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Those Roads Operating in the Great
Agricultural Sections of the Central
West Said to Offer the Best Chances
for Permanent ProfitsSome Inter-
esting Figures in Support of the
- - - ! * .-$-i-.'- ^ '**:- :^&si :-H 7*5^ .-V'.. *
Special to The Journal.
New York, Dec. 21.A Wall street
publication of considerable promi-'
nence says that among the remarks
attributed to James J. Hill, there is
one in circulation to the effect that
the railroads operating in the great
agricultural sections of the central
portion of the United States and hav
ing gulf connections will be the most
profitable in the near future, and it
is those that the bargain-hunter
ought to watch. Whether Mr. Hill
expressed such an opinion or not,
there are no means of knowing but
the fact that currency is given to
such a story is sufficient to draw at
tention to the roads indicated by it,
and at least affords an excuse for
looking into the matter somewhat to
see whether there is any basis for
the flattering opinion of them alleged
to be held by one the first authorities
on railroad prospects in the counti'y.
Up to this time the public has been
so satisfied with the obvious fact that
the railroads generally have been and
are enjoying unexampled prosperity,
that it is doubtful whether a thought
has been given to the question wheth
er this prosperity is greater in one
section than in another, or in what
direction the greatest further growth
lies. It seriously put, this would in
deed be very difficult to answer, be
cause it would require the collection
and careful comparison of amass of
statistics and data, all of which might
not be obtainable, as well as a care
ful judgment as to their bearing un
der the varying conditions of railroad
business which obtain in the different
parts of the country.
It is a fact, however, that the rail
roads operating within the territory
outlined in the Hill story are making
most excellent returns of earnings,
and. as the capital required to do
business on them is comparatively
light, and they have only in a very
minor degree to face the cost of
operating in cities, which is so enor
mously expensive east of the Missis
sippi, their speculative prospects are
probably better than those afforded
by properties operating in the older
and more settled sections. As to the
way. in which freight traffic is build
ing up in the United States as a whole,
and in its various sections, may be
judged from the following table of
increases in amount and ratio of the
mileage operated, tons carried and
tons carried one mile, in the whole
country and, in the several eight sec
tions for which Poor's Manual groups
the railroad statistics in its introduc
tory pages: *.
.2 *fflM M 00 00 5 5
u rifc:t - S r *' 3 n V
ft* *
& t "2-3 ^3
o Si* Sis" -2.
GroupsI., New England States II.,
Middle States, including New Tork,
New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware
and Maryland HI., Central Northern
Ohio, Michigan, Indiana. Illinois and
Wisconsin IV., South Atlantic Vir
ginia. West Virginia, North Carolina,
South Carolina, Georgia and Florida
V.. Gulf and Mississippi Valley States:
Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Ten
nessee and Louisiana VI., Southwest
ern States: Missouri, Arkansas, Kan
sas. Colorado. New Mexico and Indian
Territory VII., Northwestern States:
Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Da
kota South Dakota, Wyoming and
Montana VIII., Pacific States: Cali
fornia, Oregon. Washington, Nevada,
Arizona, Utah and Idaho.
These figures, continues the paper,
certainly confirm previous impressions
of the growth of the railroad freight
business of the country: but. while
they also show a diversity of move
ment in the several sections, care has
to be taken not to mistake its sig
nificance. In a measure the largest
increases in amount and ratio have
followed the greatest additions to
mileage, but there is no question but
that expansion is seen most in ithose
sections that contain the trunk lines
converging into the most important
centers of population. Group II., in
which are included the states of New
York and Pennsylvania, is credited
with something more than one-fifth of
the new mileage, two-fifths of the in
crease in tonnage and a third of the
increased ton mileage. WTith
changes, naturally must also go the
credit for greatest added density.
Group III., composed of great indus
trial, as well as agricultural states, and
those which also control the traffic of
the Great Lakes, comes next in actual
importance. Still, it is significant of
much development that the group VI.
one of the most particularly con
cerned with Mr. Hill's reported re
markhas made a larger percentum
advance in new business. The great
est proportionate gain is in those
states served by the Southern railroad
and the Atlantic Coast Line, and the
next greatest in those in'which Mis
souri Pacific, and St. Louis & San
Francisco operate. Group V., which
takes in the railroads' in the Gulf
States, does not make as good a show
ing as it ought, for the reason that its
returns are less perfect than in the
others. In every section there are
railroads that fail to supply complete
returns of their doings, but the fact
that mileage appears to have de-
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creased, when the contrary must be
the case, is evidence that the returns
from group "V. are imperfect. The in
crease of tonnage and ton miles on the
reduced mileage is an indication of
considerable progress, and taking
groups V. and VI. together as those
containing most of the gulf connected
roads, it is easy to see that there is
good ground for anticipating. a great
future for them.
So much of the produce of the Cen
tral States is exportable and exports
seek the nearest or most available
tidewater for the purpose of reaching
the cheaper water carriage as soon as
possible that a great expansion of the
traffic of gulf lines in the near future
would be so natural that it is certain
to occur. This guarantee of business
is accompanied by the great advan
tages that the capital required to car
ry it on is light compared with what
it would be in the east and the two
things together will doubtless secure
to the securities of gulf roads consid
erable attention in speculative circles.
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