follows a quarter page or more
of bouquets for Mr. Crawford alleged
to have been taken from this paper.
The young editor of the Journal-World
has simply mixed his credits or some
thing else. N o such article ever ap
peared in The Minneapolis Journal.
E. C. Torray.
Promises Complete Apology and Adequate
Punishment to Police.
Constantinople, Dec. 21.The porta has
notified the United States legation orally
and in writing of the instructions tele
graphed to the vali of Aleppo to order the
governor of Alexandretta to call on Consul
Davis immediately upon his arrival at
Alexandretta and offer to him a complete
apology. The porte also has promised to
punish th3 police officials who assaulted
Consul Davis, and will allow Attarian to
depart unhindered.
Loss t3 the McGuire Company at Grace
ville Is $27,000.
Special to The Journal.
5raceville, Minn., Dec. 21.The depart
ment store of the P. J. McGuire Mercan
tile company was totally destroyed by fire.
The loss is $27,000, insurance, $17,000.
Low Rates Via the "North-Western
Albany, N. Y $40.00
Boston, Mass 40.00
Kingston, Ont 35.00 " -
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Ottawa, Ont 36.00
Portland, Me 40.00
Quebec, Que 40.00
Springfield, Mass 40.00
Toronto, Ont 80.00
Watertown, N. Y 40.00
Tickets will also be sold to many
other points, and return at very loyr
rates and for full particulars call at
800 Nicollet avenue, Minneapolis,
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ness, tremblings, nervous headache,
cold hands and feet, pain in the back,
and other forms of weakness are re -
lieved by Carter's Iron Pills, made
specially for the blood, nerves and
complexion. ,
U cannot guess the age of ladies
using Satin-Skin Cream and Com
plexion Powder, for these give to all a
"sweet 16" complexion. 25c.
as a whole very friendly
to his candidacy and unless there are good
reasons to the contrary the support of the
county will be his.
Pierre Free PressThe straightforward
announcement of his candidacy for the
gubernatorial chair, made by Coe I. Craw
ford, is something unique in the history
of" the state, and will have a telling and
favorable effect In his campaign.
Here are certainly the elements for
a pretty preconvention fight. Mr.
Crawford has burned all his bridges.
His following Is enthusiastic. There
will not be so much stir and noise on
the other side, but the battle will be
waged with great determination and
directed by skilled generals. Th e
"stalwarts" are first, last and all the
time opposed to the Crawford can
didacy. They are well fortified in al -
most every county of the state. They
have the prestige of former victories
under somewhat similar circumstances
and they drive a band wagon which
seats a multitude. They are in full
control of all state and federal patron
age and can marshal an army of work
ers. To triumph over them will be
no mean accomplishment. Mr. Craw
ford is the only man in the state who
could possibly hope to do it-
Tacoma, Wash., Dec. 21.Superior *,
Judge Huston has directed the prose
cuting attorney to begin criminal pro- "
ceedings against Former Congressman
James Hamilton Lewis, now of Chi
cago, and Lucius T. Holes of New
Lewis was president and Holes vice
president of the Washington Match
company, of which Frank Cole was
appointed permanent receiver. Th e
company sold $95,000 worth of stock
in eastern cities two years ago, '
chiefly in New York, Chicago, Wash
ington and Boston.
In making the appointment of a
receiver Judge Huston declared that
enough evidence had been developed
to convict a dozen men of felony.
Interviewed in Chicago the former
congressman said: "Th e trouble
comes from the lending of my good
name to one who handled it about to
further his own ends." said Colonel
Lewis, with mild interest. "As a mat- '
ter of fact it was I who made the
application for a receiver. I t is a
petty affair, quite, as far as I am con
An- effort is being made to swing
South Dakota democrats into the
Hearst camp. H . H . Smith, secretary
of the state central committee, says
the New Yorker will have the South
Dakota vote in the national conven
tion. Daly of the Aberdeen Democrat
and Sherin of the Watertown Times
are working for Hearst. Th e state
has been visited by Mr. HearSt's lieu
tenants and they have been jollied and
well entertained. Th e Sioux Falls
Argus-Leader (rep.) opines, however,
that the state's democracy will make
the usual jump for the band wagon
and that Mr. Hearst will not be driv
ing it as it passes by.
Secretary Root Declares Made Him th
Beat Available Man.
Washington, Dec, 21.In hi3 letter to
Senator Proctor, chairman of the commit
tee of foreign affairs, Secretary Root says
General Wood's appointment as command
er of the Santiago province appears to
have been based upon a staement by gen
eral Shafter in a dispatch to the depart
ment in which he said he had thought
General Wood by far the best man to
leave in command of Santiago.
The secretary reviews General Wood^i
career, saying: "I think it fair to say
that no officer of. the American army be
low the grade of major general has held
more Important commands, rendered more
distinguished service or demonstrated to
a higher degree the possession of the qual
ities which fit a man to render valuable
services to the country as a major gen-
"Previous rank." adds the seoretary, "In
of little consequence provided the service
shall have been long enough to furnish tho
requisite experience and make the demon
stration of capacity certain."
Italian Laborers Ready to Kill Him Be
cause Wages Were Unpaid.
Butte, Mont., eD c 21.Word was re -
ceived here last night from Leavenwortfi,
Wash., across the Idaho border, saying
that thirty infuriated Italians penned their N
gang foreman, M. Florence, in the station
at Leavenworth yesterday afternoon,
threatening to shot him if he attempted to
leave the building and to kill blm anyhow
if transportation for the thirty did not ar
rive from St. Paul before night.
The Italians had been working on th*
Great Northern and tore their bunks from
the outfit car last night, expecting to go
to St. Paul. Not receiving their wag^ti
they turned on the foreman, holding him
responsible for the delay.
The sheriff heard of the row and with
a posse of twenty-five citizens rescued th
foreman while the Italians were threaten
ing to take his life.
The "North-Western Line" will sell
holiday excursion tickets Dec. 12 to 22
to points named below and return at
Milwaukee Hotel Quests Frightened Half
to Death.
Special to The Journal.
Milwaukee, Wis., Dec. 21.G. F . Groneq
of La Crosse, who is on his way home from
Florida and other gulf points, accidentally
let loose several alligators in the lobby oi
the Schlitz Hotel to-day, which caused a
scrimmage among the guests. The alli
gators glided into, nooks and crannies and
sought, refuge behind chairs and desks!
until the office force finally rounded them
Eastern Holiday Rates.
The Minneapolis & St. Louis will
sell excursion tickets Dec. 12 to 22,
inclusive, to eastern points at very low
rates. Return limit Jan. 12, 1904. Al
bany, $40 Boston, $40 Buffalo, $35
Montreal, $35 Toronto, $30, etc. The
"North Star Lim'ted" carries Pullman
compartment sleeper, buffet library
car and free reclining chair cars. Fop
particulars see J. G. Rickel, City Tick
et Agent, No. 1 Washington avenue S.
A Nice Xmas Gift.
Music Boxes, Mandolins, Guitars,
Banjos, Music Bolls, at lowest prices,
at Paul A. Schmitt's, 606 Nicollet ave.

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